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  • A new gardener brings me joy
  • It was a beautiful spring morning. I took my coffee out on to the patio and sat down at a table in my dressing gown and gazed at my garden. It was very, very private being screened on all sides by mature trees and shrubs. I had turned fifty and had been lucky enough to be able to retire and live off the rents that my property investments brought in.

    I was still in good shape and guys often told me that I looked not a day over forty. And I had more than my share of guys. I loved all types of men but the young ones gave me my biggest thrills.

    Last night had been memorable: The young college boy down the road had come over unexpectedly and we had sucked each other's cocks and fucked each other endlessly. I put my hand down my shorts and jerked at my ten-inch dick until it came in my hand.

    Everything in my garden was sprouting and the grass had already grown a little too long. Time to hire a new gardener, I thought to myself. The old boy that had looked after my garden for the last few years had finally retired the previous autumn.

    I went in to my study and reached for the yellow pages. There were lots of advertisements for garden maintenance but one stuck out from the rest. It was headed "Actors at Rest" and the text explained that all the firm's staff were actors who were resting between jobs.

    A very well spoken guy answered my call immediately. I introduced myself and asked whether it was possible for someone to call that day; it certainly was. The pleasant voice at the other end of the phone said that Tim could come around at eleven and gave details of the hourly rate. It was quite acceptable and I gave my address.

    At eleven sharp, a smart van swished into my drive and my doorbell rang. I found an astonishingly handsome young blond guy standing on my doorstep. He was about twenty-two years old, over six feet tall and he was dressed in an oversize T-shirt and cut down Levis. I had the hots for him instantly.

    "My name's Tim," he said with a smile and put out his hand.

    I shook it, told him that I was called Adam, and took him into the garden through the house.

    "What do you think?" I asked him.

    "It's a super garden," he replied. "It'll need about three hours a week to keep it in trim."

    I agreed and then explained that I had a lunch appointment and that I would be back at around two.

    "Do you need me to show you where my garden tools and mower are kept?" I asked him.

    "No," he replied. "I'll use those that I have brought in the van."

    "I'll leave the kitchen door open for you so that you can make a lunchtime drink and sandwich if you wish," I said to him.

    He thanked me and started unloading his equipment. I watched him make a start by taking off his T-shirt to reveal his well-developed torso covered with fine golden hair. I felt my cock begin to swell again.

    A business friend and I lunched at the local pub and we discussed some investment plans we had in hand. After an hour had gone by, my friend's mobile rang.

    "Christ!" he said. "Something urgent has come up. I'll have to return to the office early. I'll call you later, Adam."

    We finished our drinks and I returned home earlier than planned. I went into the house and looked out at the garden and gulped at what I saw.

    Tim had taken advantage of the sun and the privacy of my garden and was mowing the lawn stark naked. He was astonishingly well formed with broad shoulders, a narrow waist and extremely long legs. Most remarkable of all, he had an exquisitely long uncircumcised cock and pendulous balls, which swung to and fro as he pushed the mower in the direction of the house. Then he turned the mower to the back of the garden and I was taken aback at the sight of his boyish, firm backside.

    My cock was now stiff and throbbing. I went upstairs for a better view and I couldn't resist taking it out and jerking it until my cum shot into my hand. I felt very heady.

    As I pulled up my zip, I saw Tim look at his watch and, judging that it was close to two, he put his clothes back on. Thank God for that, I thought. I could cool off now and I could signal my early return without any embarrassment to him.

    I went downstairs and into the garden.

    "It looks very good," I said. "Fancy some tea?"

    "That would be very nice," he replied. "I'm very hot!"

    Not as hot as I've just been, I thought to myself. I went in and put the kettle on and he joined me in the kitchen.

    "Take a seat," I said. "It won't be long."

    I poured out the tea into two large mugs and gave one to Tim and sat down with him at the table. He was extremely thirsty and gulped his straight down. I gave him a refill.

    "You're an actor then," I said to him.

    "Yes," he replied, "I trained at RADA," he went on to say, "that's the best place in England. I did quite well there and I enjoyed myself too," he went on to say.

    "How about work?" I said.

    "So-so," Tim replied. "It's an overcrowded profession. I keep my head up mainly through the odd TV commercial. They pay real money."

    "I'm sure you'll make it big with your looks and body," I said encouragingly.

    Tim blushed a little at the compliment. "Thank you," he said politely.

    "Do you have another job on this afternoon?" I asked him.

    "No, I'm free until this evening. I do occasional bar work at the King's Head."

    "Why don't you take a shower upstairs and stay for an hour or so?" I suggested hoping for a chance to getting to know him more intimately.

    "Yes. That would be nice. Let me clean up and load my tools first."

    He went out for a while. When he returned, I told him that the shower was off my bedroom and that I had laid out a bathrobe for him.

    Tim had been upstairs for well over half an hour and I had wondered if he was all right. I smiled when I saw him stretched out asleep on my bed clad in my spare bathrobe. He must have tired himself out, I thought to myself.

    I decided to take a shower too and fifteen minutes later I had dried off and wrapped myself in my robe. Tim had woken up.

    "I'm ever so sorry," he said. "After the shower, I felt very tired."

    "That's all right. Would you like some more tea?"

    "Yes please. That should wake me up a bit," he said gratefully.

    When the tea was ready, I suggested that we move into the lounge.

    "Would you like to watch a movie?" I asked him as we sipped the tea. "I've got lots of tapes. They're in the drawer under the TV. Choose whichever you like."

    Tim nodded and opened the drawer. He took out a few tapes and looked at the titles. He turned and smiled at me and said, "We have similar tastes. Let's try this one."

    He loaded the tape and I used the remote to start it. I was thrilled to see that Tim had chosen a gay porno movie.

    "Come and sit next to me," I beckoned to him.

    Tim did so and we watched the movie together. It was pretty hot stuff. I was glad to know that he was gay or at least bisexual.

    I thrilled when Tim put his hand on my knee. I looked at him, kissed him softly on his cheek and put my arm around him. My cock was poker stiff.

    "Are you enjoying yourself?" I asked him.

    "Yes. Very much," he replied.

    I started to kiss him lightly on his neck and on his ear. Then I put my free hand inside his robe and massaged his chest. He responded by turning full face to me, looking deep into my eyes and kissing me passionately with an open mouth. I kissed him back again and again as I rubbed his nipples until they became firm.

    He sought my massive cock under my bathrobe and sighed at its stiffness and size.

    "You're as big as I am," he whispered to me.

    I opened his bathrobe and grasped his cock too. It was equally hard and I felt it throb with excitement as I pulled back his foreskin. He got up and let his robe fall to the floor. He stood in front of me and I took his lovely cock into my mouth. Then he held my head in his hands as I sucked it and gently squeezed his dangling balls.

    He lay down on the floor and I took off my bathrobe and bent down over him in the sixty-nine position. We sucked and wanked each other until we climaxed with groans of ecstasy. Then I reversed my position and sucked at his neck as he squeezed my buttocks.

    "You tasted great," he whispered to me as I licked my cum from his chin.

    It came time for Tim to take his leave. He dressed in his gardening clothes and he gave me a goodbye kiss.

    "Hang on," I said. "I'm not letting you go just like that. Why can't I pick you up at the pub at closing time?"

    "Good idea," he said. "We close at eleven."

    I watched him as he drove his truck out of my drive. I clutched at my stiff cock. I wanted to fuck him so badly.


    I watched quite a bit of TV that evening in order to take my mind off Tim. I was not very successful. My thoughts wandered again and again to my new lover and I was perpetually horny after our afternoon encounter. I hadn't felt as excited as this for ages.
    Eventually, I dressed myself in a smart casual top and dark slacks and drove down to the King's Head. Tim was doing his stuff on duty in an exemplary fashion. He was dressed in a white shirt and black bow tie. What an angel, I thought to myself.

    I noticed how much the customers liked him. At closing time, it became obvious that quite a few fancied him. He winked at me as he poured me a last pint. I drank up slowly until he was free to go. In a few minutes, we were off in my car.

    "Are you hungry?" I asked him.

    When he said that he was, I parked outside a curry house. We ordered a blow out which we enjoyed with a few pints of lager. It was obvious that we were both horny for one another. We held hands under the table.

    When we got to my place, Tim decided to take a shower. I climbed the stairs after him and stripped off and joined him. We massaged each other's stiff cocks, gently using the foam bath lotion.

    "Are you ready for bed?" I asked him after we had dried off.

    "Yes please!" he replied.

    We got in between the sheets and kissed and cuddled with our throbbing cocks in our hands.

    "I want to fuck you," I whispered to him.

    He became a little nervous and told me that he had never been fucked before.

    "Trust me," I said. "I'll be very gentle and, afterwards, you can fuck me back."

    I stretched over to the bedside cabinet and took out a tube of KY jelly and a vibrator. First, I squeezed some jelly into his tight little virgin hole and finger-fucked him.

    "Do you like that?" I asked him.

    "Yes," he whispered.

    Then I pushed the lubed vibrator inside him very slowly. He quivered as it reached deeper and deeper down his tube.

    "Is that okay?" I asked him as I switched the gadget on.

    "It's wonderful!" he cried out excitedly.

    Then I jerked his cock while I pushed the vibrator slowly in and out of him. He groaned in ecstasy.

    Just before he came I pulled back his foreskin and sucked his helmet until it shot into my mouth. I swallowed hard and took the vibrator out of his hole. His body was still trembling in orgasm as I parted his legs and slipped my hot cock into him. He gasped several times as my huge dick stretched him and then he groaned when it was completely inside him.

    "Here goes!" I said as I began to stroke slowly in and out of him. Then, as I felt he was comfortable, I fucked him faster and faster with long strokes. His tube was so tight that I could feel the veins in my hot meat throb inside him. I rested for a while to prolong my exhilaration and he pulled me down on his chest and put his tongue down my throat and I sucked it furiously.

    Then my balls ached with their load of spunk and I returned to fucking him almost violently. He clutched at my balls as my cock spurted inside him and I felt it pulsate four times until it tingled all over.

    I collapsed on Tim's chest sweating and panting. Tim cuddled me in appreciation and kissed me over and over again.

    "I took your virginity," I whispered eventually.

    "I'm glad that it was you," Tim replied. "I think that I'm in love with you."

    "After only one day?" I questioned him.

    "One day can be a lifetime," Tim replied.

    I put my fingers into his hole and spread my cum that was dribbling out of it over his cock and jerked him off until it was poker-stiff again and then Tim told me that it was his turn to fuck me.

    He rolled me on my back and then covered his cock with jelly. He knelt in front of me with his cock wagging about until I caught it and led it to my aching hole.

    "Push," I whispered into Tim's ear and I felt the exhilaration of feeling his hot cock slide completely inside me.

    I groaned over and over again as he fucked me faster and faster and then Tim groaned himself with pleasure as he shot his load into me. He shivered ecstatically as his dick tingled inside me.

    "How on earth did you learn to fuck like that but remain a virgin yourself?" I whispered eventually.

    "Dunno," he whispered. "All the guys I've been with before just wanted me to fuck them over and over again. Anyway, you're the first guy I would really have wanted to fuck me. None of the others were as manly as you."

    I hugged him tight as the compliment made me flush with pleasure. It was then that I knew that I had fallen for my new lover boy.


    I was up very early the next morning. I had already worked at my word processor for an hour before I decided to take Tim a cup of tea. His face looked boyish in his slumber and I thought twice about waking him. The noise of the cup and saucer being placed on the bedside cabinet was enough to make him stir.
    "Morning, old son," I whispered to him. "I've brought you some tea."

    "I was dreaming about you fucking me," he replied slowly as I pulled back the covers. I saw his fine erection sticking straight up out of his bush of pubic hair.

    "We're not a one night stand, then?" I whispered to him.

    "No. I meant what I told you last night," he replied.

    "That's fantastic!" I said. "I feel the same way about you."

    I pulled down his foreskin and took his cock in my mouth. Tim took a deep breath as the pleasure permeated his whole body and he ran his fingers through my hair. I sucked him and wanked him hard until he spurted into my mouth.

    Later, downstairs, I cooked us a full breakfast and we both tucked into it.

    "You're very hungry," I observed.

    "Yes. I always eat like a horse," he replied.

    "You're just like me then," I chuckled.

    Tim's mobile rang. He excused himself and answered the call. It was the gardening company. They had work for him that afternoon. He agreed to the hours and switched the phone off.

    "I'll be on my own then after lunch," I said. "How about tonight?"

    "Yes, I'm not busy tonight," he replied. "What shall we do?"

    "I'll take you to a good restaurant run by some friends of mine," I said. "I'd like to show you off."

    He smiled and blushed a little.

    "I'd like that," he said.

    "Where do you live?" I asked him.

    "Nowhere permanent. At the moment, I'm just kipping down on the sofa in a married couple's flat. They've been friends of mine for years."

    I paused and thought for a while.

    "That's no good," I said at last. "Would you like to move in with me?"

    Tim's mouth opened with surprise at my suggestion.

    "Do you mean permanently?" he asked me.

    "Yes. Why not?" I replied.

    "That would be magic!" Tim said and we kissed each other passionately.

    Everything was settled. I dropped Tim off at his friends' flat where his van was parked.

    That evening, he came back and unloaded his two suitcases.

    "Welcome home, mate," I said with a smile.

    "Thanks," he said. "Can I hang up my clothes?"

    "I've cleared the left hand-side of the wardrobe for you," I told him. "Unload your stuff and take a shower. I've booked the table for nine. Casual dress only."

    I was very taken with Tim's dress sense as he joined me in the lounge. He was wearing a loose black tank top and white trousers. He oozed sex appeal. His enormous cock and pendulous balls were taken up by his underwear so that there was a huge shapely bulge above his groin.

    My old flame, Antonio, greeted us at the restaurant.

    "I'm pleased to see you again, Adam," he said with affection. "I've got your usual table."

    "I'd like you to meet a new friend of mine," I said and introduced him to Tim.

    "Pleased to meet you," said Antonio as he shook Tim's hand warmly. "The first drinks are on the house."

    The evening went splendidly. Antonio's new partner, Giorgio, joined us after the meal. He was captivated with Tim and wished us both good luck. Antonio brought the bill but Giorgio tore it up. This one was on him.

    Back at the house, we both enjoyed a couple of stiff nightcaps before going upstairs. Then we undressed each other lovingly down to our underwear and kissed each other deeply. I stood back from Tim and looked down at his underpants. They were made out of black see-through nylon voile. His ten-inch erection was sticking out at the top. We kissed again and again, massaging each other's cocks before Tim cried out.

    "Please fuck me again, Adam!" he said pleadingly.

    "Only if you fuck me back later," I murmured teasingly.

    I took Tim doggy fashion. My cock entered him from the rear as I held his boyish backside close to me. It was easier the second time around for Tim who groaned with pleasure as my dick slid into his tube. I fucked him relentlessly and I stroked his rampant cock again and again until we came together with my balls crashing into his.

    Then, after a rest, Tim fucked me the same way with the energy of a wild stallion until he spurted deep within me. His quivering cock sent a thrill to the end of my dick, which shot a spurt of cum all over the carpet.

    "Was that good for you?" he asked me as my cock tingled with ecstasy.

    "Pure bliss," I replied before turning over and kissing him long and hard. "Let's make this last forever."

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