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  • Patricks barebacks me
  • I had been chatting with this dude, Patrick (Pat), online for awhile now. We meet on a web site and exchanged some briefs messages then decided to chat on messenger more.

    Let me tell u bout he and I. He is 44 yo shaved head, goatee, hairy body sexy as hell and a beautiful 7.5 c thick cock. The hottest cock head I have ever seen. We exchanged some pics and I couldn't believe how sexy this dude was. Im almost 21, slim, smooth, kinda long blondish hair with 6c average cock. We chatted more and more often, most of the time dirty chat and what we each would like to do with the other. After quite some time we finally had set plans to meet in person. I went to Pat's apartment, even though I was nervous as hell that we were going to finally meet after all the long chats and talks on the phone. I knocked on the door and thoughts were running thru my head, do I stay here, do I run what will he be like etc. Pat opened the door and here was my first face to face look at this sexy man that I have chatted with for so long. Damn, I thought to myself, he looks sexier in person then in his pics. Shaved head, goatee, and handsome masculine face. Pat had this smile on his face that made my heart beat increase and he said "hey Jay". I replied "hi Patrick". He was wearing a tee-shirt, what I call lounge around/sleeping pants, u know the kind, loose fitting draw string waist band, comfortable as hell. Pat invited me in and closed the door behind me. His apt was nothing fancy but comfortable and home. We sat on the couch talking in general bout things. I couldn't help looking at him, even though there was like 24 years different in our ages, he was sexy, sweet guy. I knew from the pics he sent me what he was hiding in his pants and it was making me excited and also kinda nervous. He asked me "do I look ok, do I look like my pics?" I responded "yes u do bud, u look better then Ur pics, do I look ok to u?" Pat said "hell yes Ur hotter then ur pics and can't believe ur here with me." Im kinda shy and blushed a bit and said "thanks". We talked a bit more relaxing more. Pat offer me a drink, even though I know im not 21, I do drink and gladly said yes to his offer. We each had 2 beers talking and laughing. Pat then grabbed my hand and held it is his lips and kissed it. I thought wow that is so sexy and sweet and my heart raced a bit. Pat then leaned over and started to kiss me on the lips. Damn he was a hot kisser, feeling his whiskers against my face made my cock grow hard. We made out on his couch, kissing, him kissing on my neck which drove me crazy as our hands rubbed each others bodies, head etc. The passion was building in each of us as we drew each other closer and our breathing was increasing. I believe the making, kissing, is so fucking hot, it just builds up for hotter, sexier fun. After about 30 minutes or so hot kissing, hugging, holding and touching each others bodies, Pat looked me in the eyes and asked me if it was ok that we go to his bedroom, no pressure he said, if ur not comfortable its cool man. I said that's fine "stud" it would be more comfortable in there. Pat smiled, grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom. We both sit on his bed and starting kissing again, and then lay back onto the bed continuing our make session. Slowly we removed each others shirts, revealing our upper bodies to each other. He had a very sexy hairy belly chest and good shaped body, a contrast, which is hot in its self, of his hairy body to my smooth body. We were rubbing each others bodies, kissing passionately then started to rub each others cocks. Pat had on those sleeping pants I told u about and I could feel his manhood thru those pants, damn it was felt nice and growing harder. I had on jeans which I knew he could feel my cock thru but u know jeans kinda mask the real feeling of a cock. Our passion was growing, making us hornier and wanting each other more. I slipped my hand under his pants and felt a huge thick hot cock in my hand. Patrick just moaned as my hand touched him down there and he squeezed my cock some. Patrick looked at me and said "can I remove ur pants so ur more comfortable and unrestrained?" I say yes and assisted him in removing my pants and underwear; we did the same for him because I knew that huge log between his legs need to be out as well. We were fondling each others cocks, kissing, licking each others necks building ourselves up.

    I slowly started my way down Pat's sexy body, kissing, licking his chest, nipples, belly, along his masculine legs, kissing the inside of his tights. This stud's hairy body was turning me like no other; I couldn't get enough of him, his tastes and scent. I licked my way down farther to his feet, kissing, licking and sucking on his toes. Damn I felt like a submissive little bitch boi, but couldn't help myself and enjoying every second of it. Here I am, on this hot sexy man's bed, feeling like a sub, kissing and licking his feet as he is lying back, kinda in a slight sitting position, looking down at me, watching me. He is holding, playing, with his cock, which from down here looks huge and I know very hot tasting. I start to kiss and lick back up on his other leg, working my way to his grand prize that he is holding onto for me. My mouth reached the base of his cock, near his hairy balls, right in that area of his legs, cock and balls. Damn I smelt his cock and balls now which was making me so fucking hard I couldn't stand myself. Patrick was rubbing his cock along my face as I kissed around the area of the base of his manhood. I licked, tasted his cock and OMG it tasted awesome. My lips were trying to savor more taste of it in me, my tongue lavishing it. I continue my love making of it with my mouth up the thick head. Damn the rim of his cock head just stood out there, so fucking hot looking and damn good to taste.

    I licked around the head, tasting a bit of precum and sticking the tip of my tongue into his pee hole. I opened my mouth wide and started down on his cock, licking it as I went down. I could hear him moan as my hot mouth and breath were upon his thick tool. My mouth started to slobber spit on his cock as I worked up and down on it sucking it good. I tried several times to deep throat him, but it was just too much for me to take as I gagged. I was holding his man dick in one hand, sucking him, trying my damnest to devour every inch of it, gagging as I did, removing my mouth to catch my breath and seeing my salvia stream from my mouth to his plump cock head. Patrick looked down at me and said, "good boi, take daddies cock and swallow it all boi". I went back to work on that beautiful man meat, loving every second and inch of it. I felt Patrick's hand upon the back of my head and him pushing my head down more onto his manhood saying "swallow boi, take me all in." He was pushing down more now saying "swallow boi" as I felt his cock head pushing against my throat, I swallow, gagging and his head entered into my throat, he kept pushing me down more, I was trying to cough but couldn't as my nose was buried into his body, smelling his scent, my lips at the base of his cock, feeling his pubic hair. Patrick said "yeah that a boi, good boi" and released some of his hold on my head, letting me come up for air. His cock removed from my mouth, all wet to the base from my salvia, thick streams of salvia from my mouth to his cock, I look up at him smiling at me as I tried to catch my breath, he said "fuck yeah boi, that was awesome fucking hot." I had this total submissive feeling about myself with him and loved it. I went back to work on his cock, making love to it with my mouth.

    Patrick then said, "let me see that ass boi" I did as he asked and moved my ass around to him. He slapped my ass cheeks a couple of times, then started to rub my boi pussy hole with his finger. I heard him say "that's a sweet pink pussy hole boi, damn that's a hot smooth hole." As I worked on his cock, Patrick poked a finger into my hole which made me moan since I haven't being fucked in a while. After a bit of ass play, Patrick said "I want to eat ur boi pussy, I want to taste that pussy" as he rolled me onto my back on the bed. Patrick slide around, lying on his stomach, pushing my legs up high in the air, exposing my tight pink hole to him. He blew a little breath onto my hole which felt fucking great, spread my cheeks with his hands and started to eat and lick my hole. "Oh fuck" I said as he now was loving my love spot with his tongue and mouth, using his fingers to pry my hole open more so that he could suck and tongue my sweet meat pocket. I reached my hands down placing them on the back of his head, pulling his face into my love hole moaning as he was eating me like I have never been ate before. He had a finger poking my hole then licking the juices from my hole and his finger. Patrick then lifted his head, his mouth and goatee wet with my juices, he now on his hands and knees as he leans forward and starts to kiss me again. I could taste myself on his lips and facial hair which was such a fucking turn on. We stopped kissing for a second and looked each other in the eyes, I then looked down, he still on all fours, and I could see that huge man meat, hard and hanging down from his body. His cock made mine look so small, he like 7.5 but thick as my wrist, topped off with a beautiful thick plump head attached to the end of it. I looked down at it a second, he did as well, then we both looked each other in the eyes again, he will a sweet little grin on his face saying "u want me in u boi" and I just let out a soft spoken "yes".

    Patrick reached down, grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulders. All I could do was lay there, looking him in the eyes, knowing what is going to happen. Patrick spit onto his hand and rubbed his spit around my hole, then he told me to spit into his hand, which I did and he again spit into his hand and rubbed our spit on his thick man cock. Patrick looked at me and said "u ready for me boi? U want me?" I just nodded my head yes at him, inside I was nervous but I wanted him bad. I felt pressure against my tight little pink hole as his cock was wanting inside of me. I felt more pressure as he was pushing slightly trying to get in me I started to moan. Patrick said "let me in boi, just let it happen" as I tried to relax wanting him but afraid at the same time. Patrick said "take a deep breath and just let it happen" as I felt greater pressure. Suddenly my head kicked back and I let out a loud "OMG" as his head popped inside of me. Patrick said "fuck yes, damn ur tight boi". I was grasping for air, just knowing he is splitting me wide open. Patrick says "r u ok?" and I moaned out "yes". He then says "im going slow, just relax and let it happen sexy" as I tried to relax as much as possible letting him in me. Patrick pushed more of himself into me, fuck it was feeling so fucking hot, my hole was burning, stretching. My toes were curling down tight trying to deflect some of the pain as my hands were reaching back squeezing onto his pillow. My head was squirming around, moaning, groaning with him pushing more into me. I never knew my hole could stretch that much taking his thick rod into me. I was just trying to breath and then felt his pubic hair pressing against my ass cheeks as his body was pushing against me now. With his manhood all the way deep inside of me, Patrick leaned down and kissed me and said "how's that?" in between breaths I moan out "oh fuck man u thick". Patrick says "yes babe but its in now and all good and on". Patrick kissed me again, and then leaned back up, holding my legs spread wide and started his assault on my aching but willing hole. My body was going into an ecstasy as Patrick was fucking me, giving me what he has. It was the most intense feeling I have had, my pussy lips gripping on his thick cock, massaging it as it ripped me open to a new size. My juices on his bare cock, creating our own lube. I was starting to adjust some to his man meat now and was lifting my head to watch this hairy stud pumping my ass hard. So fucking hot skin to skin, man cock assaulting my boi pussy hole. I was reaching down now, grabbing Patrick's hips, pulling him into me deeper. Patrick saying "yeah boi ur opening now, ur loving this aren't u?" "oh fuck yes stud, fuck me man" I was replying back. Damn he was fucking me good, my love canal excepting every man inch of him, his cock head plunging deep inside of me hitting my spot driving me crazy and wanting more. Its like his cock head knew where it was going, my insides burring hot, juicing his cock all the way. Damn my hole was working his cock, his cock loving my hole, fuck it was on and hot man.

    I could feel his cock swelling more inside me, driving deep in me, my cock rock hard, precum leaking out of it and onto my smooth tight stomach. Patrick was driving home his big cock, driving it into me deep and I wanted it all. I was lifting my head, looking at this hot fucking action, pulling him into me and groaning. I could tell Patrick was getting close to exploding; he was swelling, moaning out his head throwing back and forth. Patrick's hard thrushes were shaking the bed, the head board pounding against the wall. Patrick yells out "im cumming, oh fuck" I pull his hips in deep moan out "cum in me stud, breed me" I feel his cock pulse and jump inside me, his cum shooting deep inside of my love canal just as cum shoots from my cock, the first shot shooting over my head, some landing on my face. I felt Patrick dumping inside of me, laying claim to my ass, his cum churning inside me, giving me his babies. Patrick leaned down on top of me, his cock still deep in me, kissing me. My cum messing between our bodies, his cock still throbbing inside of me. Patrick looks me in the eyes and says "u got on sweet fucking ass boi, damn that was hot and u took it like a champ." I said "u took me places stud I have never been man, oh fuck stud". Patrick slowly pulls his cock out of me, my pussy lips gripping it as it backs out of me, not wanting it out and feeling that huge cock head as it leaves my inner hot hole. Patrick looks at my now opened love pocket, smiling and saying "hot boi, my cum is leaking out of u, tighten that sweet hole up and keep my seed in u." I pinch my sore used hole down, trying to keep him inside of me. Patrick says, "that's so hot boi, may babies deep inside of u" I said "oh fuck yes stud it is". I get up to get a towel to wipe my cum from my body, but Patrick stops me and starts to lick my boi seed from my stomach and chest. It was so awesome watching this hot sexy stud man licking my cum from my body. As he finished licking me clean, I look at him, me rubbing my belly and said "I feel ur babies churning inside me stud" which put a smile on his face.

    We are going to do more of this aren't we boi, Patrick's states to me. U fucking right we are stud. Any time man.

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