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  • Affirmative action
  • I stepped into the last booth. I closed the door and let my eyes adjust for a second or two. Then I pulled out the two rolls of quarters from my pocket and put them on top of the coin box. I opened one roll and put a few quarters into the machine. The screen lit up and I turned a dial to look through the channels.

    I chose one with these two guys messing around in a locker room. I undid my jeans and lowered them to my ankles. I had nothing on underneath. I started stroking my cock. I saw the hole into the next booth in the wall to the left and I bent down and peeked into it. There was no one in there. When I had come into the adult bookstore, the only person inside was the clerk, this thin blond guy maybe a few years older than me. I stood there watching the video and jerking my cock for a while and then I heard the bell tinkle up front indicating that someone else had come in.

    Shortly after that I heard someone in the hallway outside my door. Then I felt a slight breeze as the door to the booth next to mine was opened. I stood between the video screen and the hole, facing the video screen, so anyone who looked through the hole would see my butt.

    I peeked over my shoulder and looked at the hole. I heard the door close and some quarters drop and then I heard the guy in there kneel down.

    'Mmmmm,' I heard him moan through the hole. Then I felt him blowing on my bare buns. I didn't move. Then I saw his finger running back and forth along the bottom of the whole. His black finger. I don't know why, but it really turned me on to know that a black dude was checking out my ass.

    'Nice butt,' he whispered. I reached back with one hand and gave my butt a little squeeze and a couple firm slaps.

    'Oh yeah,' he said and I saw his hand come through the hole. He had a big rough hand. He cupped my right butt cheek and squeezed it. 'Yeah, nice smooth young ass.' He smoothed his hand across my butt and then pulled his hand back and swatted me on the butt a couple times.

    I moaned and leaned forward against the wall.

    'You like it when I slap your butt?' he asked as he slapped it a few more times, harder than the first couple swats.

    I moaned again and gave my butt a little shake. He began spanking my exposed little ass. He could not pull his hand back that far, but he did manage to give me some pretty stinging swats on my bare rump. I was getting really hot and stroking my cock hard. He kept talking the whole time.

    'Nice little white boy ass you got. Smooth and firm. You white boys like having a black man spank your ass don't ya?'

    I just moaned as he continued to spank me. Then he stopped slapping my butt and began to rub and squeeze my firm little buns again.

    'Oh yeah kid, you got a real hot ass on ya.' Then he ran a finger down my butt crack and found my little butt hole. I stuck my butt out to give him more access and let him know that I liked that. He held his finger up and said, 'Get it wet so I can slide it up your hot little butt.'

    I turned and knelt and took his finger in my mouth. I swirled my tongue all over his big black finger, licking it and sucking on it. Then I stood up and turned my butt to him again. He found my butt hole and began pushing his finger inside me.

    'Yeah. Nice tight boy-ass hole.' He slowly pushed until he had his entire finger inside my butt. Then he began to slide it in and out. I moaned again and began to move my ass in time with his thrusts. He was wiggling his finger around when it was inside my ass, making me almost cum. I stopped jerking off and just put my hands on the wall. After a while, he slid a second finger into my butt and started to slide them in and out. He kept talking all the while.

    'Boy you have one fucking hot little butt. Nice and smooth and firm and round. Nice tight butt hole. You are making me all hot and horny, kid.'

    His video had stopped playing and I heard the clerk's voice in the hall saying 'Number 2. Drop quarters or leave.'

    The black guy said, 'Don't leave kid. I gotta go get more quarters. I'll be right back.' I heard him zip his pants up and then his door opened.

    The clerk must have been right there 'cause the guy said, 'Can I buy quarters from you?'

    The clerk said, 'There's a change machine up front.'

    And the black guy said, 'Thanks, man.'

    And I heard him walk away. Then I heard the door open to the booth next door. It must be the clerk I realized. Some quarters dropped. I was still in the same position with my butt to the hole. I heard him kneel down and felt him blow on my butt. I didn't move, but I was looking at the hole over my shoulder. I saw his hand come through the hole and he cupped my right butt cheek.

    'Shit! You do have a hot little ass,' he whispered. He rubbed and squeezed my butt and slapped me a couple times. Then he said, 'Let me see your cock, boy.' I turned and faced the hole. He wrapped his hand around my hard 7" cock. 'Oh fuck yeah! You are so fucking hot. Shove that through and let me suck it.'

    I stepped up to the hole and slid my cock through. His mouth was right there and I slid my cock as far into his mouth as I could. Then I heard knocking on the booth next door.

    'Damn. I was in that booth,' the black guy said. 'Son of a bitch.'

    The clerk was noisily sucking my cock and the black guy said, 'Fuck! Is that boy sucking your cock?' then he tried the door to the booth next door, but it was locked. I checked to make sure that my door was locked too. But then suddenly it opened. It must not have latched.

    The black guy stepped into my booth and shut the door. He stood behind me and put both hands on my buns. He started pushing me forward and then grabbing my butt cheeks and pulling me back. Thrusting my cock in and out of the clerk's mouth. 'Yeah. Fuck his mouth. Is he sucking you good, boy?'

    I just stood there letting him move me back and forth. He slapped my ass. 'Answer me, boy, when I talk to you. Is he sucking you good?' I nodded.

    He said, 'You don't listen very well. I didn't say nod your head; I said answer me.' And then he moved a little to my left and began really spanking my butt. Hard and fast. His hand swatting my butt made a loud slapping noise. He spanked me maybe ten or fifteen times. Then he stopped and resumed pushing me forwards and backwards.

    'So, is he sucking you good boy?' he asked.

    'Yes,' I whispered.

    He began rubbing and squeezing my butt and then ran his hands up my back under my t-shirt. 'Let's get this off,' he said, and pulled my t-shirt over my head. Then he knelt down and undid the Velcro on my Tevas and removed them. 'Lift a leg,' he ordered. 'Now the other one.'

    And with that he pulled my jeans off and I now stood naked in the booth with my cock through the glory hole getting a blowjob, and this big black guy on his knees behind me. He stayed on his knees and again grabbed my buns and pulled and pushed me back and forth. The clerk was noisily slurping on my cock. The black guy leaned forward and looked at my cock.

    'Shit, boy. You got a pretty big dick for a white boy. Let me see that thing.' He pulled me away from the hole and turned me to face him. He wrapped his hand around my cock and jerked me a few times. Then he licked the swollen head of my circumcised 7" cock. 'You ever have a black man suck your white dick?' he asked.

    I shook my head.

    He reached around behind me and gave me two very firm slaps on my ass. 'What did I tell you? Now answer me again: Have you ever had a black man suck your white dick?'

    I said, 'No.'

    'Do you want me to suck it?' he asked.

    'Sure,' I said.

    The clerk said, 'Yeah suck him off. Let me watch.'

    The black guy looked up at me. 'OK, if you want me to suck your dick, then just shove your dick in my mouth.' And he opened his mouth. I moved forward and put just the tip of my cock in between his lips. He didn't move, just kneeled there with my cock resting on his tongue.

    The clerk said, 'Shove it all in. fuck his mouth.'

    I moved forward more and now he closed his lips around my cock. He began sliding his lips up and down. He easily slid the entire length into his mouth. He did something with his teeth or something when just the tip of my cock was in his mouth that made my knees almost buckle.

    He grabbed my buns to steady me, and the clerk said, 'Yeah. Nibble that boy cock.'

    He sucked me for a long time. The clerk would occasionally reach through and cup my balls or play with my ass, fingering my butthole or slapping my buns. Then the black guy stopped and pulled his mouth off my cock.

    'Hey buddy,' he said to the clerk, 'you want this cock in your ass?'

    The clerk said, 'Fucking-A right I do.'

    Then I heard him stand and pull his jeans down. The black guy guided me to the glory hole and I slid my cock through. I could tell that the clerk had his butt up against the hole. I felt his hand guide me to his butthole. Then I could feel that the tip of my cock was right against his hole. I pushed a little, and I could feel the clerk pushing back. I didn't think anything was gonna happen when suddenly the tip of my cock just kinda popped into his butt. I could not believe that I was naked in a booth with a black guy who had just sucked my cock and now I was butt fucking a guy through a glory hole. I pushed harder until I couldn't push anymore.

    The black dude was encouraging me, 'Yeah fuck his ass. Fuck him good. Shove that big boy-cock into his ass.'

    I started thrusting my cock in and out of the clerk's tight butt. The black guy stood and moved behind me. I heard him unzipping his jeans.

    'Shit boy! Your hot little ass looks fucking good when you're banging him. I like the way it looks when you push forward into his ass. Your buns look even firmer and rounder.' He had his jeans lowered by now. He began to slap my ass again. Slap! Slap! Slap!

    'You gonna blow your load in his ass, boy?'

    I said, 'Yes.'

    He said, 'Hold off a bit, 'cause I wanna fuck that hot little ass of yours.'

    And I felt his dick rubbing between my buns. I turned to look back and his cock was bigger and thicker than mine. He knelt down and grabbed both my butt cheeks and pulled them apart. Then he pushed his face in between my buns and began to lick my butthole. It felt unbelievable. I was moaning. I had stopped thrusting my cock in and out of the clerks butt 'cause the butt licking the black guy was giving me felt so good. But the clerk had begun to move his ass back and forth, fucking himself on my cock.

    Soon the black guy stood and guided his cock to my butthole. It took a long time, and it hurt like hell, but he eventually slid his cock all the way into my butt. I was so ready to blow my load. Here I was. Nineteen years old, nice smooth body, in shape from running and swimming. Completely naked in a booth in an adult store with my cock in the ass of this cute guy through a glory hole and the guy was fucking himself on my cock. And a big black guy had his big cock up my butt that was probably a little red still from all the spankings I had received from both him and the clerk.

    I leaned up against the wall and just let myself enjoy the sensations from my cock as it slid in and out of the clerk's tight ass, and also the sensations from my ass as the black guy slid his huge cock in and out of my butthole. We all stayed like that for quite a while.

    Then I heard the clerk say, 'Fucking A! I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum.'

    The black guy pulled me away from the wall and said, 'On your knees, boy, and let that guy blow his load in your mouth.'

    He pushed me to my knees. The clerk slid his cock through the hole. It was red and slick from his pre-cum. I just leaned forward and took my first ever cock into my mouth. I had only slid it in and out a few times before I felt him shooting his load into my mouth. I tried to pull back, but the black guy held my head in place, so I just swallowed the clerks cum shooting into my mouth. But some did dribble out the corners of my mouth. The black guy then put his cock in my face and I looked up at him as I wrapped my lips around the big head of his cock. I sucked on him for quite a while. The clerk was watching through the hole and talking all the time.

    'Yeah boy! Suck that big black dick. Suck it good.' Then the black guy grabbed my head and began to really fuck my mouth. I just knelt there and let him have his way with me. The only sound now was the slurping noises coming from my mouth as the black guy pistoned his cock in and out of my mouth.

    'Suck my cock white boy! Suck it all! Fuck yeah. Oh shit! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!' And then I felt his cock spurting cum inside my mouth. He rammed his entire cock into my mouth. I thought I would gag, but I didn't. It was hot knowing that I had the entire length of his spurting cock in my mouth and throat and that his cock was spurting his cum deep in my throat. He slid the entire length in and out of my mouth a few times, and I loved that feeling of him pushing his whole cock into my mouth, the feeling of having my mouth full of his throbbing cock. Then he pulled out. Pulled his pants up.

    Slapped me a couple times on my butt and said, 'Hope to see ya around kid,' and he left. I heard the clerk's door open and close too. I realized that I was the only one who hadn't shot a load. I put a few more quarters in the machine and was stroking my cock while watching those two hot dudes in the locker room. Then again I felt a breeze as the door in the next booth opened and closed.

    I just stood there watching the video until I heard, 'Nice ass.'

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