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  • Silver bear
  • About 5 years ago on a brisk evening in New York City, I hooked up with a beefy ex-college football lineman my age. He was a brawny businessman from Oregon with as much of a leather glove fetish as I had. I didn't know that at first. I was on a business trip. A little small talk about each others' turn-ons and the fact that we were both gloved that evening. Early in our conversation we shook hands, and he had a firm, very powerful handshake. We kind of massaged each other's gloved hands. With a few winks we were on the way to his hotel room. We began to play and undress each other, hugging and kissing constantly until we got down to our gloves and underwear. He asked if he could try on my sexy Damascus 301 cop gloves and I was very willing because I wanted to wear his thin, unlined dark brown leather dress gloves. We swapped and I almost came when I saw him in my gloves. His hands were bigger than mine so my unlined gloves fit him like they were painted on his thick hands.

    He struck a fighter's pose with his gloved fists up and he looked like he could do a lot of damage if he wanted to. I asked him later why he did that and he said it mad him real hot! It made me real hot too! And he sold the "tight leather gloved fists up" pose. He said he had boxed in the Marines. He asked if I could take a punch. I think I said "Not from you". He just laughed.

    He was shorter than I but much more thickly built. He was silver gray with a beefy torso. I remember his cock being short but all I could get my mouth around. He liked to have his ass played with and his balls and calves massaged when he got sucked off. Loved that tight leather gloved touch! And he sure knew how to suck cock. We 69'ed at the end of a lot of foreplay with him pumping his hard cock in and out of my mouth. He got the same treatment and he came first. He may have even given me more pleasure than he got. But seems we both had a good bit of cum available to swallow. Really hot session! We went at it all night with gloves on.

    An authoritative looking older man with his tightly gloved fists up, looking like he'll do what's required to get the sex he wants is very exciting to me. I'm not looking to trade gloved fist punches although I've done some of that too. Of course that's certainly not required. Satisfyingly everyone always gets sucked off. Sometimes someone gets fucked, but not without consent.

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