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  • Caught by dad
  • It was around 2 in the morning when I reached home. I was horny as hell since I had been not dating for about 6 months. I had had no sex and hand job just couldn't satisfy my 20 year olds' desire. I thought everyone was sleeping and I began grabbing my cock through my jeans, and rushing up the stairs, saying to myself, "It's jack off time."

    I lightly closed the door and pushed my jeans to the floor, then my shirt. I turned toward my bed and stripped down my briefs. I lay on my back and started to move my hands up and down my cock. "Uummm Aaahhh It's great. Ooohhh" I made a low moan. I grabbed the gay porn magazines, which I hid it under my bed. I started going through then while jacking myself off.

    Suddenly, I heard the door open, "Son." It was dad's voice. I tried to grab the blanket to cover myself but it was too late. Dad saw me. "Ops, I'm sorry, son. I was just coming back and saw your light was on so I thought you might have been sleeping with your light on."

    I felt shame and quickly finished covering myself with the blanket. I then hid the porn magazine back under the bed and when I looked up, I saw dad standing in front of my bed. Dad started to take off his shirt and his pants. Soon, he stood there wearing nothing but his low-cut briefs. His briefs seemed to be a little bit small for him. The huge bulge in front of his brief seemed like would burst at any time. I couldn't get my eyes off him and kept staring at his bulge. Then, he walked toward my bed and climbed into it. He pulled back my blankets, which were covering my erection, and I was lying there naked with my hard 7 inches of cock.

    "You've got a nice cock, son," Dad said with a grin seeing my hard cock, then continued, "Looks like you want it bad, son." He started to caress my chest and inner thighs softly. "I have wanted to do this for so long, and today I am going to really make love to you, son," He said as he leaned forward and started to kiss me. I felt my body burning as it met my desire.

    Open mouth to open mouth, our tongues explored each other. My dad's passionate hands continued to explore my young body. He was on top of me at this point. His left arm was under me pulling my body tighter to him while his right hand was rubbing my buttocks. His hard cock and mine pressed firmly against each other. I reached my hand out and then yanked his briefs off, revealing dad's hard cock. I couldn't see it but I could feel it. It was thick and hairy. I then moved lower and I found his hairy balls. It was huge. I then moved my hand back to his shaft, feeling it swell bigger and bigger. I pressed my body against dad's. Our hot bodies touched, and our hard cocks pressed together sharing the heat.

    Dad then stopped kissing and moved to my neck and shoulders. He gave hot, wet kisses, and dad's hot breath made my cock ache from the pleasure in my body. I was overwhelmed with the situation so I laid back on the bed as dad started heading down my body. Dad licked my nipples so they became hard and sensitive. I started squirming from the pleasure so dad held me down at the waist. After that I crawled further up the bed letting dad's head have access to my stomach. Dad then licked the soft hair around my navel, and then he licked a trail down to where he slipped one of my balls into his mouth. He tickled it more and more as I moaned in ecstasy.

    "Oohhh Uummm Dad, I want more. Uummm" I moaned.

    Suddenly, I felt a warmth feeling around my cock. When I looked down, I was surprise to see dad's wet lips closed over the head of my cock. Dad sucked and tickled with his tongue. He even licked into the pee hole. I bucked my hips from the intense pleasure. Dad then swallowed my entire cock causing it to go down his throat. It was amazing.

    "Uummm Ouchhh Dad, I will shoot if you keep doing that. Aaahhh" I grunted as dad sucked me faster and faster. I couldn't hold on any longer. "Ouchhh Uummm" With a loud yell, I shot my hot white cum into dad's waiting mouth. I think I shot too much since some of it dribbled out of dad's mouth and onto his stomach.

    "Uummm You taste so good, son," said dad as he moved up the bed to kiss me.

    I wanted to give dad the same pleasure as he had given to me, so I moved down to his stomach. Then I could really see his cock. It was red. It was thick and uncut. The foreskin hung heavy over the large purple cock head. I started by massaging his balls and jacking him off. Dad squirmed and moaned, "Oowww My good boy. Aaahhh" I then took his large cock into my mouth and started sucking. I ticked the head and the pee hole with my tongue while rubbing his stomach with my free hand. He started to buck his hips.

    I then swept my tongue under dad's foreskin, tasting his pre-cum that had been accumulating under his foreskin. It tasted salty and sweet. I ran my tongued around inside dad's foreskin knowing that it made his cock head swell bigger and bigger, pleasuring the underside of his cock. That made him squirmed and moaned all the more. "Oohhh You did it good, son. I like it. Uummm" Dad thrust his hips upward to meet my mouth while I sucked him. He thrust faster and faster while I sucked him hard and harder. "Son, I'm going to cum. Aaahhh Aaahhh" He screamed. I continued to suck with great force until dad couldn't hold back any longer. He let out a loud scream and pumped spurt after spurt of the thickest, white cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all.

    We lay there kissing and caressing each other. Not too much longer and I felt dad's cock hard again. He broke the kiss and then positioned himself at my legs and spread my legs a part. He found my hole and then gently pushed his finger around it. It was wonderful. His finger began to penetrate my horny ass. He did it slowly and cautiously, and then he forced his finger into my ass wildly. It hurt a little bit as he forced his finger inside me, but the pain subsided quickly since I have my sex experience before.

    "Do you like that, son? My cock is going to be in there real soon." He said as he lower his head to my ass. With that he began to rim my ass with his tongue. I almost passed out with pleasure and my cock popped straight in the air. Dad's tongue explored every inch of my buttocks and the tip penetrated my hole. It sent electric currents throughout my body. He knew that I was enjoying it.

    "Oohhh Dad, please Please fuck me. I want it. Uummm" I begged him. Dad then spat into his hand and stuck his saliva-covered hand into my ass, poking his fingers in the hole. I heard him spit again and the sound of him slicking up his own dick. Then I felt dad's thick cock against my hole. I leapt forward, only to have pulled me back toward him. When I leaned back again his cock plowed all the way up my ass. The pain was temporarily excruciating, but when I heard him let out a loud groan, I knew he loved my tight ass.

    "Oohhh Yeah, son, I knew I had waited too long to get to this. Aaahhh Oohhh" He said as he continued to fuck me hard. He started pumping long and hard strokes keeping his thick cock moving in and out. He pulled all the way out, and then shoved it back in again. He kept it up, pulling all the way out and then plunging in. "Ooohhh Son, you got the tightest ass! Uummm" He whispered. Then the rhythm really picked up. He moaned faster, and pumped just as fast. He thrust with all his might.

    "Oowww It feels great." I moaned as I reached out my hands and started to jack myself off. I could feel myself cumming, and started shooting all over the bed. "Aaahhh I'm cumming. Oohhh"

    I could feel his meat expanding inside of me and all of a sudden he started shooting. "Oohhh God! Baby, yes! Uummm Ouchhh" He yelled as I was filled inside. He shot cum after cum inside me. He pulled out and pushed me on to my stomach. I lay there panting real hard. We lay there for a while, catching our breath. "I'm sorry son, I didn't mean to hurt you but we are not really supposed to do that." Dad said with exhausted breath. He felt guilty and climbed out the bed and walked toward the door and got back to his room, naked, leaving his clothes on the floor.

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