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  • I'm an umpire, right? In the Big Leagues. I did my time in the minors. I'm a pretty young umpire and I think I look pretty good. I've got the required beginnings of a pot belly coming on, but I also have some muscles and some height and some chest hair and a nice cock and basically a cute face with a nice dark mustache and nice dark hair.

    Yeah, I think I look all right (especially if you compare me to the other umpires). I might be young for an umpire, but I've been doing it for a while now and I know the Game. So I was ready when ol' Valentine started screaming his head off about some blocking-the-line bullshit and started kicking up dust and barging straight for me from the dugout. His low voice always surprises me--such a deep voice that, if wasn't coming out of Bobby's mouth, would be very intimidating. I stood my ground for a second but then, just to show him who was boss, took a few slow steps towards his rushing-bull figure and planted my feet. He stopped a foot away from me, still shouting about something that I was not about to pay attention to, though the umpire half of my brain was methodically rattling out the reasons why Bobby Was Wrong. This really pissed him off, like smug umpires usually do, so he shoved himself even closer to me. His face was pretty red and his teeth were kind of showing through in a snarl--that's how angry he was. If it isn't obvious already, we really enjoy this shit (nationally televised too!).

    So Bobby adopted his most macho stance, chest puffed out and geez, the vein on the side of his neck was popping out so much I was worried he might pop something. And it's at this point that I start noticing little things about his (handsome) face and his (handsome) graying hair, and his general (sexy) smell of sweat and I started having this prolonged fantasy about shaving his face right there, and rubbing my lips over his mature, rugged skin. OK, so I have a small Thing for Bobby. I'll admit it. I think he's sexy as hell. I like the Manhood trapped within his short body. I like the mature graying hair. I like the machismo that leaks out of him sometimes like it will never stop, and then of course, his sensitive side when he smiles and yawns and whatnot. Cries. And I really like the tight-as-hell baseball uniform that he wears, and that huge tent that is always popping out---could be all cup, could be all cock. And right then, he was shoving his face into mine, our chests basically mashing each other, his crotch randomly brushing mine, and sometimes hard, our cups bouncing off each other. The whole time Bobby was yelling. What ever it was he was yelling in my face, covering me with a reserve of saliva that I'm sure he'd been saving up the entire game, breathing his hot breath all over my lips, oh, and need I mention our cocks fighting it out? I had had enough at that point (I wasn't close to cumming or anything, just didn't want to have to lick his lips on national television) so I threw him out. Rather extravagantly, I might add. I know how to throw a coach out.

    The game finished up and Bobby's team didn't do so good. I ended up feeling kinda sorry for Bobby, like I usually do for whoever loses. Just before the game Bobby had been joking around with me on the sidelines, tossing a ball up and down. I had snatched it out of the air and started playing with it myself and never actually gave it back. As a pretense to smooth things over between us I decided to take the ball back (not like there weren't thousands more). I wasn't about to apologize---just say "hey."

    I found him sitting on a bench outside his office, with his head leaning back and his eyes closed, his arms crossed. He still had on his uniform and hat. I stopped, intent on watching him for awhile, but he heard me and opened his eyes. He didn't move his head, just closed his eyes again and said, "I dunno Tom, I don't know if I can take any more games like that."

    I regarded him for a second, and then just chuckled. He laughed a little too. "You know I was watching the game from the dugout, right?" he said.

    "I know," I said, "You were hiding behind the coolers. The film guys had you posted up on the big screen for a few seconds." He laughed and pulled his hands up to rub his eyes.

    "Here's your ball back," I said and threw him the ball. He caught it and looked at it for a second and then looked back at me.

    "What are you doing tonight?" he asked. I replied that I wasn't doing much and he asked me to join him for a drink or a late snack. I said sure. We had to shower up so I left to get my clothes and came back to find Bobby in a towel going through his bag, pulling out some shampoo and soap. He was hot with no shirt on; his forearms were nicely covered with dark hair which stopped around his biceps and then proceeded to cover his chest. He had nice large nipples and actually, not too much of a gut---but enough of that manly mass that attracted me to mature men. And his chest hair was turning Grey in some places. He asked me if I wanted to go ahead and use his personal shower. "It's nicer than the locker room showers."

    "OK," I said. Something was up.

    Halfway through my shower: "Hey Tom, can I just go ahead and jump in? It'll be faster that way."

    That sounded kinda queer to me, but seeing as how I am queer


    Now his shower isn't that big. And the both of us together made it pretty cramped. So when Bobby squeezed in, I moved back and let him occupy the space directly in front of the spray. He turned around to face me and, queer as it was in more than one sense, he soaped up his body while staring into my eyes the whole time. I didn't want to gaze down for fear of what I might want to grab, which left me with his eyes. He was smiling.

    "Up close and personal with Bobby Valentine," I said. He laughed. "Do you mind if I get some of that water?" We switched places and I kept my back to him. I had a CRAZY hard-on. I washed the soap off and rinsed my face in the water.

    And then I felt his rough hand on my cock. I held my breath.

    "I want to suck your cock," he whispered raspy into my ear. His cheek and chin were up against my neck and I felt his warm breath on my ear. He had my cock by the base and his arm was rubbing against my side. He was breathing through his nose and he stepped a little closer, rubbing my stomach with his left hand. I felt his chest against my back, the matted hair, Bobby still breathing against my neck, waiting for an answer. I replied by shifting my ass back and I felt the head of his cock rub my crack.

    He let go of my cock and turned me around, the spray from the shower hitting me in the back of the head and hitting him straight in the face, over my shoulder. He looked sexier than ever, peering through the water running down his face and we kissed, our tongues fighting it out in each other's mouth, the warmth of our bodies connecting, our bodies mashed together. He both moaned a little, into each other's mouth, so close, rubbing each other with our hands. I was kissing, sucking, and licking his cheek and neck when he gently pushed me aside and got out of the shower. He stood there naked and wet, dripping water all over his office, completely unashamed of his body and said, "Let's go get dinner."

    "OK." I got out of the shower and we dried off and dressed in silence, but neither of us could keep from smiling and looking at each other in amusement. And his smile

    At one point during the car ride over to the hotel, I couldn't keep from laughing. I wanted this man very badly and he was massaging my thigh as he drove through the intersection. "Hey, look, you son of a bitch," he said, "If you ever throw me out of a game again I'm really gonnagive you something to suck on!"

    That quieted me down. Valentine was smiling. "So why didn't you?"

    He paused for a moment. "Aw, man. I'm too old to be having sex in the locker room!" We laughed. He was wearing trousers and a button up shirt and with his hair combed and his face clean and that sparkle in his eyeI put my hand on his hand (on my thigh) and rubbed it and said, "It would have been fun though, right. On your desk and all."

    "Have you heard of janitors?"


    "Well, fine. Tomorrow I'll meet you right after the game in the locker room while all the guys are still there and we'll fuck on the cold ass floor and let them watch."

    "I'm just thinking about tonight." With that, we parked.

    Dinner was nice; we ate at a restaurant inside a local hotel and then moved to the bar for some drinks and talked about all types of shit and every once in a while I told him what I was going to do to him later on and I think the bartender heard once but he just walked away and pretended like he didn't. Bobby was laughing a little too loud so we decided it was time to get a room.

    In the elevator: "So I've told you what I'm going to do to you, now, what are you going to do to me?"

    Bobby thought about it for a moment and then said, "I told you already."

    "Oh, yeah." I remembered. "But come on Valentine, cock sucking is so passe!"

    "OK," he moved a little closer, "What if I told you that I'm gonna fuck your hairy ass with my huge cock?"

    "Well, at least your getting a little bit descriptive," I teased.

    He moved even closer. "What if I told you that in the middle of the night you're gonna wake up to find me under the covers with your limp dick in my mouth, sucking it all in as it gets harder and harder, my drool all over your balls, your pubic hair in my nose, my free hand pinching your nipples?"

    "Um, you're getting warm-"

    "What if I told you that I'm going to sit on your erect penis for three hours, while the fire in my ass burns and burns, until you have a spontaneous orgasm that floods me with a gallon of cum, makes you shout until your lungs give out or until you choke on the cum that is spurting from my anally induced orgasmic cock shooting straight into your mouth?" I grabbed him and kissed him passionately and he was pressing me up against the wall and DING!

    We got off the elevator and found our room and Bobby threw the key on the TV and sat down in a chair, unbuttoning his shirt. I sat on his lap facing him and helped him unbutton the rest, and ran my hands through his chest under his shirt and shifted my ass on his tenting trousers and pushed my erection against his stomach. We kissed again and I pushed his shirt off the entire way and he grabbed my ass and moaned because I was kinda heavy. I bent my head and sucked on his nipples, relishing the feel of his chest hair and warmth while he looked down and rubbed my shoulders. I bit his belly button and he laughed and his belly jiggled and I had to run my hand over his arms for awhile and then I had to sniff his underarms and lick them and I got so into his underarms that he lifted his arms behind his head and reclined a little and looked bemused, and I left his armpits as wet as if he had been running for an hour. I loved the smell of his armpits.

    He tilted his head as I unzipped his fly and produced his cock somewhere from the underwear and got my first good look at it. It was half hard and uncut, thick and a little wrinkled, but reallywellbig. Perfect. I grabbed it with my hand and placed it in my mouth and sucked. He moaned deeply and closed his eyes a little. With a few more sucks he was completely erect in my mouth and the veins stuck out of his cock and it jerked on its own accord. I slipped my tongue inside the foreskin and began depositing saliva under there, for lubrication and for fun. While I sucked, the foreskin was gradually working its way back, revealing the head little by little. I started experimenting in earnest.

    "Now, be careful, there," he warned. I laughed and pulled the foreskin back a little further and sucked some more, dying to se the entire dark red head. Some pre-cum was dripping out of the slit and I sucked it up and pulled the foreskin back a little more which made Valentine gasp a little in pain.

    "Don't work this muscle out very much, coach?"

    "Look, it's been awhile, OK? I'm tight all over!"

    "I hope so," I said and took my first probe at his asshole. He laughed a little, so I took the opportunity to pull Bobby's thick foreskin all the way down around the bottom of his cock head.

    "Youch!" But then I was sucking on the exposed head and all he could do was moan and I started to take the whole eight inches in my mouth, down my throat, and he pushed my head down on him, until I stopped and sat back to admire his throbbing, slick cock (it looked like it was cut at this point). He gazed at me immodestly, almost totally reclined in the chair, his chest and cheeks wet where I had been previously. He was sexy as hell.

    I reached out and grabbed his cock by the base and pushed the foreskin back up experimentally and pulled it back down and pushed it back up.

    He stood up and took his pants off and left his cock wrapped up in his briefs. He told me to "get naked before he lost it" so I did, leaving my briefs on as well. We stood and kissed, our cocks rubbing together through the cotton. I fell onto the bed with him on top of me and my legs wrapped around his butt and back and we were grinding our crotches together and kissing and I was getting hair burn from his chest but I think my gruff face probably sandpapered his cheeks a little.

    "This might be a little passe, Tom, but I'm going to suck your cock."

    "Do it."


    "Suck my cock."

    "What?" Smiles.

    "Valentine, I said stop grinnin' like a fool and put that big mouth to work and suck my large penis!" And the sexy man did. I rested my hands on his thick hair as he gave me the best blow job I ever had. He sucked the head, took the whole thing in, ran his tongue down the side to the base and pressed his eyes over my cock and squeezed it and sucked my balls and breathed in my pubic hair and spread saliva all over my dick, nuts, lower stomach, and ass. I groaned out his name a few times which made him smile. He worked on my ass for a long time, running his tongue over my pucker, through the hair, pressing his tongue in a little, sticking his fingers in all the way to the ring he wore, muffled noises of pleasure coming from deep inside of him, breathing on my ass, rolling my cock on my stomach so he could lick the entirety of my nuts and try to suck them all into his mouth at once, making a huge sucking noise. "Whoops," he said. I didn't notice.

    I also didn't notice until it was too late that he had positioned himself with his dick aimed for my ass, my legs arched back towards my head. He pushed the tip of his hard uncut cock in my ass, the foreskin pulling back a little. He looked to me for approval to continue. I smiled and he got to work, pushing his cock in a few more inches, then a few more, and then completely in, his body leaning towards me, all his weight focused on his dick in my ass and his knees on the bed and his biceps rubbing my thighs and pushing my legs back, opening my ass wider and wider, my dick pointed straight at my face, leaking precum by the minute, this handsome and mature man fucking my ass slowly and deliberately, pushing in and out with a purpose, to get the maximum friction of my asshole and his cock, my ass muscles contracting with each pump, sucking him in further and increasing the pleasure for both of us. I saw his cock come out a few times and I watched the foreskin, dripping with saliva and precum now fully loosened, each time he pulled out, coming back to cover his head, sometimes not. Bobby's face was earnest and we were both sweating profusely and he was grunting with each pump and he was hitting my prostrate right on and it felt amazing, just animal lust, took over me and I telepathically compelled Booby to lean over and kiss me for a long time, his dick just in my ass waiting, my ass sucking it in further and further. "Fuck me," he said into my mouth.

    He rolled over next to me and I sucked his cock for awhile, marveling at the thing. "Fuck me," he reiterated. He turned over on his stomach and put his face in the pillows and his ass in the air and made his request more specific, "Fuck my ass, Tom."

    His ass was still mildly wet from my earlier exploits and my dick was dripping precum by the minute, so I just aimed and thrusted and apparently I hit home because Bobby shouted and grabbed the pillow and whispered "Harder." His ass was tight and he had the strongest sphincter contractions that I had ever felt. He basically pushed me back out the first time. The feeling was incredible, his soft insides crushing my penis and shitting it out. I thrusted again and this time got my cock head in pretty deep so his ass couldn't push me out again. Bobby groaned deeply but I knew he loved it because he kept rotating his hips and working with me to get me in as deep as possible and I hit his insides all night. I arched my back and held on to his hairy hips and was completely in his ass, my pubic hair burning his crack, my balls hanging, brushing his balls--his body basically an extension of mine, completely connected, my gut sticking out a little. The cum was boiling in me and I knew it would come soon so I told him so and he told me to cum in his ass but he wanted to watch, so he turned over and I fucked him like he fucked me, frequently leaning over to kiss that handsome man because I was so in love at this point, his hairy body shaking with every thrust, completely at my command. I even kissed his feet and watched him watching my face, watching me slowly adopt an expression of pain, sweating all over him, his mouth open, waiting, until I couldn't hold it anymore and I fucked his incredibly tight ass and filled it with thick white cum and shouted out in grunts and a few profanities and Bobby saying, "Yeah Tom," and the feeling was incredibly spread out all over my body and the cum was dripping out of his ass now and the bed was shaking and some sweat got in my eyes so I closed them and fell over on Bobby and rested on his chest for a second. Sniffed his armpits.

    Bobby was kissing my hair and then I noticed his huge, still hard cock poking me in the stomach. "Hmmmm," I said. I kissed him again and told him to relax and then I made him put his arms behind his head because I liked him like that and he was smiling and then I stood up on the bed, positioned myself over him, and sat down on his cock. I didn't try to ease my way on, just sat down with all my weight, and slurp, his huge dick was stretching my insides. He groaned and closed his eyes and tensed, arched, sat up, partly because I wasn't the lightest object to have dropped on his midsection/pelvis. My dick had slapped his stomach pretty good. And then he opened his eyes and leaned back again and rubbed my thighs with his rough hands and smiled.

    "You're very warm," he said. I put his hand on my cum covered dick and he squeezed it. He pulled his fingers away and licked the cum off of them. That was enough, to see this mature man licking my cum like it was honey and obviously wanting more---my dick started jumping to attention again.

    "I'm pretty sure that you can't survive me sitting on your dick for three hours, but lets just see how far you can get." We both laughed--Bobby thought it was especially hilarious and tried to double over with laughter but only made it half way since I was sitting on him. His dick was SO hard in my ass and it was as deep as any dick had been inside of me and my hole was very stretched.

    Watching him laugh and then watching him look back at me and waitingI rubbed my hands over his hairy chest and savored the feeling, the smell, his sweat. Watching him watching me, and sometimes embarrassedly looking away, but not often because both of us were so in to each other (literally). I rubbed his balls under my ass and he continued to distractedly play with mine, still watching my face. It had been five minutes.

    "Could you get me something to drink?" he said.

    "Shut up," I said.

    Five minutes later: "Am I still as hard as I think I am?" he asked me.

    "Bobby, you could stick crystal up my ass and it wouldn't be as stiff as your cock is." He smiled and looked down at his dick in my ass.

    "Does it feel good?" he asked quietly.

    "Hell yes," and I grabbed his hand and kissed it. I loved his hairy, rough, worn hands and he cupped my cheek in his palm and it was very warm and I started to suck on his fingers. This really turned him on, fucking my mouth with his fingers, becoming more and more slick, he stared in fascination and I felt something shift in my ass. Did his dick grow larger? I hope not. I had his dick in my ass and his fingers in my mouth and my other hand on his stomach and his other hand on my cock and he groaned, "Tom" in a growing desperation and I saw the first sign of his coming orgasm--the first facial twitch. I kept sucking his fingers and rubbing them on my mustache and face and his cock began to move in my ass, his pelvis pushing up a little, still watching me, this handsome, mature and masculine, downright sexy man underneath me about to lose it because he wants me so much and he has me and this turns me on wildly. So much so that I cum a little on his stomach again into his hand. He sees this and licks a whole lot of cum off his hand and gets more and jacks my cock feverishly.

    Now hes pushing up and down with his cock, and I'm helping by moving against him and he's somehow getting deeper with each thrust. Then he drops my cock and pulls his fingers out of my mouth with a stream of saliva and grabs my lower waist with one hand sticky with cum, and the other sticky with saliva and begins lifting me with enormous strength up and down, arching his hips up and his back up and lifting up to kiss my chest and falling back. His face completely scrunches up in pain and pleasure and his mouth is wide open. He stifles a yell by grunting like an animal, from somewhere deep, probably his nutsack.

    He cums in my ass and hot cum is filling my insides that are miraculously not sore at all, just stretched and waiting. We are both bouncing like crazy and just hearing his moans and grunts brings more cum out of my dick on to his neck and he's still filling me with cum. His face is not in pain anymore, just bliss, just watching my dick and his dick and the cum leaking out in great amounts on his nuts and legs and the bed and he is still feeling this orgasm---me?

    I think I'm having another orgasm of empathy---that and a sever prostate massaging and too much cum to go around and then I feel another animal urge that makes me get off his dick (boy my ass felt cold after that) and get down and suck his dick dry for quite a few minutes. Drinking the cum that he offered, squeezing his balls. When I was done, he kissed me and we curled up, our limbs entwined so that we felt as close as possible. I remember his warm breath and the sounds of him sleeping on me and murmuring and all that sweet shit.

    I woke up at about four in the morning to find him under the covers with my flaccid dick in his mouth, like he said he would. "I'm a man of my word!" he said in a corny accent and my dick wasn't soft for long. Seems Valentine has a thirst for cum!

    In the morning we woke up and got in the shower and washed each other's body and played around some more. I slipped and caught him to hold me up, but that just brought him crashing down on top of me in the shower. We sat there with the water running over our naked bodies laughing and kissing. I told him how I had always wanted to sleep with him and he took me into the bedroom and put me on the bed and curled up next to me with the covers over us and said, "So sleep!"

    I still threw him out of the next day's game when he got a little too close for comfort. "Respect the ump," I told him late the following night, on his office desk.

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