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  • My fathers son
  • With college firmly out of the way, I was looking forward to spending the summer just relaxing, enjoying he fact that my years of education were now behind me. Id not done too bad in my classes, although I was nowhere near being the top of the class, but Id done well enough to make my father proud of me.

    After losing mom three years earlier, it had been a blow when I also had to leave for college, and Id never seen a man so relieved as on my graduation day. I think he was more pleased about me finishing school than I was. To celebrate, the first week of freedom as my dad called it was going to be spent camping out in the local national park. It had been an annual ritual when I had been younger, but had just kind of stopped after I hit puberty and started to find my own things to keep me interested.

    Puberty had been a very good time for me, much better than for most, and by the age of twelve I was already looking like a fifteen-year-old. My Italian-American heritage had put me in good stead, and it was plain to see that I was my fathers son, receiving most of my characteristics from his end of the gene pool. I had the thick black hair, which by now was also growing thickly across my chest and stomach, as well as a nice neat bush around my cut cock, which was relatively short, at only six inches, but was as thick as a beercan. This had caused me to get quite a lot of abuse from fellow students when I was in high school, and had to share the showers after gym, but I found it was more than an advantage in college, where I discovered the pleasure of fucking my roommates hot ass.

    Max and I had been on the swimming team together, and so in the second year had shared a room. One night wed got roaring drunk, and Id passed out, only to wake up a little later to find Max playing with me through my shorts. At first Id wrested him to the ground, ready to give him a pair of black eyes, but as I sat astride him, staring into his fear-stricken face, my fist raised ready to attack, I realised that I was rock-hard, and getting off on seeing Max so scared of me. Id then smothered him with my sweaty crotch, sitting on his face and calling him my little gay bitch, before face-fucking him and blowing a load down his throat. Hed obviously already had experience, but had never been subjected to taking a cock that he could barely fit in his mouth. For the last year of college Id learnt almost all the tricks of gay sex, both giving and receiving. Maxs tight little ass had been the first ass Id ever fucked. Id almost split him in two, as he had screamed whist I shoved it up him, but by graduation, he was taking it like a pro. Also, Maxs slender, eight-inch tool had been the first dick Id ever been fucked with or sucked, and with practice, Id mastered the art of deepthroating, and had been able to bring Max off in seconds with my throat action.

    I also grew to love cottaging. Being on the swimming team, I was always in and out of the sports centre, and would often use their toilets on my way back from training, as it was a half-mile walk back to my room. Usually I only stopped in to use the urinals, but one day I wasnt feeling too well, and thought I was going to throw up. I rushed into one of the toilet cubicles and waited, knelt over the bowl, but the feeling soon passed. As I stood up, though, I was greeted to the sight of a nice 7-incher poking through the cubicle partition. It was uncut, with the excess skin gathered around the bulging red head, and had a severed curve to it, pointing directly up towards the ceiling. All thoughts of my nausea had vanished then as I dove onto the cock, and sucked it as though my life depended on it. Deepthroating a dick that was so strongly curved was a difficult job and I almost did end up throwing up at one point. But I soon got the hang of it, however, and within a minute I was rewarded with a wad twice the size Id ever shot myself, or Max had ever unloaded on or in me.

    After that, my twice-weekly swimming practices were always finished with me sucking some anonymous dick in the sports centre toilets.

    Swimming had also helped me develop a nice slim body that had just the right amount of muscle on it. I had developed a nice pair of pecs, giving me just enough shelf to be able to wear tight white T-shirts and draw looks from all my fellow students. My ass was also one of my favourite body-parts, too. Like Maxs, swimming had built ours up into high, tight and round globes of muscle. I loved packing those buttocks into the tightest shrink-washed jeans I could get away with, which also showed off my dick, which was fat and fleshy even when it was soft, to perfection. I really got off on the attention, and by the time Id reached graduation, Id worked through the entire gay and bisexual male student population, as well as once sucking off my English lecturer, before he was fired for playing around with another student.

    Even though Id only been out of college for a couple of weeks before going on the camping trip with dad, I already missed my almost daily fuck-and-suck sessions with Max and numerous other students, and found myself constantly horny. This I was worried about, as I knew that Id be sharing a three-man tent with dad, and since leaving college I"d started to wake up in the morning drenched in my own cum.

    But driving out into the hills, this was soon forgotten as my dad and I talked like adults for the first time in my life. The time away from him had made him realise just how much Id grown up when I had come home, and I now felt more like one of dads buddies. Dad had a lot of friends, and was a real mans-man, and he was always going to poker games with them, or around the house getting drunk on a Friday evening with them, even when mum had been alive.

    As we drove into the hills, we talked mainly about the two years that wed hardly seen each other, and what had changed and happened in that time. I gave him edited accounts of my college life, and Max became Christine, my steady girlfriend that Id broken up with just before graduation.

    "Did you fuck her, Alex?" His bluntness took me aback, and I looked over at him, gaping. "Dont look at me like that, boy. Youre old enough to be talked to like a man, now, so thats what Im doing. So, did you fuck her?"

    "Well... Er... Yeah," came my stammered reply. Dad chuckled to himself, running his fingers through his goatee.

    "Thats my boy. I was fucking girls by the time I was in college, too. Mind you, I was never really one for steady girlfriends at that time. This dick," he said as he clutched his crotch to emphasise his point, "Needed a lot more than just the one to keep it satisfied back then. Wasnt until I met your mother that I stopped fooling around."

    I quickly moved the subject on from girls and sex, as not only was I worried about tripping up on my story, but also talking about sex with my dad still seemed really strange. For the last hour and a half of the drive, conversation was light, and we were talking like old friends by the time we reached our spot.

    Parking the car in the dusty lay-by, we transferred all our provisions to our backpacks before locking up the car and setting off into the woods. This area of the park was little-used by campers as it had no amenities, and you really had to know how to rough it to put up with more than a couple of days here. My dad and I had been coming to this same spot since I was five, and we were both experienced campers.

    We spent most of the afternoon hiking through the thick woodland, using natural trails to allow us easy passage through the trees, until we reached the ridge of our valley. I recognised the surrounding view, with its foothills in every direction, as though it were my home, and within half an hour we were down in the clearing by a small, freshwater pond that we always used. It was peaceful, miles from anywhere, and faced due south, so we got the full heat from the sun.

    Setting up camp, we slipped back into our practised roles as though wed only been here the previous week. As dad sorted out the tent, which was a brand new, carbon-rod type design, like the ones used by arctic explorers and the like, and far easier to assemble than our old one, I dug out the fire pit. It was still there from our previous camping trips, but was now just a small depression filled with grass, whilst the large stones that circled it were beginning to moss over.

    By the time I had dug the fire pit and found enough kindling and wood to start the fire off, dad had fully set up the tent and the sleeping bags, as well as getting our food for the evening meal ready.

    "Im too tired to fish today, son, so well be dipping into our rations. Im not as young as I used to be." Dad and I always used to start the week by fishing for our first dinner, wading out to the side of the fair-sized pool and catching the fish that lived there.

    "Dont worry, dad, Im a bit tired, too. I must be out of practice." Dad looked over at me, grinning coyly.

    "A lad in your shape? Get out of here. Wait until you get to 43, like me, then you try hiking four miles with half a campsite on your back."

    We kept ourselves in high spirits, joking and talking as we got the fire going and began to cook our meal of tinned beef stew with boil-in-the-bag rice. Although it was still only four oclock in the afternoon, we wolfed down our food, and then I took our dirty crockery and pots down to the pool and washed hem out.

    Upon returning, I was met with the sight of my dad all but naked. We always wore jeans on the hike to protect our legs from gnats, but the clearing was relatively gnat-free as the pool was fed by a spring a few miles up the valley. On our previous camping trips, most of the week we wore shorts and went topless, allowing the sun to darken our olive skin; it was just our routine.

    Dad had stripped down to his socks and jockstrap, and the first thing to cross my mind was what a nice body. I immediately felt ashamed for thinking that, but I continued to stare at my dad nonetheless as he pulled on a pair of small, tight running shorts and took off his socks. He was fairly muscular, as he used to visit the gym regularly when mum had been alive, but the once-defined muscles were now covered by a layer of fat, softening them, but giving him a stockier, heftier look. He had also developed a small beergut, thanks to his regular drinking sessions with his buddies, but it didnt detract from the look of him; in fact, it added to the sight.

    He was also immensely hairy, but not untidily so. A thick mat of dark hair swirled over his broad chest and slightly bulged belly, disappearing into the waistline of his shorts. His legs and forearms were also covered with black hair, adding to his masculine presence.

    "What are you gawping at, boy? Come and change into your shorts, you must be cooking alive in those jeans." Suddenly snapping out of my daydream, I felt myself flush bright red as I disappeared into the tent to get my shorts. Also, more worryingly, my dick had started to swell a little, getting harder, but I put that down to the fact that Id only had my hand as relief for the past fortnight, and anything could have set me off at that point.

    I changed in the tent, which was large enough to allow me to stand while only stooping a little, as my dick refused to soften in my briefs as I undressed, and I didnt want to risk my father seeing his son springing a boner.

    "What you changing in there for, Alex? No one out here but me, and you havent got anything I havent seen before, you know." I laughed, trying to keep the tone light to prevent my father getting suspicious.

    "Dad! Quit it; it just saves me bringing my jeans back in here," I said, passing it off as I walked back out into the sunshine, barefoot and topless, like my father, in a small pair of running shorts. My dick was still threatening to stiffen to full erection, and as I looked at my father, laying prostrate on his back, his eyes shielded with one arm from the sun, I felt it twitch and throb once more. I began to panic, worrying what dad would do if he caught me getting hard.

    "Uh, look dad, Im going to go walk off my dinner. Im only going to go back up to the ridge, so I wont need a compass, and Ill be back in an hour." Without taking his arm from across his face, he reached down with his other hand and lazily scratched his balls, making my cock throb again, and to my horror I could feel myself becoming fully hard.

    "No problem, son. Just dont go getting lost, I dont fancy doing any more walking today, especially to have to come looking for you." By this time, I had already grabbed my trainers from inside the tent and was heading for the trees, fleeing from my father, who was unwittingly tripping my switches.

    "OK!" I called back as I disappeared into the trees, my dick raging in my shorts.

    As I marched through the trees, heading slowly upwards, all I could think about was my own father, and the sight of him laid flat on the ground, his hairy, olive-skinned body almost fully-exposed to me. My mind kept flashing images of his chest, his arms, his hairy beergut, but what dominated my mind was that straining jockstrap. I knew that I could fill a jock with no problem, but my dads had been full to bursting, and the form of his dick, long and fat, had been clearly visible as it pressed against the fabric, curled over two heavy bull-balls.

    After fifteen minutes I stopped to catch my breath. My heart was racing and I could now feel a damp, sticky patch at the front of my tented shorts, pushed out by my hard, chunky dick.

    Unable to hold out any longer, I frantically pushed my shorts and jockstrap down to my ankles, and clasped hold of my dick, squeezing it hard and sighing with relief as I milked a gluey trickle of precum for the large slit. My hand had never been able to completely encircle my dick, and I even had trouble encompassing its girth when it was soft without squeezing hard, but today it seemed fatter and bigger than ever before. Id only beaten off that morning, but here I was, halfway up a hillside, stroking my cock that felt as though I hadnt cum in a month.

    I began to jack myself off, while images of my own father still swirled in my mind. I tried to think of all my other experiences; of Max, of my English lecture, of those numerous anonymous dicks from the sports centre bathrooms. But they all were pushed aside by thoughts of dad in his jockstrap, dad laid flat on the ground, dad scratching his balls, dad fucking my...

    I suddenly collapsed to my knees with a thundering orgasm before I could fully materialise that last, most taboo, image in my mind, and as I volleyed five thick loads of cum in thick ropes across the ground before me, I began to cry. Tears of fear ran down my face, as feelings that I didnt understand overwhelmed me. It was then that I realised my left knee had struck a rock as Id collapsed, and now I began to cry harder, the shooting pain that was now radiating from my knee mixing with my confused thoughts, my climax completely forgotten.

    After ten minutes or so I pulled myself together. I went to rub the tears from my eyes, but too late realised that my fingers were still covered in my slime, and my left eye began burning in pain. I wiped my hand on a bush that grew beside me; then wiped the smear of cum and tears from my face, before cleaning my flaccid dick as best as I could before standing up and pulling up my shorts and jockstrap. Now I was able to look at the damage Id done to my knee, although only through my right eye, as the left was clamped tightly shut and streaming. My knee throbbed with pain, and already a thick trail of blood was running down my shin.

    Feeling thoroughly miserable, I limped slowly back down the hillside, barely able to support myself on my right leg, and almost falling three times.

    When I got back into the clearing, I headed straight for the pool and walked all the way in, up to my waist. I not only wanted to clean my knee out of any dirt and grime that was in there, but also to disguise the damp patch that was still spread across the front of my shorts.

    "Hey, Alex. Youre back quick. What are you doing, son? You only had a bath this morning!" My father called to me from the shore as I washed the traces of cum from my left eye, then washed all of myself. I felt dirty, and I wanted to forget.

    "Oh, I fell and split my knee open on a rock. It hurts like hell, and Im just getting the crap out of the wound, dad."

    "Well, what are you doing splashing around like that, then? Its only your knee, isnt it?" I finished washing myself, but dared not turn around. I didnt want to look at my dad, and I felt ashamed at that.

    "I went down pretty hard. I got a face full of leaf-mould. Im just cleaning it off."

    When I had finally mustered the courage to return to the campsite, my dad was sat up on his elbows, looking at my knee with a troubled look.

    "Looks pretty bad, son. I thought I heard you call out, but you must have been quite a way up the ridge, as I wasnt sure." It occurred to me then that I must have cried out as I reached orgasm, and my face flushed. "Come over here and let me see it. Better make sure it doesnt need a dressing."

    I walked over to my father, and he sat upright, and then grabbed the back of my knee firmly. This contact sent a shiver down my spine, and at once I began to imagine myself thrusting my dripping crotch into his face, making him take my cock as I had done to Max the first time we had had sex.

    "Its fine, dad, honestly," I protested, breaking free of his grip and going back into the tent, returning with a book Id packed for the journey. I sat the opposite side of the campfire from my father, and as he settled back down to do some more sunbathing, I attempted to absorb myself in my book, but could get no further than four pages in half an hour. My eyes were constantly drawn to my fathers body, and at this angle I could just see a glimpse of his jockstrap beneath his shorts.

    His bulge was incredible. Simply laid back like that, it pushed upwards from his crotch, pulling the fabric of his shorts smooth over the mound of flesh beneath. Soon my father was lightly snoring, and I was able to gaze at him more freely. His stomach, with its slight bulge, rose and fell rhythmically, and I traced the thick trail of hair that ran down the centre of his belly and into his shorts with my eyes. He shifted a little as he dozed, his arm sliding from his face and his legs parting slightly. This allowed me an even better view up one of the legs of his shorts, and I could see the taut fabric of his jockstrap, which had masses of coarse black pubic hair pouring from beneath it. I imagined my fathers hairy low-hangers, and felt myself becoming erect again.

    To divert my mind from the sight of my father, I got up and decided to go fetch some more firewood. I kept my mind filled with other thoughts, and by the time I returned to camp, it was getting dusky and dad was clearing up around the tent, ready for bed.

    "Hey there, Alex. Wondered where youd got to." I dropped the armful of thick branches and dusted myself off.

    "Sorry, it took me longer than I expected, what with this damn knee."

    "Hows it doing? Not too painful I hope?"

    "No, its almost fine now; just a little tender to walk on."

    "Im glad. Anyway, Im almost ready to turn in for the night, son. How about you?" I checked my watch, and it was already nine oclock. I realised that Id been out, wandering around the forest, collecting wood for two hours, and I was suddenly struck by a wave of exhaustion.

    "Oh yeah. I got a bit carried away collecting firewood, and Im beat now."

    Dad stepped into the tent as I piled the spare firewood next to the tent, ready for the morning. When I entered the tent, I almost walked face-first into my own fathers hairy ass. He was bent down, pulling off his jockstrap, and I quickly backed up, hoping that he hadnt heard me entering.

    "Sorry, son, you can come in now. Didnt mean to give you a show there." He had heard me. I could have died, but I calmly walked into the tent, seeing my dad just as he slid into his sleeping bag. Had I been another second earlier, I thought, I would have seen his cock, naked and swinging free in front of those hairy low-hangers.

    I mentally scolded myself for thinking such things, and just got undressed as quickly as possible, with my back to my father, before sliding into my own sleeping bag. With the tent being a three-man design, we had a large space between our two bags, where we kept our rucksacks. I was pleased that there was such a large gap between us, as I no longer trusted myself around my own father.

    For about half an hour we lay in the dwindling light of the evening, chatting about nothing in particular, until it was almost too dark to see, and we bid each other good night. As my fathers silence became light snores, I lay in my sleeping bag, staring directly ahead, trying to make sense of it all. It was just the fact that I was really horny without my regular sessions with Max, I told myself. But as I drifted into troubled sleep, I knew I was kidding myself.

    The next day I felt much more relaxed. We didnt stray far from camp, but kept ourselves occupied, chatting like friends and enjoying the peace. In the late afternoon we decided to catch some fish for dinner, and dad retrieved two lines from his rucksack. For the next two hours we stood, knee-deep in the pool, casting our lines and slowly collecting that evenings meal. Most of the fish were only small, but once in a while we would hook a fair-sized one, and added it to our growing pile on the bank. We then sat, industriously gutting the fish, and then slowly steamed them over the fire, and boiled some more rice to go with them.

    Just as I was serving up our simple meal, dad disappeared into the tent, and then returned with a bottle of whiskey.

    "I thought that seeing how youre a man now, and that youve finished college, we could celebrate with a little liquor. You ever had alcohol before, son?" Id frequently shared a bottle of liquor or a crate of beer with Max when Id been in college, and didnt feel the need to lie to my dad about this.

    "Yeah. I drink beer quite often, and I quite like whiskey, but I prefer vodka," I replied, smiling. Dad raised an eyebrow, a little surprised at my honesty, and chuckled.

    "Well, seems youve done a lot of growing up in college. Fetch us a couple of beakers, boy."

    As we ate our dinner, we started to work our way through the whiskey, and by the end of the meal I already felt a little light-headed. Dad drank a lot faster than I, but seemed none the worse for it. Our conversation flowed easily, lubricated by the alcohol, and by seven oclock we had finished the bottle and were both pretty drunk.

    "So, Alex. This girl of yours... Whats her name?"


    "Was she good-looking?" Dad was grinning drunkenly as he sat on his haunches, knowing that I was still a little uncomfortable talking about my girlfriend, even though he didnt know the real reason why.

    "Yeah... She was really stunning."

    "Did you give it to her often?" I shifted a little, uneasy with the conversation. "Come on, its your old man your talking to here. Weve both had a bit to drink; its fine."

    "Well, we used to do it most days. Sometimes once in the morning, then once in the evening, if I was really horny." Dad threw his head back, bellowing with laughter.

    "Thats my boy! Good to see youre like your old man. I could go two, three times a day when I was younger. I used to fuck whatever I could lay my hands on. I bet youre like that too, aint you, boy?" In my drunken state, it took me a little while to figure out what my dad was implying, and for a moment I sat, staring at him blankly, trying to work it out. "Come on, son, are you telling me youve never fooled around with a guy when you were really needing it? I sure as hell have. I mean, fuck, a holes a hole, right?" I was shocked. I could barely believe it. My dad was openly admitting to me that hed fooled around with other guys. My head was swimming, but the alcohol was putting words in my mouth.

    "Well, yeah dad. Ive fooled around with guys before, but..."

    "Dont you worry about it, son. Theres nothing to be ashamed of. Youve got the family jewels, boy, and they need a lot of attention. Sometimes youre mother couldnt keep up with my demands, so we had a little arrangement."

    "Whoa, dad, I dont need to know. I can guess what youre saying, but that stuffs private." Id never heard dad talking like this before, and it had caught me completely off-balance; being drunk wasnt helping me either.

    "Hey, like I said, we need a lot of attention. I mean," dad paused as he groggily hauled himself to his feet. Then, he suddenly pulled down his shorts, letting his cock and balls flop heavily against his thigh. "Look at this, boy. This thing needs more than just one person can give." I was dumbstruck. My father was stood not four feet away from me, showing me his mighty cock. It was soft, but it was still as long as mine was hard, and as thick as mine is flaccid. "Come on, son, lets see if youve inherited your dads meat."

    Everything was moving so fast for me. But as I watched his fat dick and low-hanging, hairy bull-balls, I rose to my feet and without thinking lowered my own shorts. My dad inspected my cock, tilting his head to one side like a curious dog, and gave a low whistle.

    "I bet youve made some fucker scream with that thing, boy. Good to see that you got the best of your old mans genes." With that, my dad stepped out of his shorts and jockstrap and began sprinting towards the pool. "Come on, son, take a dip," he called as he splashed into the water. "I was starting to get a little hot and bothered back there, and if youre anything like me, you are too." It was right. The only reason I hadnt begun getting hard was due to the alcohol, and a plunge in the cold water would do me good. I stripped off my shorts and ran towards the water, feeling my limp dick and hefty bollocks bouncing around between my thighs.

    The cold water was like a punch in the guts in my drunken state, and for a moment I couldnt catch my breath. Soon, though, I was swimming around the clear pool, enjoying the feeling of my genitals floating freely beneath me.

    "Im getting damned horny, son. How about you?" My father was stood in the centre of the pool, with the water up to his nipples, and although I couldnt see from where I was, by the movements of his arm I guessed he was playing with himself. "Its perfectly natural, son. I bet youve beaten off more times than youve had hot meals, am I right?" I nodded weakly, stunned at my fathers brazen behaviour, but I stopped swimming and stood a little way from him. Stood up, I was able to see the distorted form of his cock, which appeared to be getting hard, with his hand wrapped around it. The ripples of the water made it hard to see properly, but it was already looking huge.

    "Dad, this isnt right. Im horny too, yeah, but this is freaking me out."

    "And I know why youre horny, boy," my dad said, his eyes focused on mine and his voice now lower, more ominous. "I saw you watching me yesterday. Watched me getting into those skimpy little shorts that showed off my big package. Then you went and beat off in the woods, didnt you?" I stood stone still, not daring to say anything. "Yeah, you beat off in the woods thinking about your old man. I heard you call out."

    "But I fell..." I replied weakly.

    "You dont shout like that when you fall over, boy. Dont you try and kid your old man. Ive got 25 years on you, and Ive done it all. Now answer me, you were beating off in the woods, thinking about your old man, werent you?"

    "Y...Yes, dad." I hung my head, completely ashamed of myself. "But I tried not to. Its wrong, and I know that."

    "Didnt stop you coming back and copping a good look at your old man again though, did it? You thought I was asleep, that I didnt see you while you were reading your book. You spent more time looking up my shorts than you did at that book, didnt you?"

    "Yes, dad."

    "So, you like men then, Alex? You like them better than women? And dont lie. I know youve been lying about this Christine." The look on my face was enough to answer his questions, and I remained silent, feeling like a five-year-old. "What about your old man, Alex? You like him? You like his body?"

    "Dad, I dont know what to think." I looked at him, but my eyes were drawn down to his cock, which I could see him slowly stroking beneath the water.

    "I think you know exactly what to think, son. I think you know exactly what to do, too." I looked at my father, aghast. "Dont play innocent with me, boy. Youre anything but. Now come here and show your father the respect he deserves." I stayed where I was, rooted to the spot, too fearful that this was some cruel hoax.

    "COME HERE, BOY!" roared my father. Suddenly my feet carried me forward, into the deeper water, and before I knew it I was stood inches away from my father, the two of us naked, my father stroking his erection. My own cock was still soft, my mind too filled with fear and confusion to think about anything else. "Now, Alex, show your father the respect that I deserve."

    With that, I felt myself being pushed beneath the water, and my face was pushed up against my own fathers rock-hard cock. I panicked, imagining myself drowning by my own fathers hand, and flailed helplessly beneath the water, until I felt myself being dragged up to the surface.

    "Dont worry, son." My dads voice was now softer again, and the look in his eyes was now pleading. I felt the head of his cock pressing into my groin, and he thrust it against me a little harder as he spoke, emphasising his words. "I wont let anything happen to you, Alex. Youre my son and I love you. We both have needs that we can help each other out with. Help your old man, son." And with that he leant forward and kissed me. Id never been kissed by anyone with a goatee before, and it felt strange, but in a good way. My fathers soft fat tongue rolled around my mouth, playing with my own, and I soon felt myself melting to my fathers passionate embrace. I pulled myself in close to him, his hard, thick cock pressed against my stomach as my own cock quickly swelled and throbbed to its full size, pushing itself against my fathers thighs. He opened his legs a little to allow me to slide my cock between them, then closed them again, trapping my hard fat dick as I began pumping my hips back and forth a little.

    Then, tenderly breaking our kiss, my dad took a step back and placed his hands upon my shoulders, and gently pushed me beneath the water. I went willingly this time, and I quickly took hold of my dads dick and began shoving his head between my lips.

    It was so unbelievably big. I had both my hands wrapped around its girth by now, and they were having a hard time meeting around the baseball-bat thickness of his shaft. By the time I finally had managed to fit his head into my mouth, I was in serious need of air, and so reluctantly pulled off my dads cock and came back up to the surface.

    "Can we go back to the tent? Ill be able to do this a lot better there, dad." He looked at me, smiling.

    "Thats a damn big dick, isnt it son? Finding it too much for you?"

    "No, its amazing, but Ill be able to suck it a lot better if I dont have to keep coming up for air every ten seconds." My dad laughed heartily then pulled me close to him in a bearhug, kissing me passionately once again.

    "Come on, then."

    Once ashore, dad lay down on the grass in front of the fire that was now starting to dwindle. I was now able to fully appreciate his tool, which was easily thirteen inches long, and far thicker than mine was.

    "Fucking hell, dad, its huge."

    "Yeah, son. Im damn big. Now suck on that dick, boy, and get me real horny."

    I dropped to my hands and knees, straddling my dads groin. With one hand, my father raised the mighty tool to my lips, and I flicked my tongue over the firm, smooth head, tasting his precum. I then opened my mouth as wide as I could get it, and engulfed his throbbing glans within the warmth of my mouth.

    "Mmm, yeah, son, that feels good. Suck on your dads dick. Take this monster."

    I sucked hard on his head, my mouth slowly filling with his viscous precum, which I swallowed down like nectar. Dad began bucking his hips upwards slightly, beating his huge blunt head against the back of my throat. I had never taken a dick anywhere near this size before, and was unsure of whether it would even fit into my throat, but I wanted to give my dad the best blowjob I knew how to give. Relaxing my gag reflex, I dove down onto his rigid prong and suddenly the head was forced into my gullet, expanding my throat to accommodate the incredible size. I held it there for as long as I could, allowing my gullet to get used to the size, until I withdrew it back into my mouth again, sucking in breath through my nose.

    "Fuck, boy, thats good. Dont stop now, youre doing just fine." Pleased with my fathers praise, I wedged his cock back down my throat, sinking it even further inside me. I must have been impaled one around ten of his enormous inches now, with three of those down my throat. I kept swallowing, which both massaged dads hard shaft and head, and pulled him deeper inside my mouth, before retreating off his length once more, gulping for breath.

    "Oh my god, Alex, youre amazing. Fuck, thats feels so good. Yeah, eat your dads fat meat. Take it all."

    As I deepthroated dads beast for a third time, I drove myself right down onto the entire length. It was so wide at the base that my teeth were digging into his massive, throbbing root, but I stayed there, once again massaging his shaft, six inches of which were buried deep within my throat.

    Slowly removing him into my mouth, I ran my tongue along the shaft as it slid from between my lips, tracing over the bulging veins that supplied this giant with the blood that kept it as hard as stone. I then soon worked up a rhythm, bobbing my head up and down along dads length; with each stroke I would manage to swallow almost all of his mighty dick, and soon I could tell he was getting ready to cum, which made me suck even harder and faster.

    "Oh, yeah... Fucking hell... Ungh... Ungh... Oh... Fuck... Alex, Im... Alex... Oh, Alex!" Dad grabbed hole of my head with both hands, plunging me all the way down onto his fat rod as he came. Within my throat, it swelled even larger and harder for a second, bucking strongly as I felt the first copious volley of cum, a river of white-hot jizz, flooded directly into my stomach. I quickly pulled off his length until only his head was filling my mouth, still swallowing down the deluge of his first wad, as a second blast, just as big as the first, surged into my mouth. The amount was incredible, and within a moment it was spurting from the edges of my lips, my mouth unable to contain the torrent of my fathers thick bullslime.

    Again and again, dad shot gluey wads of his seed into my mouth. I drank down as much as I was able, but the excess ran down my chin in waves, dropping with great splashes onto his hairy bollocks, which were pulled up tight against the root of his jerking shaft. After ten full loads of his cream, dads orgasm finally subsided, and I fell from his cock, collapsing onto his heaving stomach, gasping for breath, my face drenched with his cum. His dick flopped down in front of my face, and I leant forward, suckling on the head that was still oozing globs of sticky goo from the long gaping slit.

    "Alex, where did you learn to suck dick like that? Ive never cum so much in my life, boy. That was amazing. I thought I was going to drain my entire bollocks into your face." I simply laid on top of my father, my head resting upon his hairy beergut that heaved up and down in heavy breaths, sucking the last few drops of his precious cum from his softening dick. My own cock was throbbing, aching for a release of its own, but I ignored it, my mind still reeling from the inundation of senses I was feeling.

    "Its your turn next, son," purred my father as he gently stroked my face with his large, powerful hand.


    "Alex, where did you learn to suck dick like that? Ive never cum so much in my life, boy. That was amazing. I thought I was going to drain my entire bollocks into your face." I simply laid on top of my father, my head resting upon his hairy beergut that heaved up and down in heavy breaths, sucking the last few drops of his precious cum from his softening dick. My own cock was throbbing, aching for a release of its own, but I ignored it, my mind still reeling from the inundation of senses I was feeling.

    "Its your turn next, son," purred my father as he gently stroked my face with his large, powerful hand.

    "You have an incredible cock, dad," I said, looking into his dark brown eyes that gazed at me, dreamy and satiated. "I sucked a lot of dicks in college, but none come close to yours."

    "Its a pretty damn fine cock, Ill say that much. But I think its yours we need to worry about now, son. Its looking pretty fucking angry, and Im eager to taste my boys seed in my mouth. Lay on your back, son."

    I hauled myself from on top of his powerful body and lay out on the ground. My six inches, not as thick as my fathers but still more than a mouthful for many, lay on my stomach, leaking clear fluid onto my hair-swathed, defined abs.

    "You have a beautiful body, Alex. And a beautiful cock, too."

    "69 me, dad. I want that dick and those huge hairy bull-balls in my face while you suck me. I want to get you hard again, because I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me, dad." At this, dad crawled up my torso on his hands and knees, gazing down at me with eyes brimming over with love. He then forcefully kissed me, his tongue pushing its way deep into my mouth, tasting his own fluids in his sons mouth. Breaking the kiss, he then changed positions until his knees were straddling my head, and his now-flaccid horsedick was swinging tantalisingly close to my face. Behind it, his two swollen nuts sagged low in their generous sac, wrapped in thick black fur.

    Suddenly, my cock was bathed in the warmth of my fathers mouth, and I could feel his goatee brushing against my groin. Hed taken my entire cock in one go, and I could feel that my head was lodged firmly in his throat, and he was having no problems administering a good hard suction along my thick, rigid shaft.

    "Not too fast, dad. Im already fit to bust a nut, and I want this to last. I want you hard again by the time I cum." My father didnt reply, by instead just eased up on the suction a little, and concentrated more on slowly lapping his tongue up and down the sides of my shaft as he slid it in and out of his throat.

    I reached up and grabbed my fathers firm, round hairy buttocks. Pulling down on them slightly, dad thrust his hips downwards and I once again found my face buried in his groin, his soft tube of flesh lolling over the side of my face as his bollocks rolled around my forehead. His crotch smelt muskier now than before, the exertion from his mammoth orgasm smelling strongly around the base of his cock. I began to gently run my tongue through the coarse pubic hair, acrid with fresh sweat and the faint taste of his seed, until I came at last to his balls. I figured out in the logical part of my mind that it was virtually impossible to fit both of them in my mouth at once, but I wanted to make my father so proud of me, and to make sure that he always came back for more. Sucking first one into my mouth, I rolled it around, sucking hard on it as dad groaned noisily with pleasure from between my own legs. As I did this, I felt the first twitch from his cock, and it began to slowly expand, elongating down the side of my chin as I feasted upon my fathers ball.

    Letting his ball slide from my mouth for a moment, I slicked up my right index finger with the glut of saliva that was collecting in my mouth, and as I sucked his bollock back between my lips, I slowly sank my finger through his pursing sphincter.

    "Oh yeah... Alex... Ohhh..." Cried my father, pulling off my dick in ecstatic surprise as my entire finger was engulfed into his soft warm chute, before quickly sucking my stumpy club back into his mouth. He was getting really turned on again now, as his dick was almost at its full thirteen inches and began to hoist itself from off my chin in jerking throbs. Slowly, I pulled my finger back out from his furry hole, and then pressed two fingers to his tight entrance. I felt him relax to allow me re-entry, and once again I slid into him in one smooth, slick motion that had him groaning with delight.

    I gazed at my fathers beautiful ass as I opened up his fleshy bud with my fingers. The day before Id almost ran in horror from the sight of it when I had almost accidentally walked into it in the tent, and now here I was plunging my fingers deep inside it, marvelling at the two firm fur-swathed buttocks.

    As he continued working on my cock, running his tongue over its length and lapping up the constant flow of precum, I slowly finger-fucked his hole. Soon he was driving his hips backwards in small movements to meet my inward pushes, gaining that little bit of extra depth to each thrust. Before long I was working a third finger inside of him to his long moans of delight that vibrated through my glans and down through my shaft.

    With my other hand, I decided to attempt both of my fathers monstrous bollocks in my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could on the one that was already inside my mouth, pulling it far to the back of my throat, and then using my hand I began stuffing the second one in past my lips. After a little while, it suddenly gave and my cheeks ballooned, my mouth crammed with my fathers testes.

    Dad was now panting in short bursts as he sucked on my cock, and his fully bloated thirteen inches were dribbling precum onto my chest, adding to the sticky mess of cum and saliva that was already smeared across it from his previous load.

    "Give me your fourth finger, son," dad panted as I began vigorously sucking on those oversized bollocks, my tongue running over their hairy surface. I did as I was asked, gently adding my fourth finger to the three already penetrating my father, opening his tight ring further still. He pushed his ass back hard onto my fingers, almost pulling his balls from my mouth, and cried out once more as sensations flooded over him.

    Unable to wait any longer, I pulled dads balls from my mouth, and jammed my four fingers hard into his ass.

    "Fuck me, dad. Give me your cock." Dad pulled off my cock once more, gasping for breath.

    "But you havent cum yet, son. I want to taste your cum."

    "You will, but I cant wait any longer. I need you inside me." I pulled my fingers slowly from within my father, and he turned back around until he was knelt over me once again. Kissing me deeply, whilst pushing his hard length into my groin, he began to hump my crotch, our two dicks rubbing past each other as he pumped his hips.

    "Ill lay on my back, son. I want to see my cock disappearing in your ass. But Ill need to lube you up first. Wait here a second." He climbed off me and walked into the tent, returning shortly with a small bottle of lube. "I thought I was just going to be using this for a couple of private wanks this week. Im glad I brought this along now."

    Dad laid back down on the soft grass, and as I crawled in between his parted legs and began playing with his hefty balls, he started to slick up his fat pole until it was glistening with the clear liquid.

    "Come here, boy. Well need to grease you up, too. Bend over me." I stood astride his head, and bending my knees slightly, stretched all the way forward, and reached back, parting my firm cheeks to fully expose my hair-fringed sphincter. "Oh, son, youve got a beautiful ass. Are you a virgin?"

    "No, but my regular fuck buddy had a really thin, long cock, so Ive never really been opened up." As I spoke, dad applied the first glob of cold lube to my ass, smearing it around my puckering bud, before suddenly slipping his finger past my clasped entrance, and I call out in surprise and wonderment, the same as my father had done when I did it to him. "I just want your cock up their, dad. I dont care how long it takes, but I want that fat beast to be the one to really open me up."

    "Thats my boy, Alex. Theres nothing I like better than the feeling of a really nice, fat dick splitting my hole wide open. You really do take after me in so many ways." With that I stood up again, and positioned my lube-smeared hole above dads thirteen-inch monster, which he was holding bolt upright, targeting my quivering sphincter.

    Slowly, very slowly, I began to lower myself onto my dads stiff pole. As my bud connected with the blunt tip of dads glans, I shivered with anticipation. Then, relaxing myself as much as possible and pushing out with my ass muscles, I pushed downwards with a short, slow stroke.

    It was incredible. The coating of clear grease on my fathers fat head gave it just enough lubrication to slide through my relaxed ring without pulling, but I was able to feel every sensation as I was slowly opened wider and wider by the flaring head. I hungrily continued my descent upon his throbbing prong, and as my ring became almost stretched to capacity, his head suddenly slid completely inside me, with my sphincter closing tight around the end of my dads shaft, locking his head within my warm passage with my strong teenage assring.

    "Aww, fuck dad. That feels incredible," I moaned as I got used to the feeling of such a huge intrusion inside me. Max had been a good fuck, and the only other person to ever fully fuck me, and so having my dads thick club driving inside me was a completely new and wonderful experience.

    "Youre telling me, son. Youve got the tightest ass Ive had in a long time. Youre almost pulling your old mans fat mushroom head off my shaft with that tight little ring of yours. Now, play with your dads tits as you take the rest of my monster. Come on. Your dad loves his fuck-buddies squeezing his tits while hes fucking and getting fucked, and youre the best fuck-buddy of all. I cant get over your ass, boy. Come on, slide all the way down your old mans greased up pole, right to the fucking hilt."

    I adjusted my position so that I was no longer squatting upon my feet, but, being careful not to put too much pressure on where Id hit my right knee-cap, actually on my knees, astride my father, with his huge head jammed into my tight, hot hole. As I reached down and began pinching dads nipples between my fingers, I lowered myself further down his dick, panting and groaning as inch after glorious fat inch disappeared inside me. Dad was also moaning, and telling me what a great ass I had, and how he felt like shooting his load right there, even though around eight inches of his thick rod were still not inside me.

    "Dont even think about it, dad. I want to ride this cock, and have you ride me, until Im too sore to walk. Then I want your load inside me." To emphasise my point, I squeezed dads tits as hard as I could between my fingers for a second, even digging my nails a little way into the fleshy nibs, intending for him to recoil in pain.

    Instead, dad threw his head back and arched his back violently as he almost rocketed towards a glorious orgasm within that split second. His drummed his arms against the firm earth, gasping for breath as he fought to control himself.

    Suddenly, his right hand clipped against the side of my left knee, the one that I had cut open the day before. Id been careful not to put too much pressure on it as I sank down onto dads cock, but the sudden jolt of pain caused me to involuntarily kick my leg away from his hand, which meant out from beneath me.

    Almost instantly, I fell straight downwards, completely impaling myself upon the entire thirteen inches of my fathers tool, those remaining eight inches that I had not yet engulfed sliding into me in a second. The base was even wider than the huge flange of my fathers glans, but my ring simply opened up in my distracted state, sliding me all the way down to his hairy ballsac.

    I cried out in what I expected to be the sheer torturous agony of his dick tearing me apart, but it was in fact a howl of pure ecstasy as I now rushed unstoppably towards involuntary climax. I punched a great slug of cum clean over my fathers chest and head, landing with a wet slap onto the grass about two metres away as I continued to bay loudly. As my second volley plastered dads face, he began to scream through gritted teeth, the two of us crying out as my fathers own climax was triggered once more. Suddenly, as my third wad of cum splattered onto dads chest, he arched his back stiffly for the second time, and that fat prong buried deep within me felt as though it grew to twice its size, before I was suddenly flooded by warmth.

    The two of us came uncontrollably, howling and screaming into the still forest air. I managed to stay on top of my father only because of the massive column of cock that was driven through the very centre of me, bloating my guts with an immeasurable volume of his jizz. Soon enough, my ass was unable to hold any more of my fathers copious and potent seed and the tight seal created by dads vascular cock and my tight sphincter built up a pressure so great that the excess came squirting out from within me at incredible speed. It ran over dads crotch and lower stomach like a river, and as our orgasms faded to dulled euphoria, I saw that dad was now lying in literally a pool of his own seed.

    "Fucking hell, boy, I thought you said you wanted to take it slowly. But when you took the rest of this fat cock and you started cumming and clenching tight around your old mans dick, I couldnt help myself."

    "I didnt mean to, dad. You hit my bad knee by accident and I lost my balance. I thought I was going to be seriously injured, taking all of that cock in one go, but instead it felt amazing. You still feel amazing, as I feel you slowly softening inside me." I wiggled around on my fathers groin and clenched my ass around his length, trying to milk the last few drops of cum from his bollocks. As I did so, dad ran his fingers through the ropes of cum that I had streaked his face and furry body with, occasionally bringing his fingers to his lips and eating my seed.

    "Im literally running on empty now, son. You must have taken almost a quart of cum in your mouth and ass today, and Im not superhuman." Dad then sat up so that I was now sat facing him on his lap, and we pulled each other to ourselves tightly and kissed, rubbing the thick splattering of cum between our furry chests and stomachs. Dads cock began sliding from me, shrinking back to its flaccid state, unable to give any more cum to my hungering body. Above us, the sky was now a deep red, and it was getting late. "Well, boy, I think its about time we headed off to sleep. Half a bottle of whiskey and some damn hot sex are two of the most exhausting things I know of. But wed better get cleaned up first."

    I began rising to my feet, feeling the last of dads now soft shaft slide from my stretched hole, and lingered for a moment as I savoured the feeling of that fat, fleshy head tugging at my ring, before pulling completely free, disconnecting from my father. As I stood, my sphincter twitched and pursed as a cold breeze whispered over my cum-drenched crack. My body felt intensely empty, dads massive club of a dick leaving a void within me that ached to be filled, even though I felt thoroughly spent.

    We strolled down to the pool together, my dads hand resting lightly upon my firm butt, and we entered the clear water, warmed by the days sun, and cleaned our bodies of the sweat and cum that coated us both. My head was swimming with the whiskey that I had drunk and the post-coital euphoria that still eddied through my veins, and I was now aware of the intense need for sleep.

    "Its a damn shame I never got to take all of that load in my mouth, son. You taste as good as your old mans cum," my father remarked as he sluiced water over his naked, stocky form, grinning at me.

    "We have the rest of the week for that, dad."

    After drying and quickly packing up the scattered items from our days activities and our evenings sex, we retreated to the tent. Dad slid into his sleeping bag and moved to one side, holding it open, offering for me to join him. Gladly, I slid in next to my father, facing him, and our bodies were forced closely together by the cramped space of the single sleeping bag. With our heads resting on the small pillow, we tenderly kissed; my face tickled by my fathers thick, neatly trimmed goatee as his tongue lightly probed my mouth.

    After a little while, as the evening light quickly dimmed, I turned over onto my other side and dad spooned my, pressing his groin into me. His soft, fleshy cock nuzzled into my crack and one large, powerful arm snaked around my chest, holding me close to his. Within minutes, my father was lightly snoring, and I was soon to join him.

    The next day came quickly, and my eyes sleepily opened as my brain slowly powered up, thudding slightly with a dull hangover. I noted that the two of us were still in exactly the same position as we had fallen asleep in, although dads arm was now lying around my waist, his hand resting over my cock, stiff with morning glory. The light coming through the tent was still only weak, putting the time at around half five in the morning, and it was quite chilly, as the dawn had not yet arrived. Behind me, dad was still asleep, as he was making low whistling noises through his nose as he breathed.

    I then realised that dads cock was also hard, but was wedged between my legs; his glans nestled up against my balls. I tensed my thighs, squeezing his shaft a little, and moaned a little in his sleep and thrust his hips a little against me. I reached back around me and felt dads thick shaft. It was amazingly hard, and my index finger lightly traced over one of the thick veins that snaked over its surface. Dads snoring had stopped, but small whimpers and groans were issuing from his throat as he slowly humped me in his sleep.

    I moved off his cock, scooting forward a little way until his head was resting against my hole. It was beginning to leak precum, and as I lay there, dads humping cock began slathering my crack with his juices. Before long, his head began to push its way through a little, and I reached back, pulling on my cheek to allow more his head to easily jab in and out of me as he sleep-fucked me. I began to slide back a little way too, and as the fat roundness of his head once again completely entered me, dads humping motion stopped, and I lay still, simply enjoying the feeling of my fathers glans within me, not wanting to wake him.

    Then, dads arm snaked around my waist, as he began trying to pull me into him. I resisted, not wanting to be pulled all the way onto his dry cock, but he still managed to pull me onto around three more inches of his shaft, making me yelp as it pulled on my dry ass, and dad began to shift, waking up.

    "Hey boy, what are you up to?" dad asked groggily as he reached down and felt that five inches of his dick were already embedded in his son.

    "Sorry dad, I didnt want to wake you, but you were rock solid, and I woke up hard, and..."

    "Nothing to apologise for, son. Ive always got wood in the morning, too. Its a shame to let it go to waste. Plus last night was over a bit too quick for my liking." Dad leaned forward and kissed the back of my neck tenderly as he pulled from within me. "But youll never be able to take me dry, boy," he stated as his head plopped free from my hole, slapping up against his stomach.

    As I fumbled about in dads rucksack, looking for the bottle of lube he had used last night, dad undid the sleeping bag fully, opening it out to expose our hard naked forms. I found the lube and returned to my fathers side, and leant over, kissing him good morning.

    "You really are as horny as your old man, boy. Theres not many people I know that shoot a load like you did last night, and then come back wanting more first thing the next morning, especially after drinking a bottle of whiskey between us." I smiled, flushing with colour at my fathers compliments. "Now lets see if we cant make this even better than last night."

    Dad rolled onto his back, and I knelt beside him, applying a thin coating of lube to his great pole with one hand as my other played with his nipple. I now knew that his tits were one of his big G-spots, couple with the fact that they could take a lot of abuse whilst only getting him hotter. It had been what caused our premature eruptions that night before, after all.

    "Yeah, boy. Your old man really likes his tits being played with. Really turns me on. Now come and sit on your dads cock, son; get fucked by this monster." I straddled my fathers crotch, and at once plunged down onto his dick. His massive head re-entered me, and I groaned long and loud as I slowly sank down onto half of his fat shaft. Pulling up until only the head was inside me, I sat back down, until I had three-quarters of that pole inside me. Pulling his shaft from within me once more, I squeezed my ring as tightly as I could as I forced myself onto the entire thing. "Fuck, boy, thats one tight ass youve got. Squeeze your old mans fuck pole. You take this monster like a pro, son. Now Im going to lay you on your back and fuck you with this thing."

    Dad supported my back as he lowered me backwards onto the ground as he sat up, readjusting his legs until he was knelt between my splayed legs, still completely embedded inside my chute. He bent over me, kissing me hard as I grabbed onto his nipples and pulled them towards me, and dad began to retract his rod from my ass. When he was halfway out, he suddenly plunged back into me, and as he repeated his strokes again and again, he would pull out a little father each time, until I was having that entire shaft pulled from inside me, then driven back home again.

    Dad soon slipped into a strong, brisk rhythm, and I lolled my head back on the ground, moaning and telling dad how good it was feeling. His fat thirteen inches of rock-hard dick were pounding my ass as I played with dads nipples, making him fuck me harder and faster. Dad then began to pump my cock with his hand in time to his long fast strokes, and the two of us filled the tent with the sound of our fucking. Dads hairy low-hangers slapped noisily in time to his strokes against my buttocks as I panted for breath.

    "Thats my boy, Alex. Take your dads big cock. Yeah... Just like your old man, loving that dick inside him, drilling his guts. You want my load inside you bad, dont you, boy? Yeah... Tell your dad how much you want me to fill you up with my slime."

    "Oh fuck, dad. Pummel my hole with that thing. Ohhh... give me your cum, dad. Let me take your load. Ungh... Damn, youre so fucking hot." I continued telling my dad how good it felt, and how much I wanted his load as our fucking continued at a frantic pace. My dad was able to control when he came amazingly, as was I to a degree, but after fifteen minutes of those long strokes in and out of my passage I had to pull dads hand off my cock to stop myself from shooting.

    "Your old man can fuck like a real master, son. I can keep this up for as long as I want, and your ass is too hot to waste. Squeeze your dads dick with your ring, son, milk my cock for that jizz. Make me blow in your guts." By now we were both coated in thick films of sweat, and the tent felt like a sauna. My dads nipples were now red and bloated from my abuse to them, and as dad leant over me, his whole body driving that incredible horsedick into me, fat drops of sweat rained from his face and chest onto me.

    His face was twisted with ecstasy, his brow furrowed deeply and hips lips taut and parted as he stroked in and out of me, hissing his hot breath onto my face through clenched teeth. His breaths soon began to turn into strangled groans, which then became powerful growls as he once again clutched his hand around my throbbing six inches and built up to orgasm. As I pinched his nipples as hard as I could, I felt my balls pulling up tight against the root of my fat cock, and my panting became louder, more forceful as dad increased the pace of his fucking, roaring through gritted teeth, his eyes fixed onto mine.

    "Shoot... On your dad... Ungh... Unghh... Son..." Dad roared through his teeth at me as I felt my boiling load suddenly rushing towards release. Dad felt my sphincter tighten incredibly, sending him over the edge, and as he pointed my dick to his face, he plunged into me one last time.

    Dad opened his mouth just in time as a long rope of jizz shot from my gaping slit, streaking him across his cheek and in his mouth as his own dick bucked violently within my ass, and I once again felt his white-hot slime surging into my guts.

    Dad was panting hard, his mouth gaping as he bent down as near to my cock as possible, catching my second blast square in the mouth, as another flood of cum poured from his own deeply-buried rod. Dad swallowed down my gluey wad as he began quickly pulling out from me, filling the void with his third load as he did so. My own cock continued to unload itself onto my chest as dad laid his huge tool beside my own, and his fourth load came streaking up my stomach and chest in a thick white torrent. It was a huge volume, and splashed onto my body as dad jacked his cock hard in time to the pulsing jet of jizz.

    I was already holding what felt like a gallon of his gummy slime in my abused chute, but it just kept cumming, eight huge wads in total, before it slowed to steady ooze of cum.

    I was drenched with dads seed; my entire torso had some quantity of my fathers jizz covering it, and it ran down my sides onto the open sleeping bag. I had cum impressively myself, my orgasm lasting for almost as long, but I had only managed to shoot, at most, half the volume that my father had, which wasnt taking into account the loads that slopped around within me either.

    Dad fell onto me, exhausted and slick with sweat, coating his chest and belly with his cum as we kissed, tasting my own bitter cum in his mouth. We were both completely depleted of our juices and had been fucking for more than twenty minutes solidly. My ass felt totally ravaged by those immense thirteen inches, and I began to feel the warm trickle of my fathers cum seeping from the stretched, violated ring as we both drifted back to sleep.

    Neither of us woke before eleven after our major fuck session, and when we did we were literally stuck to the sleeping bag and each other by the dried cum that was everywhere.

    Peeling ourselves apart, and off from the sleeping bag, and walked down to the pool to wash ourselves off. It was only seven oclock by this time, and the water had cooled down considerably overnight, and by the time wed managed to clean our bodies from the dried-on semen, we were both shivering and gasping for breath.

    After getting the fire lit once again, we cooked our lunch and ate in the nude, gazing freely at each others bodies. After lunch, we got dressed and hiked down the valley for the afternoon, holding hands as we walked and talked, enjoying the peace of the forest and our close intimacy.

    For the rest of the week we would have sex almost every morning and evening, and I was soon getting used to handling dads enormous tool, both in my mouth and in my ass. On the last evening of our trip, dad asked me to fuck him for the first time.

    I was thrilled that he had asked me, as I enjoyed fucking as much as I enjoyed getting fucked. As dad knelt by the campfire on all fours in the mellow evening light, I mounted his round, furry ass and slowly drove my thick six inches into him, and it felt incredible.

    By the end of college, Maxs ass had become somewhat slack from my almost daily assaults upon it, but as I slid inside my father, he gripped my cock almost painfully tight with his fleshy ring. I began jabbing him with my stubby beercan-thick prong to the sound of him groaning and telling me how good it felt to have his son ride his ass, spurring me on to drive my cock deeper inside him with each thrust. I fucked dad hard and fast for ten minutes as he pumped his hard, dripping tool and then he turned over onto his back, and for five minutes I frantically rode him, my hips pumping in short thrusts as we kissed.

    As I raced towards orgasm, I began mashing dads tits between my fingers, and as I started to fill my dad up with my load, I bent down to his own cock, which was now bucking as he too began to shoot. His incredible length allowed me to remain completely inside him, but at the same time I was able to suck his head into my mouth as his first wad came streaming from his slit. I swallowed hard and fast as my own climax peaked and trailed off, and concentrated on taking every last drop of his seed down my throat. After his first two volleys, I pulled out from his ass, still dribbling threads of jizz, and plunged down onto his rod, his third, fourth and fifth blasts shooting straight into my gullet as he gripped my head tightly with both hands, feeding me his cream.

    I fell from his pole, coughing and gasping for breath as he pumped out the rest of his load onto his stomach, but I quickly began lapping it up, making sure that I cleaned every last drop from his hairy beergut as dad milked his dick in slow hard squeezes.

    "Thats a fine dick youve got on you son. It felt so damned hot, having my son plug away at my ass with his fat tool, I could hardly hold off shooting. And you took my loads like an expert, boy. Your dads real proud of you." He pulled me to him, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, tasting his jizz, and we lay out in the open, naked by the dying campfire as it crept towards our last night out in the woods together.

    The following morning we resisted the temptation to fuck and suck, needing our energy to get us back through the woods and to the car. Dad pulled on his jeans, leaving his jockstrap off, and I was able to see the denim bulging with those two fat bollocks, while his fat sausage snaked teasingly down one leg.

    Dad was unusually quiet on the way back through the woods, and as I tried to get conversations going with little success, I became worried that now we were heading back to the real world, he began regretting what we had done.

    "Dad, are you ashamed of what we did this week?" Dad stopped in his tracks, looking shocked that I had asked such a question, then smiled broadly as he pulled me to him in a tight bearhug.

    "No, son. I dont regret it for a moment. But Im worried about keeping it a secret. A lot of people dont understand what were doing, and think that its very wrong. You know that as well as I do. Im concerned about whether it will be obvious, or that were going to have to lie to our friends. We cant assume that anyone will accept our feelings for each other." His words made sense, and as we continued walking, we did so in silence, our actions weighing heavily on our minds, but not on our hearts.

    A few hours later we got back to the car. There was also a pickup parked in the dusty lay-by now, and we both exchanged a slightly worried glance to each other. Although it was incredibly unlikely, we both knew that we werent the only ones who enjoyed deep-forest camping trips, and that we might not have been as alone as we had thought.

    But as we got into the car and headed for home, we forgot about the pickup. We lived far enough away for it not to be an issue, and by the time we hit the freeway we were chatting away like any normal father and son.

    The only difference was that my hand rested on my fathers thigh for the rest of the drive home.

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