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  • A night at the theater
  • My friend Norman and I decided to break up our holiday together which had included plenty of touchy feely stuff and lots more sucky, sucky stuff...but that's another story. We bought tickets to a touring Broadway show and took our seats. There was an empty seat next to me and in my usually grouchy fashion waited for the fat, smelly old lady who usually occupied that seat whenever this happened to me and I dreamed of the "special stud."

    When the seat was still empty just minutes before the curtain, I held out hope for extra leg room, but then I heard a gasp from Norman and looked up to see a strikingly handsome, well built, well dressed man in his early thirties easing into the seat. My heart skipped a beat as the conductor raised his baton and the overture began as the house lights dimmed.

    I felt Norman's hand almost immediately on my thigh, but instead of the usual gentle squeeze it was a push in the opposite direction. I was confused. Then it dawned on me. I glanced down at the powerful thigh on my right. This guy was built! Slowly I moved my right thigh to gently touch his left. He didn't pull away! Very, very slowly I moved infinitesimally closer as the curtains parted.

    Throughout that long first act, I felt his amazingly powerful leg pressed firmly against mine. My heart was pounding; I barely was aware of the show or poor Norman; I was acutely aware of the man sitting next to me. Slowly I turned my face to him and took in his strong profile looking straight ahead. His jaw had that steely gleam of a man who shaved three times a day and had a very hairy chest!

    Intermission came and we stood up to allow others to exit the row. Norman excused himself to cruise the john and I stood in the aisle with my new found friend. I commented on the fact that he was rather obviously well built. He said that he had twice been on the Olympic weightlifting team, but was now a premed student just in town on business overnight. We chatted for a while, then he excused himself to visit the men's room. Of course, I followed...right to the adjacent urinal.

    I was all eyes as he unzipped and whipped out a beautifully circumcised cock. My wide eyes popped as the stream flowed and I didn't care how many others were in the room. The stream ended, but he remained in position and gently stroked that amazing piece of meat into full erection! What could possibly happen here? The buzzer rang for the opening of the second act. He replaced his picture perfect cock and started back to our seats.

    Norman was in place. I was trembling all over as the house lights dimmed. But in the darkness, I felt the comforting return of the powerful thigh to my side. This time I put my hand on my own right thigh and almost yelped for joy when I felt his hairy little finger entwine mine and urge my hand to his thigh.

    I squeezed his thigh and felt him slide slightly forward so that my fingers easily slipped under his suit coat and I felt his cock, still hard through his trousers. My hand remained there until the long scene break in mid-act. I leaned over and whispered, "Where are you staying?"

    "I was going to look for a place after the show."

    "My friend and I have a room with two queen-sized beds right across the street. We'd love to have you share."

    "I have a feeling I'd be well cared for there. Sure thing."

    After the show we walked quickly and immediately to our hotel with Norman remaining unusually quiet. When we reached the room, my new friend who introduced himself only as "David" wondered aloud if the room service was any good. We immediately ordered him a dinner and drinks and he reminded me that his initial impulse was that he would be well cared for with us.

    He removed his shirt and tie while we waited for the room service and we saw the black hair emerge from the collar. Seeing us looking, he unbuttoned the shirt all the way down. Norman and I were creaming our jeans at the sight, but room service arrived.

    We watched him eat and drink and carried on a lively three way conversation that never mentioned anything to do with sex. He was on his dessert when he said, "Why don't you guys go ahead and get ready for bed? I'll be ready to join you soon.

    We removed our dress clothes and quickly covered our bodies with robes in the presence of his obvious magnificence. When he finished eating, he stood up and stretched and then said, "Guess I'll get undressed now. You guys wanta watch, just sit there."

    Slowly he stripped off his clothes until he revealed the finest body either of us had ever seen. Dark curly hair spread across a magnificent chest and trailed down to surround a a large, thick cut penis which hung over ponderous hairy balls. When he was naked he walked slowly around the room picking things up, looking out the window, checking the locks, etc. until finally he turned and said, "I don't suppose that I could impose on you guys to help me shower? I sometimes have difficulty reaching my back."

    The three of us were squeezed into the large shower in no time at all. Norman and I are in our fifties and experiences like this'll happen rarely. Eagerly we lathered that amazing body and the two of us felt dwarfed by the size of him. We had never encountered such a magnificent specimen in our lives!

    It was a very long shower, but like all good things it had to end. David emptied his bladder and strode into the bedroom where he stood in front of the window looking out. Finally he turned and said, "That was nice. I like to have people look at me and want to touch me."

    Norman and I had tent poles extending from our robes and we devoured his magnificent body with our eyes. Once again he strode around the room letting us see him from every angle. Then he flopped down on one of the beds and lay on his back spread eagled. He flashed his sparking smile and said, "If you are going to join me, now is the time. I do need my rest you know."

    In a second we were on the bed laying on either side of him. Norman and I are very oral and I don't just mean that we talk too much. We gave him a tongue bath like he had never had before. As he became aroused we took turn licking his cock, his balls, his ass. We fondled his body with our hands and played with his hard, pointed nipples. Norman nodded at me and I understood that since I had found David, I was entitled to the first load.

    I licked the swollen head of that marvelous dick and licked the length of his hard shaft. Norman's hands were all over David's body. Soon I felt the long shaft down my throat. There was no pumping. David could have been asleep for all the participation he was giving. Then as I felt him swelling to an amazing size, I simultaneously felt Norman's familiar lips on my dick professionally working me to a quick climax. In this manner, David and I climaxed together!

    When he had come, David stood up, stretched, pulled back the covers on the other bed and said, "I've got to get some rest now. It's been a long day. You two share that bed and we'll see what we can do in the morning. I don't know why I always awaken hard in the morning."

    With that comment he slipped into the bed and seemed almost immediately to go to sleep. Norman and I turned off the lights and climbed into bed together. We had never been so good together before. With the picture of David still in our minds, we sucked each other for more than another hour before dropping off to sleep.

    I awakened in the morning to see Norman beside David, his hands all over David's body, and his mouth on David's genitalia which were even more impressive in the hard light of morning. I watched while Norman brought him to a lusty climax, then David suggested that we order a room service breakfast. This guy really liked to eat, but so did Norman and I. We looked at the heavy beard which had emerged on David's face overnight. Norm and I would take a week to grown a beard that heavy.

    We both stroked his body gently until room service appeared. As we went to cover his body, he said, "It's okay. I like to be looked at. Remember." We let the room service waiter in and when we saw his eyes go wide and the tent in his basket grow enormous, Norman and I looked at each other and knew where we might find meat for our dinner this evening.

    After breakfast, we had a repeat performance of the night before: The shower, the joint pleasuring of his breathtaking body, and then we watched him dress. "Got to catch a plane. Thanks for helping me out last night, guys. Maybe we'll see each other again sometime."

    Then he left and Norm and I wondered if we had dreamt the whole thing. We checked our wallets and found that some money was gone from each, but no more than we would gladly have given him. We shrugged our shoulders, popped back into bed together, and knew we would have inspiration for a good many nights together.

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