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  • A busy week
  • I took early retirement from teaching at fifty when my dear old Dad passed away and left me the family business to run. It's the local florist shop and I soon found out that my loyal staff could run it with little help for me. I had a lot of time on my hands.

    My Dad knew that I was gay, but he was very supportive: his only disappointment was that he would never have grandchildren. It was he that I turned to when each of my relationships broke up for whatever reason. He would take me in his arms like he did when I was a kid and hug me better. I miss him a lot.

    I live alone at present in a large house with extensive gardens. Although I'm into my middle age, I still look pretty good. I have a manly muscular body and a mop of black curly hair. And I'm very well endowed with a smooth skinned uncut cock that's ten inches when hard. I like to keep it busy.

    I've now established a pretty regular weekly schedule that keeps both my cock and ass hole happy. It hardly ever varies except for holidays and when something unsuspected comes up.

    On Mondays, I get up quite early and shave and shower before driving over to meet Charles for a round of golf. He's a cute thirty-year-old business guy who plays an exquisite game. Even with my handicap, I seldom win--until the afternoon that is.

    We lunch together at the club and then I take him back to my place: oh I forgot to say that Charles is married, but I've never met the lucky girl. As soon as we close the front door we're all over each other kissing and rubbing our hot cocks.

    After we've ripped off our clothes I kneel down and suck his smooth cut eight-inch dick with my fingers inside his tight ass hole. He moans and groans as his cock explodes in my mouth and I swallow his sweet love juice.

    Then he pulls me into my bedroom and he lies on his back with his legs wide open for me to fuck him with my rampant cock. I take him slow at first and, from the look in his eyes; I know that this is the treat of his week.

    I pull his legs up around my shoulders and he squeezes hard down on my cock to signal that he wants it harder and faster. I go for it and fuck him like a stallion fucks his mare. His eyes glaze over in ecstasy as my cock pulsates deep inside him and my warm cream fills his tube.

    I collapse on his horny young muscular body and he kisses me gratefully with his smooth tongue in my mouth. Then I suck his cock again until he comes and my cock is stiff for him again. At least two more fucks are the order of the day.

    Then we dress and I run him back to his car at the club and we have a drink together until it's time for him to go home.

    After supper on my own, I spend a few hours at my local bar. I've got to know Alex the part-time barman who is a student at the local university. This guy is drop dead gorgeous and we have the hots for each other. We chat together when he's not busy and joke about. He always wears his voile see through shirt for me so that I can make out his huge sexy nipples.

    When the bar closes, we walk to my place arm in arm together in the dark. Every now and then we stop to kiss and fondle if there's no one else around. I just love to kiss and cuddle his eighteen-year-old horny body.

    There is no need for words as we strip off in my bedroom. We both know exactly what to do. I lie down on my bed and Alex sucks my cock until it throbs and spurts in his mouth. Then he kisses me with his tongue in my mouth so that I can drink my own love juice. Then he opens my legs and shoves his silky smooth hot nine-inch uncut cock into my tight ass.

    He fucks me slowly for a few minutes before he pounds in and out of my love hole until I feel his spurts of warm cum inside me. I scream with joy as my own cock tingles and shoots ribbons of cum all over him.

    Then, after a rest, we get to suck and fuck again and again. When we're quite exhausted, we get into bed and fall asleep in each other's arms.

    On Tuesdays, I invariably wake up with a raging hard-on and with Alex's stiff cock up my hole. I let him fuck me as much as he wants before I run him back to his place. I know by the look in his eyes that he loves his Monday nights and Tuesday mornings with me.

    Then a few hours later, my doorbell rings and I open my door to find my two gardeners waiting for me. They're both handsome studs. On sunny days they wear only cut-off jeans, socks and boots. They come over as very sexy. Hank is the taller of the two and he's about thirty with a very dark hairy chest. Chuck is only twenty-three and he has short golden hair and a smooth body.

    I smile a welcome at them and I walk over to the side gate and unlock it lo let them get their equipment into the rear of my garden and they get down to work. Then I watch them closely as they go about their business thinking about the cocks they have inside their denims.

    Chuck's dick is smooth and thick and eight inches when hard. It has the most amazingly long foreskin that completely covers his helmet even when his cock is as stiff as a poker. Like me he shaves his balls smooth. Hank's got a thin cut cock that is over eleven inches when fully aroused. His balls are covered in a bush of dark hair.

    After a couple of hours, I make them some sandwiches and lots of refreshing hot tea and, if the weather is right, I serve the meal on my patio. When they're finished eating and drinking, Chuck usually starts the sucking session by unzipping my pants and taking my ten-inch boner in his mouth. Then Hank pulls down his denims and shoves his cock into my mouth as my hand plays with Chuck's foreskin up the leg of his cut-offs.

    Soon we're all naked lying down naked in a daisy chain with me sucking Chuck's fat cock, Chuck sucking Hank's and Hank sucking mine. Oh, how the thrill of this kind of threesome sex turns me on. We all soon cream each other's mouths and groan, groan and groan in pleasure.

    Chuck and Hank pull their shorts back up again and, after a few loving kisses between the three of us, they get back to work for the rest of the afternoon. I go into the kitchen and start to prepare a meal for my sexy hot workers.

    After eating, we strip off and take a shower together. I fondle Chuck's foreskin until his cock is stiff for me and Hank shoves his hard dick between my legs. He kisses the back of my neck and fondles my swollen red-hot poker. Then we dry each other off and take turns sucking each other until my love hole is aching to be fucked by Chuck's beautiful hot cock.

    I walk into me bedroom and lie down on my bed with my legs bent up and wide apart. Chuck goes to my nightstand drawer and takes out the tube of lube. I thrill at the sight of him pulling back his foreskin to show me his glistening purple helmet. How I love that beautiful fat cock inside me.

    He lubes his dick and then he lubes my love hole as Hank sucks the tip of my stiff cock. Then he pushes his cock deep inside my man-cunt in one long thrust until our smooth balls clash together. My whole body shivers in joy as he begins to fuck me furiously. I look into his eyes to see the passion this sweet young guy has for me. I squeeze my rectum down on his boner to increase his pleasure and he fucks me on and on until he squeals with joy. I feel his cock throb inside me and then I feel the warmth of his love juice deep within me. He carries on fucking me until my hard dick spurts inside Hank's worshipping mouth.

    Chuck pulls out of me with a 'pop' and lies alongside me and sucks my nipple and fondles my sticky cock. I open my mouth when Hank kisses me so that my cum dribbles into his. Then I get down on Hank's cock and suck it hard while playing with his huge hairy balls until his sperm mingles with mine down my throat. Then we all doze off for a while.

    An hour or so later we wake up and I get to fuck Hank doggy style. I love to fuck his tight ass hole while wanking his cock off. Chuck reams me with his tongue until my pucker is horny for his cock again. He slips inside me and he fucks me as I fuck and jack off Hank. Oh, what a perfect end to an afternoon of love.

    When Chuck and Harry leave my house, I catch up with the news on TV until my doorbell rings again at eight o'clock sharp. It's the Thai lady-boy masseuse on her regular visit to keep me in shape. I open the door to let her in. She always wears a low cut dress to show off her huge shapely boobs and black nylon stockings and high heel shoes. I help her in with her bag of tricks.

    She goes straight to the bathroom and runs me a hot bath and I begin to strip off in the bedroom. When I am naked she leads me into the bathroom by my dick and I get in the foaming water to soak for a half an hour. She returns to the bedroom and lights the scented candles that she brings with her. They make me quite heady.

    When she returns she is out of her dress and I see those lovely naked tits of hers again. She has only a suspender belt around her waist to hold her stockings up. She sports an eight-inch dark brown uncut cock and shaved balls between her legs. I stand up with my cock semi-stiff cock as she rubs my body down with foaming bath lotion.

    Then she rubs a wet sponge all over me before turning the shower on. Her hand finds my rampant cock and she starts to jack me off. Although I pay her for her services, I know that my dick is a special treat for her. She often tells me that I'm her favorite customer because of that exquisite hotrod of mine.

    After drying me off, she puts a fresh sheet over the bed and I lie down on my chest and she messages me expertly with aromatic oils. In a half an hour, I feel the tension melt away from my neck, back and thighs. Then she lies on top of me and I feel her bouncing tits on my back and her hard cock between my legs.

    When she gets off me, I roll over for her to message my chest and legs until all my body feels like jelly. Then it's time for her to fuck me with that hard cock of hers. She kneels between my legs and pulls them over her shoulders as her dick slips into me. I look up at her gorgeous boobs that begin to bounce as she humps in and out of me.

    Then I get up and sit on my bedside chair with my hot cock in my hand. She comes over and stands facing me with her legs astride me and sits down on my red-hot poker. I suck her tits as she sucks my neck and then she starts to rock my cock in and out of her tight hole.

    She deep throats me as the fucking gets hotter and I jack her stiff-again cock until it spurts all over me. And then my cock explodes my love juice deep inside her and my cock tingles and throbs.

    After I pay her, she dresses and gives me the usual box of chocolates in reward for my letting her fuck me. She kisses me fondly and takes her leave. What a perfect end to a Tuesday...


    I just love Wednesday morning: it's when my house cleaner Dave comes over to refresh my place and take care of my laundry. I hear him let himself in at about nine and he gets busy downstairs. I stretch my limbs in bed and stroke my hard cock and feel the beneficial effects of my Tuesday night massage.
    Then I think about Dave working downstairs. I had gone through quite a few cleaners before I found him and he turned out to be reliable, thorough and, most important, one of the hottest young studs in town. So hot, in fact, that he works in the nude.

    I think about him and his gorgeous body as I hear the vacuum cleaner strike up. He's just turned twenty-two and he's built like a Greek god. His head is crowned with a mess of curly golden hair and his face is cut square with a manly cleft to his chin. His mouth is wide with a set of full red lips and his eyes are of a piercing blue color.

    His muscular chest is smooth and it sports his huge red nipples that are surrounded by dark circles. He has a perfect belly button where a trail of golden hair runs down his abdomen to his crotch. And what a crotch! His uncut cock is over eight inches soft and his shaved ball sac hangs low between his legs weighted down by two tennis-sized balls.

    He takes a break at eleven and he brings me a cup of tea in bed. I just love to see his six-foot-two frame standing over me with that cute smile on his face - and that cock of his swinging between his legs. Then he puts my tea on my nightstand and he gives me my first kiss of the day. My cock jumps to attention as I feel his silky smooth tongue probe every corner of my mouth.

    After I've finished my tea he slips into bed beside me with an arm wrapped around my neck. Our hot cocks are pressed together between us and we kiss and kiss each other lovingly. He whispers how much he has missed me since his last visit and he pulls back my foreskin and starts to jack me off. I do the same to him until our cock heads are wet with pre-cum.

    It's time for me to fuck him and he whips off the duvet and he squats down on me with his legs astride me. I just love to fuck him this way because he is in control. I hold my huge cock upright pointing it into his rosebud and he slowly sits down on it. His ass hole is just slack enough to take my chopper without any pain. And, within seconds, I'm completely inside him with his ball bag resting on my abdomen.

    I look into his lovely blue eyes and I blow a kiss to him as he begins humping up and down on me: slowly at first but then fast and furious. I can feel him squeeze his love tube down hard on my hot cock and my balls begin to ache with the rush of my love juice building up within them.

    I jack his dick off until I see him close his eyes in sheer ecstasy. We only have seconds to go now before we shoot our loads. Then Dave groans with joy as I fill his love tube with a bucketful of warm cum just as his cock explodes his love juice all over my face and chest.

    Dave gets up off me and my cock slips out of him with an audible *pop* and he gets down on me again in the sixty-nine position and we clean up our dicks hungrily. Then he licks his cum off my face and chest and he kisses me lovingly before I get to whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

    We snuggle up together with Dave spooning up to me until I feel his cock between my legs harden again in desire for me. He strokes my dick slowly as a signal that he wants to fuck me and, boy oh boy, my ass hole is aching for it.

    He turns me onto my back and he shoves a pillow under my butt and kneels between my open bent up legs. His hotrod is wagging about until he steadies it and pulls back his foreskin and I get to see his purple glistening helmet. Then he points it at my pucker and, with one long lunge, he's completely inside me. I sigh at the warmth of his cock and I wrap my legs around his slender waist.

    Dave moans a lot as he begins to fuck me slowly. I never talk about his private life with him and I have no idea how many guys he gets to fuck in a week. All I know is that he just loves fucking me. And then, quite suddenly, he loses his cool and fucks me long and hard. I scream out in pleasure as his ramrod hits my prostate again and again until my cock shoots ribbon after ribbon of cum all over him. Then I squeeze down hard on his throbbing dick until I feel the warm glow of his love juice inside me.

    We rest for a while and then we take a much-needed shower and Dave returns to work and I dress up to go over to my shop to have a meeting with my manager. On my way out, I kiss Dave goodbye and I suck at his neck and he tells me that he can't wait until the next time. I settle up with him and I give him my usual generous tip.

    Ms. Davis manages my business on a day-to-day basis. She's a widow with two fraternal nineteen-year-old twin college boys to take care of. She just hits the roof if anyone refers to her as "manageress": she's well and truly into women's lib! But, hell, she's so efficient at her job that I go out of my way to please her if I can. I take her out to lunch each Wednesday and go over the figures in a pleasant up-market restaurant.

    Everything is always fine. The books are always up to date and the profits are growing steadily. We celebrate with a bottle of real French champagne before we tuck in to a gourmet meal. When we're finished she reminds me of my dinner date with Mark who is our main supplier's representative. Then she's off back to the shop after she kisses me goodbye.

    Mark lives in the big city over a hundred miles away. He never visits my shop since we're doing so well and we never have any problems with his firm that Ms. Davis can't get resolved easily over the phone or Internet. But, as his leading outlet in the area, he makes sure that we have a meal together at his hotel every Wednesday evening at eight.

    I dress in a smart business suit for the occasion and meet him in the lobby. Boy, Mark is such a good looker. He's about thirty now and he has that manly appearance that young married family men seem to have. His face is so handsome and I love that perfect toothy smile of his.

    We go to the bar for a few pre-meal drinks and chat about his family. He has three young kids who are cute as hell: two boys and a girl. Never a week goes by without him having some funny story to tell me about them or some new photographs of them to show me. He loves his kids and I know there'll be more babies on the way before long.

    I ask him about his wife, Roxanne, and I laugh when he tells me all about her latest harebrained scheme. She's always launching a new small business working from home and they all end in complete disaster. She's quite a girl and I like her a lot. Everyone seems to love her bubbly personality.

    After the meal, we go up to his room for a nightcap. We throw our jackets on a chair and sit on the sofa together in shirtsleeves drinking a ten year old malt whisky. Then he shows me the other side of himself by putting his arm around my shoulder and kissing me softly on my cheek. Much as he loves Roxanne, he also loves me. Mark is really bisexual and he loves for me to fuck him.

    I kiss him back with my tongue in his mouth as he unzips my pants and finds my hard cock. Oh how I love the way he squeezes it and I know that he's been looking forward to our lovemaking all week. I put my hand on his crotch and feel his hard dick and then I sniff under his arm until his manly scent intoxicates my nose.

    We finish our drinks quickly and stand up and begin to undress each other. Within seconds we get down to our shorts. He always wears the tight cut black see-through boxers that I buy for him every now and then and I always wear one of the pairs of navy silk loose cut boxers that he gives me at Christmas.

    We stand apart with our hands on each other's shoulders and admire our huge cocks that are now sticking up out of our waistbands. Then we both pull each other until our lips meet and we kiss each other greedily taking it in turns to stab each other's mouths with our tongues.

    In no time at all, we're completely naked on the bed in the sixty-nine position and giving each other head. I just love to gently squeeze his huge balls as I suck his giant lollipop of a cock head and savor the heady taste and smell of his pre-cum.

    Then I push two fingers into his tight ass hole and I feel his body jump a little as to what I have in store for him. I finger fuck him as he sucks my cock until he begins to moan and groan. By now he's just crying out for me to fuck him doggy style.

    I then get him down on the bed with his head down on the pillow and I pry open the cheeks of his ass so that I can rim his hairy ass hole. He loves it as my tongue caresses his rosebud and darts in and out of it. I adore the musky smell and taste of the opening of his man-cunt and he loves me tugging on his pendulous balls and throbbing cock.

    One long push takes all of my monster cock inside him and I hear him groan with pleasure. I thrill at the feeling of our bodies becoming one again and I begin to fuck him tenderly. He responds by rocking his ass back and forth and squeezing down on my cock.

    My head spins as the rhythm of our fucking increases until my cock tingles after it sends a bucketful of my warm spunk deep inside my sweet lover. I pull out of him and roll him over and take his hot cock into my mouth just before he climaxes and I drink his salty cum from his fountain of love. Then we lie quietly together in bliss for a while.

    The phone rings. It's Roxanne. She wants to know if he's all right. He tells her that everything is fine and that he's had an exhausting day and that he's in bed already for an early night. He squeezes my thigh as he talks and I feel my cock getting stiff again. I push him onto his side and my cock slips into his love tube again.

    He kisses Roxanne goodbye and I fuck him again madly while jacking off his dick until we both cum again. Neither of us gets much sleep on Wednesday nights: we have so much catching up to do. My darling Mark and I have only one night a week to worship each other and I get to fuck him again and again until we're both exhausted. Then he spoons behind me with his cock between my legs and we fall asleep in anticipation of what joy Thursday morning will bring to us.


    I just love waking up on Thursday morning in the manly arms of gorgeous Mark. I yearn for his first deep loving kiss and, when it happens, I shudder as our early morning stubble rasps against our chins. His cock is stiff for me and I know that it's ready to worship my body with love and desire.
    There is no need for words between us: I know that he wants to fuck me desperately and he knows that I am ready to take his massive hard cock deep inside me so that our bodies become one again.

    He pushes me gently so that I am lying on my back with him kneeling between my wide-open legs. I look at his stiff uncut cock wagging about as he pulls my hips up onto his thighs. I look up at his beautiful Adonis face and see that look of pure love in his eyes and I feel my body tremble in anticipation.

    He reaches over to the nightstand and finds the tube of KY jelly. Then he pulls back his foreskin and lubes the purple head of his cock and presses it into my rosebud. Despite its size it pops easily into my love tube. It's burning hot with desire for me.

    Slowly he rocks his body until, inch by inch, his cock snakes inside me. I moan and groan at the thrill of it all. I realize how his wife Roxanne must miss him every Wednesday night.

    He stops for a while and gives me a deep French kiss. Then I whisper to him how much I love him. He sighs with satisfaction and then he fucks me harder and harder. Being fucked by someone you love deeply is ecstatic and much more than just sex. Then I squeeze my love tube muscles down on his hot ramrod until I feel it pulse deep inside me. Mark screams with pleasure as his cock explodes and I thrill at the warmth of his cum within me.

    He fucks on and on until his orgasm is complete and then he pulls out of me and gets his head down on my stiff cock and sucks it in gratitude. It takes only a few seconds for me to shoot my load into his mouth and my dick tingles and tingles in bliss. Oh God, how I love this sweet hunk of manhood.

    We shower, shave and get dressed and take leave of each other after a loving farewell kiss. I wave to him as his car leaves the car park and then I drive home. Oh how I wish that I could spend every night with my lover boy but, when I think about his charming wife and his cute kids, I realize how lucky I am to get to sleep with him just once a week.

    After a light lunch, Greg phones to see if I am free to go over the modifications for the remodeling of my home. Greg's twenty-two and a newly qualified architect. He works out of his home office on the other side of town. Of course I always make sure that I'm free for him on Thursday afternoon. I invite him over and within a short time he's ringing my doorbell.

    I open the door and let him in. He's always dressed in neatly pressed Bermuda shorts, long socks and an open necked shirt. He's one hell of a stud to look at: short blond hair, a square jaw, blue eyes and a wide mouth with full red lips. Greg could easily make it as a model with his handsome sexy face and that hunky body of his.

    He's full of enthusiasm about the project that I have given him. I know that he's determined to make his way in our community and he just needs to have a portfolio of high profile remodeling jobs under his belt before his business really takes off. I look at his latest plans that he has spread over the desk in my study. They're even more impressive than the one's he showed me last week.

    He explains his modifications to me as I stand next to him until I get distracted by the manly smell of his armpits. My cock begins to swell as the pheromones hit me. But he chatters on oblivious of my feelings until I put my hand lightly on his cute butt.

    He stops short and turns and smiles at me and I kiss his smooth cheek lightly. Then he puts his arms around me and draws me to him and he begins to suck at my neck. Quite soon, I can feel his hard cock pressed against mine.

    No, I didn't hire him because he was gay like me. I had thought he was straight until after his third visit to my place. Then, the next Saturday night I ran into him with a boyfriend at the stripper club that I frequent. It's the hottest place in town. I smiled at him when his eyes caught mine and he smiled back at me and winked. I couldn't wait for Thursday afternoon to come around again so that I could show him how much I liked him.

    I unbutton his shirt to expose his hairless unblemished torso and then I undo his belt until his Bermudas fall to the floor. He always wears pull away thongs and one tug at the waist exposes his eight-inch smooth hard circumcised cock. I clasp my hand around it as I kiss him again and again with my tongue in his mouth.

    He begins undressing me by pulling my polo shirt up over my head and then he pulls my shorts and boxers down in one swift move. I pull him towards me until our naked cocks stand upright together pressed between our hot bodies. He French kisses me quite furiously and I know that he's ready for me to fuck him.

    We step out of our clothes and kick off our shoes and I lead him to my bedroom holding his stiff cock. He gets down on the carpet on all fours and I kneel down behind him and lick the crack of his ass. It tastes exquisite and, soon, my tongue is darting in and out of his musky rosebud. He moans out loud at the pleasure that it gives him.

    When his pucker has started to quiver in ecstasy, I get up and find some jelly and, after pulling back my foreskin, I lube up me swollen purple cock head. I kneel down behind Greg's cute hairless ass and push my cock into him in one long stroke. He feels no pain and he sucks air as he feels the warmth of my meat inside him.

    Our smooth hairless balls rest together as I pause and jerk his dick. And then he starts rocking his ass back and forth so that my cock slips in and out of his tight hole. That's his signal that he wants me to screw him hard.

    I begin by rotating my hips so that my hot ramrod stretches his love tube and I hear him cry out with joy. Then I lunge in and out of him until he starts rocking his butt again. A few minutes of this is all we can take and my cock creams his love tube just at the precise moment that his swollen dick sends ribbons of his love juice all over the carpet. I fuck on for a while until my orgasm is over.

    I pull him up off the floor and we lie down on the bed in the sixty-nine position and we suck our cocks clean. I just love to taste his spunk in my mouth. Then he tells me that he had been looking forward to me fucking him all week: kind of nice of him to tell me that. I get up and kiss him lovingly before we take a shower together.

    We dry off and we get into bed with each other and we talk about the house plans for a while. He is so full of new ideas that I just know that he'll have an even more impressive scheme for me to see next week. I just think to myself of how many other thirty-five year old guys are as lucky as I to be in bed with a hung handsome stud on a Thursday afternoon? And then Greg fingers my asshole and I know that it's time for him to fuck me back.

    He enjoys a lazy man's fuck best of all and he gets out of bed and sits on a chair with his hard cock upright in his hand. I stand astride him facing him and I sit down on his cock so that it quickly fills my tube. I kiss his ears wetly as my tube acclimatizes to his girth and he tugs at my massive hard cock.

    Then I hump up and down on him fast and furiously until I feel his hot cock shoot his warm love juice deep within me. Greg screams out loud as he orgasms and I keep humping him until I know that it is all over for him. I stop and let him jerk me off until my cock sprays its cum all over his face and chest. The tingle in my dick is indescribable as he jerks it on and on.

    We shower again and we dry each other off and get dressed. It's time for me to make a meal for us. Fillet steak, fries and a mixed salad are his favorite and that's what we always have. We tell each other the latest jokes as we eat and any bit of scandal that we've picked up from local gossip.

    Then it's time for him to go but not before a few deep manly kisses are exchanged between us.

    When he's gone I clean up the kitchen and my study. He always leaves his thong behind for me to smell in remembrance of him. What a kind thought, I think to myself as I press it to my nose: pure essence of young stud! If someone were to think of a way to bottle it, he would surely make a fortune.

    I watch TV for a little while until the time comes for me to pick up Ms. Davis's lads for my weekly treat of taking them to the cinema. They both work for me part time as delivery boys on fairly modest wages. I've been treating them for a long time and now that they're just over eighteen, I can take them to the porno movie house downtown. They just love watching men fucking girls and other men. I know that they can't get enough of this kind of action and, of course, I know that they would never tell their mom where we've been.

    Although they are twins, they are not identical. Jim is the taller of the two. He is over six feet tall with black curly hair and a cheeky look on his face. Billy is a mite shorter with copper-colored hair and a sexy cleft chin. Both of them have boyish bodies and they could easily pass themselves off as sixteen-year-olds were it not for the light stubble that begins to shadow their chins by evening time.

    I honk my horn outside their neat house and they come bounding out and get into the back of my car. As always, they're dressed in baggy shorts and casual shirts. They flash their driving licenses under my nose as a signal that they want more porno movies and we head downtown.

    The porno cinema seats about two hundred and it's rarely full. The boys lead me to the middle of the back row. We sit down with me in the middle and Jim to my left and Billy to my right and we start watching the show. The theater caters to the taste of bisexual and gay clients and the action is hot and the studs are amazingly well endowed.

    Within minutes my cock is raging and I know that my lads' dicks are stiff with passion. Billy rests his head on my chest as he unbuttons my shirt and strokes my abdomen with his hand. Then I feel Jim's hand snake up my shorts until it finds my hotrod. My cock swells even more as Jim begins to stroke it slowly and lovingly. Then I slide my hands down the waistband of their shorts and grab their hot stiff cocks. I moan with excitement as I jack them off. Jim's is at least eight inches and thick and Billy's is even longer and thicker.

    None of us is wearing any underwear and it's so easy to slip our shorts off as we feel the need for more freedom of movement. Seconds later, both boys are kneeling beside me while sucking my cock. I am in heaven.

    I pull them off my cock just before I feel an orgasm building up and the lads sit down again so that I can return their favors. First I suck at Jim's sweet meat and Billy finger fucks my ass hole. Then I turn to Billy's cock and Jim darts his tongue in and out of my rosebud. Oh what a wonderful way to begin the evening.

    We pull up our shorts and I lead them to the john. I find us an empty cubicle and I sit down on the lid of the pan and pull their shorts down again. It's time for them to stick both their horny dicks in my mouth at the same time. I love sucking them off together and it's heavenly when they shoot their volleys of cum deep down my greedy throat.

    After their cocks have stopped spurting, I get up and drop my shorts so that they can take turns in sucking me off and tongue-fucking my ass hole. It's a lucky dip as to which of them gets to drink my love juice but, by the law of averages, they each get a fair crack of the whip.

    After we watch the rest of the show, I drive them to my place for a few beers. When I open the fridge, I hear them stripping off in my bedroom and my cock gets stiff again in anticipation of what is going to happen next. I pull back my foreskin as I decide which one I want to fuck first.

    No matter how long I take, I always decide to take Jim first. He has such a slack love tube that I can get my huge cock into him with ease. He bends down on the bed and I take him from the rear and his brother Billy presents his cock to him for sucking. I hump in and out of him as I hold his hips tightly until I'm close to coming.

    Just before I climax, I pull out of Jim's love tube and Billy changes places with him. Billy's boy-cunt is so tight that it takes only a few strokes in and out of him before my cock tingles in ecstasy and my cock fills his love tube with a huge load of warm cum. He gasps in delight as I fuck him furiously until my orgasm is spent.

    We refresh ourselves with a few beers until both boys are desperate to fuck me. I lie down with my rosebud at the edge of the bed and both of them lube up and stand side by side with my legs on both of their shoulders. Billy rams my hole first and then Jim pushes his cock inside me. My body shudders as they begin to fuck me with a reciprocal piston-like action: as one pulls out, the other pushes in and then vice versa over and over and again and again. I scream out loud until I feel their sperm fill my love tube.

    They kiss me gratefully and dress for the short walk home leaving me naked with their cum dribbling out of my hole. Before I turn in, I check my email. As expected, there is a loving message from Mark waiting for me. As always, I never reply just in case Roxanne rumbles us. I just close down my computer and get into bed with my Mark-sized dildo inside me and I'm asleep within seconds.


    Every Friday morning I drive out of town to see my Uncle Harry. The old boy is nearly eighty now and he lives in a plush care home in the country. Despite his years, he's quite spry and a treasure to talk to. I love to hear his stories of him and my Dad when they were young and all the mischief that they got up to.
    Uncle Harry has always been heavily into women. Hell, he's been married five times. Although he knows that I'm gay, he can't resist telling me about all the intimate details of his sexual exploits both present and past. He's shagging his young black nurse on a regular basis and he never tires of telling me of how her pussy dribbles as his tongue licks her stiff clitoris. He's such a horny bastard.

    After an hour or so, I say goodbye to him and pay a visit to the manager of the home. He's called Anthony and he's a gorgeous guy in his late twenties. He has a private apartment in the care home that doubles as his office. It took several visits before I found out that he was attracted to me physically. I remember the thrill I had had when he exposed his cock to me for the first time.

    We were just talking about my uncle's condition when he simply unzipped his fly and pulled out his nine-inch stiff boner for me to ogle at. And what a magnificent sight it was. His cock is smooth and expertly cut with a magnificent bulbous helmet. I wasted no time in getting my head down on it and I worshipped it with my mouth and tongue until he cried out with pleasure as his cum filled my throat. I relished the taste of it as I swallowed it down.

    Anthony has short dark hair and a boyish face. I just love his dark blue eyes and his long black eyelashes. And I simply adore his wide mouth and his full red lips. Apart from his manly cock, his body is boyish too: slim and lithe and almost devoid of hair. But best of all he is so responsive and caring to my needs and I never have to ask him to do anything to me: he does what I want quite instinctively.

    Our Friday routine begins as I close the door of his apartment. He puts his arms around me and he whispers words of love to me. I know that he has missed me since my last visit when he gives me the first of a series of loving kisses with his tongue deep inside my mouth. Then I clutch his firm buttocks and pull him towards me until our hot throbbing cocks are pressed together.

    He undresses me in seconds and leads me into his bedroom. Knowing how much I want his cock in my ass, he gently pushes me down on my chest over the edge of the bed and he kneels down behind me. My rosebud quivers in delight as he pushes his tongue inside it. I love the sensation of his smooth wet tongue dart in and out of my ass hole. Then he pulls my cock back between my legs and he sucks and sucks it while he finger fucks my love tube.

    When I groan with passion he parts my legs and he shoves his hot ramrod inside me with just one long push. Oh and then he starts fucking me real hard with his hands on my thighs. He speeds up and fucks me faster and faster. I squeeze my rectum down on his hard hot cock until it pulsates deep inside me and releases its love milk. I hear him sigh with ecstasy as his cock tingles with love for me.

    Then he pulls out of me and rolls me over on my back. His head gets down on my cock until it's deep down his throat and he sucks me furiously. I am burning with desire as I feel his cum trickle out of my ass hole and, within seconds, my cock explodes in his mouth and my whole body is lost in orgasm. I quiver all over as he sucks on and on until my cock goes limp.

    We get into bed together and I give him a cuddle for the pleasure he has given me. I kiss his armpit and he giggles as my tongue tickles him. I simply adore the smell of his fresh sweat and the feel of his soft hair against my tongue. My cock stiffens at the thought of me fucking him back. I finger fuck his tight ass as I kiss him and, when he moans and groans, I know that he's ready for my ten-inch hotrod to enter him.

    I get up off the bed and sit on a chair stroking my hard cock which is already dribbling with pre-cum. Anthony comes over to me with his hard cock waggling about and I take it in my mouth and suck it for a while. Then he lubes my cock generously and he sits down on my cock facing me with his legs astride mine.

    It's hard to describe the sensation of my cock entering his love tube so effortlessly. All I can say that it is a feeling of sheer joy. He kisses me passionately for a while before he starts humping up and down on my hot cock. Oh sweet Jesus I just love to fuck him this way: he is in control although my cock is inside his bottomless ass hole. He knows the rhythms that I like best and I soon shoot deep inside him. My cock throbs and tingles as I scream out loud in ecstasy.

    We take a shower together and get dressed and I give him a farewell kiss. I take my leave of him and on my way out I seek out Uncle Harry's black nurse and slip her a hundred dollar bill. She chuckles as I tell her to keep him happy and she tells me not to worry since she loves his dick inside her warm pussy.

    On the long drive home, I get off the turnpike about halfway home and pull up at a sleepy small garage to get some gas. It's manned by two good-looking black guys in their early twenties. As soon as I've paid the bill they close up for a while and the three of us go into the back room for some horny action.

    They whip off their clothes and they show me their hard cocks. Boy these two guys are well and truly hung. Their cocks are cut and thin but they're nearly a foot long. I get to suck each of them in turn and then I take both of their cocks into my mouth. I grab their amazingly large balls as they fuck my mouth with alternating in and out strokes.

    And then I'm ready for them to fuck me. First they undress me and one sucks my stiff cock as the other rims my ass hole with his soft tongue. Then they push me over a desk on my back with my legs on their shoulders. They get the tips of their dicks inside my quivering ass hole and with one lunge their cocks are buried in my love tube. I scream out with joy as they begin to fuck me hard.

    Oh how I love being fucked by two guys at once and by these two guys in particular. They have the stamina that goes with youth. And their style is so exquisite and varied. Sometimes they fuck me in synchronism and sometimes they fuck me out of step with each other. My head spins as I squeeze down hard on their dicks and they groan and moan with the pleasure that my man-cunt gives them.

    Then they fill my love tube with load after load of hot cum. My cock begins to tingle and it shoots my own load of cum a foot or so into the air above me and it lands all over my abdomen and chest. They fuck me on and on until their cocks begin to lose their stiffness and they pull out of me with an audible *pop*.

    They get their heads down on my cock and suck it clean and their tongues lick the cum off my body. Then they get between my legs and they lick their cum as it dribbles out of my ass hole. My whole body shudders at the thrill of it all.

    A few kisses later we get dressed and I'm on my way home fully satisfied with the events of the day so far and looking forward to the evening ahead. But first I climb into bed and get my head down for a few hours of rest.

    Friday evening is always special for me. It's the night that I keep reserved for a visit to our local theater. It's got a pretty good standard even though the cast is only semi-professional. They change the show every week with a good mix of musicals and dramas. I just love to watch Max on stage. He's a twenty-year-old handsome hunk of a guy and he always gets a leading part.

    I know that he's going to make it big time in show business. He's so talented and versatile. Women swoon over his truly remarkable looks. He has fluttering eyelashes and a fine square manly jaw. No one in the cast knows that he is gay and a terrific bottom and an expert cocksucker. But I sure do!

    After the show, I go backstage and congratulate him on his fine performance. He kisses me in gratitude for my complimentary remarks and I thrill at the taste and smell of his greasepaint. We go to a gay bar for a couple of drinks. It's a place where the lights are kept low to allow all the petting you want to take place quite discreetly.

    We sit at a corner table and Max's hand is soon inside my pants and clutching at my stiffened cock. I French kiss him and unzip his fly and find his sweet cock and balls. He's very well hung and horny. Then I unbutton his shirt and I suck one of his nipples until it is hard with desire for me.

    His head gets down on my cock and he sucks it greedily. I look at the bartender staring at us in awe. He loves the show that we're putting on and I see his arm bounce up and down as he jacks himself off. I pull Max's head off my cock to let the bartender see the size of my dick and I grin as I see him orgasm at the sight of it.

    Then Max continues to suck my cock until it pulsates inside his mouth. My body shudders all over as my orgasm overcomes me. Max sucks on and on until the tingle in my cock subsides. Oh how I love this horny guy.

    Then I get my head down on his stiff dick and return the favor. I just love the taste of his warm love juice in my mouth. When I get up, I see the bartender jacking himself off again. I see his eyes glaze over as he cums for a second time. Then Max and I kiss each other and exchange the cum in our mouths.

    After a few more drinks, it's time to take Max to bed. We are naked seconds after getting through my front door. My cock is stiff with desire for his ass hole and we don't even make it to the bedroom. He bends over in my hallway and my cock slips inside him. He gasps at its heat and he begs me to fuck him hard.

    I fuck him as if it was the last fuck of my life. Long and hard strokes make him squeal out in pleasure. Our smooth balls clash together on each inward thrust. I feel my head swoon in passion for him as my cock climaxes deep inside his love tube. I scream out as my dick pulsates and tingles and then I put my hand on his cock just as it ejaculates with my last few thrusts.

    When it's over, he takes a shower while I fix us something to eat and it's not long before we're snuggled up in bed together. Three or more fucks later and we're fast asleep.


    Max and I don't wake up until midday on Saturday, as we didn't get to sleep much before dawn. My cock is stiff for him and I kiss his smooth neck until he begins to stir. He flutters his long eyelashes as he comes-to and he looks at me dreamily as my hand finds his rock hard cock.
    I pull back his foreskin and start stroking his cock as he fucks in and out of my mouth with his tongue. Then he begins to jack my own cock off. Oh how I love this sweet guy. We get down alongside each other in the sixty-nine position and take each other's cock in our mouths and suck them until they spurt their love juices down our throats.

    Though Max is one of the most perfect bottoms that I've ever come across, I know that he quite likes fucking me too. I whisper to him that I want his cock inside my ass hole and he spoons up behind me with his limp dick between my legs. He places his hand on my cock again until it stiffens again and I feel his cock swell with lust.

    He gets out of bed and I sit on the edge of the mattress. Then he pushes me down on my back and, with his hands on the back of my thighs, he raises my butt up off the bed. I watch him pull back his dribbling foreskin and point his glistening cock head at my rosebud.

    I shiver as his cock slides smoothly into my rectum. His cock is so hot with desire for me. Quite soon his balls and my butt clash together and I know that his cock is completely inside my love tube. And then he begins to fuck me like a stallion. I look up at his face and see his eyes closed tight and his teeth clenched together. I know that he is close to a climax.

    I squeeze down on his cock and I feel it begin to pulse. He cries out as it throbs and tingles deep inside me and he fucks me on and on until he is spent. Then he pulls out of me and lets go of my legs and he gets his head down on my cock and sucks it until it spurts in his mouth. I begin to see stars as he pushes my legs off his shoulders so that his tongue can fuck in and out of my ass hole as his cum dribbles out of it.

    We sleep together until mid-afternoon and then I have the energy to get up and shower and shave.

    Max has to leave me soon. He has a rehearsal for next week's show before curtain up. I drop him off at the theater. He's wearing a clean pair of shorts of mine under his pants. They're made of pure silk. I pull into the alley next to the theater and we kiss each other goodbye and then he disappears through the stage door with a wave.

    When I get back home, there's the usual message on my phone. It's from Tom the medical student who is home from college for the weekend. He's just come back from the local football game. I first met him at a house party when he was just eighteen. One glance at him was enough to make my cock rise.

    He was dressed in a skimpy pair of short shorts and an athletic vest that showed off his muscular torso and arms. He had the build of a football player and he stood six foot four in his trainers. He had the chiseled face of a Greek god. His manly face was crowned with a mess off short black hair.

    It was a very hot night and his hairy chest and legs glistened with sweat.

    He was drinking his beer and talking to a group of friends when his eyes caught mine. I smiled at him before he looked away. And then I was pleased to see his eyes follow me as I walked around the room. I got real close to him and I gasped as I took in the huge bulge in his shorts. He smiled at me as he saw my reaction to his well-hung package.

    I introduced myself to him and we chatted for a while about the local football team. He was so enthusiastic about the sport that he dominated the conversation for a good ten minutes. As the temperature in the room began to rise still higher, I suggested that we go out into the garden to cool off. He smiled at my suggestion and followed me out of the French doors.

    The garden was empty and we sat on a bench at the side of the pool with the hair on our bare arms just touching. Both of us felt the electricity crackle between us as our arms moved about a little. I suggested that we take a walk in the large grounds away from the lights of the pool.

    When we were out of sight of the house, I thrilled when I felt his hand on my butt. I stopped walking and turned around to him and I saw the longing look in his eyes. Our lips met and we kissed for the first time. His luscious lips parted and I pushed my tongue into his sweet mouth. I opened my lips for him to do the same and our smooth tongues met. I pulled his body close to mine and our hot stiff cocks throbbed together.

    I spotted a small gazebo and took him over to it and we sat down on a bench. I looked around and saw that the place was totally private and then I pulled down his shorts and made out his huge cock in the near darkness. He was very well hung and his hard cock was nicely cut. He did the same for me and he gasped when he saw my ten-inch uncut boner.

    We kissed each other wetly again with our cocks in each other's hands and then we pushed the heads of our cocks together with my foreskin pulled over his helmet. He just loved gently fucking my foreskin that soon dribbled with pre-cum from both our dicks. I heard him sigh with pleasure.

    The bench was long enough for us to lie out on and we whipped off our shorts and got down on each other in the sixty-nine position with our cocks in our mouths. I smelled the manly odor that emanated from his crotch and I finger fucked his tight ass. He returned the favor and he managed to get three fingers in my hole.

    Although he had just turned eighteen, he was an experienced cocksucker. He could take my ten-incher completely down his throat without choking. Then we began sucking each other with real passion and we soon sent fountains of love juice deep down our throats. We sucked on and on until the tingle in our cocks faded away.

    We sat up and I pulled up his vest and made love to his nipples that soon hardened as I sucked them and bit them tenderly. He opened my shirt and did the same to mine. Oh how good that felt. I whispered to him that I had fallen for him big time. He sighed as he confessed that he had never enjoyed sex with a man as much before and that he wanted us to fuck each other. I told him that would be our supper for that night.

    We dressed and returned to the party that had now begun to thin out. Hell the heat made the smell of our cum permeate the room. It turned on quite a few guys who stared at us. I just knew that they had guessed what had happened between us as they ogled at us. The poor bastards looked so jealous as we took leave of our hosts.

    He followed me to my place and we stripped off and went straight to bed. We slept for a while before I woke up with a desperate need to piss. Dawn was coming up when I returned to the bedroom. I saw Tom lying naked on top of the bedclothes with his cock standing to attention. I went over to the nightstand and found some lube and I coated his cock generously. I knew that he was dying to fuck my ass.

    I got up and walked on the bed until my legs were astride him. Then I squatted down until I felt the tip of his cock against my rosebud. His cock slid into me with ease as I lowered my body until my balls rested on his smooth abdomen. Boy was his cock hot for me.

    I looked into his eyes as I humped up and down on his ramrod. I began to see them glaze over as I increased my pace. My own cock dribbled with pre-cum as his cock pounded my prostate. I squeezed down on his cock as he clutched at my aching balls swollen with a bucketful of cum. I soon shot my load all over cute Tom's face and chest. My cock tingled as Tom and I fucked on and on.

    I humped up and down on his hard cock faster and faster while squeezing my rectum down hard on his dick. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as his cock exploded deep down my bowel. He cried out in ecstasy as his cock throbbed and throbbed deep within me. I humped on and on until I saw his body tremble with delight. He opened his eyes. They looked as if he had just awoken from some erotic dream.

    I got up off him and felt his cum dribble out of my ass hole. I was breathless with the effort that I had made to please him and I collapsed beside him. He cuddled me and we slept for a few more hours.

    The mid-morning sun woke both of us. I whispered in Tom's ear telling him how much I wanted to fuck his young horny body. He sighed and gave me a loving wet kiss as a signal that his ass hole was yearning for my hard hot cock to slip inside it.

    I whipped off the duvet and got down on my knees between his legs. I pushed his legs up over my shoulders and I pulled his butt up onto my thighs. He reached over to the nightstand and found the jelly and slowly he lubed my stiff cock generously. I saw him wince as my cock head entered his ass hole. Then, with my hands gripping his hips, I pushed my cock slowly inside him. His love tube was so very tight and he winced as my cock entered him inch by inch. It was then that I realized that I was fucking a virgin ass hole.

    I knew that I was hurting him: his cock had lost its stiffness. When all of my meat was inside him, I stopped for a few minutes and I jacked his cock until it was hard again. Then I knew that he was ready for me and I was to get the fuck of my life.

    I smiled down at him and saw that he was in bliss and I fucked him furiously with my balls clashing into his butt on each inward stoke. Oh how I remember the tightness of his tube as my cock darted in and out of it. He rocked his head back and forth with his eyes tightly shut as I fucked him on and on. He moaned and moaned just before his dick erupted with a fountain of cum.

    The sight of his cum falling all over his chest and abdomen thrilled me and caused me to fuck him without mercy. In a few seconds, I felt my cock begin to throb and pump ribbon after ribbon of my warm cum deep down his love tube. I fucked on as my cock tingled and tingled. My whole body shuddered in orgasm. I heard Tom moan and groan in ecstasy, as his virginity was lost forever.

    Tom is twenty now and even more of a stud than ever. I return his call and he comes over to my place and we spend a few hours in bed together repeating the joys of our first time together. Of course his ass hole is not as tight as before but the sex that we have is still quite awesome. And we have real loving feelings for each other that grow week by week.

    When late evening comes around he's ready for the Saturday night treat that I give him. I take him downtown to a private stripper club where we have a membership. It's the place where Greg my young architect goes. We go by cab so that we can get a little drunk.

    It's the horniest place that I've ever been to. The clientele is a complete spectrum of guys. The only thing we have in common is that we all dress in shorts and loose tops. No one wears underwear. I wave to Greg who's there with his barely legal young boyfriend.

    The lights are kept low and the furniture consists of circular tables and curved padded seats that can take four guys in comfort. Cute young guys who wear nothing but a small cotton apron that barely covers their cocks serve the drinks; all of them are picked for their boyish looks. But all of them are eighteen plus and it's quite allowable for customers to touch them up.

    Tom and I are quite sweet on Kevin who always takes our orders now. We love the sight of the tip of his uncut dick hanging below his apron and the smoothness of his boyish butt. When he's not busy he sits between us and lets us play with his cock and balls while we both nibble at his ears and neck.

    Boy, Kevin's got a huge cock for his age and he loves us sucking him off. We both get our heads down on his cock and lick it all over with our lips until it shoots its load. Then we suck his nipples until his orgasm subsides. He's so grateful for the attention we give him that he makes sure that he sucks both of our cocks at the same time at the end of the evening.

    The show begins at eleven o'clock and Tom and I are entranced by each act in turn. The strippers are well and truly hot. They are all handsome studs chosen for their manly looks and bodies and all of them have enormous cocks between their legs. Tom and I soon have our hands up our shorts and we jack each other off in time to the music.

    Each act ends with the stripper completely naked with his cock standing to attention. The audience shows their appreciation with wild applause. Some of the guys are so appreciative that they come down off the stage and circulate with the customers and offer their cocks for us to suck. The older guys are so turned on by this that they can't help slipping out of their shorts and jacking themselves off.

    Tom's favorite stripper is called Luke. He does a great routine as a hardhat guy dressed in an athletic vest and cut-off denims and a yellow helmet on his head. He's a great stripper and he undresses most teasingly. When Tom gets to see his banana shaped hard on, I can feel his dick stiffen in my hand.

    My own favorite is a guy called Hank. He comes on dressed as a New York cop. I love it when he tugs his pants away; I sigh as I see his huge cock dangle between his legs while his torso is still dressed in his uniform. He pulls his cap to a rakish angle and I get really horny as he jacks his cock off until it turns into a magnificent ramrod.

    When the show ends, everyone takes off their shirts and shorts and then an orgy of sucking and fucking commences. Hank and Luke join Tom and me and we kiss our favorites as their cocks get hard for us.

    Both of us sit down on our favorite's cock and hump up and down on it. Hank and Luke jack our cocks off and we soon climax with volleys of thick love juice shooting out of our piss slits. They moan and groan until we both feel their cum inside our ass holes. Tom and I shiver as they fuck us on and on with our sticky love juice dribbling out of our bums.

    Then bar boy Kevin comes over and sucks both our cocks at the same time until they are stiff again. Hank and Luke kiss us passionately as Kevin's mouth worships our dicks. Then our stripper studs suck at our nipples until both of our cocks cream sweet Kevin's mouth.

    A few minutes later, Tom and I get down on the floor so that Hank and Luke can fuck us again doggy style. Their cocks pound in and out of our ass holes relentlessly as Tom and I French kiss each other. Oh how horny it is to be fucked by a porn star with other guys watching as they jack themselves off.

    Kevin kneels in front of us and offers us his cock and I suck its sensitive cock head and Tom sucks at its shaft. Tom and I manage to shove a finger up his ass hole to add to his pleasure and his cum soon fills my mouth. And then I feel Hank's cock explode inside me. My body shivers in ecstasy as my cock shoots its load and then Tom comes to a moaning climax as Luke's cock explodes inside him.

    We get up and sit together for a while and Kevin brings us more beer. Greg comes over to us and tells us what a good show we had put on. He kisses me and tells me how much he is looking forward to his next mid-week visit.

    After thanking us, Hank and Luke go back stage and Tom and I get dressed and make our way to the exit. Kevin is waiting for us at the door. Fully dressed he looks like a school kid. He tells us that he has a cab waiting for us and all three of us are soon on our way to my place.

    When we get there we're totally fucked and we all climb into bed together. We're completely burnt out and, within seconds, we're fast asleep with sweet Kevin between Tom and me. What a horny life I lead! I hope that you get as lucky as I am some day...


    Young bar boy Kevin always wakes me up after a few hours of sleep. He climbs over me and he makes his way to the bathroom. He has a piss and a shit and I always hear him fart. And then I hear him use the French bidet that I had installed so that my guests can clean up their ass holes.
    Twenty-year-old Tom is asleep and breathing heavily as eighteen-year-old Kevin gets in bed alongside me. I spoon up to him and he raises a leg so that my stiff cock can find his pucker and one long push takes my ramrod deep inside him. I begin to fuck his ass off and Tom wakes up with all the commotion.

    Tom sticks a few fingers in my rectum as I fuck young Kevin furiously. My ass hole is on fire as he twirls his fingers inside it. Then I cock a leg so that Tom's cock can enter my ass hole. Can you imagine the feeling of being fucked by a young stud as you are fucking a barely legal boy?

    I cum first and Kevin cries out as he feels my warm love juice spurt deep inside him. I kiss the back of his neck and I jack his hot cock off until it shoots its load of pent up cum all over the bed. Tom fucks on until I feel the throb of his cock in my love tube and the warmth of the bucketful of cum that his dick deposits deep inside me.

    We're all joined up in a blissful love fest and we fall asleep again for a while with my cock inside Kevin and Tom's cock in me. Then, at ten o'clock sharp, my alarm clock rings and I jump out of bed. I take a shower and shave and then I return to my bedroom to get dressed for church. I choose a fresh pair of socks and I sit on the bed to put them on and Tom's lips find my cock that quickly swells in his mouth. Oh how I love him sucking my cock off as I stroke his short dark hair. I feel his overnight stubble scrape against my aching balls and within a few minutes my tingling cock creams his throat.

    I slip into a pair of smooth silk boxers and my head gets down on Tom's hard boner and I return his favor. He soon moans as his cock begins to send jets of his cum into my mouth and I swallow it with relish. Then I put a shirt and tie on and dark slacks and shoes and I am ready for the eleven o'clock service.

    The bell stops tolling precisely on the hour and the organist plays the processional music. The Reverend Brown and the choir take their places dressed in purple cassocks and white surplices. The choirboys wear pleated ruffs around their necks. I always think that they look so cute and angelic.

    Reverend Brown is only twenty-six and he's an extremely handsome guy. All the women in the congregation love to look at his manly face. He's got short blond hair and a square-cut jaw and full wide red lips. His eyes are the deepest shade of blue and he has a double set of long lashes.

    If the girls only knew what I know about the rest of his body under his cassock: he wears no underwear and his body is as smooth as silk and, boy oh boy, his cock and balls are hung like a horse.

    I got to know this for the first time a few weeks ago when he invited me back to the vicarage after the service to discuss the supply of flowers for the church. Normally, I would have arranged for my manager, Ms. Davis, to take that up with him but there was something about his invitation that seemed so very personal that I readily accepted the chore.

    I knew that he was a bachelor and that he had a live-out cook to prepare his meals. That Sunday she had cooked for two and I shared a meal with him. After lunch we talked about the flowers and I made some notes about the dates of the important church festivals when special flowers would be needed. I loved to hear him talk in his sexy New England accent.

    After the meal was over he took me into his private study and poured both of us a brandy and soda and we sat down together on a very comfortable chesterfield. We talked about each other for a while and we found out we had a lot in common. Both of us had graduated from the best of universities and we shared a love of the cinema and the theatre.

    And then I broached the subject of marriage and kids. He paused a little when I asked him if he planned to marry and start a family. He told me that he would love to have kids but that he was not the marrying kind. When I looked into his eyes, I realized that he was gay like me and I grasped his hand with affection. He responded by gently kissing me on my lips and that's how our lovemaking began.

    At the end of the service I wait for him as he says goodbye to the rest of the growing congregation and we lunch together at his vicarage. Later, in his study we kiss each other quite passionately with our tongues in each other's mouths. Deftly, I unbutton his cassock and push it off his broad shoulders until it hits the floor.

    I admire his smooth body that is naked except for the gold crucifix hanging from the chain around his neck. I just love to look at his cut ten-inch cock that is hardening with love for me. Then I squeeze his shaved ball bag that swings between his legs. He sighs as I kneel down and take his cock deep down my throat.

    He opens his legs as a signal that his ass hole is ready for me to finger fuck it and I stick four fingers through his pucker. Then I suck his cock quite furiously as my fingers wiggle inside his rectum. He moans and groans with pleasure and my cock dribbles pre-cum in my silk shorts. I'm ready to fuck my horny vicar's ass.

    I get up and he instinctively bends over with his hands on his knees and I drop my pants and shorts and kick them into a corner of the room. I point my dick at his pink rosebud and I pull back my foreskin, and then one long push and all ten-inches of my manhood slide smoothly inside his love tube. He whimpers as he feels the heat of my cock inside him.

    I clutch his hips and I start slowly fucking his tight ass hole with long loving strokes and I feel him squeeze down on my cock to add to my thrills. Soon my balls are swollen and aching with cum and I begin to fuck him faster and faster with our smooth balls clashing together at the end of each inward stroke.

    I let out a cry of sheer joy as my cock begins to throb and tingle deep inside him. Then both of us feel my cock explode its love juice in spurt after spurt. He cries out for more and I fuck him on and on until my dick is completely spent. I pull out of him and take his cock in my mouth and I just get to suck it a couple of times before he shoots his essence deep down my throat. We are both in an ecstasy of pure man loving sex.

    We go to bed together for an hour or so and cuddle up together and talk to each other about the important things in life. I tell him how much I need loving sex every day. He laughs when I tell him about all the guys I get together with during my busy week.

    Then he tells me how much I mean to him. His job puts a heavy strain on his emotions. Every day he is involved in comforting the bereaved, helping the poor and visiting the sick. Before I came into his life he had felt unsure if he could carry on but now our intense lovemaking recharges his batteries enough for him to get through the week.

    Then we take a shower together and afterwards we shave each other's ball bags with fresh disposable razors and loads of shaving foam. God how good it is to feel a ball bag as smooth as a baby's skin. And then we shave each other's ass holes and, after drying them off, we takes turns at tongue fucking our rosebuds.

    Our cocks stiffen and Reverend Brown whispers to me that his cock is aching to fuck my ass hole. I take him to his bedroom and I lie on my back at the edge of the bed with two pillows under my head. I get a thrill when I see him lube up his massive cock. When his cock is as hard as a poker, he pulls my legs up over his shoulders and leans over me with his hands on the bed.

    My hand finds his wagging dick and I guide it to my pucker. One little push and it pops easily inside my rectum and I sigh at the heat of his cock head inside me at last. He kisses me lovingly with his tongue in my mouth and I feel my hard cock rub against his smooth abdomen.

    Then, still kissing me passionately he starts shoving his hot meat in and out of my love tube and I moan and groan as his smooth ball bag slaps against my horny butt. I squeeze down on his meat and he quickens the pace and he gets up off my face and I see him close his eyes as he nears his climax. The mattress begins to bounce as his cock pumps my tight ass hole.

    My hands caress his chest as he fucks me harder and harder. Quite soon his cock fills my bowel with blob after blob of his creamy cum and he screams with pleasure. I put my hands on his buttocks to help him fuck on until my own cock shoots its load off cum all over his chest. My cock and ass hole are in heaven at the same time.

    We get into bed together and doze off for a while with both our bodies quite exhausted with our lovemaking. Then, regrettably, the time comes for Reverend Brown to go over his Evensong sermon and I take my leave of this sweet holy guy. Before he sees me out, he tells me how much he'll miss me. I kiss him deeply and I assure him that I'll be there for him the following Sunday.

    On my way home I stop off at a roadside diner for a doughnut and a coffee. I sit alone and I review my busy week. Hells bells, how many millions of guys would jump to change places with me I think to myself. Then my thoughts turn to cute Tom who'll be waiting to enjoy me again before driving back to college later that night.

    My cock stiffens as I complete my journey home as I think what would have gone on between Tom and young Kevin that afternoon. But Kevin would have taken a cab home by now and Tom would be waiting for me all alone.

    I find Tom watching TV in my lounge. He's been back home for a change of clothing and he looks simply gorgeous. He has a heavy gold chain around his neck and his chest is only partly covered by a yellow wife beater undershirt. His yellow shorts are oversized and baggy and he is wearing long yellow cotton socks.

    I say hello to him as I go to my bar and fix ourselves two stiff drinks and we sit together sipping them and chatting. He tells me of his horny afternoon with Kevin. I laugh when he tells me how shagged out the kid was before he left. I rub the black hair that covers Tom's thighs and he begins to kiss my ear with his wet tongue.

    My hand slips up his shorts and I find his cock stiff with desire for me. Then he unzips my pants and his hand pulls out my own stiff ramrod and he begins to stroke it up and down. I pull off his vest and I suck his huge nipples in turn until they're rock hard. He loves me doing that to him and he kisses me with his dribbling smooth tongue deep down my throat.

    I pull his shorts off and he's completely naked except for his long socks and trainers. He undoes my tie and unbuttons my shirt and licks and sucks my nipples hard. Then he pulls my shirt and pants off until I'm only in my silk boxers with my cock sticking out of their fly. I pull them down and he gasps at the sight of my freshly shaven balls.

    He takes each or them in his mouth in turn and sucks at them and then his mouth gives its attention to my hard cock. He sucks me as if this would be our last time together and I feel my balls begin to ache with a fresh load of cum.

    I get down on the floor with him in the sixty-nine position and our mouths worship each other's cocks. Just before either of us reaches the point of no return, I get up and fuck his horny ass doggy style. Within a minute or so the tightness of his love tube overcomes me and my head begins to swoon. My cock tingles as my cock pumps cup after cup of warm love juice deep inside him.

    I get up and he sits on a chair holding his stiff cock upright. I stand with my legs astride his and I slowly sit on his cock until my balls rest on his thighs. He kisses me over and over again as he grunts and groans. Then I begin humping my body up and down on his love pole until I feel his body shudder in ecstasy as his hot cock shoots inside me. I hump on and on until I feel his cum dribble out of my ass hole.

    We whisper words of love to each other before we take a much-needed shower. Afterwards we cook and eat a meal together before he has to leave me for his drive back to college. When he's gone, all I can do is to climb the stairs and get into bed completely exhausted. Sunday night is my earliest bedtime of my busy week.

    Before I close my eyes, I say a little prayer. I ask God to look after Uncle Harry and all my lover boys. I have complete trust in the Old Man up in the sky. After all He has been so kind to me so far.

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