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  • A present from france
  • How many thirty-five year old English guys were lucky enough to wake that morning with an arm around a beautiful, naked nineteen-year-old French boy? Well at least one and that was me. I clutched his buttocks and pulled his body to mine so that our stiff cocks were pressed side by side between us. Thierry stirred and rewarded me with a loving wet kiss.

    "I want to fuck you," he said pleadingly. "I want my cock up your hole." It was an irresistible request.

    "Take me from behind," I whispered to him as I threw off the duvet and saw his huge, ramrod stiff cock sticking out from his thicket of black pubic hair.

    Only a few nights before, I had agreed to help out a friend who lectured at the local university. My pal had organized a short English course for some French students and he was desperately seeking accommodation for them. I had offered to take in one lad for three nights. My lecturer friend was gay like me.

    "Trust me, Alan," he said to me," I'll try to fix you up with the right kind of guy."

    Then, at the appointed hour, I was sitting in my car at the drop-off point waiting for the visitors' coach. I looked down at my guest's details that I had received in the post that morning. The lad was coming from Rheims. From the passport size photograph, I saw that he was a very good-looking, dark haired guy.

    The coach arrived promptly at five in the afternoon and the students streamed out. I got out of my car and joined the other hosts and waited until I caught sight of my young guest. I waved at him and shouted his name and he walked towards me with a large suitcase in his hand. I thought that he was even better looking than his photo. He was over six feet tall with a deep tan.

    His body was well proportioned and he walked with a masculine gait. His face was the embodiment of Michelangelo's David. He had black curly hair and a square cut chin below his wide, ample mouth. His pale blue eyes were quite sensational and were crowned by long black lashes that any woman would have killed for.

    We shook hands firmly and he introduced himself.

    "I am pleased to meet you," Thierry said in a deep French accent that I found very attractive.

    "I hope that you'll enjoy your stay with me. My name's Alan," I replied and I loaded his suitcase in the trunk of the car.

    Then we both got in and I started the short drive home.

    "Was your journey very long?" I asked him.

    "We started at six this morning," he replied.

    "You must be very tired," I responded.

    "No. I slept on the way through France," he explained, "but I'm very hungry."

    "We'll soon fix that for you," I said with a smile. I knew what kind of appetite I had had when I was Thierry's age.

    I showed him to his room and suggested that he unpack his things and take a shower whilst I cooked a meal for him.

    "Use the phone if you want to call your girlfriend or your parents," I said kindly.

    "Thank you but that's not necessary," he said with an air of independence. "I do not have a girlfriend and my parents do not worry about me."

    "Cool," I said. Could this handsome creature be gay like me, I thought to myself. The mere possibility made my cock stiffen.

    Thierry came into the kitchen just as I had put the food on the table.

    "You're cooking smells good," he said.

    "Bon appetit," I replied. "Please help yourself."

    I watched him as he served himself two large grilled salmon steaks and fried potatoes. I was completely taken by his pale blue eyes, square jaw and large mouth. I had the hots for him in a big way and I felt my cock getting very horny for him.

    "Would you like some salad?" I said pushing the bowl towards my beautiful guest.

    "Yes," he replied with a cute smile on his face.

    When we had finished eating the main course, I took an English trifle dessert from the fridge and filled two bowls for us.

    "I hope you like this," I said. "I don't think you have anything like it in France."

    He found it quite delicious and spooned it down his gullet with incredible speed.

    "You've got some cream on your face," I said to him fondly.

    I leant over and stroked it off with my finger and l put my finger in my mouth and sucked it. That was the first time I had touched his baby smooth face.

    "Thank you," he said with a look of pleasure.

    He excused himself and went upstairs to his bedroom. When he returned, I saw that he had two small gift-wrapped parcels.

    "These are for you," he said. "They're presents from my hometown."

    I was delighted and opened them immediately. One was a book about Rheims and its fantastic cathedral; and the other was a half bottle of champagne.

    "Thank you very much," I said appreciatively.

    "It's my pleasure," he said squeezing my shoulder.

    A thrill shot through my body. I felt my cock stiffen. I realized that I was quite smitten by the lad and longed to touch his body. It was hard for me not to make the first move but I kept myself in check by thinking of my responsibility as his host.

    "Let's watch some TV," I suggested and we both moved into the lounge and sat together on the sofa.

    A few hours later, I was so horny for the boy that I decided that the only way I could stop myself from making an advance on him was by going to bed. I said goodnight and left Thierry watching TV.

    As I undressed in my bedroom, I looked down at my ten-inch cock that was as stiff as a poker. I pulled back my foreskin and saw that my helmet was wet with pre-cum. My cock and balls ached for the boy.

    After ten minutes in bed, I heard Thierry climb the stairs and go into his bedroom. I fantasized about the boy's naked body as I stroked my massive dick. Did he have a big cock, I wondered. Then I heard my bedroom door open and he crept into bed with me quite naked.

    "I want to make love to you," he whispered to me before he gave me a deep wet kiss.

    I groaned with desire as I hugged his smooth body close to me and kissed him back with passion. Then I put my hand between his legs and fondled his hairy balls.

    "You're so big," he whispered as he grasped my massive red-hot cock. "I want to suck you."

    I threw off the duvet and he got down on me in the sixty-nine position and sucked me hard.

    My hand found Thierry's stiff cock. It was hot with desire and at least eight inches long. I pulled back its generous foreskin and sucked its tip. It tasted so fresh, I thought to myself.

    Then I shoved a finger inside his tight hole and squeezed his balls. I heard him gasp with pleasure as I sucked his cock harder and harder. Less than a minute later, his warm spunk hit the back of my throat. After a few seconds, I felt my own cock throb as it spurted into Thierry's mouth. He sucked on until my cock was coated with my thick creamy cum.

    We returned to each other's arms and kissed each other gratefully with our legs intertwined.

    "Thank you," he whispered.

    I fondled him all over his smooth body until our cocks were stiff again.

    "I need to fuck you," I whispered and he rolled over on his back and opened his bent up legs.

    Thierry squealed as my huge cock slipped into his tight hole and then he sucked air as I lunged into him.

    "Does it hurt?" I whispered to him.

    "No. It feels wonderful," he replied as his hands gripped my buttocks.

    I started to fuck him gently whilst stroking his hard cock, which soon spurted its spunk all over my face and chest. This was enough for me to lose control and I fucked him furiously until my own cock throbbed and spurt inside him. Thierry pulled me down to his chest and licked the cum off my face.

    "You are a lovely man," he murmured in his enchanting French accent and I gave him a deep wet kiss.

    "So are you," I whispered back.

    And now, the next morning, I felt his adorable hard cock enter me for the first time as I bent down on the bed before him. His dick was hotter than any I had in me before. My body shivered with bliss as he slowly pushed the whole length of his prick into my tube until his balls bashed into mine.

    He fucked slowly in and out of me as he jerked my huge hard-on. Then he fucked me furiously for a while before returning to the slower kind of action. He alternated this change of pace over and over. I had never been fucked this way before.

    My head soon swooned and my cock exploded with spurt after spurt of my love juice. I squeezed down on Thierry's cock and a few furious strokes took him to heaven.

    "Thank you," he whispered to me. "I love your manly body."

    "No, thank you," I replied. "That was the best fuck I've ever had," and I gave him a deep loving kiss.

    This horny lad was young enough to be my son, I thought to myself - but old enough to be my lover! What a lucky guy I was.


    I was glad to hear the radio announcer say that it was four o'clock that afternoon. It was, at last, time to pick Thierry up. I changed into shorts after spraying my private parts and armpits with my most expensive cologne. Did he miss me as much, I wondered. Only time would tell.
    He was waiting for me as I brought my BMW to a halt. He got in and immediately started stroking my hairy legs.

    "I couldn't concentrate all day," he said as I spun around the corner. "All I could think about was you."

    He put his arms around me and kissed my cheek and then he put his hand up my shorts and found my hot rising cock.

    I sighed ecstatically as Thierry wanked me. It was what I had wanted to happen all afternoon. Then he opened my fly and pulled out my massive erection. I pulled over into a quiet lay-by and let him suck it hungrily.

    "I love your cock," he said just before I sent a load of cum into his mouth that dribbled down his chin as he continued to suck me hard.

    "I love your cock too," I replied as I pulled into my driveway.

    I unzipped his fly and sucked his cock madly until I felt his cum spurt and trickle down my throat. Thierry's whole body shivered in complete orgasm as I continued to suck his cock dry.

    "That was exciting," he said breathlessly.

    "Would you like some tea?" I asked as we walked into the kitchen together.

    "Yes please," he replied kissing my neck.

    We couldn't keep our hands off each other as I made the tea. Why was it not always like this, I thought to myself? And then I realized that we were truly in love with each other.

    We drank our tea and then sat in the lounge together.

    "I have some photographs to show you," Thierry said opening his briefcase.

    They were snaps of himself, his family and friends.

    I looked at them with interest as he pointed out who was who. I wanted to know everything about my new soul mate.

    "Do you have any homework?" I asked him.

    "Yes, I have an assignment that should take an hour," he replied.

    "Use my study," I suggested, "while I cook the dinner." Thierry kissed me deeply.

    "I can't wait to fuck you," he said before he gave me another deep wet kiss.

    My cock was horny again. All through the cooking and the eating of the meal it was stiff and hot. I was so excited as to what was soon going to happen between us.

    "I'll take a shower," he whispered and left me to do the washing up.

    I could not get the sight of his naked body out of my mind. I looked forward to him fucking me again. My shorts were already quite wet with pre-cum. Then I sensed his presence behind me and I turned around. I smiled at the most beautiful sight in front of me. Thierry's large, dark brown nipples were firm with desire. He was wearing crotch-less briefs and his stiff cock stuck out from them and his huge balls dangled down. My own cock was already dribbling with excitement.

    "I love you!" I cried as I put my arms around him.

    "I love you too," Thierry whispered as he started to undress me. "I'm so glad I met you."

    We pressed our naked bodies together and felt our hot cocks getting even stiffer. Then I led him into the lounge.

    I knelt down in front of him and pulled back his foreskin until his deep purple helmet was fully revealed. It dripped with pre-cum and I licked it and then I took his stiff cock deep into my mouth. He cried out with delight as I sucked him whilst caressing his hairy balls.

    "Can I fuck you from behind?" he asked tenderly squeezing my shoulders.

    "Please fuck me hard," I said getting down on all fours.

    He knelt behind me with a hand on one of my hips and his own hot cock in the other. He guided it into my blond hairy hole and thrust it into me in one long stroke. He heard me gasp with excitement as he fucked in and out of me with slow, long strokes.

    "Is that good?" he asked pausing for a while to rub my horny cock.

    "It's fantastic!" I exclaimed. "Try and make it last as long as you can."

    He fucked me slowly for many minutes before he began to lose control. I squeezed down on his cock at each inward thrust until Thierry's dick began to throb. Then he quickened his pace holding hard onto my hips until our balls clashed together violently. I squeezed down on him even harder and his cock spurted in ecstasy. A few more thrusts and his cock quivered all over.

    "Please suck me," I asked him as I rolled over onto my back.

    He took my cock deep into his mouth and sucked it madly whilst he rubbed the cum that dribbled out of my hole all over my balls. Then I spurted deep into his throat and he sucked me again and again before my cock lost its stiffness. He kissed me lovingly with his mouth full of my cum.

    We were both in heaven and it was only seven o'clock. And we had two nights of sheer bliss ahead of us, I thought in a swoon. Where would this relationship go after Thierry went back to France, I wondered? He read my thoughts.

    "When I get home, I will tell my parents how much we love each other," he said seductively. "They know I'm gay. They will let you stay with me any time you like."

    I kissed him gently and I started getting horny for him again as I looked at him lying on his back in his sexy crotch less briefs. He parted his legs to show me his pink pucker and my cock was through it in seconds. Tears of happiness ran down his cheeks as I fucked him like a maniac.

    We were simply made for each other. We were going to be partners for a long time to come.

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