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  • Uncle moves in
  • My parents divorced when I was young and I lived with my dad ever since. They were barely eighteen when they married and had me a month later. So dad was pretty young still. Dad was a construction worker and was masculine as hell. Things were pretty open around the house and it was often that I would see dad near naked or naked around the house or out on the deck. Our house was in the woods off a main highway so it was very private. I usually just wore shorts around the house myself.

    Neither one of us owned underwear--dad always said it was a waste of money since he never wore it anyway. It was nothing for dad to strip down after work, throw on some cut offs and work in the yard for hours while he drank beer. He stuck to the house mainly and didnt have much of a social life. He told me growing up that I was his best friend and I would always be. I loved that attention.

    When he worked in the yard, usually the top of his shorts were open and sometimes when he sat on the deck downing a cold one, his fat cock would pop out the bottom of his loose and short cutoffs. Dad was a bit on the untidy side of things. He was one of those rough "blue collar types" that always looked good no matter how much they didnt fuss over themselves. He would only shower in the mornings before work and by the time he got home, he was ripe from the day. He always wore the same pair of shorts after work and between the sweat and piss stains they were ripe too.

    I grew up loving that smell. I would love to be helping out back and getting the whiff of dad when the wind changed...spent many nights jackin to the memory of it. Id turned eighteen a couple of months before school was out. When dad got home that day he said to grab a couple of beers and come talk to him on the porch...he had his shorts on already...hed changed on the way home...probably put his shorts on before he got out of the truck. I knew he liked to drive naked after work.

    So I did as I was told. I was just in shorts myself since it was a hot day and I was pretty ripe myself. Dad was on his favorite deck chair stretched out and took the beer quickly. He asked if I had wanted to do anything special for my eighteenth birthday. I told him not really, unless he wanted to hear my fantasies, but I really didnt think he did so I kept my mouth shut. He asked what I planned to do after I graduated. I told him I wanted to learn a trade and hang around here if that was okay, and he said that would suit him just fine.

    That was pretty much the end of the talk. He was a quiet man. He got on the lawn tractor and started mowing the yard and I finished up my chores. We both drank a bit of beer and went to bed early. Before I went to sleep I was horny so I wanted to jack off, but I really wanted to sniff dads shorts while I did. Hed left them in the kitchen by the back I got up and got them and stuffed them in my mouth while I off real good too!

    I put the shorts back and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and found dad in the kitchen making coffee...he hadnt showered yet since he was still naked. I was about to turn around and take a shower when dad just blurted out...try not to leave a mouth mark on my shorts next time you borrow them.... I was so embarrassed and kept going to the shower. I wondered if dad though I was a little fag. But he never mentioned it again. I had wondered if hed seen me since we never close doors around the house. I tried to put the incident behind me.

    Right after I graduated dad came home one day and told me that his youngest brother needed a place to live. Hed got laid off his job up state and was headed down here in a week or so. I was kinda bummed because I liked dad and I alone. But my uncle was also pretty hot like my dad. The idea of both of them hanging out around the house near naked all the time turned me on.

    Uncle Jimmy was an electrician and about 6 years younger than my dad. He never had married and had lived on his own since he was my age. He and dad were pretty close and have gone fishing and camping together thought the years. I never was along and stayed at a relatives when I was younger.

    Anyway dad said that he thought that he would give Jimmy and I the master bedroom and He would take my room. He said he hoped I didnt mind and said he didnt think I would give up too much privacy since Jimmy was still young and went out a lot. I told him it was fine and it was his house and I would do as he wanted.

    Uncle Jimmy arrived on a Saturday in June...


    I was outside feeding the dogs when I saw my uncles truck pull into the drive. He jumped out of the truck with a beer in hand and nothing but well-worn cargo shorts on. He yelled out, "Hey boy," when he saw me. "You sure have grown up!" (I hadnt seen my uncle in about four years myself, even though dad had been fishing and camping with him through out those years.) Just then my dad appeared from the house just getting up from a nap. He was bare-assed as usual when he napped. He told my uncle Jimmy to meet him on the porch for a brew. I went on feeding the dogs, and then went up to the porch to join them.

    My dad was still bare-assed and Jimmy still had on his cargo shorts. The man was more fuckin hot than Id remembered--a hotter and younger version of my dad really. He was all sweaty and dirty from his trip. Most trucks didnt have air conditioning in those days. They bull shitted here and there and drank more beer. Uncle Jimmy had arrived about 5 pm so I went in and started to get the steaks we were having ready to grill for our dinner at about 7 pm.

    During the time of their drinkin I noticed that uncle Jimmy and my dad had the same habit of pissing where they sat while they drank beer. It was always a turn on to see my dad do it, but now having both of them fill the air with their sweat and piss was more than I could stand. I was hoping no one saw the boner I had raging in my shorts. I was thankful they were very loose shorts.

    About the time I started d the steaks on the grill, everyone had a pretty good buzz on...including me. Uncle Jimmy had taken off his piss soaked shorts and laid them on the rail of the deck while we ate. I remained hard thinkin of that piece of thick meat he had under the picnic table. After we ate and they had a couple more beers my dad said it was time for him to turn in. He and I had already switched rooms around and the twin beds were now in the master bedroom. I cleaned up and told my uncle I was hitting the hay too. It was about 10:30 pm by then. He said he would be in soon after another brew or two. He asked if I would take his shorts and hang them in the bathroom off the master bedroom. I complied.

    Carrying in those smelly shorts drove me nuts. When I got to the room I tasted them real quick. Tasted just like my dads. They were great. I got into bed naked as usual and under the one sheet I used. It was always hot where we were. About an hour later I heard my uncle come in and climb into bed. He had closed the door a bit, which was strange to me since I never did, but I didnt think much of it.

    About fifteen minutes later I heard my uncle make some noises. I looked over and in the moonlight I saw him playing with himself. After tasting his shorts and now seeing this it made me nuts. But I stayed still and pretended I was asleep. I knew that if the lights were on he would be able to see the boner I was sporting. Then all of a sudden I saw him sit up and look over at me. I got real scared that he might think I was watching, so I got real still--didnt even dare breathe. At that point he got up and walked over and looked down at me. His cock was huge above me like that. Then he said, "I know youre awake!" and he reached down and grabbed my cock through the sheets.

    I was scared shitless. He told me to move over. He then said that hed noticed what a fine man I had grown up to be and that maybe we could be real special roommates. I didnt quite know what he meant at first and then he went down on me...fuck it was the first time anyone had and it was great! He sucked me dry. Swallowed my cum too. He jacked off while he was doing it. He asked if I liked it and I said, "Of course" and he asked if I would like a close relationship while we lived together and I said, "Yes." He said he would teach me things if I was good and obeyed him. I was in a trance and was in heaven at the same time. He pulled me to his chest and hugged me with my nose right next to his pit. The smell was overwhelming. I loved it. He asked if I could obey him and I said I could.

    The next morning my dad and uncle Jimmy went into town to get some stuff for the week ahead. Uncle Jimmy was gonna take a couple of weeks to fish and stuff and then start lookin for some work. I had a couple of weeks before my trade school started.

    They didnt get back until almost dinnertime...both had a good buzz on I could tell. They must have stopped off at one of those redneck bars outside of town. They got out of the truck and they were both in only shorts, the rest of their clothes in a pile in the back of the truck. I saw a bunch of beer bottles too, so I guess they didnt go to a bar, but drank in the back of the truck somewhere.

    I fixed dinner and they both ate a lot and fast. My dad turned in at 8:30 pm since he had to be out of the house by six the next morning, and my uncle and I cleaned up and got into bed ourselves. I was surprised that my uncle just wanted to go to sleep. I was really more disappointed than surprised, and was hoping he wasnt upset after last night.

    I woke up to my uncle shaking me at about 6 am saying it was time to go fishing...


    I was barely able to understand what he was saying, but there was my uncle already in shorts at 6 am in the morning telling me it was time to go fishing. I really didnt think he meant this early, but I slowly got out of bed and headed to the shower...he said, "Dont bother...we can take a dip in the pond." So I pulled on some shorts and sneakers and followed him out to the truck. He already had dads small fishing boat on a trailer behind the truck and a cooler in the bed.

    We set off to a pond (really a small lake) about 4 miles down the road. The pond is set back in the woods and it takes an unmarked dirt road to get to it. We got there put the boat in the water with our cooler and poles and got in. No sooner had we pushed off shore than my uncle opened a beer. I never had a beer this early but I wasnt gonna puss out in front of a stud like uncle Jimmy.

    As the morning went on we had beers and dangled our poles out of the boat and sat back and relaxed. I caught a small one and we threw it back in but as for fishing it wasnt happening as well as we thought it might. After about four beers Jimmy brought in his pole and laid it inside the boat. He said he wanted to get more comfortable and thought we should go back to shore. I said that was cool.

    We got to shore and laid out a blanket we had in the bed of the truck and Jimmy striped off his shorts...his cock was hangin nice and fat. I followed suit. He lay down and we talked a little about nothing really then he said he had to piss real bad. I didnt say nothing, but I just figured he would just let it out. Then he said..."Put your mouth on my cock boy." Not totally shocked but curious I said, "Okay" ... He was still soft and nice and warm. A few second later I felt my mouth fill with his warm piss. I instantly got hard and excited all at once. How many times I had wanted to taste my dads out of his cock now his brother was feeding me his piss.

    As I gulped it down my Uncle was saying what a good boy I was to please his uncle this way. He knew I wanted to please him...didnt I? All I could do was groan a positive reply. I was in heaven for the time it lasted.... he pissed a lot. It was the first time since we got there. After he was done he told me to keep suckin him. I did and I took care of him till he got off.

    After that he told me to clean him up and tongue him down real good all over. After I cleaned his cock and balls I moved up to his pits...I licked them for a long time and made sure they were clean. He told me as I did it that he would expect that every night when he got home. I told him I would be glad to do it. I always wanted to clean dad this way but Uncle Jimmy was a fine replacement.

    After I was done he told me to curl up he wanted to take a nap...we both fell asleep for about an hour. When we woke up he told me that we were gonna go back to the house. I went to put my shorts on but he stopped me. He told me there was no reason since we werent gonna get out of the truck till we were home.

    We got home about an hour before my dad. Uncle Jimmy told me to get us some beers while he put the boat away. I brought out the beers just as he was takin the trailer off the hitch. He then said that he wanted me to go to my bed and get something to lube my ass with...he wanted to fuck me today. I eagerly ran in side and got some Vaseline and lay down on my bed. My uncle came in and fingered my ass...first one then two then three...opening my hole a little more each time. Then he said that it was time my dad would be getting home...stay there and he would get my dad busy with something.

    I lay on the bed with my ass in the air waiting as my uncle said. I couldnt wait till he shoved his thick cock in me. I then heard my dads truck and their voices. Then I heard the mower running. How did he get dad on the mower so fast?

    I heard Jimmy come in and then say...shhhhh. I was hard as a rock anticipating my virginity being taken away. I felt him finger me again and prepare me for his cock. Then he entered so slowly. The pain was not what I intense. He said shhhh, again and I bit on to the pillows as he invaded my ass. The he got it down to his nuts and to my surprise the pain let was replaced by the most wonderful feeling... I told him the only thing better would be if I could look up at him while he fucked me. Just then the mower went off and at the same time I felt my uncle turn me in bed to help me on my back while keeping his cock in me.

    Then I heard footsteps--I was scared to death my dad would walk in, but as I turned to look up, I saw my dads face staring down at me. They both had shit eating grins on. Dad said he was damned if he was gonna let my uncle be the one to take my cherry first. With that he started pounding my ass tellin me he always loved me and wanted to know if I could always love him. I was in fucking heaven man...more than I ever realized. I said "yes" a thousand times and my dad shot his load up my ass.

    He hugged me tenderly and kissed me searching my mouth with his tongue. He asked me if I wanted to quit and I said no. Then my uncle asked if he could have a piece. I was glad to give it to him. As my uncle fucked me, my dad stayed next to me telling me they would always take care of me, but I was to always take care of them. Could I give myself to them? I agreed as I shot the biggest load I ever have between my and my uncles chests. Just then he came in me.

    My dad had gotten hard again and started eating my uncles ass then he put his cock to it and started fuckin him like crazy. I couldnt believe my eyes. It was the hottest thing I ever saw. My dad came up his ass in buckets as my uncle pushed out a second load. My uncle asked if I would clean his ass now and squatted on top of my face. I licked like crazy tasting my dads cum as it leaked out of my uncles ass. I felt a hunger I had never felt before and could not get enough.

    Afterwards, we cleaned up and dad told me to cook dinner. We all ate naked as jaybirds and never bothered putting on shorts again around the house. My uncle and I kept our room but mostly slept in dads room from then on.

    I found out that those fishing and camping trips my dad and uncle used to go on were their ways of getting together to fuck. All those years I had missed out.


    One Saturday my dad went to work for some overtime and that left my Uncle and I to do the chores around the house. I had just gotten through mowing and was putting the tractor away when I noticed Jeb behind the barn. Jeb was a couple years my junior and lived on the property next door. His house was actually about a half mile from ours but he was still our neighbor. I waved him over and asked him what was up.

    He said he was passing through as he was walking to town. He was bored and had all his chores done. I said I was basically done too and he could hang out here if he wanted. As we talked I noticed Jeb was filling out quite nicely. His pecs had grown and were muscular as well as his arms and thighs. He was wearing cutoffs and had a tee shirt hanging out of his back pocket. He had on tennis shoes with no socks as well. He was definitely turning out to be a hot boy. I also noticed a slight whiff of man stink. He was turning out to be a hot man--not a boy.

    I motioned him over to the garage where my uncle was working on his truck. They hadnt met yet. As we approached I noticed my uncle was under the truck with his legs spread before us. He was wearing just cutoffs as well. I almost laughed when I realized how short his cutoffs were. His balls were hanging out one side and you could get a good view of his crack of his ass too. I turned to say something to Jeb and noticed his jaw drop and his eyes staring at my uncles crotch. I called under the truck to my uncle and told him to come out and meet Jeb.

    He stood up and shook Jeb's hand. He had smudges of grease on his shoulders and chest and glistened with sweat. He had also ripened quite a bit under that truck. His pit stink was getting me horned up. I put the thoughts out of my head and asked Jeb if he like to stay for lunch. He said sure. My uncle said he would be done in a sec and he would join us.

    Jeb and I went inside and I offered him a beer while I made sandwiches. He accepted and we talked about school and other kids around the town. I took the sandwiches and more beer out to the deck and told Jeb to grab a sandwich. My uncle came up just then and grabbed a beer. He sat down across from us and asked what we were talkin about. We filled him in on the less then thrilling local gossip. I finished my sandwich first and went in to get another round of beers. I asked Jeb if he wanted to hang out and he said he didnt have anything else to do since his dad and brother were out of town for the weekend. He would be glad to hang out with us.

    My uncle asked if we would come down and help him finish up in the garage real fast. He could be done in about 30 minutes with our help. He told me to grab six more beers and bring em down with me. When Jeb and I got back down to the garage my uncle was under the truck again...legs spread for all the world to see. If Jeb werent here I would have started cleaning my uncles crotch right then. It looked that damn tasty.

    As my thoughts clouded my minded I heard my uncle ask me for a tool and to crawl under and help him hold something. I did as he asked and as I do know some about cars I would never feel comfortable working on the transmission or clutch by myself. As I helped him under the truck he called out tools he needed to Jeb. I was wondering how Jeb was enjoying the view of both our crotches as I was wearing short cutoffs also.

    My uncle asked for another beer and another tool. It was getting really hot under that truck and my uncles pit was almost right in my face. He had his arm up over his head and the scent was so strong it was driving me nuts. Just then he said he was sure sweating up a storm. I took this as and invitation and started to clean his pit as he worked. He groaned in satisfaction and kept working. Then he said he had to piss. I kept licking and I heard him let go right there under the truck. I then wondered what Jeb must have been thinking.

    I pulled my self out from under the truck and found Jeb almost in shock with a boner showing through his shorts. I laughed and said that my uncle had that effect on me too. Jeb tried to make and excuse and said that maybe he should go and I said, "Dont be silly. Have another beer. Things are very open around here." I also said that if he didnt mind we dont mind company. As I finished I moved to feel Jebs crotch and told him I could make him feel real good.

    He said, "Uou can?"

    And I said, "Yeah but you gotta trust me. I unbuttoned his shorts and took them down. The boy had on a jock strap, a well-worn one I might add. He was very nervous and I told him to calm down. I started licking him through his jock and massaging his buttocks as I did. I slowly removed his jock and licked up the side of his cock. When I got to the head there was a nice drop of precum on top. I licked it up and took his cock in my mouth. He leaned back on the truck half nervous and half in heaven. I sucked and sucked keeping his cock locked in my mouth so he couldnt run.

    I heard my uncle come out from under the truck and felt him move to our side. He moved to the boy and gently kissed his shoulders and neck. He wrapped one of his arms around the boys shoulders and pulled him into a kiss. As I worked on Jebs cock I went to unbuttons my uncles shorts with my free hand. His shorts dropped to the floor and I caressed his ass as I sucked. My uncle and Jeb were in full lip lock as I felt the boy was on the verge of cumming. I stayed on that cock till it was drained.

    I kept the bulk of the cum in my mouth and stood up and joined my uncle and Jeb in kissing. I shared the cum with them both. The boy was hot and you could tell he was releasing some pent up sexual tension. After cumming like that in my mouth he still was kissing and hugging. Then my uncle grabbed my cock and got on his knees. He sucked me off as Jeb kissed and hugged me. As my uncle sucked he jacked himself off. We both came at the same time. My uncle and I looked at each other then both at the same time asked Jeb if he was okay with what just happened. He grinned a bit and said he didnt expect it but wasnt upset that it did happen. He asked if he was still invited to hang out today. I said hell yeah he was. We went up to the house to grab more beer while my uncle finished up the truck. I told him we would be on the deck talkin.

    About an hour later and my uncle came up and sat down with us. He was dirty and sweaty but we all were since none of us had cleaned up yet. Jeb and I still had not put back on our shorts yet and we were sunning on the deck. My uncle sat with us and took off his shorts to sun himself. As we all talked my dads truck pulled into the drive. As he came up the steps he asked, "Whats all this? I asked him if he remember Jeb. He said of course he did but not all grown up like he was.

    I could tell dad liked what he saw--three naked sweaty men waiting for him at home. I handed him a beer as he removed the last of his clothes. He said he had quite a day but it looked like wed had a better one. As we talked my uncle and dad drank a bit faster than we did. They pissed where they sat as usual and this I could tell fascinated Jeb. He turned to me and whispered, "Can we do that too?" I said hell yes we could, but that he could just aim his at me. His face got crooked at that but he said okay. With that he propped himself up on his side and aimed his cock at me and pissed off a stream of warm yellow joy.

    I told him to move it up to my face and I opened my mouth. As I did this I felt another stream come from the other side and then another. Dad and my uncle had joined in on making me the deck toilet. As they all finished dad came down and started licking me clean. Then my uncle joined him and Jeb was rock hard. My uncle told him to join them. He did and my uncle got behind Jeb and started cleaning his ass. Jeb was moaning as he licked me. His mouth and my dads mouth found each other and started kissing as they licked. I grabbed my dads cock and pulled it over to my mouth.

    Then my uncle asked Jeb if he would like to be fucked by his buddy. Jeb asked if it hurt and I said I would be gentle. I got behind Jeb and ate his ass too, tasting my uncles spit. I stuck my tongue up as far as it would go into his shit hole. Then I stuck a finger up then two. When I got a third on up there I felt him move his ass back on me. Thats when I knew it was time. I got up and got behind him lining up my cock with his hole. Slowly I invaded his beautiful ass. He grimaced in pain but he was not pulling away. As I entered him my uncle was eating my ass and my dad was suckin Jebs cock.

    It was so fuckin hot as I fucked him I felt him pushing back. He was moaning a bit in pain but he was also backin up on me. He was loving it. I shot my load in him and he sucked it all out with his ass muscles. You could tell he wanted more. I moved my uncle into my position and he entered Jeb. He fucked him harder than I did. Jeb was moaning louder. He was kissing me with such hunger that I thought he would suck my tongue out. Then I heard my uncle shoot his load up Jebs ass. Jeb still hadnt cum yet and I asked him if he wanted to get off. He told me not yet. He asked if I could fuck him again. I told him I wasnt ready but my dad would.

    I positioned dad behind him and dad was gentler than my uncle but fucked him good just the same. As my dad pumped Jeb moaned louder. He was on the verge. You could tell. Then all of a sudden my dad let out a yell as Jeb shot his load all over me. He shot it without touching his cock. He collapsed into my arms and I moved him to the table. I told him to lay on his stomach and we would clean him up. With that the three of us took turns cleaning the boys ass. Licking our cum as it dripped out able to bury our tongue much deeper than we ever could have before he got fucked. I thought Jeb would be nervous after it was all over but he seemed to be completely satisfied. After we were done we asked him if he wanted to shower and he asked if we were going to and we all said probably not yet. So he said he would just stay the way he was then. We invited him for dinner and he accepted.

    At dinner we were talking about what happened that afternoon. We wanted to make sure Jeb was cool with everything. Then he said: "You guys all have nice big thick cocks. Not as big and thick as my dads or my brothers but it felt good all the same. Dad said I never should talk about what we do at our house since he thinks people wouldn't understand. But I think you all understand..."

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