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  • Old wine
  • "Do you like to get fucked in the ass, boy?" the old man asked, stroking his mustache with his left as he ran his large right hand along the young man's thigh. The young man paused, feeling the old man's right palm resting on his blue-jean covered crotch.

    The young man's prick got hard fast, not uncommon for a man in his twenties. The old man's pants wiggled down his hirsute cannon-thick legs (he played rugby in his time, but the young man did not know this), his furry ass jiggling in post-middle age sagginess. The old man kicked his trousers to the left, the belt clanging just as the bedsprings creaked under his knees. Doggie-style, he was in "fuck me" presentation, head facing forward...

    "Don't know," the young man answered, guiding the old man's right hand along his elastic waistband.

    "First time, huh?"

    His breath halted as the cock nudged away his ass cheeks. The cock head, encased in a well-lubed condom, knocked courteously at the asshole. Like a welcoming host, the asshole parted and invited the cock head inside for a nice intercourse. The cock head asked the asshole 'Can the rest of me come in as well?'

    "Not quite," the young man replied.

    The old man, hardly concealing his disappointment, uttered, "Please explain."

    "Well," the young man paused for articulation, "It's just that I'm not usually on the "

    Receiving the young man's full dick in his wrinkly ass, the old man tensed up. "Fuck, I want to blow my load so bad," thought the young man, "his ass is so hot and tight I didn't think the old fucker could feel this good. I want to ram him for hours. Yeah I'm going to fucking pound this old fucker's ass. Look at his hairy butt vibrating round and round up and down vertigo baby, hmmm hmm hmm." Dick and ass slapped together.

    The old man with eyes closed, thought, "Yes that's it--strong hard that's the way to do it deeper. Go as deep as you can, and put your whole body into it. Okay, pull your cock out slowly, just like that. Now, force it in real hard. AHHHHH!!!! Pleasure spreading all inside me," thought the old man. "Shit I hope I didn't cum on myself, he's extraordinary; he doesn't need to put his hands on my hips, I'll back onto his dick for him. Here you gotake all my ass, there grind into me. Wow what stamina!"

    "Really?" said the old man uttered, dumbstruck, "I wouldn't think you the type. You look so"

    "Young?" finished the young man, "That's what the other men told me."

    "Other men?" the old man replied, with his curiosity arousing.

    "Bounce baby bounce, oh yeah!" thought the young man. "We had to face the mirror, I couldn't fuck him without seeing his balls bounce. Yeah ride it you old pro; you know what to do--mount the Italian Stallion, uh uh uh. Yeah you liked that huh, you old fucker!"

    His upward thrusts pounded the old man's ass like a piston. The old man's muscular but loose flesh bounced in sync with the poundings. "Oh, I thought you were so innocent sitting there. Oh, give it to your old man. I'm your fuck-toy, use me all night! Use me!"

    "I can't possibly feel this good," thought the old man. "I couldn't even pay someone to fuck me this good; it's been so long. Oh how did he know I needed this, I was the one looking for twink ass!

    The Young Man grew tired of the position

    "Don't try changing the subject," the old man proceeded, "So you've always been the one doing the fucking?"

    "Most of the time," said the young man, "What can I say? Old ass is like good wine, it gets better with age."

    "So that's how you feel, huh?" replied the old man, "How do I rate then?"

    The old man lay on his back, using his large hands to spread his legs. A shapely "V" was the old man, with his burgundy asshole comprising the base. The young man looked down at his shit-stained condom. "Just a few specks of shit," he thought. "He's a real man with a real old asshole that contains real shit. I wouldn't have it any other way."

    He parts the old man's slippery skin with his fingers, pressing his cock head against the old man's asshole. "Ready?" asked the young man.

    The old man licks the sweat from his bushy mustache. "Ready." The old man's asshole invites the young man's cock in for a third time. The young man and old man rock conjoined. The young man drives the old man into the creaky mattress. The young man's swimmer's body completely covers the old man's husky former rugby playing body. (The young man didn't know about the rugby playing).

    "We have a great rhythm! Oh my body feels on fire; I'm going to blow it all in just another second. Yes, I feel my balls tingling; I feel the cum coursing up to my dick. In just another second, I'm going to spurt so much cum, it's going to leak everywhere! Yes you've earned this old man. I've fucked you so good tonight, you've earned this. Don't forget I made you cum right when I first rammed you! Yeah you couldn't take all of my dick at first couldn't you? It's going to happen !"

    The old man huffed and puffed, "Shit. Oh shit, I can tell he's ready. Easy now, it sounds like a cork popping again and again. He's pounding my asshole without mercy! Shit that hurts, but it feels so good as well. Steady he doesn't want me to move. I'm holding on tight"

    "Will you give it a go?" the Young Man eagerly inquired.

    The old man thought about it. "Yes! Do it! Do it!"

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