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  • Let me start this true story with a little background on my self. I was raised by a single Mom and had no brothers or sisters. Everything about sex I learned on my own. From as early as I can remember I enjoyed playin' with myself and getting an erection and as I got older, I was playin' and had my first climax and ever since I have not been able to stop. I had the usual childhood experiences with "show me yours and I will show you mine" but that was about it. As for girls had had 4 girlfriends during school but I found I liked mutual masturbation better than intercourse. Fuckin' was too much trouble as the girls would say, go slower, or don't shove it all the way in. You got a rubber? Don't cum! So while I would get excited and hard with girls, I guess no one made me cum as good as I could do myself. Thus I jacked off every chance I got and usually at least 3 times a day. So now you know the background here is the story about the day I found out about guy sex.

    It was after my senior year and before college. Each summer Mom and I went to her folks for 3 weeks. It was the highlight of her summer, but not mine as there was no one around and it was near a small country town and they lived on about 100 acres, so no neighbors close by. So, for fun I would mostly ride my bike about 10 miles a day, walk in the woods, fish, etc. Well, one day as I was riding I had to take a leak real bad. Normally I would just run into a nearby wooded area and wet the bottom of a tree, but today I was just down the street from one of those roadside parks. The road was not real populated but a lot of traffic. This was no fancy place. It had no running water and two stalls and two urinals that just were bottomless pits. During the real hot times it smelled like hell, but it was right there so I decided to run in.

    I leaned my bike against a tree and quickly flew into the men's side. I had been there hundreds of times during the previous summers so knew right where I was headed. However today I was totally surprised. As I pulled open the door, there were two guys in front of the two stalls (which did not have doors). The older guy about 40 had shirt tie and a nice pair of slacks down to his ankles and he was on his knees in front of this younger 20'ish year old kid who had a pull over shirt and his jeans were down on the ground and he had no underpants on.

    My first site of this is like a snapshot picture. I will never get it out of my mind. The guy on his knees had his left hand on the balls of the guy and his right hand like he was jackin' him off on this huge 7-inch cut cock. I stopped in my tracks and I head one of them say, "Fuck we've been caught!" They both started grabbing their pants and getting up when the younger one said, I think he is here for the same thing.... Look at his woody, and sure enough I had a hard on in my sweatpants that stood out and made no doubt how aroused I was. I was totally surprised anything could happen that fast. I believe it was then, that I knew I liked guys as much or more than girls. These were the first grown men's cocks I had ever seen hard and were of course huge in my eyes. I only caught a brief look at the guy who was on his knees as he got up and pulled his pants up, but it was definitely hard and big.

    I didn't know what to say or do until the old guy said, "Close that fuckin' door before someone else sees us!" I did step in and my eyes were still fixed on the young guy's bulge behind his still unzipped pants when he said, "You lookin' for some action too? This guy is good."

    I didn't really know what to say but I guess my hand was on the outside of my sweats. I don't know if I was feeling myself or trying to hide my hard on. Well lucky for me, I didn't have to say anything as the older guy took a step over and reached out and felt my boner through my pants and I said, "I think I am going to "CUM".

    "You must be horny then, so let's see what you got" and he reached to each hip and pulled down my sweat pants and there was my pecker sticking straight out of the hole in the front of my boxers. "Nice cock" he said and he then pulled down my boxers and got down on his knees and immediately grabbed my balls with his left had and my cock with his right and said, "Give me your load."

    With that he put the whole fuckin' cock in his mouth--all the way to my pubes. I went fuckin' wild. The girls that would suck me would basically just lick my cock or just put the head in their mouth and only for a stroke or two, 'cuz they were afraid of the cum. So as he started to give me a manly blowjob, the younger guy dropped his pants and started stroking his now semi-hard cock again. He asked if I do this a lot and I whispered out, this was the first time I had ever even seen a grown guy's cock other than in the showers, etc. He said, "Then this is your lucky day, because I can see you like what you saw. With that he took my hand and put it on his cock and said, "Play with my cock while he sucks you." Well I no more than touched him and I started to cum, so the young guy reached around and sorta held my butt cheeks and ass crack and pushed it into the guy's face as I came. I have to admit I never ever came like that before, and I was good at jackin' myself off and makin' it feel good. I almost lost my legs I came so hard.

    Soon the older guy pulled off my cock and went straight or the other guy's cock and just like with me, he took his whole cock, which was probably an inch bigger than mine,7 vs. my 6 incher, all the way down. As he did that the younger guy started playin' with my wet, slick, but still hard cock.

    "Did you like that?"

    "Fuckin' yes!" was my reply.

    "Well now it's my turn."

    While he was getting sucked he kept playin' with my cock and while I came real hard, I was still excited as hell watching his cock get sucked. I could tell he was getting close to cummin' as he was taking short breaths like I do, and he was sorta moanin' too. He asked if I wanted to see him cum and I of course said 'sure' so as he got closer, he told the other guy to let him shoot his own load, so he pulled his mouth off and the guy while still holding and strokin' my cock. He slowly took his other hand and started fisting and jackin' his cock, which by now was bigger than I even remember seeing when I walked in on them. He asked me to grab his balls and play or tickle them and as soon as I did, he started shooting his load. As I watched him shoot stream after stream of cum, I felt myself getting closer and closer and took my hand from his balls and started to jack myself.

    By now the older guy was standing and I got to see his cock fully erect for the first time. It was somehow different and at first I did not know why, then I realized he was uncut and that while he jacked, his skin was sliding back and forth over the end of his cock. He asked if I would suck him but I hesitated, as I sorta wanted to try, but was scared. If I would have sucked either, it would have been the other younger guy 'cuz his cock looked more like mine and his cock head was pinker and the skin on his shaft was a lot whiter like mine, where the older guy's had a real purple head under the skin and all his skin was darker down the base of his cock.

    Well the younger guy saw me hesitate, so he said nothing and just got down and sucked the guy's cock. He did it a little different, as he would go all the way down and up a few times then would pull off and jack off the cock where I could see the cock skin going back and forth. It would cover then head then be pulled all the way off again. I thought that was so cool as I always had to let my hand slide over my cockhead to get friction while jackin' off. Well I was about ready to cum again as I was jackin' myself while the older guy played with my balls. He said, "I want you to cum on my cock, so when you get close tell us." Well it didn't take long and when I said I was ready, and the guy kept stroking the older guy's cock and said, "Jjust get close and shoot it on his cock and my hand." So as my balls were still getting played with, I moved closer and shot my load all over his cock and as soon as I said I was done, the younger guy took his whole cum covered cock and went to town and sucked him off, and let him cum in his mouth. I felt like I had been there an hour, but it was no more than 15 minutes and I knew, that cocks, balls and seeing cum shoot out of someone else's cock was a bigger turn on for me than anything in my life had been. It was even better than the first time I climaxed. As the summer went on, I rode by this place at least 10 times a day. I ran into the older guy once more (I had checked out their cars when I left so I could watch for them) and the younger guy and I met up three more times.

    I also ran into a couple of other guys, but nothing as exciting as this. Just mutual touchin' and jackin' as they were older trucker type guys. They would really get horny seeing a young cock I guess, and while they wanted to suck me, I only wanted to shoot cum for them and watch them jack off too. By the end of the 3 weeks I could not wait for college to start as I felt there would be some great times ahead. It turned out okay, but not as exciting as I thought. I guess I felt by now that all guys did with other guys were blowjobs and jack off together etc., but that was not the case. Anyway that is a story for another time.

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