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  • My black muscled dad
  • My first gay encounter was with my super hardcore bodybuilding dad. His 10" dick is abolutely to die for. One saturday two weeks after my 19th birthday, my mother had to leave my father and I on a business trip to another city. She always did that anyway but I was not always left with my father because he was busy too. Also we did not have a very close relationship for us to spend an entire weekend together.

    That same evening the TV in my room crashed and got really fucked up. So I had to go to the lounge to watch some videos. At about 12 midnite my father woke up and went for his routine midnite snack. I decided to have some snacks also and so as I proceeded towards the kitchen but I heard him groun and mourn. I proceeded slowly and peeped at the corner of the door. What I saw amazed me, he had ice on his croutch smoothly and slowly rubbing it. Although he was wearing underwear he was naked exposing his masterpiece of a body. His veins shown like pipes pumping blood. He was so hot, sexy and hard as rock. his 10" dick was incredible. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. His crispy brown skin made him seem dark and mystereous. He was the best think that had ever happened to me. Then suddenly I went stiff like a pool stick, he did not stop at all to rub himself. He suddenly proceeded to the door that I was peeping through. I ran as fast as I could to the sofa at the lounge and pretended to be watching TV.

    I was praying that he come and sit next to me and he did. He said with a beautifully manly voice, " What" u watching babe?" I melted in the seat. I said some scary horror movie. He then said, " can I join you"? I then replied with a quick yes and moved for him to seat right next to me.

    After a few minutes I said " Daddy I love you and I am sorry that we don"t have a close relationship and I hope we can sort our stuff out and mend our relationship". He said, " I love you too my boo, and I want us to be good also". He then put his hard as rock arm around me embracing me tenderly. I said, " dad can you please tell me about girls as our first lesson together". He said " sure, what do you wanna know?" I was also wearing underwear and naked. i stood up and got some ice from his drink and started to smudge it around my lips. I was trying to seduce him. I noticed him shift his legs and crossing them. I said, "well I wanna know how to kiss a wet and deep kiss". I noticed his buldge getting bigger abd bigger as I started to stroke my 7" dick.

    He then said, " do you want me to show you"? I then said yes. He starts to put his fingers between his lips trying to show me. I pretended to be listening though. I said Dad can I show you what you just taught me? and he said yes. At this time I could not controll my love and lust for his body and just dove into his lumptious lips. He seemed startled, then I said well how do I kiss? he then said "let me show you my boy you are a good learner" and so he melted me and kissed me to dear life. I just could not contain myself anymore and I just had to touch his big black hard dick. I nearly had an orgasm just touching him. He then said "do you really wanna do this? because I have been wanting to get my virgin ass cracked for so long". I said hell yeah dad I have always been wanting to get cracked too.
    I sucked him so hard till he stopped me. He sucked me then and started to suck me like a lollipop.

    He touched me all over my body. He put his big manly hard fingers in me and fingered my ass. He ordered me to bend over and I obeyed. He took his masterpiece out and slowly fucked me. It was so pleasurebly painful. I started to cry and he said, "do you want mw to stop?" I said Hell No just fuck me harder and so he did. His put his magnificant arms around my body and started to ram me harder and faster. My arsehole was so cracked. He then ordered me to satisfy him too and not be selfish and so I turned and rammed him. It was incredible that I was fucking a man that big and built to perfection. He started to sigh with pleasure and fullfilment. The sighs turned to screaming passionatly like a little teenage girl. He said, "please baby fuck my hole harder please I beg you babe" Indeed I rammed him. We poised all sorts of positions until he said, " please cum inside me and out" I did ramming and cumming inside him and on his big balls. He then did the same thing to me, I could feel his hot cum inside me and all over my balls.

    we then kissed another passionate kiss and cuddled all nite. We decide to have an affair and noe I am 25 and he is 45 and we still fuck like teenage boys. His dick is still tasty and beautiful. The really is no love bigger than that of a father and son.

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