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  • Alley boy
  • I was cleaning out my garage the other day when Ryan came out into the alley. We exchanged hellos and I couldn't help but stare at this beautiful boy as he put the garbage bag into the can.

    "Wow! You sure grew over the winter!" I said.

    He sheepishly approached me and asked, "Do you think so? I got a weight set for Christmas-see!" With that he peeled off his t-shirt to reveal a nicely developing body. I stared. Hell, I probably drooled. Then he shocked me when he grabbed his basket through a pair of sweats and said, "I saw you talking to the phone man last week. You kept staring at his crotch and licking your lips."

    It was true.

    "Then I saw you two go in your garage and close the door."

    I was beginning to sweat nervously.

    "Then as the door was closing, I saw you drop to your knees and start unzipping his pants."

    "What else?"

    "I heard moaning through the door and I heard the phone guy say, 'ride that cock, bitch!'"

    I was watching the phone repairman all that morning and kept wishing he would climb down off that pole so that I could climb on his. It did happen.

    "Can we have some fun?" the boy asked me.

    "How old are you, Ryan?"

    "Turned 18 on St. Patrick's Day!"

    "Let's go into the garage."

    I no sooner had the door closed when he hooked his fingers into his sweats and pulled them down. I almost fainted when I saw him there in his jockstrap. I locked the small door and pulled the plug out of the automatic door opener and then spread out the furniture pads that the phone man had rested on.

    "So what did you have in mind?" I asked.

    "I want you to lick my ass like you did him."

    I stripped completely as I approached the jock-clad boy who was bending over. I dove into his ass and ate like it was my last meal.

    "Will you take my cherry?" he asked rather timidly.

    Judging by his vocabulary I asked him his age again before putting on a rubber and grabbing some KY jelly out of the toolbox.

    I worked several fingers in good and deep as I heard him purr like a bitch in heat. Then I slowly fed him my cock. He was tight at first but when I had half of my 7" cock in him, he grunted and shoved his ass back at me impaling himself on me.

    "Fuck me now!"

    I balled him for a few minutes before flipping him over on his back and raising his legs onto my shoulders. As I fucked him wildly, he pulled my head down to him and shoved his tongue halfway down my throat. This boy was actually thrusting his hips up at me literally fucking back!

    I couldn't hold back any longer and roared as I spewed my juice into the condom in his young pussy. As we calmed down, he rolled me over on my back, shoved his 7" dick into my mouth and skull-fucked me to a wild orgasm. I swallowed every drop of his load. We got dressed and as he was leaving, I told him that he had forgotten his jock.

    "I'll come back and get it tomorrow!"

    He's been back several times, but he always seems to forget that jockstrap!

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