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  • The slave boy
  • I had been told when and where to go earlier in the week but hadn't had any correspondence from him either by e mail or on the phone. Driving along with the directions I had been given I felt my heart beat a little faster in anticipation. A new place, a new face and a cock as yet unseen and before my visit was over stuffed into my mouth.

    I took a deep breath after making sure I had the right address and found myself at his door. He welcomed me in, smiling, and I noticed he almost immediately shut the door and locked it after I crossed the threshold. He motioned for me to sit down but I knew better than to do so until he had first. I was told it was a good thing that I was on time and that punctuality was very important-that I never wanted to be late. He raised his eyebrows as if to drive home the point. We made small talk-about the weather, sports, the town. Looking at his watch he said I should know where everything is and we got up from our seats. I knew we were getting started; we walked down the hall and he showed me the bedroom and mentioned that we would be spending a lot of time here and in the living room. I gave him a small bag containing handcuffs I would wear as well as the key to them which he would wear around his neck, a leash and a small two-sided hand mirror. "Okay...I have 8:20 and you should set your watch to that. You have till 8:35.Fifteen minutes-that's all."

    "Yes Sir."

    "Oh... and leave your watch behind-you won't need to be concerned with the time once you come out. I'll see you in the living room."

    I stepped in the bathroom almost immediately taking off my clothes and folding them neatly, placing them in a corner. This took no time but I also had other things to do. I already had on a thong-type underwear and I hoped he would like them. I was, on any and every visit, session, to have washed my hair, put on any talc and/or aftershave and be completely shaved as far as my chest and ass mattered. It was a matter of respect as well as an order from him.

    I slipped a collar around my neck making sure the eyelet was exactly under my chin. If I was to go from one room to another I would do so with the leash attached. I checked myself in the mirror and then turned to the side looking at my profile. I had been told to reserve some time in these last 15 minutes of freedom to think about dedicating myself to his pleasure and nothing else. Following orders and doing so enthusiastically. At work I called no one Sir but here I would. It was all about him and working to please him.

    I wanted to sit down but I was told at no time was I to sit anywhere in the bathroom-not on the toilet or the edge of the tub but on the floor. I looked at my watch and saw I had only 5 minutes left. My mind wandered back to the phone call I first made and the nervousness-telling him what I wanted, needed and hearing him tell me to go on, his breathing just a little bit heavier as I did. I slipped off my watch and stepped out, the air now cool now that I was nude except for a collar.

    He was sitting on the sofa again as I walked out to the living room and started 'modeling' for him, turning around my hands on my hips and then above my head. I turned around and wiggled my ass-nothing but a thin piece of fabric between my cheeks. After what seemed like several minutes he told me to stop.

    "Very good. Strip."

    I hooked my thumbs around either side of the thong and slowly pulled them off, stepping out of them. I felt an odd sense of excitement. Here I was, having to go to work, on my feet while he did nothing but enjoy the show. Now I was completely nude while he was still dressed. I bowed my head, my arms at my side.

    'Turn around and put your hands on your ass."

    I did so and he had me that way for what seemed like an eternity. I felt the cuffs go around one and then the other wrist and snap shut. Another minute and then I was told to turn around. He had the leash in his hand.

    "Chin up...up!" He patted my chin with the back of his hand and attached the leash giving it a few short yanks down and then side to side. And then stepped back, "Okay ...on your knees and sit back on your ass."

    I did so right where I stood.

    "I want you to bow your head and close your eyes and keep them closed until I say otherwise."

    "Yes Sir."

    I lowered my head. For several minutes I sat like that until I could feel him near me. "Keep your eyes closed" he said, putting a hand on my forehead and tilting it back. "Now open them."

    I did and saw his cock inches from my face and then looked up at him, He was looking down and smiling. "Take a good look at it because it's going in your mouth. Not once but twice. The first time because you want it, the second time because you need it. By the time I finish coming in your mouth you'll be addicted to my cock. Don't think for one second you won't be."

    "The second time it's going to take longer for me to come and you'll have to work longer and harder but you will kiss, lick and suck and do anything you have to and are told to get me off.

    It was big and long and I had never seen his before as we had agreed I wouldn't before tonight.

    "Now you've only been with three guys and never finished a blowjob? Well count on being a certified cocksucker before you leave here. Think of it as something you owe to those three guys while you service me. "He chuckled. 'It's only fair."

    'There are some rules and you should never forget them. You don't speak unless spoken to. If you absolutely have to speak you ask permission. If you're told no-to shut up and do what you've been told -you do just that. You always call me Sir. Understood?"

    "Yes Sir." I said looking at him.

    "You want to be a slave? There's more to being a slave than just getting to have my cock in your mouth. Right now you're lower than a slave and you'll have to work to earn that title. You have a lot to learn and I expect you to pay attention to any and everything I tell you. If you become a slave I will be your teacher as well as your owner."

    "You will entertain me-dancing specifically and you'll practice and work out a home away from our sessions. You'll also have chores to do-things I don't or shouldn't have to do like cleaning the floors and bathroom."

    "There will be 'homework' assignments I'll have for you after you get dressed and before you leave here and I'll expect hem done upon your next session." He was standing with his hands on his hips now.

    You'll be here on time too. If you're not-you will be disciplined that night or some time in the future-don't think I will forget any occurrence. You won't either and will keep a small notebook for all this too."

    "Failing to call me Sir, speaking out of turn, showing up late are all reasons for discipline. This means ten lick with a belt to that ass for each one. Understood?"

    "Yes Sir."

    "I also have one more rule and it's more subjective," he hesitated. "If I don't feel you are enthusiastic enough about anything you are told to do you might be disciplined for that as well."

    He pulled on the leash and told me to move on my knees to between his legs where he sat down on the sofa.

    "Tonight we're going to cover oral. Next week-we'll being covering anal."

    I glanced up at him-the cuff key on the chain around his chest and then back down at his cock pointing straight up in the air his balls hanging down between his thighs.

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