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  • Thomas
  • The ship rolled her way across the Mediterranean Sea, the weather was pleasantly warm. We had left the Suez Canal on a warm but blustery morning. As Second Mate, I'd been on duty on the exposed after deck, supervising the handling of the heavy mooring lines. This was dirty, heavy work for the men but they were used to it and they would soon be back in the seamans' mess and getting outside a steaming mug of tea, despite the temperature.

    There was a new man. A young man. He'd joined us at Port Said to replace a seaman due home on leave and he attracted my eye as the gang worked. Fair haired and well built, he must've been about twenty or so. He seemed a bit lost and I realised that the other men had been together as a crew for several voyages. He was the newcomer. He stood by himself, not part of the general banter that was always exchanged between the men. He had definitely caught my interest and I hoped that our paths might cross during the voyage. But if they did I would have to be very careful, Officers were never gay, and if they were, they never, ever fancied deckhands!

    As Second Mate my duty was to keep the "Graveyard Watch" - at midday and midnight I climbed up to the Bridge to keep watch until 4 o'clock. Once clear of the Canal life got easier, the busy shipping lanes gave way to the open ocean and the many different ships fanned out on route to their various destinations. Now I had time to catch up on the chart corrections. Notices to Mariners, to be cut and pasted, charts to be brought up to date, Light Lists and Radio books to be amended. It was boring work but at least something to do as the ship ploughed Westwards towards Gibraltar and onwards into the Bay of Biscay, and home.

    Now the radar screen was almost empty of ships. Before, in the Red Sea, it had been peppered with the small blips that indicated other ships. Most, in orderly lines, steaming along the official routes, but now and then, a ferry cutting her way across the lanes. There had been many small fishing boats, slow and vulnerable, and difficult to spot on the screen but now we were almost on our own, only two other blips on the 12-mile scale.

    My Company always obeyed the rules. For example we always had two people on watch on the Bridge, one of the Mates together with one of the seamen to act as helmsman, if for any reason we had to disconnect the automatic steering, or to act as lookout. He would make the coffee, clean up the Bridge and chartroom area, all those sorts of tasks. To my pleasant surprise, the Bosun had assigned the new seaman to my watch.

    "Good Morning, sir" he said, as I entered the bridge. He had a strong accent, which I couldn't place.

    "Good Morning . . . ."

    "Thomas" he supplied.

    "Yes, well, Thomas. You've only recently joined the ship, haven't you?"

    "Yes sir. In ze last port."

    He looked shy and didn't say anything more, he just went to the cleaning locker and got out a brush. He started to sweep the deck and I went over to the chart table to make a start on some corrections. However, I was distracted, my concentration was not so much on the paperwork as on Thomas's very desirable young body..

    In the warm weather he wore just a thin, plain white cotton tee-shirt and well-worn blue jeans. His clothes were well fitting and tight on his very well proportioned young body. He was a very well built and extremely handsome youngster. Strong shoulders, well developed chest above a narrow waist and long, strong looking legs. As he bent over to lift the waste bin I caught a look at his perfect young bottom, firm, sexy and extremely provocative.

    Thomas looked round and I hastily opened a List of Lights book.

    "Please, I go to empty the bin?" he asked.

    "Yep. Oh and tell the Bosun I'd like to see him some time during this Watch."

    He left the Bridge and I adjusted my cock in my white uniform trousers. Yes, I was gay. But nobody on board, nobody in the Company knew it and I wanted things to stay that way.

    I would have to be very, very careful.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    The ship was rolling her way across the Mediterranean Sea and, the weather was warm. We had left The Suez Canal on a windy morning. It was fortunate for me to have got a job as a seaman on board of the English ship. Now, with the European community such things were possible. I come from North Germany. In my country, we are surprised that work is not so easy to get. I trained as Officer at a sea school in Bremerhaven but it was not possible to find a job. I come to England and now I am deckhand in this ship, going through Suez Canal and on the way to England.

    It is very hot and I am working with the team on the back part of the ship. We have to pull in the heavy ropes that have been holding the ship to the quay. It is hard for me in this ship. All the guys have been together for some months and they very much do not talk with me. I am new. Also I come from Germany.

    The 2nd Mate is in charge. He is a very handsome man. I like to look at him. He has a very certain way, an officer way, which is a way that I admire. I think I like to get to know him.

    In the first days when we sailed, I was working in the daytime with the Bosun. I did not like him and I think he did not like me. I had to chip the old paints and put on some new paint. One day, I had to go into a part of the ship called the Coffer Dam and I had to clean in there. I had each day different, not so good jobs.

    So I was very happy when the Bosun said to me,

    "Yes, well lad, what's your name again?"

    "I am Thomas, Bosun."

    "OK, Thomas, Jason is sick, so you'll now keep the Graveyard Watch, starting at Midnight tonight."


    "Not Bitte, speak English damn you."

    "But I do not understand this Graveyard."

    "Oh - the Middle Watch. Twelve till Four. Day and night. You just catch up on your sleep when you can."

    This did not worry me. I was just glad to have a proper seaman job and to be on the Bridge. I would learn some more about being a sailor and some of the duties of an officer.

    At fifteen minutes to twelve on the first evening in my new job, I went to the Bridge for my watch. Always there are two persons on the Bridge when our ship is at sea. When I was there, by the wheel, the 2nd Mate came in, he was the officer for the same watch as me and I was very happy because he is very handsome and I think he is a nice man, it would be very nice to be working on the same watch with this man.

    "Good Evening, sir" I said, as he came into the Bridge

    "Good Evening . . . ."

    "Thomas" I told him.

    "Yes, well, Thomas. You have only recently joined the ship, haven't you?"

    "Yes sir. In Port Said."

    I was a little frightened of this officer and did not say anything else. The deck was not so clean from the last watch so I went to the cleaning locker and got out a brush. I started to sweep the deck. The officer went over to the chart table, and made some work there. However, I was looking at him as I worked with the brush and I was not so much thinking of the cleaning as of the Officer.

    Maybe he was only about three years older then me. He was wearing his officer uniform and he was very correct and very smart. He had a very clean white shirt, with short sleeves and his arms were very brown and very strong. He had the gold officer's badges on his shoulders. His shirt was open at the front and I could see that he had some thick, manly hair on his chest. He also was wearing thin white trousers which fitted quite tight, they showed he had a small waist, with no "beer belly" as the English say. He had a nice small waist. I looked quickly below, his white trousers were so very tight and I could see that the front of his trousers were very well filled. Then he turned and leant across the chart table. As I swept with my brush towards that side of the bridge I was looking at the back of the officer. I stared with a great interest at his back. His long back, his long, well muscled legs but also at his strong buttocks. They looked so good, in the tight white uniform trousers. So strong. So much male. I too could see the lines of his underwear through the thin material of the trousers made with cotton.

    My cock started to grow inside my own underpants. You understand that I do not like women so much. I like men, strong men who look good and know about the world. Men like this so sexy officer.

    I should have to be very, very careful!

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Seaman Thomas came back into the Bridge.

    "Sir, the Bosun I have told and soon he comes." he said.

    "Yes, very well. Thank you", I replied.

    I went back to the chart table to continue with my corrections while the watch went on without incident, an hour passed and Thomas worked around the Bridge, tidying things up. Already, I thought, he seemed a good lad. Able to see what needed to be done without having to be told.

    At one point I glanced up. He was standing in front of the radar, peering at the display. His legs were apart to steady himself against the roll of the ship and I was able to gaze at his bum. Oh yes! It was what I always thought of as a cheeky bum. Pert, tight buns filling out the thin, well worn blue denim of his jeans. Often, too, when he was sitting in the seat by the wheel, one of his legs would be jumping, a habit that I always attributed to a sexy young man.

    Oh God, this was one very sexy sailor boy. And to think that we would be sharing eight hours in twenty-four together on the Bridge for a long time to come.

    But watch it, Andy. He's sure to have at least one girl friend. A sexy handsome lad like that. By now I'd discovered that in addition to the young handsome, almost pretty face, topped with longish blond hair, Thomas had very light blue eyes. The sort of eyes that gazed directly into yours, when you talked to him. The more I watched him, the more I began to desire him.

    "You want that I should get you some coffee, sir?"

    I jumped. His words cut through my thoughts. I felt almost guilty that this Billy Budd of a sailor might be able to see what I had been thinking.

    "What? Oh yes, coffee. Yea, great."

    "How are you drinking the coffee, sir?" Thomas enquired.

    "NATO standard." I grunted.

    "Bit . . . Please?" Thomas looked puzzled.

    "Yes, NATO standard. That means milk and sugar. One sugar." I replied.

    Thomas grinned and my heart (and my cock) lurched. Thomas went off to the small pantry behind the bridge and I watched his delectable arse as he rolled his way across the deck.

    He was soon back with the mugs of coffee.

    "There was no cup with saucer." he said offering me one of the mugs.

    "Nope. We always use mugs on the Bridge. And so, Sailor Thomas, where are you from, with that funny accent?"

    "I am coming from Germany, sir. From the northern part of Germany where I was making sea-school. But it was not possible for me to find any sea jobs."

    "Well, you're a lucky lad to've got a job with this Company," I told him.

    "Yes sir", he answered, "and now I am happy that I am on the watch with you."

    "Oh?", I answered, "and why might that be?"

    Thomas blushed, deep red. Suddenly he looked even younger, more innocent - and oh so desirable.

    "Because now I can make sea knowledge, which is my profession. I want one day to be officer at sea."

    "Well, well, well," I replied, "we'll have to see what we can do about that."

    I gave him a friendly grin (not too friendly, I hoped) and wandered over to the Starboard window. I had a good look for any ships that might have right of way over us. This, I hoped, covered any hint that I was finding this Thomas a very interesting young man. It also covered more than a hint of the slowly increasing bulge in the front of my tight uniform trousers, caused by our conversation. This was one highly sexy and desirable sailor.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    I came back to the Bridge.

    "Sir, the Bosun I have told and soon he comes." I said to the officer.

    "Yes, very well. Thank you", he replied.

    As the watch continued, I worked around the Bridge, cleaning and tidying things up. These British people were not so clean at their work as we in Germany would be.

    At one time I was standing in front of the radar, looking at the display. I was thinking that it might be that the officer should want to look at me so I was standing with my legs apart to steady myself against the roll of the ship. But also to show off my sturdy backside. I think that maybe my bum is quite sexy. I thought to myself, Oh, it would be so good if this strong handsome officer could be a little bit interested in me.

    I know that I am wearing thin, blue jeans which I have washed many times and which would show off my bottom very well, in case anyone should be interested to look at it. I think that for the right strong man, I am a very sexy sailor boy. Also now a lucky sailor who had the good fortune to be sharing eight hours a day together on the Bridge with this so sexy officer. And once or twice I think that he maybe was looking at me in a certain way. But maybe this is not true. maybe I think that, only because that would be so very nice for me. So much what I want.

    I never have had a girl friend, by now I know that it was men that I like quite a lot. Strong men who can make strong thoughts and actions. Strong men like this officer, the more I watched him, the more I began to feel sexy for him.

    "You want that I should get you some coffee, sir." I asked of him.

    He jumped. He had been thinking, of what, I wondered.

    "What? Oh yes, coffee. Yea, great."

    "How are you drinking the coffee, sir?" I enquired.

    He said not so clearly something about NATO. How could this be connected with coffee.

    "Bit . . . Please?" I asked him, puzzled and remembering that the Bosun had been not so pleased when I spoke words of German.

    "Yes, NATO standard. That means milk and sugar. One sugar." he replied.

    I grinned at him. Now I was understanding. This was an English joke. My heart (and my cock) lurched as I went off to the small pantry behind the bridge and I thought of this strong man that I was wanting to know so much better.

    I came back with the mugs of coffee. I was worried because there was no cup with saucer. Then officer told to me, "Nope. We always use mugs on the Bridge. And so, Sailor Thomas, where are you from, with that funny accent?"

    "I am coming from Germany, sir. From the northern part of Germany where I was making sea-school. But it was not possible for me to find any sea jobs."

    "Well, you're a lucky lad to've got a job with this Company," he told me.

    "Yes sir", I answered, "and now I am happy that I am on the watch with you."

    "Oh?", he asked of me, "and why might that be?"

    I was sure that I blushed. This young ship officer was so strong and sexy and confident.

    "Because now I can make sea knowledge, which is my profession. I want one day to be officer at sea."

    "Well, well, well," he replied, "we'll have to see what we can do about that."

    He gave me a friendly grin and wandered over to the window. I thought that I could notice a slowly increasing bulge in the front of his tight uniform trousers, but, again, this was probably only because that was what I wanted to see. He was a most sexy and exciting officer. I wanted so much to be his friend - and perhaps, more.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Eventually 4 o'clock came. 0400 and time to hand over the watch and nothing particularly interesting to tell the on-coming watch-keeper. Thankfully I dismissed my new watchman, went off the bridge and wandered down the alleyway to my cabin. And sleep. And a very sex-charged dream about a young, blond and very sexy German sailor-boy.

    I got up for breakfast and then tried to read a book. Without much success because my thoughts were still dominated by the good-looking young guy who, for the time being, would be sharing the lonely hours on the bridge with me.

    I didn't bother about lunch. It is very easy to eat far too much in a ship where good food appears regularly, three times a day without you having to lift a finger to prepare it - or to clean the dishes afterwards.

    Soon it was a quarter to twelve, time to make my way to the bridge and the midday to four watch. But there was a big difference about this particular watch and it came in the form of a long-legged, tall, blond and blue-eyed young German sailor-boy!

    He was already there when I arrived. I nodded curtly to him and proceeded to take over from the previous mate. Once I had the watch I went over for a close look at the radar. Nothing to worry us. No ships which had right of way over us then over to the chart table and soon I was engrossed in Notices to Mariners, one of my main responsibilities. I tried hard to keep my mind, and my eyes, off Thomas. I must be careful. At one point he stood near me and I caught his young-man scent. Clean, a slightly soapy smell and just a hint of that indefinable musky man-odour that I so loved.

    I looked up, he was staring down at me,

    "You wish for some coffee, sir?" he asked.

    "No thanks. Not yet. It's a bit hot for coffee just now." I answered.

    He walked away to the other side of the bridge and I was able to look, undetected and uninterrupted at that gorgeous young body. Yes, his pert butt was just as sexy as I'd fantasised it, for all those hours. I blushed as I remembered the morning's dream and the exciting liberties I'd taken with that same bum.

    Watch it! I ordered myself. Just be careful. Forget it, its off limits as the Americans would say.

    I turned back to my work, alternating between chart corrections and the radar watch throughout the rest of the four hours, ignoring Thomas and burying myself in ship's work. Soon it was 4.00pm and time to hand over.

    As soon as I was free of the watch, I walked off the bridge and went to my cabin. That was it. It was much the safest thing to ignore this exciting young man. God knows what trouble I might get into if I allowed myself to express the natural friendliness, let alone any hint of sexual overtones which were my real feelings for this young man.

    We steamed Westwards down the Mediterranean, through the Gibraltar Straits and out into the Atlantic Ocean. Northwards now, past the Iberian Peninsular and started across the Bay of Biscay. At this stage the weather was still hot and sunny and off watch we all wore a minimum of clothing. One afternoon at the end of the watch, I'd wandered onto the fo'c'sle head for a bit of exercise and a general look round. A short walk I was in the habit of taking at that time. Suddenly, hidden behind a ventilator shaft, I'd come across Thomas, lying on his stomach on a towel, sunbathing. I had been walking quietly and he obviously hadn't heard my approach, I stood transfixed. That gorgeously sexy long-legged and slender young body, spread out defenceless and vulnerable with the twin, sun-browned mounds of his buttocks displayed so pertly. My cock sprang up into instant, throbbing hardness at the sight of this sexy young sailor, naked and innocent. Available - but only to my gaze.

    He must have sensed my presence because he raised his head, looked round at me and smiled. He started to roll onto his side and I longed to stay, my gaze riveted onto his sexy body, about to learn exactly what he had between his long brown legs, to look with lust at his private parts, his crotch about which I had fantasised for several days now. Was his cock large or small, thick or thin, more important, cut or uncut. Uncut I hoped, with a long, tightish foreskin, from which the head of his prick would just peep shyly out at the world, waiting to be coaxed out into the open air by an eager lover.

    No. I must not wait. Most assuredly must not look.

    I glared at him and walked quickly on towards the bows of the ship.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    What had I done that was wrong? Why was my officer, who once was friendly, now was not so friendly. How had I made him with such a change.

    I worried about this. I wanted so much to talk with him. I hoped that I could learn sea informations from him - and I hoped for more things. At the least that we might become a little bit friendly. But he would talk only about ship-duties.

    And I longed for him. At night I would dream of this officer. That we were friendly, although he was always the officer. That was how I wanted him. I wanted to be his sailor-boy, to do his biding to serve him as he wanted it - even to be his slave. Now I loved him. Wanted him. Needed him. And he became, all the time, more distant.

    One day I made a plan. I had seen that very often, after sixteen hours, when the watch was over he would walk to the front of the ship. Quickly I went to my cabin, stripped out of my clothses and into swim-trunks. With me I took a towel and went to a place behind a ventilator where I could not be seen. Then I stripped off my trunks and I lay on my front on the towel. My cock grew so hard under me at the thought that I presented my naked young body for my officer to see. I heard that he was coming. He walked softly but I was listening for him with care. I sensed that he saw me, that he was stopped, that he stared at my body, at my naked bottom.

    Did he like what he saw? Was he, as I so much hoped, also gay? If he was gay, did he like me - fancy me, as the other sailors would say?

    My cock throbbed so hard as my body pressed it down onto the towel, through which the hot deck I could feel. Now I would take a great risk. I half rolled onto my side. But my officer walked quickly on, making a hard face at me. But I saw something. A thing which gave me hope. He, too, was excited. I could see that the front of his trousers bulged out very far, they were like a tent in front and his penis must be so hard, so throbbing, just like so was mine. The sight of my body presented just for him, had made him excited!

    He made a hard face and walked on. I cried a little bit because so much, I wanted him to like me, to love me and to use me as his lover, even as his slave. I so loved my officer. I thought that he might love me - but I was not sure.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    I was slightly dreading the watch that night. Here I was caught between my ever growing desire for this handsome, faun-like sailor-boy and the need to preserve the rules and customs of my Company and the sea. That he liked me I was sure. I was also fairly sure that he, too, was gay. Did he love me, as I now loved him? Did he yearn for my touch, long for a caress, crave a kiss - and maybe more - much more?

    After the handover, we were left alone on the darkened bridge. As usual, I checked the horizon through the bridge windows, port; ahead; starboard; out onto the bridge wing to check astern. Then back to the radar to familiarise myself with the picture and a thorough check. Thomas stood close to me, near the radar and I caught his eye in the green glare from the screen. He looked so sad, so wistful and I remembered the cold, hard glare I'd given him that afternoon. I shouldn't continue in this way because it was not the young sailor's fault that I was in love with him. I grinned at him. And he trembled, shook like an excited puppy. He grinned back in unconcealed pleasure.

    Then he ran off quickly, shortly he was back with coffee, just as I liked it. Hot, white and sweet.

    "NATO standard coffee, sir," he said, grinning broadly at me. His eyes begging for recognition.

    "Yes," I said, sipping the brew "just as I like it. Well done Thomas."

    He wriggled happily.

    "Here, look at this. Do you know what a Racon is?", I asked him.

    "About the Racon we were instructed at my sea-school," he answered, "but never have I seen one on the sea. Only on the simulator."

    "Well, have a look here," I said, and pointed at the 'scope where a Fairway marker buoy was flashing letter "O" across the picture.

    "Ach so, it makes the letter then fades out." he said, peering at the picture beside me.

    "Yes, the transponder sweeps up and down a band of frequencies and we see it when it corresponds to ours." I informed him.

    Our two bodies were now close together as our eyes peered at the radar screen. I noticed his bare arms, covered with fine, downy hairs. I could catch his scent now, as I'd done several times before, I could feel the warmth from his body and every now and then, as I explained more of the radar symbols and information to him, our arms brushed together. The hairs on his arms seemed to make electric sparks tingle on my arm. Oh how strongly I wanted to express my love to this boy and I sensed his desire for me, too. Or could I be wrong? Disastrously wrong?

    After a while, we left the radar and I went over to the chart table. He moved across the bridge and again stood close to me.

    "Tell me then, young Thomas, where are your family from?" I asked him. We'd obviously spoken during our tours of duty so far, but usually just the necessary orders and reports required between the duty watchkeeper and his assistant.

    "I am from Bremerhaven," he said, "my family live there and I was in school there, afterwards at the sea-school. But there is bad employment in North Germany, something we Germans are not used to. It was impossible for me to get a job after sea-school."

    "So you were lucky enough to get a job with this Company?" I said.

    "Yes sir, I was indeed very lucky, and I am lucky to have a job now on the bridge - with you." He said, looking sideways at me.

    "And do you have brothers and sisters at home," I enquired.

    "Two brothers I have but no sister and my Father was killed in an accident at sea. He was a fishing boat captain. This is a very hard life."

    "Sure," I replied, "and so you always wanted to go to sea, to follow your Dad."

    "Yes, I miss my Papa very much. I admired him, he was a strong man. I miss him, all of the family miss him."

    I couldn't help myself . . . .

    "And I bet you have a beautiful young German girl waiting for you in Bremerhaven. Is she blond, like you? Do you have a picture of her?"

    He blushed again, his fresh young face a deep red and he shuffled his feet at the table beside me.

    "No, at the moment, I a girlfriend have not." he muttered. "And you, you do not wear wedding ring."

    "Nope. Not married yet. I suppose you could say that I'm married to the job - to the sea."

    He pondered that information but it seemed that neither of us wanted to take matters any further just at that time. He paused and then asked me,

    "And you, sir, where are you living?"

    "Oh, I have a flat, an apartment that is, in London. I only bought it quite recently. It's great, in a new part of London called Docklands, it's right by the river Thames, what's more its got a great lot of facilities, swimming pool, sauna, gym. It's really great."

    "Ach so, you have a swimming pool in your apartment?" Thomas gasped in wonder.

    "No, not in my apartment. It's on the ground floor, all the flats share it. But it's really great. 24 metres long and very well maintained."

    "Oh, you are so lucky. I love to swim. It is such a good exercise and makes you feel so strong."

    This did not surprise me, Thomas had a great swimmer's body and I quietly bet to myself he'd look fantastic in just a pair of bikini briefs. Those long legs, that narrow waist, that pert bum and I was pretty sure there'd be an exciting packet in front, in the desirable crotch at the top of the well muscled thighs.

    "Yes, I like so much to swim," he sighed to himself.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    On the last watch, my officer was so nice to me. We had good conversations. I think maybe he was sorry that he had not spoken so much with me during the last watches, certainly he did not have the cross face which he had showed in the afternoon when he had seen me bathing in the sun..

    I very much liked it that he showed me the radar and he explained many things with me. It was exciting for me to stand so close to him as we both looked at the radar. Our arms brushed together and it made me to feel excited. By the radar he was standing near to me and I was smelling his body, it was clean smell, well washed with nice smelling soap and also some after-shave which smelt to me so manly, so sexy. Also there was a strong man smell underneath the other things that came to my nose. I very much liked this, when he stood very close to me. It made me to feel very safe and secure. One or two times our arms brushed together, sometimes I managed that our legs should touch also and once by an on purpose accident my hand pressed onto his bottom, it was so warm, so firm. It was so very sexy for me.

    I left the bridge after the watch very happy. We had a good conversation. In the night time I had a dream about my officer. That he became like a Papa to me but in a sexy way, when I woke up I had cum a lot in my underwear and had to hide it from my cabin mates. But I was happy.

    In my cabin when I was in my bed, I kept thinking about how I felt my officer's bottom. His bum, the British called it. Butt, say the Americans.

    He is so strong my officer, and I think really he is very kind but he always is keeping a little bit remote from me. I have noticed that many British people do this.

    Then we had a good conversation about my home. I was very happy to know that he is not married. Still now I hope that my secretest thoughts and hopes may be correct.

    I know that my officer is called Andy and he is very popular with the other officers. All the sailors like him, too, because he is fair and friendly. But me, I love him. I need him so badly. I must be careful now, on the watch, on the bridge alone and in the dark. Slow and careful I must be.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Our passage across the Bay of Biscay went quite quickly and virtually without incident. The weather got less pleasant as we ploughed our way North but my four-hour stints on the Bridge were something to look forward to, there now was Thomas to share the time with.

    There was one incident and that was when we started a watch and Thomas appeared with a black eye, marring his handsome young face.

    "Hey Thomas, what happened to you then?" I asked him.

    He looked worried and upset and my heart went out to him.

    "A door shut suddenly and my face was hit," he muttered.

    "Oh yes. Pull the other one. It's always a door, or a wall or a trip down the stairs," I laughed.

    "Pull the other one? What means this?", he asked looking puzzled.

    "I mean what really happened?" I enquired.

    "It is a door," he maintained, "which is hitting on my face. It is not so important. Please to explain the rules for fog signals."

    "No Thomas. What really happened?"

    He looked worried and embarrassed but said:

    "It is the sailor who is sharing my cabin," he mumbled, "he is a big pig and I am not liking him."

    "Did he hit you?"

    "Yes he hit me, but first I hit him." Thomas offered.

    "You hit him?" I queried, thinking to myself that this was highly unlike the gentle young man that had worked with me for so many watches. "But why did you hit him? Did he provoke you?"


    "Provoke you. Do something to make you upset, angry?"

    Thomas looked even more worried - and embarrassed.

    "It is not important." he mumbled.

    "Yes it is important Thomas. I happen to like you and I don't believe this was your fault. Tell me what happened." And I looked directly at him, waiting. It was virtually an order.

    "It is Wayne. In my cabin. I do not like him, he is like a pig." Thomas blushed, looking oh so vulnerable in his embarrassment, "but I think that he wants me."

    "Wants you?" I queried, pretending not to understand but pretty sure I knew exactly what this very sexy sailor-boy meant. This Wayne had good taste, I thought to myself, he was not the only one who wanted Thomas, I wanted him very badly myself.

    "Oh I do not think you will understand," he replied, "our cabin is so very small and Wayne is dirty, like I am saying, like a pig. He does not wash so much and his clotheses are dirty. He smells not so nice."

    I could imagine very well the smell in that cabin. Two young sailors sharing a small cabin, a smell of hot young male bodies, Wayne's unwashed socks and underwear, dirty jeans. My cock swelled in my own underpants at the thought of the strong male smells that permeated that cabin. And I'd noticed the sailor Wayne. He did indeed look like an animal, a young guy but heavily built, long blond hair, often tied back in a pony-tail, a big heavily muscled body and handsome features. Some gay queens would fancy him rotten but for me - definitely not my type. He radiated an animal sexuality, the kind of young brute that would fuck anything on two legs, and fuck it hard and brutally, enjoying having his penis thrusting furiously into whatever hot, tight hole might be willing to absorb his animal lust.

    "Since I moved into this cabin Wayne has been not pleasant. He calls me "Nancy-boy and Queenie". Always he laughs at me. But really I think that he likes men."

    "What makes you think that he likes men?" I had to ask the question.

    "When I undress for shower, he watches me," said Thomas, "he pretends to be reading and not to be looking but I know that he watches me. And once when I returned from shower, I came into the cabin and he had my dirty jeans."

    "Do you mean he was looking through your pockets," I enquired.

    "No I do not think so. He had his face into my jeans. He seemed to be smelling into them."

    Thomas's face reddened once again. And my prick gave a jump, Wayne's nose would've been exactly where my nose had longed to explore for several days now but I could never, never admit that.

    "This time when I came into our cabin, after the last watch, Wayne said that you are Faggot, that I am your bum-boy. Then he made a grope at my . . . at this place," and Thomas pointed to his crotch with embarrassment.

    Our progress towards England continued as the ship ploughed her way Northwards. I still lusted after Thomas's very sexy young body but as the time passed, I began to also appreciate his active and intelligent young mind. He had a bright, alert brain and, highly important, and perhaps unusual for a German, a quick and highly developed sense of humour. He was very eager to learn and followed all my work at the radar and on the chart table.

    He was also very attentive, sometimes almost embarrassingly so. He attended to all my needs, usually without any prompting. He knew exactly when I wanted a mug of coffee, he kept the Bridge as clean as I'd ever seen it kept, there was always a sharp pencil in the rack. He would arrive on watch with small presents for me such as a special cake from the crew's galley. A tee-shirt bought before we'd sailed. He wanted to give me a pair of Speedo swimming trunks, which he'd wrapped beautifully in expensive looking paper.

    "No, Thomas, they are much too good, they must have cost you a lot of money. I cannot possibly accept them."

    He looked sad and hurt and moved away from me and I realised that I'd upset him. But really, I was sure that he didn't earn very much money and to accept would, I felt, have been wrong. To try to break the embarrassment I asked him:

    "Are you going back to Germany when we dock in London?"

    "No sir," he replied. "I then have some leave but I spend it in London. This is a city, so exciting. I would like to know it better, I very much wish that I had someone to show me this London I do not wish to be like a tourist but to know the good places and the interesting places to visit. And what do you do when the ship is docking. Do you stay for the next voyage?" he asked me.

    Nope," I replied, "I've got leave due as well. I'm going to spend it at my new flat. I want to get some painting done and finish off fixing the place up."

    He looked at me. There was a look of longing in his eyes. A yearning, pleading look which made my heart jump. We'd both be in London on holiday and he wanted company. I wanted him so badly. Did he have the same feelings for me? I was just about certain that he did.

    "I do not think that you have a wife," Thomas said, "but with your girl-friend you are living? She helps you with the decoration?"

    "No Thomas, I live on my own. I only just moved in before we sailed on this voyage, so there's a lot to do to get the place looking good."

    That look again. It was too much for me. I asked him:

    "If you're going to be in London, where will you stay?"

    "I do not know," he answered, "maybe in a cheap hotel; but I do not like that so much, they are sometimes dirty and in London I have heard that hotel rooms cost much money."

    "Well, if you would like to, you could stay with me, maybe help me a bit with the decoration and I could show you some of the sights." I said, thinking of some of the sights I'd like to see.

    Thomas grinned from ear to ear, his eyes sparkled,

    "Oh that would be so good" he said. "Is it possible that I could do this?"

    "Yep," I said, "it's a very small flat and it needs lots of work done on it but at least it won't cost you anything."

    "Oh, Sir, it would be so good to stay with you and to help you, I like it so much. We could do many things together, I almost cannot wait until we are getting to London."

    Thomas's eyes sparkled and he squirmed with excitement like a happy puppy.

    "I don't think you should tell anyone about this idea," I warned him. "Don't say a word to Wayne or to anyone on board, OK?"

    "Of course I am not saying anything to anyone, this shall be our secret." he replied, suddenly looking very serious.


    I came off watch today most excited. I had good conversations with my officer, Andy. I told him about Wayne and this made me to feel much better. Always it is good to talk with somebody if you have problems. Now if I am having problem with Wayne I will tell him "Fuck off".

    But the best news is that Andy has said that I may stay with him at his apartment in London. Oh it is difficult for me to wait. Such a thing will be so good. I still think that maybe he likes me in a special way but that it is not possible for him to show it to me. I will like to see where he lives and to help him to make a nice place. I will work very hard and I will try very much to please him - in all ways.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    The ship steamed on past Ushant and into the English Channel, then through the shipping lanes and so to the Dover Straits where lines of ships trundled Eastwards and Westwards passing the narrow passage between England and France. The river Thames grew nearer and nearer. Now we picked up the Estuary pilot and then the Docking Pilot, then at last we were at Tilbury and those who were due for leave were free. Free. FREE.

    I had already packed my gear and quickly changed into smart shore-going rig, I grabbed my bags and set off for the gangway. On our last watch together, I'd agreed with Thomas that it would be best if we travelled independently to London and meet up at Liverpool Street station. As I walked down the gangway, I could see him standing with a group of other crew members who were also starting their leave, he looked a bit lost and flustered but I couldn't do anything to help him at the moment. The little boy lost look and the baggy jeans and shirt that he was wearing made him look vulnerable and oh so sexy. My cock gave a stiffening jerk as I thought of him sharing the privacy of my flat in just a few hours. After so long, there was such a short time to wait, soon I would know, find out whether he could be mine. To have, to hold, to smell, to lick, to love - to make long slow, passionate love, to fuuuuuucccckkkkk. Oh how I longed to get into young Thomas's jeans and to find out what was inside his German sailor-boy underpants. To possess, to protect and yet to ravish and claim as mine. How would he react to that?

    I had ordered a taxi and bundled my gear in and set off for the station; the train journey to central London was quite short and on arrival the group from the ship all parted company with cheery waves and wishes for a good leave.

    I wandered over to the telephones and pretended to make a 'phone call; as I stood there Thomas came up and stood near me. I glanced around and saw that all the other crew members had hurriedly dispersed, most of them down into the Underground station so I grinned at Thomas and indicated that he should follow me. Then I walked over to the taxi rank and joined the short queue there.

    In no time, we were at the front of the queue and able to grab the next cab that came in, I glanced all round but there was absolutely no one I knew in sight. With a big grin I dumped my bags inside the taxi and indicated to Thomas to do the same.

    "In you go," I said to him.

    He shoved in his bags and climbed in after them, flopping down on the seat. I climbed in beside him and we were off.

    "Rotherhithe, please cabby. Through the tunnel and along Rotherhithe Road. I'll tell you when we get there."

    I settled into the taxi seat and glanced at Thomas. His face was a picture of eager excitement, he caught my glance and wriggled happily but didn't say anything. I caught his smell, he was hot and sweaty but it was an aphrodisiac to me. I love the scent of a hot, virile young male. I caught a whiff of his under-arm sweat, it made me as randy and as horny as hell.

    I pointed out the Tower of London as we went over Tower Bridge, both of these obviously interested him, then South of the river and we soon arrived outside the flats. I paid the driver and we unloaded our gear, and in a moment we were inside the flat.

    I paused just inside the door to look around. Everything seemed just as I'd left it before going off to join the ship at the start of the voyage. Basically tidy but, as I'd said, quite a lot to do to get it looking really nice.

    I looked across at Thomas, standing just inside the door surrounded by our gear. Now he had that rather lost look again, slightly nervous and very vulnerable. I could'nt bear it any longer, all those long months of working together, of being so close on the Bridge, alone together but kept apart by fear and discipline. I acted purely on impulse, I walked slowly towards him, gazing deep into his eyes, he looked so serious, so vulnerable, so in need of assurance and protection.

    We stared at each other, suddenly Thomas darted forward and our lips met and we kissed. Lip to lip at first, but he forced our bodies together, then Thomas's lips parted and I felt and tasted the warmth of his mouth. I smelt the young maleness of his body. We pressed urgently into each other, our arms encircled our bodies, our tongues duelled in our joined mouths and Thomas gave a deep, deep sigh, almost a groan of pleasure. I too sighed, with love and relief. It was all right, he'd made the first move, he'd rushed forward to kiss me. He loved me as much as I loved him.

    We remained locked together in a kiss of increasing passion. Our bodies grinding and humping together, our mouths glued one to another. Then I broke away from the passionate kiss and nuzzled into Thomas neck; again breathing in the intoxicating odour of this wonderful young man. He rubbed himself against me and I could feel his cock, ramrod hard, as it ground into my crotch.

    After what seemed to be an age, a wonderful, lustful, sexual age, I broke away from him. He gazed at me and a look of fear crossed his handsome features. I could see that he was terrified at the urgent lead he had taken.

    "Oh Thomas, don't look so worried. I have wanted to do that for such a long time. It has been so difficult keeping my feelings for you hidden for so long."

    His look of relief and of love made my heart jump and in an instant we were locked together again in a second passion-filled kiss. This time Thomas broke away from me and then I felt his fingers fumbling as he tried to pull down the zip of my wind-cheater jacket. Slowly he opened it and pulled it off my shoulders, allowing it to drop to the floor. He put his face onto my chest and rubbed his nose backwards and forwards, I could feel him rubbing across my nipples which stiffened at his touch. He nosed in under my arm, obviously breathing in the sweat-scents, he worked his face from side to side, then upwards and downwards, from time to time glancing up into my eyes, checking to make sure that I was all right with what he was doing.

    My eyes must have told him the answer to his unspoken question and his face slid further down, across my stomach until he arrived at the front of my thin cotton slacks. Now he was nuzzling into my groin, rubbing his handsome face into my most intimate and private places. He was breathing in my male essence and from the sounds of appreciation from deep within his throat, he was getting the greatest pleasure from it.

    Thomas rubbed his face back and forth across my crotch and unable to help myself, I thrust myhips forward so that my rock-hard cock rubbed urgently into the probing, searching face. Thomas's hand snaked round and palmed my buttocks, forcing my manhood even closer and making my cock jolt with pleasure.

    Since the time I first met this slim, sexy, young stud, the anticipation of what was now, at last, happening, had been awesome.

    I put my arms under his and pulled him upright again then I squeezed him hard as I looked into his shy eyes. I was so lucky to have such a sexy young sailor-boy here, with me in my flat. Thomas trembled in my arms, he was nervous, sure, but I could tell he was excited too.

    We shared a smile, yet not a sentence was spoken as I grasped his wrist and silently lead him into the well lit sitting room where I could better see the sheen of his sandy blonde hair, smooth facial skin, T-Shirt, and baggy jeans which hinted at what I already knew was a firm young arse.

    I couldn't stop now. My sexual excitement was frantic. I spun him around positioning him with his arms and legs spreadeagled, police search style against the wall. As I lifted each foot up I swiftly removed his sneakers and socks. I slowly slid my hands upward over the front surface of his slacks hesitating only slightly when my palms reached his hot, hard throbbing manhood and I sought to estimate the size of the shaft that was swelling inside.

    Next I slipped my eager hands under his shirt as I raised it over his head and shoulders, he wriggled and helped me in removing it. I was shivering from the excitement of stripping such a gorgeous example of young manhood. Now the shape of his bum was beter defined. Plump, fuckable with the material of his jeans stretched more tightly across his seat.

    TMy fingers did an eager search for the buckle of the belt supporting his soon to be discarded jeans. I swiftly slid the belt from the buckle and unzipped him allowing them to slide down to the floor. I stepped back for a moment to survey my studly prize. Strong firm legs, dusted with soft blond hair and his bum, Oh that BUM, hidden only by the thin, tight seat of his cotton underpants.

    As I knelt down to cast his jeans aside, I placed my hands between his thighs to spread his legs, and shifted my gaze upward to again torture myself with the sight of that shapely, arse. I just had to brush my face across the plump contents of his briefs, breathing a stronger scent of maleness. I longed to really rub my nose into the crack but hesitated at this stage. I knew what I so desperately wanted to do, but I loved this boy and did not know what might shock him and be distasteful to him.

    As I slowly arose, I slid my hands sensuously upward inside his legs. My left hand moved on upwards stimulating the smooth muscles of his back while my right hand stopped at the spot where his briefs were obscenely stretched by the mass of the manhood that was imprisoned inside. I grasped the swelling only for a sensuous second or so as my hand retreated to join the other in a gentle massage of his spine.

    I sensed the slackening of his arse muscles then I sensously slid the back of the briefs down exposing the tanned skin of his exquisite, enticing buns. My heart was racing as I kneaded, fondled, kissed and sucked those cheeks with my hands and mouth. I would have persisted if I hadn't been interrupted by his sighs and my anticipation of what lay ahead. I put my hands on his waist and I slowly turned him round to face me and looked him squarely in the eyes. Our eyes and smiles met as I pushed his shoulders firmly against the wall.

    Our eyes never parted as I lightly fingered his shoulders, then his face, then sternum to the solar plexus until ending at his stomach. When he was completely relaxed, my fingers slowly probed southward just entering the waistband of his briefs, the last obstacle to his total nakedness. His eyes told me he was ready to surrender so I slowly settled to my knees as I licked my way from his nipples to his navel.

    We were both quivering in anticipation as, for the first time, I took a long look at the true scope of the bulge in his underpants which ended in a small damp patch. My own cock was rigid in my own slacks as I inserted my fingers further into his underpants until I brushed across the first pubic hairs. I quickly glanced upward into his eyes as I began to slowly slip down his underwear. He eyes spoke in surrender knowing that in seconds I would be casting my eyes upon his rampant penis.

    My groin was sizzling as, inch by inch, I slowly stripped away the thin cotton separating his secrets from my eager eyes. That patch of soft pubic hair signalled the unveiling of his privacy. What was revealed was a sensuous, subtle swelling beneath the supple skin of his cock. I felt a shiver up my spine. Now I was staring at, and smelling the special odour of as amwesome a closeup uncut cock as I had ever seen. My cock and entire body throbbed at the sight. My hopes had just been fulfilled.

    I scrutinised every square inch of this 6 inch tumescant shaft covered at the end by the most supple looking sample of skin I had ever seen. It curtained the glans in artful abandon, with just a small tip of the head shyly peeking out from within. The soft scrotal sack of smooth hairless skin, holding his treasured spheres, hung low between his muscular thighs.

    Although I was overcome by the sight before me, I slowly placed my hand under the sack to hoist Thomas's young balls, then I tried to run a finger of that hand into his arse trench, but I could not insert the finger and hold those balls comfortably at the same time.

    I watched studiously as his supple foreskin began to slowly slide back exposing, bit by bit, a shiny smooth cockhead like I had never witnessed. As his cock continued to engorge, the foreskin retracted suddenly as it dropped behind the rim of the glans. Now his weapon had turned into six inches of shaft hardened steel.

    I lost all restraint and began to stroke the splendid shaft vigorously adding another half inch. Now I was smelling the full odour of this very aroused young man's groin. The unique man-musk, sweat, musk, sex. I couldn't keep my mouth off this beautiful piece of maleness for a moment longer and I sucked passionately until I coaxed even more rigidity into the six and a half inches.

    I was in a frenzy as the finger that I had been sliding up and down between his plump arse cheeks now eased slowly up through the tight ring of muscle into the hotness of his anus and felt for his prostrate, while I enthusiastically sucked his stunning cock. I could feel by the internal pressures and spasms building up in his sphincter that he would explode in a moment so I stopped, withdrew my mouth from his cock and squeezed his shaft between two of my fingers just above his balls. His tension relaxed and the explosion was delayed. I plunged my mouth eagerly onto his shaft again and repeated the same thing at least four times. The ejaculation delaying technique was building up pressure and he his urgent sighs and groans were a begging for me to let him gush forth.

    Finally I couldn't wait any longer as I wanted to let the groaning, writhing Thomas cum and to watch his cock spurt out its love juices. I sucked more vigorously than ever. Squeezed his balls and stimulated his anus. I could sense him building the final pressure I wanted. His moans were unrestrained. He was thrusting his sword wildly into my mouth. His back arched, he gasped, and I could feel its imminent explosion.

    I released his uncut cock from my mouth with a final lip-smacking suck so strong that the foreskin pulled forward. I grasped his pre-cum and saliva soaked shaft in my eager hand and stroked it lightly but vigorously. I took my eyes away from the beautiful cock only momentarily, and for the first time saw him in complete surrender. Groaning, thrusting, sweating, - he was in my complete control while his beautiful cock had complete control over me as well.

    Now he shouted in ecstasy as I simultaneously felt his whole body tremble and internal muscles spasmed violently and forcefully surged his cock tube, jetting the hot, sticky semen on its journey.

    A staccato stream of hot semen jetted forth past the foreskin of his steel hard shaft. It soared skyward past his sweat covered stomach, sternum, and shoulders and soaked the wall behind him. I stroked and stroked, stunned, as the seemingly endless spurting persisted. His knees buckled as his shuddering body, now covered by slippery streams of his seed, slowly slid downward. As he slumped to the floor, the seminal explosions subsided to a mere trickle of juice seeping from the now enfolding shield of the protective foreskin. He lay there naked and vulnerable, as I stood above him observing his every inch, admiring his beautiful body and cock with its special shield. He looked up at me, panting but with love and complete servitude in his eyes as I relinquished control.

    Now I really knew that he was mine. In a completely voluntary fashion he was mine, my slave, my worshipper. I was his hero.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    At last we came to Tilbury and those who were for leave were free. Free. FREE.

    I had got ready my clotheses and my possessions some days too early because I was so excited to get to London. Now the ship was stopped at the dock and we had finished with the heavy, dirty mooring wires. All was finished on the aft deack and the Bosun said that we could dismiss. So I am going to my cabin and quickly I changed into the clotheses to go ashore in. After the time at sea my jeans that I had bought were a little bit smaller and I had to struggle to fit them to my stomach. But I did not mind so much, they were of thin cotton and I am thinking that they would make me look sexy. Wayne was laughing at me.

    "Where are you going for your leave then, pretty-boy?" he asked me. "Got some twinky friend to shag the arse of you for ten days?"

    Not pretty-boy but strong, handsome man, so safe, powerful and friendly that I love so much, I wanted to tell him.

    At last I was taking my luggage and walking for the gangway. On our last watch together, Mr Macdonald had arranged that we should go not together to the middle of London and then we would meet at the high train station. As I came down the gangway, I was standing with some other crew who were getting ready for the journey into London. I did not know where to go and so I would go with them, I was glad that the officer had said that I should not go with him, it would have made a difficulty. But I was a little bit confused, suddenly to be off the ship and to not know quite what I was doing.

    I could see my officer also getting ready to leave the ship. I was to go to his house, to be alone with him and my manhood gave a stiffening jerk as I thought of us sharing his apartment and I so hoped - his bed, just with the two of us in only a few hours. After so long, there was such a short time to wait, soon I would know. Know whether we were to be intimate friends. To be able to make wonderful love, for him to penetrate me. Oh how I was longing for Andy to feel my body, to know if he loved me as much as I wanted to love him.

    To know his body, his arms, his chest, his stomach, his private, secret places. That they could be mine to touch, to smell, to lick, to suck. I so wanted to give private, intimate pleasure to my officer. That would also for me give the greatest pleasure. To be in such a loving relationship with my hero that I would feel able to touch any intimate part of his body. Also to have the intimate, private parts of his body to touch and feel me. To penetrate me, to make me HIS. How would he react to that?

    Some of the other sailors had a taxi.

    "Where're you going, Fritz?" they asked of me, "into London. Wanna ride with us?"

    "Yes, that would be good for me." I answered. Then I crammed myself into the taxi with all of the other sailors, with our luggage on top of ourselves we just managed all to get in. Our train then soon arrived at one of the Mainstations for London and we all said Goodbye as we went many ways for onward journeys to our homes or to our leave addresses.

    Suddenly I was alone and I looked around, what should I do now? What now would happen. Oh! but there was Andy making a telephone call. I looked but all the other sailors had moved away from the station, it was OK to walk across to join with Andy. He smiled widely at me and made a sign that I should follow him, I did this and we went again to a taxi.

    We came to the front of the queue for the taxi. I was afraid that yet someone should see me to get in a taxi with Andy, but no one of the ship was there. He said me to get into the taxi, I did this and he came in after me. We sat side by side on the seat. Suddenly I was so very happy. There we were alone together, with our luggage and we were going to Andy's apartment. I was so very happy and excited. But still a little bit worried. Could it be possible that he was loving me as much as I loved and longed for him. My officer. My hero. My Master.

    Andy was telling the driver where he should go, I was so excited. As we were driving in the taxi I could see that we were passing some famous London places that had been in my school books. I saw the Tower of London and also the famous bridge which lifted his arms. Then after a short time the taxi stopped. I guessed we had arrived at Andy's flat. Yes, he is paying the driver and we are on the sidewalk with our luggage. We enter the lobby of the flats, the luggage is in the elevator then Andy is unlocking the door of his flat. I find that I am trembling with excitement and apprehension. What now will happen? Could it all have been a dream. Maybe he only is being kind to a young German sailor with no where to go for his leave.

    Suddenly I thought "Maybe this is a mistake. I shall have a very big disappointment. It was all wrong what I am thinking was wrong. He does not love guys, only ladies."

    Then the front door is shut, I look at Andy and he is walking slowly towards me and he is looking straight into my eyes. He has a small smile on his face. We are staring, eyes into eyes and I am longing for him. Then I have no more control, I moved so quickly forward and our faces met, our mouths met, I throw the caution away into the wind and I kiss my Andy, kiss him on his lips, strong forces make me to pull our bodies close together, I part my lips, now our open mouths are pressed together. I can taste Andy in his mouth, I press hard into him, I smell him and feel his warmth, his strength his manness.

    Our two tongues play together, dance in our two mouths, it is so good. So much a relief, my Officer Andy is not angry, he is seeming to be as excited, as sexual as I am also. My excitement is now so strong, it is so good after such a long time to be so close with my lover - My Andy was not cross - Now it was that he loved me as much as I loved him.

    Our bodies continued to press urgently into each other, Andy's groin ground into mine, he humped his buttocks and thrust into me. I could feel his urgent hardness in my own crotch. Our two private parts rubbed and thrust one into the other. Now my Officer rubs his face downwards and I feel him rub his nose into my neck, he nuzzles and smells me. Suddenly my Andy breaks away from me, fear strikes me, was I after all wrong? Was Andy now angry that I moved quickly forward to kiss him and that I was out of control, thrusting against him with such a man to man passion?

    Then I hear him to say:

    "Oh Thomas, don't look so worried. I have wanted to do that for such a long time. It has been so difficult keeping my feelings for you hidden for so long."

    Oh yes. Now he had said it. It was all right. Truly he loved me as much as I loved him, we had a great passion for each other. We kissed again, tongue within mouth, duelling, pushing, searching. Urgently I had to see the body of my friend. I pulled down the zipper of his outer coat, pulled it back from my Andy's shoulders and it dropped on the floor behind him. I wanted him so badly, I buried my face into his shirt and smelled his strong maleness. I rubbed from side to side, I could feel the small nubs of his nipples, they became taught as my face brushed across them. Urgently I had to smell more of his manliness, my face went up under his arms, to catch the strong man-odour of his underarms. Oh, it was so male, so butch as they say it. The macho-man-master odour that I so much longed for. I had to gaze into my Master's eyes to make sure that what I did was in order. He looked kind and happy, I guess it was OK.

    I had to have more. His body smell, his underarm scents, they made me crazy for more. My face I slid downwards, down across his lower chest, across the flat stomach, then my face was pressed into his private place - nearly to the fork of his legs in the front. Andy was hot here, hot and with a very wonderful smell of rugged manhood. I rubbed backwards and forwards, breathing in man essence, feeling the hard tube of his private organ, nuzzling lower to feel the soft, swinging of his balls. Now I was doing private, intimate things to him, with his agreement. Things that I had longed for on the ship. Things that were more wonderful and sensuous than even I had imagined. I could not help it but to groan in lust as I sniffed and smelt this private source of manhood. His response was to hump and thrust at my face with his crotch, this made his penis to push more into my eager face. Unable to stop myself I put my hand onto the buttocks of him, to feel the strong muscles and I pushed forward so that I made his crotch to grind even more strongly at my eager face. I shook, now with passion.

    Now he was pulling on my shoulders to bring us again face to face. Again we stared into each other's eyes. I saw in Andy's eyes love, also great passion. I think that he wants me very badly and this also is what I want. To satisfy this man who I so much love. I could not believe how lucky I was to be in the house of this such a fine, strong man. I felt excited but also so safe to be in his arms, in his private house and to spend some time with him. My excitement made me again to tremble, I was excited and wanted more to make love with this so wonderful man.

    Now he is taking me by my arm, taking me into his living room. I followed so very willingly, longing for more intimate exploring of my handsome lover. The front of my trousers bulged out with the fierce sexiness of my manhood. I was so very aroused by him. He was so strong with me, so firm and demanding of his love. I wanted him to dominate me, so that I could be his love slave, serve him in every way possible, every intimate way. Suddenly I found that he spun me round, now I was made to put my hands on the wall, he kicked my feet apart and I was bent forward, as if it was a policeman that was to search me. I felt so vulnerable, my bottom was towards him. But I was liking his domination, I liked very much that a man was strong and determined with me. What would my Andy do next with me?

    What he did was to raise one of my feet, then the other and took of my shoes and my socks. I made no protest, I was so excited and full of wonder for what next would happen to me. Now I could feel Andy's hands to slide up the front of my legs, sliding, feeling up the front of me, feeling up into my private places where not so many other men had ever felt. I loved this feeling, this man wanted me, I could please him with my maleness. His hands felt the outline of my rigid penis, I was at once shy and excited. I hope that he would think that his groping hand was rewarded with a reasonable size of man, my penis throbbed and grew as his fingers stroked it through the thin material of my trousers and of my underwear. I thought maybe I smell a little bit, smell of sweat because of the journey and because I had been so excited at being now with this wonderful masterful man. Perhaps Andy would not like me to smell. Although I liked very much the smell of a man, maybe he would be not pleased.

    Then he was placing his warm hands under my shirt, lifting it upwards and over my head, undressing me. It was so very exciting to have my clotheses removed by him, soon my nude body would be his to take. To have for his pleasure. That also would be a great sexual pleasure for me. I wriggled and tried to help the removal of the shirt. With my back to my lover and with my top now bare, my bottom would be clear for him to admire. Would he like my young bottom?

    Now I was feeling Andy's hand on my waist, feeling for my trouser belt. It was undone and my his fingers unzipped the front of my trousers, this was such an intimate thing to do, and my penis gave a jump as his fingers again ran along its eager length. My trousers slid down my thighs and were on the floor. Only now was my modesty protected by just my underwear. My cotton covered bum was available for my man to see.

    Now he bent down and dragged away my trousers from my feet, and I felt vulnerable as I faced the wall and wondered what he next would want from me. I felt him to put his hands on my legs, warm, exciting hands which spread my them even a bit more wider. He raised up his face, I felt his face move up my shins, up my thighs and I could feel his excited breathing on my bare legs, up towards my bottom. I felt his face pause as it rose up over my sailor-bum. This was so sexy that Andy did such an intimate thing his face so close to my very private place. I was so glad that I had in the early morning washed myself very carefully because never had I to have another man put his face so near to my bottom. If he liked me so intimately, then this was a great excitement for me, I was giving him much pleasure, I could tell by his short breathing and some excited sounds from him.

    My wonderful lover continued to feel me, higher up my body. Rubbing my back with one hand while the other hand felt again the pouch of my underpants which contained my young-man parts. Just a brief feel before he continued to massage up my back. This was so very sexy and made me groan with impatience for more. I wanted to give my body for the gratification of my officer. My bottom was eager to feel his probing manhood. To give him pleasure if he needed. This also would be a great sexiness for me.

    Oh! How wonderful. Now Andy, was sliding a little bit down my underpants. Was feeling my buttocks, now I could feel him kneading my bum cheeks, even he was kissing, was licking the curves of my buttocks. His attention to my bum made me very sexually excited. I moaned with the thrill of this feeling. Now his hands were on my waist, urging me to turn away from the wall to turn towards him. Once again he gazed into my eyes, a gaze of love but also of sexual excitement. His eyes were full of love and lust for my body which made me to be very happy, and also excited too.

    I was eased backwards so that my shoulders rested again on the wall but my front was exposed for the pleasure of Andy. Now he was lightly rubbing the front of me, across my chest, my stomach until his fingers felt the waistband of my underpants. With my eyes I begged that he should do what he wanted to me, that this also would give me the greatest pleasure. He was gazing at the front of my underpants, looking at the pouch which contained my penis and my balls. These he had not yet ever seen, would he like them, I thought that by his excitement he would like them very much. I longed that he should enjoy my gifts.

    Oh! Mein Gott! Now I could feel that his's fingers were inside of the waistband of my underwear, the hair above my penis tingled as his fingers searched there, slowly I felt my skimpy briefs to be eased downwards.

    Suddenly I had a moment of panic. My penis was not circumcised as I understood were so many Englishmen, the crown of my penis was tightly covered with soft skin, only would the head peep slightly out from its cover. Would this disgust my new lover?

    Quickly he stripped down my underpants so that all of my man-parts were revealed. He gasped. Oh No! He does not like my cock. He is looking at it. He does not like what he sees then my cock loses some of its stiff urgency as I worry that he does not get pleasure from what he is seeing.

    But Ah! He continues with his exploration of my most private places. His hand is placed under my balls, they tingle with excitement at being fondled by another man who I love so much. Again my penis becomes hard, I can feel it become more erect, to stand more proud in front of my stomach, also I can feel the soft sheath of my foreskin to pull back, to expose more the bulbous head. It now is like a steel rod.

    My Andy excites me even more, now he is rubbing his fingers lightly but firmly, upwards and downwards along the shaft of my so excited penis. This sensation makes me to groan with lust and my penis becomes even longer, and more stiffer. My eyes close with passion. Suddenly I am engulfed by a warm, sucking mouth. Ah....! Oh....! My lover has taken my man-rod into his mouth. This gives to me almost too much pleasure. I gasp. He swirls around his tongue around my knob then suctions the shaft of my rigid pole.

    Now he seemed to be in a frenzy. I feel that he eases one finger up into my anus, at the same time fondling my satiny balls, and enthusiastically sucking my throbbing cock. I was tingling with sexual excitement, my breath came in gasps, Almost I could not control the pressure building as I felt his mouth suctioning my cock, also felt his probing finger inside my bum. But suddenly his mouth left my penis, he pinched my cock, just below its engorged head. I still felt dizzy with sexual excitement but the explosion was now delayed.

    But AH....! His mouth again was suctioning my throbbing tool, his finger again probed my anus. He sucked even harder than before at my cock. Again the pressure built up so that my legs trembled in ecstasy, I groaned out loud with passion. But again he stopped me on the brink of my orgasm. This was repeated twice more, never had I become more sexually aroused, so longing, begging for the release of my sexual pressures. My penis he suctioned, my balls he fondled, my anus he probed. It was too much for me. I could hear that I was panting for release. I thrust with my buttocks, frantically to fuck my penis into the teasing mouth, I was completely out of control with lust, and love, and passion.

    I could hold back no longer, groaning and writhing I had to cum and my cock had to spurt out its love juices. He was sucking more vigorously than ever. Squeezing my balls. Stimulating my bum-ring. I could sense him building the stimulation I craved. My moans now were unrestrained. I was thrusting my sword wildly into my lover's mouth. My back arched, I gasped, and I could feel I was ready to explode.

    Then he released my uncut cock from his mouth with one final suck so strong that my foreskin pulled forward. He grasped my spit soaked shaft in his strong hand and stroked rapidly. Now my body was in complete surrender to him. Groaning, thrusting, sweating, - I gave in to the pressure. I heard myself give a gasping, moaning shout and my whole body spasmed violently as a huge amount of my love-juices surged up my pulsing penis.

    Andy stroked and stroked, as a seemingly endless spurting persisted. I could not hold up my body because my knees shook so much. I felt that I was covered by streams of seed, slowly sliding downward. As I slumped to the floor, the seminal explosion subsided to merely a trickle of seed seeping from the enfolding shield of my protective foreskin. I lay there naked and submissive. Utterly spent because of the loving attention of my Andy who now stood above me and looked down at me and I knew that I had completely relinquished all the control of myself to this wonderful, gentle, dominant, passionate lover.

    I smiled back up to him as I began to come back into the world again, to come down from the sexual plateau to which my Andy had taken me. I began to think:

    "But I have had such a pleasure, now I must also bring a big pleasure in return."


    I got up onto my feet. Also I pulled up my underpants and my trousers. I came close again to Andy and I kissed him on his mouth to show my gratitude. At the same time I rubbed my hand in the front of his trousers. There I found his hard cock, it felt quite big. It was so very hard in his trousers. But he said to me,

    "Wow, Thomas, you're certainly one hot, horny young sailor-boy. You must've cum a gallon of spunk. Look at that mess on the wall. I know we plan to do some decoration but I hadn't intended to start so soon." Then he added "let's have a look around, shall we?"

    He took me by the hand and led me out of the room and into the kitchen. It was small but very neat, like the kitchen on a small boat. Then he showed me a bathroom, the guest bathroom he said it was. And it was for me! Then he led me into a small bedroom, I thought also that this might be for me, but not. Now he led me into a larger bedroom which opening from it another bathroom was.

    "This is our room." he said to me.

    I very much liked to see Andy's apartment but I was still feeling very horny. Although I had just had a huge orgasm and spunked a great load of semen, I was still feeling sexy and I did not think that Andy yet had cum, unless he had filled his underpants with love-juice, he had not yet had orgasm. I longed now for him, to feel him to penetrate me, to help him to experience the same intense love-pleasure that he had given to me.

    Quickly I moved over to his bed - our bed and lay on my back, gazing into my lover's eyes.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    After our quick burst of love-making in the sitting room, I realised that I hadn't shown Thomas the geography of the flat. I took him by the hand and led him round, guestroom, guest bathroom, kitchen and finally into the master bedroom. Andy was gazing at me like a love-struck young puppy and after only a moment's glance round the bedroom, his eyes full of love and lust, he threw himself backwards onto the bed. His eyes issued an unspoken passionate message. Although this young sailor-boy had delivered seemingly a pint of jism and achieved a frantic orgasm, I could see that he was still as horny as hell. He lay on the bed, submissive and eager for further pleasure.

    I reached down and slid down the zipper on his slacks and popped open the button at his waist, the back of my hand feeling again the hot, smooth flesh of his belly, then I started to tug his trousers off his long legs. Thomas obviously enjoyed the attention and lifted each leg to make things easier. I got the trousers off and now the boy was again down to his pair of sexy briefs, really they were very well-worn. I gazed longingly at the swollen pouch outlining the dormant prick and balls slumbering in their fragrant prison of thin cotton. I could see some pre-cum stains from our recent previous excitement that Thomas had so obviously enjoyed. There certainly was the very large bulge in the crotch of those briefs. How I looked forward to really seeing his backside again with his buns emphasised by the thin cotton of his briefs.

    Thomas's legs were as perfect as the rest of his body. They were long and muscular and covered with a fine blond fuzz. His feet had high arches and thin ankles, and they added to the striking beauty that he possessed.

    I seized Thomas quite roughly by the shoulders and flipped him over onto his stomach, now I could not be gentle, I needed this boy, needed him badly and I sensed somehow that Thomas needed to be needed. He just moaned slightly and I could tell that he was really on a sexual high. Now that he was rolled over on his stomach, I was greeted by the sight of his tapering back and briefs covered arse.

    After our previous burst of love-play, I no longer felt any inhibitions about what I could and couldn't do. My young sailor was proving to be an ardent and enthusiastic lover. This time I placed my face over the thin cotton covering of his delicious young bum, I breathed in the funky, exciting scents of young man. Sharp, sexy and stimulating.

    "All right, Thomas, I'm going to pull off your underpants now, are you ready to really submit yourself to me, so that I can work on your body and make us both feel great." I whispered into his ear.

    From the way he moaned, I could tell that the answer was "Yes". I leaned in a little closer and pressed my lips against his soft cheek. He didn't pull away, and I knew that this sailor was putty in my hands, ripe for my pleasure - and his own.

    I eased down his briefs and peeled them off his body. I couldn't resist it. I held them to my nose and breathed in deeply. His arse was now presented to me in all its glory, which was considerable. It was just about the most beautiful piece of boy arse that I have ever seen.

    While the rest of his body was firm and stretched taut, his arse was rounded and well packed and full. The skin on that arse was as smooth as a baby's, and the whole picture glowed with youthfulness. I reached down and gently stroked that arseflesh. Shudders of delight coursed all through my body as I felt the warm powerful buttocks. Thomas moaned slightly and parted his legs. I could see that sweet arse crack, and it looked so downy and inviting that my head started to swim.

    "All right, Thomas, you will take deep breaths and really concentrate on relaxing. I'm going to sit on your butt, and begin to rub your back" I said. I felt as if Thomas and I were alone in some other world. Thomas was naked and his body was mine. His perfect, downy, white body. He was a strapping young man, and he was naked, and he was longing for me to possess him and I for him. I sat on his arse. It felt incredible to be sitting on those twin glories, they were the softest of seats.

    When I sat on his arse, Thomas exhaled loudly and I could tell that he was really relaxed. I reached up into his hair and massaged his scalp, and Thomas moaned with pleasure. There is nothing more exquisite in life than receiving a good massage. He was breathing deeply now, and I could tell that he was increasing his passion with each breath.

    I then turned my attention to the other end of my lover and started to work my way up his legs. I massaged the tense calves, then the backs of his knees and finally the full and muscular thighs. Thomas was purring like a cat under my expert ministrations. I finally reached the heart of my desires, that sweet arse and the dark and inviting little crack between it, that magic place buried between a boy's legs, waiting to be relaxed, opened, taken.

    Here was this gorgeous, sexy sailor-boy, lying on my bed just waiting to be taken, to be fucked, to be rogered and to have my semen spunked hard and deep into his eager, pliant young body. This boy was what I wanted so desperately and I could tell he wanted me with equal, eager desperation.

    I started to massage and knead his sweet arse cheeks. The flesh was so soft in my hands that I started to purr myself. I never felt flesh this smooth and soft before my whole life. Pressing those arse cheeks was like pressing a cloud of flesh. I eased his legs apart and I looked down between them. I was treated to the sweetest of sights.

    There was his little arsehole, all tiny and puckered, the sweetest pink colour. There was some soft and downy blond hair around that arsehole, and I had to restrain myself from licking his sexy hole. I longed to swirl that soft hair with my tongue and breath in the fresh boyish odour that was drifting up to my nostrils. I started to rub the flesh between those luscious arsecheeks. I wanted to go slowly now, I didn't want to risk losing his passion by moving too quickly. I oh so gently stroked the top of that crack with my fingertips. I placed my hands, fanned out, on his arsecheeks, and I started to rub my way down the crack with my thumbs. I got to the area around his actual man hole and I gently pressed at the flesh with my thumbs. I moved closer and closer until I was actually pressing at his ring.

    I was pressing at that manhole with gentle insistence. I could feel that virgin arsehole starting to relax and I knew that Thomas was enjoying the way that my fingers felt on his sensitive flesh, I brought one of my hands up to my face, sniffed the wicked smell on my fingertips. Then I brought them down to that puckered place and I ran them over the hole again and again, massaging it well.

    "I'm going to penetrate your arsehole now, Thomas, and I want you to relax and allow me in.

    I wet a finger and wetted down that tight little gaol. Then I tapped my fingertip against that tight ring of muscle again and again. I watched with growing arousal as that sailor-boy's arsehole opened up and my fingertip slid inside. Thomas moaned at the way it felt to have his manhole invaded like that. That bum was mighty tight and it gave my fingertip a real good squeezing. I stopped right there to give that arsehole a chance to get used to the intruder. With my other hand, I massaged the flesh around his ring. Within about a minute, I felt his sphincter relaxing and I was able to slip my finger up there another inch.

    "I know that feels good to you, Thomas, everyone loves the way it feels to relax their arse and let it be massaged. I want you to really relax and concentrate on opening up your arsehole. I want to be able to slide my whole finger up there. Let me really feel you really relax that arsehole" I purred, leaning down and pressing my lips and nose against his back.

    I pressed lightly with my finger and his arse opened up and I slid my finger all the way in. It clutched my finger incredibly tight and I couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like wrapped around my cock. I brought another of my fingers up and slipped it in. I was surprised at how little resistance I encountered. Thomas was really starting to loosen up. I spread his legs further apart, and reaching up to the reading light above the bed, I turned it on. My cock really started to respond at the sight before me.

    I started to push at the arse walls with my fingers, and I could feel his body starting to respond, alternately gripping and releasing my fingers. Thomas lay there mewling with pleasure, making slow fucking motions with his hips. He was ready! I pulled my fingers out, and he groaned with disappointment. He pushed out with his arse muscles. His hole opened up to about the size of a dime. It looked incredibly hot opening up like that.

    "That was very good, Thomas, I want to work on your arsehole some more. Do you want me to work on your arsehole some more?". He just moaned a 'yes'. I leant down, and started to lick at his hole. As I did so, I lightly tickled his balls. My tongue moved down and around - I could tell that Thomas had never felt sensations like that before.

    He wriggled his bum, pressing my tongue onto the hole. I wanted to get that manhole so hot that the kid would be begging for more, something bigger than my finger! Something about 8 inches long, thick and throbbing.

    I worked my fingers way into that arse . I was really forcing that arsehole open, and I was wetting it up real well.

    Then Thomas did something that made me know he was more than ready. He arched up his hips and pushed his arse into my face. I knew that I had to have - and quickly!

    "How does it feel. Thomas?" I grunted.

    "So good" the boy purred.

    "Show me how nice it feels" I said.

    Thomas reached behind him with his hands, and stretched his arsecheeks apart. Then he arched up on his chest and knees and brought that bum way up in the air. He was telling me his arsehole wanted more action. I was only too happy to oblige!

    I quickly and quietly slipped out of my slacks and shirts and sneakers. I knelt behind that arse, and I grabbed the base of my throbbing cock. I reached up and felt the boy's cock and it was huge and it was hard and felt incredibly big in fact, and I pulled it down between his legs to get a better grip of it. I slowly pulled it, and Thomas moaned. I let go of it, and it snapped back up and hit his stomach.

    "Grab your cock, Thomas, grab it and play with it. I want to see you get really hot again" I said. He took hold of his cock and started to beat off. I could tell that the young man was really turned on into a sexual frenzy. He was rotating his hips so that his bum was moving around in the sexiest way. I, too, was approaching a sexual plateau, I had to have this sexy stud, to ream - ram - fuck that gorgeous bum.

    I grabbed the base of my cock and aimed the cockhead right for his bumhole. I leaned forward and rubbed my throbbing cockhead all over his arsecheeks.

    "Oh, that feels nice, is that your cock?" Thomas asked.

    "Yes, Thomas, it sure is. I want you to relax and enjoy the way it feels". Thomas reached behind himself and grabbed my cock. He squeezed it tightly and he moaned with pleasure. Then he felt his way down my cock to my balls and he cupped them in his palm.

    "All right, Thomas, I'm going to pentrate you. Thomas moaned again, and he leaned back, his bottom opening and literally sucking my cockhead in. I had to moan myself the way that manflesh felt wrapped around my cockhead. Thomas paused as his body began to adjust to the invasion, but after a few minutes, he started to relax.

    "How does that cock feel up your arsehole, Thomas?" I asked gently.

    "It feels sooo good" he replied, and I felt his ring opening up and I knew that it was ready, ready to take more cock inside itself. I leaned in slightly and I felt that hot hole parting for my cock. I wanted to bury my cock deep into him, to have all of my shaft inside that young sailor-boy.

    "Just relax, open yourself up like a good guy and take all of my cock inside you and love the way it feels" I said to him in soothing and hypnotic tones.

    "I want it, I want so much your cock, I want it inside of me" Thomas moaned as I slowly pushed inch after inch of my cock up that arsehole. I was going out of my skull with the sexual pleasure I was feeling. I just kept pushing until all of my cock was buried inside that lad's manhole. Then I stopped - I wanted to give him plenty of time to get used to the stretched sensation that he was no doubt feeling. Stretched and stuffed.

    "How does it feel now" I asked him.

    "It feels big, so big" my eager lover answered.

    "I want you to enjoy it, I want you to really get into the way it feels, how beautiful and warm that cock feels up inside you. I want you to let your body do whatever it wants to do" I purred. Thomas reached between his legs and cupped my balls, whilst his other hand felt his own arse and the small length of shaft that wasn't buried deep inside him.

    I started to slowly fuck him as he rocked back and forth. When he rocked forward, I leaned back, so only my cockhead was buried in that sweet manhole. Then I leaned forward when he rocked back, so that my balls were slapping his bum. I leaned down into the lad as we fucked. I pressed my lips against the flesh of his back. I kissed that smooth luscious back again and again. My cock was buried deep in his quivering arsehole and at that moment I loved Thomas. I loved him with my heart and soul. I wrapped my arms around his torso, and took his cock into my hands, slowly wanking him off with the rhythm of my fuck.

    I withdrew, and Thomas moaned "Don't. Please don't leave me. Fuck me more, please! So hard, so Sexy, Oh Fuck me HARDER."

    He was one hot guy, enjoying the sexual sensuality of what was happening. He was totally out of his mind, now, and just enjoying his first intimate contact with a man. I turned him over, and he just looked up at me with those trusting eyes. I leaned down, and our lips met. It was the softest of kisses. Our lips hardly touched and yet the energy that was passing between them was awesome and powerful, for it was the energy of male love. I started to explore the yielding warmth of his mouth. His teeth were regular and I let my tongue play over them.

    Then Thomas pushed his tongue between lips and sparks flew between us. I lifted up his legs, and with one deep thrust re-burieded myself in that tight, warm, luscious manhole. I started to gently fuck the lad again. I pulled my cock all the way out, leaving just the head buried in his gripping ring then slid my cock back into the clutching arsehole slowly and gently. I could feel Thomas's rock hard cock pressing against me.

    "Wrap those legs around me, pull me closer" I whispered. Thomas threw his legs up and wrapped them around my waist. With each passing second we seemed to be coming closer and closer together, we actually seemed to be merging into one being. I leaned back on my haunches, I looked down at my spread legs. My cock was buried in his tight hole, a beautiful sight. That manflesh wrapped around my cock and squeezing it for all that it was worth.

    "Come up on your elbows, Thomas, and watch yourself get fucked" I said. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked down between his legs. His own huge cock was rock hard and it was oozing a steady stream of precum. His balls hung down below, covered in the thick and curly blond hair. Thomas looked at my cock as it slid in and out of his arse. He was both feeling it and watching it at the same time.

    We started to pick up our rhythm.

    Thomas threw up his legs in the air and rested them on my shoulders. He started to really pump his torso so that he was doing half the work of the fuck.

    "Ride that cock, Thomas, show me how much you like it" I said. I stopped my fucking motions, and Thomas took over. Using the leverage that he gained from resting his legs against me, he started to really move that arse. He pulled his arse off my cock and then slid it back down again. He was a real expert with his body. I gently took his hand off his own cock - I wanted to see him cum without touching himself.

    I felt my balls contract and I knew that I was close to cuming. I leaned down and kissed my sailor. I put all my heart and soul into that kiss. I really had the boy just where I wanted him. He was doubled over beneath me, totally submitting to me.

    I rammed my cock one last time into his arsehole, my legs quivering - and I stopped.

    My cock exploded! I could feel my cock pulsing deep within the young man as it shot wad after wad of hot cum up his arsehole.

    I moaned even as we kissed. Thomas moaned also, and suddenly I felt his cock jerking against my stomach. There was a great hot sticky wetness and I felt as if we were glued together. My cock, and his, finally stopped cuming, and I kissed him gently. Our sticky bodies didn't want to separate. I slowly pulled my cock out of his arse, and when it came out with a loud plop, I heard Thomas moan with disappointment. I leaned down and kissed his ear. "Thank you" I whispered in his ear.

    "Ummmmmm" was all that he could muster.

    We collapsed on the bed together, and Thomas rested his sweat covered brow on my chest, as we both drifted off to sleep.

    Happily the bed was already made up with a snug duvet spread across it and after a time and without waking up, we worked our way under the covers and snuggled together in the comforting warmth of the bedding.

    We must have slept for some two hours after our first, marathon mating. Thomas was the first to wake and for several moments he could not figure out where he was. The familiar sounds, the fans, the distant sound of waves against the hull, the sounds of the ship - absent. In a flash it came back to him. After all the many months of frustration, here he was in the bed of his Officer. His Andy lay with his arms and legs wrapped around his young sailor's body.

    Thomas wriggled in happiness which woke Andy who sighed deeply and started to nibble at Thomas's ear. Then Thomas felt Andy's nose nuzzle his face, nuzzle down to his neck. Smelling his sailor-boy. Thomas's penis responded immediately by stiffening rapidly. He wriggled again and softly stroked his man's strong, lightly haired chest. As he gently ran his fingers across the skin, his fingers bumped against Andy's nipple. He felt it stiffen, harden like a minute cock. Now his searching fingers softly glided downwards, down from his lover's chest, across his flat stomach, rubbing oh so softly, swirling around his belly-button, ever further down. So lightly, so slowly. At last Andy felt the fingers, as light as a feather, brush through the thick pubic hairs bunched above his private parts.

    By now, of course, Andy's penis was as stiff as a poker and jumping with excitement as Thomas's teasing fingers lightly stroked his most sensitive places. He felt the stroking, tickling, fingers feeling all around his sexual organ. All around it but never quite touching it. He moved his groin to try to thrust his eager penis nearer to the teasing fingers. But now they had moved further South and were tracing small, light circles around the inside of his thighs, right up inside his fork. His cock longed to be stroked. Ached for the seductive touch of this teasing young man. He jumped as the fingers - oh so softly - just feathered the underside of his ball-sack.

    Aaaah! Now the fingers were fluttering along the engorged tube of his cock. It jumped like a landed trout. Jerking towards the seeking finger-tips, longing for a firmer feel. Now the fingers were stroking, lightly gliding up and down the shaft, a thumb and finger were encircling the eager weapon. Still gliding softly up and down, up and down. Andy's hips thrust his hard-on through the teasing circle. He grunted. He felt his pre-cum being smeared all around the knob-end of his penis. At the same time he smelt the wonderful man-essence of his eager young lover. Felt the warmth of his body.

    Suddenly it was all too much. The seductive stroking fingers had worked him up to fever pitch. The intimate massage of his most private parts by this sexy young sailor. The memory of their lust-filled coupling - all too much. He gave a loud groan and his frantic penis bucked in young Thomas's hand which was suddenly filled with hot, sticky cream. Andy's hips bucked, his cock thrust into the wicked hand and spurt after spurt of male love-juice ejaculated from his wild weapon.

    "Oh my Thomas, what a very sexy young stud you are." He grunted, now spent by the body jerking orgasm the young guy had brought on.

    "Yes Sir! your pleasure is also my pleasure...."

    ...and he rolled over on top of Andy who felt his lover's face pressed to his, mouth to mouth and his tongue insistantly pressing against his lips, the lad squirming on top of his man like an eager puppy.

    "Well, I think we'd better get up and get going. Much as I'd like to, I don't think we can spend the whole of our leave in bed. There's things to do, things to see. So let's get at it."

    Thomas climbed off and got out of bed. Andy noted the half-hard cock, the slim, well-muscled body and he sighed with pleasure. The pleasure of thinking that all of this leave period would be spent with this wonderful, sexy new lover. He loved this sailor, loved his trusting, personality while at the same time he lusted after his body. A lust that, happily, seemed to be reciprocated - and he smiled to himself as his mind conjured with the thought of reciprocation. He was reminded of the huge, thrusting pistons of a reciprocating steam engine as it pounded away, driving its ship through the seas. His cock half hardened yet again at the thought of how he had pounded away at young Thomas's eager arse.

    "Come along young sailor-boy, we both stink of sex. Time for a shower. It's lucky that I switched on the hot water as soon as we got into the flat. After all that fucking, it's had time to warm up. Let's catch a shower."

    Andy took Thomas by the hand and lead him into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and climbed into the bath-tub, to stand under the hot, refreshing spray. Thomas stood watching him.

    "Come on, Sexy, climb in here with me."

    Thomas hesitated for a second, then with a happy grin, climbed in and stood next to his lover. The shower sprayed them both and Andy took the soap and started to wash his eager friend. He soaped up his hands and laved them over the young man's smooth body. Starting at his neck he washed his chest and arms. He lifted the boy's elbow and washed carefully under his arms, into his pits. Then back to his chest, swirling his soap covered hands over Thomas's nipples, feeling them stiffen to his touch. Then down, sliding his hands over the flat, muscled stomach, fingering the tiny valley of his belly button.

    These intimate ministrations caused Thomas's penis to start to grow, half-hard it rose from its resting position. Andy shampooed the thick bush of pubic hair, removing the matted, starchy dried cum. But he did not go further. He put his hands on Thomas's hips and swivelled him round so that he was gazing at the boy's back. He gazed with renewed lust at the perfect round, firm buttocks. Saw the deep cleft between them that concealed the ultimate excitement. After a few seconds of filling his eyes and his mind with the sight of that cheeky, willing bum, he re-started his washing. Soaping the young man's back, swirling his hands lower and lower, down to his narrow waist and pert young hips. Now he was massaging his soapy hands across those muscular buns, soaping, washing. Of course his fingers glided into the crack. Once again invading the intimate privacy of his lover's most secret place. The only reaction was of Thomas wriggling his bottom so that Andy's fingers continued their light washing, tantalising the erogenous area within the bum cheeks.

    He spun Thomas around once more, to be confronted with a cock that stood as erect as a flag-pole. Once again he soaped up his hands and this time he curled his fingers into a tube and slid them lightly up and down the rigid shaft.

    Thomas sighed, then moaned deep within his chest as Andy's tubed hand slid up and down, with soap slicked friction strokes, he masturbated the twitching rigid manhood, quickening his strokes, lightly gripping the steel hard penis. Thomas's buttocks began to thrust his cock into the gripping hand of his lover. Now breathing hard and thrusting regularly, his face went a deep red colour. Andy's other hand snaked round behind, gliding across the firm buttocks until his middle finger could trace the tight ring-piece of Thomas's arsehole.

    The finger nudged and flirted with the tight ring of muscle while his other hand continued to torment the rigid prick on the other side of Thomas's thrusting torso. Now his arse-finger felt a slight relaxation of his sphincter and it slipped in, up to the first knuckle. Thomas was gasping now, his eyes had glazed over, his face was filled with sexual lust. Andy stroked harder, faster, and thrust his finger further up. With a strangled moan, Thomas's cock began to spasm. Andy's cupped fingers felt hot, man-juice as his lover's hips made one might thrust which drive his frantic cock deep into the teasing rubbing fist. Four great spurts of semen jetted from the sailor's eager penis, to splat into the water swirling away in the bath.

    Thomas groaned once more and threw his arms round Andy. Squeezing him in a bear hug of thanks for yet another wonderful sexual release.

    Then Andy washed Thomas's groin thoroughly, continued down his legs and handed the soap to Thomas who, in his turn, carefully and gently washed his lover and, after a long luxurious soak under the shower, they both got out and dried themselves.

    "Oh my Thomas, I do love you so much," Andy said as he gazed at the perfect, blond-haired, bronzed body of his house guest - his lover.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Thomas wriggled with delight and looked deeply and trustingly into his lover's eyes.

    The two young men then unpacked their bags. Andy showed Thomas where he could put his things and they set about unpacking their clothes.

    "Put any clothes that you want to get washed in this basket," Thomas, said his host, "I'll do a mammoth washing session later today. And get yourself dressed because otherwise I shall have to ravish you again."

    "Please? Ravish me, what means this?"

    "Ravish you, young Thomas. Throw you down and have my wicked way with your beautiful bottom, rape your tight young arse with my fiery fuck-stick!" Andy answered with a wicked grin.

    "Ja wohl mein Offizier! Here am I and ready for the ravishing." replied his besotted lover.

    "Yes, well not at this moment, my ravisher needs a bit of re-charging after what you've just been doing to me."

    The two young guys continued their banter as they sorted out their clothes. Putting aside what needed washing and changing into casual wear.

    And what a period of leave it was, a time that neither of them would ever forget.

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