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  • A week with dad
  • It was two months before my eighteenth birthday and my mum and younger brother had gone down south to spend a week with some of her family, my dad and I could not go because of work commitments. I had always wanted to see my Dads cock, and I knew that this would be my last chance before University.

    I had seen my dads cock a few years before but it was only a two second flash, but it was long enough to have me lusting after it for nearly seven years. Mum and my brother left early evening and they would not be back for a week, so I had plenty of time to plan something. I decided that the best way to do it would be to try and let it happen by accident, this it did.

    Above all the doors in our house there is a small glass panel about two foot long by 20cms high, this feature was included on the bathroom. The bathroom I thought was the ideal place to get my first glimpse and hopefully get caught. While he was in the shower I grabbed a stool and stood on it, as the shower finished he stepped out and there it was. Limp and fat it was six inches long, I knew for sure that I needed this more than anything.

    I disappeared from the door quickly as I was unsure how long would be appropriate forme not to get caught so that he would go ape. About five minutes later I heard Dad calling form his bedroom. "Do you think I am blind?" he said to me, "so you saw me." "Of course I saw you, I also saw you on those websites". He was doing completely the wrong thing, he was standing their talking to me in his boxers which were loose when he started but they like mine, whilst I was staring at him, were getting tighter. I decided that it was now or never.

    I reached out quickly and yanked down his boxers. He started to protest but as soon as I had my mouth around his nine inch rock he shut up. In fact he turned around so that he was sitting on the bed and I was kneeling on the floor. I already had no top on as it was so hot so I removed the rest of my clothes and dad began to take part; he began to rub my seven inches and bought me close to cumming several times. However, he was the the weak one, he came first, I knew it was happening cos he was yelling so all could hear "IM CUMMING SON YOU KEEP SUCKING YOUR DADDYS DICK". I did this and gush after gush of daddy seed went down my throat I swallowed as much as I could but I lost a fair amount.

    "Your turn" he said, and with that he was on me quicker that a flash,. I didnt last long, about a minute I think and then I came. It hurt so much, never before have I come like that, so violently and so hard. We spent the night in my parents bed doing nothing else. But that was only the first night, imagine what happened the rest.

    The next day everything went as normal, as if the only thing that was different was the fact that my father and I woke up in the same bed. However when we did wake u, we were still very much naked and very much together. Just as Dad was about to leave he reminded me of something, he said, "Dont forget your Uncle Bill is coming round tonight". "I wont" I replied.

    Things could not get any better; tonight I had two sexy guys in the house. Bill was the spitting image of Dad, however he was slightly taller. I went to work as normal but could not concentrate. Three times before my lunch break I had to jack off, I was so horny. I faked being ill so that I could leave work early as I knew Dad was on a half day. What I didnt know was Bill would already be at home with my dad.

    When I walked in they were sitting on the sofa, they both asked how come I was home early? So I said that they owed me some time off. I noticed that things did not look as innocent as they seemed, both men were breathing heavily and Bills shorts were tented. At about five Dad decided he wanted some take out and walked the two doors down to get it.

    "I saw you looking at my shorts when you came in"

    "Well I couldnt exactly miss them could I. what were you two doing?"

    "Thats none of your business. Ive been a bit horny lately; things have been on the slow side."

    With that his shorts tented again. He looked like he was in so much pain that I had to help my Uncle out. Before my Uncle knew what was going on I was on my knees and his shorts were hooked under his balls. This was one area where the two were not alike. I thought my Dad had a big dick but I was mistaken.

    "How big is that thing?" I asked.

    "Fourteen and a half inches." He replied

    I took as much of it in my mouth as I could, but that was more than enough for my Uncle. After bobbing up and down a few times he came. I counted five damn good spurts go into my mouth before I had to let go, and then there were at least another six before he started trailing off.

    Just as we were starting to clear up, Dad walked in. "What the hell is going on here?" My Uncle tried to cover up what we had just done but I was having none of it. I was standing behind my uncle when he was explaining what he had imagined so again I pulled down his shorts. This time I put my hands on his ass and began to rim him. I could still taste the shit but then Dad knew exactly what had gone on.

    Dad dropped the take out on the floor. Walked round the sofa and stood in front of my Uncle. Dad dropped to his knees and took the whole of my Uncles cock slowly into his mouth. Bill was in ecstasy to guys paying more than enough attention to him would certainly see him come again. This time I could feel it from behind and he came again with force.

    During this Dad had taken his cock out and began stroking it, when my Uncle had finished cumming, I grabbed both their dicks and led them to my parents room. I laid both my Dad and Bill on the bed and told them that they were gonna fuck me one at a time long, slow and lovingly. My Uncle was obviously first because he was again hard. I slid my ass slowly down his pole. He told me how tight my ass was and how hot it was; he even told me that he had never had a pussy that good. Again he came violently in my ass which lubed me up well for my Dad. Dad said more or less the same things but came a hell of a lot quicker.

    When I had finished with both guys I started to fuck my Dad he moaned and groaned louder than the night before. My Uncle moaned ever louder than that, so loud that our 23 year old fitness instructor neighbor came around to see what all the noise was. We gave him the same treatment that everyone else had had.

    My Uncle stayed for the rest of the week and our neighbor popped in a couple of times. When mum got back things slowed down. But within a month of her getting back she moved out with my little brother because she had found someone else. So my Uncle moved in, I never went to Uni and we had fun like that at least twice a day, even more when friends and family came.

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