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  • My turkish student
  • The school year had begun and I started going to the caf near the university on a regular basis. In the summer I never went because it was far from where I lived. Today was the first day I'd be teaching a literature class for undergraduate students. I wasn't looking forward to it, because the class would be very large and many students would inevitably be unenthusiastic about what I had to say.

    The class was at one in the afternoon, and it was noon so I decided to go to the caf to get a coffee and a little lunch. I entered the caf without paying much attention to my surroundings. There was the usual line to wait in till you got your food. I was in a little hurry, so I immediately got in line and looked at the pastries they were offering. Finally my turn came to order. I looked at the man at the counter for the first time since I had walked into the caf. I froze. Before me was the handsomest man I'd ever seen! I forgot what I wanted to say, and just stood staring at him. He was in his twenties, and had dark hair and the sexiest dark-brown eyes ever. He was wearing a white shirt that did nothing (fortunately!) to conceal his well-built body.

    "Excuse me, sir. Do you want to order?" He said quietly with a smile and a slight accent. I woke up from my stupor. He looked at me as if he knew what my problem was. He had a gorgeous smile. I was in heaven!

    "Um yeah can I have a caff latte and a brioche please?"

    "Sure, will that be all, sir?"

    "Yes, thank you."

    I paid, and returned to my state of hypnotism. Since there was nobody else in line, the man proceeding to making my coffee. I watched him working. He was the sexiest man I had ever seen. And I wanted him badly.

    When the coffee was made he turned around and handed it to me. I took the cap, and in doing so, felt his hand. Just that brisk moment of touching his hand sent shivers down my spine. He had great hands: manly and large. His arms were also muscular and hairy.

    I sat down at a table which had a good view of the counter and ate my brioche. I took my time drinking my coffee so I could stare at the man. At one instant, he saw my staring at him and I quickly looked down. When I raised my eyes a moment later, he smiled at me and I thought I would die. A half and hour later I realised my class was soon starting so I took off to the university. I knew tomorrow I'd be back at the caf.

    The class went by slowly. There were some three hundred students in the class, and I felt as if too many were in the class not because of the interesting content, but rather because it was a compulsory course for many.

    The following morning I left my briefcase in my office and went walking around the park by the campus. I had checked to see if the guy was working at the caf, but he wasn't so I needed to calm down. I brought a book with me and sat down on a bench. I was reading for about half an hour when I heard someone call out to me, "Ah, excuse me professor"

    I recognized the voice. It was the same husky voice with the sultry accent I had heard yesterday. I slowly looked up, and saw the gorgeous coffee-shop man standing in front of me. He was wearing a semi-tight sweater and tight jeans that showed off his amazing build. I cleared my throat and swallowed hard.

    "Yes??" I asked, bewildered by his seeing me here.

    "You were in the coffee shop yesterday, is that so?"

    "Yes" was all I could say.

    "Well, it turns out that you're my professor for English comparative literature."

    I thought I was going to faint.

    "Really? What a coincidence!" I said, my tone of voice getting happier by the second. "Is this your first year at university?" I asked, trying to make conversation.

    "No. I actually have a bachelor degree in biology but I love literature so I decided to get my Masters in Arts. I have to take some undergraduate courses, however."

    So he was 21. I took the opportunity to stare at this demigod.

    "Really?" I asked. I love science students who love the arts as well. "I'm sorry, please sit down. What's your name?"

    "Ozan," he said. His last name was too hard for me to catch. I looked at him inquisitively.

    "Turkish?" I asked. I was a lover of languages as well and by his looks and his name I figured he was. Ozan looked at me surprisingly and smiled.

    "How did you know?" he asked. He was impressed when I told him I thought it sounded Turkish, though I didn't speak the language. It turns out Ozan was born in Istanbul but moved when he was 16. Ozan noticed my book and he told me he had read it so we began discussing it and all sorts of literature. He was very intelligent and the time seemed to fly by. I was in pure heaven. About an hour after his approaching me I heard the bells chime, indicating it was noon. I had a class to teach, and I was so angry to leave him. But it was okay because Ozan said he too had a class, albeit a different one.

    "Well it was a pleasure talking to you, professor. I'll see you tomorrow at class, then?" he said.

    I didn't want to just leave our conversation at that, but it had to be. "The pleasure is mine, Ozan. See you tomorrow."

    And we parted. Well, it turned out that I was teaching him for another class, this one being smaller and at the graduate level. So I saw Ozan often, and I made sure to go to the caf whenever I could.

    About two weeks later, I was in my office when Ozan appeared. I quickly put my pen down (I was correcting papers) and gave him my full attention. He had a question to ask me regarding a paper he was writing for another literature class. Ozan wanted to schedule an appointment with me, but I was free so I told him I could help him now. So we spoke and I gave him advice.

    At one point, I went to take a book from my shelves to show him a passage. I moved my chair next to his, and pointed to where I wanted him to read. As he did, I could smell his cologne that was driving me mad. I was about an inch from his neck. His face was lightly covered with dark stubble that made him look so sexy. I watched him, and when he finished reading he looked up at me and told me that the passage indeed would be helpful.

    He stared back at me, and before I could stop myself I grabbed his nape and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him hard, and then I understood I was doing something gravely wrong. I pulled my face away, but Ozan quickly pulled me back and kissed me fiercely. We kissed passionately for about five minutes. I then stopped Ozan and told him we shouldn't be doing this in my office. I told him to meet me at my house at 5, when I would be free for the rest of the day. He said sure, took my address and smiled at me. I could barely breathe. I kissed him once again, and he left.

    The rest of the day went by as slowly as can be. I quickly got home, and found Ozan waiting by my townhouse steps.

    "Right on time," I said with a smile.

    "Couldn't wait," Ozan said.

    We entered my home, and I closed the door behind us. Ozan pushed me to the door and began kissing me even more strongly than before. He loosened my tie, then unbuttoned my shirt, and began caressing and kissing my hairy chest, abdomen, and nipples. His hands were powerful and I thought I was in heaven.

    I ripped Ozan's shirt off, revealing his extremely hairy chest. His body was very muscular and covered with dark, thick chest hair. I began attacking his body, but I needed to go into the bedroom. We were both kissing each other's necks and chests. I stopped Ozan and told him that we should go into my bed. He readily agreed. By the time we got into the room, all our clothes were off.

    Ozan had a seven-inch, thick dick that lay below a thick patch of dark pubes. His legs were long and also very hairy. I pushed him on my bed and we continued our kissing frenzy. After a few minutes I lowered myself to his Turkish dick and began sucking him. I deep-throated his thick penis, letting my nose inhale the scent of his pubes. I occasionally would suck his hairy, juicy balls. This whole time Ozan was moaning some sexy Turkish words in his deep masculine voice. He began moaning loudly and then came in my throat. He sent several streams of thick cum down my throat while grabbing my head and pushing my face into his pelvis. I swallowed it all eagerly. After that Ozan turned over and pushed my back on the bed. He sucked me so well I couldn't hold out after a mere two minutes. I needed more of him, though.

    "Fuck me, Ozan! Please, fuck me hard!"

    He needed no further encouragement. Ozan took out a condom and lubed his fat dick. He then began fingering me until I could fit his dick. He slowly rammed it into me. I screamed and grabbed his hot ass and pulled it closer to me. Ozan began fucking me more and more strongly. He bent down toward me and I took his chest in my arms, kissed his nipples and ran my hands through his chest hairy while we kissed lovingly. We were sweating profusely, and the smell of his wet body and cologne drove me off the edge. I pushed his ass even closer, and Ozan let out a scream and came inside me.

    After the orgasm he immediately took care of my pulsating dick. He then collapsed on top of me and I held him lovingly. We stayed like that for some time, till I asked, "Want some dinner?"

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