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  • Stuck with a greek bear god
  • My fucking luck! This morning, of all days I overslept and managed to miss the 6:45 train. Then once in Paddington station, I rushed down to the underground to find out that the circle and district lines were having severe delays, due to signal failures between Gloucester road and South Kensington, and there I sit, sweat already starting to trickle down my spine, making my shirt stick to my back. I have an interview this morning. Not for something major.. but in order to finish paying for my studies, I found myself a job with the GCCL [Greek Chamber of Commerce of London] and must absolutely be on time for my interview..; I can t even imagine being one second late ..The job is interesting, well paid and would give me a chance to earn a bit of extra cash, something that will definitely please my bank. .. and There I am, waiting until 20 minutes later, a train arrived and I crushed myself in (I did not mind the gap between the train and the platform by the way, and almost lost my shoe in the rush ..) my station, I took a flying leap of the tube, rushed outside the station, turned left and sprint the last two blocks to the office . Normally this would be nothing for me, Hell, I jog one mile a day, but wearing a suit and nasty painfully tight leather shoes does not help. Bloody nuisance! By the time I get to the lobby of the Victoria Tower, I had to make a beeline for the lifts. It s one minute to eight and I m sweating bullets...

    I make a final dash to the bank of lifts that'll take me up to the 16th floor and my interview, only to have the doors to the last car slide slowly closed in my face. I look up at the control panel. all four lifts are at floors five or above and all four are headed up... "FUCK!!!" I growl out loud, making the guy at the newsstand look up at me, startled over the top of his morning paper. Even if I run the steps all the way up to the 16th floor, Ill never be on time anyway... Hell, I might just as well start looking for a new job... "Hey matey !" Its the bloke at the newsstand. I look over at him and he was motioning me over to his counter.

    "What is it?" I called out, none too graciously, Im afraid.

    "Take the freight lift, mate; the doors are just now opening. It is sure much faster than rushing it up the stairs."

    "Thanks" I shout as I dash across the lobby and down the hall to the freight lift . The doors slide open as I approach and jump on board gratefully. I hit the button to my floor and the doors close.

    As it starts going up, I lean back against the wall and take a deep breath. Gosh, it is hot in there. And it is also pretty wide. It is almost four times the size of any lifts or elevators I have ever been in, and I soon notice, it is not air conditioned either... I swear my friends; it is easily 40c, 100F in there. I pull out my hanky and mop the sweat off my face I can already see my interviewer looking up disapprovingly and judging me badly when I will finally reach the office of my interviewer whose name I can t even remember . .

    My thoughts are interrupted as the elevator slows at the 6th floor. The doors open and a big cart packed with boxes and a computer rolls in. I step aside to get out of the way as the load comes within inches of my feet. The doors shuts slow as molasses while I stand there impatiently tapping my foot .

    "Hey, Good morning", a deep voice rumbles. I look up and see a dark haired guy, wearing a dressed shirt without his tie, his sleek head poking around the stack of things on the cart . His teeth are glistening white beneath his big, drooping thick handlebar moustache and a 2 weeks unshaved beard very gruffy and sexy indeed .The guy is heavily build, thick as a brick wall and his open shirt does display an amazingly thick dark mat of hair. Boy, just what I like. I love bears...silly me! It would be hilarious if I ever arrive at my job interview with a hard on... Not sure I would get the job though, but that would be a laugh, really.

    Just hearing that voice now has set my asshole to vibrating mode and is threatening to start me leaking cock juice down the front of my trousers any seconds.

    "Damned hot, huh?" he continues, evidently ready to carry on the conversation all by himself. "Are you new around here? Dont ever remember I having seen..." he breaks off in mid sentence as the lift shudders and clanks and grinds to a stop.

    "NOT AGAIN!" he groans.

    I reached over to the control panel and start punching the buttons frantically. "I must get out of here" I mutter, a tide of panic rising in me as I think of the time slowly slipping by.

    "Hey boy, calm down" I feel a strong hairy hand on my shoulder and the panic drains right out of me, replaced immediately by a strong emotion."This happens all the time," The accent was singing... Not English, just not sure where from. The guy came close to me, "My name's Giannis..." his voice practically whispering in my ears, "Believe me I work here. It'll be out for forty minutes or so, and then itll start up again. There is not a darn thing we can do about it. Just relax okay?"

    I looked around and look him in the eyes. Theyre big and green, framed with a thick fringe of dark lashes. His high cheekbones, hawk-like nose and bearded chin all combine to create a macho look that is already making my 24-year-old cock hard, in spite of my pressing employment worries.

    "Giannis... are you from Greece?"

    ,"Im Greek indeed; from Thessaloniki. Geia sou." he looked at me, and gave me a grin and a wink and I smile back, figuring that as long as I am stuck, I can't think of a more desirable partner.

    "You might as well shed your jacket my friend" Giannis continues, looking at the sweat beading up on my face "There is no reason to be anymore uncomfortable than you have to be."

    He takes his own advice, taking of his white shirt, and draping it over the handle of his cart. I must be groaning out loud when I see him, because he looks up at me, a naughty smile playing around the corners of his sensual lips. "That s better," he whispers.

    Yeah, it is better indeed. He is absolutely as hot as I have always fantasized a bear god would be. This man is a copy of one of these old Olympian Greek Gods whose name I forgot since I finished studying Latin and Classical Greek. The man must be in his early 50s, is built like a human Acropolis - broad shoulders, thick chest slabbed with muscles, washboard belly and beefy arms... the fur on his chest is so dark I can hardly see his skin, just letting his brown pinkish nipples slowly emerge out of that thick fur, no thin line of hairs on the belly... the same wide thick mat of hair disappears into his black slacks. Thick veins run up his forearms and snake across the heavy curves of his bulgy biceps. From the way his thighs and calves are straining against the fabric of his trousers, I figure he is as well built below the belt as he is above .

    As my eyes stray down to the bulge in his crotch, I can't help wondering whether he is well hung. In my fantasies, bears like him are always hung like bulls. But this is no fantasy... Greeks are known to be hung like horses, and bloody hell, that guy as 100% made in Greece and Greek quality, I can assure you.

    I slip my suit jacket off and fold it up on packing crate. I loosen my tie and start unbuttoning my shirt, keeping my eyes locked in Giannis. I figure I might as well let him see what I have to offer. After all, we do have some time to kill and it is way too hot to keep my clothes on, anyway."

    "Looks like youre a swimmer," Gianis says approvingly as I pull my shirttails out of my trousers.

    "And a runner," I reply, letting the shirt join the coat on the packing case.

    Giannis reaches across and puts a big hairy hand on my chest, "Smooth as silk," he murmurs approvingly, flickering a rough thumb over my right tit. "Hmm... I wonder if your ass is as smooth as the rest of you."

    I nod and without even thinking, I pressed my left hand between his legs, on his crotch... Fuck... something thick is being packed in there... whoa, whoa, whoa ...

    "Its also pretty damned tight, unless youve got the right tool to loosen it up." Giannis comes close to me, his hairy chest caressing my silk hairless body. "We'll just have to see about that" he growls, grabbing my ass and pulling me up tight to him. My cheeks brushes against his thick moustache and then, my lips are crushes against his as our tongues make hot, wet contact. I run my hands up and down his sweat slicked back and down over the tight mounds of his arse. He keeps grinding his pelvis against me and I can feel a serious lump straining to get free of the confines of his trousers. I reach between us and start working the buttons on his fly. They pop open easily and my fingers sink into the coarse, curly bush of his pubes. The guy does not even wear underwear--what a tease that is! I explore the base of his cock, tracing the big veins on the back of it, trying to encircle it with thumb and forefinger. I can not tell how long that schlong is, but the damned thing is really thick. My ass-ring spasms and I trust my tongue deeper into his sweet, hot mouth.

    Giannis unbuckles my belt and has my trousers down around my knees in a couple of deft moves. My aching cock pops up between us, the pinkish mushroom shaped head nuzzling Giannis' hard hairy belly. He starts massaging my ass vigourously, his fingers constantly brushing my ass-lips, making me tremble and moan and groan and shiver in anticipation.

    The next thing I know, Giannis lifts me up and sets me down on top of one of the crates on the cart. He drops his head and take my cock into his mouth, his lips tightening just behind the swollen head. I kick my trousers from around my ankles and brace my feet against the wall of the lift. Giannis hands are splayed out on my chest as he starts to suck the honey out of me. He goes down on me slow and easy until his nose is buried in my silky bush. I feel his tongue lapping my balls while my cock's flexing deep in his tight throat.

    Giannis has a great tongue; I knew that would be the case, as he is a darned good kisser as well. It swirls up over the mushroom sized knob that crowns my own Welsh six-inch piece, making me tense up until the muscles in my legs stand out in sharp relief under my freckled skin. Next thing I know, he's sucked my nuts up into his mouth alongside my cock shaft and his head is bouncing up and down as about ninety miles an hour. Then, my prick is slapping against my belly and his long tongue jams deep between my legs. I gasp out loud and grab onto his furry shoulders as he starts rimming me, his head forcing my legs wide apart.

    The sweat is pouring off of both of us by this time, and I am about 20 degrees hotter than this frigging freight elevator, I can assure you. I reach down, grab my ankles and pull them up to about the level of my ears, opening my fuck tunnel as wide as I can. I can feel his lips kissing my asshole as his tongue punches deeper and deeper, and I do my best to kiss him back.

    "Keep that sweet hole open boy... Im cumming in." Giannis grunts, lifting his head and licking his lips as he speaks. He stands up and when I look down along my heaving belly to his crotch, I figure I can't forget every fantasy Ive read about Greek bears. This guy with the tongue of destiny is cocked like a fucking stallion!!! He's uncut and when he shucks back his skin, a head about the size of a ripe apple pops out, all glistening with his pungent juice. The shaft is darn near as big as my wrist and the veins running across the broad thick back of it look like a relief map of a major river system.

    "Blyme!!!" I gulp on in spite of myself.

    "You like that, don't you, pretty boy??" He grins at me, squeezing it around the base and swelling it to even more monumental proportions. "Thirteen inches, base to top!" He said to me matter-of-factly, slapping it against his palm and squeezing out some precum to slick down the head.

    Wanna suck it for me, huh? It would feel really good down your throat, but Ive got better plans..." he paused...locking his eyes into mine. He spat in his right hand and started massaging its cockhead... "Just think how good thats going to feel reaming your asshole out. I 'm going to fuck you the way we, Greek people, do fuck... Going to give you a fuck you wont ever forget." He reaches up and grabs my nipples, twisting and pulling on them until my dick is bouncing around and leaking all over my belly, totally out of control. It is all I can do to just roll my head from side to side and hope I won't split in half when he rapes my chute.

    I moan like a cub as his cockhead stretches my asshole to the limit. I wont survive this. This is way too mad. Gently, slowly, Giannis pushes his cockhead inside me, a bit deeper each time, until. WHAMMM!!! It's in...

    Once Ive clamped down, around the base of the crown, I can tell there is no turning back.. Giannis eyes sort of roll up into his head and his hips start jerking in and out, feeding me inch after swollen inch of his huge cock. He is only a little halfway, and I can already tell he is drilling virgin territory.

    My cock is tingling, my nuts are hugging tight along the shaft and I am getting body rushes like crazy every time he pushes in deeper .It feels like the fucker is cramming his joy knob up into my throat; in and out, in and out, slow and easy but still managing to drive it a little deeper every time. Just when I think he is punching a hole in my diaphragm, I feel his dense pubes tickling my smooth arse and I know he is in all the way .I sigh with relief and prop myself up to my elbows, wanting to watch his cock pumping in and out of my ass. It slides out, inch after inch, until the head is still wedged into me. I tighten and squeeze my ass-ring, squeezing him in a vise-like grip. He looks at me and smile. I reach up and wrap my arms around his strong neck, pulling him back into my guts up to the thick veiny hilt.

    I rub my chest against his bulging pecs teasingly, then lower my head and bite down hard on his left nipple, crushing my nose in his thick hairy chest. His grip on my waist tightens and I can feel his piece flexing in my gut, poking me like it just grew another inch. I hook my legs around his narrow waist and he leans back against the wall of the lift, his hips trusting up into my ass fast and furious. I reach down between his legs with one hand and make a grab for his balls. They are fat and heavy, hanging low in his hairy ballsac. I squeeze the bag tight, popping them out in a tight knot. I yank down on them every time he drills deep into me, loving the incredible way his cockhead feels as it swells and thrashes around inside of me.

    The thick dense hairs on his belly are standing up straight as he humps me, tickling up and down my swollen cum-tube. My nuts are crushed tight against the base of my dick and then he catches me just right on the down stroke, because all of a sudden, I am shooting a thick gob of spunk right up to the ceiling of the lift. It splatters against the fluorescent light and hangs there like wax dripping off a big candle.

    My asshole clamps down so tight that old Giannis looks at me in surprise. I throw back my head and howl as the cum starts pumping out of me in a flood. It arcs up between us and I feel it landing on my chest and shoulders and then a big creamy rope hits me across the bridge of my nose and drips onto my lips. I lick my lips greedily - I taste custardy. Giannis must agree, because he is soon licking me like a bear licking some honey, his rough tongue lapping up all my salty cum. When I am drained dry, I collapse against him, my breathing rough and ragged. I can tell by the way his body's still tense and knotted that he has cum yet.

    "What do you need, mate?" I gasp as soon as I can speak.

    "Shit, Boy!!! Im going to built up some speed and shoot my load inside you. Roll over on these crates and let me REALLY fuck that beautiful ass of yours."

    I unhook my legs from around his waist and pull reluctantly off of his prick. The darned thing is swollen up so hard it looks like it hurts -- I have never seen a cock that massive curved up against a man's belly. I climb up on the crates on the cart and kneel in front of him, bracing my arms against the opposite walls.

    Giannis cock slides up my asshole this time like it is custom-made for the spot. He spears me in one long, uninterrupted stroke, only stopping when his belly slams against my sweat-slicked ass. Then he starts pounding me like a pile driver, his big nuts slapping up against my own cock at every stroke.

    After a couple of minutes of this frantic pounding, my dick is up against my belly again and my nuts are clenched up into a knot. Every single time he plows into me, I can feel his cockhead widening my insides, spending incredible waves of pleasure racking me from head to toe. Giannis leans over me, tracing his tongue up along my spine and kissing my shoulders; I can feel the sweat dripping off him, filling my nostrils with his strong musky amber scent.

    He wipes his hairy chest with his hand and sticks his fingers into my mouth. I suck them greedily, rubbing my back up against his sweat-soaked torso .and clamping my ass-ring down right along every inch of his pistoning cock. Just as I can feel my second load boiling up in my balls, Giannis gasps and starts fucking my arse so fast my head is banging into the wall. Then he grabs me around the chest and pulls me back against him, holding me so tight I can hardly breathe.

    I reach back and hook my hands behind his neck, my lips seeking his panting mouth. He plugs his tongue into me and then he goes off like a boiling geyser. I can feel his body shuddering against me as he floods my guts with his thick Greek honey. I can feel his cockhead pulsating while gushes after gushes of hot male cream is being poured inside me...What a wild amazing feeling ! It makes me weak with lust and the naughty desire to do it again and again.

    I lean against him and Giannis rubs my belly and thighs until his cock slips slowly out of my ass and slaps wetly against his hairy leg, his cockhead giving my thigh a last caress, He grabs a hanky out of his trousers and wipes the sweat out of my face, then gives me a big wet kiss, his moustache bristling against my upper lips.

    "You better get dressed." he says finally, pushing me away gently."I really had a great time I must say. Youre one hell of a good kisser and a good bottom."

    He put his shirt and trousers back. "By the way, Im Daffydd.. Daffydd Jones. Born and bred in Wales. Im from Blenau Ffestiniog," I gave him a quick kiss... "Thanks so much for that great sex. I needed it badly and youre one fab kisser too..."

    I dry off and get dressed quickly, hoping I won't look like I've just gotten the shit fucked out of me when I finally get to my interview. Then Giannis leans over and kisses me again, and suddenly I don't care how I look.

    "What is the purpose of your visit? Are you meeting someone here?" asked Giannis, while he finished buttoning his shirt.

    "I was here for an interview at 8 am... well, forget it... I will get kicked out big time anyway... Im 50 minutes late..."

    Just as Giannis is adjusting his cock along his left leg, the lift lurches and starts to climb. Number sixteen lights up and the doors open, just as I step out into the lobby, Giannis follows me, and went to the left, towards the reception desk. .A redhead girl with a strong Irish accent greets him...

    "Mister Lambritakis, Im ever so sorry but your early interview has not turned up yet... All the others candidates are here though... Should I let the 9 o clock candidate in?"

    Giannis looked at the clipboard, the PA was handing him. "Thanks Mary. Okay. Let me see. 8 oclock... Mr. D. Jones..." He looked at me...

    I was there, dumfounded... shocked... shaking like a leaf before a thunderstorm. I just got fucked by the guy that was supposed to interview me... He looked at me and slightly caresses his crotch, winking at me, and then he turned toward his PA.

    "Do please cancel all the further appointments," Then calling me, "Here is Mr. Jones, I just hired him... Could you issue him his company and canteen passes and show him around the department? Also, Mr. Jones will be coming with me to Athens the 17th; do make sure his ticket is booked with mine." He discreetly caress my ass...

    The Irish PA looked at me with a friendly smile. "Should I book a separate room for Mr. Jones as well?"

    Giannis looked at me, licking his upper lips. "No need. Well sort something out once there... It's only for 4 nights anyway, Ill manage sharing my bedroom." He cleared his voice, and went on "...because I shall personally take care of his training, do make sure the spare desk in my office is all equipped for him by this afternoon. Everything is in this cart..."

    Then, he shook my hand with a glowing smile, "See you in a moment..." Gannis threw me a discreet kiss and a sexy wink... At that moment, I decided to learn Modern Greek.

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