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  • A rude thing to do
  • I was in my second year at college training to be a landscape gardener. Money was tight but I managed to get a weekend job with Bob, my fuck buddy. I was 22 and single, mostly gay but still interested in girls.

    Bob was 36, married and convinced he was straight but every so often he would get horny and want to fuck me. We had been doing a bit of work "on the side" for a guy in his 50's who was still in good shape. He often wondered around his house in just his boxers sometimes I found it hard to work.

    One Saturday afternoon Bob and I had nearly finished for the day when Bob made a confession, " Fuck!, this sun has made me horny and the wife's away till tonight"

    " I suppose you're gonna want to fuck me," I said jokingly, but by the look on his face, that's exactly what he wanted. I didn't feel in the mood and told him so. We went into the kitchen to clean up and Bob kept pestering me to blow him. I refused and stood by the serving hatch, leaned over to chat to the owner.

    Suddenly I felt a hand on my bare leg sliding up and into my shorts, and then another hand came round from the other side and unzipped my shorts. Slowly pulling then down, Bob grabbed my cock and gently wanked me till I started to get hard. All this happened about 10 feet from our client, but all he could see was my arms and head through the serving hatch. I started to get hot especially when I felt Bob's mouth on my cock, something he had only done once previously. I started breathing heavily then I felt his finger lubing up my ass. He stopped and I heard movement, then I could feel his cock probing around my ass before slowly sliding in.

    Bob had a nice cock, about 6" and not thick so it went in pretty easily. He fucked me while I tried to chat with the old guy, but I couldn't help letting out a moan when I felt his hot load fill my ass. My legs buckled and I nearly shot my load. Bob pulled out his cock and crept off to the bathroom, Sid (the old guy) was looking at me kinda strange so I pulled up my shorts still feeling spunk dribbling out of my ass and onto my legs. Bob's mobile went off and he made his excuse and left. I started to get our stuff together when Sid came into the kitchen. I felt his hand on my leg and looked down to see him wiping some of the cum off me. He wiped his hands on a towel and looked at me.

    "You're a dirty little bastard aren't you?"

    He said it quite sharply and I was taken aback for a while.

    "Did you think I couldn't tell what you were doing?"

    I turned to apologize to see he had pulled down his shorts revealing a massive hard on. It had got to be at least 9" and twice as thick as Bob's.

    "Wow!" was all I could mutter, as I couldn't take my eyes off it.

    "Suck it." he said in a much softer voice.

    I sank to my knees and lifted up his cock, gently wanking him. I slid my tongue all up his length then circled the head tasting precum before wrapping my lips around it and sliding it into my throat. God it felt good as sucked him like he'd never been sucked before. Without warning he pulled out his cock and pulled me around, bent me over the serving hatch and told me he was gonna fuck me. He rubbed his big cock around my ass then found the hole. He slowly pushed his cock into my hole, painful at first then it got a little easier so he pushed in a bit further. We did this until I had all 9" in my ass then he started to fuck me hard. I was helpless, it was hurting like hell but felt so good at the same time I just let him do me. His thrusts got quicker and harder as he neared his cumming.

    "I wanna taste you!" I gasped.

    He pulled out; I twisted around just as he shot his first load all over my shoulder and neck. I grabbed his cock and buried it into my mouth and sucked him dry as jets of spunk kept cumming. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me forcing his tongue into my mouth and tasting himself.

    "Oooohhh!! It's been a while but that tastes good."

    With that he sunk to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. I couldn't believe this old guy was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had and within minutes I was ready to shoot. I tried to pull out but he held me tight, I shot my load straight down his throat but he kept on sucking till I could take no more.

    We took a bath together then settled on the couch lying in each other's arms naked into the evening. We finished the job, but I have been back a few times. I'm now trying to get Sid and Bob together for a 3-way.

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