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  • A shock to the system
  • At 23 I had known I liked guys sexually for a few years. I was still in to women but finding the thought of contact with other men more and more appealing. I also discovered a big turn on in older guys and in particular one of the guys at work. Martin was late 40's, medium build, but sporty looking. He was part of a group that used to go to the gym a few times a week after work and one day I was invited along.

    On the first visit I had a good workout and waited until I saw Martin head for the changing rooms before calling it a night myself. Most of the guys had gone home but a few where still around, one of them being Martin. I sat and watched him undress; he had his back to me as he pulled down his shorts to reveal a nice firm arse. I lost myself in sexy thoughts then realised he had turned round to see me staring at him. Quickly I gathered my things trying not to look too embarrassed as he disappeared into the showers. I left wondering how I could face him the next day.

    I didn't see anything of him until just before lunch. He smiled at me, "H--how's tricks today?"

    "Okay thanks," I mumbled back still feeling a little embarrassed.

    "See you at the gym later," he said.

    Shit! I wasn't going to go, but now I wanted to. At the gym I worked myself hard; I had decided I would leave when I was ready this time and not wait to get a look at Martin's hot body. Inside the changing room I was alone and changing when Martin walked in. Straight away he stripped off and stood there fully naked right in front of me and then started wiping his face with his towel giving me the chance to see his amazing cock.

    He seemed to be putting on a bit of a show for me or was I reading the situation wrong? "Some of the guys are going for drink if you fancy it," he volunteered, still making no effort to cover himself.

    "Sure, sounds cool" I replied. What the hell I thought--it should be fun.

    Martin was waiting outside the pub for me, "Some of the guys have cried off but a few should be here later," he reported. Inside we got drinks and sat down to chat. Soon we got talking about porn.

    "I like porn that's different from the usual stuff," he mentioned. I couldn't say I liked bisexual movies or she-male stuff but he still questioned me. My only answer was, " I am open-minded and like to experience different stuff."

    With that he told me he liked to be watched and had some films at home of public sex. "Maybe we should have a boy's porno night," he said

    "I dunno, I would feel strange watching porn with some of the guys from work."

    He looked at me and suggested, "Well maybe just the two of us then, one night this week." We agreed and arranged for the Thursday evening after work.

    I went round to his house and he looked hot in his jogging bottoms and t shirt, "Make yourself at home," he said and left the room to get the drinks. We sat together on a two- seater sofa and he started the film--a girl sucking a guy's cock in the bushes of a busy park while people walked past oblivious to it all.

    I could see he was enjoying this by the bulge in his joggers, and then another scene showed a guy with a couple on a bridge over a canal. The couple was standing and the guy knelt down in front of them licking her pussy, then he leaned across and started sucking the other guy's cock. We looked at each other.

    "If that bothers you I can fast forward it," he said.

    "No it's okay, looks kinda cool" I said hoping for a reaction. He moved his body position and started to touch his bulge; I was now rock hard and had to rearrange myself for comfort. He saw this and told me to do whatever I had to do to be comfortable.

    "That would mean taking off my pants," I said.

    With that he pulled down his pants to reveal a 9" hard cock. "Go on, get comfortable," he said and pulled at my pants, so I just pulled them down and we both sat there naked from the waist down sporting hardons and watching a guy get a facial.

    Suddenly his hand touched my leg; I didn't move--hoping he would keep it there. He did and gradually started rubbing my leg while he played with his hard cock. I pushed my leg against his and then took the plunge. I put my hand on his thigh and slowly slid it up and down getting closer to his cock. He started getting more daring too until we were both waiting to see who would make the first move. He took the lead and slid his hand to my cock gently wanking me, I did the same to him.

    He sat up leaned over and kissed me full on, his tongue searching my mouth. We stripped off totally and he stood up pushing his cock into my mouth and began gently fucking my face. I was loving it and started to suck him like I know how I liked it. He started moaning and then fucking my face faster and harder. I didn't flinch just kept sucking at his great cock and then got the shock of my life.

    The lounge door opened and in walked a middle aged woman who went straight through to the next room to take off her coat. I stopped in a panic and reached for my clothes. "It's okay, it's just my wife--don't worry she's cool about it." He told me that she knew he was into guys and she was okay with it. "She might come and watch in a minute," he said as he forced his cock back into my mouth.

    Sure enough she came into the room and sat down. I continued to suck her husband's cock for all I was worth. He let out a big grunt and I felt his warm spunk hit the back of my mouth as he kept banging away.

    When he had finished he knelt down and took my cock into his mouth and started what would prove to be the best blowjob I have ever had. I lay back in ecstasy seeing his wife watching her hubby suck me. I was moaning with pleasure and couldn't hold back any longer. My first spurt was in his mouth and then he pulled it out and my second load shot into air in full view of his wife. He leaned across and hugged me, and then we kissed for a while before he went to get some towels to clean up.

    She got up, commented on my youthful orgasm and left the room. Martin returned, we got cleaned up and as I was about to leave, he pulled me close for one last kiss.

    That was the first of many strange nights with Martin...


    I arrived at work not knowing what to say to Martin about what had happened. He seemed to be avoiding me so I thought that was it. It wasn't until early afternoon I bumped into him in the reception area.

    "Hi how's things today?" he asked.

    "Great thanks and you?" I replied trying to play it cool.

    "Been a madhouse," he said as he headed for his office. I walked to my office a little bit pissed that he could just blank me in that way after what happened. I put it out of my mind and continued with my work.

    On my late afternoon break I headed for the toilet desperately needing to piss. I stood at the urinal peeing when I heard the door. I didn't look round just carried on. Suddenly I felt a hand slide round my waist and hold my cock. Martin was holding my cock whilst I pissed.

    He kissed me on the neck, "Hi 'ya sexy, I've been thinking about you all day and what I'd like to do to you."

    My cock went hard but I was too worried to do anything for fear of a colleague walking in. "Why don't you come over later," he said giving my cock one last stroke. We arranged to meet at 8 pm.

    He answered the door naked and with a hard cock, took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom. His wife was naked on the bed using a vibrator on herself. She had a hot body and I started to get horny. Martin kissed me then started to undress me releasing my hard cock. Mary crawled across the bed and took Martins cock into her mouth and started working him.

    She reached over and took my cock in her hand, gently wanking me. I was then told to lie on the bed, which I did. She climbed on top of me and slid my cock into her pussy. She started riding me then I felt Martin's cock rubbing against mine. He was fucking her in the ass and it felt great feeling his cock rubbing hard against mine. She was screaming aloud, loving every minute.

    The rubbing stopped and I could feel Martin's cock touching my balls then sliding up and down my ass cheeks. A cold wet hand started rubbing into my ass then I felt a finger slide effortlessly into my hole. I let out a moan of pleasure and pain. He fingered me a bit faster and harder, it felt real good then he pulled it out.

    "No, don't stop," I almost begged. Then I felt the most amazing feeling as he gently slid his cock into my ass. At first he gently fucked me while I was still inside his wife. After a few moments she got up and he turned me over then buried his cock into me and fucked me doggy style while his wife got on all fours in front of me and pushed her arse towards me begging me to lick at her hole.

    I did as she wished, licking around and then pushing my tongue into her arse. She loved that, Martin was now banging me hard and obviously getting close. His thrusts were erratic then he let out one last big thrust and I felt his hot spunk shoot inside me. That feeling alone almost made me cum; I was on the edge and only needed the slightest touch which his wife obliged with.

    She had now slid under me and was licking at Martin's shaft as he slid in and out of my ass. She reached over and grabbed my cock. Before she started to wank me I shot my load over her tits she slid back under so she could suck at my sticky cock nearly bringing me to another orgasm.

    We all lay on the bed knackered holding each other and then had a sensual kissing session before cleaning up.

    "We have something new for you to try next time," they teased, but wouldn't tell me what...

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