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  • Spanking from dad
  • My name is Jack. I'm 19, I go to college and I still live at home with my folks. My brother moved out when he was 18 and I was 12 so it's been just dad, mom and me here for several years. I am gay and have always known it, but my family doesn't. Well, my brother does, but that's a long story that maybe I will type up for the brother section. But my mom and certainly not my dad knew that I liked dudes.

    My mom, Gloria, works for a food supply company. Three years ago, she was promoted to marketing rep for this section of the country or something like that and now she travels a lot going to conventions, trade shows and meetings. She's gone almost all the time so it's usually just dad and me. His name is Jack too. Well, actually, it's Jackson, just like me. (You see, I am a junior.) My dad is a pretty big guy, about 6' 5", maybe 220. It's mostly muscle because he still works out at the gym every morning before he goes to work. He's really handsome, has black hair, dark skin (we're Italian), a moustache and a constant blue shadow on his face, even when he has just shaved. And he's really hairy all over. I used to have sexual fantasies about him when I was younger because he was so big and strong.

    Anyhow, over the last few years with mom being gone so much, dad and I fell into a strange relationship where neither of us really spoke to each other. My dad is very strict and I remember many hard spankings for my brother and me when we were young. But after I turned 16, he didn't spank me anymoreinstead, his punishment of choice was grounding me which, when you are 16, sometimes hurts more than a spanking. I hadn't had a spanking from him in many yearsthat is until recently. And it has changed our relationship forever.

    I have a small computer in my room for schoolwork but I can't get on the Internet because dad won't let me have a phone line in my room. Well, about 4 months ago, dad bought a computer for himself and set it up in the den, off the family room and he got himself a phone line so he could go on the net. I was a little pissed but I realized that now I could get on the net too. Maybe he'd le me use it.

    Well, no go. What was I thinking? My dad, let me use his computer? HAH. He basically told me to keep my hands off of it. So I did what any normal son would do: I snuck into the den and used it when he wasn't home! And fuck, what a blast. I found all these great porn sites that you guys have probably been looking at for years. But for me, it was totally new. So I sat there with my jeans and boxers bunched around my ankles, pounding my hard cock while I looked at all these fuckin' amateur dudes showin' off their huge fuckin' bones. Dudes, I was in heaven.

    And dad was having a good time too. Late one night, I came down to get a drink of water and saw the light from the den on. I walked over quietly to the door and peeked through the crack, sort of half joking to myself that I hoped my dad was looking at porn and spankin' it, just like I do. And fuck, he was. My eyes widened as I saw through the narrow slit of the half closed door that he was buck ass naked, sitting in the office chair with one leg propped up on the desk. He had his enormous bone in his hand and he was pounding it really hard. I had never seen my dad's hard-on but I had seen his dick once when I was little and he was getting out of the shower. I remember it looking pretty huge then but he covered himself up fast and yelled at me to get out. So here I was, gazing at my dad's fat, beautiful hog. It was fuckin' huge, just like I remembered it from when I was little. Probably about 8 inches long, big throbbing veins all over it, and a fuckin' HUGE purple head that flared out really wide. He was staring at the screen, breathing heavy. He looked like he was in a trance. His mouth hung open and every few seconds, he'd say things but he was whispering to himself so I couldn't hear. I tried to read his lips but all I could make out was "fuck."

    His cock was glistening and covered with precum which he was leaking like crazy. I watched a huge glob ooze out his piss slit and down the shaft. He didn't even noticejust kept pounding and incorporated the new drip in with the lube already coating his dong.

    This was so fuckin' hot. I'd thrown a major bone staring at my dad pounding his meat. Even though I had sexual thoughts about my dad years ago, I felt so weird actually seeing him like this. But I couldn't help myself. I HAD to take it out and stroke it with him. So I pulled down my sweats and boxers and hooked them under my balls. I grabbed my own cock and matched his stroke, thinking, "Ah, fuck, I'm feeling what he's feeling right now."

    My dad sped up his pace and I kept up with him. His hand was a blur and his enormous balls were bouncing up and down and smashing into each other from his frenzied pulling and pounding. He lifted his ass off the seat and cried in a forced whisper, "Fuuuuuuck!" Cum flew out of his dick and sprayed straight up. The first volley came back down on his head, in his hair. The rest of it spurted out with less and less force and landed on his chest and stomach. He just sat there, with his pulsing meat in his hand, trying to catch his breath while he absent-mindedly rubbed his spunk into his stomach. Then something weird happened. He looked right up at the crack in the door where I was watching him. He couldn't see me because I was in the dark. Or could he? I jumped back quickly and walked as fast and as quietly as I could back to my room.

    Once there, I threw myself on my bed and pounded my meat even harder than dad had. What I had just seen got me hotter than I had ever been before. I imagined his big monster cock all lubed up with his own slime, slipping in and out of his big fist and that sent me over the edge. I came with a grunt and it splattered all over my chest, just like dad. When I was through squirting, I was laying there in that "just-shot-off-a-round" glow and I half opened my eyes. I saw my door didn't close all the way when I came into my room and there was an eye looking at me through the crack in the door but quickly disappeared. Shit! The only other person in the house was my dad! Did my dad really just watch me shoot my spunk? What a weird night.

    Anyhow, things went along normally for the next few months. I still used his computer when he was at work and he still beat off late at night. I took to standing in the door way of the family room beyond the den, so there was no way he could see me.

    Then one day I made a mistake. I was sitting there at his computer, looking at this totally hot site that showed nothing but facialsdudes covered with cum. Some of the pictures showed dudes kneeling in front of freshly jizzed dicks, with cum up their noses, dripping down their faces, in their mouths, splattered all over their bodies. This site had me really worked up and I had taken my jeans and boxers completely off and spread my legs wide so I could really stroke the old bone. Then I came upon this one picture of a dude's face so covered with cum slime that he looked like he had white jelly all over him. That did it. Before I could aim or move, a stream of cum shot out of my cock and streaked across the keyboard. I stood up in a panic, still cumming and the next stream got the monitor. I turned and as I did, I got the desk. I finished off on the floor.

    When I was done, I looked at my nut juice sliding off everything and sort of laughed. I thought, "Wow--that was one of the best cums ever." And it was. I started to walk out the den to get a towel from the bathroom to wipe my mess up when I heard my dad's car in the driveway. FUCK! What was he doing home from work so early? I dashed back to the den and heard the key in the door. All I had time to do was grab my clothes and run to my room, my half hard cock bobbing up and down with each step. I closed the door tight behind me and started to look for my boxers to wipe my still dripping dick off with.

    Okay, jeans, shirtno boxers. Fuck, I must have left them in the den! So I thought maybe dad hadn't made his way to the den yet. I threw my jeans on and tip toed down to the den, thinking that if dad wasn't there, I'd grab my boxers, do a quick wipe down of the computer and go. But as I approached the door, I saw through the crack that he was there. He stood in front of the desk, staring down, his eyes roaming over the spooge that coated his keyboard, monitor and desk. He reached out with his right hand and ran his index finger through the biggest gob on the keyboard. He brought his finger up to his nose and smelled it.

    Then he did something that nearly made me cum again right there. He stuck it in his mouth and tasted it! My dad ate my jizz! Fuck! He began to frown as I saw him put it all together in his mind and he shook his head side to side in anger and disappointment. Then he noticed my boxers just under the desk. He picked them up and held them out by the waistband. Moving them to his nose, he inhaled deeply at the crotch.

    I ran back to my room and stayed there all night. When he knocked and asked if I wanted dinner, I told him no, that I was too busy studying. I was just too embarrassed and scared to look at himbut I was also turned on. I mean, what was my father doing tasting my spooge? And smelling my shorts? Dudes, I started to wonder if my dad was gay like me.

    The next day, after he went to work, I came out of my room. I was gonna be home all day because my only class had been cancelled for the afternoon. So I headed into the den and fired up the computer. I just had to go back to that cum site and see all the dudes slimed from head to toe in cock custard. I had my pants and boxers around my ankles this time so I could pull them up quickly if I had to. Well, I estimate I had been sitting there slowly strokin' off for about an hour and a half when suddenly I heard my dad clear his throat in the doorway of the den.

    He stood there with his arms folded, scowling at me. I reached down and grabbed my boxers and jeans but I couldn't pull them up sitting down so I had to stand. My dad watched me as I rose with my cock pointing straight up. I turned and zipped up. "So that was your semen on my computer yesterday wasn't it?" he asked. "Dad, I am really sorry about that. I was gonna clean it up but you came home so"

    "Shut up."

    He stared at me for a few seconds but it seemed like an hour. Finally, he motioned to the computer and asked, "What are you looking at?"

    I tried to grab the mouse quickly so I could close the window before he got to see the cum site but he bellowed, "DON"T YOU FUCKING TOUCH THAT!" He walked over and roughly shoved me back. Leaning forward on the desk, he looked at the page I had open and he silently studied each thumbnail carefully. He even opened a few. Through all of this, I stood completely still and quiet. I knew I was in trouble but I had no idea how he was going to punish me.

    Finally he turned, looked into my eyes and said, "So is this the kind of stuff you like? Hmmm? You like shit like this? Are you a faggot? Do you want guys to shoot their semen on you? Is that what you want?" I couldn't answer. All I could do was hang my head. "ANSWER ME, JACKSON!"

    He hadn't called me by my name in a while and it did something to me. It made me feel oddly close to himwhich was weird considering what was going on. Through all of this, the swelling in my cock had not gone down.

    "Yeyes dadI'm gay."

    He let out a "hrumph" and I looked up to see a smirk on his face. He looked down and saw the bulge in my pants. "Wellyou knew you weren't supposed to play with my computer but you did it anyway, didn't you. To look at these faggot pictures of guys with sperm in their mouthswhat am I going to do with you? Hmmm? How am I going to punish you for this?"

    "Dad, I am really sorry. It won't happen again, I swear. I won't ever touch"

    "SHUT UP! Now, what do you think your punishment should be, Jackson? Hmmm? I can't ground you, you're over 18. Let's see" After several minutes of silence, he looked up at me and said, "I know. I think I am going to have to give you a good old-fashioned spanking like I used to do when you and your brother were little. That taught you some discipline then. And it should now."

    I couldn't believe I was going to be spanked at 19. "Awwwh, come on dad. I said I was sorry. Really. I'll do chores or something. I'll wash your car for a month or I'll"

    "No, I think a spanking is gonna do you some good."

    "Now, look dad" I said seriously.

    "You call me sir from now on, you got that Jackson? Now come here and stand in front of the desk, put your hands on it and lean forward."


    "DO IT!" He grabbed hold of my arm hard and dragged me over to the desk. I knew now that he was totally serious and I was worried.

    "YES, SIR!" I shouted. I placed my palms on the desk and leaned forward so he could get at my butt. My cock was still swollen and the first swat through my pants made it throb more. He gave me a few more and said, "NawI don't like this." He spun me around and shoved me toward a chair in the corner of the room that he ordered me to bring to him. I did as I was told.

    Before he sat down in the chair, he took off his tie and shirt, exposing his massive hairy chest. Then he undid his belt and snapped it off his waist. He was just wearing trousers now. He sat down and said, "All right, Jackson, pull down your pants."

    I still had my major bone goin'on and I didn't want my dad to see it. I couldn't let him see it. I didn't even know myself why I had a bone. I mean, I was being punished for fuck's sake! "II.can't do that dad. I mean sir."

    "Why not Jackson? You pull your pants down right now."

    "Can't you just spank me through my pants? Sir? Please?"

    He narrowed his eyes and said suspiciously, "What's wrong, Jackson? Come here." He grabbed me by a belt loop and started to yank my pants down, when I blurted out, "Sir, I still have a bone, sir."

    He stopped and said, "A what?"

    "An erection sir. I'm sorry sir."

    "I don't give a fuck if you have a hard-on. TAKE 'EM DOWN!" he screamed in my face.

    "YES, SIR!" I pulled my pants down and my cock strained through the thin cotton of my white boxers and made a nice tent.

    "Well now, look at that. Is your penis happy Jackson? Does your penis like this? Now pull your boxers down, too."

    "Please sir, no..." I almost whispered.

    "Do it!"

    I pulled my boxers down and my cock sprang up with a force. A rope of precum hung from the head. The rush of air on my bone felt great and made it swell even more.

    "Lay across my lapNow!"

    As I did, my cock rubbed against the soft, brushed cotton of his trousers, making me squirm a little. He raised his arm and the first smack stung pretty bad. The second wasn't as bad. By the fifth smack, I realized that each time he hit me, the force of his smack moved my body forward and pushed my bone around on his soft trousers. Shit, it felt good. His pants felt like fuckin' silk under the head of my meat. I started to grind my pelvis onto his hard, muscled thigh with each swat. I finally lost control and made a noise of pleasure.

    "Oh, so you like this, huh? Well, let's just see about that"

    He hit harder, trying to get a reaction, stinging my ass cheeks with his palm. But it still felt so good. I could feel precum traveling up my tube and squeezing itself out of my piss slit and I still pushed into him.


    But I couldn't stop. And I couldn't believe I was getting off on being spanked by my dad while I rubbed my hard on across his leg. I continued pumping and dad finally said, "OK, that's it, I've had it. Stand up and face me."

    I did and he folded his arms over his chest and, without looking at my face, simply stared at my hard-on. It jutted straight at him and bobbed every now and then with my heart beat. It was then that I saw the enormous bulge in HIS trousers. He had thrown a full rod too. My head was spinning. I didn't know what was happening. Was this serious? Was I really being punished? Or were we actually fucking around? After thirty seconds or so, he uncrossed his arms, spat into his right palm, reached out and grabbed my wood. He lubed me up good and started pumping on me. I nearly passed out. My head hung back and I let out a moan that startled even myself. After a few minutes, he stopped.

    "There, alright? Is that what you wanted? Is that better? Now, back to your punishment." He looked down at his lap to position me again but spotted the enormous wet circle of precum my cock had drooled on his trousers.


    I knelt and he stepped to within inches of my face. His basket was right there at eyewell, more like mouthlevel. I unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and pulled them down. He stepped out of them. He was wearing white cotton briefs, not boxers, and his hog was tightly encased in them, pushed to the right.

    "Take these off, too," he said, snapping his waistband.

    Whoa. Yes, my dad and I were fucking around. The full implication finally hit me. I was on my knees looking up at a glorious specimen of manhood: big, solid, hairy and HARDand it was my dad! I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of his tightie whities and pulled. His erect slab came swinging out at me and grazed my eye and forehead, leaving a snail trail of precum.

    He sat back down, spread his legs and said "Back on my lap, Jackson. You're not done being punished."

    I leaned forward to lie across his lap and he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pushed me down. I lost my balance and fell, hands out in front of me. I felt his hairy chest rush by and my right hand landed close to his hard cock which I grabbed instinctively to try to balance myself. My fingers were wrapped around it and it twitched in my hand. I didn't want to let go. Turns out I didn't have to.

    "That's right, Jackson, you grab on to your daddy's dick. You're gonna need somethin' to hold on to, boy 'cause your spanking isn't over with. And you keep a hold on it 'til I tell you to let go."

    He hauled off and smacked me a good one. It stung like hell. Then he smacked in a fury, his hand rising and falling on my behind, the sound of slapping flesh tearing out through the room. I lost count of how many swats he gave me. I just held on to his cock. He was right: if I hadn't had it to hold on to, I would've fallen off his lap.

    He stopped and in the ensuing silence, we struggled to catch our breath. In between gulps of air, dad said, "Thereare yougonnaplay with my computer again?" I didn't answer. I just tugged on his cock very slightly. "Huh?You stillwanna look at thosefaggot pictures, don't you?"

    I waited a second and told the truth. "Yes, sirIdo." I was tugging on his bone harder now.

    "You just don't learn, do you? Almost makes me think you like havin' your butt played with. Do ya Jackson? Do you like havin' your butt played with?" As he started talking, he kneaded my cheeks with both hands, occasionally pulling them apart as far as they would go to expose my pucker. He dipped a finger in and tickled my asshole. I let out a gasp. At this point, I was almost full on jerkin' him off but he still didn't say anything.

    "Did you like that? Huh? I bet you did." He raised his hand again and brought it down hard on my spread open cheeks, stinging my hole. Fuck, I had never had my asshole itself spanked before and it HURT. I raised my head and shouted but he pushed it down and said to be quiet. He spanked it a few more times then he stuck a finger in his mouth and lubed it up enough to drill it into my anus which he did with force. He twirled it around, clockwise, then counter-clockwise and it drove me wild. I bucked under him. He raised his other hand and brought it down on my left cheek. Then he did it again and this time, landed on my right cheek. He alternated cheeks a few more times, all the while twirling his finger around and moving it gently in and out of me.

    Suddenly he stopped spanking and I felt his cock expand out in my hand like he was about to squirt. He let out a weird yelp and shouted at me, "LET GO! LET GO NOW!" I let go immediately and smiled to myself 'cause I had almost made him blow. Yeah, dad was into this, BIG time.

    After he calmed down, he continued to finger fuck my chute. He said softly, "Does this feel good?"

    "Yes, sir" I replied.

    He slapped my ass, not hard but in a playful way and said with a kind of laugh, "Stand up, walk over to the desk and bend over it."

    As I walked, he followed me closely, and didn't once remove his finger from my ass. When I was bent over the desk, he withdrew his finger slowly, reached around in front of me and stuffed it under my nose. I smelled my own hole.

    "Smell this. You like it? Sure ya doI know something else you're gonna like, you little cum boy." I heard him spit and heard squishing sounds. I knew exactly what he was doingspitting in his palm and lubing his rod up to fuck me. He pushed the snout of his big monster against my hole and popped the head in. I had only been fucked once before by a guy I met in my Geology class so I sort of knew what to expect but he wasn't as big as my dad. I gripped the edge of the desk and my knuckles turned white as my father slid himself in. I howled and he stopped for a few seconds before sliding the rest of his hose into my gut. I took deep breaths and tried to relax as he continued to wedge his hog into my hole. When he was buried all the way to his fuckin' pubes and balls, he pulled all the way out and drove it in again. The he reeled his arm back and smacked my right cheek hard, the hardest yet. My body convulsed from the unexpected blow.

    "Are you gonna play with my fucking computer again?"

    I couldn't answer. I was trying to breathe and not scream from his cock ripping into me. Another hard stinging slap, I jerked, and he began to fuck me slowly.

    "I said, are you gonna play with my computer again?"


    SLAP. Each time his hand made contact, it stung more.

    "You wanna see more cock pictures, don't you"

    "Yes, sir."

    SLAP. I jerked once more, which caused me to push up onto my tiptoes. He grunted, pushed me down onto the desk and held me in place. "You wanna see men with cum on their faces?"

    "Yes sir."

    SLAP. My hole was loose now from my efforts to push out and relax. Still plugging my hole back and forth, he reached over to the computer and clicked the mouse on the window I had open. He clicked on a thumbnail. The picture came up and showed a dude in front of a long, veiny dick sticking through a glory hole. The cock had just shot and the dude's face was fuckin' PLASTERED. His mouth was open and two thick ropes of jism hung from his bottom lip.

    "How about that one? You like that one? Huh?Do ya?" I didn't know what to say. If I said yes, I would be spanked and it was really stinging now. If I said no, I'd be lying. But if I said yes, he'd continue to fuck me which I wanted never to end. I was so confused.

    "Yesyes, I like this picture, dad. I want to be that guy on his knees."

    SSSSLLLLAAAAPPPP! My whole body shook in a violent spasm.

    "Then, that's what you're gonna be, cum boy. ON YOUR KNEES." His cock made a popping sound as he pulled out of me roughly. He turned me around and forced me to kneel in front of him. With his giant hard-on in his hand, he looked down at me with that smirk and shook his head side to side, saying, "You just don't learn, do you?" He slapped my face with his meat. It made a dull thud against my cheek and I felt it reverberate through my skull.

    "Are you gonna play with my computer again?"

    I didn't answer quickly enough and he slapped the other side of my face. It felt like he sprained my jaw. My mouth hung open and spit dripped down. I was hypnotized by the big dong in my face and wanted a lot more. I decided to see how much he'd give me so I looked up at him and said, "I wanna see more cocks. I wanna see more cum. I wanna see YOU cum dad!"

    He held the back of my head and rubbed his rod all over my face with the other, mashing his head and smearing precum on my cheeks and lips. He grabbed his rod and started jacking hard, like the night I watched him through the crack in the door. It was totally freakyhe must have read my mind, because he said, "You want this, don'tchayou've wanted it ever since that first night you saw me jackin' off in herethat's why you watched me every nightyou really want your daddy's cum, don'tcha...DON'TCHA!"


    His hand became a blur and his balls bounced around violently, slapping me under my chin. Through his gritted teeth, he snorted like a bull, laid his cock down the length of my face and yelled, "FUUUUCK!" as his cock shot out a pulse of hot sperm. It squirted up into my hair. His next shot spattered across my forehead and it ran down over my eyes. He just kept pumping that fuck juice out, pressing his cock down hard on my face. I felt his shaft squeeze out each lumpy spurt. His cum dripped down my cheeks, my lips and hung from my chin.

    Fuck yeah! I was getting' glazed just like the dudes in the pictures! I was so fuckin' hot, I thought my cock was gonna burst so I grabbed it and within 10 strokes, I shot off too. My dad pumped out his last gob as I started to cum, shooting streams of jizz through his legs and onto the floor. He let his slimy monster slide off my face and I fired off the biggest round of my life. It felt like I left my body.

    When I opened my eyes, I was dizzy but I saw my dad looking down at me. He squatted down and ran his finger through my jizz on the floor. He looked at it then put it in his mouth while he looked directly into my eyes. Then he ran the same finger around my face and scooped up a good amount of his own cum. He brought the finger to my mouth and he wiggled it in, between my lips. I parted and let him put it in, all the way to the back of my throat. He just left it there for a minute while I closed my eyes and sucked on it like a baby at feeding time.

    He stood up, crossed his arms and glared down at me. "I think you've learned your lesson." He reached for my boxers and threw them at me, saying, "You have your father's cum all over your face, Jackson. Clean yourself up and go to your room and wait for me to call you down for dinner."

    "Okay, dad." He turned to leave but when he got to the door, I said, "Oh, and dad? Thank you."

    He winked at me and said, "I hope this taught you to obey me and be a good boy from now on."

    "Yes, dad. I'm ready to do anything you tell me to."


    Well, it's been about a week since my dad "punished" me for hosing his computer down with my jizz (hee hee) by giving me a spankingand then fucking me and cumming all over my face. We hadn't seen each other much since it happened, with him going to work (he leaves even earlier than usual to workout at the gym) and me going to school. But when we crossed paths, like in the hallway on our way to bed, we didn't really look at each other.

    A lot has gone through my mind and I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask him, like, has he had sex with guys before, does he still have sex with guys, does he consider himself gay or bisexual, does mom know, and does he feel weird about having sex with ME andjust tons of things. But we didn't say anything; we just kept a distance from each other and maybe gave a nod or said "G' night."

    But yesterday, something happened that totally blew me away and answered some of the questions I had. I went to school this morning as usual. I have two classes on Fridays: a math class in the morning and an art history class late in the day at 5 P.M. That means that class lets out at 6:30 and I get home at 7. My dad is always home by then and mom is out of town this weekagainso when I pulled into the driveway, I was surprised to see a strange car parked behind my dad's.

    Once inside the house, I couldn't hear anythingbut then I closed the door and took a few steps inside. I was overcome with the smell of cigar smoke. I heard some low voices, then some laughter. I followed the sounds through the front room and past the kitchen and there, in the family room, was my dad and some guy sitting in dad's big padded leather chairs.

    This man looked to be a little older than my dad by ten years or soit's hard to tell. He was mostly bald on top but compensated for it by shaving his head down to just stubble that actually made him look pretty hot. He had a dark reddish/brown moustache with a little silver streaked through it. He noticed me in the doorway before dad and looked up at me with intense dark green eyes. He and dad had taken their jackets off and tossed them on the floor so I could see this guy had a bit of a beer gut. His tie draped on it nicely and it just added to the raw masculinity he was projecting. A long cigar stuck straight out from his mouth, his lips puckered around it.

    When this guy looked over at me, my dad followed his gaze and said, "Well, look who's home."

    The stranger stood to shake my hand and my dad said, "Jack, you remember Don Haber, don't you? From my office"

    The man grabbed my hand and squeezed hard and suddenly I did remember! Mr. Haber and dad used to go golfing years ago and I had met him once at a Christmas party my folks threw when I was little. I hadn't seen him in 7 or 8 years. He looked pretty different to meburlier, sexier. And I probably looked really different to himlike, grown up. I said, "Oh, yeahI didn't recognize you. How are you Mr. Haber?"

    He took the cigar from his mouth, blew smoke up over his head and said, "Great, Jack, how about you? How's school? Your dad here has been telling me you've beenpretty busy lately."

    "Yeah, well, I have a full load, so"

    "Yeah, I hear you do."

    After an awkward silence, I finally said, "Well, I'll get upstairs to my room and study. Nice seeing you again."

    As I turned to leave, my dad quietly said, "Where are you going Jackson?" My heart jumped. He called me Jackson.

    "I was gonna go to my room"

    "No you're not. You're not going anywhere."

    My eyes darted back and forth between my dad and Mr. Haber. "What do you mean, dad?"

    "You think you can get away with it again?"

    I grinned nervously at Mr. Haber. "I don't know what you're talking about dad."

    "You know god damned well what I'm talking about," my dad said very calmly. I stood in complete silence. He couldn't be talking about his computer again, not right here, not right now, in front of Mr. Haber. Dad said, "You used my computer again last night after I specifically told you that you could not."

    I did use it but I was really carefulshit, how did he know?

    "And I already punished you for it once. Didn't I." I looked at Mr. Haber, then back to my dad; my jaw was moving but I couldn't make a sound. I didn't know what to do or to say. Then dad raised his voice. "DIDN'T I!"

    He startled me and I blurted out, "Yes, you did."

    "And how did I punish you?"

    I could feel myself turning red as I glanced at Mr. Haber, swallowed hard and said, "You spanked me." I was sweating from embarrassment. "Go on, tell Mr. Haber how I spanked you."

    "Dad, pleasecome on"

    "TELL him."

    "over his knee. He spanked me over his knee." I couldn't look Mr. Haber in the face. I was so ashamed.

    "And what did I have you do before I put you across my knee?"

    "Yyouyou made me pull my pants down."

    Dad looked over at Mr. Haber and said, "But he didn't want to. Tell Mr. Haber why you didn't want to pull your pants down, Jackson" I couldn't believe my dad was doing this to me in front of a stranger. Why? Was this my punishment, being totally humiliated? My only comfort was knowing that he couldn't go much further because he wouldn't want Mr. Haber to know what we had done. "Well? Mr. Haber is waiting, Jackson"

    "I didn't want to pull my pants down becausebecause"

    My dad said, "Look at Mr. Haber when you talk to him, Jackson."

    I looked up and almost cried as I softly said, "because IIhad an erection."

    Mr. Haber was looking directly at me, twisting his cigar in his mouth. He was sitting well back in the chair, relaxed, and his legs were spread really wide.

    "That's right, you had a hard-on but I spanked you anyway and it obviously didn't make an impression on you. So we're going to have to keep punishing you until you learn your lesson."

    Oh my god! I panicked. Was this what this was all leading up to? Was I going to be spanked in front of Mr. Haber? My dad continued. "Now, tell us what you were looking at on my computer last night. And don't lie because I can go right over there and pull up the history" I hung my head and started to speak but my dad bellowed, "NOPE! You look at US when you're talking!"

    I tried to remember what websites I visited. "Just some porn sites, dadpleasecan you just spank me later? I swear I'll never do it again. I've learned my lesson." He ignored me. "What KIND of porn sites, Jackson? Describe them to us."

    "Sites withsites that arethat show naked men."

    "Aaah, naked MEN?" Why was he doing this, I wondered.

    "And what are these naked men doing?"

    "They're having sex with each othersuckingand fucking. They're fucking each other."

    "And what else did you look at?"

    I sighed. "A site about jock straps. Real guys send in pictures of themselves in their jock strapsmasturbating in them or peeing in them and getting fucked in them."

    Then I felt my dick start to go bone. It filled up partially and moved around in my baggy cargo pants, making a little tent. I had been looking mostly at my dad when I was talking because I was too nervous to look at Mr. Haber. But I finally glanced over at him and saw that his cock was hard and snaking along the inside seam of his pants. Wow, I thought, Mr. Haber got hard from my descriptions! And he was looking at the tent in my cargo pants.

    My dad said, "Is that all?"


    "Ah-ah, don't lie, JacksonI can go right over to the computer and check. Matter of fact, I think I'll do that."

    "NOwait, pleaseall right, I'll tell youI went back to that site that shows dudes cumming on other dude's faces and bodies."

    "Aaah, I thought so. You liked that one didn't you?" Dad turned to Mr. Haber and continued, "It was all pictures of guys with semen in their mouths or on their faces." Mr. Haber eyed me up and down. Dad stood up. There was an obvious bulge in his pants, bunched up to the right. "All right, Jackson. You know what's comingdrop 'em."

    But here I was in the same situation as last time. Was I going to be spankedand only spanked? My dad and I couldn't do anything in front of Mr. Haber.

    "Um, dadI can't"

    "Oh, you have another hard-on? Right, I forgot, you like thiswell then; maybe Mr. Haber should take your pants down, hmmm? Maybe THAT would teach you a lesson. Walk over to Mr. Haber, Jackson. Go ahead, Don, yank 'em off. I'm gonna need him bare-assed for this."

    I walked over to Mr. Haber who slid forward in his chair and sat at the edge of his seat. He anchored his cigar back in the center of his mouth, making an almost obscene pucker, so he could have both hands free. He reached out, hooked his fingers in my pants and gave me a good jerk towards him. I stumbled but he held me up by my waistband. Once he unbuttoned and unzipped my baggy pants, they just dropped off. My cock was real hard by now and Mr. Haber pulled my boxers aside until my pole poked out of the fly. He and my dad laughed at me. Then he grabbed the bottom edge of my boxers and yanked down hard. My cock was pulled down and released quickly when he did that and it flew back up, hitting my stomach with a 'thwack.' They laughed even more.

    "Now walk over to the desk and lean over with your ass out, Jackson." I bent to pull my boxers and pants back up so I could walk across the room but my dad said, "NO! Leave 'em down." Humiliated, I waddled slowly over to the desk, taking small steps as best I could with my boxers and pants binding my legs together. I leaned forward over the desk, and placed my palms down on either side of the computer. I heard my dad walk up behind me but thennothing. Just rustling. I turned to see what was happening. My dad had removed his tie and was rolling up his cuffs. He pushed me and said, "TURN AROUND!"

    I resumed my position and waited. Another long pause. Then SMACK. A good strong swat on my left cheek. I jumped 'cause it stung like hell. Another long pause. It was driving me crazyI couldn't see what he was doing and I couldn't tell when the next one was coming. SMACK. He kept me shaking, quivering, and wondering. Each spank was a shock and jolted my body.

    He stopped at 12 smacks, grabbed me by the neck and growled, "Put your hands on your head and go show Mr. Haber your nice red ass." I shuffled over to Mr. Haber, my hands on my head, as ordered. My cock was totally rigid now and wagging back and forth with my stupid shuffling. Even though I was ashamed to be waddling around, arms raised, parading a hard-on in front of two grown men who were completely clothed and laughing at me, I couldn't help myself and a drop of precum dripped down, swaying back and forth with each step.

    When I reached Mr. Haber, he narrowed his eyes and said, "Turn around." I obeyed and showed him my glowing cheeks. Mr. Haber inspected me, touched my ass gently, rubbed each cheek, and then abruptly pulled my ass apart, cleaving my backside open. He pulled so hard and so far, my ass lips stretched side to side and my pucker opened for him. Then he pushed my cheeks together as hard as he could, squashing them around and announced to my dad, "Nope, I think he could use another round."

    "I think you're right Don. He needs to learn to do what his father tells him. Back over here, Jackson"

    I waddled back to the desk but this time, instead of long pauses in between spanks, he hauled off and gave me another 12 all at once. I felt like I was being electrocuted as my body twitched and spasmed with each smack. He stopped and my ass felt like it was on fire.

    "All right, Don," my dad huffed, "how about now?" He gave me a little shove toward Mr. Haber, who inspected me again. His decision: "Nope, still not done."

    "Then why don't you see if you can teach him a lesson, Don? I'm getting tired"

    "Well, I'll give it a try, Jack." Mr. Haber grabbed my wrist and twisted it, forcing me to him. He laid me down across his lap diagonally, with my head tucked under his right arm pit and my ass balanced on his left leg. He hooked his right arm around my waist and shocked me when he grabbed my rock hard rod in his fist.

    He took a deep breath, raised his left arm and gave me the first swat. It felt different from my dad. Mr. Haber hit harder. I think he flattened his palm out more and his hands seemed bigger. I twitched and he milked my bone like he was milking a cow. He had a firm grip on my dick and, fuck, it felt good.

    SMACK. He milked me some more. I groaned and pushed my cock deeper into his fist but he tightened his grip into a vice, and said, "Oh, no you don'tthis is a spanking young man. Your father told me about you, not being able to control your cock or your cum. So no humping my hand. Don't you move your dick around, you hear me? You understand?"

    "Yes, Mr. Haber, I'm sorry," I grunted from the back of the chair.

    SMACK. And then another. And another. And in between, he pulled on my udder, milking precum out of me. I was sure there was a big pool of it on the floor between his legs.

    He stopped at 20 for both of us to catch our breath. My cheeks were nearly numb. Mr. Haber said, "Okay, time for a little rest. You earned it, Jackson." He massaged my ass softly, sweetly, soothing the pain. He dipped his middle finger in between my crack and stroked at my hole, very gently, occasionally moving his finger around it in a little circle. God, it felt great. Involuntarily, I fucked my rod into his fist again. He squeezed it agonizingly hard and said, "Ah-ahwhat did I tell you about your cock?"

    I sighed. "Sorry Mr. Haber."

    He answered, "Sorry Mr. Haber, what"

    "Sorry Mr. Haber, SIR"

    "Good boy" he said and he resumed soothing my sweaty, puckered hole. I wanted really badly for him to push his finger in me, all the way, not just massage the rim.

    "Well, I can see he responds better to you than he does to me" my dad said happily.

    "Maybe, maybe not. Let's see."

    Mr. Haber stood up and I scrambled to get to my feet. He looked at me and ordered me to take off his tie, then his shirt. I nearly got my nut right there when I saw his rough furry chest and long pink nipples poking out of the carpet of fur. They looked like little cocks. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to his right tit and said, "Suck. And undo my pants."

    I reached down, without taking my mouth off his tit, and unbuttoned and unzipped him. His pants dropped and he easily stepped out of them. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his big 'ol schlong was nice and plump and excited. It was a fat fucker with lots of bumps and ridges.

    So he stood there naked except for his black socks and black lace up shoes. He pulled me from his chest and said, "Okay, Jackson. Now to earn your dad's trust againbend over and grab your ankles."

    I did as I was ordered, anxious to see if I was getting a finger in my ass or more spankings. Mr. Haber signaled my dad and they both walked up to my ass, dad on my left, Mr. Haber on my right. I felt Mr. Haber's hands grab my waist and my dad actually took a step back to wind up for the spanking I was going to get. He spanked me so hard, I would've fallen over if Mr. Haber hadn't been there to steady me.

    I let out a yell. My dad took another step back and wound up again. The pain spread through my body, down to the tip of my hard dick. "AAAHHH!" I cried out.

    "And one moreone for each time I caught you at my computer," dad said. I was dazed after the last blow, and Mr. Haber said, "I think he's starting to learn his lesson."

    "Well, let's see if he'll do what his father tells him to do now. Reach back and spread your asscheeks, Jackson. Show us your hole. That's right. What a good boy. Now push it out, Jackson. Push out that little bung hole, make it wink."

    When I did, my dad said, "There ya go, Don."

    I heard a sucking soundMr. Haber lubing up a finger with spitand then felt him insert his thick middle finger into my opening. It was delicious to finally have something in me and I groaned softly. I heard my dad whisper to Mr. Haber, "See, Don? What did I tell you? He loves it" Then my dad told me to stand up. I did but Mr. Haber didn't remove his finger. He wiggled another one up there as my dad told me to let Mr. Haber's fingers stay in me for as long as he wanted to keep them there.

    My dad stepped to me and ordered me to undress him. I stripped him down to his socks and shoes, just like Mr. Haber, who then said, "We're going to sit back down now."

    "You stay on Don's fingers, you hear me Jackson?"

    "Yes, sir. I'll stay on them sir."

    They walked back to the padded library chairs and I high-stepped along side Mr. Haber, keeping close to him so his fingers wouldn't pop out of my asshole. They sat down and Mr. Haber added another finger up my chutethat made threeand said, "Okay, where were we before Jackson got home?"

    "Umoh, yes, rightso, like I was saying, the partnership was dissolved because of" And they actually talked business and totally ignored me while I stood impaled on my dad's business partner's fingers. They sat there with their mighty man cocks at half-mast, extending beyond the edge of the seat. Both dad and Mr. Haber have long ball sacs that hung off their chairs completely. Well, actually Mr. Haber had one ball on the leather and one ball off. It was so fuckin' hot. My bone was leaking like crazy and I wanted to grab it and stroke it off so bad but I knew I would get in trouble for that. My ass was sore enough and I didn't think I could handle any more spankings.

    After 10minutes or so of conversation, Mr. Haber twisted his three fingers around in my ass and I squealed. Fuck, it felt so fuckin' good to feel that in my ass. A blob of precum oozed out and hung in a rope.

    "Oooooo, look at that. I think your boy likes this," said Mr. Haber.

    "Yeah, he sure does, Don" dad said with a chuckle. "Do it again."

    Another twist of his fuckin' fat fingers and I nearly passed out, it felt so good. My knees buckled and Mr. Haber caught me. "Whoa there, slickyou need to get off your feet. We've put you through a lot. Why don't you kneel down here in front of ol' Mr. Haber, huh Jackson?"

    I did as he parted his legs wide. "Now, why don't you be a real good boy and put my penis in your mouth while I talk to your father and make it feel good, okay Jackson?" I gulped it down and sucked it 'til it was totally hard. His head fell backward, he moaned and ran his fingers through my hair. "Aaah, what a good boy," he whispered. "Don't suck on it; just keep my penis in your mouth."

    "So the investment return won't be anything like" Dad continued to talk about work. Mr. Haber listened but didn't say much. He nodded a lot. After another 10 minutes or so, my dad nudged me with his foot and announced, "Okay, kiddo, time to work on your dad." He spread his legs, picked up his meat and shook it a few times, plumping it up and getting it ready for my mouth. I walked over to him on my knees and positioned myself between my dad's legs and sucked him very softly and slowly, like I sucked Mr. Haber. "Oh yeahsuck on your dad's dick, boyis that as much as you can take, Jackson?" I shook my head and grunted no.

    "See how much of my long cock you can take. Let's see. Can you take it all? Try, Jackson. C'mon, give it a try, son" my dad cooed, like he was encouraging a child. I swooped down and almost got it all.

    "Awwww, it's okay kiddo, try again," he said sweetly and comfortingly as he mussed up my hair. "I know you can do it. C'mon, you can do it!" Another few passes and I had the whole thing buried in me down to his pubes. "Oh, fuck yeah, Jackson, yeahawwww, that feels good sonoh, Don, isn't he great?" my dad moaned.

    "Yeah, he sure is," Mr. Haber answered.

    "Fuck, I wish I would've found his little porny sites earlier. We could've been having a great time with him instead of by ourselves."

    So Mr. Haber and dad had been fucking? COOL. For how long, I wondered. Dad brushed the back of his hand against my cheek and said, "Awww, such a good cocksucker. Ya know, Don, I think my son really loves cock. And cock snot, too. I think he really gets off on that."

    "Maybe we should let him shoot. We rode him pretty hard tonight, Jack."

    My dad leaned down near my ear and asked, "Would you like to get off, Jackson? Would you like it if Don and I let you get off?"

    I groaned, shook my head 'yes' vigorously and increased the tempo on my dad's pole. He chuckled and said, "All right son, all rightget off my cock and lay down on the floor here in front of us." I positioned myself between their chairs and dad said, "We want to watch you masturbate, son. Will you do that? Huh? Will you stroke your cock for us?"

    "Awww, yes, dadI want to. Please let me jerk offI wanna cum"

    "Okay Jackson, tell ya whatyou go get some of Don's spit for lube and you go to it." Mr. Haber leaned out from his chair, I cupped my hand and he swished his mouth a few times. He opened his mouth and a huge glob of gelatinous spit slowly dropped down into my palm.

    I immediately massaged it into my cock, paying special attention to the area under my head. My breathing increased and became ragged as I slid my fist up and down my slick pole. I looked up at them and they were both smoking their cigars, calmly watching me, their cocks pointing up and straining. They looked so sexy like that, just eyeing me, not saying anything, not touching their cocks. I wanted to give them a good show so I used both fists and fucked my hips up and down.

    Dad said, "Jackson, would you like me and Don to squirt semen on your face? Would you like that?"

    "Oh, yes, dad, I'd love thatbut I wanna cum when you and Mr. Haber blowcan I? Can I please?"

    "Okay, Jackson, okay" he chuckled in that fatherly way again. So they knelt down on either side of my face, spat on their cocks and slowly started to jack. I was mesmerized. I thrashed my head from side to side, trying to see them both. Their cocks were so beautifulso fat and hard and red. I flicked my tongue out every now and then to get a taste. And they smelled good too. They smelled like a man's crotch should smell. I was getting very close and they were picking up the pace too. Suddenly dad and Mr. Haber came together over me and kissed, their tongues slobbering and twisting. A little spit dripped onto my chin. Swapping their spit must have done it for them because I was immediately showeredno, hosed downby hot jizz from both sides. Their cum was amazingdad's was thick and clung to my cheek and jaw but Mr. Haber's cum was like melted wax. It flowed everywhere.

    This immediately put me over the edge and I yelled out, "I'm gonna cum!" I was just about to shoot when Dad and Mr. Haber quickly reached down, grabbed my legs and flipped them over my head so my cock was aiming directly at my face.

    SPURT. On my forehead. SPURT. I got my eyes and nose. SPURT. Bull's-eye! Right in my open mouth. They pulled my legs down and wiped their cock heads on my lips, cleaning the dregs of their fuck juice off of their piss slits.

    Dad said, "So are you gonna play with my computer again?"

    "Only when you're around dad. There's some sites I'd like to show you."

    My dad laughed and said, "Maybe Don would like to see them too."

    "Okay thenthere's this one amazing site that"

    Mr. Haber said, "Don't TELL us, SHOW us!"


    So we gathered 'round the computer and

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