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  • My first time with a man
  • I seriously considered finding a man to call my own during my first term at college, a little while after I turned eighteen. I'd known that I was gay since around third grade, when I started masturbating to thoughts of my father, my teachers, and my grown-up neighbors. I have always had an attraction to older men, especially the teachers in my high school. Unfortunately, they were all straight, which was perhaps the most frustrating thing about my young life. Every night I'd stay awake jerking off, hoping for some reciprocation, but never really seeking it out.

    When I got to college, I decided that it was time to stop fantasizing and find someone to spend time with. I contacted a few guys through the Internet (how romantic!) and then began to correspond with one of them. His name was Luke (well, not really, but I don't think it matters), and he was a forty-eight year old cabinetmaker.

    Our first date (in fact, my first date ever) was on a Saturday night. It was very awkward for me, which was made even worse by the fact that he was even shyer than myself. For the first half hour, I didn't know if he hated me, because not more than fifty words passed between us. We went to the movies, which lightened things up a bit, and then he showed me around his town. We pulled off on a road in the woods, and there we talked for about two hours. I was very nervous the whole time, and I found it hard to concentrate because my dick was rock hard. He drove me home after that, and I knew that I had to see him again.

    The next Saturday, we rented a movie and took it to his place. We picked up a pizza on the way, but I could only eat about half a slice because I was so nervous. The movie passed quickly, and we ended up facing each other on the couch. I looked at him, smiling. There was a hot flush through my body, like I was on fire. I felt so nervous, but at the same time so excited.

    Apprehensively, I moved my hand over to his thigh and stroked it. Right away it was like the tension had been lifted. He began to stroke my thigh as well. I slid over to him on the couch and kissed him on the mouth. It was very strange, that moment. I had never kissed anyone before in my life, so I was a little weird about it. He kissed back and then again, and again.

    I began to rub his crotch, and I slowly moved my hand into his shirt. I stroked the hair on his chest, and played with his nipples a little bit. At this point I couldn't wait to see him naked, so I helped him get his shirt off quickly. The sight of the silky little hairs on his chest sent a wave of pleasure through me, and I started kissing and nibbling his chest and his nipples. He pulled my shirt over my head, and did the same to me.

    When I was ready to move on from his chest (I never thought I would be ready for that), I slid my hand under his waistband and undid the button on his jeans. He had on a pair of gray briefs underneath, but he might as well have not had them on, because I pulled them down right away.

    I stared right at his cock, bristling the hairs on his thigh with my hand. It wasn't that long of a dick, maybe six inches, but it was quite thick. I caressed it a little bit, and then inexpertly shoved it into my mouth. It was so big that I had trouble sucking on it, but I did my best. While I was licking it and slurping away, he pulled on my legs so that I would move my dick over to his mouth in a sixty-nine.

    It was awkward, because I'm almost a full foot taller than he is, but he got it into his mouth all the same. Almost immediately, my cock throbbed and pulsed, and I withdrew it quickly, only to shoot a load into his hair.

    Oh no! I thought. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I was really embarrassed, and upset. I couldn't believe that I had blown my load after about ten seconds. I really hoped that he didn't notice, and kept sucking away at his cock.

    I wasn't sure if he had noticed or not, so I tried to get my dick hard right away, which wasn't really that difficult. He started sucking on it again, and it slowly became almost as hard as before.

    I wasn't having much luck keeping his big cock in my mouth, so I took it out and began to jerk it off a little bit. Once in a while I would roll his head around in my mouth, tasting the pre-cum that had begun to bubble out of his dick. I squeezed my hand hard on his dick and stroked it with everything that I had. I could feel him squirming below me, shivering, and then just before he came I impaled my head on his dick. He blew his semen into my mouth, spurt after spurt, and I devoured it hungrily.

    Spent, his dick flopped to the side, and I once again stroked his thighs and the flesh between his butt and his balls.

    We both moved around a little, until I was spread out on the couch. He began to suck me again, slowly, and tenderly. He took his time, stroking my cock, sucking on my balls, sometimes coming up to kiss me.

    After ten minutes or so, I was starting to feel ready to cum again. The delicate pleasure on my penis had energized me, and I knew that I wasn't ready to stop.

    After a while of stroking me and jerking me off, I burst out another load of cum, and collapsed in exhaustion.

    We spent an hour or so just exploring each other's bodies. I played with his hairy chest, his balls that were drawn up tight towards his body. I kissed his neck and his belly and the swollen flesh of his glans.

    He ended up jerking me off once again. I was surprised that I was able to come three times in less than two hours, but I guess that made up for my embarrassing first load.

    For another half hour, we enjoyed the smell and feel of each other's bodies, and then we slowly moved apart and got dressed.

    I will never forget Luke, or the way that he touched me. I have had sex with him again, even better than the first time, but that's another story. I guess everyone gets only one first time, and I am glad that I got the one that I did.

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