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  • 2003 - how i found my sole mate
  • Well, I have been writing about my busy sex life when I was a young man. Now I am 75 years old and I like to look back at my life. I have written over 50 true stories for Men On The Net. If you have read my stories you know that I was a cock-a-holic and you may wonder how I turned out after all of that excitement! In a few of my stories, I have written that I have been with my lover for over 41 years. I have received mail from readers, asking me how I met my lover and want to know more. Also, I have been asked how life is in old age for an old gay guy. I will now try to answer both questions.

    Life in old age is wonderful! I have everything I could even dream about having. Most important is the fact that I have love and am able to give love in return. Let me tell you a little about my guy and how I was so lucky to have found a sole mate back in l961.

    I was in the army for 20 years and retired when I was 37. When I was 33 years old (l961), I was stationed in San Francisco, Calif. Life in that city was new to me. I had always been very active sexually and that city was wild (and still is). Back when I was so active, I always wanted the very best that I could find. Since I wasn't too shabby myself, I was always able to find the cream of the crop. In San Francisco there was plenty of anything that a guy would want and I wanted to test it all.

    I was able to pull army duty at night, so my days were free. I rented a tiny apartment in the city and was thrilled to cruise around the city, parks and the bars. However, since I was a sergeant and in the army, my pay was low and the city was expensive. Since I was free during the days, I was able to talk myself into a cool job. I worked on a private yacht! - well, to me it was a yacht, it was a 52 foot private boat on the San Francisco Bay. It was beautiful! The couple that owned the yacht were great. My job was to take care of their boat, the polishing, cleaning, washing and maintenance. I kept the yacht in top condition.

    After working on the yacht for a while, the couple that owned the yacht took a liking to me and would invite me to sail with them on weekends. I bet I was the only soldier that spend his weekends on the San Francisco Bay on a beautiful yacht. We would often meet at the dock on a Saturday morning, the owner and I would check everything out, then we would go fishing. The boat would be on automatic pilot, so we could zigzag across the bay as we dropped our fishing lines in. We would catch a lot of fish, take them back to our dock and clean them. Then return to their home and have a delicious fish dinner.

    Other times we would sail to another dock they had in Marin County and just spend the weekend partying with their friends at the yacht club there. The people were always nice to me and seemed to accept me. This gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of neat ladies and some sexy guys. To prove I was straight, I would make out with the ladies and when nobody was looking, I would make out with a sexy guy. I guess I am TRY sexual - I would TRY anything. This took most of my time so I did not have a lot of time to cruise the city.

    On April Fools Day, I was free and went to the N.C.O.s (sergeant's) club on post. It was always crowded with the sergeants and their dates. I was having a beer with some friends and dancing with the ladies, when I noticed this civilian stud. He was just as cute as hell, nice sexy body, beautiful ass and a great smile. He was there with his fiancee and her military friends. I just had to meet this stud!

    As the evening went on, I was able to get a conversation going with him and his girl. He was 27, brunet, blue eyes and everyone called him Jerry. I found out that Jerry was raised on a ranch in the mountains of California and he came from a large family of cowboys. Gosh, I always did like cowboys!

    When I was able to have a good chat with Jerry, he told me he had been in the army and then he worked for the army, as a civilian. When I asked him where he had been stationed when he worked for the army, he told me about his assignments in Morocco and Italy. This was interesting since I had once lived in Morocco and Italy. When we compared notes, I found out that he once lived in the very same town I was assigned to in Italy, at the same time. I lived 6 blocks down the street from him. We even knew some of the same people and had been in many of the same places, at the same time, but we had never met each other before. Could this be fate?

    I asked him to meet me for a drink at a later date, so we could talk about the places we both had lived in. I found out that we had been in and out of the same buildings, same restaurants, same theaters. We both had been to the same cities in Italy and in Morocco. We both could talk about being in Rome, Pompeii, Genoa, Venice and then England, France, Germany and Austria. We had so much to talk about and found each other interesting. Hey, I was starting to really like this sexy guy as a friend. I had the feeling that he was liking me as much as I liked him.

    We made plans to meet again and again. It got so that I would call him at night when I was suppose to be working for the army, and we would chat for hours. As time went on, he was spending more time with me than with the girl he was suppose to marry. Slowly he and this girl friend drifted apart and Jerry and I drifted closer together.

    He invited me to spend a weekend with him at his family's ranch in the mountains. I got my cowboy boots polished and said OK! Jerry had an old car, it looked terrible, but it would run. So we got into his car and drove to the ranch. When we entered the yard, his Dad and Mom, came out and greeted us both with a big hug. That night his brothers and sisters and their families came over and we had a very big family gathering and a feast as only a ranch lady can cook. That night we were told that we would have to sleep together in one bed, out in what once was the bunk house.

    What a wonderful night! Once we were in bed, I was able to put my arm around him and pull him to me. He did not object. He and I were able to slowly open up to each other. Jerry had been with a couple of girls, but never a guy. I asked him if he ever thought of being with a guy. He told me that he had thought about it several times, but never did anything about it. We both were walking very slowly because we did not want to rush and spoil a good thing. We spent most of the night talking and telling each other things that we had never told anyone else in our lives . We had so much in common that we were bonding together. We were becoming one!

    The next day we went riding and he showed me the ranch. His brothers and sisters were great to me and I really did like the whole family. After church and a big Sunday dinner, Jerry and I drove back to San Francisco. I did not want to leave this wonderful loving family.

    See, my family had kicked me out of their home, when I was 15, because I had admitted to them that I thought I was homosexual (I really did not know what a homosexual was). They wanted nothing to do with me after that and I was told to leave. They were Bible thumping Christians and they did not understand or care. I had never seen love and I was unable to love, at that time. I guess I did not know what love was. So with an 8th grade education, I went to face the world. I had to live on the streets at first, but I was always a clean cut kid and avoided the pitfalls of being a street kid. Then when I was l6, I could get a work permit and I got a job. I made enough to pay a little rent in a cheap place and a little bit left over to eat on. I was hungry most of the time. It was hell! I had to do something, so I forged my birth certificate and changed it to read that I would be 18 on my 17th birthday. Then I registered for the draft and was drafted into the army in Jan l945. World War II was going on at this time, but I did not care if I lived or died, I was hungry and needed help!

    The army became my mother and father and the army was good to this poor dumb kid. The army gave me a chance.

    I always wanted love and I found it in Jerry. After we returned to the city, I invited Jerry over to my apartment for dinner. I am not a cook, but he was kind enough to tell me he enjoyed the dinner. After dinner, I asked Jerry to sit on the sofa and I sat beside him and put my arm around him. I pulled him to me and for the first time I kissed his sweet lips. He had been waiting for a guy like me all of his life, so we fell in love.

    Now the sexy part! That night I asked him if he wanted to spend the night with me. He nodded his head yes. He was so shy! I then took his clothing off, one piece at a time, and mine also. I put him in my bed and slid in beside him. I put my arm around him and just held him tight. I had been very sexually active, so I knew how to get things going but I never did rush him. In bed, I slowly started kissing him, then I licked his chest and tits, and continued to kiss and lick until I was down to his cock. He had a great dick and soon I was giving him his first blow job. He was moaning and groaning as I sucked his hard cock. He did not try to suck me and I did not try to get him to. As I kissed him I told him how much I needed him. The tears in his eyes told me that he needed me just as much as I needed him.

    I enjoyed just licking and sucking on his great body. But, as I was sucking him, I let a finger slip around his cute butt, and I massaged his anus. I added a little spit, and was able to slid my finger into his hole a little. This was virgin territory and I knew it. He had never been with a male and I wanted him to enjoy being with me. I wanted to show him how wonderful it is to be with another man.

    I then kissed him and was able to turn him over. He was on his stomach, and he wondered what was going to happen to him next. I can worship a nice set of buns and his were the greatest. I kissed his back and each cheek of his ass. I had some cream out, so I put some on a finger and then started fingering his hole. It was so tight and he was so nervous. He did not object, so I was able to play with him enough to get a finger up his butt. Once I was able to get a finger up his ass, I then added more cream and slowly I was able to get him open enough for two fingers to fit in his ass.

    I asked Jerry how he was doing, and he smiled the best he could and told me it felt OK. I then continued to finger his butt and slowly his hole started to open up more. When he relaxed a little, I was able to get the third finger up his ass. I had used plenty of cream and started fucking his ass with 3 fingers. My fingers were going in and out and each time I did this, his tight hole would relax a little bit more and my fingers could go inside of his ass deeper. At last I had him relaxed and open enough to try to fuck him.

    My cock was so hard it was hurting. I bathed my dick with lot of cream, then moved between his legs and started rubbing my tool against his hole. Man, it was tight. Little by little, I let the head of my cock push against his anus. I am sure he was sweating at this time. I gave a push and the head of my dick, went into his ass. Slowly I let my cock enter his virgin buns, what a thrill! Later he told me that he had his eyes crossed and even his toes were crossed.

    He was man enough to take it, and after a while, his butt opened up and I was able to enter him a little more. He told me later that it hurt like hell, but he would not stop me because he wanted me to be part of his life. As Jerry was able to open up, I was able to get into him more and more. I have an 8 inch cock, and it is fat, so he was taking a big dick up his virgin ass for the first time. When at last he did get open, I had a wonderful time of fucking the hell out of him!

    He was open and he started to enjoy getting fucked. As I fucked him, he told me that he did not think anything could feel so good. He was moaning, groaning! I flipped him over on his back, and put his legs up, and then I could do some deep plowing. Each time I gave him the dick, his eyes would light up and he was holding on to me. From this position I could kiss his sweet face and watch him as I was screwing his butt. He started moving around and enjoying it as much as I was.

    At that age, I was very flexible so I was able to bend over and suck his cock a little as I was fucking him. We used to call that a "High Russian"! I was giving him a High Russian when he started moaning louder and louder, then my mouth filled with his cum. Jerry was shooting his load into my mouth. It did not take long for me to follow him in cumming. We both were spent!

    When it was over, I just held him in my arms and kissed his sweet face and told him I loved him. He cried and so did I. We both had been looking for each other for all of our lives. We both had traveled around the world searching and had found it at last. Once it happened, we both knew that this was it. Jerry later told me that if he had seen my cock before I fucked him, he would never had let me fuck him. He said that when I pulled my dick out of his ass, it was like giving birth to an elephant! But once he got it, he never did want to loose it.

    Jerry had a bigger apartment than mine, so we agreed to move in together on the next weekend. That weekend was a 3 day holiday, the 4th of July, 1961. Jerry wanted me to not work so much so we could be together more, so I quit my job on the boat and started working for the army during the regular day hours. The owners of the yacht did not let go of me, they just became friends and would invite Jerry and me to their boat. We spent may of happy hours with them, on their boat, in their home or them visiting our home (such as it was).

    We did not have much money but we were so very happy at last.

    Jerry drove to my apartment that morning and it did not take long for me to pack what little stuff I had into his car. We drove to his apartment, I got unpacked, then we drove to the ranch for the holiday. Jerry's family greeted us and we again spent the night in the bunk house. Well, this time we had another great sex party. It was so nice to have a guy that loved me and that I could love. I will always be thankful to Jerry. It was so great to have a family again and to be accepted.

    But, this cute little cowboy did lay down the law! No more of my fucking around with other guys or girls. Period. He informed me that he would not put up with that kind of crap. It was to be just the two of us and no one else. So I had to agree and I have lived up to that promise (almost). Jerry is a great detective and he knew how to keep an eye on me, so I had to walk a straight line. I really did need him and I am thankful that I have him.

    I might add that I fathered a son that was born in l954 and we are very close. He is married and has two wonderful sons, ages 13 and l8 now. When Jerry and I got together, he gave Jerry a big hug and told Jerry "I guess I have a new uncle". My son understood! So that is the way his sons think of Jerry. I am very thankful that I have a son, a daughter in law, two grandsons and my wonderful guy, Jerry.

    In l965 I had my 20 years in the army and I put in for retirement, I was 37. When my retirement orders came out, we packed up, and moved to a small ranch that we had purchased, near his family. Since then we have been successful in business and were able to retire completely in 1981. Now we live in this beautiful area where the people have learned to like us and to accept us.

    OK, you have it. I never did think I would write this, but it had to come out. Now I hope all of you can find your soul mate like we did. Just remember, when you find you guy, hold him tight and learn to love him. There is not a day that goes by, that we do not hold each other, confess our love for the other one and are so thankful that at last, we have found our soul mates. We have been soul mates now for 41 years and ofcourse it will go on for as long as we live.

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