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  • Bottomboy for mexicans
  • Raul and I were eating in a restaurant when a cute young tourist came in. As all of the tables were occupied, he looked around, and seeing me motion to him, came to sit at our table. He was the same age as Raul, 18 years old, and I was attracted to him immediately, although my usual preference is for dark-skinned Mexicans. But this Gringo boy was exceptionally nice-looking: light-brown hair, green eyes, about 5 feet 7 inches and a nice, thin-but-not-skinny build. He, knowing a little high school Spanish, and Raul hit it off right from the start. They both had caps on backwards, stereo headphones around their necks, and were soon trading and listening to each other's music.

    Tommy tagged along with us back to my hotel. Raul and I had something to do there, and I was trying to think of a nice way to get rid of the Gringo kid. I finally decided to let him know what we had planned.

    "Tommy, you can come up to the room if you want, but you might not like what you see there." He asked, "What's that?" "Well, Tommy, you see, I'm homosexual. I'm going to give Raul a blowjob." "Really? Is he gay?" "No: he's straight; I'm gay." Tommy looked puzzled then said, "Hey, that's cool! No problem!"

    Back at the room, Raul stripped in front of us. He knows I like to see him naked. He is in real good condition from all of that soccer he plays. He's about 5 feet 6 inches, good posture, flat stomach, well defined but not bulky, muscles; just perfect for me.

    While Raul was in the shower, Tommy and I chatted about his vacation. He was with his parents but was pretty bored with their agenda. He seemed a little nervous and kept looking at the bathroom door. Finally Raul comes out, still naked but with a semi-hard-on. He got in the bed and sat, leaning back against the headboard with his legs spread, ready to be sucked.

    Raul has a medium-sized dick, darker than the rest of his skin, uncut, with a slight curve to the right. A drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip of his dick. His foreskin was tight around the glans -- about one-forth of the glans was exposed. My own penis was swelling in my pants in anticipation of what I was going to do. I knelt on the bed between Raul's legs and ran my hands over the smooth, brown skin of his chest, his belly, and legs. What a pleasure it is for me to do this!

    "Tommy, why don't you put the chair over here by the bed so that you can see better?" I was pleased to see that he followed my suggestion. I love to suck a kid while another one is watching!

    It was quiet in the room except for the slurping sounds and sighs of pleasure from Raul. He squirmed on the bed, loving it, and I knew that he was approaching climax when his scrotum tightened and pulled his balls up toward his body. When he came, it was explosive, shooting hot cum right down my throat and causing me to cough a little. But I kept on sucking until the squirts of cum subsided. Then I milked out the last few drops with my hand and licked them off the end of his dick. Tommy was staring with wide-open eyes and a bulge in his shorts.

    "Ever see that before, Tommy? No? Have you ever gotten a blowjob? No? Well, now's your chance!"

    Tommy was shyer about getting naked than Raul, but he took off his clothes and went into the shower. He had a real nice body too, maybe just a bit on the skinny side, but nevertheless, damn cute. His penis was normal for his small stature and was cut. I knew I was going to love sucking this Gringo kid!

    He came out with a towel wrapped around him, but with an obvious hard-on pushing it out. I took off the towel and admired the naked boy, then felt him all over with my hands. He didn't have hardly any body hair. He gasped when I touched his penis, but let me feel that too.

    Raul moved over so that Tommy could take his place on the bed. I leaned down over the cute kid, took his virgin dick into my mouth, and started giving him a pleasure like he never felt before. Raul turned over on his side and held himself up to watch the action. Tommy looked at Raul and grinned, then down to watch his white dick going in and out of my mouth. Within a minute, he grunted, lifted his pelvis off the bed, and gave me his load of boy-juice. Yum, that was good!

    I felt like masturbating but decided to put it off until later. It was only three in the afternoon: lots of time to suck off another muchacho or two -- I wanted to be good and horny still for that. And Raul and Tommy? Well, they were ready to go again already! Ah, to be that age again! I have to conserve my juices, though.

    The boys left together, promising to come back later. I relaxed on the bed and thought about how lucky I was. I could still taste the boys' cum in my mouth.


    I awoke from my nap with a hard-on. I still had the taste of Raul's and Tommy's cum in my mouth and was tempted to jack-off but decided against it. I should conserve my juices for later, after all I am not a teenager any more.

    I took a stroll towards the park. Cute, young Mexican lads were everywhere. It turned me on to know that almost all of them are suckable, they have no hang-ups about letting a gay man get down on his knees and give them some oral pleasure. I saw a couple of gay kids go by. It was obvious by the way they walked. They were advertising their gayness; maybe it worked for them. I never go to the gay bars in Mexico, they are filled with Nelly girls in boys' bodies. The few of them that are straight-acting are probably not interested in me as I am too old for them. I am not a bad-looking man, for a sixty-year-old, but for most gay men, I am way over the hill. Lucky for me that I discovered that the straight muchachos are so available for one-way sex.

    There was a soccer game going on. I sat down to watch. None of the boys were wearing uniforms; most were in shorts, shirts off and barefooted. Tommy was out there in the middle of them, his tanned, white skin contrasting nicely with their brown bodies.

    The ball came flying over close to me with the boys scurrying after it, giving me a close look of their cute macho bodies as they fought for control of the ball. Tommy got it for a few seconds, then lost it, gave me a smile and rushed into action again. They were having fun, and I envied them. I can no longer run around and play like that. Oh, well.

    The game was over. Tommy's team won and they were happy as hell. The boys dissipated and Tommy came over with two muchachos that I hadn't met before. They were cute as can be, one about 5 feet 4 inches, about an inch shorter than the average stature of a Mexican man. His skin was dark, almost black. The other young man was about 5 feet 8 inches, quite tall for a Mexican, with medium brown skin. All three were breathing hard and sweating.

    Tommy introduces them in Spanish, "Estos son mis nuevos amigos, Marcelino y Beto." They smile, we shake hands. We chat for a while about the game. I ask them how old they are -- Marcelino is 19 and Beto is 21. Then in English Tommy adds, "Do you like them?"

    "If you mean do they turn me on, sure, they are exactly my type."

    Tommy turns to the muchachos and says, "Rusty quiere mamar sus vergas. Quieren?" The boys grin and look at each other, then nod their heads, "Si!"

    I say, "Well, lets go up to the hotel then." I was happy as hell that I was going to get to see these cute Mexican kids naked and have their dicks in my mouth. But the boys couldn't go because they both had to get home right away to do chores for their moms. I was real disappointed and said, "Well, another time then."

    Marcelino spoke up (in Spanish), "Why don't we do it right here, in the bushes?"

    The boys took me to an opening in the thick brush, Marcelino went inside and I followed. He turned, facing me. Tommy and Beto stayed outside, watching-out, occasionally looking inside at us.

    I get up close to the boy. I am several inches taller than him. I smell his male phenomes and it turns me on tremendously. He doesn't stink, however he has been running around, sweating. He has thick, tightly curled hair from the African part of his heritage. I feel it, I love this kind of hair, feels like a pillow. An escaped slave from the West Indies? Or is it Moorish from the Spaniards, also African? His lips are thick -- I feel like kissing them but I don't -- that would be too much for him probably. I feel his shoulders and his biceps. His skin is perfectly smooth, and when I squeeze his muscles his flesh is soft like a girl's, but when he tenses his biceps for me he is hard and firm, and I know this is a young man, not a girl. He is a strong little guy.

    I feel the skin of his chest, feel his pecs and his flat stomach. I reach around behind him, but when I slip my hand inside his shorts to feel his ass, he takes my hand and places it on his dick. I should have known, forbidden territory. But it is green lights all the way for his dick, which is hard and straining to poke through his shorts.

    I get down on my knees in front of the Mexican boy. Tommy and Beto are staring. I pull the elastic band of his shorts out away from his belly to be able to pull them down past his stiff verga. And there it is, a beautiful black peter of a size that any full-grown man would be proud to have. It looks out of proportion on this little body. The African influence again? The head is pretty normal in size but the shaft tapers out to be pretty fat in the middle, then gets slightly thinner, but still substantially thick where it attaches to his body. I've seen that shape on a lot of Mexican men. He has on an old cotton bikini with elastic so stretched that it does nothing to contain this boy's manhood. I pull them down to his knees.

    Free of the confines of his shorts, his peter continues to jack up another notch with every heartbeat. The foreskin pulls back, revealing the maroon, shiny glans. Because of his youth, the tightness of the skin prevents it from sliding all the way over the ridge of the glans.

    I don't know if this boy has ever been sucked before, but it may be his first time and I want it to be memorable for him. I steady myself by holding onto his hips as I approach the thing with my mouth.

    Its funny how I am. I won't even share a water glass with another person because I am so fastidious about cleanliness, but here I am about to suck the raw, unwashed penis of a Mexican boy into my mouth. It smells of pee and boy-crotch. And the smell turns me on tremendously. Horniness, I guess, is the only way I can explain it.

    My mouth is watering in anticipation. I wet my lips and pucker them tight. I lower my head closer and closer until I feel the point of the kid's dick contact my lips. That first contact is so special: It's almost like an electrical charge passes between you and the boy, establishing the relative male-female polarity. Me, a full-grown man, down on my knees, honoring this kid's virgin manhood, performing an act that a girl would do.

    I keep my lips as tight as I can and pull him slowly into me. I want my mouth to feel like a virgin pussy to him. I rely on the stiffness of his dick to force my lips open as I pull his hips toward me. I open my jaws as wide as I can to keep my teeth out of the way as he penetrates deeper and deeper into my mouth. I hear him sigh with pleasure. I look up into his black eyes, deep pools of mystery, and he gazes down into mine.

    We are almost to the widest part of the taper when he loses patience with my slow pace, puts both hands behind my head and starts hunching my mouth, forcing his young verga deeper and deeper into me. Soon we are past the widest part and sliding down the taper toward his belly. I reach around him and feel his muscular butt cheeks tighten and relax as he rotates his hips, fucking my mouth. Straight boys will let you touch their butts when their dicks are in your mouth.

    As he slides the fat, middle part of his dick back and forth through my tight lips, they alternatively close somewhat when only his glans is in my mouth, then widen at the thick part, and close again somewhat close to his belly. I am loving the effect and thinking this muchacho is going to be a great fucker some day.

    As the boy is so distracted in fucking my face, I take the opportunity to explore his body with my hands. His legs are a bit hairy from the knees down but totally smooth from the knees up. His balls are totally bare and I feel them churning around inside the sack. I guess that he has some Indian blood in his heritage -- that would explain the bare balls (the Aztecs and some other Indian nations are reported as having no genital hair at all). He has a patch of stiff, wiry pubes above his dick but is completely smooth everywhere else. There is absolutely no hair between his legs or around his butt-hole. He is so slippery there from the saliva and his own natural lubricant leaking from my mouth, that I am tempted to slide a finger into that smooth little anus, but I don't want to risk insulting his masculinity, especially in front of his friends.

    Unfortunately, I am not very good at deep-throating and I am starting to gag when he shoves his dick into my throat, so I grab his dick up close to his belly to keep him from sliding too much into me. Anyway, I can tell he is close to cumming by his rapid breathing and the tightening of his stomach muscles. His legs start trembling so much that I think he might fall down, and then I feel the pulsing of his penis as he pumps his juices into me.

    Marcelino had barely pulled his dick out of my mouth when Beto came in and almost pushed him out of the way to get to me. He yanked his shorts and briefs down and suddenly I had a new dick in my face, already hard and leaking pre-cum. His dick was a nice chocolate color and the foreskin was already so pulled back, you couldn't even tell he had one.

    Marcelino sat down to recover a bit, and stared up at his friend who was about to stick his dick in my mouth. Tommy was still standing outside, looking around and straining to see what was happening in the bushes.

    The muchacho was so eager that I didn't really have time to feel his fine body first. He leaned toward me and my nostrils took in the strong odor of raw Mexican dick, stronger than Marcelino's, and something else, some other funky odor, what was it? As he slid his dick into my mouth where I could taste it, I remembered. Pussy! I was sucking a dick that had just been pulled out of a girl's cunt! Well, that's the risk you run when you suck a straight boy's dick.

    Beto's dick was a little longer than Marcelino's but not nearly as big around. It had a curve to the right -- some people would say that it's because he probably jacks-off with his right hand, but I think it's because he always keeps his dick on the same side of his briefs. I'd like to do some scientific studies of this curved-dick phenomenon and publish it in a journal.

    When you are presented with a new dick to suck, you just have to guess how to do it. Every dick needs its special technique of fellatio, and it sometimes takes several episodes with a boy to find out what really works best with him. With Beto, I decided to try the "spiral" technique. I learned this from a young gay man who did it to me when I was young and cute.

    My mouth is filled with Marcelino's cum so I use it to lubricate Beto's dick all the way down to the base. Then I start going up and down on it, holding it tightly with my right hand and my lips, moving them together along the slippery shaft, simulating a nice deep pussy. This method usually works with the longer dicks. Then I start twisting my hand as I go up and down on it, the spiral motion. If you have ever had this done to you, you would know what I mean. It feels great!

    I could tell that Beto was enjoying the blowjob. I can't explain it, but when I really get tuned-in to a boy I can almost feel what he is feeling. It's almost like I am getting the blowjob instead of giving it. Maybe that is why I enjoy doing it so much.

    In no time I had Beto squirting gobs of delicious cum into my mouth and I swallowed it to keep from wasting it.

    The muchachos got their shorts back on and we got out of the bushes. I asked Tommy if he wanted another blow-job and he said yes, but first wanted to go over to Marcelino's house. He asked me how I liked sucking his friends and I said that I loved it.

    As we were walking out of the park, I asked Marcelino if he had a girlfriend. He said yes, but he couldn't do anything with her yet as she was too well guarded by her parents and older brothers. That's pretty typical of the situation of young unmarried Mexicans and is why they are so horny and willing to stick their dicks into a man's mouth.

    When I asked Beto the same question, he said yes, he had a girlfriend, but sometimes he did have a chance with her. "Like today?" I asked him.

    "Si, hoy en la manana." I knew it.


    It was a beautiful-as-usual Mexican morning and I was sitting on a bench in the town square, enjoying the fresh air, beautiful flowers and cute Mexican boys.

    Tommy came walking up. "Buenos dias, Rusty."

    "Buenos dias, Tommy. I thought you were going to show up at the hotel last night."

    Tommy sat down beside me. "I couldn't go. Had to spend some time with my parents. They are going to go up to Mexico City today to see the museums and other boring stuff. Wanted me to go too, but I'd rather stay here. I was thinking maybe, if it's cool with you, I could move in with you since you have two beds in your room. I could help with the rent. You see I don't have enough money to rent a separate room."

    "Your parents won't get mad?"

    "No, they're cool. Besides, I'm 18, old enough to do what I want."

    "Sure, Tommy. I'd love to have you as a roommate, especially if you bring one of your amigos up to the room once in a while. You know what I like, right?"

    "I think so. Like that dude across from us?"

    "You've got it." The boy was really cute, which is why I sat there in the first place. He was watching a girl go by, swiveling his head like a radar dish locked onto a target. In fact, several other boys were locked onto her as well, their heads swiveling like a whole array of antennas.

    "If you want," says Tommy, "I'll go talk to him and see if he wants his dick sucked now."

    I could tell Tommy was going to be real useful. "No, not now. I was thinking about hiring a boat to take me out to the island in the middle of the lagoon. Do you want to go?"

    "Sure! Let's do it!"

    We started walking toward the pier. "Hey, Rusty. How come you like to suck dicks?"

    "I don't know, Tommy. Just do."

    "Do all gay guys like to suck dick?"

    "I think so. Everyone I ever knew, anyway."

    "Do you like to suck white guys or do you like Mexicans more."

    "Well, usually I prefer Mexicans, but you are an exception."

    "Do you think I'm nice looking or something?"

    "I think you're cute as can be, Tommy."

    "Cute. Yeah, some girls think I'm cute. That makes me feel like a little kid. A cute little kid. I wish I was taller and had lots of muscles. People always think I'm a little kid."

    "Ah, Tommy, just be happy to be what you are. Besides, you will put on more muscles when you get older. And you already have great legs and butt from all of that soccer you play."

    "Rusty, I notice you swallow the cum when you suck a guy off. Don't you worry about getting AIDS?"

    "Well, I guess it's a little risky, but not very I think. You wouldn't want to do it if you had an open sore in your mouth. If I'm going to have an ongoing relationship with a guy, I'll take him in and get him tested. But that's one reason I stick with young guys -- less chance they're infected. And I never let them fuck me without a rubber unless I'm sure they're okay."

    "Wow! You let them do that? That must hurt bad!"

    We walked along quietly for a while. I noticed Tommy was checking the guys out. Was he looking for one for me? Or was Tommy gay and didn't know it? It's hard to tell with a boy that age.

    "Rusty, what does cum taste like?"

    "Like your own, Tommy. Haven't you ever tasted your own?"

    "No. Never have. Sounds gross."

    "Well, actually, it has a very nice taste. I can't describe it but I like it."

    "Do white guys' cum taste different from Mexican guys'?"

    "Well, I can't tell much difference. The individuals vary a lot though. Like Raul and Marcelino have sweet cum, but Beto's is a little bitter. Still good though."

    "And my cum?"

    "Yours is sweet and delicious, and I hope you will give me some more of it today."

    "No problem."

    I was liking this conversation. My dick was swelling in anticipation.

    "I noticed that Raul, Marcelino and Beto all have uncut dicks. Couldn't their parents afford to get them operated on when they were born?"

    I laughed at that one. "No, Tommy, its not that. It's their custom to leave them natural."

    "You mean all Mexican dudes are uncut?"

    "Everyone I've had the pleasure to suck."

    "Aren't foreskins just some useless flap of skin left over from our pre-historic past? And don't they get dirty underneath? Seems like they would be better off without them."

    "Well, really, Tommy, foreskins are very useful. They protect the glans and keep it sensitive. Actually, they work quite well; they are not an evolutionary relic at all. Next time I suck off a guy, check out his foreskin, see how it works. I, myself, love foreskins, although some gay men are turned-off by them. And as far as the cleanliness issue goes, it's like ears: If you don't wash them, they get dirty."

    We were approaching the dock. Mexican men were unloading their boats and fish were everywhere. We walked past a big shrimp boat, Mexican men, naked from the waist up, looked down on us. I felt a surge of hormones. I took out my digital camera and took their pictures. They loved it.

    "Let's look for a small boat or canoe to take us over to the island," I said.

    "How about that one?" asked Tommy. Leave it to Tommy to pick a winner. A beautiful, young Mexican man, about 24, was standing in the canoe, bargaining with a woman who wanted to buy his big bag of oysters. He was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and shorts. When he lifted the heavy bag up to the dock I could see his arm muscles strain. He was very strong! Tommy was already over there, asking him if he would take us over to the island. He nodded his head, said 100 pesos and he would do it. Tommy talked him down to 50 (about five dollars), and soon we were under way.

    I sat in the middle, taking pictures of the dock and beautiful lake while Tommy and Jose paddled. I made sure to get some pics of Jose, behind me. He grinned. What shoulders and arms! And handsome face, to boot! This guy was not what I would call "cute". He was handsome! Too mature and masculine to be called "cute". I am usually attracted more to the younger, boyish types, but this hombre was an exception. Life is full of exceptions.

    We were halfway across the lake when Tommy asked if he could go swimming. Jose said sure, go ahead, so Tommy stripped off his shirt and was about to jump in when I said, "Why don't you take off your shorts too?" I snapped another pic of him as he pulled down his shorts. What a beautiful white boy!

    "Now take off your boxers. Get naked!" Tommy looked around. We were all alone. Then, grinning, he pulled them down, and I got another pic of his smooth, tight, little bubble-butt before he dove in, almost overturning the canoe.

    Jose kept paddling while Tommy swam beside us. I asked Jose where he gets the oysters and he pointed to some rocks that were not far from us.

    "Quieres ostiones?" he asked.

    I said sure, why not, so he headed that way. "Is it true what they say about oysters, that they are good for a man's potency?" I asked him (in Spanish).

    He smiled and raised his muscular arm up, bent at the elbow, like a big hard dick. "I bet you eat a lot of oysters," I said. Your verga probably gets real hard, right?"

    He grinned and made the hard-dick sign again with his arm. One thing I like to do almost as much as suck dick, is seduce straight men. It's fun and exciting. You have to drop hints, being careful not to go too far, watching for the reactions. So far, so good.

    He asked me if I eat a lot of oysters. I replied "No, at my age I need something stronger."

    "What's that?" he asked.

    "Leche de hombre," I told him. He looked me in the eyes and understood. "Leche" means "milk" in English. It's also the word the Mexicans use for cum. Man's milk. Now I had gone beyond hinting.

    "You like that?" he asked.

    "Yes, very much!"

    Tommy scrambled up onto the rocks. Jose threw an inner tube, with a sack tied inside it, into the water, stripped off his shirt and pulled off his shorts while I took pictures of his beautiful body. He had wide shoulders, a narrow waist and a nice flat stomach with an "outie" belly-button. I guessed his height to be about 5 foot, 10 inches. His skin was a medium-brown color, no tan lines showing. There was some hair on his chest and a trail of hair running down from his belly-button into his cotton briefs. His legs and thighs were hairy as well. Yes, this was a man, not a boy. His facial features showed a lot of European influence and his eyes were light brown.

    Jose strapped a belt around his waist to hold his knife, threw a rock tied to a rope (the anchor) overboard, grabbed a metal, pointed bar out of the canoe and jumped into the water. He called to Tommy to hold the innertube to keep it from drifting away in the current, and then dove under the water. I stripped down to my underwear and jumped in too. When I got to the innertube, Tommy left me to tend it so that he could follow Jose. They were down a long time. Finally Tommy came back up, out of breath, and then about a minute later, Jose with three oysters, which he tossed into the sack. He held onto the innertube to rest while Tommy dove for the bottom again.

    I took this opportunity to feel Jose's crotch. He just grinned and let me do it. I felt his penis swelling inside the thin cotton briefs. Not a bad size for a good suck. I hoped that he would let me do it.

    Tommy came back up with another oyster. Jose took out his knife, pried open the oyster, and offered it to me. I used to be real squeamish about eating raw oysters. That was before I ever tried cum. They are very similar in texture. I swallowed it right down. Then he offered one to Tommy, who gave it a nasty look, but then accepted it and ate it.

    The boys continued to bring up oysters from the bottom and we ate them right there. Can't get fresher oysters unless you eat them under the water. This was a very enjoyable experience for me. At my age, it is a real pleasure to discover something that I have never done before. The water was so nice and warm, the smooth boy's legs rubbing against my own, the swollen dicks in my hand and the cum-like oysters in my mouth. We were all so happy, so alive.

    When we had our fill, Jose brought up the metal bar and we got back in the canoe. Tommy didn't bother putting his shorts back on so I got to enjoy seeing him naked as we continued on toward the island. Jose might as well have been naked because I could easily see his brown, Mexican sausage through the thin, wet bikini. I longed to have it in my mouth.

    The boys pulled the canoe up onto the beach as I took pictures. Tommy was going to put his shorts back on, but I asked him not to. We explored the little island, and I got lots of pictures of it and my beautiful, young companions.

    When we had made the entire loop of the island, I asked Jose if he would let me see him naked. He grinned and said OK. Tommy sat down on a log to watch the show. I told Tommy in English, "Now pay attention and you will see how a foreskin works and what a wonderful invention it is."

    Jose started sliding down his bikini while we stared. A thick bush of wiry, black hair came into view, then the thick, brown sausage, darker than the rest of his skin, was revealed, and then the foreskin-covered glans. I asked him to come over closer because Tommy had never seen a foreskin up-close. Jose got right in front of Tommy with his dick about a foot from Tommy's face.

    "See how the foreskin is completely protecting the head of his dick? It has a little built-in rubber band to keep it closed at the end. That keeps it clean."

    Then I asked Jose to show Tommy how he takes a piss. Jose turned to the side, cradled his dick in his right hand and pulled back the foreskin about a half-inch, showing the maroon-colored end of his prick. After a moment the yellow piss started to stream down onto the sand.

    "See, Tommy, if he hadn't pulled the skin back, the pee would have filled up the foreskin, making for a very stinky dick."

    When Jose was through pissing, Jose shook his dick, then faced Tommy again, the dangling dick just inches from his face. Tommy stared, fascinated as the thing started swelling up.

    "Good, he is starting to get an erection. Now you will really see how the foreskin works."

    The penis started jacking up, about a quarter inch with each heartbeat. The tight little "rubber band" was gradually stretched open as the lengthening shaft pushed the tapered glans through it. The glans was squeezed at that point, being more swollen both above and below it.

    "Now see how shiny and smooth the glans is? It's already pre-lubed with the secretions of the gland on the inside of the foreskin. You and I no longer have that gland. It dried up a long time ago. Actually, we still have our foreskins, or part of them, but they are turned inside-out because a section of skin around the shaft of the penis was removed, with the cut edges reattached, making the shaft skin too short to allow the foreskin to cover the end of the dick."

    I stopped my lecture and just let Tommy see for himself how it worked. Jose's dick continued to harden and the foreskin was pulled back until only the ridge of the glans was covered by it. It looked now to be at maximum stiffness, standing up at a 45 degree angle. The inside-out foreskin was almost pink, a sort of brownish pink. A drop of urine was pushed out by the pre-lube and fell on the sand.

    "Now show Tommy how you jack-off," I told Jose in Spanish.

    Jose made a ring (like the OK sign) with his thumb and forefinger and fit it around the shaft of his penis above the glans, Then he started sliding the skin back and forth over the ridge of his glans.

    "See how the little "rubber band" is riding back and forth over his glans. That must feel terrific. You and I can only imagine how it feels. He is not even touching the glans -- the foreskin is doing the work. And its all smooth and lubed, no grease or K-Y needed. Do you still think a foreskin is a useless throwback in evolution? Or that it's all dirty and nasty?"

    "OK, Jose, that's enough." He stopped jacking off. Now the skin was staying completely back, leaving the entire glans exposed. Tommy was staring at it with a hypnotized look in his eyes. Tommy's own penis was standing up straight and hard.

    "Now, Tommy, lean forward and smell it. He is clean. Go ahead and smell it."

    Tommy leaned forward and sniffed the end of Jose's dick.

    "See? He is clean. What you smell there is the natural fragrance of an uncut Mexican penis. Even when he has just washed it with soap, he will still have that musty, masculine odor, however faint."

    Tommy didn't just sniff it and back off. He stayed there, his nose a half-inch from the tip of Jose's dick, taking in the male fragrance. I motioned to Jose with my head to move forward. Jose leaned toward Tommy.

    "Tommy, taste it. With your tongue. Taste his pre-cum."

    And then it happened. The magic moment. I could almost feel the charge of polarity pass between them. The drop of pre-cum that hung from Jose's dick dissolved into the saliva on Tommy's tongue.

    "Go ahead, Tommy. It's OK. Make him feel good, it's OK."

    I nodded to Jose again. He rotated his hips forward, and Tommy lost his oral virginity.

    Afterwards, Tommy wreathed in pleasure on the sand while I knelt between his legs. Tommy had a wad of Mexican cum in his mouth and a newfound identity.


    Tommy brought his things up to my room that night. I was thrilled that I would have this cute, young man as my roommate.

    "Here, Tommy, this is your bed. I will pay the main part of the rent -- you just pay the extra that they will charge for your staying here."

    "Yeah, that's cool. My parents left me a little money for my birthday but I have to be careful with it."

    "Your birthday?"

    "Yeah, I just turned eighteen. I don't look it, though, do I? Everybody always thinks I'm a little kid."

    "Hey, just be glad they don't think you're an old man like me. Oh, Tommy, I'm glad that you're here, but there are two or three rules. One, no rap or heavy metal unless you use headphones. Two, pick up your dirty socks and help me keep the place clean. Three..."

    "You sound just like my dad."

    "Three, you have to wear a uniform while you're in the room."

    "What? A uniform? That's stupid. I hate uniforms!"

    "That's the rule, Tommy. And be respectful."

    "OK, where's the dumb uniform?"

    "Take off your clothes first, and I'll show it to you."

    Tommy pulled his T-shirt off, removed his shoes and socks, and stood before me dressed only in his boxers.

    "All the way, Tommy."

    "Jeez!" he said, with an exasperated look on his face, and pulled down his boxers.

    "Is that enough? Or do I have to remove my skin too? OK, where's the uniform?"

    I got up, and taking him by the shoulders, turned him around to face the mirror. "There, you are already wearing it."

    Tommy gazed at himself in the mirror. "This is my uniform? You mean you want me to go around naked? What if somebody comes over?"

    "Well, if they haven't seen one by now, it's about time, don't you think?"

    "You really like looking at me naked, don't you?"

    "Yep, sure do. There should be a law against good-looking boys covering up their bodies with clothes."

    "OK. No problem. Look all you want."

    "Can I feel all I want too?" He didn't answer me, but I guess I could because I did. We both stared at his image in the mirror as I, hugging him from behind, ran my hands all over his smooth chest and down his flat stomach. I held his peter in my hand and felt it getting stiff. I wanted it bad and knew that I could have it, but I decided to lay off for now. I wanted him to stay horny for a good while, wanted to enjoy seeing him naked.

    Tommy started arranging his things while I watched. Wow! What a cute boy! I got out my laptop and downloaded the pics from my camera into it. Then I went into the bathroom. When I came out, Tommy was sitting at the laptop looking at himself giving Jose a blow-job. Tommy had a hard-on.

    "I didn't know you were taking pictures of this. You aren't going to show these to anybody, are you?"

    "I've already broadcast them all over the Web, Tommy."

    He looked at me with a panicked look on his face, then realizing I was kidding him, laughed. "Yeah, Tommy, the famous blow-jobber." Then, seriously, "Rusty, do you think I'm gay?"

    "What you do one time doesn't make you anything, Tommy. I have had sex with women. Does that make me straight?"

    Tommy kept looking through the pics, absently fondling his stiff little dick. "I never wanted to do this. I can't believe I actually sucked a dude's dick! I just got carried away."

    "Have you ever felt the urge before, Tommy?"

    "To suck a dick? No way! I've been having feelings though, feelings I'd rather not have. Like at school, seeing the other dudes naked in the shower room. And lately, when I jack-off, I start off imagining that I'm having sex with a girl, and then this dude enters the picture and I cum right away. I can't help it. I have been worried about it a long time -- I don't want to be gay."

    "Tommy, you can't fight feelings. Let them flow! Stopped-up feelings are bad for anyone. And don't put yourself in a box with a label on it. Allow yourself to be free to change, to enjoy whatever life offers."

    "You're cool, Rusty. I'm glad I met you. I've never been able to tell anybody about this stuff before. Not my dad, not my friends, nobody."

    Just then, there was a knock on the door. Tommy clicked off the picture program, jumped up and was about to put on his shorts when I wagged my finger "no-no." He went to the door, naked, and cracked it open enough to see that it was Raul, and let him in.

    Raul didn't bat an eye at Tommy's nakedness. "Quihubole," he said. Pronounced kee-YOU-boh-leh, it means (roughly) "Wassup?"

    "Quihubole," said Tommy.

    Raul was dressed in his work clothes: T-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, cap on backwards. He sat down on Tommy's bed. He had a plastic bag in his hand.

    He said that he had just gotten off work and dropped by to see if he could use my shower because he wanted to take Tommy to "La Pachanga."

    "What's that?" I asked.

    "Oh, it's just this cool place where you can listen to music and maybe meet a girl," said Raul. "Do you want to come?"

    "Yeah, come on," said Tommy.

    Raul was taking off his clothes.

    In English, Tommy told me, "La Pachanga" is a whorehouse. My amigos took up a collection to get me laid. I don't want to go."

    "Then don't!"

    "How can I get out of it? They will think I'm gay or something. I have to go."

    "Look, Tommy, virginity is nothing to be ashamed of. And you don't have to prove anything to them. If your dick gets hard and you want to try a girl, go for it. If not, tell them you are saving yourself for marriage or something."

    "Hey, yeah! Thanks!"

    Raul had stripped down to his cotton bikini. He stood up, saw himself in the full-length mirror and started flexing his muscles, checking himself out. Most of these muchachos are from poor families -- they don't have big mirrors in their houses. The one in my hotel room always catches their attention, and they always like to look at themselves.

    Raul pulled down his bikini and gazed at his image, totally naked. His penis was hanging down, soft still, but a little swollen. The foreskin completely covered the glans and had a little extra which gave his dick a pointed appearance. It had a slight curve to the right. He took it in his hand, straightened it and released it. It returned to its original shape. Although he seemed concerned about it, I loved it just like it was. I love those little variations in dicks! It's always so fun to get a guy's pants off and see what kind of dick he has.

    Raul went into the bathroom. I sat down at the computer and worked on the email that I would send from a cyber-cafe later. Tommy was looking through his extensive collection of boxer shorts.

    Raul came back from his shower, drying himself. I said, "Hey, Raul, check out these pics." I caught the horrified look on Tommy's face; it said "NO!"

    Raul leaned over to look. "Hijole!" he said. Tommy rushed over. It was a picture of a naked girl. Tommy gave me a mean look that said, "I'll get you later!" I laughed.

    I clicked through several pics, all choice young women which I keep on my hard-drive for turning on choice young Mexican men like the one standing right beside me. And every time I clicked to a new pic, Raul's dick jumped up another notch.

    "Wow!" Raul said. "That got me in the mood. Let's go try the real thing!"

    Raul dumped his clean clothes onto the bed and was about to put on a clean bikini when Tommy said, "Here, try these boxers on. They're way cooler than bikinis."

    Raul looked them over. "Cool," he said. "But how about that blue one?"

    He put the blue one on and admired himself in the mirror. He liked it. The crotch hung down almost to his knees. Totally rad. Awesome. Chingon.

    "It's yours," Tommy said.

    I was enjoying watching these two cute, naked teenagers trying on underwear, but they were on a mission and soon were dressed and ready to go. Raul had doused himself with about a gallon of Tommy's after-shave, even though neither one of them had to shave yet.

    There were several muchachos waiting for us in the courtyard of the hotel, most on bicycles. Raul got on a tricycle, the kind used for deliveries in Mexico, like the rear end of a bike pushing a two-wheeled box in front. Tommy jumped into the front part with two empty produce boxes (Raul worked as a delivery boy).

    "Come on, get in!" they told me.

    "No thanks, I'll walk."

    The boys took off, some running behind. I followed behind, walking.

    The streets were busy with nighttime activity. Some people sat on their front porches, enjoying the coolness of the evening. Taco and tamale stands sprung up on every corner. For blocks, I heard the occasional whistle of the platano wagon, getting louder and louder as I approached. Finally, it came into view, one of the strangest contraptions ever invented, a sort of cross between a steam locomotive and a hot-dog cart.

    "Platano Calientes!" shouted the young vendor.

    "Hot Bananas!" I thought, "I wouldn't mind trying the hot banana that was in his pants!" I ordered one.

    "Macho o dulse?" he asked. A cloud of steam escaped when he opened up the "locomotive."

    "Macho, por favor."

    He slapped the big banana onto a piece of brown paper. "Crema? Chile?"

    "Crema, si. Chile, no."

    He squirted a big wad of cream on the banana and handed it to me. It reminded me of a big dick with jizz all over it. He pulled the chain of the steam whistle that gave off a god-awful, multi-octave, screech.

    "Platanos calientes!" he shouted, and pushed the heavy contraption down the street. "Platanos calientes!"

    "La Pachanga" looked like an ordinary cantina. I went through the swinging doors and saw the boys sitting at a big table in back. They called me over. There were several sleazy women in the room, eyeing me as if I were a walking one hundred dollar bill. You knew they were whores because women are not allowed in cantinas unless they are whores.

    Three women were sitting at the table with five boys, Raul, Tommy, Marcelino, Beto and another that I hadn't yet met. I sat down, and then right away, another woman sat down between Tommy and me. I was almost knocked out by her cheap perfume. She looked at me, smiling as if she had instantly fallen in love with me.

    "Hola, Guapo (Hi, handsome)," she flirted.

    She has on so much make-up; it looks like she must be getting lessons from a drag queen. Her eyes are ringed with bright purple and her eyelashes are about an inch long. Her lips are painted with gobs of red lipstick that goes horribly with her brown skin. Her fingernails are long, red and fake. This is the kind of woman who would get uglier the more naked she got. She puts her hand on my thigh, and then slides it over into my crotch. I take her hand and put it back in her own lap.

    "Que pasa, amigo?" she says. "You don't like pretty women?"

    "No," I said.

    She shifted her attention to Tommy. "Wow! What a cute Gringuito! I just love blue eyes!" She put her hand on Tommy's crotch. He started and then got real red.

    Raul spoke up, "Lola, go away. See if you can find Margarita."

    Lola got up sullenly, and left. In a few minutes a cute girl came up to the table, the only young and cute one in the cantina.

    She sat down where Lola had been. Raul introduced her to Tommy. Raul explained that Tommy wanted to try a Mexican girl. Tommy looked nervous and embarrassed.

    "Cuanto cobras (how much)?" Raul asked.

    She answered (in Spanish), "Only three hundred pesos, because he's cute."

    All of the boys laughed.

    "No, really," said Raul. "How much? This isn't a Gringo rico. How much? How about one hundred pesos (about 10 dollars)?"

    She stuck to her guns, knowing she was the prettiest one in the cantina. "For that, he only gets a blow-job."

    They argued. Finally, she came down to two hundred pesos, probably because he really is cute. The boys dug in their pockets and took out a bunch of small bills and coins. It only added to one hundred fifty pesos. Margarita wouldn't budge.

    They tried to get money out of me. I wouldn't budge.

    Raul chided his friends to come up with more money. This was their Gringo friend who had never had the pleasure of fucking a Mexican girl. It was a matter of hospitality and international good will.

    It turned out that the boys had more money, but were holding out in hopes of getting something for themselves. But nobody, individually, had enough for even a blowjob.

    Margarita resolved the impasse. She and another man would perform a "live show" for the benefit of everybody, for only one hundred pesos, and then she would fuck Tommy for two hundred.

    The show was something I could contribute to. We got the pesos together, Margarita paid the owner, and somebody was sent out into the street to find a man willing to perform in the show.

    We were herded back, through a doorway and down a hallway into a small room. The room was decorated to the max: Red carpet with gold bedspread, complete with cum and pussy-juice stains. A black velvet painting of the Last Supper over the bed. The ultimate in tackiness. I loved it!

    Margarita sat on the bed and started undressing. And the more she undressed, the prettier she got. The muchachos, crowded around the bed were drooling.

    The owner came back and ushered in a young man from the street -- the Hot Banana man! He looked around the room at all of the horny boys, then zeroed in on the naked girl on the bed. He pulled his T-shirt off over his head, revealing some real nice arms, shoulders, chest and stomach muscles, probably from pushing that heavy banana-mobile all around town. Then he pulled down his pants, together with his briefs.

    Out sprung one of the biggest, fattest and most perfectly formed Mexican bananas that I have ever seen!

    "Hijole!" said Margarita.

    "Chingao!" said Raul.

    "Mamacita!" said Beto.

    It was already stiff enough to hold itself straight out from his body. It swung from side to side as he stepped to the bed, and got in with Margarita.

    They kissed while he felt her cute, firm little breasts. She grabbed his stiff pole and slid her hand up and down the length of it.

    "Well, what do you want us to do?" Margarita asked.

    "Cojer (fuck)!" the muchachos said in unison.

    "OK, how about 'Round the World?' First we will go to France." She got down between Senor Platano's legs, took the end of his dick into her mouth and went up and down on it. Marcelino reached out and felt her pussy between the cheeks of her upturned butt. She spun around and told him that if anybody touched her again, the show would be over and they would lose all their money.

    "Next," she said, "we will go to Camp Holy Shepherd (a local Christian revival facility)." First she rolled a rubber down onto his dick; then she laid flat on her back, legs spread. Sr. Platano got the hint, climbed on and slid it in to the root with one smooth motion.

    "Ahhhh!" said Margarita.

    The boys didn't say anything -- just stared with wide eyes and dropped jaws.

    What a show! Sr. Platano was hunching away, his balls hanging down, slapping against Margarita's crotch with every plunge. And what a butt he had! I love to watch a guy's butt muscles work while he's fucking.

    Margarita stopped him before his balls drew up too tight, made him get off and said, "Now we are going to China." He had no idea how they do it in China.

    "Lay down on your side like this," she said. She laid down facing him and put her leg over his waist. He caught on and slipped it in her.

    "Ching mo ding!" he said in mock Chinese. Everybody laughed.

    "Chinga, chinga, chinga!" chanted the muchachos.

    The muchachos vied for the best positions to see the dick sliding in and out of the pussy, peering from every angle, shoving each other out of the way. The whole thing was taking on the aspect of a soccer game! I was about to die from laughter!

    "Let's go to Greece," said the banana man. She looked at him curiously, for once forgetting her geography. "Turn around the other way," he said. He pointed the end of his dick up between her ass cheeks, held her by the waist, and pulled her towards him. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, she spun around and slapped him. The boys howled in laughter.

    "No, I never liked Greece," she said. "Now we're going to the jungle of Africa." She got up on her hands and knees, spread her legs apart and lowered herself to her elbows, resting her head on the bed. Mr. Banana got behind her.

    "The gateway to Africa," she said, "is the low road. Don't take the high road." She guided him in, just to make sure he didn't get lost.

    The muchachos started chanting "Unga-Boonga, Unga Boonga" in rhythm with the action. But they finally quieted down and just stared at the marvelous sight of two beautiful people in full coital intercourse.

    I looked at the muchachos around me: every one had a stiffness in his pants. Even my own was at full-mast. I envied the girl. I would have loved to be in her place, with the banana man inside me.

    I saw his ball sac tightening, saw the contorted look on his face. He was panting, sweating and plunging. He pulled her back against him, and with his big dick thrust as deeply into her as it could go, held her there, and I knew he was climaxing.

    Finally, he rolled off of her and lay, exhausted, on the bed. The end of the rubber was inflated with his cum. The muchachos gave him a big round of applause, which he acknowledged with a weak smile.

    "Take him back to France!" said Beto.

    "Yeah, give him mouth-to-dick respiration!" said Marcelino.

    But the banana man wasn't going anywhere.

    "OK, Gringuito, your turn," said Margarita. All of the muchachos looked at Tommy. Tommy hesitated.

    Raul came to his rescue. "Let's fuck her together, Tommy! Look, I have more money!" Raul pulled out a big wad of pesos.

    The other muchachos started complaining because Raul had been holding out on them. But Raul handed Margarita one hundred more pesos and she accepted it.

    Raul started stripping off his clothes while Tommy stared, frozen.

    "Come on, Tommy, let's do it!" said Raul, getting in the bed naked beside Margarita. Raul's dick was stiff. I handed him a rubber and he put it on.

    "Yea, Tommy! Yea, Tommy. Come on, Tommy!" chanted the boys.

    Tommy was still frozen. Margarita laid back, spread her legs and showed Tommy her wide-open pussy. Raul reached over and slid a finger in and out of her, grinning at Tommy.

    "Fuck her for international goodwill!" said Beto.

    "Fuck her for the United States of America!" said Marcelino."

    There was an awkward silence while everybody stared at Tommy. Suddenly Tommy pulled his T-shirt off over his head! Everybody cheered and clapped. Tommy took off his shoes and socks, his shorts and boxers. His dick was stiff and drooling pre-cum.

    Marcelino and Beto went over and pulled the banana man up and out of the bed. Tommy lay down beside Margarita. I handed him the rubber and he tried to put it on. He had it backwards. Everybody laughed. Margarita took it and rolled it down over his stiff peter.

    "Take her to Camp Holy Shepherd, Tommy!" said Raul.

    Tommy rolled over, got on top of her, looked down and positioned the end of his dick at the opening of her pussy, and gave her his virginity.

    The boys took her around the world. Whenever one was about to cum, he would change places with the other. The muchachos stopped cheering and stared in lust and envy.

    Margarita came several times. She was into it as much as them now. It was no longer a job.

    And while Tommy had her in China, Raul took her to Greece. They were a big ball of arms, legs, and sweating, naked torsos. And the boys' arms were around each other as much as they were around her.

    But finally, all good things must come to an end. Their youthful energy spent, the three laid intertwined, panting and exhausted.

    The muchachos gave them a final round of applause, whistles and cheers, then left the room, unsatisfied boners still in their shorts.

    "How about you?" said the Banana man. "Do you want to try the Mexican pussy too?"

    "No, not for me. I like men better."

    "Is this what you like?" indicating his flaccid but swollen "verga." It was still covered with the cum-filled rubber.

    "Yes, that is what I like. That is exactly what I like."

    "For one hundred pesos, it is yours, amigo."

    "Muchas gracias, but I don't pay for verga."

    "I'll take you around the world."

    I looked at his beautiful, big banana. It was starting to swell up.

    "I'll take you to Greece. Do you want to go to Greece with me?"

    I looked him in the eye. He was serious. His penis was coming back to full hardness. Yes, I did want to go with him to Greece. I nodded my head, yes.

    He turned to Margarita on the bed. "Margarita, me and the Gringo need the room for a while."

    "Putos (queers)!" said Margarita.

    "Better than putas (whores)," said Sr. Platano. They laughed.

    Margarita, Tommy, and Raul got out of the bed. Tommy looked happy. He had passed his macho test with flying colors. They pulled the cum-filled rubbers off of their soft dicks and threw them on the floor. They got dressed and as they left the room, Tommy looked at the big banana, then at me, shook his head and said "No way." I wasn't too sure of it myself, actually.

    I wanted to taste the dick that was going to fuck me. I got down on my knees and pulled off the spent rubber. A big glob of cum filled the end of it. I flung the rubber onto the floor. I grabbed his penis in my hand. I could barely get my fingers around it, and it was not hard yet. The shaft was thicker in the middle of his dick than it was at the root. It was going to be a wild fuck! I slid the skin up and down the shaft and watched the foreskin as it folded over, covering the glans, and pulled back tight, revealing it completely. His penis was slick with his natural lube and semen. A lot of it clung to the glans and it bubbled and dripped when the foreskin came down over it.

    I leaned toward it and took in the strong, heady fragrance of raw, mature, Mexican dick. This was no boy who was going to fuck me. My ass hole clinched in fear at that thought, but my mouth watered in anticipation of having his dick in me.

    "Come on, Gringo, take me to France. Then I will take you to Greece."

    I felt the shaft of his dick expanding in my hand. Could I take it? I know my maximum limit because I had a lover once who liked to play with me with dildos. The fattest dildo he ever slid up into me was of such a thickness that my fingers were barely able to encircle it. And he took his time putting it into me, over an hour, because he was loving and didn't want to hurt me.

    "Come on, amigo. You want it, no? It's yours."

    My fingers were being pushed apart. I could no longer encircle it. And it was still growing.

    "Come on, amigo, taste it. You will like it. Taste it, then I will fuck you."

    The problem with the big-dicked guys is that they sometimes are hard to get off orally. They need more penetration than you can give them with your mouth. So, my general rule is not even to try to suck them unless you know you can take them up the butt. That is especially true when you don't know the man. And even more so when he is a straight man. If you get him all worked up and then can't satisfy him, he might just insist on penetrating you anally, and that would be all the way.

    There was still time to back out. I looked up at his strong body. I shouldn't do it.

    His foreskin was pulling back. Cum and lube were oozing out and hanging in a glob on the underside of his glans. The masculine odor was intoxicating. I was too close! His verga was like a magnet and I was being drawn toward it. A voice inside me shouted, "DON'T!" But I couldn't stop my tongue from reaching out to taste his Mexican juices.

    The energy zapped between us! The polarity was established!

    "Good, Gringo, now make your mouth feel like a pussy for me."

    I had his juices in my mouth and I savored them. I licked more off of the head of his dick. I stuck my tongue up under his foreskin and cleaned it out. I sucked more slimy juice out of the end of his brown dick. I licked down the shaft, felt the veins slide over my tongue. Yes, this is what I wanted, what I need, what I love.

    "You like it, don't you? You like Mexican dick, huh, Gringo? Go ahead, suck it. Then I'm going to fuck you."

    My fingers lacked a half-inch from closing around his shaft. Even in my sex-altered state, I was afraid to take this thing up the butt. I must get him off by sucking. I used his own juices as lubricant, and started going up and down the shaft, sucking, and with each plunge tried to force my lips to accommodate the girth of his thick Mexican dick. I was not even close to that when he stopped me. I looked up into his eyes.

    It's time, Gringo. Time to go to Greece. Time for me to fuck you. You will like my Mexican dick in your ass. Don't be afraid, I will be gentle.


    He wanted his money first. I probably could have backed out at that point by not paying him. But with the intoxicating smell of his penis in my face, and the taste of his Mexican juices in my mouth, there was no way that I wasn't going to go through with this. I paid him.

    I pulled the loose skin of his brown dick back to completely expose the glans, then rolled a Magnum rubber onto it. It fit tightly, especially at the thickest part in the middle of his dick.

    I looked around for some lube. There was none. But then I saw the rubbers that the boys had thrown on the floor. I picked up Tommy's and sucked out the cum that was in it. It was good and slippery from all of the natural lubricant that he had secreted while he was fucking the girl. For a little guy, he squirts a lot of juice. I then applied it, with my mouth, to the big, hard Mexican dick that was going to fuck me.

    He had me take off all of my clothes and lay down on my back on the filthy bed where he and the boys had just fucked the whore. He was going to take me face-to-face. He knelt on the bed between my legs, then lifted them up, placing them on his strong shoulders. Then he leaned down over me, forcing my legs back and lifting my butt up. I felt very vulnerable in this position. I was scared.

    He spit in his hand and rubbed it over my anus. Then he leaned down more, probing around for the entrance.

    "Do you want my Mexican dick in your ass, Gringo?" he asked me in Spanish.

    "Yes," I told him.

    "Then point it toward the hole."

    I reached down and grabbed the thick shaft that I couldn't even get my fingers around. This was crazy! I guided it to the hole. He pulled himself up more and I felt the point of his dick press against my opening.

    My ass hole instinctively clamped down! I had to override that instinct. I knew that to let the rectum fight the dick would be excruciating. And the dick would win anyway. I bore down, as if to take a shit, and pulled my ass cheeks apart with my hands. My rectum pushed out and opened somewhat, enough for the end of his dick to nestle in the entrance.

    I knew I had to relax and not let the rectum clamp down. But how do you relax when you are about to be fucked by the biggest dick of your life? This was not a dildo that I was carefully introducing into my gut. This was a big, stiff prick, attached to a very muscular Mexican, who had me pinned down, and maybe didn't care if he hurt me or not. I just concentrated on how much I wanted it, on how much I wanted this beautiful Mexican man inside me. I felt my rectum relax, submitting itself to the imminent invasion.

    "Are you ready, Gringo?"

    I looked into his deep black eyes, so close to mine. "Please be gentle with me," I said.

    "Don't worry, you will love my dick in you," he said as he tightened his grip on me and bore down.

    He gasped in pleasure, and I gasped in pain, when he shoved it into me. It hurt so bad, that I thought that he had implanted the whole thing in me in one fell swoop, but when I looked down, I saw, to my horror, that I had two-thirds of his dick to go!

    I panicked and tried to squirm out from under him, but with his strong grip on my shoulders and the rod in my ass, I wasn't going anywhere, and my struggles only served to impale me more.

    "Por favor, please let me go. It hurts!" I begged him.

    "Shish, amigo," he said in a soothing tone. "It always hurts at first, but it will feel good later. Try to relax. Don't fight me."

    Fortunately, he wasn't cruel, because he could have forced his way into me right away. Instead, he gave me a moment to compose myself. I saw in his eyes his determination, and I realized that his dick was not going to come out of me until it had been all the way in.

    He pulled out of me slightly and stopped. I got ready for the next shove by bearing down and spreading my ass cheeks the best I could with my hands.

    "Now, look into my eyes, amigo Gringo."

    I looked into his eyes, dark pools of mystery, as I felt him entering me. As he was giving me his penis, he was also giving me his soul. And I was giving mine to him.

    I felt my anus being stretched more and more, until I thought it would split, but I didn't fight it. It was too late for that. I just kept bearing down as if I was trying to pass a huge turd. As gross as it sounds, taking a dick up the ass is like taking a shit in reverse.

    And then, I felt some relief, even though, looking down, I saw that he was still entering me! We were past the thickest part, sliding down toward the root. Now I felt the start of another kind of pain, as the end of his dick pressed into some organ inside me. I had accommodated the girth of his penis, but now I had to accommodate its length. I adjusted the angle of my butt until I found the best position to take all of him.

    I knew that his dick was completely embedded in me when his thick bush of pubic hair pressed into my balls. He paused there for a while, perhaps to let me stretch more, or perhaps to enjoy the feeling of having his prick in my ass.

    "You are very tight, mi amigo. Are you OK?"

    "Si, yes. I'm okay."

    "Good, because I'm going to fuck you now."

    He pulled back and I felt my ass hole being stretched outward, then finally breaking loose and sliding along the shaft toward the thick part in the middle. I gasped as it slid by. His dick hurt me almost as much coming out as going in.

    He paused again with just the head of his dick in me and I was able to catch my breath. It felt okay, there. The diameter of his penis was just right for the first couple of inches -- too bad the entire length wasn't that way. I regretted having gotten myself in this situation.

    I knew that I had to ride this one out. I had no choice but to submit totally to him, to let him fuck me until he got his satisfaction.

    He started fucking me slowly, all the way in, and all the way out. I felt my rectum expand, contract, expand and contract, every time the thick part went by. I looked up into his face and saw the pleasure there. In a way, seeing that pleased me as well, and lessened my pain.

    I had paid money for this torture. I wanted to get some pleasure for myself out of this experience. Looking at the beautiful man on top of me was pleasing: A very nice face, young, smooth skin but masculine. Did he shave yet? No, I don't think so. He must be about twenty-two, but had only a fuzzy, adolescent-type of mustache. It's not unusual for a Mexican man to be completely and naturally smooth-faced. His slanted, Asian-like eyes also hinted at an Indian ancestry. His skin was rather light in color, except for his dick, which was dark-chocolate. I looked down at it, sliding in and out of me: Beautiful contrast, my skin and his.

    He was really into it now, pumping faster, twisting his head back-and-forth in pleasure. He would close his eyes for a while and then open them to gaze into mine. I had no trouble looking him directly in the eyes, without that awkward feeling that usually causes one to turn away. The eyes are the windows of the soul.

    I was loosening up some; the dick was sliding in and out easier now. I was glad that he had so much loose skin on his un-cut dong. One of the advantages of the natural penis: The prick slides in its own sleeve, reducing the friction. I felt mainly pressure sensations as his veins and bulge slid through my anus.

    He was breathing hard and sweating. I reached up and felt the muscles of his chest and stomach working under his wet, smooth skin. You know, I like to look at pictures of naked guys, but it is so much more exciting to feel them as you're looking. I ran my hands all over the parts of his body that I could reach: the strong arms and shoulders, the flat, washboard stomach, and his buttocks muscles as they contracted and relaxed, shoving his dick in and out of me.

    He lowered himself more, forcing my legs back (I was glad that I had been practicing my yoga) until his sweaty chest contacted mine. He laid his head beside mine and I felt his hot breath on my neck. I encircled his back with my arms and drew him tightly to me. He nibbled on my ear and neck, sending pleasurable shivers up and down my spine.

    Then I felt his lips on mine. Straight boys don't like to kiss much, but sometimes, when they are very worked-up, they do. He kissed aggressively, like he fucked, with lots of pressure, nibbles and probing tongue. He penetrated my lips with his tongue as he penetrated my ass with his penis. He held his mouth tightly against mine and breathed his hot breath in and out of my lungs until I almost passed out.

    I let go of all my inhibitions and fears, completely surrendering my male pride, and gave my body to him, for his pleasure. And I could feel his pleasure, and it became mine. My ass hole caressed and hugged his big dick lovingly as he moved in and out of me. Earlier I had enjoyed his dick in my mouth; now I was enjoying it ten times as much, taking his manhood completely into me.

    Now I was happy that he had climaxed into the girl only an hour ago: He would last a while now. I wanted the fucking to go on forever! The pleasure of feeling his dick working my ass had overwhelmed the pain. I moved my ass around as he fucked me, so that he could feel his dick head contacting different parts of my insides. I gave him little squeezes with my rectal muscles, and saw the pleasure in his face.

    But then, I felt the tension mount in his back-muscles, and his breathing turn to panting. Oh, no! But he caught it, pulled out of me suddenly, and rolled over onto his back. His face contorted as he tried to hold back the climax. Just a little squirt escaped into the rubber, but he managed to stop the climax. Slowly he relaxed, his breathing returning to normal.

    I was glad to see that his stiff prick had come out of me clean. Luckily, I had gone to the bathroom before leaving the hotel. I reached down to feel my condition. The hole was still open! I felt its looseness, then concentrating, got it to close somewhat around my finger. It felt numb. No blood, at least.

    "Well, how do you like it, Gringo?"

    I rolled over onto my side, facing him. I caressed his chest, tenderly. "I love it!"

    "I knew you would. I knew when you tasted my dick and liked it, that I would have your ass, and that you would love it."

    "I bet a lot of girls love your dick too."

    "Not really. Most are too scared to try. Or they try but it hurts too much. I would be better off with a smaller dick."

    "Have you ever fucked a man before?"

    "No, you're my first one. I've gotten a few blowjobs though."

    "So how do you like ass?"

    "Feels good! Nothing beats pussy, of course, but I like it: A lot tighter than pussy. Want me to fuck you some more?"

    "Sure, but this time, I'm going to take you to another part of Greece. Let's see if you like it."

    I got up and squatted down over him, then lowered myself enough to feel his glans nestle into my hole. I tightened my rectal muscle, squeezing the end of his dick. I wanted my ass to feel like a tight pussy to him.

    My own dick hung down uselessly. I didn't need it anyway. My sexual organ was the hole between my legs. We usually think of ass holes, or pussies, as passive devices, which are penetrated, fucked, screwed, violated, or whatever, by the active male organ. But ass holes, or pussies, can be used actively also, as I was about to show my macho friend.

    I enveloped the head of his dick with my ass hole. I squeezed it as I slid down on it a couple of inches, pushing back the foreskin to expose the tender, sensitive glans. I heard him sigh when I did that. I was really getting tuned into this guy. I went up and down on him several times that way, not going too deep, keeping the head of his dick sheathed in my rectum. I could see in his face that he loved it. I was, essentially, sucking his dick with my butt! I tried twisting my body from side to side as I went up and down, always looking at the reaction in his face, until I found an angle that really pleased him. Then I tried loosening and tightening my rectum at different times as I sheathed him. Sheathed him? Well, for lack of a better word, yes: sheathed him.

    I sheathed him a little deeper each time, but giving him lots of rectal attention on the glans as well. I experimented with angles to find what worked best for me too. Rubbing and prodding my prostate with the head of his dick felt fantastic to me and I saw that he liked it too. I finally settled into a stroke that combined all of those good feelings for both of us, and I took him past the bulge all the way to the root! My now-stimulated prostate felt like it was going to erupt every time the bulge squeezed through it. And it probably would have, too, except that I saw that Sr. Platano was about to erupt too if I kept that up.

    I pulled up and off of him, and lay down beside him to recuperate. He rolled over and we embraced, kissing passionately.

    "You're as good a fuck as any girl I've been with," he told me. "Now let's do it doggie style. Greek dogs, that is."

    He had me get on my elbows and knees, legs spread, and rest my forehead on the bed. I watched him, between my legs, as he mounted me, and braced myself for the insertion of his dick. It still was scary to be in such a vulnerable position, even though I now knew that I could take his big dick. He held me firmly with his hands on my waist as he guided his prick up into my gut. It was obvious that he liked to be the one in the driver's seat as he drove his big hot-rod in and out of my butt, gaining speed all the time, and taking the curves recklessly. It was all I could do to try to keep my butt at a good angle so as not to be hurt by his wild plunges. Finally, his violent fucking had forced me down flat on the bed, with his full weight on top of me. I tilted my pelvis a little and felt my prostate getting massaged wonderfully! He was panting and biting my neck. I started groaning -- I couldn't stop myself -- it hurt so good!

    My orgasm continued for a long time. The thickness of his meat inside me prevented my semen from squirting out right away, prolonging my ecstasy. Even after I came, the fucking felt so good, that I didn't want him to ever stop. He did, though, briefly, to roll us over onto our sides.

    He embraced me from behind, his dick still implanted in me, and continued to fuck me. He was caressing my body with his hands. It felt so good! His hot breathing on my neck built up to panting. He was fucking me fast and furiously now! I knew it wouldn't be long.

    He suddenly stopped. He held me tightly against him with his prick shoved as far up into me as he could get it. I felt his heart beating. He held his breath. I felt a thumping in my ass hole as the gobs of semen were pumped into me.

    We lay there for a while as he recovered, his arms still around me. Then, to my surprise, I felt his hand slide down my belly to my dick. He grabbed it. It was soft but swollen.

    "Don't tell anybody about this, okay?" I felt my dick swelling as he played with it. It felt so good and was so unexpected. I promised him that I wouldn't tell anybody (that he had touched my dick). I guess that since his dick was in my ass at the time, it didn't threaten his macho self-image to do that gay thing.

    My poor penis had been neglected for a long time. At last it was getting some attention. And, after all, I am a man, although I don't act like it sometimes. My dick quickly grew hard in his hand and he brought me to another wonderful orgasm! That was the first time in many years that I have enjoyed a double orgasm.

    We lay there for quite a while, with his dick still in me, recuperating. It was pretty quiet, but you could hear muffled talking and laughing, and the bed springs squeaking as some whore was getting fucked in the next room. I wondered if it was Margarita.

    Then we heard the whistle of the Platano wagon.

    "I've got to get back to work," said my young, macho fucker.

    We walked back to the platano wagon together. My ass hole had swollen so much, it felt like Sr. Platano's dick was still implanted in it. But I felt good. Happy and satisfied!

    "Whenever you want me to fuck you again, just let me know," he told me.

    The muchachos were hanging around the platano wagon. The young man running it looked like Sr. Platano's little brother. He had the family resemblance in his pants.

    "How was it?" asked Tommy.

    "Wonderful!" I answered.

    Tommy introduced me to the kid who had watched the live show with us, a cute little dude, short and a little thin. He had Indian features.

    "Este es mi amigo, Jaime."

    We shook hands.

    Tommy asked me in English if Jaime could accompany us back to the hotel. "He is about to die of horniness, Rusty."

    How could I turn him down? After all, it was a matter of international good will.


    Jaime was a little guy, barely five feet tall. I offered him my hand, but instead of grabbing it firmly, he only touched his palm to mine, gently, Indian style. Indians, most of them, are not overtly macho like ordinary Mexicans. They consider machismo behavior to be rude. Jaime was a polite, respectful little guy.

    We started walking, Tommy, Jaime and I, toward the hotel. The other muchachos followed behind, rowdy, pushing each other, laughing, and in general being teenagers. The muchachos were dressed in what they considered to be the ultimate in cool clothes: Beto wore long, baggy jeans with about twenty pockets; Marcelino had on a pair of gigantic tennis shoes, decorated in day-glo stripes of green and orange; Raul had the tips of his hair bleached like Tommy. These were cool dudes.

    Jaime, in contrast, was ragged. His thin pants were ripped and patched. His white t-shirt, although clean, was frayed and full of holes. Jaime was barefoot.

    I asked Jaime if he had ever gotten a blowjob before. He looked at me, uncomprehending. Marcelino, overhearing, spoke to Jaime in a language that I didn't understand. Jaime grinned and shook his head, no.

    Jaime didn't speak Spanish.

    We had to go first to get Jaime's things. The muchachos led us to the town market area. We passed a bunch of vendors' stalls and entered a narrow alley into the heart of the market. The stalls were all closed, being late at night. Tarps covered big stacks of produce. Dim light bulbs and candles barely illuminated our path through the maze. People were sleeping on straw mats in the corners.

    A piece of cardboard on the concrete floor was Jaime's "bed". He reached behind a crate of papayas and drew out a small knit bag, his belongings. We started walking out of the market, the muchachos in tow. I realized that the muchachos would probably be following us all the way back to the hotel. I had to tell them that it wouldn't be cool to try to get them in this late at night, and that we could get together in the morning.

    Raul said, "Why don't you do it here then? We don't need to go to the hotel."

    They all agreed. The muchachos led us to a dark area surrounded by high stacks of boxes. They pushed Jaime in front of me.

    "Do it here," whispered Beto.

    I realized that this was a rite of passage: The first blowjob.

    The muchachos started stripping off Jaime's clothes. They left him completely naked in front of me. I got up close to him and could feel the heat of his body. I leaned down and smelled his masculine odor. He smelled of earth and boy.

    I felt the hair on his head first: Thick, wiry, and about an inch long. No oils or gels, completely natural. Then I felt his neck and shoulders. He tensed up when I felt his bare skin. Probably nobody had ever touched him in this way. I reached lower, feeling his arms. He was thin but strong. There was no hair in his armpits. His hands were small and rough from work. His chest was perfectly smooth, not a hair. Wiry muscles under the soft, young skin. I got down on my knees in front of the boy. His stomach was flat with an "outie" bellybutton. Still no hair.

    I bent down and felt his bare feet. His toes were spread wide. They had never been confined in shoes. His feet were rough from walking on bare ground all his life. His calves and thighs were well-muscled, covered with smooth, hairless skin.

    He jumped when I felt his balls: Little nuts churning in a smooth sac.

    I was careful not to touch his penis. I wanted to save that for last. I felt above it, to where the shaft of his penis came out of his body. No hair.

    "How old is this boy?" I asked Marcelino. Marcelino said something to the boy in his tongue. The boy answered.

    "He is eighteen," Marcelino said. "He has already registered for military service."

    "Good enough," I thought, as I leaned toward the kid's crotch.

    When I suck a virgin kid, I do it with a lot of attention. I will be touching, and sucking, the most private and sensitive part of his body. Maybe nobody has touched him here, except his mother. I will be gentle and loving.

    The smell of his crotch excited me. He had not bathed recently, probably because of his living conditions, yet he didn't stink. His penis had a slight urine smell and a stronger, musty aroma of uncut boy.

    I couldn't see his dick because of the darkness, so I felt for it with my tongue. He jumped when I touched the tip of my tongue to the tip of his virgin dick. Was that the moment he lost his virginity?

    His little dick was completely soft. The poor kid was probably scared and nervous. In a way, he was being tested like Tommy was tested with the girl. Peer pressure. Be macho.

    His foreskin was completely covering the glans. I could taste the dried lubricant that he had secreted earlier while he was watching the boys fuck the girl. It got slippery again with my saliva and I used it to lubricate my puckered lips.

    I sucked his little dick into my mouth. He made an "Unhhh!" sound. I took it in all the way to the base, until my nose pressed into the bone. I kept my lips very tight around the fleshy shaft and sucked with all my might. This method will make any dick get hard. It's like one of those vacuum pumps, drawing blood into the penis. Then I pulled back, keeping my lips tight while sucking, and felt the end of his penis expand as it filled with blood. Then I went down, took another bite, and drew it back, filling his dick more. In four or five pulls I had him hard. Even a pussy can't do that.

    His foreskin had now withdrawn somewhat, exposing about half of the glans. I grabbed it with my lips and pushed it back, over the ridge of his glans. He made an "Ahhh" sound, and I knew it felt good.

    I now could taste the secretions of his foreskin on his glans, and that excited me more. I started going up and down on his shaft, sucking and gripping tightly with my lips, simulating a pussy. His little dick got stiffer and stiffer in my mouth, and I knew he loved it.

    As I sucked the kid's dick, I was feeling his body all over. It's funny how a hairy body turns me on sometimes; but now, with a smooth kid's dick in my mouth, I was turned on by his total lack of body hair. I felt up between his legs, his smooth balls, totally smooth ass hole, and smooth buttocks muscles. So much saliva and lubricant was leaking out of my mouth, that I had his whole crotch wet and slippery.

    I couldn't help it. The muchachos couldn't see anyway because of the darkness. I slipped a finger into the boy!

    He started gasping and groaning, totally out of control! His legs started trembling so much that the muchachos had to hold him up. I found his prostate, pressed it, and felt the twitching of his orgasm. Squirts of virgin cum shot into the back of my mouth.

    I gently withdrew my finger from him, pulling it out little by little, between the spasms of his rectum. The boy was hyperventilating. His friends laid him down on some sacks of corn to recover.

    A voice whispered, "Come with me." He led me back into the shadows, into the total darkness. I didn't know who it was. He turned, facing me, and put my hand on his crotch. I felt a hard penis inside his pants.

    "Quieres?" he asked me.

    "Si. Quiero," I told him.

    He had me sit on a box. I heard him pull down the zipper. I knew who it was even before he stuck it in my mouth. I recognized the smell of his girlfriend's pussy. It was Beto. I gave him the "spiral" blowjob like I had done the first time, and soon had his tasty, if not slightly bitter cum in my mouth in a couple of minutes.

    The next boy was easy. Circumcised dick -- had to be Tommy. It took about five minutes with him -- not bad, considering that he had just been around the world.

    It was quiet in the market, except for the snoring of the sleeping vendors and the whispering of the muchachos. Another boy came and stood in front of me. I felt his stiff prick and knew it was Marcelino. His is pretty big, for a small guy, and bulged in the center. As he approached climax, he started making so much noise that the other muchachos kept trying to get him to shut up.

    I was starting to run out of spit. Luckily, I had a mouthful of cum to use as lubricant.

    When Raul stuck his dick in my mouth, I knew it was he right away. Fairly long, curved to the right. The taste of his cum confirmed it.

    Then another boy stood in front of me, opened up his pants and brought out a nice piece of meat. I leaned forward, sniffing it to try to figure out who he was. It was pretty raw, but I was so horny, it didn't matter. I wanted it. He slipped it into my mouth and I tasted its secretions. Who is this kid? I felt his body. Solidly built, muscular, hairy. I realized that this was a dick that I had never sucked before! This was getting out of hand! He held my head and thrust his dick in and out of my mouth until he came.

    Another boy stood in front of me. I could smell his dick in my face.

    "Tommy!" I whispered.

    "Yeah, I'm here," he answered from behind me.

    "What's going on?"

    "They are telling all the guys in the market that you are sucking dicks! Guys are getting in line out there."

    "Shit! We have to get out of here! You stand in the way while I sneak out the other way."

    "Okay. But first take care of that dude in front of you. He is really cute!"

    I gave him a good blowjob. I probably enjoyed it as much as he did. His body felt fine. I hoped to find out who it was someday.

    Tommy and I met back in the hotel. He slept with me in the same bed. I had a naked boy in my arms, the juices of seven boys in my mouth, and the pleasant throbbing in my ass from the big Mexican dick that had fucked me.

    I was happy.


    It was chilly in the early morning and Tommy and I were cuddled in the spoon position, his naked back against my naked front, my hand on his smooth, flat stomach. I love cuddling, probably more than sex, especially with a cute boy like Tommy. I felt a dull throbbing in my butt and remembered the fucking that I had gotten the night before. I felt behind me -- my rectum was swollen and puckered out a little, but I would be all right. Thinking about it made my penis get hard. It was nestled in the crack of Tommy's ass. I felt like fucking him.

    Tommy started talking in his sleep, "Unnh! Agub! No! NO!!!"

    His heart was beating furiously. Suddenly he grunted, and I felt his hot semen splashing on my hand. He awoke.

    "It's okay," I soothed him. "It was only a dream, Tommy."

    "I thought he killed me!"

    "Who killed you?"

    "Raul did. I was swimming in the river. The water was nice and warm. There was a whole bunch of people watching me. All of a sudden I realized that I was naked, and I got real embarrassed. I started drowning. Raul dived in to save me. But when he got close, he started pushing me under water! He was naked too. We fought. He had a knife and was trying to stab me. I held him off for a while, but he overpowered me and stabbed his knife all the way into my stomach. That's when I woke up."

    "Well, its over now, and you are still alive." I got up to go to the bathroom, licking the sweet boy-cum off my hand.

    "Oh, shit! Not again!" he said.


    "I had a wet dream! I hate it when I do that!"

    "More like a wet nightmare," I said, passing him a towel.

    Tommy was asleep again by the time I was dressed. I headed out for my morning coffee.

    As I walked toward the market, I passed many nice-looking young men. The throbbing in my butt was erotic, as if the banana man's dick was still lodged in it. I couldn't help but look at the bulges in the boys' shorts and wonder how their dicks would taste, how they would feel in my ass.

    I drank my coffee in a stall in the market. A totally different scene from the night before: all was now awake and bustling with activity. Ladies were haggling over the price of produce. A man went by with a grotesque, bloody, cow's head on his shoulders. A lady tried to sell me some flowers for my wife. Jaime, the Indian boy, was unloading a big truck of corn with some other men and boys. Jaime staggered by with a big burlap bag on his back, giving me a grin. I marveled at the strength of this skinny little guy. Those bags weigh 50 kilos (110 lbs), a lot more than him. A solidly built young man with hairy legs was on their crew. He carried his bag as if it were a pillow. I wondered if he was one of the muchachos that I had sucked off in the dark. I hoped that he was and that I would get another chance.

    As I was leaving the market, I saw Raul on his delivery trike. He stopped to chat. I asked him if he wanted to stop by the hotel after work to get his dick sucked. He did, of course. I gave him 100 pesos (about 10 dollars) to get an AIDS test, like I do every year, even though he always claims to be playing safe. I try to make sure that I am getting Grade A cream out of my boys.

    When I opened the door to our room what I saw was so funny, I couldn't help but laugh! Tommy was standing in front of the mirror, dressed in Raul's clothes. He had Raul's dirty bikini pulled over his head, and was peering out through a leg hole at himself as he jacked off. Tommy's nose was in the part of the bikini that had held Raul's brown dick. Tommy quickly took the bikini off his head, threw it on the floor, and yanked Raul's shorts up over his hard dick.

    Tommy was red with embarrassment. "You could have knocked first," he said.

    "Sorry. I'm not used to having to knock before entering my own room." I picked up Raul's bikini, held it to my face and took in the heady aroma of raw Mexican dick. "Do you like this smell?" I asked him.

    He returned the question, "How about you, do you like it?" Tommy looked a little angry and defensive.

    I took another whiff of the smelly bikini. "Sure do! Makes me wish I had Raul's dick in my mouth right now."

    "How many times have you sucked Raul?"

    "Oh, I don't know. Fifty times, maybe."

    "Does he cum a lot?"

    "Yeah, pretty much."

    "What does it taste like?"

    "Well, that's hard to describe. Why don't you try it yourself?"

    "I can't do that."

    "Why not? You sucked Jose's dick, didn't you?"

    "That's different. Jose lives on the other side of the river and doesn't run around with my friends. I shouldn't have sucked him, though. I was just too horny. You know what guys say when they want to insult another guy. They call him a 'puto', a fag. I don't want my friends to think I'm a fag. I'm not going to do that shit any more -- I don't want to turn gay like you."

    "What was your fantasy when you were jacking off just now."

    "Well, that's kinda private."

    "Come on, tell me. It couldn't be worse than my fantasies."

    "Well, okay. It's kinda embarrassing. I was imagining that I was Raul and that you were giving me a blowjob. Then I put Raul's bikini over my head so I could smell what you would be smelling."

    "How often do you masturbate, Tommy?"

    "Not too much, about once a day. Three times when I'm horny."

    "Sounds like a waste of a lot of good cum, to me. I have an idea: How about when you feel the urge to jack-off, you let me do it for you? With my mouth! You can share your fantasy with me and we can act it out."

    "Well, I don't know."

    I got up close to Tommy and felt his crotch. His dick was still swollen. "Come on, Raul, let me suck your big Mexican dick."

    "No! This verga is for my girlfriend's pussy only!"

    "Come on, let me suck it. I'll make you feel real good! Please?" I felt Tommy's dick getting hard in my hand.

    "You really want it bad, don't you?"

    "Yes! Please let me suck it! I can do it better than she can."

    "I bet you can't. She does it real good."

    "Please let me try. I want to suck your beautiful Mexican dick so bad!"

    "Well, okay, I'll let you have a little. But it better be good."

    I got down on my knees in front of Tommy and pulled Raul's shorts down. Tommy's cute little white dick sprung out at full attention. I picked up Raul's dirty bikini and draped it over Tommy's dick. Tommy was drooling pre-cum. I approached it with my mouth and breathed in the combined odors of young Gringo and Mexican dick. I felt my own dick stiffening in my pants. This was fun!

    I reached out with my tongue and touched the end of Tommy's dick. He trembled when I did that, and his dick twitched in anticipation of the sucking I was going to give it. I started licking it, following the veins down to the base, mashing my nose into Raul's deliciously smelly bikini, then back to the tip, back and forth, each time taking more of Tommy's lubricant which was oozing from the tip, and spreading it with my tongue until I had his whole dick wet and slippery.

    I looked up at Tommy's face. He was staring, mouth hung open, at the action in the mirror. I handed him Raul's bikini, and he held it to his nose.

    Tommy didn't really need any more warming up, but I decided to torture him with pleasure. I licked his smooth, hairless balls, sucked each of them into my mouth, tugged them with my lips, and rolled them around with my tongue.

    Tommy couldn't stand it any more. "Come on, Gringo, suck my Mexican dick!"

    I got back onto the boy's dick with my lips and sucked some more lube from his piss slit, getting my lips good and slippery. I reached behind him and with a hand on each of his smooth, muscular, ass cheeks, pulled the boy into me. Tommy sighed, and I knew it felt wonderful to him.

    "You like my big Mexican dick in your mouth, Gringo? Does it taste good?"

    Unable to answer with a dick in my mouth, I nodded yes. Tommy does not have a big dick, but I have a good imagination too, so as I sucked, and went deeper into my hypnotic trance, I was indeed sucking a big, brown Mexican dick! And I was loving it!

    I looked up at Tommy's face as I went up and down on his dick. He had a hand under Raul's T-shirt feeling and rubbing his chest and stomach. He was staring in the mirror, sometimes looking down at his dick sliding in and out of my mouth, and into my eyes. I like to look into a boy's eyes while I am sucking him.

    Tommy, who is circumcised, needs a different technique from the one I use on my Mexican boys. Lacking a foreskin, the skin covering the glans is thicker and less sensitive so I must be more aggressive with my tongue. I could see the pleasurable reaction in Tommy's face as I sucked him.

    My mouth was watering profusely as it always does when I suck dick. A black man, whom I used to suck, once told me that in the joint that's how they can tell the straight punks from the gays -- the gays' mouths water.

    Tommy was really getting into his fantasy, "Mamamela, Gringo. Mamame la verga!"

    He started rotating his hips, sliding his dick deeper and deeper into me with each thrust. "Tomamela, Gringo. Toma toda!"

    I started gagging as the head of "Raul's" dick plunged into the opening of my throat. I looked up at Tommy and was surprised to see a mean, wild animal expression on his face. I pulled off of him, lay down on the bed on my back with my head hanging over the edge. Tommy, right away, stuck his dick in my mouth and slid it into my throat.

    "Now, I'm going to fuck your face, Gringo!"

    There wasn't much I could do except concentrate on my breathing, keep my teeth out of the way, and keep my lips tight around the shaft. Tommy, in the driver's seat now, was plunging his dick in and out of my throat with abandon, picking up speed all the time, and panting as he approached orgasm.

    I am not very good at deep-throating, although I would like to get more practice and become an expert someday. I read about guys who can take ten or twelve inches down their throats. Bullshit, I think. But maybe it's true. Actually, I have never even seen a ten-inch dick. Nice fantasy, though.

    Tommy, totally out of control now, was slamming against my mouth so hard, that I had to hold my hands against his thighs to keep him from hurting my lips with his pelvic bone. He started groaning and panting and gasping, and then with one final lunge, stopped his fucking. All was quiet as he held his dick as deeply as he could shove it into me. At last, I felt the spasms with my lips as his hot boy-semen was pumped down my throat. He held me there a long time, me unable to breathe, but I was happy.

    Finally, he pulled out of me and got in the bed. It was quite a while before his breathing slowed down and he spoke to me.

    "Sorry, Rusty. I kinda got carried away."

    "Its okay, Tommy: guys get that way when they are real horny. It's hard for them to stick only half a dick in."

    I felt a little deprived in that I didn't get to savor Tommy's cum in my mouth before he shot it down my throat. I leaned over him and milked a few remaining drops of cum out of his urethra and licked it up. Then I lay down beside him.

    "Wow, Rusty! That was good! That was a lot better than jacking off!"

    "That's what I wanted you to say. Now, whenever you feel the urge to masturbate, will you let me suck you off instead?"

    "Well, I don't know. I would feel pretty bad about that."

    "Why? Why would you feel bad?"

    "Rusty, you are always sucking my dick but I never suck yours. You suck the muchachos' dicks too, but they never do anything for you. That makes me feel guilty."

    "Hey, man! Get over it! I love sucking your dick! You can't imagine how much pleasure it gives me to have your dick in my mouth. And, to tell you the truth, sixty-year-old men don't turn me on either. You want to do something for me? I'll show you what you can do; it's easy. First, let's get these clothes off."

    I stripped off Raul's clothes, leaving Tommy completely naked. Then, I took off my own clothes and lay down on my side beside him. I rolled him over onto his side, facing me, and I scooted down until I had his dick aligned with my mouth.

    "All you have to do is let me suck on your dick while I jack off."

    "I don't think it will get hard right now, Rusty."

    "I know. I just want to feel it in my mouth while I jack off. Besides, I like sucking on soft dicks."

    I reached up and got a pillow to put under my head. I squirted some lube into my hand and applied it to my stiff penis. I leaned forward and took Tommy's soft little dick into my mouth. It felt good in there. I laved it around with my tongue. It was soft and flexible. Now that he had cum, I could concentrate on my own pleasure. Something can be said for small dicks: They sure fit comfortably in the mouth. The big dicks get all the glory in erotic stories, the ten, twelve, and even fourteen-inch ones; six, eight or ten inches around! Sure. But for me, in reality, I will take a small or regular-sized dick over a monster. They are so much more practical. Besides, when I suck a dick, I am really sucking the boy that it is attached to -- and he is more important than the attributes of his penis.

    Enough philosophy -- back to the subject in hand.

    With Tommy's soft dick in my mouth, and my own stiff dick in my hand, I was slipping back into my dreamy hypnotic state when Tommy spoke up.

    "I have to pee."

    I was too far gone to respond. I kept sucking gently while stroking my dick. I was in the clouds.

    "Rusty, I have to go pee."

    I don't know why I like to suck dick so much. I just do, that's all. It's so fine to jack off with a boy's dick in your mouth. I felt myself approaching orgasm.

    "Rusty, if you don't let me go, I'm going to pee in your mouth!"

    I kept sucking. A salty, warm fluid started filling my mouth. I swallowed it. Again, my mouth filled and I swallowed again. I continued to stroke my dick. It felt so good. The piss kept coming and coming, until I was swallowing continuously.

    I was drinking the boy's piss, directly from his dick. Drinking and drinking the boy's piss from his dick.

    I was in another world, a dreamy heavenly world. I was getting higher and higher, drinking boy-piss. Until ...

    "Ahhh!" It feels so good! My own man juice shot out in copious globs.

    Funny how you never get tired of orgasms. They always feel so damn good!

    Tommy's piss was tapering off about the time my own squirting was over. I came back gradually out of the fog, Tommy's dick still in my mouth. Not a drop spilled.

    That was the first time that I ever did that. Sixty years without ever drinking piss. Life is full of surprises and new adventures!

    We stayed that way for a long time, Tommy sleeping with his dick in my mouth.

    There was a knock on the door. It would be Raul, here for his blowjob.


    Tommy went to the door, naked, cracked it open a bit, and seeing that it was Raul, let him in. Raul had his soccer ball in his hands.

    "Quihubole (whassup)?" he said.

    "Quihubole," we answered.

    "We have to hurry," Raul said. "We're playing the guys from across the river today." Then, speaking to Tommy, "Did you get sucked yet?"

    "Yeah," Tommy answered, "once."

    Raul started stripping off his clothes. When he pulled his T-shirt off over his head, revealing his flat stomach with its outtie bellybutton, his washboard stomach and well-defined pecs, I felt a rush of excitement. I was going to get to suck this beautiful Mexican kid's dick!

    I never get tired of looking at Raul. Part of that is that he is changing right before my eyes, from a cute kid to a handsome man. It seems like just yesterday he had a boy's body; now, suddenly, he has shoulders, hair under his arms, a little hair on his chest, hairy legs and the thin beginning of a mustache. Boys this age are enthralled by the rapid changes that they see in their own bodies. Raul stood in front of the mirror shirtless and flexed his muscles.

    "Check this out, Rusty. I have been loading a lot of bananas on my trike lately. Can you tell? Feel my arm muscles."

    I felt and squeezed his muscles while he tightened and relaxed them, still admiring himself in the mirror. The skin of a boy this age is smooth and padded like a kid's, because he still retains some subcutaneous fat. But underneath, when he tenses his muscles, you feel the hardness of a man. He really was getting more muscular.

    The phenomes that the boy was expelling were making me giddy with desire. Although he had been working hard for hours, pumping that heavy trike all over town, sweating, he didn't stink. He just smelled like a healthy, natural teenager, full of sex hormones.

    Tommy came over and stood beside Raul, in front of the mirror. "Feel my muscles, Rusty. I've been helping Raul with the deliveries."

    This is a task that I don't mind at all, feeling cute boys' muscles. I assured them both that they were developing very well and would turn into very strong men.

    "But this is the muscle you like best, huh, Rusty?" Raul pulled down his shorts and bikini, and threw them on the bed.

    I stared at the brown muscle dangling from the thick patch of black hair between Raul's legs. I had to agree, and I told him so. I don't know what it is about that part of a man's anatomy that excites me so. A nose doesn't do that. Neither does an ear or a thumb.

    Raul, like almost all Mexicans, has a natural penis, uncut. But there are many variations in foreskins. Raul's, in the flaccid state, hangs down about half an inch below the tip of his glans. It is held tightly together at the point by the little "rubber band." His foreskin is of medium thickness, which enables you to clearly make out the form and ridge of the glans inside. As we stared at his dick, it started to swell up. Soon we could see the pinkish-maroon tip of the glans start to poke out.

    "Which of us has the biggest dick, Rusty?" asked Raul.

    I was on the spot. It was obvious that Raul's dick was bigger. A lot bigger.

    "Well, Raul, yours is bigger now, but let's see who has the biggest dick in a few years. Maybe Tommy will pass you by."

    "My dad has a real big dick," said Tommy.

    "My dad's dick is bigger than your dad's," said Raul.

    "My dick is straighter than your dick," said Tommy.

    "I bet my dick gets hard faster," said Raul.

    Both naked boys started playing with their dicks in front of the mirror. I was loving it.

    "You do yours different than I do mine," said Raul. "Do it like this. Look, this feels better."

    Raul, with an uncut dick, was holding his hand in an "OK" sign, sliding his foreskin back and forth over the glans. Tommy was grabbing the shaft of his penis, sliding the shaft skin back and forth.

    Tommy tried doing it like Raul did.

    "No, do it like this," said Raul. He took Tommy's hand and placed it on his brown dick, and formed Tommy's fingers to make the "OK" sign. He started moving Tommy's hand back and forth, then let go and let Tommy do it.

    "Yeah, you're catching on. Tighten up your fingers a little more. Don't rub the head of my dick with your thumb, just the foreskin."

    Raul's dick was getting hard as Tommy played with it.

    "Keep doing it," said Raul. "That feels good."

    Tommy's dick was already hard, even though he wasn't touching it.

    "Okay, but you have to play with mine too," said Tommy.

    "All right. But first you do mine. I'm about ready to cum."

    "No," said Tommy, "first you play with mine a while and then I'll do yours some more." Tommy let go of Raul's dick.

    "Okay, I'll play with yours." Raul reached behind Tommy and grabbed his ass cheek! Tommy yelped and jumped, and spun around, facing Raul.

    "My dick, dumb-butt! I played with yours, now you play with mine!"

    Tommy was pissed. Raul was laughing.

    "I did," said Raul. "Look, this is mine," grabbing his brown, hard dick, "and this is yours." Raul made an attempt to grab Tommy's butt again, but the Gringo kid was too fast for him, and grabbed Raul's butt.

    "Two can play that game," said Tommy, laughing.

    The two boys started wrestling around, trying to grab each other's butts. They almost knocked over the lamp!

    "Calm down! Calm down!" I said. "You are going to break something!"

    The chair got slammed against the wall. They were laughing, but it was starting to look like a real fight. I was running around, trying to save the furniture, my camera, Tommy's discman. But I was more worried about the boys than the furniture.

    They were pretty evenly matched. Raul was stronger, but Tommy was quicker, and knew more tricky wrestling holds.

    But finally, Raul had Tommy face down on the floor, on top of him, and was bending his arm back. Tommy couldn't get loose.

    "Ouch! You're breaking my arm! Let me go!"

    "Say 'Papi' first."

    "Fuck you!" said Tommy. He tried to get away, and almost did, but Raul kept a hold of his arm, applying more pressure.

    "Say 'Papi' and I will let you go."

    "Okay, okay! Papi! Let me go!"

    "Who is your papi? Tell me."

    "You are my papi," said Tommy.

    Raul released Tommy's arm and then rolled him over onto his back. Raul got on top of Tommy's chest, straddling him with his knees on the floor and his dick hanging down on Tommy's neck. Tommy laid with his arms outstretched, passive and submissive in his exhaustion. Both boys were breathing hard and had lost their erections. Raul looked up at me, triumphantly, and grinned.

    Raul had won, but he wasn't through with Tommy yet.

    "Who is your papi?" he repeated.

    "You are. You're my papi," Tommy answered, looking up into Raul's eyes.

    Raul shifted his torso a bit, dragging his dick up onto Tommy' chin.

    "Who is your papi?"

    "You are. You're my papi."

    Raul's dick was drooling pre-cum from his previous erection. He started dragging it around on Tommy's face, leaving a trail of shiny lube on the boy's cheeks, on his forehead and across his nose. Raul kept asking him the same question and Tommy kept repeating the same answer. Tommy was looking up into Raul's eyes the whole while.

    Tommy squinted his eyes shut as Raul drew his leaking dick across them. Then Raul brought it back onto Tommy's upper lip and parked it there, right under Tommy's nose. Raul's dick was starting to swell up again, the shiny glans sliding out of the foreskin.

    I picked up Raul's dirty bikini and sniffed the pouch where Raul's dick had been riding all day, sweating and oozing boy-juice. Wow! Pungent! Ordinarily, that odor would have been way too much for me, but in my excited state, it turned me on tremendously! Apparently, it was having the same effect on Tommy, as his little dick was standing up hard.

    Raul started dragging his Mexican dong back and forth along Tommy's upper lip, drooling juice into Tommy's nostrils.

    "Who did you say your papi is?"

    "You are," said Tommy. "You are my papi."

    Raul drug his dick down onto Tommy's lips, and drew it back and forth along them, wetting them with the slime that kept oozing out.

    "Tell me again, Tommy."

    Raul had the end of his dick resting right on the slit between Tommy's lips, and when Tommy opened them to answer, Raul let his dick slide down into the white kid's mouth.

    I have seen many things that have turned me on in my lifetime, but I don't think anything was more erotic and exciting than the sight of that brown Mexican dick sliding into that cute, white kid's mouth, while he gazed with his green eyes up into the brown eyes of his papi.

    Raul leaned over, placed his hands on the floor above Tommy's head for support, and started sliding his dick in and out of Tommy's mouth. I could see by Tommy's cheeks that he was sucking on Raul's dick. Raul's dick was approaching full erection now, and I could tell he was loving the feel of Tommy's lips around it by the way he was moving his head from side to side. He does that when I suck him too.

    Just then, there was a knock on the door! I went to crack it open a bit to see who it was. Raul pulled his dick out of Tommy's mouth, and sat on my bed while Tommy scurried over to his bed.

    It was the muchachos, dressed in their soccer shorts: Marcelino, Beto, and two guys whom I didn't know.

    "Are Raul and Tommy here? We have to go play soccer." I let them in the room.

    Both Raul and Tommy sat with flushed faces and hard dicks, still breathing hard from their sex action. I sat on the bed beside Tommy.

    Marcelino glanced at Raul's dick, half of it wet with saliva, and said, "Ah! Getting blowjobs, eh? Well don't let us interrupt -- go ahead, we can wait."

    "Okay," said Raul, "we were just finishing up."

    He got up and walked over to us on the bed, his stiff prick swinging from side to side. I thought for a moment that he was going to stick his dick back into Tommy's mouth, but instead he stood right in front of me.

    It's amazing how uninhibited these muchachos are. Raul stood there, totally naked, and let me finish what Tommy started, while his friends stared. He was doing the macho thing, giving dick. In a jiffy, I had his cum in my mouth.

    The other boys had boners in their shorts by now. Marcelino stepped over to me, pulling down his shorts, and showed me his generous black peter.

    "Pull your shorts back up, Marcelino!" said Raul. "We don't have time for that now. We barely have time to get to the game! You guys can get sucked afterwards. Right, Rusty? You like these two new guys, don't you? They're cool. This is Lilo and Checo."

    We shook hands. They were very nice-looking, and I was sorry that I couldn't suck them off then and there. Lilo was tall and well proportioned, about 18, with a cute smile. Checo was short, but with wide shoulders and strong arms, about 19.

    "Rusty already knows Checo," Beto said.

    "I do?" I said.

    "Sure, in the market. In the dark."

    I looked down. The boy with the hairy legs!

    Checo gave me a grin.


    The muchachos stripped down to their bikinis before getting into the canoes. The small flotilla set off for the opposite bank of the river, to the soccer game at Boca Grande. The current was strong, sweeping us downstream, while the young men paddled furiously. I was sitting in the middle of our canoe watching Raul's shoulder, arm, and back muscles working under his smooth, brown skin. Behind me sat Tommy, paddling and trying to keep the canoe on course.

    The water was getting choppy waves were sloshing into the wooden canoe! I started bailing with a little gourd bowl that I found at my feet. Then I heard the sound of surf and realized that we were in danger of being swept out into the open ocean! Fortunately, the muchachos knew what they were doing because we reached the shore before that happened, and tied the canoes to the trees along the bank.

    We scurried up the muddy bank (well, they scurried, I lumbered). A narrow path led through the forest, opening onto a broad, open beach facing the ocean.

    The muchachos from Boca Grande was waiting for us, sitting in the shade of the woods behind the beach. Most of them were dressed only in shorts or bikinis, a few in T-shirts. All were barefoot. These boys, on the average, were darker skinned, more African, than the boys from town. They welcomed us cheerfully.

    "Look!" said Tommy, "Its Jose!" He came walking up to us, barefoot and dressed in the same bikini underwear that he wore the day he took us to the island in his canoe. He shook hands with us, smiling, and then went with his buddies onto the beach where they were kicking the ball around.

    Tommy looked nervous. "I hope he doesn't say anything about what happened on the island!"

    "Well, I wouldn't worry about it," I said. "It probably wouldn't make any difference anyway. Go ahead, play soccer. Have fun!"

    I sat in the shade of the woods and watched the game. There were a few other spectators there too, a few teenage girls and some more boys who were hoping for a chance to play. I wondered if the girls were enjoying the sight of those healthy boys running around in bikinis as much as I was.

    There were no boundary markers on the "field" other than the ocean on one side and the woods on the other. The goals were marked by two sticks stuck in the sand at each end. Occasionally the ball would get kicked into the water, the boys would dive in after it, and the game would start looking more like water polo than soccer. I couldn't stop laughing!

    The muchachos were playing very hard -- I was amazed at their stamina. But now and then one would get tuckered-out and come over to the sideline to rest while another kid took his place. I was pleasantly surprised when one boy, a very nice-looking one too, sat down right beside me. His white cotton bikini was almost transparent from the sweat and seawater, allowing me to clearly see the brown Mexican sausage inside. I felt giddy with desire.

    "Como te llamas?" I asked him.

    "Carlos," he answered. "We met the other night in the market."

    "In the dark?"

    "Yes. Did you like me?" he asked.

    I remembered! It was the boy that Tommy recommended because he was so cute. I sucked him off in the dark. "Yes, I liked you a lot, I was hoping to find out who you were and maybe do it again with you."

    "No problem. Come by tonight if you want. I sleep in the forth stall on the right, behind the crates of mangos. We can do it there."

    "Hey, cool!" I said. "But keep it quiet. I don't want it to turn into a big scene like last time."

    "Don't worry, nobody will know. Just you and me, and maybe two or three of my friends, if that's OK."

    I saw that the brown sausage was swelling inside of his wet bikini. I wished that I could do it right then and there.

    "Are they cute like you?" I asked him.

    "You will have to see for yourself. I can't tell if a guy is cute or not. They have pretty big dicks though."

    "Bigger than yours?" We both looked down at the swelling in Carlos' bikini. He grinned.

    "You know, you're lucky!" he told me.

    "How's that?"

    "Well, us guys, we have a real hard time getting pussy. But you can get all the dick you want, right?"

    Before I could answer, he ran back onto the field, replacing Tommy who came over to sit beside me. He was breathing hard.

    "Do you know who that guy is?" Tommy asked me.

    "I do now. He just told me."

    "What do you think?"

    "He is cuter than shit!"

    "I told you so. What do you think about that guy over there in the blue shorts?"

    "He's nice. I've had my eye on him."

    "I thought you would like him. Maybe I can arrange for him to meet us after the game so that you can give him a blowjob."

    Just then, Raul comes running up. "Hey, Tommy! You know what Jose is saying about you?"


    "He said that you sucked his dick! On the island! Do you want to kick his ass or should I?"

    Tommy didn't answer. He just looked straight ahead, at the game.

    Raul stared at him, waiting for an answer. "It isn't true, is it?"

    Tommy didn't reply. I could see tears welling up in his eyes.

    Raul shrugged his shoulders, turned, and ran back onto the field, shaking his head in disbelief.

    Our team was one man short. Everybody looked over toward Tommy, but he just sat there.

    "Aren't you going to play?" I asked him.

    "I don't feel like playing now. I just want to go home, back to the hotel. They don't want to play soccer with a puto." Tommy was trying not to cry.

    Jaime, the Indian boy, ran in to play in Tommy's stead.

    "Let's just watch the game," I said. "Besides, we can't leave until Raul is ready." I felt very sorry for Tommy.

    The rival team scored another goal! The score was now two to one in their favor.

    The ball got kicked behind me into the woods. The muchachos came running after it, and suddenly we were surrounded by almost-naked Mexican boys, vying for the ball, bouncing it off of tree trunks, each other, and even me. Boys yelled "Foul!" Boys yelled "Out of bounds!" They continued battling for the ball. Raul kicked it back onto the beach and the boys scurried after it. But one of the muchachos was writhing in pain on the sand, clutching his thigh! It was Lilo, the tall boy that I had just met back in the room. Several concerned girls came over.

    It took a while for the muchachos to realize that somebody was missing. Raul ran back, grabbed Lilo's foot and yanked it hard.

    Lilo yelled, "Aiii! It hurts!"

    "He has a cramp, he'll be OK," said Raul. "He just needs to rest a while. Maybe you can give him a massage, Rusty."

    The muchachos, both teams, took this opportunity to go swimming in the ocean. Several ventured out into the breakers to bodysurf.

    Raul spoke to Tommy, "Hey, why aren't you helping us? They are kicking our butts!"

    "I thought you wouldn't want to play with a puto," said Tommy.

    "Hey, you are not a puto! I will show you what a puto is."

    Raul yelled over to the group of girls, "Hey, Paulina!" Raul motioned to her. She came over with another girl. They were dressed in very short shorts and sexy, cut-off T-shirts.

    "Paulina, this is my friend Tommy. He thinks you are real cute. Do you like him?"

    "Oh, yes!" Paulina answered in a deep voice, "He is precious! I just love handsome, blond Gringos!" Paulina was not really a girl.

    "Wow! What pretty blue eyes he has!" exclaimed her friend in an equally deep voice.

    "Green eyes, silly," said Paulina. "I saw him first you go away!"

    Tommy jumped up. "Come on, Raul, let's play soccer!" The boys ran back onto the field. The "girls" went back to their friends, leaving Lilo and I alone.

    "Does it still hurt?" I asked him. I will massage it if you want."

    "Yeah. Let's go over there." Lilo got up and limped back into the woods a bit. He laid face down on the cool sand. I could see a bruised spot on his upper thigh, close to his buttocks. I knelt down beside him and felt the tight knot of cramped muscle.

    "First, I need to relax you by giving you an over-all massage." I started at his feet and slowly worked upward. When I reached the cramped area, I skipped up to the boy's head, and then worked downward. I was enjoying this excuse to feel the young man's beautiful body.

    He stopped me when I touched his butt. "Hey! That is not where it hurts!"

    "Yeah, I know. But it's important to massage this area too -- this is the biggest muscle of the body." He let me massage his tight butt through the thin cloth of the bikini. Little by little I felt the muscles relax, and I finally zeroed-in on the cramped muscle, working it gently until it softened-up. I continued massaging the area for a while, letting my fingers slide between his legs sometimes, close to his crotch. He tightened up when I did that that area is very sensitive, and very erogenous!

    "How does that feel? Does it still hurt?"

    "No, you got it. Thanks." Lilo rolled over onto his back. He had an obvious bulge in his bikini.

    "Oh oh! Looks like you have another cramped muscle here!" I felt the swollen, long shaft of his penis through the cloth. I will have to give you a special massage here a lip massage!"

    Lilo raised himself up enough to peer out through the bushes. Everybody was watching the game. He grinned and reclined on the sand.

    He raised his butt up as I pulled his bikini down over his muscular thighs and off his feet. I had him completely naked! I took a moment to admire the healthy young man. His skin was a smooth, red-brown, without tan lines. His cock was a darker brown, almost black, except for the pinkish-maroon glans, which was sticking about half-way out of the foreskin.

    I leaned down over the naked boy and licked his balls. I sucked each one of them into my mouth and felt the movement of his scrotum muscles. Then I started licking my way up the long shaft, while the boy squirmed in pleasure on the sand. Finally, I reached the shiny glans, which was totally exposed now, and took in the intoxicating aroma of uncut Mexican cock.

    "Aahhh!" he said, as his penis slipped through my tight lips, deep into my mouth. I started going up and down on it, sucking and drawing his foreskin back and forth over the glans. In no time, I had him panting, nearing orgasm. Ordinarily, I would have backed off and let him calm down to prolong his (and my) pleasure, but I needed to get him off quickly before somebody came along.

    A shadow moved! Somebody was watching! Too late now, I continued sucking. Lilo grunted, arched his back to force his brown dick as deep as he could into my mouth, and started pumping his Mexican cum into me. I drunk it down, greedily, and then milked the remainder out of his urethra with my hand. Lilo relaxed onto the sand.

    I peered out through the bushes and saw a boy in red shorts running back onto the beach. When Lilo and I emerged from the woods, we saw him with the other boys. They all turned and looked at us.

    "I'll see you later," said Lilo as he ran down to play soccer.

    As the muchachos played, I savored the remainder of Lilo's cum, swallowing it little by little. I wanted to suck off every one of those Mexican kids.

    The game ended in a tie and the muchachos started dissipating into the forest or heading for the canoes. Jose and a couple of his friends came over to where Raul, Tommy and I were standing. Tommy looked away he avoided Jose's eyes.

    "Hey, have you guys seen the cave? It's not far," said Jose.

    We followed them up a steep path and to the edge of a cliff that faced the ocean. About 10 meters below I could see a little grotto.

    "There it is, come on follow me, its cool! Be careful."

    I am quite scared of heights, but I followed Jose and his two friends down the face of the cliff to a small little beach that was surrounded by big, smooth rocks. The cave was a disappointment not even big enough to crawl into.

    Jose turned to me and said, "Do you want some dick?"

    I looked at his cute, bikini-clad friends. They grinned at me. One was tall, thin and almost black in color. His hair was tightly curled, very Negroid. The other muchacho was short, solidly built, and so light in color that he looked almost Gringo. "Yes, of course!" I answered enthusiastically.

    The black boy pulled his bikini down and stepped out of it. He leaned back, naked, against the rock, his penis already stiffening, the foreskin pulling back. I knelt on the sand in front of him.

    Raul and Tommy watched from above as I sucked the kid off. He was an "oozer", the kind who, when he cums, you don't even realize it until you have a mouthful. When he was finished, he pulled his black dick out of me, and the other boy, the light-skinned one, took his place, already naked and already stiff. The darkness of his penis betrayed his mixed-blood heritage.

    I looked up three other muchachos had joined Raul and Tommy and were staring down at us. It only took me about a minute to get this horny little guy off. He was the "exploder" type no warning just suddenly shot it down my throat!

    "My turn!" said Jose, pulling down his bikini and pushing his buddy out of the way so that he could lean back against the rock.

    This is what I had been waiting for! I had been wanting to wrap my lips around this Mexican's cock since I had first laid eyes on him, the day he took us to the island, the day Tommy lost his oral virginity to him. Jose was a man, not a boy like my usual 18 year- olds. At 24, he was at the peak of his physical beauty and strength. His thick brown meat, protruding from a bush of black, wiry hair, was stiff, oozing lube and pointed toward my mouth.

    "Let Tommy do it!" someone yelled. I looked up it was that little wise-ass, Marcelino.

    "Yeah! Show us how you sucked him on the island!" yelled Beto.

    All of the muchachos joined in the teasing, "Suck him, Tommy! Suck his dick!"

    Jose swung his dick back and forth, pointing to it, grinning and inviting Tommy to suck it.

    Tommy, no doubt embarrassed and humiliated beyond his worst nightmare, got up and left. The muchachos turned their attention to me and Jose.

    Jose's foreskin was sliding back over the taper of the glans as his penis swelled in anticipation of sex. The glans was dark-maroon, shiny, wet with lube. I stared at it it, fascinated.

    The breakers crashed, the surf hissed, the water gurgled as it washed up onto the little beach. The seabirds screeched.

    The muchachos were quiet.

    I leaned forward. I took in the pungent odor of his sex.

    I entered my "other reality," the hypnotic state in which I disobey all of the rules of my upbringing, all of my taboos. I opened my mouth and let the uncut Mexican penis slide between my lips.

    Sweat, urine, jizz, cunt -- the taste of a straight Mexican's cock.

    My mouth watered profusely as I sucked it.

    "Do you like it?" he asked.

    I looked up into his deep brown eyes, his cock deep in my mouth, and I nodded, "Yes, I like it. I love it!"

    He placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled me toward him, encouraging me to take him even deeper. The end of his penis was starting to enter my throat. I am not very good at deep throating, especially a big one like this, but my desire to take him all the way into me overrode the gag reaction. I lovingly caressed his glans with my throat while gazing up into his eyes. I felt the pulsating of his urethra as he pumped his semen into me.

    One by one, the Mexican boys climbed down the rocks and gave me their brown cocks to suck. After I had done all of them, some of the first were ready to be sucked again! But it was getting late. The river was dangerous enough during the day it would be foolish to cross at night.

    We climbed back up to the top of the cliff. Tommy and Raul were not there. I went with the other muchachos of our team back to the canoes. We found Raul on the way he had been looking for Tommy. The other guys got in their canoes and headed for the other side. Raul and I continued to search for Tommy for about an hour. It was starting to get dark, and worse, some dark clouds were accumulating on the horizon.

    "Ssh," said Raul. "Listen."

    Then I heard it too someone was crying. We followed the sound into the forest a bit and found a little run-down hut. Inside was Tommy, sitting on an old straw mat, bawling like a baby.

    "Hey, amigo, what's wrong?" asked Raul.

    "You know what's wrong," blubbered Tommy. You heard the guys making fun of me."

    "Well don't take it so seriously. They were only teasing you. They don't think you really sucked Joses' dick."

    "What do you think, Raul? Did I do it?"

    "Me? No, no way. You wouldn't do that."

    "Well, I did! I sucked his dick!"

    "Really? What did you do that for?"

    "Because I'm a puto, a fag. I sucked his dick and I loved it!"

    "Wow, Tommy. You don't act like a puto. How long have you been doing that stuff?"

    "Just that one time," Tommy sobbed. "It was stupid I shouldn't have done it. I didn't think he would tell anybody. Now everybody knows!"

    Tommy buried his head in his arms and continued to weep. Raul sat down beside him, put his arm around him and hugged him.

    "There, there." Raul consoled him, "Everything is going to be okay."

    "I like you guys so much, playing soccer and stuff with you. I was having so much fun! Now I'm going to have to leave. I fucked everything up! I just want to die."

    "No you don't, Tommy. Look, everything is cool. You can still play soccer with us."

    "You mean you would let a puto play on your team?"

    "Sure, we even let girls play with us sometimes. And you know what? You play better than most of the guys out there -- better than Jose, even. I bet that pisses him off a puto who plays better than big ol' macho Jose! Remember his face when you kicked the ball right between his legs today?"

    Raul started laughing. Tommy, remembering, giggled, but then got serious again. "Let's go back across the river. I want to catch the bus back home -- tonight. I can't hang around here now that everybody knows what I did."

    "Aw, Tommy! Lighten up! I don't want you to go back home. You are my best buddy I would miss you!" Raul gave Tommy a kiss on the cheek.

    "Stop it, Raul! Now you are making fun of me! Leave me alone!" Tommy laid back onto the mat.

    "Not until you lighten up, Tommy." Raul got on top of Tommy, straddling him, and started tickling him. Tommy struggled, trying to get out from under Raul, who kept tickling him until the kid was laughing hysterically.

    "Stop it!" yelled Tommy.

    "Not until you quit crying!"

    "OK, OK! I'm not crying! Stop tickling me!"

    "All right. But you have to give me a kiss."

    Raul leaned down and kissed Tommy on the lips, and then, "Tommy, do you like me?"

    "I don't just like you I love you!"

    "Really? Then why did you suck Jose's dick instead of mine?"

    "Cuz I thought it would weird you out. I didn't want to mess up our friendship."

    "So you love me more than Jose?"

    "I don't love him. I love you!"

    Raul lied down on the mat beside Tommy. "Then show me how much you love me."

    He took Tommy's hand and placed it on his bikini, on the bulge of his Mexican penis.

    "Show me here. With your lips."


    I was sitting on the bank of the river watching the approaching storm when Tommy emerged from the shack and sat beside me. "Well, did you do it?" I asked.

    Tommy turned and opened his mouth to show me the big wad of Raul's cum that was on his tongue. "I had him squirming all over the place he loved it!"

    "What about you?" I asked him.

    "I guess I loved it too. It's weird letting a guy stick his dick in your mouth. And then sucking his cum out! I still can't believe I did it!"

    "And what do you think of his cum? How does it compare to Jose's?"

    "I like Raul's better tastes sweeter. Jose's was pretty good but had kind of a funny taste."

    "Yeah, I noticed that too," I said, "might be pussy juice I think Jose probably is married."

    "Yuck!" said Tommy.

    "The risk you run "

    "Yeah, I know . when you suck a straight guy's dick,' right?"

    We sat there quietly, watching the lightning. I love electrical storms!



    "How many guys did you suck off today?"

    "Well, let's see. First there was you, in the morning. Then Raul. Then that cute tall kid in the bushes what's his name?"


    "Yeah, Lilo. And then by the cave I sucked off two of Jose's friends, and then Jose himself. Then about five more guys. How many is that?"

    "Eleven. Want to make it an even dozen?"

    I looked at Tommy's bikini. He was ready. So was I.

    "Sure, why not?"

    Tommy leaned back, naked, on the muddy bank, while I knelt between his knees and gave him oral pleasure. It was starting to rain, nice warm rain. The river was slowly rising, lapping up onto my bare feet, as I sucked the boy. I felt Tommy stiffen, ejaculate into my mouth, and relax in the mud. That white weenie was the perfect desert after a feast of Mexican sausage!

    Then I noticed the feet -- brown, bare feet, beside me. I looked up it was not Raul! A big Mexican man, about 35 or 40 years old was standing over me with a machete in his hand! My hair stood on end with fright!

    "Is this the one?" he asked (in Spanish) a man standing on the other side of me.

    "Yeah, that's him." This man was also armed with a machete.

    "I hear you have been messing around with the boys here doing puto things with them. Is that right?"

    I was so scared, I lied, "No, not me, what are you talking about?" That was stupid, of course, as they had just discovered me with a cock in my mouth.

    "Really? Well my son says that you gave him a blowjob. That wasn't true?"

    I looked up at the second man, more carefully. It was the tall black boy that I had sucked by the cave!

    "Well, yes," I stammered. "I did it but he wanted me to."

    Two pissed-off Mexicans with machetes! I considered running, or throwing myself into the swift current. I turned there was another man behind me!

    "You don't remember me, do you?" asked the first man.

    I studied the dark face. "No. I don't remember."

    Tommy squirmed out from between my legs, pulling his bikini back up. The men ignored him, but closed in around me.

    "Well, maybe this will help you remember." The man loosened his belt, pulled down his pants and underwear, and suddenly I had a big, swollen, black cock in my face.

    "Smell it," he commanded.

    I did. I could smell it even before he pulled my head to it. It was funky with man's excretions.

    "Taste it," he told me.

    Under normal circumstances, I would have been turned-on by this dick-in-my-face. But somehow, the prospect of getting chopped-up by angry Mexicans destroyed the mood. The guy behind me pushed my head into the man's cock. I licked the juicy slime from the end of his cock, trying desperately to figure out who this man was.

    "Still don't know who I am? Then suck it. Take it way in."

    My lips caressed the glans of his penis, trying to discern from its shape the identity of its owner. It was an ordinary glans, not especially big. The shaft, however, started expanding soon after the ridge slipped past my lips. I opened my mouth wider and wider to accommodate an impressive girth at about mid-penis. His shaft, somewhat cylindrical at the end, had taken on an elliptical (in cross-section) shape in the middle. It was rather comfortable-fitting, actually, considering its large girth. A mouth is, after all, rather elliptical in shape.

    Soon, I was feeling the glans at the back of my mouth, wanting to enter my throat. I pulled myself off of it, back to where my lips felt the ridge of the glans, and then went down on it again, letting the glans slide down a little deeper into my throat. The small glans fit comfortably there too. Sometime in the past I had sucked a cock like this a large cock that somehow fit comfortably in the mouth. Then I remembered!

    "Eulalio! You are Eulalio!"

    "You got it, Rusty!" Eulalio laughed. "I knew you would recognize my dick you used to love it, right?"

    I felt a great relief! Eulalio was a kid who I used to suck fifteen or twenty years ago, one of my favorites.

    "You scared the shit out of me, Eulalio."

    "Aw, sorry, we were just kidding you."

    "Then you are not angry that I sucked your son?"

    "Hell, no. Actually I'd rather he be sticking his dick into some puto's mouth instead of some girl's cunt. A guy can really get into trouble that way. In fact, Miguel here is a result of that trouble. There will be plenty of time for pussy later. By the way, how did you like him?"

    "I loved him. His dick is almost as tasty as his dad's!"

    Everybody laughed.

    Just then, Raul and Tommy came running up with clubs in hand, but seeing that everybody was happy, threw them into the woods.

    "Well, if you like," said Eulalio, "you can try my second son. Don't worry, he is old enough. In fact, he jerks off so often, he practically shakes the house down!" Everybody laughed. (These people sleep in hammocks, in houses made of sticks and palm. Any movement, in any of the hammocks, vibrates all of the other hammocks.)

    "Mario, get over here." Everybody looked at Mario, behind me. He was the red-shorted boy who had seen me sucking Lilo in the bushes. Mario looked shy and embarrassed. He didn't budge. His dad grabbed him, pulled him over and stood him in front of me.

    "What do you think is he of your liking?"

    I looked up at the boy. "He is very cute," I said.

    "Pull down your shorts, Mario," said Eulalio.

    Mario grinned, timidly, and shook his head no.

    "What's the matter, Mario?" asked his dad, "Haven't you ever been sucked before?" The boy shook his head again.

    "Well it's about time, then. Don't worry--it won't hurt. Show us you are a man!"

    Eulalio loosened his son's belt and pulled the shorts and bikini down and off his feet. His older brother pulled the boy's T-shirt off, leaving the kid completely naked in front of me.

    I looked up at the boy. "Wow, he looks exactly like you at that age, even his cock!"

    "Like father, like son," said Eulalio. "I don't know what happened with Miguel (the older brother), though. He has his mother's dick."

    The muchachos howled with laughter!

    "I meant, from that side of the family." (Miguel has a long, thin penis.)

    I looked up into Mario's eyes, "Do you want me to suck you?"

    The boy nodded his consent. I leaned toward his crotch and sniffed his dick. Like father, like son! I took his young, black penis into my mouth and sucked it until it got stiff in my mouth. I sucked him like I used to suck his father many years ago. And I loved it.

    I felt a rough hand slip into my shorts, cupping an ass cheek. "Remember, Rusty, what we had gotten into doing just before I got married? You liked it, didn't you."

    I knew what he was up to, and it scared me. Eulalio had grown a lot since those days. The skinny kid had turned into a big, strong man. And that muscle between his legs had grown in proportion. I looked behind me Eulalio was pulling his shirt off. His chest was hairy, his arms and shoulders were massive, muscular from hard work.

    "You missed me, didn't you, Rusty."

    Eulalio's fingers reached down between my cheeks and pressed against my anus. It clinched tight, instinctively.

    "You missed me, huh, Rusty?"

    Eulalio spit in his hand and rubbed it in my ass crack. He pulled his pants and underwear down and stepped out of them, completely naked. His big, black cock stood out straight and hard from a thick bush of pubic hair.

    "Did you miss me?"

    "Yes, Eulalio, I did. You disappeared I didn't know what happened to you. I missed you a lot."

    Eulalio loosened my belt and pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees.

    "Come on, Rusty. Let's get you naked, like me."

    I lifted up one knee and then the other so that he could pull my shorts and underwear off of me. Then he pulled my shirt off over my head. I felt embarrassed in my nakedness.

    "Okay, Mario, you sit down on the ground in front of Rusty. Rusty, you lean down over Mario and suck his dick. I am going to show my boys how a man gets his rocks off. A boy just sits there and gets his dick sucked. A man fucks."

    "Tommy," I said, "look in my shorts for a rubber."

    Eulalio said, "We didn't used to use rubbers."

    "Well, times have changed, Eulalio."

    "A Magnum?" asked Tommy."

    "Yeah, better make it a Magnum. And some lube."

    The lightning flashed, the thunder boomed, the wind gusted violently. The warm, tropical rain poured down over our naked bodies.

    Eulalio, his strong, rough, hands gripping my waist, shoved his Mexican cock in and out of my ass forcefully, showing his sons how a man gets his rocks off. Squirming in the mud before me, laid his cute son, his virgin dick buried deeply in my mouth.

    It was like the old days. Better than the old days.


    Like triplets, wet and naked in the womb, we cuddled on the muddy floor of the hut while the storm raged, at last falling asleep in the comfort of our intimate embrace.
    I was the first to awaken at dawn, and contented myself with the feel of Tommy's naked backside against my front. My hand rested on his flat, smooth stomach--I let it slide down to cup his sleeping little member. My own cock, stiff from a dream that I tried to remember, was nestled in the crack of Tommy's ass--not penetrating the boy, but held in place by his firm cheeks.

    The dream came back to me slowly, in pieces--a black dick in my mouth, another plunging me from behind. A dull pain caused me to feel between my legs, in back. It had not been a dream! I drifted back to sleep, feeling good, fulfilled.

    Soft voices from my young companions woke me again. Raul, on the other side of Tommy, was caressing the white boy's ear and neck. Tommy was idly feeling Raul's chest. Both boys were so muddy, they were almost the same brown color.

    "So you love me, huh?" said Raul.

    "Yeah, I do. Does that bother you?" said Tommy.

    "No, just so you don't tell nobody."

    "Why don't you want me to tell nobody?"

    "Because they will say that I am your mayate."

    "What is a 'mayate'?"

    "That's a guy who gives dick to a puto."

    "So what? Don't all of you guys like to get your dicks sucked?"

    "Sure. But a mayate is kinda a professional lover. The puto takes care of him, buys his clothes and stuff. The mayate doesn't have to work or anything--except for giving the puto dick. It isn't respected."

    "Don't worry. I won't tell anybody that I love you. And I won't buy you anything either."

    Tommy was toying with one of Raul's nipples--tickling the little tit of it with a finger, giving it a little erection. The boys were staring into each other's eyes. Then Raul did an unexpected thing, unusual for a straight boy--he kissed Tommy fully on the lips! This was not just a little peck, for their lips stayed together, and I knew that their tongues were exploring each other's mouths.

    Tommy, the evening before, had sacrificed his masculinity at the altar of Raul's groin. Tommy's lips, in that audacious rite, were converted into the lips of a girl--Raul could kiss them now.

    I went outside--it had stopped raining and the morning sun was peeking through the clouds. The river was swollen and brown with silt, but would be safe enough to cross today. I found my clothes in the mud where Eulalio had fucked me, rinsed them in the river and hung them to dry on a branch.

    I sat on a log and watched the river go by. The warm sun felt good on my naked skin. There was a pleasurable throbbing in my butt.

    The river gurgled, the frogs croaked, the birds twittered, a rooster crowed, hens cackled. The boys inside spoke gently between their kisses.

    "Yeah, I love you, Raul. How do you feel about me?"

    "I like you a lot, Tommy."

    "But you don't love me. Not even a little bit?"

    "Well, yeah, a little bit. But I can't love you like you love me. I love you like a friend."

    "You mean like you love Beto and Marcelino."

    "Yeah," I heard another little kiss, and then, "maybe a little bit more."

    Two young roosters, "teenage roosters," started sparring in front of me. So much like teenage boys, they jumped at each other, fluffing up the feathers on their necks to make themselves look as macho and scary as possible. Hormones.

    Inside the hut, the boys spoke gently and softly. They caressed each other lovingly. There was no longer a need for macho competition because Tommy had surrendered his male pride and given it to Raul.

    I went down to the water's edge. The wooden canoe was full of water but had not sunk. I started bailing the water out of it. Suddenly, I heard angry shouting!

    Tommy came storming out of the hut. "Fuck you!" he shouted.

    "Fuck you too!" yelled Raul.

    (The teenage roosters again)

    "Wow, he's sensitive!" said Tommy, pulling a muddy bikini up over his stiff dick.

    "What happened?" I asked.

    "All I did was put his hand on my dick."

    "Yeah, he wants me to be a puto like him," said Raul, coming out of the hut and pulling a muddy bikini up over his stiff dick.

    "No I don't!" yelled Tommy. "Besides, I'm not a puto. I'm bisexual."

    "Whatever. But playing with dicks is your thing, not mine!"

    "Fuck you!" yelled Tommy.

    "Fuck you too!" yelled Raul.

    "Well," I said, "before you fuck yourselves, would you please help me pull the canoe up higher onto the bank so that it won't sink altogether?"

    Raul and Tommy, glaring angrily at each other, got on opposite sides of the canoe, and after a lot of struggling, we got it up the bank.

    "Hey!" said Tommy, "Where is the bag with our clothes?"

    "I left it in the canoe," said Raul.

    "The canoe was full of water," I said. "The bag probably is half way to Cuba by now."

    "Oh, great!" said Tommy. "Thanks to dumb-butt we don't have any clothes!"

    "Fuck you!" shouted Raul.

    "Fuck you too!" yelled Tommy.

    Raul suddenly pushed Tommy. Tommy pushed back. Before I could stop them, they were fighting, hitting each other. Tommy got a wrestling hold on Raul and threw him down on the ground. Raul grabbed Tommy's leg and twisted it, causing him to fall too. The boys wrestled in the mud, sliding down the slippery bank.

    "Watch out!" I yelled too late--they fell into the swift current and were swept away! Horrified, I stared into the swirling brown water. They had completely disappeared! I ran, in a panic down the riverbank looking for them. Finally I saw Raul holding onto a branch.

    "Where is Tommy?" I yelled.

    Raul looked around. "I don't see him!"

    "Oh, my God!" I thought. I ran further down the bank, looking frantically for the boy. He was nowhere to be seen!

    "There he is!" yelled Raul.


    "Behind the reeds!"

    Then I saw Tommy's hand, clutching a reed. His head came up briefly and then went under again.

    "I'll get him!" yelled Raul and slipped again into the dangerous current.

    "Oh fuck!" I thought. "Now I've lost both of them!"

    But Raul surfaced in the reeds, and hanging precariously onto a flimsy limb with one hand, reached and grabbed Tommy's wrist. I came running up as the limb was tearing loose. I picked up a branch and passed an end to Raul.

    "Grab on!" I yelled.

    I pulled, and managed to get Raul closer to the shore where we could pull Tommy out of the water. His eyes were open, rolled back and he wasn't breathing! I laid him down on the bank and felt for a pulse in his neck. His heart was still beating! Raul leaned over him, placed his mouth over Tommy's and started blowing the life back into him. Tommy's eyes started rolling around and thenhe winked at me! The little turd was faking!

    Raul pulled off of him. "Tommy! Don't die!" Raul pleaded. "Please don't die!"

    Raul lowered his lips to Tommy's again and when they made contact, Tommy gave him a loud smooching kiss! Raul backed off with a surprised "What?"

    The first thing Tommy said, looking up into Raul's eyes, was "Are you still mad at me?" I started laughing. Raul was too stunned to answer right away. Then finally, "No I'm not mad any more. But I ought to throw your sorry ass back in the river so you can drown for real!" Then all three of us laughed and hugged each other, glad to be alive and glad to be friends.

    When we got back up to the canoe, there was a young black man waiting for us, barefoot and shirtless. It was Miguel, Eulalio's son.

    "You guys shouldn't be swimming in the river! It's too dangerous!"

    "No shit?" said Raul.

    "Yeah. Hey, here are some bananas for you. How about giving me a ride to the other side when you go?"

    All of us zeroed in on the bananas and went for them! We were starved!

    "OK," said Raul, chewing on a banana, "but bring another paddle."

    Miguel was looking at me with a sly look in his eye. He pulled a banana out of his mouth and I saw that he had cut a ridge onto the end of it with his teeth. He slid it slowly back through his thick black lips without taking his eyes off of mine. The other boys hadn't noticed this invitation for me to swing again on his long black dick. I nodded and slipped my banana into my mouth seductively.

    Miguel started to leave, but then turned and looked at Raul and Tommy. "Hey, wasn't Tommy wearing that yellow bikini yesterday? And Raul the blue one?"

    Raul and Tommy looked at each other's bikinis in wide-eyed surprise - they had gotten switched! Right away, with sheepish looks on their faces, the boys stripped them off, threw them to each other and put them back on.

    "Weird," said Miguel.

    "Fuck off," said Raul. "Go get your stuff." Miguel ran off.

    "Tommy," said Raul, "I'm sorry about what I said - you know, about being a puto. And I shouldn't have gotten so mad when you put my hand on your dick. I mean, you're a guy like me - you have a dick and it gets hard like mine. So, I understand. But I can't play around with another guy that way. With Rusty here, its different - he really enjoys sucking dick. I give him good dick and he gives me good blowjobs. A fair trade, that's the way it should be. So I think we should quit messing around that way. I can't be what you want me to be. Let's just be friends."

    Now Tommy spoke, with tears in his eyes. "Raul, I don't want you to be anything but what you are. I love you. You don't have to do anything to me that you don't want to--I don't care about that. I sucked your dick yesterday and I enjoyed it. I would do it again." Tommy started sniffling. Raul looked at me and then back at Tommy.

    "OK, Tommy. Let's see if you mean it. And let's make sure that we understand each other. Come here."

    Raul took Tommy's hand and placed it on the bulge of his bikini.

    "Is this what you want?"

    "Yes," said Tommy.

    "Pull my bikini down, Tommy. Take it off of me."

    Tommy did that, leaving the Mexican completely naked in front of him.

    "Do you like the way I look? Do I turn you on?"

    Tommy looked up and down the brown boy's body. "Yes," he replied.

    "Feel my dick, Tommy. Does it feel good in your hand?" Tommy felt it and then nodded.

    "Get down on your knees, Tommy. Smell it. Get up close. Do you like that smell?" Tommy inhaled the pungent man-odor and again nodded.

    "Try tasting that stuff that's leaking out of it. See if you like it too." Tommy reached out with his tongue, licked the drop of fluid into his mouth, tasted it and nodded again. Raul was getting excited, his dick swelling rapidly.

    "OK, Tommy, pull back my foreskin. Taste the crud that's under it. If you like that, you must really like dick." Tommy pulled back the skin, revealing the maroon glans. It was covered with gunk. Tommy approached it, gagged, and backed off.

    "Can't handle it? Then I guess you don't like dick enough. Pass me my bikini and let's go."

    Tommy held his breath, leaned forward again and licked the glans.

    "Clean it up, Tommy. Get all of it. That's good. Now the balls. A good blowjob includes ball licking. You're doing great - are you enjoying it so far?" Tommy nodded yes again, but then seeing a form approaching through the forest, started to stand up.

    Raul held him down and said, "Its only Miguel, don't worry."

    "But he will see us!" protested Tommy.

    "It doesn't matter - let him watch. Do you want to suck me or not?"

    Miguel crouched down behind some bushes to spy.

    Tommy stared at the stiffening brown dick before him, the maroon end of it shiny with his spit. Tommy was intoxicated with the aroma and taste of Raul's secretions.

    "Grip it right here, Tommy, with your lips." Raul indicated a point on the pulled-back foreskin, about an inch past the ridge of the glans. "OK, now slide the foreskin back and forth over the head of my dick. Yeah, that feels good. Suck it while you do it -- a little tighter. Yeah."

    Raul quit talking and I saw his eyes glaze over in the intense pleasure that Tommy was giving him. His legs started trembling and he gripped the trees on either side to keep himself from falling. He swung his head from side to side like he usually does when I am sucking him, his face contorted in an ugly grimace. He released his hold on one of the trees, and with his hand pulled Tommy's head toward his crotch. The brown shaft disappeared into the white boy's mouth.

    "Unnnh!" Raul grunted, as his prostate sphincter contracted, forcing the first wad of Mexican semen down the urethra and into his young buddy's mouth. He held Tommy against him until the spasms finally stopped, and then released him. Tommy pulled off of the prick, gasping for breath.

    "Wow!" said Raul. "Did you enjoy that as much as I did?"

    "Yes," said Tommy, coughing.

    "Do you like the taste of my cum? Swallow it if you do."

    We could see Tommy's Adam's apple move as he swallowed Raul's cum. Then Tommy, without prodding, took the cum-covered head of Raul's cock back into his mouth and sucked while he milked the remainder of the Mexican cum into his mouth with his hand.

    Raul then looked down at the American boy and said, "Thanks for the blowjob, Tommy. That felt great!"

    Tommy looked up into the dark Mexican eyes. Raul seemed to be waiting for a response. "Oh," Tommy stammered, "thanks for letting me suck your dick."

    Raul grinned and tussled Tommy's hair. "Now I think we are understanding each other. I gave you something that you liked and you gave me something that I liked--a fair trade. I am on this end of the dick and you are on that end. We are never going to switch places. Is that okay with you?"

    Tommy nodded his assent.

    "Ah, there is only one more 'yes' that you need to give me."

    "What's that?"

    "Will you suck any of my friends that I ask you to?"

    "What? Now you're going too far! I love you, not them!"

    "You still don't get it, do you? We don't want them to know about us--that we love each other. You have to treat me just like them. And you have to treat them just like me. That way they won't suspect anything. You can start with Miguel. What do you say?"

    Tommy hesitated. "I didn't know I'd have to suck the whole fucking world."

    Raul whistled and motioned for Miguel to come over. Tommy was about to get his first taste of black cock.


    Raul and his girlfriend were kissing on a park bench while the girl's younger sister and aunt kept watch from another bench across the way. It was early evening and the town square was alive with kids running and laughing, and teenage boys and girls checking each other out. I was sipping a cold Margarita in a sidewalk cafe, enjoying the cool air, the scent of tropical flowers and the songs of the many birds in the trees.

    Tommy came over and sat down at the table. "Rusty, is it okay if Raul spends the night with us? I'll pay the extra forty pesos (about $4) I have been earning a little money by helping Raul with the deliveries."

    "Sure, Tommy, no problem." I ordered him a fruit juice.

    Tommy was looking across the way at Raul and his girlfriend. "Do you know how many times Raul has fucked Elena? Zero times. Three years and he's never gotten a chance to fuck her. His family is always spying on her."

    "Things will change after Raul gets a house," I said. "Then they can get married and have a jillion kids."

    "Well that won't happen for a while. Kinda hard to save for a house on a delivery boy's salary. Meanwhile, Raul suffers."

    "But you've been relieving his suffering, right?"

    Tommy grinned. He had been sucking Raul off every day.

    Elena's sister and aunt came over to our table. I ordered juices for them too. The sister, Leticia, was about fifteen and the aunt, Dolores, about sixteen. They were both cute, like Elena.

    "Is Tommy your son?" Leticia asked.

    "No, he's just my young buddy."

    "I thought he was your son or grandson. Dolores says she just loves boys with blue eyes." Dolores pinched Leticia. Both girls giggled.

    "Green eyes," said Tommy.

    "Leticia says she wants to have babies with blond hair like Tommy's," said Dolores. Leticia pinched Dolores. Both girls giggled.

    "Brown hair," said Tommy, "light brown." Tommy looked irritated. There was an awkward pause. We were looking across the way where Raul and Elena were kissing.

    "Dolores says she wants to try kissing a Gringo's lips." Dolores pinched Leticia. Giggle, giggle.

    "Leticia says she wants to do the other thing with Tommy."

    "What other thing?" said Leticia, indignantly? She started hitting Leticia over the head with my newspaper. More giggling.

    One of Elena's brothers came roaring up on his motorcycle. He looked over at Raul and Elena, a disapproving scowl on his face. "Mom says to get Elena and go home supper's ready." He roared off.

    The girls practically had to drag Elena away from Raul.

    "Come on, Raul," I said. "I'm inviting you and Tommy out to eat. Then you can spend the night with us."

    "Okay! I'm starved! But wait a minute I can't walk right now." Raul had an obvious boner in his pants. "Elena does that to me."

    "That's the problem with girls," said Tommy. "They get you all horny and won't do anything about it. I'll fix that for you back at the hotel."

    "There's only one thing that will fix my problem," said Raul, "and that's a pussy," and then, looking in Tommy's eyes, "or a nice, tight butt-hole."

    "Forget it!" said Tommy. "If you want that, then find yourself a queer to fuck"

    "All you do is suck dick that's frustrating. A man needs to fuck!"

    "Then go fuck yourself, butthead. And suck your own dick." Tommy was angry.

    We walked to the restaurant. Both boys ordered oysters.

    Trying to break the silence, I asked, "Is it true that oysters make your dick get hard and fill up with cum?"

    "Yeah, it's true," said Raul. "But a lot of good that does me when I have no place to stick it." The boys glared at each other.

    "This guacamole is real tasty," I said. Do you guys want an order?" The boys ignored me.

    "If my blowjobs are so frustrating to you, how come it only takes a couple of minutes for you to cum?" said Tommy.

    "The other guy's are probably already fucking your butt. You're sucking their dicks, so why not?"

    "Look, scrotum face, I've been sucking their dicks because you wanted me too. Because you're so afraid they would make fun of you if you were the only one. Nobody is going to fuck my ass."

    "You will probably let Jose fuck you. You say you love me but you sucked him first. He will probably be the first to fuck you, right?"

    "Do you guys want another soda?" I asked. No answer.

    The boys followed behind me back to the hotel. They were plugged into the same Discman because Raul's was broken. At least, they had quit arguing. In the room, they stripped naked and took a shower together, leaving the door open so that I could watch. They took turns soaping each other until they were both hard. Raul took Tommy's hand and wrapped his fingers around his dark cock. "Wash me here," he said. Tommy complied.

    "Do you want some Mexican cream for desert?" Raul asked. "Go ahead, suck it out. It's yours."

    Tommy got down on his knees and approached Raul's cock with his mouth. Tommy's lips had almost touched it when Raul pulled back and said, "You really want it, don't you? You really like sucking Mexican cock, huh?"

    Tommy stared at the hard, brown dick in front of him. His mouth was watering in anticipation of having it in his mouth. He nodded yes, leaned forward and Raul let the Gringo boy wrap his lips around the brown shaft.

    "Yeah, Tommy, I let you suck me whenever you want because I know you like it so much. But if you really loved me, you would let me have what I want too. You aren't being fair."

    Tommy pulled off of Raul's dick and said, "Look, I told you if you want ass you have to find a puto to give it to you."

    "But I did find a puto you. Anybody who likes to suck another guy's dick must be a puto."

    Tommy got up, angry. "Oh yeah? Well if I am a puto, you must be one too. You're having sex with another guy. That's homosexual, puto."

    I cringed when I heard that. That's one thing you should never say to a straight Mexican not if you want to keep sucking his dick, anyway.

    Tommy stormed out of the bathroom and lied down naked beside me.

    'That's the last time he will put his dick in my mouth. He doesn't give a shit about me just wants to get his rocks off and show how macho he is. I'm always trying to make him feel good but he never does anything for me. Won't even touch my dick! Now he wants my ass! Fuck him!"

    Raul came out of the bathroom and lied down naked on the other bed. He put on the earphones and turned up the volume.

    "Well, I'm afraid that's about all you can expect out of a straight boy. He will give you dick and that's it. If you want more than that, you should look for a gay guy for a lover."

    "Gay guys are too girlie," said Tommy. They don't turn me on."

    "Not all of them are (I almost said 'like you for example') -- some are quite masculine. The problem is finding them they're hard to spot. But there are a lot of straight-acting gay guys who would just love to have a cute lover like you." I rolled over onto my side, facing him, and caressed the smooth skin of his chest and flat belly. Too bad that I am sixty years old -- I would have loved to have Tommy as a lover.

    "A gay guy wouldn't want me my dick is too little."

    "Not true, Tommy. Your dick is just fine, nicely proportioned for your body size. Little guy, little dick. Besides, dick size doesn't have much to do with love."

    "You know, Rusty, you're cool. You always make me feel better. I think I even love you a little bit. You know, like a real good friend. Or a dad, even."

    "And besides, I give you real good blowjobs, right?"

    Tommy grinned. "Yeah, that too. You can do me later if you want."

    "And tomorrow we can go out and see if we can find you a cute, masculine gay guy."

    "No, I don't want that," Tommy said.

    "Why not?"

    "Because I love Raul."

    I hugged Tommy close to me and gave him a kiss on the cheek. We fell asleep that way.

    It was in the wee hours of the morning when Raul got in the bed with us, on the other side of Tommy.

    "Tommy, wake up," Raul whispered. I've been thinking. You are right, I'm just as gay as you are having sex with another guy. You've been giving me all of those blowjobs and they feel so good. I shouldn't ask you for more than that. I'm sorry."

    "It's okay, Raul. I just want you to enjoy them. I'll try to make them better so you won't need the other thing."

    "But I want you to enjoy sex just as much as I do. I feel bad because I never do anything for you. I thought you would like having my dick in you. I know it would hurt at first, but you would love it eventually, like Rusty does. Remember when the banana man fucked Rusty? Well Rusty loved it! And that guy's dick is twice as big as mine! Anyway, I'm not trying to talk you into anything. But I feel bad because I can't bring myself to suck your dick or even play with it."

    "It's okay, Raul. It's not necessary I understand."

    "Here, Tommy, feel this. This is my love muscle. Through this the love energy goes back and forth between us. It doesn't matter who is on which end of it. The cock is only the conduit that the love flows through. I love you so much that I wanted you to have all of my love, not just half of it. When you told me no, that hurt my feelings. Like you didn't want my love."

    "Oh, Raul, I do want your love. And I love you very much."

    I heard them kissing and felt the bed moving as they rubbed their smooth, teenage bodies together.

    I was already impressed with a Mexican's seduction techniques, but this was masterful!

    "Hey, guys, I have an idea," I said. "I am going to show you something that feels almost as good as fucking without actually doing it. Tommy, you turn facing me. First we'll lube you guys up."

    I squirted a big gob of lube into my hand and applied it to Raul's stiff cock. Then I lubed Tommy's smooth, hairless crotch between his legs.

    "Okay, Raul, now you slip your dick between Tommy's legs to the other side, under his balls. Tommy, you squeeze Raul's dick with your legs. Okay, Raul, start 'fucking' Tommy."

    Raul slipped a hand under Tommy's waist and pulled the boy toward him. Raul's dick poked out under Tommy's balls and I slid down on the bed and lied on my side so as to take the end of the Mexican's cock in my mouth. Raul started humping and sliding his dick in and out of Tommy's legs and my mouth.

    "How does that feel, guys?"

    "Cool, yeah!" they agreed.

    I started alternating between the boys' dicks with my mouth. They were both hard as could be and oozing precum. As soon as I could tell that one of them was about to shoot, I switched to the other. Finally Raul stopped humping and I thought he was going to shoot, but he caught it in time. Only a little bit of semen leaked out into my mouth.

    "I love you so much, Tommy. I want to give you all of my love. Will you let me?"

    "I love you too, Raul. Okay, give me all of your love, it's okay."

    Raul shifted his position a little, held Tommy firmly and pulled him back onto his Mexican prick. Tommy gasped and his whole body stiffened. He tried to get off of the prick but Raul was too strong for him.

    "Tommy!" I said, "Try to relax your rectum! Bear down hard as if you were trying to take a shit."

    Raul's dick-head was lodged in Tommy's anus. Tommy was in agony. I knew that Raul had to get it past the sphincter nerve and fast!

    "Raul! Put it in him! Now!"

    Tommy screamed and fought to get away, but he couldn't stop the Mexican's dick from sliding up into his virgin, white butt!

    "Okay, Raul. Stop there let him relax. Tommy, how are you doing?"

    Tommy was hyperventilating. "It hurts!" he gasped. I reached between Tommy's legs to determine how deeply he was penetrated.

    "Half of it is in already, Tommy. The second half will be easier. Concentrate on your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths. Good boy, you're doing fine. Just relax and let Raul do the work. Raul, when you feel his butt-hole relax, slide in a little more. Don't force it."

    I lifted Tommy's leg up and laid it over my shoulder in order to open him up more. I took the boy's now-flaccid dick into my mouth and initiated the emergency erection procedure. Soon I had it swelling in my mouth and I felt the boy's body relaxing in pleasure. Raul was demonstrating a lot of care and patience in the gentle manner that he was sliding his remaining inches up his friend's butt. A lot of guys can't control the urge to violently jam their cocks into your ass in one fell swoop.

    "Okay, Raul, fuck him, but do it slowly. Let him get used to the sensation."

    Raul started sliding his brown prick in and out of the boy, each time getting it in a little deeper.

    "How are you doing now, Tommy? Still hurt?"

    "Not so much now. Just feels weird."

    "How about you, Raul?"

    "Ummm! Feels good! Tight and smooth and hot!"

    Raul was now mashing his pubes into Tommy's ass with each stroke, his prick as deeply implanted as it would go. Tommy's dick was now stiff in my mouth as I sucked it.

    "Do you like my Mexican cock in your butt, Tommy? Tell me yes or I will pull it out and never fuck you again."

    "Yes, I like it! I love you so much, Raul"

    "See? I told you so. I love you too, Tommy. I am loving you with my dick."

    Raul grunted and shot his cum up into the white boy's butt. I could feel the Mexican's spasms reverberate through the white boy's dick and into my mouth. When Raul's orgasm was finished, he held Tommy against his brown body, his dick still implanted in the boy while I sucked him.

    I heard Tommy groan and felt his body stiffen as he orgasmed. The pulses of his sphincter went on for some time without any semen squirting into my mouth, and finally, at last, I got a big blast of cum. I continued sucking and playing with the boy's smooth nuts until he groaned again, stiffened and gave me several more strong squirts. I knew that Tommy would be hooked on getting fucked after having such a good orgasm while a prick was up his ass.

    Raul slowly withdrew his cock from Tommy's ass and re-inserted it between Tommy's legs. Then I did something that, under ordinary, less erotic circumstances, I wouldn't even consider doing: With a hand on my own cock, I took into my mouth the wet, slimy, Mexican's cock, funky with Tommy's butt juices, and sucked out his remaining semen as a mantra played over and over again in my head: "I am sucking a Mexican fucker's cock that just came out of a white boy's butt!"

    My orgasmic groans were muffled by the brown meat in my mouth.


    The two naked boys beside me were still asleep when I awoke. They were cuddled in the spoon position, just like they were when Raul fucked Tommy the night before. I leaned up and looked no, Raul's dick was not still inserted in the boy's butt -- it was relaxed and dangling, the foreskin covering the glans. I went into the bathroom to do my morning thing. When I came out, the boys were stirring.

    "Rusty, I think I might have hurt Tommy. Check this out."

    I had Tommy lie on his stomach and spread his legs so that I could look at his anus. It was quite swollen and pooched out.

    "Is he okay? Does he need to go to the doctor?"

    "I don't think so, Raul. He will be all right. Tommy, how do you feel?"

    "It's sore, but doesn't hurt too much. It sorta feels like a dick is still stuck in there."

    "Feels pretty good then, huh?" said Raul.

    "Fuck you," said Tommy. Tommy felt behind, "Wow! It really is swollen!"

    I said, "That's a normal reaction, Tommy, considering that it was your first time. Here, let me put some arnica gel on it."

    "Let me do it," said Raul, taking the tube of gel and applying it to Tommy's anus.

    I got dressed for my morning coffee. When I looked back at the boys, Raul was still gently rubbing and massaging Tommy's butt-hole. Raul had a hard-on.

    "Better let me do that, Raul you should shower and get dressed for work. It's late."

    As I massaged the gel around Tommy's ass-hole, I started feeling a reaction in my own penis. Tommy has such a wonderful little bubble-butt from all of that soccer he plays, completely smooth too, except for the tiniest amount of blond fuzz. Even his thighs are bare down to his knees. I started massaging his butt cheeks and felt his muscles tighten hard like a man's, and then relax and be soft and giving like a girl's. I love those little concave places on his butt cheeks. Yes, this is a very fuckable little guy!

    Tommy rolled over. He had an erection. "Shit! I lost my virginity last night! I never thought I would let a guy do that to me. I feel like a girl!"

    "Nonsense, you haven't lost anything," I said, touching Tommy's stiff dick. "You still have this, don't you? Actually, you have gained something another sex organ!" I reached between Tommy's legs and touched his swollen anus. "You're lucky!"

    "Well, I don't know about that, but thanks for trying to make me feel better."

    "Here, I'll make you feel a lot better." I pulled Tommy down to the foot of the bed so that his feet were on the floor. I spread his legs wide and knelt down between them. "I'll make you feel like a man again!"

    Tommy writhed on the bed as I gave his young man-hood pleasure with my mouth. At the same time, I felt all over the naked kid's smooth body with both hands. That was my pleasure.

    Afterwards, Tommy and I left to go to breakfast. Tommy was walking funny, sort of bow-legged.

    "Are you okay, Tommy? We can take a cab if you want."

    "No, I'm all right. Feels like Raul's dick is still in me though."

    "It hurts?"

    "No, not any more. Feels kinda good, actually."

    We were eating our huevos rancheros when a middle-aged white man entered the restaurant. I invited him to sit with us. I introduced myself and Tommy. His name was Bill.

    The waiter brought him a glass of water. Bill inspected it and then sent it back for a clean one and a bottle of mineral water.

    "Can't be too careful about avoiding germs down here," he said. "Is Tommy your son?"

    "No, he is just my young buddy."

    "I wish I had a young buddy gets a bit lonely traveling alone."

    "Well, you can probably make some friends here," I said. "Do you speak Spanish?"

    "Yeah, barely, the little that I remember from high school. This is my first trip to Mexico. Where do you go to meet people here?"

    "Anywhere on the street, in a restaurant, anywhere people go."

    "Well, actually, I think I need a special place you see, I'm gay. Are there any gay bars in town?"

    "Gay bars? No, not in a little town like this. You'd have to go to a city for that. By the way, I am gay too."

    "Yeah? How can you stand it here, then? No gay bars! What do you do for sex?"

    "Well, for me it's easy. You see, I have a rather peculiar preference I like to have sex with straight Mexicans."

    "Straight Mexicans? What can you do with straight Mexicans?"

    "Basically, you suck their dicks."

    "They will let you do that?"

    "Yeah, the younger, unmarried ones will. Sometimes older ones too. But they won't do anything to you, unless fuck you, maybe."

    "Wow! I didn't know that! I could get off on that, myself sucking young Mexicans! And what about your cute, American friend here do you suck him too?"

    "Sure, I'm not prejudiced. Do you like him? Want to try him?"

    "Maybe. Let me see your hands, Tommy."

    Tommy gave me a curious look and then held his hands out to Bill for inspection. Bill turned them palm down and looked at them.

    "No," Bill said, "I'm afraid I can't do it."

    "Why not?" I asked. "What did you read in his hands?"

    "Just that his fingernails are too clean. You see, I have a peculiar preference too I like to suck flavorful cocks, unwashed, raw, and straight out of the pants. You can usually tell if a guy's dick is clean by looking at his fingernails. Tommy is probably circumcised too, right?"

    Tommy nodded yes.

    "Yeah," Bill said, "that makes it worse. You wouldn't know where I could connect with a guy with a nice smelly cock, would you?"

    Just then, Raul came pedaling up on his delivery trike. He had a big, live hog tied up in the front of it.

    "Hey, Tommy!" Raul yelled in Spanish, "help me push the trike up the hill."

    "I think I've found just what the doctor ordered," said Tommy as he ran over to Raul.

    The boys conversed. Raul glanced back at us and then nodded to Tommy.

    Tommy gave us the thumbs-up sign and yelled, "We'll meet you back at the hotel after work."

    "What do you think about that muchacho, Bill? Did he look dirty enough for you?"

    "Yeah, pretty dirty and cuter than fuck! But what about his cock is it nice and smelly? Have you tried it?"

    "Sure have nice and stinky, you will love it." I knew that Raul's dick would be pretty sweaty and rank after pedaling that heavy trike around all day.

    "Wow! You think he would really let me suck him? I can't wait! How much do I have to pay him?"

    "Nothing, Bill, he isn't a prostitute, just a horny kid who likes to get blown. Of course I treat him to dinner in a restaurant or give him a little gift once in a while after all, he gives me something that I really like too."

    Bill and I got to know each other while we waited for the boys in my hotel room. He talked about his lover who he has been with 17 years. Bill loves him a lot but is bored with him sexually. They have an "open relationship," meaning that sex with others is permitted, although that hardly ever happens. Bill said that ever since he had gone "over the hill" he has not had much luck in the gay bars, and when he finally does connect, it isn't with a cute, young guy like he would prefer.

    Finally, the boys showed up, sweaty and dirty from work.

    "Why don't you guys get comfortable? Don't worry about Bill here I'm sure he won't mind seeing you naked."

    Bill stared, stupefied, as the boys peeled off their clothes, revealing their trim, healthy bodies. I have them pretty used to being naked in the hotel room, so they moved around freely, giving us a good show. They helped themselves to sodas from the ice chest and chatted about their experiences of the day. The pig had gotten loose and the boys had to chase it down the street and wrestle it back into the delivery trike. As they were telling the story, they were animating the actions, and Bill looked totally entertained, even though he didn't understand Spanish. He was especially enthralled with that brown thing that dangled between Raul's legs.

    Tommy sat down on the bed beside me, so Raul sat beside Bill on the other bed. Raul was fiddling with his Walkman and Bill was pretending to be interested in it.

    "Hey, that's a cool walkman," said Bill. "Where did you get it?"

    "Rusty gave it to me. Here, listen."

    Raul sat the Walkman down on his naked thigh and put the earphones on Bill's head. Bill winced as the loud, obnoxious, Mexican rap blasted his ears.

    "Yeah, sounds great!" said Bill, taking the earphones off.

    "This is the bass boost button and this is the eject button" explained Raul as Bill stared, not at the Walkman, but at the more interesting device right next to it. Bill was drooling in anticipation.

    "Raul," I said, "there is something Bill would like to do to you."

    "Yeah, Tommy told me. No problem."

    Raul removed the Walkman from his thigh and leaned back on his elbows. He opened his legs a little so that his naked thigh was in contact with Bill's leg.

    Bill glanced at me. I was caressing Tommy's smooth thigh and flat tummy. I nodded at Bill.

    Bill timidly placed his hand on the brown boy's leg and felt it, the smoothness of his young skin, the hard, strong muscles.

    "You really have strong legs," Bill said. Tommy translated for him.

    "Yeah, because of my job. Also I play soccer."

    Bill's hand wandered over to Raul's stomach. "And good abs do you do sit-ups?"

    "No, I just wrestle pigs." Everybody laughed.

    Bill started feeling the Mexican boy's chest, shoulders and strong arms, and then slowly back down over the rippling stomach, toward the goal between the kid's legs. Raul was getting aroused, his dark penis swelling and the foreskin pulling back, revealing the maroon-pink glans. A pungent odor permeated the air of the room.

    Raul stood up. "I better take a shower first."

    "No, no!" said Bill. "It's okay just like you are."

    "Are you sure? I'm pretty dirty."

    "Let me smell it," said Bill.

    Raul stood right in front of Bill, his prick sticking out toward the Gringo's face. Bill leaned forward.

    Tommy picked Raul's bikini off the floor, sniffed it, and with a comical, disgusted look on his face, passed it to me. It was rank with sweat, piss and male glandular excretions.

    Bill sniffed the end of Raul's slimy dick, wrinkled up his nose and backed off.

    "I can't do it," he said. When was the last time you bathed?"

    "This morning, but I've been working. I'll take a shower now."

    "No, no," said Bill, "it's not that."

    "What is it then?"

    "You are too clean."

    It took us a while to recover from our shock, and then Raul spoke.

    "I know a guy who is real dirty. His name is Alberto and he is a mechanic's helper. He would probably let you suck him."

    "Is he cute?"

    "I don't know I'm not into guys, so I wouldn't know."

    "I know him," I said. "He worked on my pickup once, and is very cute. I would have sucked him myself if he hadn't been so dirty."

    We walked a few blocks to the edge of town. We found Alberto under an old Ford, on his back in the dirt. Raul went over and knelt down to talk to him. Alberto looked over at us.

    Raul came back and said, "Yeah, he'll do it but he wants money."

    "How much?" said Bill.

    "Fifty pesos (about five dollars), he wanted a hundred but I talked him down."

    Bill and I went up to the car and knelt down. The boy was wearing an old cotton bikini that once had been white but now was grey and dirty. That's all he wore. You see that sometimes in Mexico the mechanics' helpers, the younger ones that get the dirty work, strip down to their underwear to avoid getting their street clothes dirty. I love it!

    "Alberto, remember me? I am Rusty you fixed my truck once. This is my friend Bill."

    Alberto passed his dirty hand to Bill, who glanced at his fingernails before shaking it with his clean, manicured hand.

    "He'll do," said Bill in English.

    "Bill wants to do something with you, something that will make you feel real good."

    "Yeah, but why me?"

    "Because Bill only does it with real cute guys, and I knew that you are one of the best-looking young men in town."

    "Really? Okay, no problem. But first I need to go home and get cleaned up."

    "No, that's not necessary. Bill wants you just like you are."

    "All right, but let me tighten up this nut first. Pass me that wrench, please."

    Bill handed him the wrench, and then withdrawing his hand over the dirty kid's smooth, flat stomach and the bulge in his bikini, the boy involuntarily jerked and banged his head on the muffler!

    Raul and Tommy about died laughing!

    "Sorry, Bill said. I didn't mean to startle you. Where can we go so that I can suck you?"

    "Right here," Alberto said. Probably nobody's going to come back here."

    Raul and Tommy each grabbed a leg and drug the boy out from under the car. Then they pulled his bikini off and left the dirty Mexican kid naked at our feet. He grinned up at us. He looked so cute there, all covered with dirt and grease, but so incredibly cute! The cleanest part of his body was that which had been covered by his bikini, but the penis itself was smudged with black grease where he had held it while urinating. It was starting to swell right before our eyes.

    "He's beautiful!" Bill exclaimed.

    Bill knelt down between the kid's legs and grasped the dark boy-dick at mid shaft. He slid the skin back, and the shiny, wet glans came out from under the foreskin. Bill licked his lips and lowered his head toward the boy's crotch. The prick was stiffening with each beat of the boy's heart, rising upward toward Bill's appreciative nostrils.

    Bill sniffed the slimy end of the dirty, Mexican cock, and then backed off, shaking his head with a disgusted look on his face.

    "I can't do it! Damn! I thought we had a good one that time! This kid smells like dirt, gasoline, grease and soap! No smegma at all!" He stood up.

    "What's smegma?" asked Tommy.

    "Cock cheese. But how would you know? You are circumcised. It's that white substance that accumulates under the foreskin. Smegma is absolutely delicious I love it! Properly fermented and aged, it is comparable to a quality, ripe cheese like Gorganzola or Stilton even better! Unfortunately, it's damn hard to find these days. Shit! I thought Mexicans would be dirtier than this. How often do they bathe?"

    "Most of them once or twice a day," I answered, "at least where there is plenty of water."

    "I should never have come to the coast then, said Bill."

    Alberto looked confused, not understanding the English. "I could go home and bathe," he said, apologetically.

    Raul and Tommy explained the problem to him. Bill passed him a 50 peso note and thanked him.

    "I know a real, real, dirty guy," said Alberto. He never bathes! His name is Ignacio."

    "Oh, Dios!" said Raul, "you don't mean that guy that hangs out behind the bus station!"

    "That's the one. Is he dirty or what?"

    "Yeah, he's dirty, but."

    "Is he cute?" asked Bill.

    "Yeah, I guess, but"

    Bill drove us to the second-class bus station in his immaculate, white Lincoln. Before he let the boys in, he draped a white fabric over the back seat. I was honored by getting to sit in front without a seat protector. On the way, Bill gave us a lecture on smegma.

    "Smegma is one of the most misunderstood substances in nature. If people talk about it at all, it's in a negative way. Actually, it is very beneficial, wholesome and necessary. All mammals have it, except for humans who foolishly wash under their foreskins or worse, remove the foreskin all-together."

    "What's so good about it?" asked Tommy.

    "Well, for one, it lubricates the penis. Ever wonder why animals don't buy lubricants?"

    "I thought it was because they didn't have any money," wisecracked Tommy.

    "And, two, the secretions of the ectopic sebaceous glands of the prepuce, plus the seminal secretions of the prostate and Cowper's glands, and even the mucin from the urethral glands "

    "Cuidado!" Raul yelled. Bill swerved, barely missing a donkey-cart.

    "and, let's not forget the contribution of the sloughed epithelial cells"

    "Turn right here," said Alberto.

    "together form a natural ointment which not only lubricates but protects the delicate male genital organ from infection through its natural antibacterial properties."

    We parked a block from the second-class bus station. Bill continued our education as we threaded our way through the taco stands, CD hawkers and passengers burdened with luggage, chickens and everything imaginable.

    "And then, and this is the best thing about smegma, it is rich in sexual pheromones."

    "What?" asked Tommy.

    "That is a phenomenally charged scent which subliminally excites women and homosexual men like Rusty and me. The aroma is normally trapped within the foreskin cavity, but is released when erection takes place. That's why when a guy gets horny, I get horny."

    We found Ignacio, washing an old, beat-up bus on the back lot. I recognized him at once, even though years had passed since he had stolen that tortilla off my plate and ran away with the waiter chasing him. Who could blame a starving street urchin for stealing food? He had grown up in the Mexican gutter, surviving however he could, and now was a healthy-looking teenager. When he saw us approaching, he looked scared and backed away from us.

    "It wasn't me!" he said. He looked around for an escape route.

    "Who did it then?" demanded Raul.

    "Celestino. He planned the whole thing."

    "Relax," said Raul. "We're not here about that. I'm sure you're sorry anyway, so it's okay. We just came to see if you could help us out. You see, Bill here needs a Mexican dick to suck real bad. You want to give him yours?"

    Ignacio looked surprised, and then calmed down. His face assumed a defiant, thuggish look. "Si, mi verga se vende. Cuanto quiere gastar el joto?"

    Tommy translated for Bill. "He says that he doesn't have time. His grandmother is sick and he has to earn money for her operation."

    Bill looked the barefooted boy up and down. He wore a dirty, ragged T-shirt and jeans that he had outgrown and probably had never removed since he first put them on. His hair was a mess, his face was smudged, his ears, neck, arms and hands were dirty. His fingernails were black. He was absolutely filthy!

    "He's perfect!" said Bill. "Tell him I will give him 100 pesos ($10 dollars) if he will let me suck him off."

    Tommy translated, and the boy answered, "Dile al puto que me pague 200 pesos porque la mia es grande."

    Tommy translated, "He says that the operation costs 200 pesos."

    Bill said, "Let me see it first. If it's big, I'll give him the 200 pesos."

    Ignacio led us between some battered, broken-down busses to a hidden space, which looked to be his home. An old bus seat with a dirty blanket was probably his bed. Soda bottles and other trash littered the ground.

    He loosened his belt, opened his fly, reached in and pulled out his cock, letting it hang out for Bill's inspection. It wasn't that big, just an ordinary size, but that didn't really matter. It was plenty dirty!

    "Tell him to take off his clothes."

    Ignacio said he wouldn't take off his clothes he never took off his clothes.

    Bill said that if he didn't get naked, then the deal was off.

    The boy said it would cost him another 100 pesos if he had to get naked.

    Bill was staring at the kid's penis. It was starting to swell up, the point of the glans pushing through the preputial band.

    "Ahh!" said Bill. "Can you smell it? Here come the pheromones!"

    I sure could -- everybody could. Raul held his nose. I felt my dick hardening in my pants. Maybe Bill was right about the subliminal effect of the pheromones on women and gay men.

    "Trescientos pesos o nada," said the muchacho.

    "That's too much," said Raul. "Nobody pays that much for dick."

    "That's more than I make in a week!" said Alberto.

    "How much is 300 pesos in dollars?" asked Bill.

    "About $30 U.S." answered Tommy."

    "Tell him I'll give him 250. Tell him I suck real good he will love it."

    Tommy translated.

    Ignacio answered, "Dile al maricon que si quiere mamarme la verga y tambien tengo que desnudarme, pues, es 300, nada menos."

    "He said to tell the gentleman that if you want to suck his dick and if he also has to get naked then its 300 pesos or forget it."

    Bill was staring at the boy's prick. His foreskin was retracting, revealing the end of the slimy glans.

    "Look! He has cheese!" exclaimed Bill.

    Sure enough, we could see some white crud clinging to the glans.

    "Tell him okay, I will give him 300 pesos."

    Ignacio wanted the money up-front. He stuffed it into a pocket of his dirty pants. Then he pulled his T-shirt off over his head, revealing a nice slender body. He would have been beautiful if he hadn't been so dirty.

    "Wow! He's beautiful!" said Bill.

    Bill approached the boy and reaching out, placed his hand on the kid's dirty chest. Ignacio stiffened and clinched his fists -- for a moment it looked like he was going to strike Bill. Obviously, Ignacio wasn't used to being touched.

    Bill spit in his hand and rubbed it on the boy's chest, leaving streaks of lighter skin showing under the filth. Bill showed us his muddy palm.

    "He's going to be good," Bill said.

    Bill undid the boy's pants and pulled them down. Ignacio stepped out of them. He stood there in his dirty bikini with his dick hanging over the band. Bill started to pull down his bikini but the boy stopped him.

    "Mire que no venga nadie," he told Alberto.

    Alberto looked out and then reported that nobody was coming.

    Bill pulled the bikini down and the boy was naked except for the dirt he wore. His dick was getting stiff, and more white crud was appearing as the foreskin retracted.

    "Es grande, no? Te gusta?"

    "Si," answered Bill, licking his chops, "Yo gostar mucho."

    Bill turned the boy around, inspecting him from all angles, feeling the smooth, dirty skin of his upper body and squeezing his muscles. He held up one of the kid's arms, leaned forward and sniffed the little patch of teen-age armpit hair. Bill wanted to get his money's worth. Ignacio had a cute, tight butt with dimpled cheeks like Tommy's. Bill reached down and felt the kid's ass, sliding his fingers up between the cheeks.

    "No!" said Ignacio, yanking Bill's hand away from his butt, "Esa parte no se vende!" He turned around, glaring angrily at Bill, and grasping his erect penis, waved it and pointed it at Bill. "Esta es tuya, puto, mamamela!"

    Bill was looking at the boy with a crazed, hypnotic look on his face. He was holding his manicured fingers to his nose, taking in the delicious aroma of the Mexican kid's filthy ass. And even though he didn't understand the boy's words, he did get the message.

    Bill knelt down and the boy stepped forward.

    "Oh, gross!" said Tommy.

    Ignacio's foreskin had withdrawn almost to the ridge of the glans, revealing the build-up of years of yellow-white glandular excretions.

    Ignacio waved his dirty prick under Bill's nose. "Chupala, pinche maricon!"

    "Ah!" said Bill, breathing in the phenomenal pheromones.

    "Huacala!" said Raul.

    Slimy pre-cum was hanging from the disgusting thing.

    "Chingao!" said Alberto.

    "Yuck!" I said, but with a boner in my pants.

    Everybody was speechless as they watched Bill stick out his tongue and lick the underside of the boy's filthy prick. Ignacio gasped and his mouth opened in shock. I am sure that this was the first time anything like this had happened to him who else would even want to touch him, much less suck his cock.

    "Umm, this is good!" exclaimed Bill.

    Apparently, Ignacio was enjoying it too because his dick was continuing to expand and stiffen with each heartbeat. As his foreskin unfolded, more and more gunk was exposed. Bill had hit the jackpot!

    Bill was savoring the taste he didn't want to gobble it up by taking the kid's cock into his mouth right away. He was just giving the slimy glans little licks, softening the build-up of smegma.

    Bill turned to me, "Rusty, you've got to try this! This kid is absolutely delicious! Come on, get down here and taste this!"

    "Uh, thanks Bill, but I've already eaten."

    "You don't know what you're missing. This is better than Gorganzola!" He went back to dick licking.

    The swelling and extending of the kid's erection finally pushed the glans through the tight preputial band and the entire cheese-covered glans was exposed. The groove behind the ridge was caked with the stuff, and the inner surface of the foreskin, now inside-out, was slimy with crud.

    Bill backed off to admire the beauty of the boy's penis. It had grown to a respectable size, bigger than you would expect on a boy of that age and slender build. He hadn't lied when he said his verga was a big one. But the best part for Bill about this delectable dick was that almost a third of it was covered with smegma. The stench, I mean 'aroma,' of it would almost knock you down!

    "Lameme los huevos, joto!" the boy commanded in a disrespectful tone.

    "He wants you to lick his balls," said Tommy.

    Bill complied, licking each of the kid's bare balls. Ignacio grinned at us with an arrogant look on his face, clearly enjoying himself in humiliating the white man who knelt before him.

    It was oddly exciting to watch this middle-aged, well-off and educated man, dressed in his clean, expensive clothes, kneeling in front of a dirty and naked Mexican street punk, honoring and worshiping the kid's masculinity while humiliating himself in front of us.

    Bill started licking the shaft of the boy's brown penis from the balls to the tip, smearing the smegma all over it with his tongue. I was enjoying the changing expressions on Ignacio's face as Bill pleasured him. I love to watch the face of a boy while he is getting a blowjob.

    Bill was in a feeding frenzy, lapping up the gunk as it softened with his saliva.

    "Mira como al maricon le gusta el cebo!" laughed Ignacio." He backed up a step and Bill almost fell forward as he tried to keep the sloppy prick in his face. The boys all laughed.

    "Te gusta mi verga (you like my cock)?" Ignacio teased, approaching Bill's mouth with it and then backing away before the man could get it.

    "Te gusta el olor de cebo, puto (you like the smell of my cheese, queer)?" Ignacio waved his filthy, drooling prick under Bill's nostrils while Bill tried to catch it with his tongue.

    "Te gusta el sabor de verga, maricon (you like the taste of dick, faggot)? insulted Ignacio. "Comatela, entonces!" Ignacio stepped up so that Bill could continue licking the white-yellow slime off his cock.

    "Si, limpiamela, puto (clean it up for me, queer)!"

    Ignacio shut up for a while and let Bill lick his brown dick. We watched as the years of buildup of smegma gradually disappeared into Bill's mouth.

    "Okay, puto, ya basta! Mamamela!"

    Bill looked up into the boy's eyes, not understanding. Ignacio started slapping the man's face with his prick.

    Myself, I would never have allowed anybody to treat me in such a disrespectful and humiliating manner. But Bill was so enslaved by his obsession to eat the boy's cock cheese, that he could do nothing but kneel there and let the kid abuse him. To tell you the truth, I didn't like Bill very much, so I was enjoying his humiliation.

    "Mamamela!" the boy commanded. Bill looked confused. The boy kept whacking him hard with his dick. Bill's face was getting covered with smegma and pre-lube. "Mamamela!"

    "He wants you to suck his dick," said Tommy.

    Ignacio, holding his stiff dick with one hand, pointed it at the man's mouth. Then with the other hand he pulled Bill's head forward, and we watched the boy's dirty cock slide deep between the white man's lips.

    Ignacio sighed as he felt for the first time in his life the exquisite pleasure of a hot, wet mouth around his virgin dick. He shut up again, too overwhelmed by the sensation of getting sucked to say anything more.

    Two new muchachos showed up, gutter kids as dirty as Ignacio. Curious, they pushed their way into the circle to see what was happening. Their mouths fell open in surprise in seeing their buddy, naked, and what the white man who knelt before him was doing. Ignacio didn't seem to notice their arrival his eyes were glazed over in sexual trance.

    Ignacio's legs started shaking. A lot of kids can't stand up and orgasm at the same time.

    "Hold him up," I told them.

    With his arms draped over his amigos shoulders, Ignacio grunted and gave Bill his Mexican cream to go with the cheese.

    When it was over, we left. Noticing that Bill hadn't followed us, I turned to look. The boys had sat Ignacio down on the old bus seat; Bill was still kneeling down, and one of the boys stood in front of him, loosening his belt.

    The other boy was slipping Bill's wallet out of his rear pocket.

    After seeing Ignacio getting sucked off, I was so horny I could die. I wanted a boy. A new boy. I wanted his dick in my mouth. I looked at Alberto who walked beside me with a stiffness in his pants. He would have been so cute if he hadn't been so dirty.

    I could smell his phenomenal pheromones.

    "Hey, Alberto, you want to go up to the hotel room for a while?"

    Alberto grinned, "Sure, but I better go home and get cleaned up first."

    "No, I don't think that's really necessary."

    Raul and Tommy winked at each other.


    I awoke in the early morning to the sounds of groaning and panting. I opened my eyes and gazed into the face of the beautiful Mexican boy beside me. His face was contorted in that weird expression that he gets when he is about to cum. Another wet dream, I thought.

    Then I heard slurping sounds. I looked down and saw Tommy, between Raul's legs and about to take his orgasm in the mouth.

    "No!" said Raul, pulling Tommy off of his penis. "I don't want to cum yet. Do you hear that? It's raining! I don't have to go to work! We can stay home and make love all day!"

    Raul pulled Tommy up beside him and kissed the cute white boy on the lips.

    "Make love? Does that mean you love me?"

    "I sure do I love you a lot!"

    "You mean like you love your other good friends, like Marcelino and Beto."

    "No, I love you a lot more than that! Here, I'll show you." Raul hugged Tommy close to him and planted another big kiss on the white boy's lips. "See? Do you think I'd kiss you like that if I didn't really love you?"

    What a wonderful way to wake up! I just lied there and enjoyed the sight of the beautiful naked boys, one dark and the other light, as they French-kissed and rubbed their smooth bodies together. I felt a little pang of envy Raul has never kissed me like that. Never kissed me at all for that matter, although I have been sucking his dick for years. Now Tommy has taken over that job as well.

    Don't get me wrong I am not the jealous type actually I am happy for them, and grateful to be able to witness their lovemaking. I guess I told you that I am 60 years old -- my libido has calmed down over the years. I certainly am not as horny as these two teen-agers. But I am romantic, and I loved seeing it in them.

    "Raul," said Tommy, "I have an idea. Why don't you come back to California with me?"

    "California? I thought you lived in the United States."

    "Yeah, I live there too. Anyway, my parents are bugging me to come home and get back in school. But I don't want to leave you. Do you want to go with me?"

    "Um, I don't know. I'd have to leave Elena. I'd miss her too much. Besides, I have to keep working. I've got to save up some money and build my house. Then maybe her parents will let me marry her."

    "Raul, my uncle works in construction. He could give you a job and you could make a lot of money."

    "Really? How much?"

    "Well, you would start at about five dollars that's about fifty pesos."

    "Big deal I already make one hundred pesos in a day."

    "No, Raul. I mean fifty pesos per hour."

    "You mean fifty pesos for every hour? Wow! That's a lot of money!"

    "Yeah! You could save up for your house in no time! Think about it."

    The boys started kissing again. I went to the bathroom. When I came out, Tommy was showing Raul his photos.

    "See? This is our house."

    "Wow, really big! You guys must be rich!"

    "Not really. And we could share my bedroom. It has two beds, so my parents will never know we are sleeping in the same one."

    "What about girls in California are they cute?"

    "Oh, yeah. Lots of them."

    "Well, that might be a problem, really. I mean, I have to be faithful to Elena. I've been faithful all these years so I don't want to screw up now."

    "Faithful? Don't make me laugh! What about me?"

    "You don't count. You're a guy."

    "Then how about Margarita?"

    "I never touched her with my dick."

    "Huh? I seem to remember that we were taking turns fucking her!"

    "Yeah, but I had a rubber on. Besides, guys are supposed to screw girls."

    Confronted with the Mexican double standard, Tommy shut up and started showing Raul more pictures.

    "Who is this?" said Raul, holding the photo of a cute young girl.

    "That's my girlfriend, Tracey."

    "Wow! I'd love to get in her panties! Have you ever fucked her?"

    "Yeah, a few times, but her parents keep her pretty well guarded. We figured out a way, though. Supposedly, I am the big math expert. I go over to her house every Thursday 'to help her with her homework'. She really knows more about that shit than me. Anyway, we actually have already done the homework in the school library. So we go in her bedroom and lock the door 'to keep her little brothers and sisters from interrupting us', and, well, you know. Then afterwards we show her mom the completed math assignment. She never suspects a thing."

    "Hey, pretty smart! And if I go to California, will you let me fuck her?"

    Tommy frowned, thinking about that. "Well, I guess. If she's into it."

    "Yeah, we could take turns, like with Margarita. And, of course, I would use a rubber."

    "Of course so you would remain faithful to Elena."

    Raul grinned, pulled Tommy toward him, and pressed his sensual Mexican lips against his lovers'. They lied back down on the bed, kissing, with Raul on his back and Tommy over him. Tommy had his hand around Raul's stiff dick and Raul was caressing Tommy's butt cheeks.

    "How come you always get horny when I touch you here?" asked Raul.

    "Maybe you would get horny too if you let me touch you there."

    "Forget it. You are already touching me where I like to be touched. And if I go to California, will you take good care of this little guy for me?"

    Tommy, feeling the girth of the stiff Mexican cock, answered, "He doesn't feel so little to me. Yes, every day you will never need to jack off again."

    "Okay, but I mean all of him all of him inside you. Not just half of him."

    "I know what you're getting at. The answer is no."

    "Why not? Did it hurt that much when we did it?" Raul was sliding his fingers up and down in the crevice between Tommy's smooth ass cheeks.

    "Yeah, it hurt a lot. And besides, "

    "Besides what?"

    "It made me feel like a girl."

    "Hey, man, I'm not asking you to be a girl for me all the time--just while we are in bed! Come on, you know you want it. Admit it." Raul kissed Tommy again and I saw the Mexican's tongue slide into the white boy's mouth while his brown fingers played with his smooth ass. Both boys had raging erections.

    "No way."

    "But how am I going to be sleeping in the same bed with you and not going all the way? It would be like torture!"

    "Forget it."

    "Oh, Tommy! I love you so much! I want to give you all of me, not just half!"

    Tommy pulled away from him. "I have to go to the bathroom."

    Raul started looking at the photos again. Tommy motioned for me to follow him into the bathroom. He sat on the toilet and pinched his stiff dick so that he would not urinate up into the air while he shat.

    "Rusty, do you think Raul really loves me? Or is he just telling me that so that he can fuck me?"

    "Well, Tommy, I'm not sure. I know he likes you a lot or he wouldn't be running around with you. Love? I don't know. The line between liking a lot and loving is very hazy. And yeah, that horny little devil is very capable of deceiving you in order to get his dick in you. What about you? How do you feel about him?

    "I love him with all of my heart."

    "Well, when a person says 'I love you' over and over, it becomes a reality. Let him keep saying that. And another thing when two people get as intimate physically as you guys are, there is a hell of a lot of bonding that happens. When one person's flesh enters the body of another, there is a bit of soul that enters as well. That's why you should never fuck around with somebody unless you really want to stay with him. Are you sure that you want him?"

    "I'm sure. I'm going to let him do it."

    "Okay, if you're going to do it, then do it right." I reached into the cabinet, pulled out a zippered bag and opened it.

    "What is that?"

    "It's an enema kit, Tommy. Let's get you nice and clean for Raul."


    I filled the enema bag with warm water and had Tommy get on the floor.

    "Okay, kneel! Put your elbows on the floor and spread your knees wide. Tilt your butt up a little. So you never had an enema, huh? Well it won't hurt--trust me. And it will get you nice and clean for Raul."

    Marveling at the sight of the boy's cute white butt, I felt my own penis swelling in my pants. Tommy's ass was totally smooth and devoid of hair, and except for a little blond fuzz, his balls were bare as well. His butt cheeks were round and firm from sports and pedaling Raul's delivery trike. I envied Raul for getting to stick his Mexican prick into this Gringo boy.

    I put a little Vaseline on my finger and touched it to the cute little rosebud. Tommy instantly tightened up. "Relax," I told him. Let me grease you up a little."

    Tommy had been fucked only once before in his life, by Raul. It had hurt him a lot and it took several days for his butt hole to return to normal. He had vowed never to allow anyone to fuck him again. It wasn't just the pain that worried him, but what it did to his male pride. You see, Tommy was not gay, although he did have a strong homosexual component in his makeup. He talked straight, walked straight, and played soccer straight. You would never guess that he had another side, a side that he was only beginning to accept. It was scary for Tommy to play around on that other side.

    I gently rubbed the Vaseline on Tommy's anus he was so sensitive here he kept clamping down, sucking his asshole up tight. It took quite a while for him to let his rectum relax. I fit the small nozzle onto the enema tube.

    "Okay, Tommy, bear down a little." Tommy's anus pushed out a bit and the rosebud opened slightly. I touched the end of the nozzle to the little opening.

    "Aow!" Tommy sucked his butt hole back in.

    "Oh, come on, Tommy, I barely touched you! How do you expect to take Raul's dick if you can't take this little thing?"

    Finally Tommy relaxed again and I slid the nozzle into the boy. "Just relax your gut let the water flow into you."

    "This really feels weird. I can't believe I'm doing this. Hey, that's enough I'm about to explode!"

    I pulled the tube out of Tommy's ass and he got on the toilet just in time. The water gushed out of him.

    "OK, get back down on the floor again."


    "Yeah, we have to keep doing this until the water comes out perfectly clear. It might turn Raul off if he smells shit while he's fucking you."

    "Raul, Raul, Raul! It's all about Raul! I have to give him the perfect blowjob so he will get the maximum pleasure. I have to give him my ass so he will come to California with me. Now he wants to fuck my girlfriend too!"

    "Well, you don't have to go through with this, you know."

    "Yeah, I know. I just wish it was more equal. I always have to be on the receiving end of his dick. It makes me feel like a girl. It would be cool if he'd give me a blowjob or something once in a while."

    "Yeah, I know what you mean. But Raul isn't built that way. He likes girls"

    "So do I. But when he gets naked I get so horny I could almost cum just looking at him. But it doesn't turn him on at all to see me naked."

    "I disagree. There is a part of your body that turns him on a lot."

    "Yeah, my ass he's always staring at it. Ever since he fucked me he can't keep his eyes off it, or his hands either."

    "Well, if you knew how pretty your butt was, you would understand why Raul likes it so much."

    The enema kit came with two nozzles. I fit the big one onto the tube it was intended for vaginas.

    "Hey! You're not going to stick that one in me, are you? Its too big!"

    "Not as big as that big brown one you're going to get later. This will help loosen you up. Now place your forehead on the floor and reach behind and spread your cheeks. Good. Now bear down and push out. More I want your butt hole to come out and open up a little. That will make it easier for Raul to stick his dick in you."

    I greased up the vaginal nozzle and started rubbing the tip gently around the perimeter of Tommy's anus. He kept tightening up the sphincter.

    "Try to relax, Tommy. Pretend that this is Raul's dick. Let yourself enjoy the sensation."

    Finally his little rosebud came out and opened a bit. I made a few more circles around it and then nestled the conical tip in the opening. Tommy had an erection.

    "Here goes, Tommy."

    I slid the nozzle into him with a swift, smooth motion.

    "Ahhh!" Tommy gasped, "That hurts! Pull it out!"

    "Breathe, Tommy. Take deep, slow breaths and the pain will go away. The only reason it hurts is that you keep clamping down. Relax your stomach muscles so the water can flow into you."

    As Tommy relaxed, I started filling him with water.

    "I don't know if I can go through with this, I mean let Raul fuck me. Is there some way for it not to hurt so much?"

    "OK, Tommy. This is how it won't hurt so much: You already know the important physical things like spreading your ass cheeks, lube, pushing out, etc. But your main problem is psychological, not physical. You are afraid that if you act like a girl in bed, then you will turn into a girl, right? You are afraid that you will lose the male side of your character. But you have to learn to accept both of those sides and let them live in harmony."

    "How do I do that?"

    "By just getting out of their way, Tommy. By realising that your nature is two-sided and that it is natural and good."

    Tommy got back on the toilet to drain. I refilled the enema bag.

    "Okay, Tommy. Come over here and look at yourself in the mirror."

    Tommy stood in front of the full-length mirror. I stood behind the boy and put my arms around his cute, young body, sliding my hands over the smooth young skin of his chest and stomach. It is such a pleasure for an old fart like me to get to feel the naked body of a healthy teenager.

    "What do you see? Tommy."

    "I see me."

    "Yeah, a very handsome young man. And what is this?" I cupped his penis and balls in my hand.

    "My dick."

    "That's right. This is your male sex organ. Its for fucking. And its not going to fall off no matter what your ass does. Now turn around. Can you see your butt behind you? Isn't it cute?"

    "Yeah, I guess so."

    I took the smaller mirror off the wall and handed it to Tommy.

    "Now look in the little mirror and see if you can see your reflection in the big mirror."

    "Wow! Its like I'm looking at somebody else's butt!"

    "Yes. That is the view that Raul gets. Now bend over and spread your legs. Now isn't that the prettiest ass you have ever seen? So nice and firm and smooth." I put my hand on Tommy's ass cheek and squeezed the strong muscle."

    "Man! Looking at that makes me wish I could fuck myself!"

    "Right. Now you understand why Raul wants to fuck you so much. Now, what is this?" I touched my finger to the little anus.

    "My butt hole?"

    "Yes. But it is also your boy-pussy. It is your other sex-organ. You have two of them a dick in front and a pussy in back."

    I greased up the enema nozzle again.

    "Get down on the floor again, Tommy. Spread your knees and tilt your butt so that you can see your boy-pussy in the mirror. Pretend that Raul is looking at it and is about to fuck you. Be proud of your beautiful butt. Show it off for Raul. Now, again, what is this?"

    "That's my boy-pussy."

    "Correct. And what do you want Raul to do with it?"

    "I want him to stick his dick in it. I want him to fuck me."

    "Do you want to feel the pleasure of having his manhood inside you? Do you want to give him pleasure with your boy-pussy? Are you willing to be like a girl for him in bed?"

    "Yeah, I'll be like a girl for him in bed. But if he wants me to be like a girl on the street, I'll kick his butt!"

    I laughed, "That's my boy!" and slid the enema nozzle into him again.


    Tommy came out of the bathroom naked and clean from his shower and enema. Raul was reclining naked on the bed, playing with his stiff brown cock while staring at the photo of Tommy's girlfriend. Tommy stood at the mirror and fiddled with his little hair spikes, trying to make them stand up.

    "Man!" said Raul, "she looks like a good fuck! Does she give good head too?"

    "No. We haven't tried that yet."

    "I bet she would be good at it. If not, you could give her some lessons, right? I'd love to have her cute Gringa lips wrapped around my Mexican dick." Raul started rubbing his drooling cock-head around on the girl's face in the photo.

    "Hey!" said Tommy, angrily grabbing the photo; "you're getting it all sticky!" He wiped it off on the bed sheet, put it on the dresser, and went back to the mirror.

    Raul continued to play with himself, this time staring at Tommy's butt.

    Tommy said, "He's looking at my ass again, isn't he?"

    I answered, "Yeah. How could you tell?"

    "I can just feel his eyes on it."

    "Why don't you just let him look at it? Give him a better view."

    Tommy got the nail clippers off the dresser, bent down and started clipping his toenails. He had his legs spread enough for us to look right between his ass cheeks and see the cute little, hairless rosebud. Raul's mouth hung open as he stared lustfully at the white boy's pink anus.

    "Hey, Tommy, come here and tell me more about California. Come on, get in bed with me."

    Tommy got in beside the brown boy.

    "Okay, this is the hill where we skateboard. I have an extra one you can use."

    "So, you're going to let me fuck her, huh?"

    "I doubt she would let you fuck her."

    "Why not? Wouldn't two dicks be better than one? She would love it!"

    "No. She lets me fuck her because I love her. You just want to get your rocks off."

    "Oh, come on! I would love her too I mean, she is so damn cute who wouldn't love her?"

    "She isn't that stupid. She would tell you to get lost."

    "Nah! I would persuade her. I would start by giving her a kiss like this."

    Raul pulled Tommy down and pressed his sensual brown lips against Tommy's. He hugged Tommy close to him and kissed him passionately with lots of tongue penetration and slurping. The boys entwined their naked bodies together and rolled around in the bed as they French-kissed. I was loving the contrast of their light and dark skin.

    "Then I would give her little kisses and licks here. Girls love this."

    Raul started nibbling, kissing and licking Tommy's ear and down his neck along the underside of his jaw. Tommy was getting an erection.

    "Next I would suck her cute, perky tits like this."

    Tommy squirmed on the bed in pleasure as Raul sucked on his nipples, leaving them with little erections. Tommy's penis now was standing up stiff.

    "Girls also like you to give them little kisses here."

    Raul kissed Tommy's belly button and around it in circles.

    "And by now, she will be so horny she will let me do this."

    Tommy and I stared in disbelief as Raul grabbed Tommy's dick (the first time he had ever touched it), bent it up away from his belly, and started giving the white boy little kisses along the line between his pubic hair and belly, and then, skirting the balls, kissed the sensitive skin on the inside of the smooth thighs. Tommy was breathing hard and his eyes were glazed over in pleasure. Raul, by now, had skillfully manoeuvred himself between Tommy's legs.

    "And if she will let me do this, I've got it made!"

    Raul pushed Tommy's legs back with his strong arms and approached the little rosebud with his lips. Tommy gasped when he felt the Mexican's kiss on that most private part. Raul's tongue stretched out, licked circles around the puckered hole, and then penetrated it. Tommy really squirmed while Raul ate out his boy-pussy.

    Raul finally came up for air. He put the white boy's legs on his shoulders and said, "You still don't think she will let me fuck her?"

    Tommy looked into Raul's eyes but didn't answer. Raul reached for the tube of lube, which he had hidden under the pillow, and handed it to Tommy.

    Tommy paused. Raul was looking into his eyes, waiting. Tommy looked down at Raul's stiff, brown cock, the foreskin drawn back ready for action. Raul leaned down over Tommy, forcing the boy's legs back and raising his butt up. The Mexican's prick came into alignment with the white boy's ass hole. Tommy knew that Raul required a gesture from him, of giving in, a sign of sexual submission. Tommy looked again into his lover's eyes and then reached up and ran his hand over the smooth brown skin and tense muscles of the handsome young man over him. Then he squirted some lube into his hand and greased the stiff, brown cock that would fuck him.

    Raul supported himself with one hand while with the other he gripped his stiff cock and slid it around in Tommy's butt crack, exciting the white boy more and more. I watched as the kid's ass hole tightened up each time Raul's cock slid over it, but finally Tommy was able to relax enough to push it out as I had taught him. Like puckered lips, the pink anus kissed the head of the tapered shaft that would impale it.

    Raul was gentle as he entered the boy. "Does it hurt?" he asked.

    "Unhhh! No, it's okay," lied Tommy.

    Raul leaned down over Tommy, folding his legs against his chest. I watched as the brown shaft sunk inch by inch into the white boy's ass. I looked at the boys' faces, one registering intense pleasure, and the other intense pain. Curiously, it was the same expression.

    "Ahhh," said Raul. This feels so good! Your ass is just like a tight, hot pussy! Do you like my dick in your butt?"

    Tommy had a hard time answering. He was hyperventilating in pain. "Yes," he gasped. It feels good."

    I resisted my urge to speak out -- I wanted this to be their thing. "Tommy," I thought, "bear down like I told you. Concentrate on your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths. Don't fight it. Give in completely."

    Tommy's neglected dick lied flaccid on his belly. Raul started fucking him, his dark penis sinking in deeper with each down-stroke. Tommy's face was contorted, eyes watering in pain.

    "Ahh, yeah!" said Raul, "this is great! Do you like it?"

    "Yeah," gasped Tommy. "I like it."

    "I told you that you would. We should have been doing this all along!"

    Raul looked down and saw that Tommy's dick was soft. "Hey, you're not horny! Does it hurt?"

    "Well, a little bit. It feels kinda weird."

    "Come on dammit! I want you to enjoy it!" Raul knelt with his upper body erect and then with his hands on Tommy's hips, pulled the white boy back onto his stiff cock.

    "Ahhh!" exclaimed Tommy. "It hurts!" The brown shaft slid completely into the white boy's anus."

    "No, it doesn't! It feels good!" Raul grabbed Tommy's soft weenie and started flopping it around from side to side. "Wake up, you!" he commanded it.

    Raul had never played with Tommy's dick before. I guess that it's okay for a macho top guy to touch another guy's cock if his own cock is embedded in his ass at the same time. Slowly, Tommy's dick started swelling. Raul squirted some lube in his hand and started jacking Tommy's dick with it. "You like that, huh?" In a couple of minutes Tommy had a full erection.

    "Okay," said Raul, "now we can really get down to business."

    Raul again leaned down over Tommy; forcing his flexible legs back almost to the pillow. The same motion raised the white kids ass off the bed. The brown boy's lips made contact with his lover's. Raul's buttocks muscles tightened, his hips swiveled, and the dark Mexican penis slipped all the way into the pink anus. Tommy sighed, this time not in pain.

    I watched like a voyeur as Raul fucked Tommy, driving his stiff cock in and out of the Gringo kid's butt, all the while kissing him passionately and aggressively. As the tempo sped up, the bed started rocking and I rocked along with it. I slipped a pillow behind the headboard to stop it from banging against the wall. The neighbors probably already surmised what went on in our room but I didn't want to confirm it.

    Tommy's arms were around his lover's back, pulling the Mexican boy closer until the sweaty brown skin of his chest was in contact with his own. Then, reaching down, he grasped a buttock in each hand and felt the muscles tighten and relax as they drove the stiff rod in and out of him.

    The boys were totally absorbed in their passion: Gasping, sighing, grunting and panting nothing existed for them but their sweaty, naked bodies and their primal, animal coupling. I--the passive voyeur--was overwhelmed by the scene, drawn into it until I also could feel their passion, their emotions and their pleasure. It was a contact high, a contact fuck. I was both the fucker and the fuckee.

    Suddenly Raul paused. I could see in his face that he was close to orgasm. He held it, stopped it in time. Then he rose up again, pulled Tommy back as far into his groin as he could, spit in his hand and grasped Tommy's stiff cock. I watched as he brought Tommy to climax, while the white boy rubbed his hands over the beautiful chest and abdominal muscles of his brown fucker.

    "Ahhh! Ahhh!" exclaimed Tommy, "Ahhh!" He was in full orgasm yet nothing was coming out! The pressure of the Mexican's thick meat is his butt was blocking the tube! Finally, with a loud "Unhhh!" his prostate sphincter overcame the blockage and his dick erupted! A big blob of semen shot high up in the air and splattered down on his stomach, then another and another.

    Raul leaned down over Tommy again. "You liked that, huh?"

    "I love you," said Tommy, hugging Raul against him.

    Raul resumed fucking him, hard now, furiously. I could see the orgasm approaching in Raul's expression. Then, unexpectedly, he paused again, withdrew his cock from Tommy's ass, knelt erect and let Tommy's legs down. He walked on his knees, straddling Tommy's torso, toward the white boy's face, holding his stiff, wet prick in his grip. Tommy saw it coming, raised his head up and got a powerful blast of cum in the face. Another squirt landed in his mouth, and then the Mexican prick itself slid between his pink lips. Raul groaned as he pumped his sperm into the boy.

    In that act, Tommy declared that he was Raul's bottom boy. I don't think that there could be a clearer symbol of sexual submission than sucking the prick that just came out of your ass.

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