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  • Toilet fucked
  • He looked about 45 years old, a receding hairline but a thicket of hair running down the nape of his neck and across his shoulders, a large blanket of fur seamlessly covering his face, neck chest and leading toward his trousers. It sprouted out furiously between his large chest muscles. He was a huge guy, but his pecs weren't all muscle. His nipples almost tucked under his large breast, they proudly stood out against the forest of chocolate brown hair enveloping them, flecked with prominent white hairs that congregated between his tits. His hair was pretty curly all over; he looked like he may have been of Turkish descent. He had a roman nose complete with protruding nasal hair, and nicotine teeth and stood about 6ft tall. His gut hung over his belt and pulled his t-shirt taught.

    I realised I had been staring too long, his eyebrows knotted together and he gave me nod as if to say, 'what do you want'. I stared through him to give the impression I was looking at something else but he made his way toward me. I was waiting outside a public toilet to see if I could maybe give someone a blowjob, but there wasn't anyone there. It was about 6.00 and it has started to get dusky. He stared at me for a second, and went into the lavs. I followed after him to see if I could get a glimpse of him pissing... I think it was worth the risk, the worst he could do is punch me.

    The acrid smell of stale piss hung in my throat. It also smelled pretty badly of shit. There was a stainless steel trough urinal down one side of the room, and a single stall that was responsible emitting the putrid smell of diarrhea. I walked to the other end of the trough and got ready to piss. I knew this was the only way I could convincingly get a glimpse of him without risking too much. I didn't need to go that badly but I managed a few short bursts before turning to see his stream of piss. It was the deep yellow kind of piss you only get when you've been dehydrated or hung over, it had buttery smell and it frothed up as it ran down my end of the urinal and drained away.

    I noticed him clicking his phone while he was pissing so took this opportunity to catch a glimpse of him. His was cock fat, like a can of coke, short but thick. It stuck out far because of its proportions. But his pubes were extremely wild and his balls were black. His cock looked so white sticking out of the ball of hair. His foreskin was thick but not very long. He looked at me and smiled wryly, I was so excited. The thought that I might get my hands on him made my cock start to plump up. I smiled back and he promptly stopped pissing, his stream was still running strong. He veered towards me and started to squeeze the base of his cock as if inflating it with blood.

    His arms were hairier than the rest of him; he even had hair on the upper sides of his hands and fingers. His cock wasn't too veiny, only a prominent dorsal vein that ran down the centre of his shaft. I slowly moved my hand to his cock; he moved it toward my hand as if to speed up proceedings. It was warm, and too thick to get my hand around in this semi-erect state. It was long enough to sit in my hand and have the large bell end coming out the end of my fingers. This circle of visible head was a very bright pink colour, in contrast to his olive skin. He raised his hands to rest on his head and his white t-shirt rose up. His belly popped out and hung over the top of his belt. He opens his jeans even more as I began to pull his cock. He asked me to pull his foreskin back but it is quite difficult because it is pretty tight and the head is now the size of a plum. As I pull it over, it rolls back exposing the head, and stays tight behind the glans, As it rolled back flakes of white smegma bloomed out, that had collected mostly around the corona.

    "Suck it" he said, in a thick accent.

    I hesitated before reaching out with my tongue. The smell was revolting, like a combination of rotten fish and cheese, but the taste wasn't as bad as expected. I worked across the head and wrapped my tongue around the chunks of white fermented cum and piss. I probed his piss slit which was also huge, like the hole of a button long and thin but capable of accommodating the end of my tongue. I had trouble fitting it in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started fucking my face, my whole trap was wet and sloppy, and his precum was slavering out in long silky threads.

    I felt his head hit the back of my throat and my face was buried deep in his pubic hair. He stunk of stale sweat, and he had clumps of something unidentifiable knotted in his hair. He was groaning and his pumping was getting exponentially harder and faster, I pulled away but he just wrenched my head back, plunging back into my face, bruising my throat with each thrust.

    Tears were streaming down my face, but he continued to fuck in and out. He was just bouncing against my esophagus. My stomach contracted and I spluttered chunks of vomit squirted out my nose and mouth, running down the front of my t-shirt. I stared up to see him broadly grinning. He then spat a glob of phlegm on my face that hit me in my eye and ran down my nose. "You're a little cunt," he said.

    I stuttered up a "Yes". I felt so low.

    His penis had an acute "U" bend, and was very thick at the base. His foreskin had reached up behind the angry looking mushroom and was glistening with cum, and still has lumps of food on. He grabbed my by the scruff of the neck and led me into the adjacent cubicle. He pushed me onto the floor where I slid across the broken tiles and slimy film of urine and toilet water.

    He pulled the back of my jogging bottoms down and I clung to the bowl of the lavatory to try and haul myself to my feet, my trousers and pants were wrapped around my ankles and I stumbled with my face hanging over the rim of the loo. Inside I could see a fluffy heap of ochre shit, the rest of the water was thick and littered with sheets of waxy loo roll. The smell was horrific, I started to purge again, I felt his hands clamp around my waist and he punched his raw cock into my arse. I felt a piercing pain and my arse tear, I hadn't even been penetrated. I heaved into the bowl and coughed up more watery puke. I felt another sharp pain in my arse, he shoved two of his fat fingers that entered with a loud pop. I felt the large ripples of his rings as they drove deep into my hole. I knew he would be successful in his second attempt of fucking me. His hands grabbed at my sides and he groaned as he rammed it in, I felt my anus dilate and could feel the curvature of his cock sitting in my bowels, his dirty fingernails grasped my sides and he pinched my flesh with his tight fists. Each stroke felt like it was tearing me more and more, my body was shaking from the trauma but he continued to bore into me grabbing my neck and pushing my face further towards the cauldron of excrement.

    He fucked my arse and bludgeoned my prostate, I felt my body convulse and my bowels contracted forcing his meat out and ejecting a squirt of prostate ejaculate. He grabbed my face and showed me his flopping cock, it was dripping with fluid, trails of clumped shit had been left all over his greasy mound of cock, and it has streaks of blood dripping off it. "Come on, clean it" he growled.

    I had never had to do anything like that before, I had long since lost my erection - maybe I should break for it, my eyes darted towards the door, and he gruffly said, "you ain't going anywhere till Ive finished with you," he punched me in the face and forced me back onto his erection, my nose was aching like fuck, the shit tasted bitter, but it wasn't as bad as the smell. I ran my tongue round the end of his cock and meticulously cleaned the scraps of my dinner off him.

    I looked up at his belly, the swirls of hair ran vertically into an estuary of hair between his legs, rivulets of my excreted fluids were running down his massive legs, he smelt of moldy stilton he obviously didn't wash regularly. He then stuffed one of his balls into my mouth, it would have been difficult to pallet due to the sheer size of his balls but the thick black hair meant I had difficult sucking, he moved over my head and shoved my face into his crack. His buttocks were large and muscular; the fur was shorter here but no less densely spread. It converged at his arsehole when great clumps of dried shit were. It had dried into spikey strips and the hole itself was caked shut.

    I tongued away the sloughy shit and swallowed any crumbs. His hole was warm and puckered. I probed inside and could feel the warmth of his bowls within and the coarseness of a large stool that lay hidden. he grabbed my face hard and held my jaw open, squeezed the large chunk into my gullet, much of which clung to the sides of his arse, I had to swallow because he was holding my jaw tight, and i couldn't breathe properly, his second movement was much sloppier, in ran out over my face and I gulped down what I could. I heard him moan as he expressed him self all over me, it was in my hair, eyes, and nose. His cock was swinging pendulously between his thighs, his foreskin had returned to its regular position and the whole cock was glistening under the florescent lamp of the stall.

    I voluntarily lent into his cock and he struck me across the face, with the flat of his hand. He then punched me in to nose which made my face gush blood over the floor. I saw his cock start to stiffen and he kicked me between the legs. The pain rushed through my body and left a pounding ache in my abdomen. He then said something about being a sadist which I didn't really understand. Grabbing my legs he slid me across the floor, he opened my now battered cunt and rammed me again, I could feel the tissue tearing as his cock rippled in and out I yelped as he entered my strained and broken chute he entered me again and again, all the way in and out. He stuck it in really deep and I felt him shudder, he grunted as he filled me, but fuck it wasn't stopping, my insides twisted and I realised he was filing me with piss.

    The urea stung my sores but the warm feeling was somehow comforting. I couldn't hold it any more, it poured down my legs onto the floor and he continued to crash into my arsehole. I could feel how hard he was inside. When he pulled out it continued to gush out of me as I struggled to orientate myself. Yet I knew there was more to come, clinging onto the toilet floor fitting for solace while my entire body quivered with pain. He stood above me, legs either side of my torso staring up at him I could see his thick cock nestled under his rotund belly, his chest being the only thing to extend anywhere near as far as his stomach. His giant shoulders towering over me as I lay in pool of filth.

    I moved my hand to my anus where blood and shit was leaking out; I had prolapsed and could feel the gummy insides of my colon bagging out. He started wanking his cock and pulling his foreskin back so hard that the frenulum strained his cockhead, I felt his hand slipped easily over the slimy surface of his cock. I was in a fetal position now and he lunged in and picked me up with one arm to continue fucking where he had left off. I was finding it difficult to stand so I grabbed hold of the cistern he raped what remained of once tight hole.

    Now I just felt numb. He was panting tigerishly and his body was covered in a spritz of sweat, I felt his pumping rhythm become more erratic. He pulled completely out and jammed it back in repeatedly, his belly resting bouncing on my back as he ravaged me he stuck it deeper than before and held his cock, stiffer and thicker than ever, and with my hyper-sensitive torn lining I felt his cock surge in waves as he internally filled my seething gash. His body trembled as he spewed the last of his cum into my haemorrhaging hole.

    He squeezed his hands into my throat as he removed his twitching manhood. His now russet-coloured cock hung heavy as he put his slips back on, it was cradled by the thin material. I moved over onto my side and farted out a knot of lumpy, viscid, semen, followed by a longer stream of syrupy milt that pooled out onto the floor. It was marbled with blood and crap and I just crawled into the corner.

    I heard him doing up his jeans and put on his vest, the click of his flip phone resounded in my ear. The door swung open and his footsteps stopped.

    "Yeah, he's in there," he said.

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