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  • Daddy bear
  • I have always been infatuated with hairy men. Large, rugged, powerfully built men. It began as a child when I noticed my uncle's thick and hairy arms. I used to enjoy rubbing up against them and feeling how strong they were. My uncle was a stout man weighing 230 pounds of factory work muscle. He was the strongest man I knew, and I wanted to be just like him.

    As I grew older, I came to realize that there were other men out there--bigger and hairier than my uncle. First, there was the high school football coach with his Popeye forearms covered in thick brown fur. I once saw him squeeze a football until it burst between his two hands! Then I met a State Trooper, who was well over 6' and heavily muscled. He also sported hairy arms with huge hands. Sadly , I never was able to make it with any of them. They were straight, and there was no way I was going to out myself to them and risk all that came with that. I began to find gratification in images of powerful hairy older men. From cartoon characters to professional wrestlers or football coaches, I searched every avenue to find the image of what I needed. I didn't think I'd ever actually meet such a man.

    I first saw him in a convenience store. I had run in on the way home from work, stopping to get a sandwich for dinner. He was standing at the counter, also ordering a sandwich. My heart stopped at the sight of him. He was a massive man sanding at least 6'3" and weighing over 250 pounds easily! He appeared to be in his middle 50's with the build of a heavy weight power lifter. He was wearing a sport coat, but had his arms crossed waiting for his order. The jacket couldn't contain him. When his arms crossed, his forearms slid out the sleeves revealing themselves to be huge and impossibly hairy. The fur was reddish brown and seemingly several inches thick. The hands at the end of those arms were oversized with fingers as thick as a stout cigar. The backs of those hands were generously coated with the same reddish brown fur. My heart pounded at the sight of them and I may have gasped out loud.

    My eyes slid up to his open collar which displayed the same reddish brown fur, also several inches thick and pouring uncontrollably out the collar opening. He was broad shouldered, barrel chested and bull necked. His face was clean shaven and fierce looking. He had high shave lines and two thick eyebrows, arched into what looked like a perpetual scowl. He sported thick sideburns that were evenly trimmed and ran to his mid ear. He was bald and the hair he did have was cut very close, like a military buzz and it was iron gray. Sometimes a bald man is ruggedly handsome. He was off the scale!

    He got his sandwich and thanked the clerk for her help. His voice was as deep and commanding as it should have been coming form a man like him. The clerk asked what I wanted, but I ignored her. I simply walked off behind him, grabbed the first thing I'd seen, and stood behind him in the check out line. I am 6' and weigh 215 pounds, made solid from heavy duty lifting at a gym, but I was dwarfed by this man. I made idle small chat with him about the weather etc.

    After too brief a period of time, I introduced myself to him. " Name's Jack", he replied. "Jack Bowen". He took my hand in his and swallowed it. His grip was a vice, controlled--very controlling. I stared up to his handsome, grinning face and tried to burn the moment into my memory. All too soon the hand shake broke and he walked off to his car. When he got there he placed the package into the back seat and removed his jacket. This revealed just how heavily muscled the man was. His biceps were massive, measuring 20" for sure. They were also thickly forested in that same reddish brown fur.

    When he folded his jacket, the biceps swelled into a huge ball. When he straightened his arm out to open the door, his triceps flared out even under all the hair. It was breathtaking! He pulled out ahead of me, while I adjusted myself in my seat, trying to get comfortable with a raging hardon. There was a light ahead, and my passion for this man was boiling over, so I decided I had to follow him. I knew it was risky, but I simply couldn't let this man get away without some effort on my part.

    I followed at a safe distance for a mile or so. I figured he couldn't live too far away or he would not have been at the convenience store. I was right?! He soon turned into a nice development of single family homes. I waited a bit and drove by, after he had gotten out and entered his house. Now I knew his address and would be able to cruise by and look for him periodically.

    I turned my car around and proceeded to back track out of the development. When I got by his house, I realized that he had come back outside and was standing at the curb watching me. My heart sank and raced at the same time. He had caught me following him. I was a dead man. As I approached, he was staring at me with those magnificent forearms--folded once more across that huge chest of his. As I passed he called out, " Are you lost?" adding with a laugh, "or looking to move?".

    I slowed down and acted surprised to see him again. "No, I'm just clocking a run I did the other day." It was a lie-but a pretty good one on short notice. I hadn't run in a couple of years. I was still in good enough shape to make it seem possible though. When he walked up to the car and put his thick arms on the window ledge, I was thankful that I hadn't been jerking off while following him. I quickly adjusted to hide the hardon. He glanced down there but I don't think he noticed.

    "Where do you live?" he asked.

    "A couple miles away, on on Lukis Ave." I responded.

    I happened to glance, oh hell--stare at his hands and I noticed that he was not wearing a wedding ring. Could this brute of a man be single or better yet, gay?!? While I was chewing on that delicious thought, he shocked me by asking "Could you help me out for a second here? I have got to move something from the garage".

    "No problem," I've got a little time" I said.

    I was sky high. This couldn't be better! I was going to get to go inside and I knew that at least a loose friendship was forming. I quickly parked the car and got out adjusting my pants from the ever present hardon. We walked to his garage and he pulled up the door revealing literally thousands of pounds of free weights, benches pulleys and dumbells. It was the most impressive collection of power lifting equipment I had ever seen outside a gym.

    "Jesus" I exclaimed. "I hope we 're not moving all this!"

    "No, just this table," he replied. It was a heavy, massive old oak desk with a roll top. It was tucked away in a corner. It must have weighed 250 pounds and it was an awkward lift. My jaw dropped when he said, "I'll carry it I just need you to get the doors!" With that he removed his shirt, which only served to keep my jaw firmly on the floor. He was as magnificent as I had imagined. His chest was huge sweeping to an impressive arch and returning to a solid mid section. His shoulders were broad beyond belief and still managed to be exceedingly thick.

    He wrapped his arms around one end and heaved the big desk easily into the air. I scrambled to get the door and went in ahead of him. He effortlessly moved the piece and set it down on the first floor. He showed no visible strain from the effort. I, however was quite effected. My cock was literally throbbing now. I had never before been so turned on. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I looked up at his face after lusting over that chest again and saw that he was staring right through me. A slight smile crossed his weathered face. He motioned to my crotch and asked, "Can I move that for you too?"

    With that he stepped towards me. I froze in my tracks. It took him two steps to be on me. His big right hand reached down and pressed wickedly against my straining member. I gasped as he pressed into me. He bent slightly and put his hot mouth over mine. He kissed me hard. Like a man! Continuing to walk, he forced to a wall where he brought his left hand up to my face as he continued his kiss. His tongue was deeply in my mouth now and I was moaning loudly. I slid my right hand to his chest and spread my fingers wide as I explored his super hairy tits and stomach. I luxuriated in the feel of granite hard muscle covered in velvety thick fur. He then broke off the kiss and grabbed hold of my left wrist in his right paw. He gripped hard to enough to let me know that I must follow.

    He led me upstairs to his room. As we got inside, he told me to get undressed. I began to immediately. He quickly pulled off his pants and turned his attention back towards me. I involuntarily dropped to my knees in front of him and took his manhood in my mouth. It measured a stout 7". It was a real man's cock! It was long and thick and tasted of sweat and salt. A large hand went behind my head and began to dictate the action. I slid my hand up to those massive forearms and played with the thick fur there. I was erect and throbbing without touching myself.

    He began to moan, or more like growl. It began deep in his barrel chest and slowly crecendoed. He was face fucking me now. He controlled all the action. I was helpless in his powerful hand. He warned "it's cumming," and then he shot. He fired into the back of my throat. A second wave came, then a third.

    As he climaxed, I began to shoot all over his thick hairy legs. I came three times to his four. At the end, I was too weak to get up. No matter! He simply slid those massive arms down and easily hoisted me up into a wonderful bear hug. We kissed and he asked me to stay for dinner. After we ate, we moved some more furniture--with the same ending!

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