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  • A lesson for trevor
  • Trevor called me up and told me he had an audition the next day and he really needed some help. Lucky for him, my schedule was clear that afternoon, so I jumped in my car and went to go help him out. I showed up and he's there in the house, warming up and waiting for me. I have been a private music lessons teacher for several years now, so I teach kids of all ages, mostly high school and some college kids. Trevor was one of the kids I'd been teaching for many years.

    Ever since Trevor was a kid, I always knew he was really ticklish. Every now and then, I'd poke him in the ribs and he'd just start cracking up. He's such a good looking boy! I'd often fantasized about running my fingers through his curly blond hair. I've dreamt about caressing his sweet milky-white skin. I've longed to suck on his perfectly kissable lips. I love looking into his deep blue eyes and losing myself in them. I just love tickling him to make him laugh! His laughter is absolutely contagious and he laughs so easily! I don't even have to touch him sometimes and he's already laughing.

    "You okay, man?" he asks with his hand on my shoulder. I hadn't even realized I'd been staring at him for a few minutes already.

    "Yeah, sorry. So what's with this audition?" I come in and follow him back to his room. He starts droning on about this audition, and all I can think of is how much I want this college kid. I began thinking about how I was going to get what I wanted.

    "Are your roommates here?" I asked. His room mates don't mind the practicing too much, but we get loud sometimes and they get annoyed, and if they were here, that would make getting what I wanted that much more of a challenge.

    "No, they were going out of town this weekend and decided to leave a few days early." Ah, the life of a college kid, "... so we're all by ourselves." Perfect, no one else but me and him all weekend long.

    So we go through the usual practice and worked on his audition music. I make sure he's comfortable with it and then I start joking with him. This is what we do before I start to tickle him. I poke him in the side, and he cracks a smile and starts backing away, knowing what's coming next. So, I lunge for him and grab his stomach. He bursts into this hysterical laughing and begins writhing around on the floor, trying to escape my evil clutches. He's laughing so hard and I'm laughing with him.

    Soon, we're both rolling around on the ground, trying to tickle each other. I was tickling him fiercely, so he tried to kick me away with one foot. I grabbed the foot and took off his shoe. Then he starts kicking with that leg, trying to shake me off. I grab his sock and yank it off and begin tickling his feet. He's laughing so hard he's crying! He kicks me with the other foot, so I quickly turn around and grab that ankle. Soon, the other shoe is gone and the socks are no longer on his feet. I fall to the ground between his legs as he starts trying to back away.

    This was it! This was my moment. I don't know what came over me, but I acted on it quickly. I reached out and grabbed his cock, half wondering if it would be erect. To my surprise it was. I grabbed it and held it tightly. His laughter stopped instantly.

    "What the fuck are you doing, man?!?!" he screamed, moving to try and brush my hand away. I grabbed tighter and squeezed his dick and he stopped moving, half-frozen with fear and anger. I looked at his face and could tell he was saying something to me. His lips were moving, but I couldn't hear him. All I could hear was the blood rushing in my head, pulsing with each heartbeat.

    Still grabbing his cock, I unbuckled his belt and pulled it completely off his waist and put it near his feet. I unbuttoned his shorts and unzipped them revealing his blue boxers. With my other hand, I reached back and punched him hard in the nuts. I let his cock go and began to work as he clutched his balls in pain. I pulled down his shorts as he writhed on the floor. Quickly, I used his belt to tie his feet together. Yes!! He was almost mine! He was starting to recover so I began to tickle his feet. I could see him mouthing something to the effect of "Stop it!" I smiled at him.

    He began to wiggle and tried to kick me with his feet, but that wasn't working too well for him. I let go of his feet, his breathing heavy from laughing. I knelt by him and he began to back away, holding his breath, unsure of what to expect. I made as if to caress his face with one hand, and his hands came up to stop me. The other hand punched him in the nuts again. His hands went right to his balls to protect them again. This is when I took off my belt and tied up his hands right where they were.

    That would only hold him for a few minutes -- just long enough for me to pull out the cuffs from my music bag. One click here, another one there, and he was cuffed. I ripped off his shirt to reveal his beautiful body. He's not buff or muscular. He's what you might call "chubby." It's just adorable on him though. So seeing him shirtless makes me want to lick every inch of his body, and so I do.

    I rub his chest and watch his face. He's turning red out of pure anger and trying to figure out how to untie himself. I step away from him and take off all of my clothes. The light goes on in his head as he begins to figure out what I intend for him. I lick his chest, allowing my tongue to explore his youthful body. I find his belly button and continue down to the prize.

    I pull his boxers off and watch his panic-stricken face. I stroke his cock gently and resist as long as I can. I swallow his flaccid cock and begin sucking his dick. It's not about his pleasure. It's about mine. I lick one of my fingers and stick it up his ass quickly. He thrusts his hips forward to get away, only to find his cock deeper in my mouth. I leave my finger in his asshole as he tries to get away from my mouth. I can feel his cock swelling so I pull out my finger and shove two fingers up his asshole. He screams and his cock shrinks just a little bit. Now with fingers moving in and out of his ass, I continue sucking his dick, enjoying the sweet precum that was beginning to flow. I let his dick out of my mouth and watched his face as I worked his ass over.

    Now I wanted a third finger in that hot hole, but he was now focusing on resisting me. I pulled my fingers out and wiped the spit and ass juice on my throbbing cock. I decided, I would have him now. No more waiting, no more playing. It would be now!

    I roll him onto his stomach and pull him up and towards me. I stuff a pillow underneath him to expose his hole a little better. I put my dick right up to his sweet little pucker and he starts to beg and plead. I start to push and his asshole tightens up instinctively. I keep on pushing and he's wriggling trying to get away. I grab hold of his waist and push as hard as I can. I can almost feel him thinking he's succeeded in keeping me out of his ass. I can almost feel him hoping I'll give up and leave him alone. That's when I applied more pressure and spanked his ass hard. He screamed as my hand made contact with his sweet boy-flesh. He howled as the head of my cock popped into his ass. I'd never imagined his ass would be so tight. I wanted him even more. I wasn't going to wait for him to adjust to me. His ass began to collapse on my cock and I could feel him trying to push me out. That's instinct for you. I let him push for a second to think he found a way to get me out.

    That's when I shoved the rest of my cock in his ass. Now he's really screaming and wildly bucking, trying to get off of my dick. My grip on his waist becomes a death grip as I hold his ass steady for a good pounding. He's screaming as I fuck him. All I can think of is how good this feels. He's not fighting as much as he was at first. He's weeping and sobbing, begging for me to stop. So I do. I pull out and undo the belt holding his feet.

    "I won't tell anyone about this, I promise," he tells me, still on his stomach. I roll him over onto his back and grab each of his ankles. A look of terror comes across his face as I put his feet on my shoulders.

    "No! No! NOOO!!!" and with that I ram back inside of his hot, tight hole. Fucking him and fucking him as he cries. I watch his face as I rape him, savoring the look of pain on his face. I stroke his cock and bring him back to a full erection. Soon, he's bucking again, but this time gobs of cum are spurting from his cock and his asshole clamps down on my tool. Unable to hold back anymore, I came inside of him. With each forceful thrust, another gob of cum fills the deepest parts of his body. He grunts a little less each time. Totally done with him for now, I pull out of him and stand back relishing my conquest.

    My weekend was completely taken now. Trevor and I were going to have some great times. Well, okay. I was going to have a great time. For Trevor, it would just be a big pain in the ass.

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