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  • Visiting uncle mark
  • My parents went to Antigua for a week during Spring Break in my senior year of high school. They were pretty controlling and packed me off to my Uncle Mark's while they were gone. Normally, I'd have made a stink about being old enough to stay home alone, but the thought of a week with my hot young uncle changed my mind. He was my mother's "baby" brother, about 31 or 32 at the time, single and living in an apartment in the city, 60 miles away from our semi-rural digs. He ran a small landscaping business and was a "hands on" kind of guy. With all the hard-scape work he did, he was pretty buff. I was not very muscular yet, but I had a slim, smooth build that was hot in its own way.

    The couch in his one bedroom apartment was hard as a rock. After hearing me toss and turn for an hour, he invited me to join him in his king size bed. I felt a little weird, but anything was better then that couch. Nothing happened right away. We both fell asleep. The first light of morning was breaking through the curtains when I awoke with a typical morning hardon. Well actually, not typical at all. My boxers were down around my knees. Uncle Mark was mated to me spoon fashion with his arm draped over me gently massaging my flat left tit. I could feel his bare hard rod along the crack of my ass. He was moving his hips gently, so that his cock slid slightly up and down the crack. I found it hard to believe that he thought I wouldn't wake up, but I wasn't sure and didn't want it to end, so I pretended that I was still asleep. I squirmed a bit and moaned as though I was having a hot dream. Hell, I thought, maybe that's all it is.

    Uncle Mark began to hump my crack more seriously. He pulled me tight into his body. I couldn't pretend to be asleep any more and didn't want to anyway. I took my own good sized cock in my hand and began to wank off. He knocked my hand away and took my member in his fist. The contact of another man's hand on my cock was too much for me. I began to spurt at his first touch. He didn't stop when I finished. I moaned with exquisite agony as my balls contracted in protest. Uncle Mark jammed his hips against my buttocks. I felt the eruption through his cock before I sensed the warm wet pool collecting between his abdomen and the small of my back. I didn't count them, but he must have gushed at least a dozen times. When he was done, he rested for minute then went into the bathroom and took a shower. While he was doing that, I reached behind myself and scooped up as much jism as I could manage. I brought it to my mouth and flicked my tongue at it tentatively. It tasted different from my own, a little more sour. I gobbled it down eagerly.

    After showering, Uncle Mark went down to the kitchen. I decided that I wanted his dried cum on me all day so I didn't shower. I dressed and joined him. He asked me how I wanted my eggs, looking at me as though nothing unusual had happened. Throughout the day, he acted "normal" and completely ignored my obvious discomfort with the situation. By the end of the day, I figured that we were just going to pretend it hadn't happened. It was a one-time thing between two guys who were just a little too horny. We were watching the beginning Letterman, when he got up and announced that it was time to hit the hay. Frankly, I was beat and the idea sounded good to me. I had been afraid that, if I got into bed with him again, I couldn't keep from getting a hardon but, tired as I was, it would probably be okay.

    I was a little nervous, but Uncle Mark was as nonchalant as ever. I figured that everything was cool and that what happened that morning was never going to be mentioned again. I went into the bathroom to piss and brush my teeth. I was in my boxers when I entered the bedroom and found Uncle Mark standing there buck naked, feet at shoulder width with his rock hard cock jutting a good four inches past his fist. He looked at me expectantly but said nothing. I walked up to him a dropped to my knees.

    He brushed my lips with the tip of his cock. I let my tongue flit out and taste the clear sour liquid oozing from the slit. I followed with a less tentative lick around the crown, then, summoning up my courage, I opened up and took the fat head into my mouth. Uncle Mark was uncut, but the head was well past the end of the sheath. I had trouble believing it. My first taste of cock and it was Uncle Mark's! He took my head in his hands and pushed me down on himself. I tried to take the whole thing in, but it was too fat and long for a novice like me. I choked and Uncle Mark took pity, pulling me back off it. I let it fall out of my mouth and began licking his groin and balls. They were beautiful, massive things that I took gently into my mouth one at a time. Uncle Mark moaned but he still didn't say a word.

    After a few minutes, Uncle Mark pulled me to my feet and spun me around onto the bed, so that I was lying crosswise on my back with my feet still on the floor. He grabbed the waistband of my boxers and ripped them all the way off. Then he knelt down and put my legs over his shoulders. His head went down but he didn't stop at my cock. Instead, he went below and took a long lick from my asshole to my balls. I sighed heavily. Then I felt his tongue darting into my asshole. I moaned loudly, but I took my cue from him and uttered no words whatsoever. He worked my butt furiously with his tongue. I was in heaven.

    Just when I didn't think that I could take any more, Uncle Mark pulled back and stood up. He leaned forward forcing my knees into my chest and placing the tip of his cock against my now sloppy asshole. With no lube other than his own saliva, he pushed in. I didn't really know how to open up, but that didn't stop him. I screamed as he rammed his big bone deep inside me. When he had me fully impaled, he stopped and held me tight. We lay like that for a good five minutes, me crying quietly and him licking the tears from my face. After a while, the cramps subsided and Uncle Mark pulled his hips slowly back. I ignored the pain and concentrated on the feel of his hot cock inside me. He pushed back in and my own cock throbbed in response. Slowly he increased the length of his strokes and sped up the rhythm. Eventually, he was slapping my butt cheeks loudly with his hips at the bottom of every thrust. Even though it hurt, I reached around and grabbed his ass pulling into me time after time. I wanted to cry "Fuck me, fuck me hard, Uncle Mark," but our unspoken pact of silence held me back. Once again the friction of our bodies caused me to cum first, and again Mark followed in short order.

    I savored the sensation of the hot juice in my rectum as Uncle Mark repositioned us lengthwise on the bed all without pulling out. We lay like that for about ten minutes until his softening dick popped out of my hole. I made a small whimpering noise as it did so and he smiled. He shifted slightly to the side in order to get his weight off me. His left leg was draped over mine, so that each of our cocks was pressed against the other's thigh. His left arm was draped across my chest. Within a minute of his head hitting the pillow, he was snoring softly, his face only inches from mine. I regarded him carefully. Shaggy, red-brown hair framed an angular face, good looking but not fag pretty. In fact, apart from the closely trimmed beard, it was like I was looking in a mirror with a time delay. For years, family members had remarked how much we looked alike. Pictures of him in high school were dragged out to prove it. Of course, my lanky body was nothing like Uncle Mark's buff one, but old pictures of him in a swimsuit showed that he was as gangly as I in high school. I ran my hand down his muscled back and let it linger on his bubble butt. Maybe some day I drifted off.

    We went on like that, fucking like bandits in the morning and the evening and playing uncle/nephew for the rest of the day. He did as much work as possible from home, mostly keeping track of his crews and lining up new jobs. We went to a baseball game on Sunday and a museum on Monday. That last one surprised me. On Wednesday night, he took me to a bar with a lax carding policy. A couple of girls hit on us and we let them follow us to his house. We fucked--the four of us in the one bed. Mine was a little on the thick side, both physically and mentally. Uncle Mark pulled a couple of condoms from the drawer of his bed stand. I hadn't realized he even had them. I fumbled putting it on, but my fuck partner helped me with it. Unlike our earlier Uncle Mark got his partner off in a just a few minutes. I went on for a long time while they watched. My partner came in wave after wave. Her friend said she got herself a winner. The truth was that I was having trouble cumming. I finally faked it, figuring that the rubber would hide the truth.

    When I pulled out, Uncle Mark was hard again. His partner asked if he wanted to go another round. He shook his head and said, "Watch this." He got behind me and pushed my face into the pillow between them. As he pushed his throbbing cock into me, they screamed and scrambled out of bed. They grabbed their clothes and headed for the bedroom door, but stopped and turned to watch. For about a minute they watched him plow me wordlessly. Then they giggled and left. After our fuck the next morning, Uncle Mark made breakfast and talked admiringly about my staying power the previous night and how his "date" would have liked to have had a go with me. He made no mention of how the night ended.

    For the rest of the week, we tried everything I had ever heard of and more. On Thursday night, he put me across his lap, cock-to-cock and spanked me until we both came. It was way hot. The next morning my ass was purple. When my parents came to pick me up, Uncle Mark announced that I was going to work for him in the summer and live at his place. It was news to me, but I eagerly agreed. He assigned me to the hardest jobs and I began to fill out. He also got me a temporary membership in his health club and showed me how to train. We fucked nearly every day and still never discussed it.

    On the last night before I left for college, I watched him looking down at me after he had cum and I realized that Uncle Mark was in love with me. Not that he loved me like an uncle "loves" his nephew. Not that he had the "hots" for me as I certainly still did for him. No. He was "in love", whatever that means. It's not something I understood then (or even now) but I figured I could use it. He bought me things throughout my college years and sent me a fair amount of cash. In return, I spent every third weekend or so at his place and I enjoyed every minute of it. I also worked for him during summers. Of course by that time, I was fucking a lot of college hotties closer to my own age, many of whom I picked up working out in the gym.

    Along the way, I became more versatile and Uncle Mark had to adjust. I don't think he really liked being bottom all that much, but he was willing to switch off with me in order to keep me coming around. By the end of my junior year, I was every bit as buff as he and a dedicated top. For the last summer, I lived with him but didn't work. He still gave me all the money I needed and took the bottom role permanently. After I went to med school across the country, I didn't see him very much. We haven't fucked more than half a dozen times since then. He drinks too much now and is starting to go to flab. Sad. Whenever I see him at my parents' house, he looks wistful. In all that time neither of us had ever said a word about our sexual relationship or his feelings about me. I feel bad then. I really appreciate those first fucks with him and I surely enjoyed the later ones.

    But, shit! I have my own life to live, and these are a lot of men I haven't fucked yet.

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