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  • A cool landlord
  • My company needed me to work at one of our other branches on a 12 month contract. Being 200 miles away from home I needed to find some lodgings. I was a 23 year old guy, open-minded and always thinking about sex. Although I mostly thought of women I had in the past had a few experiences with male friends and enjoyed them. I was always up for sexy fun given the chance.

    I had viewed four rooms, one was a possibility because the landlady, although in her late 40's was quite sexy and my cock took over my thinking. I had one more room to view that day so off I set. I rang the bell and a guy of retirement age answered. He showed me around the house and then the room for rent telling me he was 68 and loving his retirement.

    The place was perfect and close to my new job so we sat down to discuss it further. He was happy with me, but told me he was a naturist and sometimes liked to be naked around the house. He said he would try not to do it when I was around, but I said "It's not a problem, feel free."

    "That's very good of you son," he answered politely.

    I didn't have much stuff to move in; I left most with my parents back home, but Ron did help me to my room. The first few weeks went quickly and we got on really well. I had some new friends from work and went out some nights. One particular night I was in the pub, but not feeling in a drinking mood so made my excuse and headed home. I let myself in and walked into the lounge, Ron was lying on the sofa totally naked watching TV. He jumped up apologizing, "I'll just go get some clothes on."

    "No need, just carry on don't mind me," I said feeling bad for disturbing him. He sat down and we watched TV together. I couldn't help notice his amazing cock; it must have been nearly 7" soft and so thick. The other guys I had been with all had similar size cocks to me, about 7" hard.

    "You know, feel free to be naked all the time. It's fine with me," I said.

    Over the next few weeks Ron got naked more often when I was around. Even during breakfast. One morning I came out of the bathroom naked, drying my hair to see Ron standing there looking at me. He smiled, "You should dress like that around the house all the time," and gave me a wink.

    I went to work thinking about it. Was I miss-reading the situation or might he be interested in some man-2-man fun? I certainly would be interested, having spent the last last 3 weeks looking at his hot body and hotter cock. I had even jerked off a few times thinking about him, but this was the first time I had any indication that he might be into guys.

    That night I got home hoping Ron would be naked. I had been feeling horny all day thinking about him. I wasn't disappointed, he was standing in the lounge giving me a full frontal view of his massive cock, which seemed to stand out a little more than usual. Had he had the same thoughts all day? I went to my room to change, wanting the nerve to go downstairs stark naked and see his reaction, but I bottled it. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and headed for the dining room. Ron served up the food naked and we started our meal, then later we settled down to watch some TV.

    "You know what I said this morning?" Ron asked. I looked blank pretending not to know what he meant, "about you being like you were when you left the bathroom this morning."

    "I dunno, it would feel strange," I said hoping he would push it. He did, "From what I saw this morning, you looked pretty comfortable then." He gave me 'that' look again and said," Looked pretty good too." I stood up and took off my shorts and shirt so there we were both naked watching TV. I could see out the corner of my eye that Ron kept looking at me, and then as he got up off the sofa I could see he had a semi-hard cock.

    From that time we went naked all the time in the house. One Sunday morning I went to the bathroom for a drink of water sporting a hard on. As I walked out of the bathroom still rock hard Ron was standing there also hard.

    "Looks like someone needs some relief there," he said.

    "Look who's talking," I said, pointing to that wonderful cock.

    "Do you want a coffee?"

    I nodded and headed into my room. I lay on the bed with no covers over me so my hard cock was on full view. Ron came into the room also still hard and I made no effort to cover mine. He sat on the edge of the bed but I couldn't see his cock. "I'm having a lie in, what you got planned Ron?" I asked.

    "Gonna have a lie in too, read the Sunday papers in bed."

    "Sounds cool, want some company?"

    "Sure but the papers won't be delivered for a while yet so I was gonna just lie in bed."

    I moved over and patted the bed at the side of me. I lay on my back still hard and Ron climbed into bed with me lay on his side overlooking me. We chatted then I closed my eyes and there was a long silence. Suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh, stroking my leg up and down lightly catching my balls. I let out a little moan to let him know I was enjoying it. Then I felt his lips on mine, his tongue pushing through.

    I responded and threw my arms around him kissing him with passion. I had wanted this for so long, he was a great kisser but I wanted that cock. I slid down the bed and grabbed it for the first time. God it felt so good, I couldn't wait to taste it. I was almost getting myself off just playing with his cock.

    He was wanking me while I sucked away at his cock; he knew I had done this before because he was loving it. I soon had him lying on the bed gripping the pillow. I lifted his legs and slid my tongue down over his balls and into his ass. I licked at his asshole then slowly pushed my tongue in and out.

    He loved that, he started writhing about so I quickly moved back to his cock, taking as much into my mouth as I could. I went deep and fast and he responded by jerking his hips then one big last jerk. He tried to pull out but shot his load just as he got it out of my mouth. His first load went straight back into my mouth, then the second lot shot right up my face, some going in my eye.

    Before I could open my eyes I felt his mouth around my cock. He certainly knew how to blow dicks. I was already close from being turned on so much, but he blew my mind. I almost screamed out as I shot my load into his throat. He kept sucking 'til I was climbing the walls.

    We lay in bed kissing and cuddling. I knew things would only get better from that morning onward

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