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  • A business trip encounter
  • As I start this I need to clarify a few points. I am very much in the closet and no one who personally knows me, has any idea I am bi or really get excited when it comes to being around men. Other than a few encounters from when I was growing up, about 5 at rest areas, maybe 5 in college and one gay bath house experience, I have been totally straight acting. Being married and with a family and a great job, I was even extra careful not to do anything to screw these up. That is why this experience even surprised me as it happened, as I would worry about anyone I worked with finding out. With that said let me relate what happened.

    Each quarter our company has training where we go somewhere out of town for a week. We leave on Sunday and return home Friday night and mix a lot of business and entertainment during the week as we have our nights off with the exception of some homework and projects. It is also a good time to socialize with others from all over the country.

    On Sunday I was the first to arrive at the room. We double up as an expense savings. I like to get there early and get settled in and ready for the week. About 8 pm my roommate arrived. He was from the west coast and I was from Midwest so we did not know each other. He was 24 and had been with the company about 2 years and of course I was 42 and had been there almost 20 years so we did not have a lot in common, but that was part of the meeting process. Getting to know and learn from others. After quick introductions he said he was going to shower, as it had been a long day. After his shower he came out and had his towel around his neck and was completely nude. At prior meetings and with other roommates it seems like we all either wrapped towels around ourselves or slipped into our shorts in the bathroom so I was sorta surprised, but I also understand the younger generation does not have the inhibitions I grew up with. It did not seem to phase him in the least. He walked over grabbed his boxers and put them on and slid into bed. I only got a quick look but more than what I saw excited me, it was the thought I might get to see him again and what if? I sorta got a tingle in my crotch but then said, NO WAY he is too young and would laugh at an old guy like me.

    As I was in bed that night I couldn't help but think about what opportunities might come about but I had to be very concerned about this being a work environment and what would happen if it looked like I might even be suspected of something. Well I woke up about 5 am and knew he was going to get up at 5:30 and said he would get me up at 6 am. The room was warm so we only needed sheets to cover us or even nothing at all. So I decided to let my cock hang out the fly of my shorts and see what type of reaction I might get from him when he woke me up. I would immediately act embarrassed and pass it off so he would not expect anything.

    I was on my side when his alarm went off and sorta turned over on my back with my arm across my eyes and my cock sticking through my fly so there was no way he could miss it. Sure enough about 6 he called my name and was standing between the beds and said, "Time to rise and shine." I moved my arm, stretched and then acted like I just noticed my hard on sticking out. "Christ I'm sorry." and quickly try to cover and poke it back in. He snickered and said something like "I always wake up with a piss hard on too". I usually sleep nude so it is sorta funny looking under the sheets.

    Hot damn. He was not offended and I found out he likes to sleep in the nude. The day went by and I knew the next chance to see him would be his shower at night and I was right. Again he came out with just a towel around his neck, so I took one hell of a bold move for me and brought up our morning conversation. "You said this morning you usually sleep in the nude, so don't feel I would be offended if you want to sleep that way. It won't bother me as I usually sleep that way to but figured who wants to see an ole guy runnin' around nude." (Of course I lied about me sleeping nude at home.)

    He said, "Are you sure it won't bother you?"

    "Hell no." I said.

    "Well, I will if you do, otherwise no big deal. Besides you didn't look that old this morning when you woke up." I blushed. So we agreed and he just slipped into bed with nothing on and I just slipped my shorts off and put them on the floor next to the bed as I was already in bed and covered with the sheet. I just had to hide the fact I was getting a hard on.

    Well the next morning I made sure he saw my hard on when I woke up and just stood up and walked to the bathroom not saying anything. By the time I came out I had showered and jacked off so I would not look so excited and also had my shorts on. He was almost dressed for class and breakfast and nothing else came about. That night I tried to lead the conversation toward sex and see what might happen. My opening came when we got back to the room. I asked him why he didn't go bar hopping with the guys and maybe hit the strip bars, as I knew they always went there. He then said, well, you should know I am not really into girls that much.

    "So you're bi?"

    "I guess you could say that. I don't want you to be uncomfortable so if you want to change rooms or something, I understand." (A dream come true I thought to myself.) Hell that's okay with me.

    "Different strokes for different folks," I said. (Sorta sounded stupid.) So as we got ready for bed I asked if he had a significant other and he said, "Sorta a steady guy I see". Then he asked me if I was going to say anything to anyone. I said, "What you do is your business and just because I am married doesn't mean I haven't thought about what sex with other women and men would be like, so who am I to judge? (So if I was going to open a door, this was my chance.) To be honest, I have sometimes thought about what it would be like with another guy. I hear all these rumors that guys know how to please guys more than women, so that must make me bi too." "Wow" he said. "You are really open-minded. You ever do anything with a guy?"

    "No." (I lied). "I guess I have never had the opportunity and worried about being caught since I was married. I did see pictures of guys being able to go completely down on other guys, which really amazes me. My wife will only go down about half way and sure doesn't want me to cum in her mouth. Now I am getting horny just thinking about it." (I figured that was as far as I was going to go. If anything could happen I had opened every possible door I could and to be honest, I thought that was going to be it.)

    After a brief pause he said, "From what I saw of your equipment this morning, I can see why she couldn't take it all. You're a lot bigger than me."

    "Thanks" I said, "but I think you're being modest. A young stud like you is probably hung like a horse." Then I did what I said I wasn't going to do and asked, "Do guys go all the way down on you or is that none of my fuckin' business?"

    He was not embarrassed to quickly answer, "Yes, it's really easy to deep throat a guy once you get the hang of it."

    "I wish my wife would learn," I said. "I've often wondered what it felt like for her to go down on me."

    "It's great. You should try it sometime."

    "Right" I said, "like I should take a chance at getting caught."

    "I could show you," he said as he was looking at the tent my hard on was creating under the sheets.

    Well one thing led to another as I sorta made him convince me it was okay. He said if I closed my eyes I could make believe it was my wife if I wanted to, and that was when I said, "Yes. I guess that would make it okay."

    With that he came over and slowly pulled the sheet off of me and said to slide around and hang my legs over the side like I was going to get up. He said ever since he saw my hard on the first morning he wanted to touch it. He loved older married guys 'cuz they are like virgins and really don't know what they have been missing. My cock was oozing cum and he had not even touched it yet!

    He spread my legs with his hands and kneeled down on the floor between them and slowly slid his hands up the inside of my legs and when he touched my balls, my cock twitched upward and got even harder. He slowly moved his hand around my cock base and moved up and down and then pulled it toward his mouth. Then he said, "Let's see a woman do this"and he slid the head of my cock into his mouth, then another inch, and with the next inch it was in deeper than my wife had ever taken, yet he kept going down in one motion until his nose was into my belly. Wow, I had forgotten how great it was to be sucked and moaned like crazy. He had taken all 7 inches of my cut cock on the first try. I even remember the guy at the rest stop gradually took it all. As he went up and down I told him I was going to cum real soon, so he pulled off. When he did that, I asked if he was hard too and when he said yes I asked him to show it to me. He stood up, undid his pants and dropped his boxers and pants at the same time. His cock was indeed hard. When I saw him after his showers he hung about 5 inches so I guess I was expecting a 10-inch cock. It was actually a little smaller than mine, but when I saw it I reached and touched it and he said, "I think you just might like guys. You're breathing very, very hard and your eyes are glued to my cock." (How right he was but I had to maintain my virgin image.)

    "I am gonna cum," I said, so he bent right over and took my cock all the way down again and really worked my balls. In about 5 trips up and down my cock I shot a fuckin' huge load of cum, then about 4 or 5 more squirts of my milk and he did not flinch. He stayed down on it until I told him I could not take anymore. As he stood up I said something about he looks like he really needs to get off too, as a clear stream of cum was hangin' down from his cock. He said no problem he would just jack off. I then said I had always wondered what my wife felt like with a cock in her mouth and would he feel weird if I just tried to see how far down I could go on him. He said, "Sure, sounds great." Well needless to say I went slow and while it was not the first cock I ever had, I made it sound that way and asked for his help. Slowly I got the whole thing in my mouth and was going strong when he said he was getting close. Well I love seeing cocks cum, so I pulled off and really started jacking his prick. He started playing with his balls and reached around and started doing something to his butt. Before too long out shot this huge arch of cum. It had been several years since I had seen anything like it--only pics on the net or in books or videos. He shot glob after glob of pure white cum. Mine was watered down compared to his. It was so thick and white. It shot all over, but mostly on my chest as he stood in front of me. Just seeing him shoot got me hard again.

    He looked down and said, "I have a great place for you to put that big cock of interested in learning more?" Well, before the week was out, we had sucked, fucked him, not me, jacked off, showered with each other and I went home with one worn out cock. Other than college it was the most cock I had had in back-to-back days. I am sorry to say, he does not work for our company anymore so future encounters will not happen, but my mind is at ease that no one will ever find out either so my secret is still safe.

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