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  • Andy from next door
  • Several years ago, I moved into a new subdivision and lived alone. The neighbors were friendly and everyone seemed to welcome me. My garage was filled with hobby stuff. My then, current kick was remote control model airplanes and boats. Being a teaching consultant and semi-retired, I spent hours in my "shop" tinkering with things.

    One day, the son of a neighbor wandered up the driveway and introduced himself as, Andy. He was a nice looking kid and seemed interested in my hobbies. He told me he was home, skipping a semester from college and was bored. We talked about school and careers. He was 21 years old and like so many other young people, didn't really know what he wanted to do.

    Andy came to visit nearly every day. He helped me and learned about scale aircraft. His dad was a salesman and traveled all the time, so I sort of stepped into that role. He was really a nice looking kid, about 5'9" and thin, short blonde hair and a great smile. I'm gay and tried not to look at him sexually, but it was difficult. He had a nice body and I could see through his tight shorts that he had a decent package.

    Several weeks later, we left the flying field and stopped by a bar. We sat in the corner and I asked him about girlfriends. He said he had lots of Girl Friends, but no Girlfriends. He told me he really wasn't interested in dating or that sort of stuff. After a couple drinks we went back to the house. He came in and I decided to seduce him. He sat on the couch in the living room and I went to make us another drink. When I returned, he was paging through a magazine, I had inadvertently left on the coffee table. It was a Gay mag and he seemed to be into it.

    I sat next to him and asked if he liked that stuff. He seemed nervous but said it really turned him on. I went to the TV/VCR and put in a tape. He couldn't take his eyes off the TV. I asked if he had ever been with a man and he said he had not, but had thought about it a lot. I asked him if he masturbated while thinking about men and he said he did. As we drank and watched the movie, I unzipped and pulled out my cock. He looked at it as I started to move my hand up and down. A moment later he took his out and it was fully erect. He started to run his hand up and down also. He watched me as I pulled back my foreskin and let the head pop out. He was cut and had never seen a real uncut cock. I asked if he wanted to touch it and without answering he reached over and moved the loose skin up and down.

    I could tell he was very nervous and I tried to calm him by speaking softly and telling him it felt good to have someone else touch my cock. I reached over and took his and he jumped but then moaned a little.

    I didn't want to move too fast, but I had to taste his young rigid tool. I pulled away a little and leaned over taking the head in my mouth. He jumped and called out. I wet him and moved more into my mouth. He held my head and I moved my tongue around his sensitive purple helmet. I knew he would not last long and I didn't want this to end, so I sat up and gave him a couple jerks and let go.

    I asked if he would like to try that with me. By now, my cock was fully hard and the head was mostly exposed with some precum glistening on the tip. He leaned over and clumsily and took my shaft in his hand and lowered his head. He opened wide and took a couple inches in, closing his lips on my shaft and I felt his tongue on the head. He moved it around and swallowed. I warned him about teeth and I could tell he had never done it. Within a minute or so, he was moving up and down and taking in about half my cock. He cradled my shaved balls in his hand and rolled them between his fingers. I stopped him and told him we needed to go into the bedroom.

    I wasn't sure if he would ever want to do this again, so I wanted to make it as good as possible. We undressed and lay down on the bed. I kissed his nipples and when I licked at them, the hardened like rubber. I went down his stomach and started sucking him again. He had a nice cock, about 6 1/2" and quite thick and a large mushroom head. I played with his balls as I sucked him and he was moaning. I let my hand move down below his balls and he arched his back letting me into his ass crack. I pushed against his puckered hole and he moaned, jerked a couple times and held his breath. I felt it coming as he exploded in my mouth. He bucked his hips and let out gasps and pumped five or six healthy shots of creamy sweet cum.

    I didn't want him to cum that quick because I figured he would get up, get dressed and I'd never see him again, but it didn't happen. I held him in my mouth after swallowing his copious issue and held him there until he went soft and the sensitivity went away some. I licked him clean and squeezed a last blob of cream to the tip and licked it off. Andy, lay still for quite some time, neither of us saying a word. He turned over on his side facing away from me and I think he dozed off. After a time, I started rubbing his round bottom. Just caressing and squeezing some. He was awake now and his bottom moved around a little to my attentions. I let my fingers slide a little deeper into that cavern every stroke. I spread his cheeks with my fingers and he gasped with the cool air hit his puckered ass hole. He moaned as I put a finger on it and moved in tiny circles.

    I moved down the bed and got both hands on his cheeks. I spread them open and moved in with my tongue. Blowing on him first and then making circles with my tongue. I could see him flex and his bottom puckered and relaxed as he did. I placed the tip of my tongue at the opening and pushed in hard. He grunted and reached around and grabbed my hair. I told him to get on his hands and knees. He did and had his chest flat against the bed and his knees up under him and his beautiful ass sticking straight up. I again spread his cheeks and plunged in hard with my tongue. He bucked back against me and I tongue fucked his tight hole.

    After he was totally wet, I moved a finger up and penetrated slowly. In a minute, I had my entire index finger inside his ass and moved to his prostate. He kept calling out, "Oh my God, Oh my God!"

    I reached to the bedside and got my Astroglide. I squeezed a blob of it on my finger and went right back into his bottom with one plunge. Slowly I worked another finger into him. I moved them all around and fucked his ass with my fingers as he bucked back against me. After a few minutes of this, I had to have him.

    I lubed up my raging cock and told him I was going to take his cherry. He moaned, "I think you are too big." but there was no turning back now. He was going to get fucked no matter what. I placed the head of my thick 8-incher against his puckered hole and pushed slowly. I told him to relax and bear down like he was going to the bathroom. He tried and so did I, but he couldn't relax. I alternated pressure and each time a little harder push. Finally, I felt him yield. My cock opened him and the head slid inside. He asked me to stop, it hurt. I stayed dead still and told him to just wait. After a minute or two, I started moving back and forth a couple millimeters at a time. He moved his bottom to meet me. Slowly, I moved more of my shaft into him. Once I was about half way in, he started moving, fucking my cock. I grabbed his hips and smoothly pushed into him until my balls were against his. He grasped the pillow in both hands and made some small squeaky noises and I pulled out and went back slowly. I started with long strokes and increased speed. He was grunting and swearing like a sailor. I was slamming in hard and moving the entire length in and out. His waist was flexing to meet my hard thrusts and he kept saying, "more, more, more, fuck me, fuck my ass."

    I wasn't in a hurry. I can last a long time now and I knew he was into this. I set up a fairly rapid pace with strong thrusts. Our balls were crashing into each other on every stroke. His face was buried in the pillow and I looked down to see my hard shaft between his cheeks as it glistened with lube and moved in and out.

    "Do you want my cream in your ass, Andy?" I asked. "Oh please God, yes, please!" he whimpered.

    I doubled my pace and pulled his hips back to meet my thrusts. Slamming into his very core, his ass shivered and he cried out, "I'm coming!" With no touching, his cock started spurting cum on my bed sheets. That about did it for me and I rammed for a final time and locked with him. I felt the hot burning cum boiling through my cock and flooding his bowels. Surge after surge as my balls ached and continued giving. I moved in staccato movements as I spurted and Andy's cock dribbled the last of his cum.

    We collapsed on the bed, his stomach in his pool of jism. I put my legs out side his and he put his together, gripping my partially rigid cock, still buried deep inside him. We lie there for several minutes as I twitched and spilled the last of my stuff into his bottom. As I started to go soft, I pulled out slowly. The head of my cock came out with a "Plop" and I saw his ass gaping and moving trying to recapture what had just been there. My cum was rolling out of his bottom and mixing with his on the bed. We got up and showered together then changed the bed linen and took a nap. Not much was said as he finally got dressed and was ready to go home.

    I asked if he was okay, and he said he was on cloud nine. In a sheepish voice he asked, "Do you think we could do that again sometime?"

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