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  • A night with dad
  • "Dad, wake me up at 8 am tomorrow?" I called to my dad before I went to sleep. I'd been sleeping through my alarm clock all week and if I was late one more time for the class I was going to be in big trouble.

    "No problem," Dad said.

    At 8 am, I felt the bed shifting. I clenched my eyes against the sunlight streaming through the blinds and then blinked.

    "Wake up, son." Dad whispered, slipping under the sheets beside me. I stirred and I felt dad's naked body pressing against mine, his hard-on brushing against my thigh. Dad was completely naked and was laid out beside me. My own cock was already hard, poking up against the sheets, and I felt it throb as dad moved his hand down to my cock, stroking the smooth skin with his fingers. I shivered in pleasure at the touch of his hand on my cock again. I missed that feeling since the last time we had sex.

    "Ooohhh Great, dad. Uummm" I moaned as he squeezed my cock. He kicked off the sheet, exposing my huge, throbbing cock.

    "Dad, go ahead. Do what you want. Uummm I'm your good boy." I grinned. Dad slid down my body, opening his mouth and licking around my cock head. I groaned, leaning back and putting my hands behind my head as dad swallowed sucked on my cock, enjoying the great sensation. I could feel dad's cock throbbing against my leg, and that turned me on even more.

    As dad sucked me off, he slid slightly back and forth, rubbing his hard cock against my legs. The faster he sucked, his hand moving lightly up and down along my shaft as he moved his hips faster and faster. His cock was leaking pre-cum, dripping along my legs, and I groaned. "Ooohhh Aaahhh Keep on, dad."

    Dad then let my cock pop out of his mouth and kissed his way up my body until our cocks were pressing together. I grabbed dad's ass, holding the firm cheeks and pulling him closer so our cocks were rubbing together. My cock was still wet from his mouth, and the combination of my wet skin and our pre-cum slipped back and forth while we kissed.

    Dad broke the kiss then moved up until he was straddling on my chest, pointing his long, thick hard cock at my mouth. I reached out my hands and pulled back his foreskin, exposing his dark red cock head. I licked his cock head and his pee hole with my tongue with a circle motion, tasting his pre-cum. I knew my dad loved it, and this made him squirmed and moaned, "Uummm My good son, you did it great. Oooohhh Aaahhh"

    He flexed his hips forward, pushing his cock into my mouth. I felt the bulbous head pushed past my lips and over my tongue. I swallowed, and reached for dad's huge balls, massaging and squeezing it gently. I sucked on his long, thick cock, my mouth getting wetter and wetter, his cock slid in and out easily. I then reached my hands up to his nipples and playing with it as dad thrust harder and harder into my mouth, and his balls bouncing against my chin.

    "Ooohhh.. Yeah. Aaahhh" Dad moaned, pushing his hips forward one more time as he came. I swallowed his hot cum and then he withdrew his cock out my mouth, wiping his dripping cock head on my lips. "Get ready for class or you'll be late," Dad said, and then disappeared back into his own room.

    My hard cock was still throbbing in attention. I jacked myself off in the shower, tasting dad's cum tickling my throat and the dad's beautiful thick cock, it didn't take long for me to come I shot my cum all over the bathroom but I was getting late so I just left it there.

    That night after dinner, we got back to our own room. I was horny as hell and the only thing I needed is sex. I wanted to have sex with dad; I wanted him badly after the first great experience with him. So I walked to dad's room and knocked on the door. When I opened the door, I saw dad was reading magazine on the couch, with the top button of his pants opened as he usually did it when relaxing.

    "Dad," I called.

    Putting his magazine down, he looked at me in the eyes and asked, "Well boy, what happen?"

    "I I" I didn't know what to say.

    Dad seemed to know what I was thinking. "What did you think of your old man's cock? Did you like working on my cock?"

    I nodded then he asked again, "Do you want to see it again?" I nodded once more. Dad smiled and walked to me and stood right in front of me.

    He looked down at me and said to me very gently, "Don't be embarrassed. I'm glad that you want me that way, because I want to see my son all naked and excited too." He gave me a signal and said, "Come on, son. Come and sit here."

    I walked toward the couch and sat down. When I sat on the couch I found dad had rested his arm on the top, so as I sat down he was able to encircle my shoulders with his strong arm. He brought his hand over my hair, brushing it away from my face, "You're a fine looking boy, son." He then lowered his hand to my chest and rubbing the T-shirt over my nipples "You've got a nice firm chest" he added. He lowered his hand again until he reached to my stomach and rubbed the material, feeling my tight stomach. "Uummm. Nice and firm" he observed, as he continued drawing his hand over my stomach.

    "Your legs are just as firm" Dad said as he pressed his hand into my cloth-covered knee, his touch sent a shudder through my body. His hand remained motionless on my knee and then slid up slightly and was resting on my thigh with his fingers resting on my inner thigh. His hand began caressing my inner thigh, and his arm around my shoulder drew me closer to him. The warmth and nearness of his body excited me further. I found the situation confusing and frightening, but at the same time exciting.

    I opened my legs wider to give him easer access to my thigh. He took the movement of my legs as a sign and moving his arm, which was around my shoulder and he placed his hand behind my head, and pulling my head closer to his. He planted his lips on mine, and his tongue forcing its way into my moist mouth. I opened my mouth and our tongues explored each other's mouth. Slowly his hand moved further up, and come to rest on my crotch, his hand rested on my shorts where my cock was starting to grow.

    My body tightened as his palm rested on my hard cock, rubbing the fabric over my cock. "Nice boy. Uummm" He whispered into my ears, and I found my heart beating faster as he continued rubbing my cock through the shorts. He returned to kissing me. Keeping his lips against mine he moved his hand upwards, and gently pulled my T-shirt free from the waistband, sliding his hand under and he began to stroke my stomach, he then moved it higher until he found my nipple.

    "Very nice boy, nice chest, and nice nipples" He whispered. Moving away from me, he lifted my T-shirt up, and as I lifted my arms he pulled it over my head and threw it on the floor, behind the couch. He again moved closer but his lips moved down to my nipple while his other hand was caressing and pinching the other one. As he continued to kiss, and lick my nipple his other hand moved lower, and slipped his hand into my shorts, feeling my hard cock through the brief.

    His hand rested on the flimsy material of my briefs easily feeling my hard cock, which was pushing the thin, flimsy material away from my body. He kept rubbing my cock while working on my nipple. He then stopped fondling my cock and he then let go of my nipple and grasping the waistband he attempted to tug the shorts down. I lifted my ass off the couch and I felt the waistband slid down, he continued pulling them down until they rested on my ankles.

    He turned me so that I was able to lie down on the couch, and I felt his tongue lick my nipple then it moved down to my navel before moving lower until I felt my cock, being taken into his mouth through the thin fabric of my brief. I squirmed and wriggled beneath him, but his hands on my hips kept me under his probing mouth. I felt my cock getting moist from his mouth, and my pre-cum. Without moving his mouth off of my cock, he pressed his hands under my waist and cupped my ass cheeks in his hands. As he stroked my cheeks I tried to offer him better access as I lifted my hips. He slid his fingers inward until he found the groove between my buttocks. I jerked my hips as he pressed his finger into my hole, forcing its way in as well. As my hips jerked upwards, my cock slipped from his mouth.

    Dad lifted himself up and looking into my eyes, asking, "Is there anything else you want me to do?"

    "Yeah, fuck me with your cock, Dad. I want you to fuck me." I said.

    Dad laughed and said, "I want to fuck your ass more than you want me to. But first, I've just got to suck on that beautiful cock of yours, son. God, I need to have your hard cock in my mouth, down my throat. Give it to me, son." Dad then dropped to his knees between my legs and began to pull my brief off. My hard cock was leaking pre-cum, the clear warm fluid nearly flowing from my cock slit. Dad moved his tongue out to lick up my pre-cum. He licked at the sensitive slit, making me moan, "Aaahhh Dad, it feels so good. Uummm"

    Dad then responded by sucking my throbbing, pulsing hard cock deep into his throat, clear down to the pubic hair. "Ooohhh God, suck my cock, suck it, Dad." I murmured and leaned back, closing my eyes as my cock deep in dad's throat. He began to lick my cock head, flicking his tongue around it. His hand grasped my hard shaft, and then lightly jacked my cock. I thrust my hips up and began to slowly thrust my cock in and out of dad's mouth. He slowly pushed my hard cock down dad's throat, and withdrew it till only the head remained inside his mouth. He sucked on it and swirled his tongue around the helmet shaped cock head of mine. His right hand cupped my balls, caressing my testicles, feeling the pubic hair on them. I moaned again, "Ooohhh Yeah, Dad. That feels so good. Aaahhh"

    I opened my eyes and looked at dad's face, now pressed into his cock again. I watched my cock slide in his mouth further and further until he had all of in. His mouth was hot and slippery. Then he backed off and bobbed his head on my cock head for a while before he started his suction. He slowly sucked down onto my shaft, and sucked harder as he came back up. I leaned back and groaned loudly as his head bobbed up and down, taking my cock into his mouth, "Oowww Aaaahhh Great, dad. Ooohhh"

    I suddenly needed to have dad's cock in my mouth again; an insatiable desire and I wanted it badly. I pulled my cock from dad's mouth, slowly and said, "Stand up, Dad. I'm going to strip your clothes off of you. I've got to see you naked and hard right now."

    Dad understood my desire and stood up so I could remove his clothes. I pushed dad's unbuttoned shirt off his arms, letting it fall to the floor. I then pulled his shorts and briefs down together and dad stepped out of them, standing fully naked and hard in front of me. His cock pulsed up and down with passion, the pre-cum flowing heavily out of his cock. I stared with lust at dad's manly body and hard, throbbing, uncut cock. I reached for his wonderful big cock and pulled it to my mouth. I bent down to lick the dripping pre-cum that was oozing from under dad's foreskin. I then bent forward to suck in his oozing cock head, dripping with pre-cum. I again drank all of it I could get, pushing my tongue under the foreskin that still partially covered his cock head, then into the slit. Dad sighed deeply, "Ooohhh Good boy, take it all, son. It's all yours, boy, all yours, son, whenever you want it."

    I then reached around and grabbed both of his butt cheeks to pull them towards me and forcing more of his cock down my throat. I sucked on it harder and faster. I backed off in order to increase the pressure on dad's cock head and sucked. His hands reached up behind my head and he took over pushing and pulling, guiding me to suck on his cock. "Ooohhh God. Yeah Aaahhh Oohhh" Dad grunted as my right hand reached to cup his balls, so I was sucking hard and playing with his balls while he face fucked me.

    Dad leaned down over me on the couch, his hands lightly pushing me down onto the couch. He moved over me, again placing the head of his cock at my lips, and turned so that he could take my hard cock into his mouth again. Dad and I began a slow but passionate "69", taking each other's cock into our throats.

    Dad sucked on my throbbing cock, licking my cock head and gathering all of my flowing pre-cum from the slit while I licked dad's cock and put my hand up to pull dad's skin up so that I could push my tongue between the foreskin and the head of dad's cock. He tongued and licked my cock head, sucking out all of my pre-cum as it leaked from the slit. I was in ecstasy. Dad pulled my balls firmly down, while he licked my shaft on the bottom of my hard cock. He began to stroke my cock up and down, feeling of my cock in his hand. He then sucked on my cock even deeper into his throat, moving his head up and down my cock. He sucked my cock into his mouth and enclosed it completely in his sucking mouth, I felt his lips against my groin and his tongue caressed my sensitive head.

    I wrapped a fist at the base and pulled back his foreskin, pressing my lips against the spongy flesh of dad's cock head. It felt warm and soft and hard and wonderful. I flicked out my tongue and ran it up the warm shaft, licking all round and my fingers now tickling the inside of his thighs. I then opened my mouth and allowed him to slip his cock into my mouth and his hips pushed it deeper and deeper. I took half of it in my mouth, then the other half, and then I opened as wide as I could and swallowed the whole shaft while my tongue lapped all around the head. I sucked on dad's cock while my left hand grasping dad's balls and right hand roving over his chest and muscular body.

    I felt dad's body stiffen as he prepared to climax. Dad was going to shoot. I started thrusting my cock into dad so that I could orgasm at the same time that dad shot his cum. We both pushed our cocks into each other's throats at the same time and shot our cum again and again down the other's waiting mouth. I greedily drank dad's cum, while dad swallowed all my cum, bolt after bolt of hot juice that I shot into his mouth. Dad was swallowing the huge load of cum that my cock shot out. He buried his nose in my crotch, sucking my cock even deeper into his throat, claiming every last drop of my cum being shot into his mouth.

    As I pulled off of the cock, I kept my lips tight and sucked up all the overflowing cum as I could. At last his cock was out of my mouth and flopping before me. This time, I lapped up all the cum that dripping from his pee hole, darting my tongue inside the tiny hole as dad milked his shaft to squeeze out all of the cum. I licked his head clean.


    We were both lost in the passion. As the spasms racking our bodies subsided and our cock yielded up the last jets of cum, we collapsed upon each other, dad's body pressing upon mine. Neither one of us was willing to surrender the softening cock that filled our mouths, so we rolled onto our sides to lie beside one another to experience the feeling of our cocks as they softened and shortened. Dad's foreskin was beginning to reclaim and cover his cock head.

    We slowly recovered from our heavy breathing as our cocks still wilted in our warm mouths. I let my tongue glide under dad's foreskin, making his cock twitch at the contact with his now sensitive cock head. I then sucked his foreskin forward, sucking at the overhang of skin that hid his cock head. Our cocks continued to soften and shrink, returning to their normal state. I gave dad's foreskin a final suck as dad sat up on the couch, pulling his soft cock away from my lips. Dad then reached his left hand down to my cock and gathered my cock and balls into his grasp, lightly squeezing the tender organs in his fist.

    I moaned softly, "AaahhhYeah Dad. Ooohhh" Dad let my balls loose, and lightly stroked my cock, with his thumb swirling around my red cock head that still covered with saliva and cum.

    I sat up next to dad, and put my arm around his broad, strong shoulders. My hand caressed the bulge of the arm that was slowly jacking on my soft cock. I then reached to feel his chest, lightly running my fingertips through his pecs and ridged abdomen. The hair from his belly button made a column down to his pubic bush, becoming the dense mass of pubic hair that surrounded his uncut cock. I moved my hand slowly down the trail of hair till I took dad's cock again into my hand. I lightly squeezed the soft cock, making a small drop of pre-cum begin to trickle out of the knot of skin at the tip of his cock. I put my finger into the skin and retrieved the clear fluid, then brought it to my lips to lick off. He sighed again, "Uuummm. Great. Aaahhh"

    Dad looked into me. He brought his hand up to my chin and brought his face up to look in my eyes. He leaned forward and kissed me. I put both arms around his torso and kissed him back, deeply. Dad responded by pushing his tongue into my mouth. I took dad's tongue like it was dad's cock and sucked on the probing organ. Dad's cock even got a bit hard when I did that.

    We separated and looked at each other. "Oh God, Dad, do you know how much I love you?" I shouted. "I love you, dad."

    Dad kissed Jake again, a long, tender kiss. I held his body tightly as we kissed. I reached out my hand and began to play with his soft cock until it was hard again.

    "Dad, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, please." I begged.

    "A man shouldn't have sex with his son. Buthere's what you want."

    Dad then grabbed hold of my ankles and lifted them up, and brought my knees to my chest. He then put his hand on my cheeks, spreading them, exposing my ass hole. He moved his face closer to my hole. To my surprise, he ran his tongue around my crack with his spit-covered tongue. When he found my hole, he probed into the hole with his tongue. This unexpected move sent a wave of excitement and eagerness through my body. I griped my ass and tried to pull my cheeks further apart, stretching the hole wider, allowing more of his tongue into my gasping hole. He tensed his tongue and shoved it in and pulled it out, going faster and faster. I moaned loudly, "Ooowww Uummmm Aaaahhh. Keep it on, dad."

    He ran his tongue around the opening of my hole, then pulled away and licked the cleft and cheeks. That was turning me on. After my hole was completely wet from his spit, he lowered my legs, but kept a grip on them, getting off the couch he moved to the end and pulled me along with him. Here he pulled me upwards until my lower back rested on the arm of the couch. Again I found my knees being pushed to my chest, He let go of them, and brought his thumbs into my ass crack, forcing the edges of his thumb into my opening. I felt the pressure increased.

    "Aaaahhh Dad, fuck me. Please Uummm" I begged again.

    "You lovely boy" he reminded me, "With a lovely ass." he added. He the leaned down and kissed me, shortly and said, "You really like my cock up your ass. Well, I'm going to give you a fucking that you'll never forget. At least until the next time."

    Dad positioned himself behind me and grabbed my hips higher in the air. Then he wrapped my legs around his strong arms and my legs falling over his shoulders. With his left hand placed his cock head at the opening of my waiting hole, rubbing the cock head around my hole.

    He slowly pushed his head into me. The head went in and dad moaned in pleasure as he pushed his whole cock inside of me, "Uuummm Ouchhh Aaahhh" Once he was all the way in, he shoved it from side to side as if to widen my ass hole more and more. He began to fuck me harder and faster, thrusting his cock in and out my hole.

    I tightened my sphincter muscle around his shaft. He grunted, "Ooohhh That's nice. Do it again. Aaahhh" I tightened my sphincter muscle again and again, tighter and tighter each time, and with each contraction, dad groaned louder and louder.

    He pulled my head up and whispered in my ear, "Now you're my pussy boy." He then asked, "Are you ready, pussy boy? Are you ready to get fucked like that?"

    I wiggled my butt a little and said, "Fuck me, dad." His hands were roaming all around my body, and then he grabbed my hips onto his tool while shoving it in at the same time. We both moaned real loud as he thrust his cock faster and faster inside. Our moans filled the room. He stood on his knees and fucked. I heard his balls slapping my butt cheeks as he pounded my ass faster and harder, harder and faster, then slower for a while until he stopped all together. I felt him shuddering, only the head inside of me, and dad said, "I'm not ready yet."

    I turned my head and said, "Go ahead and cum inside me."

    Slowly he pushed his cock into my waiting hole again until I felt the length of his cock all inside me. "Lovely boy." He whispered. He pushed his cock further into my excited and enthusiastic hole. He had slowed his rigorous fucking in my ass to a slow careful pumping action, pausing on the down stroke to hear me pled for him to go faster.

    "Fuck me." I pleaded, "Shoot your cum into me, please" I screamed.

    His speed continued its slow, unhurried and rhythmic assault of my submissive hole. He lower his lips to mine, he planted a loving and tender kiss on my lips. Then he began to fuck my ass, faster. I was taking his weight as he repeatedly slammed his cock into my ass, he was liked an animal as the speed and forced pushed me further into the couch, bouncing in time to his urgent, thrusting cock.

    "Oowww... I'm Cumming. Aaahhh" I felt him pause for a second, than felt his cock explode in my hole as his cock unleashed a torrent of cum. He had the longest orgasm; he just kept shooting and shooting, filling my ass hole with his hot load.

    Once he was done, he lifted my upright, and with his cock softening inside my butt, he reached around, grabbed my dick hard and pumped it like a madman. Dad must have liked the feel of my cock, because I also felt his dick harden again deep inside me. And with dad's cock up my ass, and his fist around my cock, I too had a wild orgasm. I could feel the muscles contract around dad's cock as I came, and I heard dad between my own noises reacting to my sphincter muscles tighten around his shaft. Without letting up on his thrusts on my cock, dad started to fuck me and jack me at the same time.

    I pushed his fist away to beat myself off for him. Then I told him, "Talk dirty to me. Tell me what your big hard cock feels like up inside my butt."

    "It's all squishy right now from all of the cum I shot. "Ooohhh God, it feels so good. I love fucking you so much." He pounded my ass for a while, and then asked, "Tell me how it feels for you. Do you love this as much as I am?"

    Between gasps, I said, "Dad. I love your cock. I love getting fucked by you. Ooohhh Uummm" I felt another orgasm coming on and told dad, "I'm gonna cum. Get ready. I'm gonna cum hard with your huge cock up my ass."

    Dad's thrusts shortened as the wave hit me like a bullet. I was screaming loud when I heard dad doing the same. We had both cum together, my ass muscles milking the white cum from his cock shaft as my balls spattered my own cum all over my body. We came hard and then dad collapsed on top of me. We both breathed heavily.

    As I felt him withdraw his now deflating cock, I felt his warm cum oozing out from my grateful but empty hole, down my crack, my exhausted body was allowed to unroll, finally laying flat on the couch. He moved up to once again look into my eyes. He held me tight for a while before standing, heading to the shower.

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