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  • Office secret
  • Businessmen were Nick's type, and anytime he could eye one down he did. When Nick started his job at the law firm, he knew he was in heaven. Older muscular men walking around in their suits with big bulges bouncing between their legs; Nick couldn't keep himself still. Nick is 19 years old, 5'11 and weighs about 180 lbs topped with sandy blonde hair. He's an average looking fellow with a slight hence of muscle which proves he does workout every so often. He has a tight little bubble butt that he loves to show off to anyone who asks, and a dick that would make your jaw drop to the floor if you see it.

    Around the office Nick is considered the young guy. Everybody turns to him to ask what they should get for their teenage sons & daughters. Or sometimes asks him about the latest celebrity gossip. Most of them just still want to be considered young and hip. But Nick just knows they are only trying to relate to him on his level which he didn't mind. Of course after a few months on the job, Nick had already considered his options of pickings around the office. Most of the guys there were older men in their early 40s. They have wife & kids at home and all they talk about is golf. There was one guy in particular that Nick had a secret thing for. It was their Executive Director; Peter Kavorski.

    Peter is 41 years old, 6'2 and weighs about 220 lbs. He has dark brown hair which is fading at the top, but what he lacks on top of his head he makes up everywhere else. Peter is a very hairy guy. On dress down Fridays Nick could always see his chest hairs poking up out through his polo shirt. And anytime Peter wore short sleeves, his arms were completely covered in hair. For some reason, this turned Nick on a lot. He had a thing for hairy older men. Peter was muscular and it seems he worked out as much as Nick did; although Nick never really saw him at the gym. There was a gym a couple of floors below their office, but Nick never took the time to go there. While searching the company website, Nick found out that Peter was from the Czech Republic and spoke fluent Czech. Foreigners were definitely a plus in Nick's book.

    Nick never really talked to Peter. Their positions in the company never required them to communicate at all. There were a few times Peter would stop by Nick's desk to look at some papers, but that was it. Other than that, it was the occasionally "hi" or nod in the hallways or elevators. There was a few times Peter brought is baby son to the office so everybody could admire and go crazy over him. There were times were Nick would fantasize about bumping into Peter and pleasuring him sexually. He would "wake up" from his fantasy realizing his dick was rock hard and he had stop doing his work. Luckily he could just think about something else, and his massive erection would go away.

    Nick really wanted to say something to Peter but never really knew where to start. He was a very aggressive person and really didn't have a problem telling people how he felt. One day he knew he was going to blurt out his feelings for Peter to him in hopes there could be something more between them.

    One afternoon as Nick was typing away at his desk. His supervisor dropped something off and told him to go and give this to Peter. Nick's heart immediately jumped with excitement, even though he didn't show it on his face. As he walked toward Peter's office his legs began to go weak and he heart was beating faster than ever. He peered inside the office and saw that Peter had his back turned away from the door. He was sitting there diligently typing away at this computer sipping his coffee. Nick reached up to the door next to him and balled his hand into a fist.

    "Knock, Knock. Mr. Kavorski I have something for you." Nick said nervously.

    Peter turned around with the coffee in his hand.

    "Oh, Hello Nick. What is it that you have?"

    Nick walked slowly toward Peter hoping he wouldn't since his uneasiness.

    "Jackie gave this to me to give to you." Nick responded.

    Peter took the files and began flipping through them. Nick sat there watching while this hairy hunk flipped through the pages; his hairy hands and forearms flexing every time he flipped a page. His muscular chest and arms bulging through this collared shirt. The more Nick stared, the more he got excited. He noticed that his dick began to grow and quickly moved his hands to cover his growing erection. Nick began to remember that Peter was from the Czech Republic. He began to wonder if Peter was cut or uncut. He couldn't stare at Peter's crotch since it was blocked by the desk, but he could wonder if his member was hooded or not. He began to wonder if he should ask him if he was cut or uncut. He debated over and over in his head as to whether he would ask or not, but before he knew it he heard himself say

    "Are you circumcised?"

    Nick couldn't believe what just came out of this mouth. After the last word escaped from his lips he froze. His eyes got wide and his heart skipped a beat. He knew Peter heard what he said and couldn't bear to face what his answer was going to be. Nick debated if he should just walk out the room. He didn't want to draw attention to himself, yet he didn't want to stay there and be humiliated. He decided he should leave and began to turn toward the door.

    "Wait!" Peter shouted loud enough so only Nick could hear.

    "Did you say what I think you said?" Peter asked.

    Nick looked at Peter and knew he couldn't lie. He knew that Peter heard and understood clearly what had just come out of his mouth.

    "Yes...I'm sorry; that was out of lineI should leave" Nick said while continuing to walk toward the door.

    "No, don't leave." Peter quickly responded.

    Nick kept walking out the door ignoring Peter's plea. He couldn't believe what just happened. Nick never had a problem before expressing himself, but this time it was different for some reason. He walked back to his desk, but soon realized he had to go take a quick break. He ran into the bathroom and splashed his face with some water. Before he could dry his face off, he heard the door to the bathroom close. He looked up and saw Peter.

    "I told you not to leave, why did you leave? Is it because of what you said?" Peter asked.

    "Just forget about it, I don't know why I said it. I was just thinking about something else and forgot where I was". Nick responded reaching for a towel.

    Peter grabbed Nick's hand as he reached for the towel.

    "Don't be ashamed, I'm actually flattered you said something like that." Peter smiled.

    Nick couldn't believe what he just heard. Was Peter serious? Was this a cruel joke that was quickly put together after Peter told everybody in the office what he had said?

    "What?" Nick said with an odd look on his face.

    "I knew you had something for me when I noticed you always staring me down every time I would walk by." Peter explained.

    "I think it's flattering that you think I'm attractive. My wife doesn't think that anymore and something like this just makes my day."

    Nick couldn't believe what he was hearing. Before he could react, Peter had guided his hand down toward his crotch.

    "You can feel to see if I'm circumcised or not." Peter instructed.

    All Nick could do was grab, he grabbed and groped Peter's fuck stick like there was no tomorrow. As he caressed Peter's crotch, his legs began to grow weak, and his dick was getting hard. Peter looked at him gently with a warm smile.

    "Can I see it?" Nick asked.

    Peter unzipped his fly and pulled out his Czech member. It was about 6 inches when soft, and indeed he was circumcised. Nick couldn't wait to see it when it was hard.

    "I guess that answers my question." Nick laughed.

    "Why don't you kiss it for me" Peter said gazing into Nick's eyes.

    To Nick that was the dinner bell being rung; he quickly dropped to his knees and took the head of Peter's massive member into his mouth. He could hear Peter moan lightly. Peter's man pole began to grow inside his mouth. He began moving his tongue around the head and down the shaft. The base of the shaft was covered in hair. He pulled out Peter's oversized hairy balls and began licking them and wrestling with them with his tongue. It wasn't before long before Peter was at full mast; erect at 9 inches.

    "You are huge" Nick exclaimed.

    "I know, I can't wait to see choke on it" Peter said while quickly reaching for the back of Nick's head.

    Peter took his massive hairy hands and placed them on the back of Nick's sandy blonde head. He guided Nick's mouth onto his swollen member.

    "Oh fuck your mouth is so warm" Peter said in ecstasy.

    Nick mouth was full of Peter's Czech fuck stick. His dick began to grow again and was soon standing tall making a big tent in his pants. He undid this zipper and let his full 8 inches bounce out. He began stroking himself, using the excess saliva that had dropped from the sides of his mouth as he sucked on Peter's boy toy. Peter pulled his dick out all the way to the tip, and slammed it back into Nick's aching mouth. Peter then took his swollen friend back out of Nick's mouth and slapped it against his face. Peter felt humiliated, but he didn't care. He took the beating as Peter's thick 9 inches was slapped and smeared all over his face. Peter then slammed his fuck rod back into Nick's mouth hole.

    Peter pumped hard and fast and didn't let up for a full 30 minutes. Nick's mouth was getting really sore and his chin was in pain has Peter's hairy nut sack slapped against it. While taking this mouth beating, Nick began to undo Peter's collared shirt. With each unbuttoned button, Nick began to see Peter's hairy chest and stomach. Nick began to rub and caress his nipples and stomach. He felt the thick hair flow between his fingers and it sent shivers down his spine. Nick found his way back to the nipples and began to pinch them lightly. This must have brought Peter to the edge. He felt Peter's slab of meat grow thicker. He knew that Peter was about to cum. Peter gripped the back of Nick's head harder and he thrust his hips deeper into Nick's face.

    "Shit!!!I'm about to fucking blow!!" Peter shouted.

    Before Nick had time to prepared himself, he felt thick forceful wads of cock snot hit the back of this throat. He swallowed as much as he could, but it was too much. Peter's juices began to ooze out the sides as he dumped more of his seed into Nick's body. Peter pulled out still spewing and dumped another wad of cum all over Nick's face. Nick felt completely humiliated and more vulnerable knowing that anybody could walk into the bathroom and see him like this. Finally Peter's monster was finished and the last drops of cum dripped from his head and onto the floor.

    "Fuck you're a mess" Peter said while breathing heavily.

    Peter bent down and smothered Nick with a big sloppy kiss. Nick could feel his thick heavy tongue swirling around in his mouth. This brought Nick to the edge. While all this was going on, Nick was still stroking himself. Now with Peter kissing him, he couldn't take it anymore and blew his thick creamy load all over. Right has Peter pulled back from the intimate kiss, a big wad from Nick's swollen rod landed on Peter's lips. Nick watched as Peter's tongue went to work on cleaning the load off his lips. Nick smiled and Peter smiled back. Peter bent over to Nick again and began to lick the cum off his face. Nick smiled as he felt Peter's warm tongue all over his face.

    After Nick's face was clean Peter walked over to the bathroom door; his massive member hanging out his flying and bouncing around as he walked. Peter locked the door

    "I don't want anybody disturbing us." Peter winked.

    Nick stood up as Peter walked toward him. They both embraced in another passionate kiss. Nick could feel every hair particle on Peter has he was pressed up against him. Nick reached around the grab Peter's firm butt. He rubbed his middle finger at the entrance of Peter's hole. Nick felt Peter's cock start twitching and realized that Peter was really enjoying this. It wasn't long before Nick felt Peter's finger at the entrance of his hole. Peter inserted his thick hairy middle finger into Nick's tight pink hole. Nick couldn't help but wince in pain. He didn't realize how thick Peter's fingers were.

    "Damn you are tight." Peter whispered.

    "It's all for you." Nick responded.

    Peter began wiggling another finger into Nick's boy bubble butt. Nick's dick went rock hard as Peter's thick fingers reached his prostate. Nick started kissing Peter all over his neck and chest area. He then worked his way down to his hairy nipples. He bit them lightly and licked them with his hungry tongue. Peter slipped his fingers out of Nick's pink chute. He then started to unbutton Nick's pants. Nick did the same to Peter. It wasn't long before both of them were butt naked in front of each other.

    Peter turned Nick around and bent him over the sink counter. He lifted his left leg up onto the counter exposing his wet pussy hole. Peter inserted is large tongue into the tiny chute. He began to lick around the hole and inserted the tip of his tongue into the opening. Nick's ass ring gave way to this massive intruder. Nick let out a faint moan and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Nick had never felt so much pleasure in his life. Peter began to tongue fuck Nick. His big thick tongue mutilated Nick's tiny hole. Peter then worked his way down to Nick's balls, licking and tongue wrestling with them as he inserted his thumb into Nick's hole. Peter then removed this thumb and replaced it with his tongue. Nick didn't know how long he could take such "abuse" before he would blow his load. After about 15 minutes of this, Peter stood up and aimed the head of his monster right at Nick's butt opening.

    Peter rubbed the head of his fuck tool at the entrance of Nick's waiting hole. Precum oozed from his head an onto Nick's ass lips. He rubbed the precum in lightly with the head of his snake. He then drew of a big wad of spit and planted it right at the entrance of Nick's pink chute.

    "Get ready for Daddy" Peter explained.

    Peter head slipped past Nick's butt cheeks and against his ass ring. With another push the head slipped past the ass ring and made its way in. Nick grunted in pain as this 9 inch thick Czech monster invaded is poop chute. With each inch Nick felt the pain rising. He could feel Peter spreading his ass checks wider and wider. Nick's hole was on fire as this thick snake made its entrance. Finally Nick felt Peter's pubic hair on his butt cheeks. He had all 9 inches up inside of him throbbing to be bounced on.

    Peter began to slow fuck Nick loosening his hole with each thrust. All Nick could do was moan. Peter's pussy slayer was making itself at home inside of him.

    "You are so fucking big" Nick yelled between grunts.

    "You are so fucking tight" Peter replied.

    Peter began to rub Nick's chest and nipples. He pinched Nick's nipples lightly and ran his hand all they way down to Nick's crotch. He grabbed Nick's dick and jacked it lightly. Nick was rock hard and was just at the edge before he was about to explode. Peter rubbed his thumb over Nick's piss slit. Precum latched on as he ran his thumb over and over his slit. Nick bucked wildly with Peter's hard dick still in him as he began to cum. Nick was in so much pleasure that his eyes started water and tears dropped from his eyes. He couldn't believe he could feel so much pleasure like he was feeling now. Peters hand was covered in Nick's dick juices.

    Nick bent up and pressed his back against Peter's chest. He turned to Peter and they engaged in yet another passionate kiss. Peter rubbed his cum soaked hand all over Nick's stomach. Nick began to jerk his hips back and forth on Peter's fuck rod. Nick could feel Peter's heavy balls slap up against his right leg. Peter plowed Nick for a good 45 minutes before he began to reach the edge.

    "Get ready baby because here I cum," Peter shouted.

    Nick felt Peter's thick rod thicken even more as he was about to explode. Peter released thick wads of his cum juice inside Nick's now loosened hole. Cum oozed out the sides and down Nick's leg. After what seem like eternity, Peter shot his last wad and began to slowly pull out his drained monster. Nick winced in pain has the head of Peter's dick slipped past his ass ring. Oodles of cum gushed out after his head cleared away of Nick's entrance. Peter slapped Nick's butt

    "You were a good fuck." Peter said as he tried to catch is breathe.

    Nick just looked at Peter and smiled. They engaged in yet another passionate kiss. After about 15 minutes of them kissing and rubbing up against each other Peter was rock solid hard again. He led Nick over to the stall and walked over to the toilet. He put the lid down and sat down on it.

    "I want you to ride me." Peter explained to Nick.

    "My pleasure" Nick responded with a smirk.

    Nick positioned himself over Peter's now throbbing man meat. He slowly lowered himself onto his thick fuck pole. This time it was easier going in for Nick. Nick was already loose from the last fuck, and the juices still on Peter's dick made the entrance slippery and smooth. Nick began riding Peter hard and fast, his dick slapping Peter's hairy belly.

    "Fuck yeah!" Peter shouted in ecstasy

    Nick bounced and bounced on Peter's lap. Peter rolled his eyes back and his toes curled. Nick knew he had Peter in his control. Nick didn't let up and bounced harder and harder. It wasn't long before Peter's cock swelled up.

    "Oh god!" Peter screamed as he release yet another wad out of his sensitive tender dick head.

    Cum gushed out the sides of Nick's ass opening and fell past Peter's balls and onto the toilet seat. Right as Peter was finishing, Nick began to squirt his boy load; shots of cum splattered all over Peter's face and mouth. Nick almost fell over because his legs gave out on him. He was in another world. After his sexual haze subsided he saw that Peter's face was covered in his goo. He began to slowly lick Peter's manly face.

    "Your tongue feels so good." Peter announced.

    Once Nick licked up all the cum he started to lift himself up off of Peter's now sensitive and worn out man stick His worn out pole slipped out of Nick's butt and fell onto his thigh.

    "I don't think I can take anymore" Peter smirked.

    "Me either" Nick laughed.

    Both Peter & Nick washed up at the sink and gathered their clothes. They both dressed each other and gave each other one last kiss. Peter unlocked the bathroom door and headed out. As they both return to their desks, Peter winked at Nick and slapped his butt.

    "My wife and kids are going out of town this weekend" Peter whispered.

    Before Nick could respond a co-worker had approached the two. They turned to Peter and began talking to him. As Peter and the co-worker walked away, he looked back at Nick and mouthed "Call me". Nick smiled and sat down at his desk. He couldn't believe what just happen. He could still feel cum slightly oozing out of his ass and into his boxers. It was a strong reminder to him of what just happened. Nick knew he couldn't tell anybody about his, not even his friends. This was a secret. a secret that needed to stay inside the office.

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