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  • The day i met my dad
  • I was walking along the road, a 20 dollar bill in my pocket and my travel bag on my shoulder, my head still echoing with the shouting of my Mom and our the meeting with my Bishop. Yes I was gay; yes--I knew what that meant for me, loosing my priesthood, loosing the temple access, and at the end being excommunicated from my church. Leaving the ward where I grew up, all my friends, especially Bill, my buddy Bill, rather Elder Thorresen, once my best friend. Bill Thorresen and myself grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same church, attended the MTC in Salt Lake at the same time, and, like if that wasn't enough for bonding us together, we did our two years mission together in Norway. So yes, Bill was my best buddy, and suddenly it seemed that this friendship was history...all our souvenirs erased because I openly admitted I was gay?

    I just could not get all that crap out of my head, and here I was, my bag on my shoulders, heading to the bus station, without any destination in my head. See, Mom and Dad got divorced ages ago, Im not even sure exactly when. As long as I can remember, Ive always been with Mom. Ive got two sisters, almost my age, and Mom, being a teacher was working hard and took care of us all. Thanks to the Church structure, weve been able to grow in a so-called family surrounding. And yes, things were okay for a while. Church every Sunday, met some nice friends, the one I could share my feelings about life with...and I admit it--it kept me out of the street, the booze, drugs, the smoke

    Sex... What a dreadful subject that was at that time. I knew my hormones were starting to give me some needs, but I could not talk about them. Like every Mormon teenager, I discovered sex through the solitary pleasure of jerking off in the shower, or in the darkness of my bedroom, feeling dreadfully guilty each time. I read an article in the church magazine "the Ensign" written by the Church President that was telling, more or less that, "You are what you read or do..." Was I condemned to Hell because I loved playing with my dick? Something the church condemns!

    I did not know anymore... or rather I knew it too well. Thanks to Coach Johnson, who, one afternoon after wrestling practice, shared the shower with me, and...well, you know what I mean, I got that wonderful feeling when I saw his big thick body in the stall near mine, lathering himself with Irish Spring (I love that smell...) and taking time soaping his cock and balls. I was trying not to watch, but it was too tempting, to warm, to hot... I could not keep my eyes out of that wrestler of a man, enjoying his dick, openly jerking off in the shower while I was watching him...what a sight that guy was. Thick neck, smooth body like marble but so heavily build he looked like a living replica of a statue by Leonardo Da Vinci...

    I was hard and he saw it and...before I knew it, I ended up on my knees with Coach Johnsons cock tickling the back of my throat. I never felt that wonderful before. Coach was such a man in my 19-year-old eyes, that when I came, all over his legs, I then was sure that sex was not a sin. Having such a wonderful pleasure could not be a sin...could not send me to everlasting hell.

    I kept that secret to myself, until years later, one Sunday, Bill and I, just before Sacrament meeting. While we started to talk about sex and girls...I told Bill about that wonderful experience I had had, relying on our friendship to keep the whole thing between him and myself...and it all started. Bill got white with panic, told me I was spitting on the face of Christ and of the church, and went and told the Bishop (his dad) about my sexual adventure. best friend had just betrayed me and I was feeling no sorrow. After all, if nobody in that church was able to share my joy, share the pleasure it is to FINALLY know where I belong to, to know WHO I was their mistake, and I would not have anything to do with them all any longer...

    So I was walking along the road, my dick half-hard in my jeans (them bloody hormones, Im telling ya!), looking for the last time all the places I knew so well, Jerry and Gaby bakeries, the 7/11...the Dunkin Donuts where Bill and I used to get some Boston creams walking back from school...Jefferson High, the buildings, the sport field... the rail track on the back.. it was like walking through my childhood for the last time...

    I turned on Alabama Road and joined the bus station. Normally, there was a bus that would get me to Beaver Creek in no time, and then...bunk with Vick and Dan, two friends of mine from high school who were sharing a flat on main street, waiting to get a job, and get things started. I had no plans for now College was not starting until four more weeks and the job I normally did within the church was now history. Well, I was trying to make some see the future. I had to be confident. If my choice was the right one, God would not let me down...I was sure of that.

    The bus got there and I boarded it. It was almost empty and I got a whole row for myself. My mind was wandering, nothing special, I just wanted to live proudly . The bus stopped at Beaver Creek railroad station, this is where I got down. It was the end of the day, and the air was getting brisk. I went to the Mc Donalds where I knew Vick and Dan were working. They had been fired two weeks ago after an altercation with some customers that ended into a fight...shit! I did not have a clue where they were bunking, and with 20 bucks in my pocket, I was bound to spend the night somewhere in a park...

    I got myself a meal deal and tried to sit down, but the restaurant was packed and I finally found, near the window a small table still empty. Thatll do fine. Unfortunately, that did not last long as I saw, a pair of stone washed Levis, over 2 dark cowboy boots and a deep voice saying, "Mind if I sit down here buddy?"

    I raised my head and saw a truck driver standing by my table. He grabbed the seat in front of mine. Looked at me, smiled and started to eat.

    "Tom is the name," he said extending his hand over the table.

    "Jeff Reizwijk . Nice to meet ya Tom. ".... The truck driver almost chocked on his sandwich.

    "What did you say your name was? Jeffrey Reizwijk? ... you mean the son of Lisa Reizwijk from Greenwoods?"

    Now I was shocked. "Thats you know my Mom?" I looked at the stranger... not sure what to expect.

    "Fairly fact...we lived together for 7 years..."

    "What did you say your name was; Tom?" I asked, trying to know more about that man. He looked at me, and his piercing blue eyes linked with mine.

    "Tom Reizwijk ...I am your father, Jeff "

    "Bloody Hell! Dad... Holly cow, I just can't believe it. So great to finally meet ya. I mean, YESSSS! Ive finally met you! That was in my evening prayers for sooo long." Dad looked at me and grinned, blushing. "At least one of you guys is glad to see me. Ive been trying to get some news, but, for some reason, I did not get any answers back. I supposed you never got my mailings, right?"

    "Never heard about you since that day you left."

    "And I wrote to you guys every month. Guess my letters ended up in the trash. How are things at home?" he said finishing his coffee.

    "Not bad. Leslie and Jessica are still in high school and doing great. And me...well...Id rather avoid the subject," I said, looking down on the table.

    "Listen son, this is not the best place to have a father-son chat.. Are you heading somewhere with your bag? Can I give ya a ride home?"

    "Anywhere but home...Mom just kicked me out of the house. It's a long story. Ill tell ya about it later. Where are you going now?"

    "Im on my way back home for the night, but Im heading to San Francisco tomorrow. Ill take you home for now, and tomorrow, if you wanna join me, you can, unless you've got better plans."

    I jumped on the occasion. "Id love that!"

    "Well...let's hit the road, and back home," he said grabbing my bag like if it was a piece of paper. " I don't live far from here anyway. You all right with walking?"

    "Sure..." and we walked side by side... I took time to look at dad. My Daddy! 6 ft, red haired, nice thick beard, long thick moustache, two porcelain blue eyes, hairy thick arms, Dad looked like a solidly built man, not with long hours in the gym, but just that kind of natural build power, achieved after years of hard work. A red flannel shirt, stone washed jeans, cowboy boots, and a baseball hat on his head. dad!

    "So youre a truck driver? I thought Mom told us you were a mechanic?"

    "I was...until I got that home where I live now, and the mortgage, and well, I needed a better job to pay the bills. So...I left the valley and went back up to the mountains. I love it around here."

    Outside it was the magic moment when sunset becomes dusk, the sky turning deep purple, orange, blue, red, like if burning with a magical fire...some stars started to show over the mountains, and the forest on the hills around Beaver Creek started to get dark, thick with mysteries...

    "Here we go," he said pointing at an isolated log cabin near the river. His truck was parked on the field. We walked the last 500 yards and there we were. Dad opened the screen door and pushed in the front door. "No need to lock it around here," he said, "come on in son, be my guest."

    The house was small but neat. It was obvious that not many women ever entered that house, but it was clean, dust free and cozy. "The bathrooms over there," said dad pointing to a wooden door on the left. "And the bedroom is there. Youve got the kitchen straight ahead and the garage is through this door. Well, not as big as your home, but That's all Ive got to offer."

    Dad disappeared in the bedroom. "Make yourself at home Jeff. Go into the kitchen and help yourself with anything. Im just getting at ease for the night."

    I sat on the couch and turned the TV on. Not much was on, so I switched it back off and put the radio on, Beaver Creek country station 98.4 KXTU was on playing, "Chasing that neon rainbow" by Alan Jackson, one of my favorite songs.

    "You don't mind Country Music, do you Pups?" said dad from the bedroom.

    "Love it dad. You don't know but I belonged to the Church Country Line dance group." I looked around and found some magazine on the coffee table. I grabbed one with a handsome hairy bearded guy on the front cover and started to browse through its pages.

    I thought Id passed on--that magazine was full of naked hunks, with heavy bodies, showing their thick hard long cock to the camera, sucking each other, some fucking each other, their long cocks inside the hole of their fuck mate... It was the first time I ever saw such a magazine and I could not keep my eyes out of it. I browsed through the pages. On one set of pictures, there was that guy from the front cover fucking a blond young guy. The man had a massively thick cock, and was ravaging that blond boy's ass with stamina... That was so hot to look at that I got my dick hard and started to get badly excited. I had to rub my dick through my jeans.

    In fact, I was so excited and so busy rubbing my dick through my denims that I did not hear my dad entering the living room. He was just out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist. Boy, dad was not only good looking--he was also hairy. A nice silky reddish fur was covering his thick broad chest; his shoulders were massive as well as his biceps... Dad was the kind of men I was attracted to... I could see the outline of his cock through the towel, it seemed to bounce against the cotton material with each steps.

    He saw me with the magazine in my hands and became embarrassed. "I should have stored these away," he said. "That's not the best way to greet ya in my home." He sat by my side.

    "Where did you get em from? "I asked waving the magazine I had in my hand. "They are great!"

    "You don't find them offensive?"

    "Hell no, Dad, I love em. Never found any like that before. And theyre great. These guys seem to enjoy themselves so much."

    Dad smiled, "Well, I supposed it 's a way to see things..."

    "Please Dad. Don't feel sorry. This is absolutely wonderful for me." I said all excited. "Its the first time I 've ever seen such a magazine, and I just love it." I cleared my throat, "Dad, we need to talk. I must tell ya something...please don't get mad and if after that, if you wanna beat the shit out of me, fine...but I must tell you something."

    Dad looked at me, seriously, "Have you been to jail? Killed somebody or steal something?"

    "Hell no, Dad, the reason Mom kicked me out of the house, and I got out of the church is because I am gay."

    Dad remained silent... He looked at me.

    "So what? " he said, raising his eyebrows.

    "Nothing. I am gay and I decided it was time for me to live with it and be proud of it. Mom and the church refused to understand me and they kicked me out...that's it. Hope youre not mad at me or something..."

    Dad did not say a word, but he rose from the sofa, went to the kitchen and came back with two bottles of Rolling Rock. He had put his boxers on.

    "Have one of these son. You may probably never have tasted a beer yet, but I sure do plan to change that." He took a gulp out of his bottle. "Son, thanks for being honest with me. I can't tell you that I am thrilled with joy, because youre bound to face a hard life. Being gay is one thing, being open about it is another. Son...out there, there are many more of them church fanatics that will be only too happy to hurt your feelings because youre different. So, unless you feel okay with the guy in front of ya, do not mention your sexual lifestyle to anyone. What youre doing in the secret of your bedroom is nobody's business but God's and yours. Anyway, certainly not any church fanatics!"

    Dad and I kept on chatting like that until at least midnight. He explained to me why things went out of hand between him and mom...simply because while mom thought he was cheating with everybody, Dad was simply cheating with one of the new hired mechanics, where he used to work at that time. Mom being very much into religion did not accept that and gave dad such hell that one day, dad took his stuff, walked out of the house and that was the end of it.

    We both were pretty relaxed now, and comfortable with each other, Dad was still in his boxers, his hairy chest glistening under the light and me slightly drunk, by his side. We were both on the sofa, my head resting on his crotch, I could feel his cock under the fabric, could get some glimpse of his smell. dad was also gay. That idea got my cock getting hard with can I explain him that I find him hot and I am drooling to put my lips on that piece of equipment that seems to be stretching his boxers.

    "Time to hit the sack, Pups. Weve got a long ride to do tomorrow," he said, patting my head. "Youre welcome to sleep on the couch if you want or join me in my bedroom. Ive got to warn you, Ive got only one bed here."

    "Id rather sleep with you."

    We went to his bedroom. Dad went inside the bathroom to brush his teeth, I quickly jumped out of my clothes put on my pajamas and hopped under the comforter...already with a boner at the idea of sleeping next to Dad. When I saw him coming out of the bathroom, my heart went boom, boom. Dad was so nice looking. He switched the lights off and came by the window; the moonlight outside was bathing the bedroom with that distinctive white blue light. Outside, I could hear an owl, and the horn of a freight train slowly approaching Beaver Creek Station.

    I saw Dad pulling his boxers down, the shape of his cock was massive, it seemed to hang heavily, and his balls were bouncing back and forth with each of his steps. Dad went into bed and immediately turned his nightstand lamp on.

    "What the hell is that?" he said pointing at my pajamas. "Son, get out of that nonsense RIGHT NOW!"

    "But am I gonna sleep?"

    "The way everybody should...naked!" he helped me take my top off. "Much better...much, much better...son. Youve got a nice build now, lets see what youve got down there." he said pushing the comforter by the bottom of the bed, exposing his now rock hard cock. It was nice, not very long but nicely shaped, thick and heavy. The red pubic around was trimmed. "No need to be shy Son. I am certainly not. You don't have to be embarrassed by your sex."

    I pulled my pants off, and kicked them on the floor. I was hard as a rock. Dying to put my lips on Dad's cock, to play with his hairy chest, to have him fuck me...

    "Nice tool youve got here son," he said. "That baby should give you a lot of pleasure during your life." He put his hands on my cock, and started to stroke it gently. I felt an electric shock wave course through all of my body.

    "Relax Son...let your body take control for a change."

    "Dad...please don't stop... Its out of this wor..."

    I could not finish my sentence as Dad grabbed me in his arms, and pressing his furry body against mine, he took my jaw in his hand and stuck his lips on mine, pushing his tongue forward, caressing my mouth with his thick tongue, sharing his breath with mine, sending bolts of sexual energy all through my brains, while his other hand was jerking me off, gently...on a slow but steady rhythm.

    "Yeah...that's my boy. You like your Dad, huh, Son. Yeah...Im gonna make you cum like you never did...the way you deserve to cum!"

    My nuts were boiling like maniacs, I was on the verge of cumming. I cuddled against Dad, feeling the head of his thick cock pressing against my left leg. Dad adjusted it and put it right in the middle of my ass, his cockhead against my ass hole.

    "That's better, " said Dad, pressing his cock against my ass hole " I bet you never had anything inside that ass of yours... We'll have to change that Son."

    "Dad Im gonna ejaculate.." Dad laughed.

    "What did you say, Son? You don't ejaculate...youre gonna cum. Youre not in Doctrine of the Gospel class here, you can call a cat a cat, a cock a cock and you can cum... Yes boy... um for Daddy...come on...sit on my legs and rub your dick against mine. Let's cum together."

    I straddled my dad's massive legs and pushed my pelvis against his groin, our cocks were now rubbing one against another. Dad took them both in his huge hand. The feeling of his cock against mine was beyond anything I ever felt before. It was a pure gift from Heaven. I felt my dad's balls pressing against mine, his hairy crotch bouncing against my legs, his massive hairy chest was breathing heavily, his golden hair shining with the moonlight. Dad was bringing me to a massive orgasm and I could not hold it any longer.

    " out!" I warned getting dizzy with the feelings " I can't hold it.. Im gonna cuummmmm.." and I splashed his chest with long, syrupy streams of silky cum, that hanged on his hairy chest like Christmas decorations. Dad grunted loudly, and pushing his groin up, lifting me up, I saw his pee hole getting wide open and thick gushes of fragrant cum being thrown up in the air before landing on his chest, making a mess against mine.

    "Whoa! " said Dad as he pulled me down toward him, and rubbed his hairy chest against mine, spreading cum on my chest. He gave me a long kiss. "That was something, huh Pup?." His breath was still heavy, and I could feel his heart banging against his ribcage. He released me, and I rolled over on my side the bed.

    "Dad...that was...just...out of this world! How did you know that I wanted to have sex with you?"

    "I didn't " said Dad, "Until I saw your dick hard as a flagpole. Then I realized that maybe... I could have that special bond I always wanted to have with my son."

    "You were attracted to me?" I could not believe that such a gorgeous man, who must have been able to fuck every single boy in Beaver Creek and on this side of the mountains, was interested in someone as dull and blend as me.

    "Absolutely." dad said grabbing my hand and holding it strongly in his. "Youre a handsome boy, Jeff. These years of wrestling did a marvelous job on your body. Youre gonna drive em boys crazy I can tell ya!" he smiled at me. "Well, pups we can't sleep like that. Lets hit the shower and try to get some sleep, otherwise, we will never leave town tomorrow."

    Dad and I headed for the shower, I was laughing like someone too happy, filled with that unbelievable feeling of complete fulfillment, like if, my prayers were answered.. I was a happy 23-year-old gay man. We took our shower together, Dad scrubbing my back and helping me to get rid off the long strings of sperm that were hanging from our bodies. His limp but heavy cock flapping against mine, his eyes sparkling with energy and wisdom. We dried ourselves and went back to bed. The night was quiet. I don't know what time it was but I did not care, I was bathing in the moonlight, my naked body next to dads. I heard him flushing the loo and switching off the bathroom light, he joined me in bed.

    "Good night Son..." he said, rolling on his side of the bed.

    "Night dad..." I lay in bed for a while, my eyes wide open, I still was badly excited and my cock was rising again up to full attention.

    "Dad...." I muttered in the silence of the night.

    Dad came closer to me, and extended his arm around my shoulders..."You all right Son? Any regrets?"

    "No Dad. Not any. Just an unbelievable feeling of happiness I never felt all these years. Dad. Can I do something?"

    "Sure...whatever you feel," dad said.

    And lifting the comforter off, I bent forward at dad's crotch and gave his cock a kiss "Thank you." Then I took his cock inside my mouth and started to suck it, the best I could. Dad moaned, but after few seconds, while his cock was getting hard he stopped me. "Not now, Pups...we gotta sleep!"

    I raised my eyes and he looked at me stunned.

    "Dad, I want you to teach me about the way men love each other. I want you to fuck me, I want to suck your cock like no one else did..."

    Dad raised himself on his elbows, looking at me strangely...

    "Horny little devils are we? Youre hot for your old man , aren't ya Pups ?" He pulled me towards him, his thick moustache tickling my ears. "Nothing would make me happier than teaching what I know about gay sex, and fucking you, but I swear that if we don't get any sleep now, tomorrow shall be a disaster. It is quarter to two, and Id like to leave town before 10 am, so for the time being, even if Id love to fuck you now, let's sleep and take care of that need another time. All right Pups?" He kissed me good night, and we fell asleep, side-by-side, father and son united under the moon.

    It was dawn when I felt something against me. Dad was cuddling, circling my body with his arms, breathing lightly against my neck. I stretched in bed, slowly realizing where I was and with who I was. I shivered. Dad felt it.

    Good morning Pups..." he whispered, kissing my neck, then gently biting my earlobes. I could feel his hard cock resting against my ass, his cockhead against my hole. I got a hard on. Dad felt it.

    "Do you want to make love before we get up?"

    "Yes dad, I'd love to!" I whispered, not sure if he would get mad, still feeling sort of afraid of enjoying myself. I heard Dad turning toward his nightstand and grabbing something out of it. Next thing, he was rubbing my ass with something cold and slippery..

    "Ive to tell you pups, it may feel uncomfortable at first. Just let me know if it hurts and Ill stop, all right?" said Dad pressing his cockhead against my hole. He went on, "Now, I want you to push against my cock...slowly son...let your ass adjust to the size of my meat. All right? Yeah...just like this...see...its fitting perfectly. Does it hurt?"

    My ass was slowly stretching against his cockhead and little by little, and it did not hurt. It was just strange to get something inside my ass. It felt like if I wanted to take a dump. Slowly Dad managed to introduce all the thick inches of his man cock inside my ass. He finally stopped, resting his balls against my ass cheeks, his cock buried up to the hilt inside my boys ass, his hairy chest against my back.

    "I love you Son. Glad we finally met," he said, grinding his pelvis against my ass, sending his cock deeper and deeper inside me. I was now completely impaled on dad's fuck pole. I had to stop, the pain started to come and go. I just needed to get used to the feeling of his big, thick cock buried deep inside my stretched bowels.

    Then, when I felt right, I started to move up and down on his cock. Dad did not do anything, he just let me fuck myself with his pole.

    "Pups, youre a natural...yeah...ride my big cock...come on Pups, make your old man cum." He was breathing heavily, his cock getting larger with each twitch of my burning ass. My own cock was leaking pre cum like a tap, something I never noticed before, when I was jerking off. I must have rode his cock for at least 10 minutes my own dick becoming more and more sensitive, ready to burst with a spray of thick, creamy jism. If only Bill and his fucking father could see me. I felt some laughs building inside me.I was feeling so good I laughed.

    "Yeah Pups...let your body enjoy sex...laugh at all the shit them mormies stuck into your brain. Cum for your dad, son! Spray your fuck juice over me." With that Dad withdrew himself, rolled on his back, his hefty cock standing straight up...

    "Come on Pups, sit on it...and let's cum together... Ready?"

    Before he finished his sentence, I was straddling him, and locked my eyes inside his two blue ones, while in one long slow motion; I impaled myself up to the hilt over his thick cock. Dad, still buried inside my ass, rolled and I ended with my back against the mattress, dad standing in front of me, my ass linked to his groin and my legs on his shoulders.

    "Much better," he said. "Now, I can see you while I fuck you, Pups. Yes...fucking you... for real... Love ya pups!"

    Dad clamped his hands against my waist, and pulled me closer to him, forcing my dick to rub harder against his hairy belly. He plunged his cock faster and faster. I could now feel his dick inside me, his mushroom shaped cockhead swell and scrape against my bowels. My own dick was filling with cum. I knew I could not hold it any longer. I looked at Dad's golden chest glistening with sweat, under the first rays of sunshine, the bedroom was filled with an amazing rosy-orange light.

    "Come on Pups, let it go...I can't hold it any longer," said dad in an breathless moan.

    I looked at his bearded face, and tilted my head back, moaning as the first shot of hot fuck juice burst out of my cock and splashed over my chest. Before long, I could feel his knob throbbing up my ass as he unloaded this thick sperm.

    Dad collapsed in my arms, still trying to catch his breath. He too was panting and dripping with sweat as he finished shooting his load. Dad withdrew his now limp cock out of my stretched ass. Dad had taken a hand towel out of his nightstand and was whipping off my cum off my body.

    "Whoa. Thanks Dad. That is surely the best wake up Ive ever had since I was born!" He bent over and kissed me.

    "My pleasure Son. Remember...a man should always enjoy his cock, no matter how he does it. Now," he said patting by butt, "ready for a shower and to go. I must go to the old barn depot grab a trailer, and then...on we go. I hope youre not too hungry. We'll stop somewhere to grab some breakfast..." He smiled at me, his beard glowing under a ray of sunshine.

    "Dad, can I stay with you? I don't feel like going back to BYU and sleep there."

    Dad looked at me. "Youre not leaving college are you? " he said, harshly.

    "No, I just rather sleep and live with you, and take the bus to BYU every day."

    Dad smiled and nodded his head. "That would be great Pups. I sure would enjoy having you here with me, stay as long as you like."

    I looked at my dad and gave him a hug.

    I closed my eyes and I mumbled, "Dad Ive missed you sooooo much!"

    "I know pup. I know."

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