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  • A new experience
  • John and I had been mates for half of our lives. He was totally straight but I was more open-minded. His uncle lived near by and we often went round because he was a cool guy. He was known locally as the porn king, he had a nice little side line selling porno videos from adverts in the local paper. We often went round and watched some of his latest stuff.

    One afternoon I was feeling a little horny so suggested to John that we called round his uncle's to see what the latest additions were. We set off with John telling me he only had about 30 minutes before he had to go to some family meal. Terry (John's uncle) had some hot action on screen when we arrived and we sat watching.

    "I gotta go," John said getting up to leave.

    "I'm gonna stay on if that's okay by Terry," I said.

    "No problem man, I got some new stuff I gotta go through, a new line I'm gonna try, you can give me your opinion."

    "Cool, sounds interesting," I said thinking what could he mean by new line. I sat on the sofa in my t shirt and shorts waiting for Terry to return. When he came back in he had changed into shorts as well but wasn't wearing a top now.

    "Too hot today for heavy clothes," he said. I nodded; he reached behind the sofa and pulled out a box full of videos. "Gonna try this new stuff see how it moves." With that he put the video in and sat on the sofa next to me. The film started, looked normal two guys playing with a girl. One guy was fingering her whilst the other was getting his cock sucked. Then the guy with his cock on her mouth reached down and started stroking the other guys cock. I had such a sexy feeling watching this, looked across I could see Terry had a hard on. Mine was hard but seeing this made me harder, he looked down before I could hide it, "I can see this shit will sell well."

    I nodded feeling a little bit embarrassed but he made no effort to hide his bulge. At one stage his cock was nearly sticking out the leg of his shorts, he reached over and gave mine a gentle squeeze. "Whets this then, you into guys or something?" I shook my head, "It's nothing to be ashamed of, look I'm hard too!"

    He moved his leg closer to mine and his cock finally sprung out of his shorts, I forgot about the video and had my eyes fixed to this cock about a foot away from me. I had stopped trying to hide my erection and he took the initiative reaching his hand down and touching me. I moaned so that was his green light. He put his hand in my shorts and pulled out my cock gently stroking it. He leaned over and kissed my neck then took my hand and guided it to his cock.

    There I was a 21 year old guy feeling like a school boy holding this 40 year old guy's hard cock. He had a great cock, about 7" but quite thick and hairy balls. I started to wank him like I wanked myself and soon we were jerking each other close to orgasm. He put his hand around the back of my neck and pulled me close to him so he could kiss me.

    His tongue was everywhere so I followed his lead. I got such a thrill from being dominated and told what to that when he grabbed my head and forced me towards his cock I was ready to do anything. I licked the tip of his cock tasting his precum that wasn't so bad. He was getting quite excited and grabbed my head started fucking my face really hard, I couldn't breath but was also turned on by it. He continued to fuck my mouth really hard and fast reaching down pinching my nipples hard. His next thrust nearly choked me, shooting his cum into my throat. I coughed and he pulled out just as his next load hit me on the cheek, I reached up and started rubbing his cock making more cum shoot out.

    He leaned down and kissed me licking his cum off my face then forcing it into my mouth with his tongue. I was so turned on that when he went down and took my cock in his mouth I was almost cumming. In a matter of seconds I shot my load but he never flinched just sucking till I could take no more.

    We lay back feeling exhausted, he stood up took me by the hand and led me to his bathroom. In there he gently washed me down in the shower and then dried me off. We went back into the lounge and spent a long time just sitting on the sofa cuddling and kissing. He asked if I wanted to see him again alone, which of course I did. As I left he gave me a long lingering kiss and we arranged another date


    After having sex for the first time with a guy I went home, my head still buzzing. As soon as I got inside I said goodnight to everyone and went up to my room. My cock was now hard again thinking about how good Terry felt. I was so excited I wanked myself off then went to sleep.

    Next day after work I called round to Terry's to see when I could next see him. He opened the door in just his shorts and I don't know what came over me but I pushed him back inside and grabbed his face kissing him hard.

    "No regrets then," he said. I shook my head and dropped to my knees, pulling his shorts down and taking his soft cock into my mouth. I gently pulled his foreskin back and licked at his cock head feeling it start to harden. I slid my mouth up and down until his cock was now rock hard, I went as deep as I could, then slowly slid it out of my mouth the repeated this a few times.

    He seemed to be enjoying it judging by his moans. I took his cock out of mouth and started wanking him hard rubbing right on the head of his cock. Within moments he bucked his body and a warm jet of spunk hit me in the face; I kept stroking away at his cock whilst licking around my mouth tasting his spunk.

    We cleaned up and started chatting. He told me about this old guy (late 60's) who called round on a regular basis and Terry played around with him, helped him with any sexual frustration that may have built up. He asked if I would like to be involved next time telling me Eric had the biggest cock he had ever seen. I couldn't wait for that evening to arrive.

    Knocking on the door, Terry answered naked and sporting a hard cock. As I walked into the room, I could immediately see why. Eric was lying on the floor naked and stroking the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life. It had to be over 10" so thick and so smooth. Terry got down by his side and reached for this massive cock. He gently wanked him then slid his mouth over the head and started sucking. Eric reached his hand out to me and pulled me closer to him, cupping the back of my head and pulling me in for a kiss. He tasted good; I could tell he had already sucked Terry off at least once today.

    Terry stood up and straddled over Eric slowly lowering himself onto his big thick cock. He let out a moan as he went lower then started moving up and down. Fuck--I was seeing two guys fucking and I was getting so turned on. Terry pulled at my trousers and then released my cock, gesturing me to stand over Eric so he could suck me while being fucked. I started to get close; it was too much seeing Terry bouncing up and down on a cock so big.

    Eric was ready to cum so Terry got off him and we both went down to finish him off. We both licked at his cock then Terry took it in his mouth for a few seconds before pulling it out and pushing it into mine. I tried to do my best but it was so big I could hardly get it in properly. I sucked away at the end of his cock for all I was worth then had his cock pulled from my mouth by Terry. He wanked away at it real hard and fast until Eric suddenly moaned aloud and jerked his body up.

    His spunk didn't shoot out fast and high but slowly. He released cum loads which Terry gathered in his hands then turned me over so I was on all fours. He rubbed Eric's spunk in my arse crack and around my hole gently inserting one finger. That felt good because he was real gentle with me. After gently fingering me for a few minutes he pulled out his finger and moved around the back.

    I knew what was coming but was so ready for it. I suddenly screamed out as his cock entered my ass he started slowly sliding it in and out. The pain was immense but the pleasure factor was also there making it bearable. After a few minutes the pain went and I relaxed more, even to the point of shouting at him to fuck me.

    Eric moved round to my front and pushed his cock into my face, I licked at the tip circling my tongue round. Here I was being fucked doggy style whilst sucking cock, could life get any better. Eric took his cock in hand and started wanking in front of me whilst Terry was getting close fucking me. Both guys were going hard then and I had the pleasure of the most wonderful feeling in the world.

    Terry's body jerked and I felt his hot spunk fill my ass. I cried out in absolute heaven, nearly came just from that feeling. He pulled his cock out and I could feel his still warm spunk dribbling from my ass, then Eric cried out and I felt more hot spunk on my mouth and chin. I opened my mouth and took as much of his cock in as I could, still feeling spunk coming out. Then felt something warm around my cock, Terry was sucking me. It was only took a matter of seconds before I shot my load straight down his throat, but he kept sucking.

    That night I had my best orgasm ever. As Eric left he asked if he could see me alone sometime for some more intimate fun and then he leaned across and kissed me on the lips. I had to think about it, I wanted to see him alone but would that be unfair to Terry?

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