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  • My friends dad
  • When I was 18 and a senior in high school I had a friend named Kyle. Kyle's parents had divorced a few years earlier and he lived with his father. Kyle's father was a cop on the local force and worked the overnight shift. He would let Kyle pretty much do as he wanted on the weekends, as he knew if anything bad ever happened he would hear about it first. Well I got into the habit of spending weekends at Kyle's house where we would go out until late and come home and have the run of the house. My parents assumed we were not getting into trouble, because Kyle's dad was a cop.

    One Friday night there wasn't much going on, so Kyle and I had turned in kind of early. I, as usual, was sleeping in the guest bedroom, which was located above the garage. About 6:30 in the morning the garage door opening woke me up when Kyle's dad came home from work. When I woke up I was really thirsty, but couldn't go down stairs to get something since I had a morning hard-on, so I waited about 15 minutes, but it hadn't gone away. I figured by this time Kyle's dad had gone to bed so I went down to the kitchen in just my boxers.

    As I was going to the kitchen, I could see into the family room and saw one of the best sights of my life. There sat Kyle's dad in the recliner with his police uniform shirt undone and his pants part way down, watching a porno and rubbing his half-hard cock through a pair of briefs. He saw me and acted embarrassed and I said I was getting something to drink and went to the kitchen.

    Now this did not help my morning hard-on in the least. Kyle's dad, Ben, is Irish/Italian with wavy dark red hair and an olive complexion. He is about 6'4", 260 very solid muscular pounds, and has a huge chest dusted with red hair. I had masturbated about him several times in the past. I waited in the kitchen a few minutes and then headed back upstairs.

    When I went by again, Ben had moved from the recliner and was now on the loveseat but was still watching the porno and rubbing his cock. He looked as I went by and said he had a long night and needed some relief before he went to bed. I told him, "I understand; no problem," thinking I would have to go upstairs and jack off thinking about what I just saw.

    Then he said, "Well it looks like you need some relief too," pointing to my tented boxers. "Why don't you come on over and watch too: it is always better when you have something to stimulate your mind while you are jerking your cock." I thought hell yes! Anything to watch this stud jerk off!

    We sat next to each other and played with our cocks through our underwear for a while when Ben asked if I had ever jerked off with anyone before. I told him I hadn't and he said it was a lot better if you jerked each other's cocks, and asked if I would be interested. I said, "Sure, why not?" and we pulled our pants down and he took my 7" hard meat in his big rough hands and started jerking it.

    I had to look twice at his big 9" inch uncut member. I had never seen an uncut cock so close let alone hard and couldn't believe the skin still covered the head and hung over when he was hard. I grabbed it and started jerking it, rubbing the skin back and forth over the big purple head.

    After about 10 minutes, Ben said they had busted a frat party earlier in the night and he had caught several couples fucking upstairs and couldn't get the thought of their hard young hard bodies out of his mind, and that I had a really nice body too. He then said, "Let's go to my bedroom where we can be more comfortable."

    When we got to his bedroom, I sat on the bed while he locked the door and undressed. Then I got a great view of his awesome body and big cock, which was half-hard now with huge, low-hanging balls, which I noticed he kept shaved.

    He came over and shoved his cock in my face and asked if I would please suck him. Well I had sucked a few cocks in my day but never one so beautiful, so he didn't have to ask me twice. I sucked him for a while; then he moved me around on the bed to the 69 position and started sucking my cock. Pretty soon he told me he couldn't take it anymore and blew his load in my mouth.

    He rolled off me and started jacking on my cock. He then asked if I would do something for him, and I told him anything. He said he was sorry about pushing his cock in my face but he hadn't been with a guy for years and was so horny. I told him that it was okay; I enjoyed it.

    He then asked me if I would fuck his ass. I right away said yes thinking my dreams had come true. He went to the bathroom and came back with a condom and lube. He put the condom on my raging cock and lubed his ass. He then lay on the side with his leg up and I entered him from behind. Slow at first, as he was so tight but he kept begging for me to fuck his ass harder and faster. It was great fucking this big muscular cop, and him begging for it. By now he was hard again and stroking his cock. He said when I was ready to cum he wanted me to cum on his cock so he cold finish jacking off with my hot cum.

    A few minutes later I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled out and shot on his big uncut dick. He used my cum to jack his big cock while I played with his big balls and within a minute he shot a second load.

    We lay there for a few minutes and then he said we better clean up and I'd better go back upstairs before Kyle wakes up. We went into the master bedroom suite, which has a huge steam shower and showered together. I got hard again just watching the water glisten off his big hairy masculine chest. When he saw my hard cock he said, "Well, I will have to take care of this before you go upstairs."

    He bent down in front of me and sucked my cock, while playing with my soapy asshole. It didn't take me long before I came all over his hairy chest. We finished cleaning up and I went back upstairs to bed.

    We had many adventures after that in the early morning hours when he would come in from a long night's work and I would help him relax.

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