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  • Jake didn't know what had come over him. Now 43 years old, he'd thought he'd always been ready for anything.

    Growing up in a small town, he'd been raised by two God-fearing parents, had 7 siblings, and married his girlfriend from junior high school. He and his wife married right out of high school, both choosing to forego college in order to begin their lives together immediately. During their marriage, they'd tried unsuccessfully to have children, and it worked against their unity. When they turned 40, Jake and his wife couldn't take it anymore and divorced. They sold the house, split their belongings, and went their separate ways.

    Jake moved in with his brother, too depressed to decide what was next in his life. But the more he sat around, the more his dream of living in the big city became a thing he now had the courage to do. So, one day, Jake packed up all his stuff, bought a condo in New York, and moved there. Fortunately, Jake's job granted him a transfer and with the nice little nest egg left over from the sale of his home, he was financially comfortable.

    He'd met a few friends at work; one in particular awakened a carnal interest in Jake. Alex was a god: 6'2"; his beautiful, chiseled face was the only thing to offset the tight, muscular body that tensed the fabric of the clothes he wore. Jake had never done anything with a man, except for he and his cousin comparing their peter sizes at the age of 7. But the sight of this man made Jake realize there'd been something lying dormant within him.

    One night, after a long workday, Alex invited Jake back to his apartment for dinner. When they got to the apartment, Alex told Jake to make himself at home, showed him his large music collection, and went to work preparing his dinner. While his food was on the stove, he'd brought a bottle of wine to Jake. Jake's mouth dropped open when he realized that Alex had changed from his dress slacks and oxford shirt into just a pair of running shorts that barely covered him.

    "I usually cook au naturel," Alex said, "but your being here makes me have to exercise a little modesty."

    Jake didn't know what to do. He felt his breath catch as he took the bottle of wine and a glass, and for the first time in his life looked at another man's crotch, salivating at the sleeping 8-inch specter that loomed behind the flimsy fabric of Alex's shorts. Alex knowingly flashed Jake his sugar cube teeth, and turned to go back to his dinner. Jake's eyes slowly watched him walk away, trailing up his smooth muscular legs, gasping again at the firm bubble butt that again tested the thin fabric. Jake felt his own 7 inches awakening. He felt very uncomfortable, and wrestled with himself about leaving, quickly realizing that he was now a single man, and could let anything happen tonight.

    Alex had prepared a wonderful dinner and dessert, and since it was Friday night, two bottles of wine. Jake had been nervouse the entire time--Alex had eaten dinner in only those shorts. They sat and talked about work first, then about their pasts...Jake about his divorce and Alex, only 28, about his school years and subsequent work years. As the wine began to take more and more effects on them both. Alex moved closer to Jake, resting his hand on Jake's thigh.

    "Jake, we've been friends for a few months now, right?" Alex said.

    "Yeah. Even though I'm older than you, you've never made that an issue, which I appreciate."

    "Well, you may be 43 but you certainly don't act it or seem like it. You're into just about everything I'm into. And with a body like yours, if you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known your age."

    "Well, when my ex-wife and I couldn't have kids, I started working out to relieve the stress," Jake said.

    "Well it worked. And to be totally honest with you, Jake, I'm gay. You know everything else about me except that. I've wanted you since you walked into the office. That's why I was so quick to approach you, but then we became friends, and I saw how much more you had to offer."

    Jake could see Alex's dick getting harder. They say that a man's dick, if long when soft, doesn't get much longer when he gets hard. That wasn't the case with Alex. His dickhead snaked more and more away until it was sticking a full two more inches from his shorts.

    Alex turned to Jake and said, "I hope this won't change our friendship for the worse, but I want you Jake. Tonight."

    Alex took Jake's face in his hands and kissed him. Jake, responding in kind, stuck his tongue into Alex's mouth, and they tasted one another. Jake was experiencing his first time with a man; Alex was experiencing the first time with someone he had come to care about so deeply. Jake was so into the kissing, that he didn't even realize Alex had already begun to undress him.

    Alex stood up, pulling Jake with him. Alex dropped to his knees and brought his face to Jake's 10-inches. He inhaled the musky scent. He made Jake put one foot on the couch so he could have total access to his balls. He pushed Jake's dick aside with his forehead, and sucked his balls. He sucked them slowly, and craftily, sensitizing them to what was next. When he'd had Jake screaming for more, he licked the base of Jake's dickhead, slow to take the head in his mouth. He coached Jake on, telling him to imagine it was a hot, tight hole that he had to work his way into. Alex sucked an inch more at a time. He'd suck more and more and then start over. When he'd almost deep throated Jake's huge dick, he pushed Jake down on the floor, threw his legs back over his head. Jake didn't know what was next. He couldn't believe he was hot for this man, but he wanted him more and more as Alex began sucking his balls again. Jake had never felt this way before. Alex drew a trail from Jake's balls back to his tight virgin hole. Alex rimmed the edges, careful to make Jake want it after going excruciatingly slow. Alex heard a pop as the tip of his tongue went into Jake's hole. Alex went deeper and deeper, pulled deeper into Jake's hot wet hole by the scent of Jake's manpussy. Jake's 43 year old, inexperienced body squirmed on Alex's tongue, writhing in ecstasy. Alex turned Jake on his stomach and began rimming him again. Jake waved his ass at Alex like a porn star. Alex moved back and forth from Jakes' fuckhole to his balls and dick. Alex got under Jake and took his dick in his mouth. Jake face-fucked Alex while in his doggy-style position. Alex knew he had to fuck this stud, so while Jake face-fucked him, Alex massaged Jake's anus with a finger. After Jake was taking 3 fingers and asking for more, Alex spit out Jake's dick and asked could he fuck him.

    "Yes," Jake screamed, "just do it now!" Alex ran and got the tube of KY and his extra large condom and came up behind Jake. He slathered the KY on Jake's hole, massaged it in. Jake gasped as he looked back and saw the huge fuckpole that Alex slid the condom onto, then covered it with KY again. Alex put his head at Jake's hole, then just dove in. Jake screamed for him to take it out. Alex pulled out slowly then dove in again. Jake screamed and ran away. Alex ran after him, catching him and throwing him against a wall. They began to kiss, their dicks rubbing up against one another, getting them hotter and hotter. Jake turned around, knowing that he liked Alex's roughness, and offered his ass again. This time Alex slowly pumped his dick into Jake, creating a rhythm as Jake moved backwards slowly to meet Alex's thrusts. Alex reached around and pumped Jakes hard rod, the other hand around Jake's muscular chest. They stood upright and fucked. Jake felt himself closer to climaxing as Alex's dick massaged his prostate. In and out, in and out. Jake could feel himself cumming, locking around Alex's dick, making it tighter and tighter, until Alex couldn't hold out anymore. They both exploded, their legs giving out, and collapsing into a mound of muscle. Jake's large pool of cum seemed to include the lake of sperm Alex had emptied into his asshole. They kissed, both spent, then went to take a shower together, where Jake sucked Alex's dick (and this was your first time?) and fucked him just as good, then went to bed together, where they rode each other 'til the next morning.

    They've been together for 5 years, and have a daughter and son together, from a surrogate mother and by adoption, respectively.

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