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  • Uncle takes nephew
  • Bill was a taught, slim 16 year old. At night, he strips down to his briefs to go to bed. One weekend, Billys parents were out of town, and his uncle was staying over to take care of him and the house. A friend of Billys was staying the weekend, named Danny.

    To celebrate the occasion, after getting ready for bed, removing all clothing but their briefs, Billy put on a porno. Billy never got to watch pornos when his parents were home, because he was afraid of them finding out. He knew where his father hid his pornos, and since Uncle Alex was sleeping on the couch downstairs, Billy thought it would be safe. He closed his bedroom door and turned on the video.

    The boys were getting very turned on by the sight of the naked women. Although they were both very much into the on-screen sex, each was also intently watching the others crotch. The boys erections strained against the tight, thin cotton briefs. Talk soon turned to questioning each other about the contents of their underwear. Despite Billys comfort laying around in only his tight briefs, he was hesitant to release his boner in front of his friend. Donny kept pressing the issue, saying he only wanted to know how big it was, so as a compromise, Billy let Donny feel the size of his cock through his underwear. Donny reached over and quickly located the bulge in Billys crotch. He gently grasped it and held firmly. Billys dick could not help but react to the warm touch of Donnys hand. The cotton rubbed againse the sesetive skin of his cock as his friend rubbed the front of his briefs. With his free hand, Donny took Billys arm and placed his hand on his crotch. The two boys now lay feeling each others hard dicks.

    After a few minutes of this, the boys were very enveloped in their activity. So much so that they did not hear Uncle Alex coming upstairs. So it was quite a shock to them when he opened the door onto this scene. The boys quickly withdrew their hands, but the damage was done. Billy pleaded with his uncle not to get him in trouble with his parents. But Uncle Alex was kind. He wouldnt mention this, if Billy did him a favor. Seeing these two teenage boys, wearing nothing but very brief briefs, fondling each other, had given Uncle Alex a problem, and he intended for these boys to fix it.

    First, he had the boys go down into the living room, not allowing them to put their clothes on. Alex followed the nearly-naked boys down the stairs. He told the boys that he was going to ask them to do some things that might seem strange, but to remember what was at stake here. Billy, eager to get himself out of hot water, agreed to do whatever his uncle asked of him, but was nervous as to why they were standng there in only their skimpy briefs. Uncle Alex sat down on the couch and had his nephew stand in front of him. He placed one hand on the boys tight abdomen, and another on his back. He rotated his nephew so Billy was facing his friend. Billy was hyper-aware of his uncles hands on his naked flesh. Then, he told Donny to kneel in front of Billy. The boys heart skipped a beat as his friend came eye level to his crotch.

    Billy had been fraught with worry that his uncle would tell on him, and he had lost his erection. It was Donnys job to get Billy hard again. Donny had no problem with returning his hand to where it had been so comfortable earlier. He found Billys limp dick by feeling the front of his tighty whities. He fondled it, attempting to get it hard again, as per Uncle Alexs instructions. Billy was, however, reluctant to obey. He wanted to please his uncle so he wouldnt be in trouble, but he couldnt feel comfortable standing here, nearly naked, exhibited in front of his uncle, while his best friend knelt before him fondling his crotch.

    His briefs were pulled tight across his crotch as Donny tried to excite Billys cock, and the thin cotton materiel was stretched tight across his bubble butt also. His ass was so round, like two hemispheres. Uncle Alex watched his nephews friend at work, and looked his nephews body up and down. He had thin arms and legs, and a thin torso. His chest muscles were just noticeable beneath the smooth skin, and his abdomen was beginning to develop, but still had the undescribable quality of a boy in his early teens.

    Concentrating on the uncomfortable feelings, Billys dick slowly grew. The more he thought about being on display for his Uncle, the harder his dick got. Donny finally had something substantial to grab hold of. This other boy was very excited at the opportunity to see his buddys hard dick. His own tight briefs became tighter as his dick grew to fill the capacity of his underwear. Given further instructions from his friends uncle, Donny was eager to obey. He moved his face close to Billys crotch, and put his mouth around his cotton-encased dick. Billy instinctively moved back, away from the hot, wet mouth, only to find his ass now in Uncle Alexs hand. Uncle Alex had placed his hand there in just such an event, that his nephew would be unreceptive to Donnys attention. Billy felt his uncle pressing on his buttocks, moving his groin back into Donnys mouth.

    Donny moved his lips and tongue all over Billys briefs, the wetness seeping through to Billys now-hard cock. Billy didnt like that it was his friend that was bringing him these feelings, nor did he like that it was at his uncles command. But the sensation of Donnys hot mouth on his dick, and his hands rubbing up and down his legs was turning him on. Uncle Alex observed how Billy was now pushing his crotch into Donnys face.

    Not wanting Billy to get too excited, Uncle Alex halted Donnys advances. Alex hooked two fingers in the waistband of Billys underwear and pulled his nephew toward him. He moved his hands over the young boys features, feeling his smooth skin. Billy was anxious. His uncle was no longer just controlling this experience, but was taking part in it. He felt his head rush, his cheeks get hot as his uncle pressed his hand against his wet crotch. Uncle Alex again hooked two fingers, one from each hand, into the front waistband of Billys briefs, and tugged them down his legs. Billy had to fight his instinct to cover himself. His stiff cock bounced in the air, the bulging red knob at its tip emitting clear strands of semen.

    Donny stared on as Uncle Alex took Billys tool in his hand and stroked it a few times. Billy gasped as he felt his uncles hand on his member. Alex looked at Donny and asked, knowingly, if he wanted Billys hard fuck tool. Donny crawled onto the couch, onto Alexs lap and took control of Billys organ. Billy felt a rush as Donny took hold of his now-naked member, and he couldnt ignore the warm hands carress. He stroked it as his tongue licked along its surface. Uncle Alex moved his hands over the two boys bodies, paying particular attention to the wet spot in Donnys lap. Billy was astonished by Donnys mouth on his now-bare dick. Such skin-to-skin contact was electric.

    Uncle Alex moved Donny off his lap, unwilling parting the boys lips from his friends receptive tool. He stood up, and told Bobby to get on his knees. Bobby, from this vantage point, noticed the large bulge in his uncles crotch. At Alexs command, he reached up and undid his pants, sliding them down his harry legs. Uncle Alex was in awe as he watched his little nephew preform his duties. He watched as he fondled the front of his underwear, and eventually removed those. He watched as his thin neck stretched out to bring his head closer to the large, fragrant man-tool. The thin lips parted and Billys mouth opened. With his small grasp, he maneuvered his uncles half-hard dick into his mouth. Uncle Alex instructed Billy to suck, while his large hands held onto Billys head, and Alex slowly moved his dick in and out of Billys tight lips. After fucking his nephews face for a few minutes, his dick was fully erect. He moved his length, slowly, farther into Billys sucking mouth. Miraculously, Billy didnt gag as the large member slid into his throat. Soon, the young boy had swallowed his uncles entire cock. Alex left his dick lodged in Billys throat, and complemented him on his cock-sucking abilities. The boy gazed up at Alex, his wide eyes and innocent face offset by the straining lips trying to capture more meat.

    Billys jaw strained open with Alexs huge cock shoved down his throat. He sucked on it, as his uncle had instructed. The taste was not unpleasant, and as it lingered in his mouth, he grew used to it. Still, he couldnt escape the guilt he felt at the activities he was performing. He was sucking his uncles cock. And his friend lay beside him watching. Billy couldnt help feeling exposed, as his uncle positioned him, on his knees, completely unclothed, with his uncles dick in his mouth, his big hands holding his head in place. Then, the mass that penetrated his throat retreated.

    Uncle Alex removed his dick from the pressure of Billys mouth. He removed his shirt and told Billy to stand up. As the boy obeyed, his stiff member brushed against his uncles. Alex ordered Donny to stand at one end of the sturdy coffee table at the other side of the room. Uncle Alex told Billy to get on the table, on all fours, facing Donny.

    Billy climbed onto the table, and his was now taking in the sight of Donnys crotch, wet with semen. Donny moved his narrow hips to meet Billys lips. Billy, keeping in mind why it was that he was forced to do this, enveloped the tip of Donnys prick. Billy tasted the cotton of the briefs, but also felt Donnys pulsating boyhood. As he worked his mouth over his buddys briefs, he felt his uncles hands spreading his ass. Then he felt a wetness, his uncles tongue, touch his squinting sphincter. With applied pressure, the tongue broke the barrier and entered Billys ass. The boys dick, engorged with blood, seemes stiff as rock, reacting to the new feeling of the wet tongue working its way up his ass channel.

    He returned his concentration on the boy standing in front of him, trying to ignore the ass-licking he was receiving. He took the initiative and took the waistband that was hugging Donnys waist. He tugged it down his thighs, exposing Donnys raging hard-on. Donnys ass squeezed as he moved his dick closer to Bobby. At the sight of this skinny boys long, skinny cock stuck in his face, Bobby suddenly became entranced. He looked up at Donny, who was looking expectedly back down at him. Donnys skinny arms supported his back as he leaned his crotch forward. Bobby grabbed the thin penis, its head deep red and thick with blood, oozing pre-cum wildly. Bobby lapped up the strange-tasting liquid, and Donny shuddered at this new contact. Lips encompassed the erection and locked onto the slender shaft. This manageable-sized penis was much more pleasant to have in his mouth than Uncles. Donny began to fuck Bobbys mouth, and Bobby bobbed his head in unison, meeting Donnys thrusts. Bobby sucked the length of his friends hard-on into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, teasing the head and piss-slit.

    It was as Bobby really started to go at Donnys dick that Uncle Alex pulled his tongue out of his now-moist hole. Shortly, he felt a slimy finger push into his anus. It moved in and out, and wiggled around inside the boys rectum. Again, Bobby squirmed, but Donny and Alex held him tightly in place. Soon the finger was removed. Bobby, releasing Donnys cock, turned back to see what his uncle was up to. Uncle Alex stood stroking his condom-covered dick. He stepped closer to his nephews ass, pointing his member at Bobbys small rosebud.

    Bobby couldnt bear the thought of what was about to happen. As his uncle pressed his dick into his ass, Bobbys boyish face contorted. Alex told him to relax is anus, which he tried to do. As his muscles relaxed, Alexs dick slowly entered Bobbys rectum. Donny held tight to Bobbys shoulders to keep him from escaping the intruding penis. He let out a yelp as a sharp pain sounded in his tight ass. Uncle stopped for a moment to let the boys fresh ass adjust to the new visitor, but shortly continued his march into Bobbys anus.

    To the young boy, it felt like an eternity, but soon, Alexs cock was shoved all the way in, his hips tight against Bobbys small ass. Uncle Alex slowly began to rock his hips, moving his massive dick in and out of Bobbys tender rectum. Bobby was breathing heavily as his uncle started to fuck him. The boy remained completely still (except for when Alexs hips slapped against his ass), concentrating on this new kind of violation. Eventually, all traces of pain vanished, and Bobby was left with only the feeling of a big, hard cock sliding in and out of his too-small ass. Indeed, his ass clenched onto Uncle Alexs manhood, involuntarily.

    Uncle Alex stared down at his dick disappearing into his nephews ass. The tight hole grabbed his member, and he couldnt believe he was actually fucking this hot, young boy, his nephew.

    Bobby passively knelt there, on all fours, and let himself be fucked. His eyes were squeezed close, and his mouth hung open. Donny saw the opportunity and placed his dick back into Bobbys mouth. Overwhelmed with sensation, Bobby merely took Donnys dick and sucked it as he had earlier. Now Bobby had his virginity taken from him at both ends. With every thrust of Alexs cock, Bobby was pushed further into Donnys cock, which worked its way into his throat.

    Overwhelmed with the large mass filling his small ass, Bobby passively took his uncles abuse, and began to once again concentrate on Donnys tool. Of course, Bobby couldnt ignore his uncles thick member sliding in and out of his young hole, but he tried to divert his attention away from the unwelcome penetration and toward his friends dick, which was steadily pumping in his mouth. Bobby gripped tightly with his lips, sliding Donnys length further into his mouth, then back, continuing this cycle. The tight ring of his lips found the tender flesh of the cock, where the head and shaft meet. Donnys moans of pleasure mixed with Alexs primal grunts.

    Sweaty and achy, Bobby submitted his body to his uncles fierce pounding. He was startled when Alex took a grip on his dick and started to stroke it. Bobbys boy tool reacted to his uncles touch, growing, even as Alex fucked the skinny kids brains out. The boy gripped the edge of the coffee table, reveling the sensation of his uncles hand moving over his stiff tool. As Alex pumped Bobbys dick faster and faster, he also quickened his thrusts into the boys pubescent love channel. Bobby moaned around the cock filling his mouth, feeling the tension building in his crotch. He was truly being fucked with all the strength that Alex could muster.

    And then, it happened. Bobby, his body jarred by his uncles rough fuking, and breathing heavily through his nose, the sensation of two dicks moving inside him, and the hand job from Alex finally triggered his release. His member began to spasm, shooting streams of hot boy semen onto the table. His ass spasmed around Alexs dick. Uncle gave a great moan, and bucked several last times into his nephew, releasing his own fluids, not deep into the boys stretched rectum, but safely into the condom. Donny, however, without warning, filled his friend with his seed. Shot after shot, Bobby swallowed Donnys semen as it filled his mouth. His lips were sticky with the excess, which spilled down his chin, and down his outstretched neck.

    Alex slowly pulled his cock out of his young nephew, and Billy rotated, laying back on the table, exhausted, his chest heaving with the exhilaration of his first sexual encounter. The taste of Donnys cum lingered on his lips and tongue, and his ass hole was sore. Donny and Alex stood over him, admiring his young, lithe body. Alex began to pull his clothes back on, and told the boys to get to bed.

    But after Donny started upstairs, Alex gently grabbed Bobbys arm, as he followed his naked friend, and told his nephew that he was a good fuck, and that he would like to continue to educate him in the ways of man-sex. But that would wait. Bobby joined Donny in bed, both remained naked. The boy, having just been pressured into sex with his uncle, fell fast asleep.

    The weekend was short, but Alex made the most of his time with his attractive young nephew. He made Bobby wear only his briefs around the house, and subjected him to random sex sessions, bending him over the bathroom sink, or sitting him on the kitchen counter, spreading his long, thin legs wide and filing him with his man-tool. And Bobby would do nothing but take it.

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