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  • My dream daddy bear
  • I looked at the clock for the hundredth time today and was rewarded with only ten minutes till punch-out. I finished shutting down my computer and was locking the desk when my eye caught movement in the doorway.

    "Shit!" My mind raced, trying to come up with an excuse for why I couldn't work late today. After all, it was Friday, and today started the two week long school vacation and I'd been planning on for the last six months. I pretended to ignore the figure standing in the door, hoping it would just go away.

    "Hey Lee, you got a few minutes?"

    I recognized the voice at once. I should. The face and body that goes with that voice has been my favourite jack-off fantasy ever since I first saw them. With images of Zack dancing in my brain, I've spilled as much cum down the shower drain as hot water.

    "Sure Zack, what's up?"

    "Well, I know this is kinda short notice, but do you have any big plans for next week?" he asked, "I sure could use a big favour."

    "I had planned..." I must have taken a bit too long to answer because he jumped in and starting explaining.

    "You know that every year I go camping on my land up north." He was talking fast now, trying to get it all in before I could say I had plans. "Well, I've been meaning to ask for some time now, but I just never got around to it, and I was hoping you would like to come?... "I know you've done some camping and hiking, and it should be a pretty good time." This last bit was said in one breath and then he just stood there, looking at me, kinda red in the face.

    How could I say no? I'll tell ya! This was trouble waiting to happen. I know that if I tried to spend two weeks living in a camping tent with this guy I'd wind up doing something stupid and ruining our friendship, not to mention having the shit kicked out of me. Besides, he's married with kids. I would just end up embarrassing both of us and probably ruining this years camp trip.

    But, on the other hand, look at him; 6'4", about 240 lb. of mostly muscle, probably in his late 40's or so, dark auburn hair with flecks of red in it cut in a flattop. His beard was full but kept closely trimmed, and the sideburns were starting to go gray. A little patch of chin was also graying with small streaks of silver in his full bushy `stache. His chest and arms were huge from chopping his own firewood and spending a lifetime in the woods.

    Although he had a middle aged paunch starting, it looked to be solid as hell. Dark auburn fur peeked out of his collar all the way around his T-shirt, and I could tell that if he didn't keep it shaved there would have been no break in hair from beard to chest. Since he has always worn loose work clothes I've never had a good look at him below the waist but my imagination has run amok.

    "Zack ," I started, "I don't have any equipment, I sold all my camping equipments few years back. I haven't been camping since I started working here ten years ago." Pretty lame excuses. My head (the one between my legs) was saying, "Go, go"

    "Come on," he said, "If nothing else, you can be the cook."

    "Not on your life," I threw back, "one taste of my cooking and you'll have me mounted just like one of your trophy bucks." One head had won, the other lost.

    Zack's face broke out into a big grin. "We leave for camp Sunday morning, so you have all day Saturday to pack. Just bring your changes of clothing and any outdoor gear you want. It gets pretty cold up in those tree stands. Everything else is already at the cabin."

    "What about a gun?" I asked.

    "Don't worry," he grinned. "We'll fix ya up with a gun."

    "Okay. I'll see you Sunday morning about . . ."

    "About 7 am. No need to get up there too early. Thanks Lee," he said, offering me his hand. "I've been meaning to invite you up for some time. I think it will be fun."

    Grinning that grin of his, and grabbing my hand in his big paw, I said, "I do too, let's hope the hunt is successful and we both bag a buck!"

    Friday after work I had gone home in a bit of a daze. I don't really remember actually saying that I would go. But, the next thing I knew we were shaking hands, and wishing each other good luck! I couldn't get the feel of his hand out of my mind. It is a large hand with cords and veins running across the back. Heavily callused with short blunt fingers. The hair grew in a thick mat all the way down his arm almost to his fingernails.

    That was the image I used to beat off with Friday and Saturday. I would pinch my nipples, and it would be his rough hands rubbing through my chest fur. Placing the tip of my finger at my puckered hole I would shove first one and then two fingers in and out. His fingers, hairy and rough, pulling at my ass ring and then jabbing back in, scraping against my flesh. Not that I had ever been fucked mind you, but there was something about him...

    By Sunday morning I had convinced myself that I could handle being cooped up with Zack all week without giving myself away. Six or seven short, but intense, jack-off sessions had finally eased the pressure. If things got too bad at camp I could always beat off in the woods while hunting.

    "You ready?" Zack had pulled up in my driveway in a battered old pickup. While he tossed my backpack and duffel bag in the back, I went through a quick mental list to see what I had forgotten.

    Taking a quick but thorough look at him, I saw: Heavy leather boots, tight blue jeans, which had obviously been worn a lot (the pocket and crotch area were almost white, with a sizable worn area extending down his beefy right thigh), and a red flannel shirt. The shirt had the sleeves rolled up and the top two buttons undone. The third was straining to cover his chest and a dense forest of fur was spilling out of the top. Oh Gawd! It was every gay man's lumberjack wet dream!

    "Hey, Lee, lets get going. I'm as hungry as a bear and I know a really good diner on the way...Lee!"

    "Ugh?" I came out of my trance with a start. "Oh, yeah, lets go. I'm hungry enough to eat a bear!" I said, climbing into his truck, and hiding my bulging crotch with my jacket.

    The morning ride and breakfast was filled with small talk and I began to feel more at ease. Zack was a happy, cheerful bundle of energy. Beating on the steering wheel in time to the radio, occasionally bellowing off-key snatches of a favourite song. By the end of the four-hour trip I felt like I had known him all my life, and the tenseness I always felt around him was replaced with a warm glow of friendship.

    "Well here we are," Zack said, as we turned off the highway onto a dirt logging road. About two miles of dense pine forest later we stopped in front of his little log cabin, placed in a large clearing about fifty feet from a small clear stream. "Well, it's not much, but it's home." Zack grinned, suddenly a cloud seemed to come over his face, and he turned away, picked up the gear and went inside.

    Wondering what that was all about, but deciding to mind my own business, I followed him in. While Zack lumbered around picking up loose clothing off the chairs and floor, I started to inspect the place; small, about 20'x20'. The fireplace took up one corner with a large bearskin rug on the floor. An old fashioned cook stove was in the opposite corner. A single bed with rumpled blankets sat in the back right corner, with wooden cabinets in the front left, by the door. The wooden kitchen table with four chairs completed the furniture. Shelves lined every available wall, even above the lone window that looked out at the stream.

    There was no ceiling; just exposed beams. But at the back end of the cabin the beams had been covered. A tiny loft about one half the size of the ground floor contained another bed. There was a skylight above the bed that let in sunlight, lighting up the whole room.

    Walking over to the huge fireplace I admired the smooth river stones. Running my hands over them, I noticed Zack standing still, staring at me with a strange look on his face; his jaw muscles were clenching and unclenching. The sun was high over the trees outside, and a small shaft of light was hitting where he stood. All the fur on his arms and face seemed to glow a little. Looking back on it, I realize now, this was the moment my lust for his body turned into love of this man. I didn't think it would ever happen again, but it had. "Zack," I said softly, "Is there anything wrong?"

    He shook his head, "No, I was just thinking." "Come on, let me show you around."

    With that the mood was broken and he bounced from one corner of the room to another, showing me where everything was stored. There was no running water. No inside toilet. Except a piece of PVC pipe that stuck through the back wall.

    "That there is the piss hole." he said, pointing to the pipe. "It runs out to a small barrel and every few days we'll have to empty it. Make sure you close the flap or cold air blows back in. If you have to do anything else, use the outhouse." He grinned at me. "No electricity, just kerosene lamps for lighting and any light you get from the fireplace."

    "This place is great!" I said. "I think I could chuck the whole nine-to-five routine and live up here."

    "Yeah, it sure is pretty, but it gets lonely." Zack said, looking at me. "Tell ya what," Zack bellowed suddenly, causing me to jump, "this place is too cold; you get a fire started in the stove, and I'll be back in a little bit."

    "Where ya headed?" I asked.

    "We need more firewood, and I need to do some chopping." With that he grabbed a jacket off the hook and was out the door. Within a few minutes the sound of axe hitting wood could be heard, shortly to be accompanied by the aroma of burning wood as I started the cook stove.

    Suddenly the room started filling up with thick smoke! I tried to adjust the flue, but it was stuck closed. Not finding any water to douse the flames, I tried to open the window. No luck, the window doesn't open; strong arms encircled my chest and I was bodily carried out of the cabin and dropped to the ground. As I lay there gasping, Mike ran back into the room with a bucket of water that had been sitting outside the door. He must have dumped the water on the fire, because smoke billowed out of the door quickly followed by Zack.

    Taking a deep breath he jumped back into the cabin. A minute later smoke rushed out of the skylight and Zack's head and shoulders emerged. He gulped great lungs full of air. Then grinning at me, he waved! It only took a few minutes for the cabin to empty of the smoke.

    "What the hell were you trying to do?" I yelled at his back, "Get yourself killed?"

    He turned around with that strange look and just stood there.

    "You never run back in a tent that's on fire!" I was really angry. "You could have choked, or broke your fool neck!"

    Tears were running down my face. I realized they weren't from the smoke but from emotion. Fear that something had almost happened to a man I hardly knew, but was hopelessly in love with. The next thing I knew I was encircled by two arms in a massive bear hug. Being only about 5'9", my face was buried in the fur just below the neck. He had taken his shirt off while chopping wood and now I was being crushed to death against his hairy chest. I couldn't believe what had happened. I couldn't breathe either. And when I started to struggle in an effort to catch a breath he immediately released me.

    "Oh Jesus!" he said. "I'm sorry," his face was a scarlet red. With that he grabbed his shirt and jacket off the woodpile, jumped into his truck, and was gone.

    "Zack, wait!" I called. But he sped off. Not looking back.

    Christ what had I done? "I told you." That little voice in my mind kept saying over and over as I made my way back inside. "Shit."

    Looking around I noticed that there really wasn't much of a mess to clean up. Mostly water on the floor, which I mopped up with some old towels I found on a shelf. I put the wet wood from the stove in the bucket and carried it outside. "I wonder if he's going to come back for me." I thought to myself. "I wouldn't blame him if he didn't." came the reply.

    I built another fire, this time in the fireplace. It was starting to get dark, and cold. I also packed up my gear. I wouldn't need it. I must have dozed off sitting at the table when the sound of gravel crunching under tires woke me. "Okay, here we go." I said aloud.

    Zack opened the car door, walked over to the table and mumbled, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." His head was down, so I had trouble hearing him. But I had. I couldn't believe my ears.

    "What?" I said back.

    "I'm sorry," he repeated, a little louder this time, looking at my face. "I didn't mean to offend you. When I ..." He was struggling for words. "When I hugged you I didn't mean to. I mean I wanted to. But I was hoping..." He slumped in a chair, buried his face in his hands and sat there, shaking his head slightly from side-to-side.

    Here was this great grizzly bear, which I had been lusting after ever since he had hired into the company, telling me he had wanted to hug me! "He was hoping.....what?" my inside voice asked. I stood up, went around the table and pulled his head against my chest, gently stroking the hair on the back of his neck. He immediately put his arms around my waist, buried his head in deeper.

    "There's something wrong here." I thought to myself. "What's going on Zack?"

    "I've wondered for years what that would feel like, and I blew it."

    A thousand questions rushed through my head. But now was not the time. If I was reading this right, now was the time to see just how far he was willing to go. With my left hand still rubbing the back of his neck, I moved my other hand down into the opening of his shirt. Collecting a handful of chest hair I gently pulled and allowed the course fur to slide between my fingers. Reaching further into his shirt I sought out one of his nipples and pinched it. They were small, but responded immediately by crinkling up into hard little bullets.

    Zack's whole body jerked and he looked up at me with eyes wide. "We can talk later," my voice a low whisper; I would have loved to scoop him up in my arms and carry my new lover over to the bed. But since he out weighed me by a good sixty pounds, I simply held out my hand and led him into the tent and over to the large bear skin rug.

    Standing before him with my back to the blaze, I unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it off, and tossed it on the floor. Kneeling, I untied his boots, picking up first one leg and then the next his boots and socks joined the shirt. He hadn't moved on his own. Like a puppet master I moved him here, lifted there, and soon he was down to just his boxers.

    Still kneeling, I looked up at his face. Standing there like some statue out of an old myth, the fire sparkling in the red highlights of his beard, I felt my cock surging against my pants leg. Zack's dick was peeking out the bottom of his boxers. Still soft, the ridge of the head could clearly be seen through the folds of skin covering the tip. Even in this state it looked to be seven to eight inches long. A thick tube of flesh trapped against his thigh and outlined by his shorts.

    Grabbing the bottom of the shorts I pulled them down, slowly exposing the dense mat of fur that continued unbroken from his neck. When the boxers hit the floor Zack stepped out of them on his own. Looking up I saw him grinning at me; his eyes locked onto mine. Then I felt something tap my chin. It was his cock!

    Now closer to nine inches long, it had a slight upward curve. The foreskin was starting to pull back, exposing the helmet shaped head. Not only getting harder and longer, but also it was getting fatter! I sat on my haunches; fascinated by the transformation his cock was going through--slow motion. The weight of the massive organ kept it from ever pointing upward, but it was hard as a rock and bobbing up and down with his heartbeat.

    This wasn't some pretty boy's dick like you see in jack off magazines. This was a man's prick! Not smooth at all but crisscrossed with veins, the hair from his groin continuing to grow half of the way up the shaft! I was hypnotized by the slight bouncing.

    "Now it's my turn." He growled. He proceeded to undress me exactly like I had undressed him. He had been watching my every move, then repeated them, like a lesson he had memorized. Both of us naked now, he again grabbed me in a tight bear hug, running his hands up and down my back, crushing the air out of me. When I started to struggle for air he looked at me sheepishly and said, "I guess I don't know my own strength."

    "We'll work on it," I answered. "Hugging and cuddling is one of my favourite pastimes, but right now I have something else in mind, lay down."

    On his back now, I knelt between his legs and used my knees to spread them apart. Leaning over, I rubbed both my hands up and down his body, from his rock hard pecks down to his bushy groin, slowing only to tweak each tit as I passed. My hands never touched his cock, which was now pointing straight up toward his face.

    Every time I reached for his chest, the hair on my belly would glide along the underside of his twitching prick, then back down again, causing him to inhale sharply. My chest hair was starting to collect tiny little dewdrops of his pre-cum. His belly was smeared with the stuff.

    "Christ," I thought to myself, "this guy leaks like a sieve." On the next pass down Zack's body I slid my left hand all the way down to the root of his meat; I couldn't get my hand around it. Standing it up, I lowered my head to within an inch of that throbbing cock, watching it with my, I let my tongue go to it, and start to lick, just the juice oozing piss slit.

    Zack threw his head back. Even being fully erect, only the tip cleared the folds of foreskin. Slipping my tongue under the flap I tasted him. Zack bucked; the sudden movement slid back the hood, and pushed the head of his dick past my lips.

    "Ohhhhh..." This wasn't going to last long. He was too hot and worked up. Running my tongue around the ridge I reached down and took his balls in my hand, working them like dough, kneading and twisting and pulling at them. Then I began to suck. With my lips clamped around the ridge, I sucked as hard as I could....drawing the sperm upwards, toward the top. That's all it took...

    "OHHHH...Yes..." Zack started jerking--out of control. "God...I'm cumming...I'm shoot...OOHHH!" He tried to warn me, and push my head off his cock. But I wanted it all... all of it... And shoot he did...Hot thick jets of cum. Thick and creamy. His cock was a pump, emptying the contents of his balls into my mouth.

    My lips were still clamped around the head with my tongue digging into his slit. I couldn't believe how tasty it actually was, I only wished that Zack would keep on cumming... I wanted more... So much more.

    Now it was my turn to lose it. I jabbed my face downward on his erupting pole. The accumulating cum was forced out between my lips and the shaft of his cock, to run down and coat his balls. Fighting off my gag reflex I held still, the head lodged in my throat. My tongue snaked out, trying to get the spilled juice back into my mouth, all the time pulling on his nut sack. And then, incredibly, Zack was shooting again, and this time it was even more intense than the first.

    That's what I wanted; to taste the sweet nectar that was hiding deep within Zack's suck every last drop out of make sure it tasted as good as it could possibly taste. Zack had gone rigid at this renewed assault on his senses. He had never felt anything like this in his life. "ARRGH!"

    I was sucking so hard. His shaft was a straw and I wanted the thick malted from his balls. Finally, rising up and putting his hands on my shoulders, he pushed me off. His still pumping cock sprayed cum up onto his thickly furred belly. Long thick ropes of the white man juice glistening in the firelight.

    "Jesus ... Christ!" he panted, leaning back on his arms, looking at me.

    "Like that did ya?" I teased.

    "I didn't realize something like that was even possible!" His breathing was still rapid, but slowing down. His cock was still hard as a rock. "What now?" Zack asked with that shit-eating grin on his face. I could see he was into this and getting his confidence back.

    "Anything you want." I crawled over to him started rubbing the cum and juice into his belly hair.

    "Anything," his eyebrows lifting, "really?"

    "Well ... I do have some limits. I'll let ya know."

    "Okay, in that case, I want you to..."

    "To what..." I coaxed.

    "I want to fuck you, but I'm afraid I might hurt you." he said this without looking at me, just staring down at his twitching cock. I followed his gaze down and gulped. The idea of having that monster crammed up my ass gave me pause for concern. I had never been topped before. I knew that all the guys I had fucked seemed to enjoy the hell out of it but...first time for everything, I guess. "I'll understand if you don't want to," he said, still not looking at me, "my wife never did like it; said it hurt too much."

    There was definitely a lot more going on here than he was telling. "I didn't say I didn't want to." Reaching up and feeling his beard for the first time. "We'll just have to go real slow and take it one step at a time. ... "Do you have any lube around here?" I asked when his head shot up in surprise.


    "Something we can use, you know, to help out?"

    Zack jumped up and started looking around the tent. It was pretty comical watching this great moose of a man, running around with his prick bouncing and waving, frantically rummaging over the shelves. He came back holding a can out to me. Taking the lid off I sniffed at it and crinkled my nose. "It's rifle cleaning oil." he said hopefully.

    I didn't like the idea of having this stuff inside me. Besides, it smelled like the inside of a dirty factory. "Don't you have anything else, maybe some cooking oil or even Crisco?"

    He stood thinking for a second or two, got that goofy grin of his, and went to the back of the cabin. Taking the lid off an old coffee can, he dipped his fingers in and held them out. It was almost clear. About the same colour as his beard and didn't have much of a smell.

    "What is it?" I asked, slightly wary of what he was up to.

    "Bear grease." he said proudly. "When I got that bear last year I processed him right here. I gave most of the meat away, but I kept some of the fat to cook with."

    "That bear skin, your dick is leaking all over, is the only other thing I kept." He positively beamed down at me. Zack put his finger to my lips. Amazing! It tasted just like he did! A subtle mixture of pine and wood smoke and a little salty.

    "How appropriate," I laughed.

    "Lay on your stomach," Zack's voice suddenly took on a husky tone. Doing as he ...ordered? ... I rolled over and felt him settle himself between my slightly parted legs. His hands began to rub my ass checks. The friction of his hands making my butt tingle. He continued this for some time and I thought that maybe he was starting to get cold feet. I was laying on my stiff prick. When I raised up a little to reposition, he used the opportunity to jab his finger against my puckered asshole.

    "Ugh!" I grunted. I felt something cold dripping down into my crack and realized he was dribbling the bear grease on me. His fingers were running up and down the crevice now and each pass brought an electric shock to my hole.

    "Raise up," he had bent down and whispered in my ear. Rocking slightly up on all fours, I was totally opened up to him now. His rubbing continued. From the hairy patch on the small of my back, down across my hole, then onto my balls. Slicking them with a little tug on each pass. I could feel my asshole clinch each time he touched it. Soon the rubbing got harder. He was really started to dig now, the tips of each finger actually entering a little.

    The rubbing stopped. With his left hand he gripped my balls and pulled them back as far as they would go, into the crack of my ass as his thumb pressed against my chute. Harder and harder, incessantly! His thumb was slick from the grease, with a soft pop, his thumb was in and I gasped! He was pulling on my balls, forcing my butt higher into the air.

    Zack slowly eased his thumb out but immediately replaced it with one of his meaty fingers from the other hand, well past the second knuckle. I tried to pull away from the pain but he literally `had me by the balls'. I jerked back to relieve the pressure on my nut sack and sank farther onto his finger. Back and forth he forced me to fuck myself like this. The pain eased and I started to feel a warm glow start in the muscles of my asshole.

    Then came a particularly sharp tug, as I came back with it I impaled myself on a second finger! Reflexively, I bore down, trying to push his fingers out of me. The more I pushed though' the deeper they sank. This whole process was repeated until I had his middle three fingers up my ass. My ass ring was stretched and burning, my balls ached with pleasure/pain, and my breathing was ragged. My head hung down between my arms and my thighs were dripping with my own pre cum.

    Zack released my balls and I fell forward, on my face. My tortured asshole slipping off his fingers. "On your back." Now I could see him. Standing over me, he was stroking his cock up and down. Using both hands he skinned the head and stuck his bulging rod directly into the can of grease. Staring at me with lust in his eyes, he said, "I want to look at your face as I fuck you."

    I was having second thoughts about this. I wanted this man inside me so bad, but looking at his wet, dripping crotch I was convinced it would kill me. Kneeling down, Zack placed my ankles on his shoulders. The shaft of his prick slimed down the crevice of my ass. Humping in slow strokes, I could feel the head slip and slide over my hole. My legs kept slipping off his shoulders and breaking his rhythm. He retrieved his boxers off the floor, put them on my feet, and then bending my knees up toward my chest, he slipped the boxers around the back of my neck.

    My butt was now sticking up in the air and I could feel cool air hit my wet crack. Zack immediately eased his three fingers back up inside me.

    "Aahhh..." I moaned. I didn't realize that I would welcome him in so easily. Wriggling his fingers around, he made sure I was lubed. His fingers stretching me open. He poured some of the bear grease right into my gaping hole. I was starting to hump at his fingers again, and make small grunting noises.

    Placing the tip of his man prick against my hole he allowed his weight to fall forward. It slid in with only a slight twinge of pain. As soon as the ridge cleared the ring of muscle the pain eased. I breathed a little sigh of relief, the worst part was over, right?

    But he didn't stop! He continued to fall forward, driving that fuck stick deeper and deeper into my bowels. His cock broadened out as it got closer to the root. The farther in it went, the more it stretched the opening. He stopped. It was starting to burn around the ring of my hole now. But I could feel the hair of his pubes tickling my ass.

    I did it! I had taken it all in and it wasn't as bad as I feared. Suddenly he leaned into me again and the pain shot through my ass I had forgotten that his crotch hair grew half way up his cock. "Oh God!" He was only in four or five inches! "Wait!"

    Suddenly the pain in my ass was joined by a pain deeper inside. His dickhead was pressing into something up inside me. It was a dull throb that increased with each additional fraction of an inch he fed me. I was struggling now, trying to slide back off this spike in my rectum. Zack's hands were on my hips, pulling. My twisting around only drove him in deeper.

    Something in my guts gave way. With a soft slap his balls bounced against my ass, as he plunged the last three inches. "Don't move!" I gasped. I could actually feel the head of his cock putting pressure up inside me, but that wasn't pain, just fullness. The pain in my ass ring was a burning. His cock, being wider at the base than the head, was stretching my ass muscles to their limit.

    He didn't move. But I couldn't keep still! My bowels kept trying to expel this invader. Each contraction produced a spark of pleasure that was starting to build up. Soon it wasn't enough. My bowels continued to milk his shaft, but without realizing it, I had grabbed his wrists and was humping up into him.

    "Like that do ya?" he asked, repeating the stupid question I had asked him earlier after the blowjob. My eyes were closed tight and my hands had slid down to hook around the backside of his knees, holding him still, buried to the balls. "I can't hear you boy..."

    "Yes!" I gasped as he thrust his hips into me.

    "Big, isn't it."


    "You like it, don't you?"


    "Tell me..."

    "I like it...I like your prick...Jesus it hurts!"

    "Want me to take it out?" he said in a sweaty toned of voice.

    "NO!" I couldn't believe how turned on I was by this sudden change in his demeanour - confident; in control.

    "You want me to fuck you, don't you..."

    "Yes." I whispered. Zack eased back on his heels, and my body rocked with him. His dick sliding slowly out. "Aaahhhh" I sighed, as the pressure was released.

    Zack reached down with his shirt and cleaned his prick, and wiped the grease off my butt. "I want a little friction down there," he said, "this stuff is too slick for fucking." He pressed the head of his prick against my hole and lodged just the head in.

    He was right. The sensations were stronger as his flesh dragged against mine. I had so much of the grease inside me though' that it wasn't completely dry. As he settled the last few inches back into me, I could feel the hair growing on the shaft rub the lining of my asshole. He started rocking back and forth on his knees. Slowly in, and slowly out. The head would rub against my prostate with each pass. My cock was so hard it hurt. I let go with one of my hands and reached for it.

    "Unnnhhh..." he smacked my hand away and thrust in hard, "don't touch!" he commanded, "you just let daddy take care of everything," he said with another thrust that made me see stars. Zack raised himself up on his toes, placed his hands on the back of my thighs and started to blow.

    No warning. Bam! Bam! Bam!

    "OHHHH...GOD...I'M..." I screamed as a hot load of high, arching cum hit me in the face, splattered over my chest and started running down my neck. Zack didn't even slow down. I didn't have to hear the moans and groans to know that had gotten to Zack.

    "Tell me...come on...tell me..." he said through gritted teeth.

    "I'm...getting fucked by you...I'm getting fucked..."

    "Tell me..."

    "You're fucking me ass..."

    "You want me to cum now, don't you..."

    "OHHHHHHH..." My cock was leaking a steady stream of cum which was pooling in my belly button.

    "You want me to cum in you, don't you..."


    "You want me to cum now, up your ass..."


    "Tell me!" he hissed, grabbing my balls and squeezing.

    "I want cum in my ass...please...ohhh...God...please..."

    Now, Zack pulled his stiff, pulsing cock out to the meaty ridge. Gathering his strength and, getting some leverage he started to bang into me as hard as he could. His balls were hanging down, slapping against my upturned ass. Hard.

    "Jesus..." I said, opening my eyes to take it all in. I wanted to see it all! I wanted to feel it up inside me. "Come on...come on daddy...let me have it...come on..." And with that, Zack started to lose his rhythm.

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