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  • Teenag hitchhikers first time
  • One summer, when I was 18, my buddies and I used to have races. Our races were a bit different--we would race to the shore, which was about 2 hours away - but being as we didn't have cars yet, we'd hitchhike.

    The three of us would hitchhike separately and the point was to see who could get there first. Crazy huh? Well, we were I guess. It was 1975 and times were a bit different than today.

    One beautiful summer day, I had managed a ride just over a Pennsylvania/New Jersey bridge and was standing at the eastern end with my thumb out. A sedan pulled over and I ran to get in. The driver, and older guy, asked where I was heading, and I answered "the shore".

    He was going close by not quite all the way down to Wildwood, but about 30 minutes from there. Sweet!

    The car was one of those big old boats that Oldsmobile used to make, big seats, very comfortable. I was wearing my cutoff jeans and a t-shirt. I was 18, thin, with longish blond hair. The old guy started regaling me with stories of the beachblah, blah. I listened politely, nodding and stuff.

    After a while, he started on girls and the beach...bikinis etc. Yeah, good lookingblah, blah... Then he asked me if I had a girlfriend. When I answered no, he seemed surprised. As we drove, I started noticing that he was looking at me more intently--like looking up and down my legsand looking at my crotch. I was thinking uh oh. He kept looking...up and down my legs...then up to my crotch. I started to feel my dick get hard.... Oh no...I tried to will it away--but it had a mind of its own--and my cutoffs began feeling tighter. Before long I was hard --and I was bulging...

    I saw him looking at my crotch again...and then he looked up and right at meand caught me looking. He smiled and said, "Nothing to be ashamed of, you must be awfully horny though, I could take care of that for you, you one would ever know... I love sucking cock."

    I just sat there--kinda dumbfounded--and he reached over and cupped my bulgerubbing my cock through my cutoffs. Oh, that felt good. I was a virgin--in everyway. No one had ever touched my cock but me.

    He said, "Hold on," and pulled into a rest area, parking way out in the farthest spot. He turned to me and said, "Relax." He undid my shorts and yanked my underwear down; my teenage cock sprang out--fully hard. I started to protest, but he ignored me and he immediately engulfed my cock with his mouth.

    Oh god--the moist heat of his mouth, his tongue...sliding up and down, his hand caressing my balls! In about 30 seconds I spasmed and blew my load. He sucked me dry, easily swallowing all of my cum.

    Sitting back up, he said, "All better?"

    I nodded yeah, with a nervous laugh. He said, "Man, you're hot! I'd suck you anytime. He drove me the rest of the way--and gave me his number.

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