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  • Coach milks karl
  • "Coach?"

    Karl stared, mouth open, at the hairy muscled man spread on a lounge chair next to the pool. It was a pretty hot day and not only was the man covered with a sheen of sweat, in spots it was pooled enough to mat down some of the thick black curly hairs covering much of the man's body.

    "Is that you, Karl?" asked Dave Colletti, sitting up slightly, causing his six-pack to pop up as he shielded his eyes from the bright early afternoon sun.

    "Yes it sure is Good! It's such a great surprise to see you here," stammered Karl as he reached out his right hand to his former college swimming coach, taking note of the rivulets of sweat now running off the curves of his coach's six pack and racing off his body. Karl's nuts started churning. Coach Colletti! His ultimate fantasy man, laid out in front of him, clad only in a black form fitting swimsuit.

    For his part, Dave Colletti drank in the sight of the 22 year old blond muscle boy, water running off him since he just climbed out of the pool, his white and red striped Speedo sucked tight against his body, leaving little to the imagination of the prize inside.

    "Lemme look at you, Karl!" said Dave as he quickly sat up and swung both legs to his left so that Karl found himself standing between them. Dave grabbed Karl's outstretched hand and his left paw locked onto the outside of Karl's right leg. Dave gave a wide smile of pleasure at the feel of the boy's strongly muscled leg.

    Embarrassed at how quickly he was starting to harden, Karl went into a squat that left his head level with Dave's chest. Dave moved his left hand to the hard ball of muscle that formed Karl's right shoulder as his eyes first followed the kid's dick on its journey downward, then back up to his face. The two men stared at each other, realizing that the gazes were filled with nothing more than animal lust. The look acknowledged and welcomed the attraction that had been there since they had first met 6 years before when Karl was a 16 year old high school junior visiting colleges. This past year had gone by without their having seen each other. It allowed each to reach this point where all that mattered was giving in to the desire to have the other man. They were ready. Dave broke the spell with a chuckle and a squeeze of Karl's shoulder.

    "We won state again this year and the school board gave me and the wife a weekend at this hotelthe honeymoon suite! We planned this for weeks and then her sister had emergency surgery three days ago and Carol went there to watch the kids. Reservation couldn't be changed. So here I am, a 44 year old man staying in a honeymoon suite--alone!" Dave started massaging Karl's shoulder and Karl visibly relaxed, remembering how he had always trust his coach implicitly.

    "Karl come up to the suite," Dave said, continuing to caress the blond boy's smooth bulging shoulder. Dave's eyes dropped back to Karl's crotch, noticed the straining rod...and he smiled again.

    Karl wrapped a towel around his waist and stumbled after Dave, his eyes boring into the coach's massive back, his dick pulsed almost uncontrollably as he drank in the sight of the shiny skin covered with a thin film of hair. He would do anything for his coach. Karl remembered how he and his teammates so passionately believed that Coach Colletti would do anything for them. Now Karl knew that doing anything for coach meant doing everything his coach wanted.

    "I've put on a few pounds," Karl admitted in the elevator, his head hanging down.

    "You just need a bit of training to take care of that," Dave said, pulling Karl closer to him. Truth was Dave was more attracted to Karl than ever before. Yes, he'd put on a few pounds, just a few, and the effect was that all the swimmer's muscles just seemed to bulge out a bit more than they did when he had been on the college team. Karl's muscles all of them were bigger and rounder than they had been in college. Coach ran the tips of his free hand up and down Karl's defined abs, as if he were filing them on the lumps of tightened muscle, "Nice," he whispered as the elevator shot upward.

    Once inside the room, Dave led Karl to the middle of the living room, yanked the towel off the young swimmer, and said, "Let me judge what kind of shape you're in." His eyes brightened as they raped the almost naked blond pup. Karl's dick throbbed inside his Speedo, belching out precum, as his coach's hands roamed his body.

    "Oh, this is nice, Karl, real nice," Dave hissed as his large hands rolled up and down over Karl's firm abs. Dave grabbed Karl's hips and turned the kid aroundKarl moveddazed. As Dave's hands roamed over the map of muscles on Karl's back, Karl gave into the sexual bliss that enveloped him so quickly, leaning back into the familiar touch of his coach's hands. He now remembered the feel of those hands so many times in college touching him in encouraging ways during swim practices and meets, treating him more roughly as they guided him through workout sessions with weights.

    Dave moved his hands down to the blond's hairless legs, pleased that Karl had chosen to continue shaving off what little body hair he had. Dave ran his hands up and down the back of Karl's thighs. "Your legs are still in great shape, kid, really great shape."

    "Thanks coach thanks," Karl grunted as his passion rose. Dave's hands moved up the firm legs slipping underneath the Speedos and made their way up the curve of the muscle boy's firm glutes.

    As he caressed the twin mounds of muscle, Dave leaned his head down bringing his mouth to the kid's ear, whispering, "Let go, Karl, let go. Coach is here. Coach wants you to feel good. Let go, Karllet golet gomake coach happy" Karl tensed, grunted, and let go. Dave held his grip on the swimmer's ass, feeling the muscles dimple rhythmically as the kid pumped out shot after shot of cum into the confines of his damp Speedo.

    Before the blond muscle pup could recover, Dave urged him into the huge bedroom where they ended up standing in front of the full length mirrored doors of one of the closets. Coming out of his sexual fog, Karl's eyes gradually focused forward. He let out a long deep groan as he stared at his own wet muscled body, now covered with an even mix of the remnants of chlorinated water from the pool, and his own sweat. He could feel his rock hard cock churning in the film of warm cum. What really turned him on of course was seeing Coach Colletti's 6' 4" body behind him, towering over him by a half foot, coach's hairy legs spread out even further than Karl's own smooth legs, already stretched outward.

    Coach Colletti's sinewy arms, matted with dark hair, really stood out visually as they stretched out from underneath Karl's armpits, roaming over the swimmer's chest and stomach. Karl hit that special sexual mark again, gave into it, and leaned back against his coach, trusting that he'd be held up and was rewarded by the feel of the thick damp mat of hair on Dave's chest moving like a swamp over his own smooth skinned back.

    Karl felt the coach's rough hands roaming over his chest and stomach and listened to the whisper at his ear. "Fuck, you are one hot son of a bitch, Karl! You've taken good care of yourself, kid. I've wanted to fuck around with you forever. Watching you back then straining on the weight machines, making yourself bigger and harderand all for meyou did it all for medidn't you?" Dave flicked his tongue in and out of Karl's ear every once in a while as he kept up the flow of praise into the panting swimmer's ear.

    Though he'd never see it in the flesh, Karl knew that Coach Colletti had a huge dickreally huge. He could feel coach pressing his crotch against the small of his back. He wanted that dick. He needed that dick. Karl reached back as well as he could and started pulling at the black lycra material covering Dave's tubesteak.

    "That's it, son, pull those down. Free my fuckin' meat!" Both men squatted to finish the project. When they stood back up, Dave kicked the balled up suit across the room and pressed his weighty hanging horsedick and balls against the smooth skin of Karl's lower back.

    "Here, Karl, say hi to your new roommate," said Dave as he worked the tip of his dick into the waistband of Karl's Speedos and then quickly jammed his dick downward. Karl yelped at the shock of suddenly feeling that hot tube of manflesh along his ass trench. Even soft, the fucker had to be nine inches it felt like a huge hot bratwurst between Karl's buns. "Kiss it, Karl, squeeze it with your ass and kiss it," Dave whispered into Karl's ear as he slowly fucked his meat up and down Karl's trench.

    Karl squeezed his ass cheeks and was rewarded with a moan from coach. Though Dave prided himself on his sexual control, he felt his meat firming up much faster than normal. But how could he not? This beautifully muscled fuckpup was his for the taking. Dave's brain started having little explosions as the nerve reports shot from his roaming hands and forearms journeying over the swimmer's chest and stomach muscles, and from his dick held captive by the Speedo as it traveled up and down the kid's wet hot ass crack. Dave Colletti did not want to get to the finish line just yet. He wanted his boy to cross it a few more times on his own.

    Pulling his dick out of the Speedo with a jerk, Dave spun Karl around and dropped to his knees in a flash. Karl didn't know what was going on till he suddenly felt new warmth on his precum spewing rocket.

    "Oh fuck, coachfuckfuuuucccckkkkk," croaked Karl as he felt his coach's open mouth running along the length of his cock and locked his hands onto Dave's head, pleased to have the sensation of touching the soft curly black hair added to his race of pleasure.

    "Coach wants another load, Karl. C'mon, cock this monster and shoot. I can taste your cum. I want more. Give me more juice, son, give me more!" Dave was talking directly to Karl's cock. As he ran his open drooling mouth along Karl's steel hard length, completely dampening the Speedo mixing his thick saliva with the sweat, cum and precum inside, he started gently chewing on the stalk, as he continued his monologue. Each of Dave's arms instinctively wrapped around Karl's legs, frantically rubbing them and pulling the kid toward him.

    Dave knew the kid was close and he let Karl take control. Karl's hands tightened their hold on his coach's head, his fingers dug into the tangled mass of the soft curly black hair. He pulled and pulled on Dave's head as if he wanted to jam it far inside his crotch. Karl bellowed as he pumped out another nice load of muscle cum while holding his coach's hairy warm head against his firing tool. Dave's left cheek was pressed right at the underside of Karl's dickhead and he moaned in pleasure as he felt the warm spurts of the boy's cum run along his cheek. Even through the Speedo's material, it felt like a warm caress on his skin.

    Staying on his knees, Dave reluctantly pulled his head away from the warmth of Karl's firm young body and reached up to the waist of the Speedos above the kid's sculpted ass cheeks. Locking his fingertips inside the tiny waistband, Dave started to remove the red and white Speedo, moving slowly, scraping his fingernails lightly along the tender flesh of the swimmer's butt. In front, his eyes remained locked on the bulging still hard sex pistol.

    As the tip of Karl's dick popped into view, the first thing it did was burp out a tiny bubble of cum. Dave moved forward, kissed the dick tip gently, and pulled back looking up the young man's body. Sweat rolled down Karl's body in streams. As Coach Colletti's eyes moved up the swimmer's body he watched the liquid streaming down the hills and valleys made by the defined muscles on the kid's smooth skin. Karl looked down and met his coach's gaze, smiling as he saw the micro thin string of sticky liquid gently swaying along the six inch gap between coach's puffy wet lips and his own cockhead.

    Animalistic grunts came out of Dave's throat as his face locked onto Karl's crotch like a magnet. He had stopped pulling down the kid's Speedos and instead again went into the now seemingly familiar stance of wrapping his sinewy arms around Karl's smooth hard legs. Dave was enjoying the challenge of working his face and mouth into Karl's crotch, sucking up the sweat and double load of cum spread out all over the place. Lumps of steamy cum matted down Karl's pubic hair and hung all over the inside of the Speedo, Dave hungrily and noisily sucked and suckedand sucked.

    Karl stood, as relaxed as possible without falling over, his oversized arms hanging like slabs of meat at his side, and looked down at the head bobbing below. Once Dave had worked the Speedo down far enough to allow his vacuuming mouth to get underneath Karl's nuts, the kid's dick, for the first time since he squatted in front of his coach about an hour before, lost a bit of its hardness. But just a bit. Karl stared at his turgid dick, barely "relaxing" on the bed of black curls of his coach's head. As Coach Colletti worked the underside of Karl's nuts feverishly, the swimmer watched his stalk being gently massaged by the mass of moving hair. His dick was still slathered with sticky remnants of his own cum and his coach's saliva and he watched as some of it ran off into the forest of hair while at the same time some other hairs seemed to almost jump toward the kid's uncut length to lock onto the smooth skin for nourishment.

    With his thought only being to please himself, Karl wrapped a fist around his cock and let out a sigh. Coach Colletti pulled his head out from under Karl's jewels, looked up and ordered, "Let go of that, boyit's mine." Karl looked into his coach's eyes, immediately gave in to his superior, and dropped his fist back to his side. With eyes still locked on each other, Dave brought his mouth to the tip of Karl's rapidly re-hardening dick, pursed his lips, hit the dick tip, tightened his lips even more and sucked forcefully and noisily causing an intensely arousing vibration on and around the slit at the end of the swimmer's dick.

    "Oh, God! Coach! Oh, Godit almost hurtsplease!" Dave opened his mouth, sucked in the head of Karl's dick and gently teased the underside of the dickhead with his tongue. Karl's words turned into panting squeals of delight. Dave steadied himself by holding onto Karl's calves, gently massaging them. Dave Colletti was a master cocksucker. He began bobbing up and down about half the length of Karl's dick, a slight noise coming from his throat causing a vibration as he welcomed the hard warmth into his mouth, and then sucking tightly as he pulled back threatening to release his prey but then starting all over again before his lips could release from the cock.

    Karl joined the effort by pumping in and out of the wet chamber. Dave would have none of that. He signaled his displeasure to Karl by firmly squeezing the kid's calves. Karl again surrendered to the older man's control.

    Though neither man was counting, about every ten trips along the tube of hardened meat, Dave would pull the whole length into his mouth. Karl was well endowed and a less experienced cocksucker would start gagging. Dave knew how to relax his throat muscles and allow the kid's length and girth through a ring of throat muscles. He'd hold it there, working the dick tip and end length with a version of swallowing which had the effect of massaging the tender skin of the swimmer's dick end. He knew these were having the desired effect as he felt the underside of Karl's dick pumping frantically along his tongue.

    Sensing Karl's closeness, Dave pulled off the kid's dick, and it popped straight up. Its veiny hard pulsing surface stood there as if angry. Karl looked down at his coach, confused and almost in pain. Dave looked back at Karl, the look saying, "I own you, boy. You listen to me. You please me. I decide when you get pleasure." Once the message had been silently delivered, Coach Colletti jammed Karl's dick back into his mouth to bring him across the finish line. Karl crossed it, his mouth open in a silent scream as he forced out three shots of his thinning juice.

    Coach Colletti stood up, walked over to the huge round honeymoon bed in the middle of the room, flopped backwards onto it and laid there, panting, arms and legs spread wide. Karl stumbled over to the bed, stood so that he was closest to Dave's head, and furthest from his coach's feet. Dave tilted his head up, rolled his eyes upward till he could see his blond boy, standing there, sweating and breathing deeply. All the sexual activity had blood coursing through Karl's body which in addition to filling up his cum shooter; it now caused veins usually hidden to pop out on his body.

    "Come to papa, Karl," said Dave, almost pleadingly. Karl obeyed and moved closer to the bed, his eyes racing over the naked body of his dream man. He couldn't believe how in person it was even more perfect than it had been in his imagination these past years. And the dick. The dick. THE dick. The first image that flashed into Karl's mind as he gazed on it was a little league baseball bat. It was huge and got fatter toward the head. Then he drank in the hair covering this man's body. Karl's blondness did not lend itself to being hairy and he had always been fascinated by hair on a man's body. And the one he had always been most fascinated by was now spread out in front of him like a sandwich begging for a piece of bread to complete the picture. And Karl knew he was that piece of sweet, warm whole wheat that would do the job.

    Karl crawled onto the bed and started moving over his coach's body on all fours. Dave had his own plan of course and when Karl's head was above his hairy chest, Dave reached up, put his hands on the kid's sweaty back, and yanked their bodies together. Karl's face slammed into the hairy flesh between Dave's pecs. Though momentarily stunned, Karl flashed back to reality as he felt Dave's hot tongue working its way around his abs. Karl responded by opening his mouth and sucking lazily on the mass of hair.

    The swimmer slid slowly forward, working his tongue over his coach's equally hairy and bumpy abs. He kissed each bulge while Dave's mouth busied itself with the kid's dick and balls. Karl lifted his head and saw Coach Colletti's dick laying there. He wrapped his fists around the huge cock, surprised that though enormous, it was somewhat pliable and warm and soft. He scooted forward as he lifted the man tool in the air trying to decide what to do. The scoot forward pulled Karl's cock away from Dave's mouth but brought the swimmer's baby smooth rounded butt into view. Dave smiled at its freshness, knowing that soon its tiny winking opening would be stretched wide and given a pounding.

    Karl started kissing and sucking on Dave's length while continuing to clutch it with both hands. Instead of moving the loose outer skin up and down in the usual stroking method, Karl started gently squeezing it as he covered it with kisses and saliva. Meanwhile, Dave worked on that beautiful ass, each hand grabbing a cheek, playfully slapping the flesh, gradually pulling the cheeks apart with more and more force, staring greedily at the puckered opening. Dave started spitting wads of saliva at the closed flower and then ran his fingers up and down the trench working the saliva in, pressing harder and harder.

    All this was not lost on Karl's cock. It quickly regained its full hardness and began pumping out precum, turning the mat of chest hair on the coach into a slimy mass of warm liquid for the kid's eager dick to play in.

    Their movements became quicker and more heated. Dave's cock started to harden and Karl was delighted to see that this also caused the base to inflate so the girth of the tool was more evenly distributed. He was also fucking his coach's chest with a fury. Dave had to work harder to control the young ass in front of him as it moved back and forth more and more quickly, clenching open and closed with each thrust. Again, Dave sensed that Karl was close and he knew he had to time things well. Karl had stopped kissing Dave's dick and was now just rubbing his open drooling mouth anywhere along the telephone pole of a dick. His grunts came quicker together. Dave sensed it was time and jammed his right index finger into the kid's virgin ass up to the second knuckle. He felt Karl's muscles clamp on his digit with a force that almost hurt.

    Having no idea what just happened, Karl's neck snapped up, pulling his mouth off Dave's throbbing dick and a hoarse scream came out of his throat as he pumped out yet another load, this time onto his coach's chest.

    Pulling his finger out of the swimmer's ass, Dave reached forward, pulling and twisting Karl around, almost like a rag doll, and brought the kid's mouth to his, smothering him in a kiss. His tongue moved around Karl's mouth like an anteater's tongue searching for food. Dave pulled Karl's lips off of his, suspending the boy's head in the air.

    "You're doing a good job, Karl. You're making me feel really good. I hope I'm doing the same to youson." Then he planted kisses around Karl's face. He pushed Karl's head, sliding the kid's body down his own, until Karl's mouth was again at his coach's chest. Karl knew what to do. He chewed on the thick hair, sucking up as much of the load he'd just put there as possible. Dave closed his thighs, locking Karl's hard dick between them. Karl felt this new warmth surround his cock and instinctively started fucking into them. Added to his growing pleasure was the feel of pressing his abs into the now hardened length of his coach's pole.

    "You can do it, Karl. Give it up. Harder. Faster. Do it for your coach. Shoot that fuckin' load, boyshoot it. Feel my legs lovin' you. They love that dick of yours. They want you to wet them with your cum. Feel my dick? I can feel your stomach. Awit feels really good, Karl. Press on it moremoreaaaahhhhhhhhhhthat's it. Now give it up!" Dave kept talking encouragingly to Karl as he felt the kid straining to cum for a fifth time in less than a few hours. It was taking longer each time. Both Dave's hands pressed Karl's back, trying to increase his own pleasure as his dick flattened against Karl's abs.

    As Dave felt the warm squirt of a bit of cum between his legs, his hands moved to Karl's ass, squeezing the cheeks. "Good boy, Karl, good boy." Karl was dazed enough to not even realize that he had cum.

    Dave slid the kid's body to the side and got out of bed, taking a moment to steady himself, not realizing how much energy he had expended. Karl was curled on his side near an edge of the bed, facing Dave, his eyes barely open. He was tired and just wanted to sleep. He loved this feeling of being barely conscious, about to drop off into a deep sleep.

    "I know you got another one in you, baby boy," whispered Dave as he ran a hand lovingly over Karl's face. Karl groaned in response. "Yes you do, Karl, and my job as your coach is to get you there. You'll thank me later."

    Lifting him up like a baby, Dave carried Karl back over toward the wall of mirrors. Karl seemed to drift in and out of sleep as he felt himself floating through the air but he was also aware of the warm muscular form pressing on him. He jolted fully awake as Dave set his feet down on the thick carpeting and helped him stand up. As when they first entered the room earlier that afternoon, Karl saw himself in the mirror with Coach Colletti towering behind him. This time though, Karl's tired dick hung its head, pointing straight down at the floor. Karl also noticed the veins that had surfaced all over his body and liked the look.

    The afternoon had been foreplay for Coach Colletti and he now knew that he had to get off. He hadn't cum in days. Combined with the workout today he knew that he had a huge load churning inside of him. Besides, he really liked Karl, and he liked having sex with him even better. He wanted this afternoon to stand as a world record for Karl something he'd never achieve again, though with luck, he'd spend the rest of his life trying to match and exceed with his coach. Finally, Dave had never taken a guy through his paces six times in a row. He selfishly decided that it had to be done now, and he wanted to do it with this blond muscle stud who he knew ached for his coach's hairy body and approval.

    As Dave began running his fully cocked dick along Karl's spine, he reached around and started playing with Karl's tits, knowing that for most men there was an invisible cord connecting them right to a guy's dick. He started whispering things into Karl's ear, urging him to harden, to please his coach, to go for the gold, to be a good boy, to make his daddy proud, to help his daddy the way his daddy had been helping him all afternoon, and on and on. When ready to play, Dave produced precum like a fireman with his hose at a five alarm fire. The precum literally shot out of his slit, and then traveled down Karl's spine, into his ass crack, and then down his legs. At one point, Karl even thought that his coach was peeing on him; he was getting so wet back there.

    Squatting a bit, Dave aimed his torpedo at Karl's pucker. He moved back and forth, knocking at its door, and with each hit he'd burp out yet more precum. His hands moved from the yanking they'd been giving Karl's man tits to the swimmer's cock where he realized the manipulations were having the desired effect. Though not fully hard, Karl was on his way.

    "Let me in, Karl. It's my turn. It'll make you feel really good. Trust me, son, I wouldn't lie to you. And you wanna cum again, don't ya? Don't you want to feel that feeling? Shit flying around all over inside your body? Your brain feels like it's going to explode? C'mon, let me in, son. Let's get there together." Dave rammed harder and harder, balancing his need to get off against his need to not hurt his favorite boy with difficulty.

    "Aaaahhhhhh!" screamed Karl when he felt his coach's dickhead pop into his ass canal. Dave immediately started soothing the boy by whispering encouragements into his ear. Promising him that the worst was over and that he'd soon feel a good feeling like nothing he'd felt before. Dave had had a difficult time his whole life finding men who would take it up the ass once they saw his tool. Even size queens regularly turned him down. But he knew that one reward was that he was always able to hit a guy's prostate with his huge dick. Many a time, he became the first to do it for many of his past partners.

    Dave went back to working on Karl's chest. He always liked that Karl seemed to carry some extra meat on his chest not feminine at all just heavy full pecs. Dave loved watching them bounce ever so slightly as Karl walked around in his Speedos through college and liked them even more when he'd see them change to being rock hard when Karl tensed them. He remembered many times seeing Karl sitting on the weight bench after a particularly grueling workout, taking a short break to catch his breath, while his pecs shuddered as he breathed deeply in and out. Dave would always get a twinge in his cock. Now, while murmuring instructions into Karl's ear about tensing and relaxing his chest, he pushed and pulled them with his hands. He told Karl to take over working his own dick, and also managed to slowly work a third of his length into the hot tight confines of Karl's ass.

    When Dave slowly pulled most of his dick out and then slowly pushed the third back it, Karl let out a moan of satisfaction. His ass felt very full, but he liked it. With each journey Dave carefully managed to get a bit more of his dick into his muscle pup. He could also see in the mirror that Karl stayed hard and he was pretty sure there was even some precum bubbling out of the slit. By now he was focusing his hands on Karl's tits, pulling and pinching them. Dave knew from experience that doing this by itself was just pain, but doing it in the state of arousal, often contributed to raising that state of arousal. And from the looks of Karl's dick and the pummeling he was giving it, that's just what was happening.

    By now, almost all of Dave's dick was making the trip back and forth through the muck inside Karl's ass. He started to worry about Karl's prostate. Could he be wrong? Could he have finally found a guy whose prostate he couldn't reach? Angrily, he shoved his dick in faster and further than before. Karl's body went completely rigid, he stopped jacking his dick, and his eyes were bugging out of his head staring at his coach's face in the mirror.

    "That's what I was talking about, Karl. That's your love button I'm ringin'. Here's another push." Dave pulled out slightly, jammed himself in again. Karl jolted again, let out a croak, and a huge glob of drool fell out of his mouth landing on his left pec where Dave worked the slimy mass into the kid's skin.

    Dave went into overdrive. He didn't care about anything but racing to the top of that mountain of pleasure, and feeling his head explode as he spewed out what felt like gallons of cum. With each forward thrust, he'd hit Karl's prostate and cause another jolt. Karl had no control over what was happening to him or inside him. He was so used up that his body went completely limp except for each time his bell was rung. His dick though stayed rock hard.

    Coach Colletti had unwillingly let go of Karl's heaving chest because he knew that if he wanted to finish the race, he'd have to do more of the work. He reached down and grabbed inside of each of Karl's thighs, way up near his crotch eventually lifted the kid off the ground and basically fucked Karl senseless. With Karl's remaining amount of strength he leaned backward into his coach's body, working to keep himself from being snapped in two as he felt himself being slammed over and over against those hairy muscles. His brain still registered each hit on his prostate as his vision went white.

    Karl only vaguely registered the primal scream that came out of his coach's gut as he unloaded his cream into his young pup. At the same time, Dave only vaguely registered Karl's spasming ass ring, signaling that triumphant sixth cum of the day. The race was over, the medal had been won.

    Cum raced down both Karl's and Dave's legs as Dave's tidal wave of cum slowed down. Dave filled Karl's innards with his thick hot load and had so much left over; it actually started squiring out of Karl's ass as Dave began slowing down his fucking motion. Dave was not one of those guys who freezes as he cums Dave gets the greatest pleasure from fucking in and out of whatever hole he's in at the same time he's shooting out his load, and for a long time afterwards. He loves that hot wet squishy feeling on his post-climactic super sensitive dick.

    Dave finally pulled his dick out of Karl's ass and laid the now sleeping kid on his stomach on the bed. He stared lovingly at the naked blond with his muscles bulging, pleading to be touched and worked over, even in sleep. Dave pulled the spent body toward the rim of the bed so that Karl's legs hung over the side, ass perched on the bed's edge, looking like he was kneeling on the floor. Dave spread Karl's legs and watched the cum dripping out of the still stretched out asshole. Knowing that Karl would probably be sore when he woke up, and feeling the need to ease some of that discomfort beforehand, Dave moved forward and began lick...

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