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  • Arizona
  • My name is Jimmy. I just finished my junior year in High School. I 'm on the wrestling team as well as track. I live with my parents in a blue collar type neighborhood in Phoenix. My dad is in construction and my mom is a school teacher at my old elementary school.

    It was the end of the school year Friday and my parents took off for the weekend to see my mom's aunt in a nursing home in Las Vegas. They have been leaving me on my own on weekends for a couple of years. I have earned their trust as I do not have my friends over and party while they are gone.

    My mom's parents have been dead along time. She has no bothers or sisters. My dad's parents are also gone but he does have a brother. Uncle Steve. Steve is about thirty three. About five years younger than my dad. He and dad are pretty close. They go camping a lot together and talk a lot during the week. Steve lives in Tucson and works in construction also. He has some land on the outskirts of town but I don't know much about it since I never been there. He comes here more than my dad goes there. Dad and Steve look a lot alike. They are both built like working men. They don't do much in a gym but their jobs keep them pretty much in shape. Dad is sporting a beer belly but I haven't seen Steve in a few months so I couldn't say if he is too.

    Dad and Steve also have dark brown hair. Dad has a goat and Steve has a full beard. So anyway, it has been kinda hot all weekend. I stuck pretty much to the house. I hadn't heard from my folks since Friday night when they got to Las Vegas. It was now about 10:00 pm on Sunday night. I usually don't worry about them because they travel a lot in the car but it was strange that they haven't called being this late.

    I was just about to go to bed when the door bell rang. I went to the door and there were two uniform police officers outside with another woman that had a professional type suit on.

    "Hi, can I help you" I asked.

    "Are you James Demarcus?" One of the officers asked.

    "Yes sir is something wrong?" I was getting nervous. I couldn't think of anything I did wrong.

    "Are you here alone son? Is it alright if we come in?" The same officer inquired.

    "Yeah I guess so. What is wrong?" I was getting nervous as hell now.

    "Let's sit down son. We need to talk to you for a few minutes. This is Officer Daniels. I am Officer Clark and this lady is Ann Brown. She is a child welfare representative for the state." The officer said while we all sat down.

    "Why do we need a child welfare rep? What did I do?" I asked. "Son, you did nothing wrong that we know of. Ms. Brown is here to help you while we give you some very bad news. You see..." I cut him off.

    "What bad news. What happened? My parents? Oh is...what happened?" I was going nuts.

    "Well son, er, I guess they were headed home on highway 93 and, um, it seems that a car headed the other way, um, the driver of that car feel asleep. They were hit head on son. There was nothing anyone could do. All three people died at the scene."

    While he was telling me this Ms. Brown moved closer and parked herself close enough to be there but not too close to give me space. She's done this before--funny that that's all I thought about at that moment--Ms. Brown and the space that she was giving me. Then it hit me. These strangers wouldn't be here if it wasn't true. My parents were gone. I broke down. I only remember some time later Ms. Brown asking me what other family there was.

    "My Uncle Steve; he lives in Tucson. He's my dad's brother. Does he know?" I asked. "No son. We didn't know about him. Are you close to him?" The same officer asked. "Yeah, I mean, he and dad are real close. He needs to know."

    "Would you like us to help you tell him or would you like to call him now? We will do what ever the easiest for you James." Ms. Brown said. "I am here for you as long as you need me."

    "It's probably best I call him now." I walked over to the phone in shock. Luckily I knew his number by heart. I didn't even need to think about it. His phone only rang once.


    "Steve, it's Jimmy."

    "Hey bud, what's going on? Your parents back?"

    "Jimmy, I ah, there's been" I lost it. I couldn't do it.

    Ms. Brown took the phone from me and held me while she talked. "Mr. Demarcus? This is Ann Brown. I am with the Child Welfare Agency with the state. I am here tonight because your brother and his wife were in a terrible accident."

    "Are they okay? What's going on?" Steve started to get frantic.

    "I'm afraid not Mr. Demarcus. No one survived the accident. I am very sorry for your loss. I have made arrangements to stay here with James until other arrangements can be made. Will you be coming up here?"

    "What? Oh my god! Yes, yes of course I'm coming. Tell Jimmy I am on my way. Oh my god. Dead? Can't be? Oh my god..." Steve fell into a fit of sobs. He was in shock as well--his brother and his wife gone. Now Jimmy. Oh god!

    "Mr. Demarcus please do not leave right away. Please take some time for yourself. I am here for James. I will not leave until you arrive."

    "Thank you Ms. Brown but I have to be with Jimmy right away. I will leave after I take a shower and compose myself. He needs me, but I need him more." Steve said to Ms. Brown.

    "I understand Mr. Demarcus. But please take caution. James does need you so please be careful. He will be better with you all in one piece."

    "See you in a few hours Ms. Brown. Tell Jimmy. Bye." Steve hung up and sat down. He let himself go. His brother is gone. Jimmy is all he has now.


    Ms. Brown and I were sitting on the couch staring at the T.V. a couple hours later when the door bell rang. Ms. Brown went to the door. I followed her. Uncle Steve was standing there out of breath. Ms. Brown introduced herself and then Steve turned his attention to me. He walked over and grabbed me in a hug and started to cry. I cried along with him.

    "Oh Jimmy, I'm so sorry man. I can't believe this." Steve said.

    "I'm so happy you're here Steve. I don't think I could have stayed here alone. Why did this happen Steve?"

    It took us a few minutes to retain our composure. Ms. Brown stood silently to the side until we were through with our emotional reunion. Then she softly said, "Mr. Demarcus, once again, I am so sorry for yours and James loss. I cannot believe you made it here this quickly. But at any rate. I will leave the two of you alone. Here is my card. I am available for you anytime. When you feel up to it we will need to discuss custody and such. Please let me know when you will be ready."

    "Well thank you Ms. Brown but there really is nothing to discuss. I will take care of Jimmy. What ever hoops we have to go through for that so be it but he is my kin. He will always have a home." Steve said.

    "Well then Mr. Demarcus there will be little more than administrative type stuff to take care of. You are his only living relative so other than a few visits to your home and the administrative red tape it should be an easy solution. Please both of you get some rest and please let me know when you plan to leave town. I will be in contact with the state rep. in Tucson. Good Night."

    "Good night", Steve and I said in unison.

    As Steve let Ms. Brown out the door it was the first time I really took what a sight he was in. He never shaved today and the probability that he took a shower before he left was pretty remote. He was wearing old beach shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt. Oh his feet were worn out flip flops. I began to notice his scent as well--a good couple of days at least. I knew Steve and dad were not much for deodorants or colognes. I'm pretty sure they both went commando too. Well at least the times I did laundry I never found any underwear for dad in them. Just jeans and tee's.

    "Jimmy, I think I need a couple of beers. You gonna join me?" Steve broke me of my thoughts.

    "Sure Steve. Dad stocked the fridge in the garage this week so I'll get us some.

    "Cool. I'm gonna take a piss and I'll meet you on the deck. It's kinda stuffy in here." Steve went up to the bathroom and I went into the garage.

    We met out on the deck a few minutes later. Uncle Steve, besides the sad look on his face at the moment, was quite the hunk. I couldn't help but notice even at a time like this. He sat down and dropped his flip flops off his feet. We both opened our beers and toasted to my parents hoping the best for them where ever they were. We both cried a little bit more and hugged. Now I was noticing his scent more and more. I always got aroused around dad when he came home with the days sweat on him. I never let on but it was really hot. I took to not wearing deodorant myself and loved to smell my own pits when I jerked off. Especially after wrestling practice. But now here I was with my Uncle Steve mourning the loss of my parents and thinking intimate things about my uncle.

    Steve leaned back in his chair and put his arms behind his head and closed his eyes. He seemed to be meditating for a few minutes. This gave me the chance to check him out some more. His shorts were thread bare and I could see the out line of his cock and balls through it. They were ripped up the inside seam as well. His shirt was worn as well and the holes where the sleeves used to be were tight about his torso.

    Steve opened his eyes and saw me staring at him. "Don't worry buddy. Every things gonna be alright. We will both be miserable for a while but we just have to remember we have each other. Your dad would have wished nothing better than for the two of us to become a family if he and your mom died."

    Then next several days went fast and I felt like I was in a dream. The funerals were three days later. Closed casket due to the accident. Then Steve, with my agreement, had a liquidator come in and clean out the house. There was nothing either one of us wanted. We would put the house up for sale and then leave the next week. I was going to go to Tucson with him.

    During all this we found out that when I was 18 I would receive the life insurance money from both my parents. My father's was $500,000 and my mother's was $100,000. There was also both their IRA's that worked out to be about $180,000. Plus the proceeds from the house that we were thinking would be about $150,000 after the remaining mortgage was paid off. All that plus the money from the liquidator would be put in a trust with my uncle in charge of it. He couldn't take any money out with out it directly benefiting me. Steve said that wasn't a problem. We would never have to touch any of it because he had made and saved up enough to take care of both of us for a while.

    So here it was Friday. Everything was taken care of and we were all packed up. We would be heading out to Tucson Saturday morning.

    "Jimmy, you ain't never been to my house. It ain't much. I never needed much. After living here you might not like it too much. It's a little two bedroom shack and the second bedroom is full of crap. It's gonna be rough going for a while till we get it all together. I know you're a trooper but I just wanted to forewarn you. It's beyond a bachelor pad. It's more of a pig pen."

    I laughed, first time in a week, and said, "Shit Steve, don't make no difference to me. What else do I have to do all summer but help you fix the place up. It will help me keep my mind off things. We'll figure it all out. I am just so happy you want me." I started to tear up.

    "Don't ever give a second thought to that bud. I would never want it any other way. Hell if you want to live with me till your thirty it be ok by me. Don't ever think you're in the way or that I don't want you because nothing could ever be further from the truth."

    "On to Tucson...


    I followed Steve to Tucson in my dad's truck. Steve was driving a dark blue Silverado Z-71 Extended Cab and I was driving dad's Black Chevy Heavy duty Duramax crew cab. The truck was mine now I guess but I was gonna trade with Steve when we got to his house because the truck was way too big for me and it would work out better for him to have the diesel.
    We finally got to Tucson about 2.5 hours later. We drove all the way through town to the south side. We took highway 19 and stayed on the highway for about 10 more miles then took an exit. Down a desert road that had ranches scattered on it we went for about 5 more miles. Then Steve turned off on a dirt drive that seemed to go no where. We went up a slight hill then at the top of it his place came into view. There was a small adobe type house with a cool front porch with timber column. Then off to the left there was what seemed to be an old type barn or stable with a fence in area. (Fences were in terrible shape. In the barn there was a pop up trailer and an old Camaro on blocks. As we came around to the back of the house there was a two car garage and a deck off the back of the house low to the ground.

    For the most part it looked pretty remote and lonely. I couldn't believe he lived here year round. When we finally stopped the trucks I got out at the same time Steve did. Steve was wearing those same beach shorts and flip flops he wore when he came up that first night. He had lost his shirt since we left. He was a hot man and I was afraid my secret desires were going to show and then this man would show me to the door.

    "Shit Jimmy I am already beat. Between the heat and what we had to go through the past week I could use a vacation. Let's get your gear inside and then fuck off for the rest of the weekend. I gotta work on Monday and you'll have plenty of time to get settled by yourself." Steve said.

    "Sounds good to me Steve. Where should I throw everything?" I asked.

    "Well that's the thing son. You know I left here in a hurry on Sunday night. The house is a sty and like I said the 2nd bedroom is full of crap. So just throw everything in that room that I guess is supposed to be a dining room and we'll sort it all out later. Meanwhile we'll go in get the air turned on and then barbeque some steaks and drink some beer. Come on."

    So I followed Steve inside. We were both carrying two suit cases. All mine. Steve had left in such a hurry he hadn't brought anything with him. All the cloths he had worn at my old house were my dads. Thankfully they were the same size. But he left them all there and put back on his shorts for the drive home.

    We entered by the door off the deck into the kitchen. The house was hot and stuffy. The kitchen was a throw back to the fifties and was a sty. We walked through to the dining room and dropped the cases off and then Steve put on the air. I looked around a bit and noticed there was not much luxury to be found. Except there was a big (and I mean big) screen TV in the living room and a leather love seat in front of it.

    "You get cable Steve?"

    "No, satellite Jimmy. Ain't no one gonna run cable out here."

    "What's with the love seat Steve? Looks uncomfortable."

    "Actually it's a double recliner. I was looking for a regular recliner and this one was on sale for the same price as a regular one so I took it. That is about all I spent money on since I lived here. I don't need much." Steve said. Meanwhile I noticed the beer bottles around the rooms and some untidiness.

    "So I guess you noticed the maid doesn't make it out here much either eh?"

    "Not a big deal to me Steve. Dad and I were pigs when mom would leave for a weekend then we would have to get it all cleaned up by Sunday. We actually had a blast those weekends." I started to tear up a bit. Steve noticed and came over and hugged me. "Don't worry buddy. I miss them too. But we got each other. Ain't nothing gonna mess with that."

    "So how 'bout that beer Steve?"

    "It's kinda early bud, just past one o'clock, but we deserve it. It's Saturday and we ain't got no where to go. I got plenty too. Always do. There are steaks in the freezer. Put two out on the counter and I will fix us a tub of beer for the deck."

    "Sounds good to me Steve."

    After I got the steaks out I went out to the deck. It must have been about 90 degrees already. I took off my tee shirt and opened the umbrella that was on the table. I didn't know how long we would be able to be out here because I was sure it would be over 100 today. Thankfully I just had on cargo shorts and flip flops. I rarely wore underwear myself.

    After I got settled Steve came out barefoot with a tub of beer as promised. "Damn boy it's gonna be hot today. Fuck it. We'll fix that." He went over to a knob off the hose and turned on the mist valves coming off the roof. It instantly cooled the deck down about ten degrees. "How's that Jimmy?"

    "Shit Steve I didn't even see them out here. Now that's a bonus."

    "Well yeah. That's the only other luxury out here. But hell, now that you live here we may do a little more to the place. Or you think you may want to live closer to town. We could do that too."

    "I don't want you to uproot yourself because of me Steve. And besides I kinda like this. It's nice and quiet."

    "Some times too quite Jimmy. But you're here now. And I love having you."

    Steve put his hands behind his head. I could see the moist hairs in his pits. The sweat was also going down his chest to his navel. I got up and opened us a couple of beers to snap out of my trance.

    This was gonna be tough.


    We sat out on the deck drinking till about five. "Damn boy I forgot about the steaks. They should be defrosted by now. You want one?"
    "Yeah Steve, the beer's getting to me." I said.

    "Well hell you should have said something I would have gotten to it faster; got a gas grill so we don't have to wait for the coals." Steve said as he went inside. It took him a while in there and when he came back he had a plate with the steaks on it and his shorts were unbuttoned and there was a wet spot on his crotch. As he turned towards the grill I noticed that the shorts were barely hanging on to his butt and the top of his crack was showing. Fuck, first his pit and now this. I was getting hard in my shorts. Baggy cargo shorts though so I didn't think it would show.

    Steve got to work with the steaks and turned around and said, "What you want with them Jimmy? Got a potato I could throw in the microwave."

    "The steak will be fine Steve. I don't need much tonight. Not really that hungry but know I have to eat."

    "Good enough for me too; I don't like a big dinner when I am having beers with good company. It got hotter even with the misters on didn't it? You want to eat these inside when there done or you okay?"

    "I'm okay. It's not that hot with the misters. I kinda like it out here. And it's nice and private. I can barely hear the road from here."

    "Yeah that is the nice part about it. Can do as I please out here. And so can you by the way."

    My mind started to race. What did he mean by that? Maybe he meant nothing but I couldn't tell. By that time though I had been sweating for a good five hours. I was reeking and horny; nothing worse when you can't jack off is being horny and smelling your own stink. Then to top it off I could smell Steve's stink from across the deck. It was making me nuts.

    About 15 minutes and the steaks were done. We both ate ours quickly and then opened another beer. "Feel better sport?" Steve asked.

    "Yeah, that hit the spot. Now I can hang for a few more brews. By the way what time you get up tomorrow?"

    "Well I got to get in by 7:00 am so it takes me 35 minutes to get to the site we're at now. So I should be up by 5:30 to be able to eat; ain't gonna shower, save that till after work."

    Steve answered. It was 7:00 pm now.

    "So what time you hit the sack?" I asked.

    "Actually around 9:00 if there's nothing good on the tube or no company. Read a bit then drift off. Usually watch the tube from 7:00 till then, nothing like being in the air conditioning watchin' TV in the raw and drinking beer." Steve laughed. "But don't worry I won't do that anymore if you mind."

    Shit, he hangs out naked. And here I am horny enough. I hung out naked in my room back home but never beyond it. Hell my mom would have died of heart failure. Dad was pretty open though but not around mom.

    "Steve I told you not to change for me. It's your house and you behave as you always have. I am the one moving in. I can and will adjust to what I need to."

    "Jimmy, you're a good boy. I just want you to know though that this is your house also. Don't call it mine anymore. I mean that. I love you as if you were my own son or brother. Don't ever forget that. It will take some time to get used to each other but I think it will take more for you to get used to me than for me to get used to you."

    "What you mean Steve?"

    "Well hell just like the naked thing. Told you I was a bit of a pig too. I stink sometimes." Steve laughed again.

    "That ain't no big deal Steve. I stink sometimes too. Mom used to always yell at dad and me both about our stinky pits. She kept buying me deodorant. I just threw it out. I liked my stink."

    "Now I know you're your father's son. Your dad and I would go camping and not shower for a week. We were both in heaven." Steve said, "And if you really don't mind the naked thing I am gonna toss off these shorts. I don't usually wear much around here at all unless I am working on that Camaro. Then I just wear some shorts or a jock to keep my cock safe."

    "Nah I don't mind. Dad and I used to use the steam room together at the gym and go in there naked. We were pretty comfortable. And when mom went out of town for the weekend we weren't hanging out naked but we weren't as careful either."

    "That's good Jimmy" Steve said as he let his shorts fall and he stepped out of them. His cock must have been hanging 5 inches heavy--uncut too. Mine was cut and so was my dad's. I didn't know Steve wasn't. Just then I realized I was staring at his cock and looked up to him. He was standing there grinning. "That feels much more comfortable Jimmy, Thanks. You feel free to do as you please. It's a small house and we're gonna see a lot of each other so no need to be shy."

    "I'm not too shy Steve" But I am hard I thought. Damn he was hot. All I have had for experience was a couple of friends. We have just jacked off and blown each other a few times. But I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined coming to live with this fuckin' hot man, just the two of us, and he's a nudist to boot. I am gonna be going to the bathroom all the time to jack off.

    Steve sat back down and opened two more beers. I was getting kinda loaded so when I went in to piss I left my shorts in the house. When I came out Steve looked up and said, "Good boy, might as well get used to it now. We don't get many visitors except the mailman and he's seen me naked so nothing to worry about there. Anyone else calls first since they don't want to drive out here if no one's home."

    "Sure does feel good to be outside and naked Steve. I guess I needed the beer to do it though. Hell I might get hard too." I was feeling good now. I knew I would regret myself in the morning.

    "Don't worry about your dick son. Like I said, it's a small house. We'll see more of each other and our actions than you would have ever thought. So you gonna miss your school?"

    Steve changed the subject. Must have been to make me more comfortable with how we were dressed or undressed.

    "Yeah but I have always made friends pretty easy. I could always join the wrestling team at the new high school next year."

    "Yeah I forgot you wrestled. You know I used to do that in high school too. Hell I still have my singlet. It's mighty worn and it's a bit tighter than it used to be but I still have it. You got yours with you son?"

    "Well yeah, of course I do Steve, why is that?" I was curious.

    "Let's put 'em on and wrassel. It be fun. We could go in the dining room since there ain't no furniture in there and do it on the carpet. Want to see if I remember."

    "You're kidding right Steve. I'm too shit faced to wrestle. I probably fall with out you pushing me."

    "Come on. So am I. Hell I been drinking two to three beers to your one. Let's just throw on the singlets and then go from there."

    "Well okay. What the hell." So with that Steve jumped up and went into the house. I followed and went into the dining room and got my singlet out of my gym bag. My jock was there too but I didn't think I would need it since we were both too shit faced to do any real harm.

    Steve came out in his red singlet. It was worn and boy was it tight. I could also tell he had foregone the jock as well. His balls and cock were outlined perfectly. Mine was yellow and tight but not as tight as Steve's.

    "Alright bud, lets get into position. You on top and lets see what I remember." Steve got down on all fours and I got on top. "Alright Steve on three man, One, Two and Three." I made the moves that I knew best and before he knew it Steve was pinned. He was on his back and I was straddling him and holding his hands behind his head. The odor of his pits hit my nose and I started to feel my cock tingle.

    Steve stared up in disbelief at first then he got a grin on his face. I though I felt something move by the crack of my ass. "Damn boy. You're quick; got me in a submissive position right quick." He laughed. But when he said it I got harder and I guess I felt him get harder too.

    "I also see we may be having the same reaction to your moves. You got your old uncle pinned down and now you got him hard. Nothing your uncle likes better than to have a hard stud pinning him down."

    I had to sit there for a sec and figure out if I was hearing him right. This fucking hunk below me was saying he was queer for me? Fuck, maybe he was just fuckin' with me because he caught on that I was queer for him.

    "Why don't you let me taste that pit of yours Jimmy? I know I like the smell so I am sure I am gonna like the taste. You got a problem with that son?"

    ", I guess not" I barely whispered. Steve moved my arm back so my pit was over his face and he started licking and sucking on the hair. He cleaned one pit up then the other. He was snorting like an animal and I was as horny as I ever could remember being.

    "Take that singlet off boy. I want to clean the rest of you too." Steve got up and took off his. His cock must have been about nine inches and thick. Mine was thick but around 7 and a half. I took off my singlet and Steve was on his back again. "Squat over me boy; squat right over my face."

    "What you mean Steve?"

    "I am gonna eat your ass boy, that's what I mean. Squat down like you're taking a shit and let me have at your hole."

    I was in disbelief. I slowly turned around and started to squat but I guess I wasn't moving fast enough. Steve whipped me around and pulled down on my hips and I felt his beard on my cheeks. Then a sensation I never felt before gripped me. I was in fucking heaven. I pushed down on his face begging him to keep it up. I felt his tongue find my hole and enter it. He lapped around the sides just in the opening. I was harder than I have ever been.

    Then I looked down and saw his cock sitting there hard as a rock too. I bent down with my ass still on his mouth and took his cock in my mouth. I heard him moan as he went at my hole and I took his cock further in my mouth. As I sucked him I felt a finger enter my ass, then another one. It felt so good I sucked harder and harder.

    Then another finger, my hole was as wide as its ever been and wider. "You want to sit on your uncle's cock boy? You want to bust that cherry? Turn around and squat on that cock for me what you say? Let me fucking put my cock in you boy. Come on." He started turning me around with his spit up my ass and my spit on his cock the head went in easy but then I felt the pain. "Just push out boy like your taking a shit. It will feel better soon."

    I did as he said then I sat down more on it. "That's it baby. Sit on my cock. Oh yeah, been wanting this all week man. And all the times I have seen you before. I been wanting your hot ass man. Come on down on it man. Let Steve have it bud. Oh fuck yeah--nice and hot in there." All his talking made me forget about the pain and then a sudden pleasure rock inside me. I could feel something happening to my ass and cock that I didn't know possible. When I finally got it all in Steve sat up and flip me to my back. He was on top holding my legs up and he started to drill me. "You like my cock boy? you like your uncles meat in you man?"

    "Oh fuck yeah Steve. Fuck me man. Fuck this is great."

    "You're a good boy Jimmy. We are gonna love living together--you and me boy. You gonna let me fuck you again boy?"

    "Oh fuck yeah man. Oh fuck..."

    "That's it baby. You're taking it like a man. Just like your daddy did. He liked my cock too. He liked to fuck also. You wanted your daddy to fuck you didn't you boy?"

    "Yes sir. I didn't know. I wanted it ...oh fuck..oh..oh man oh Steve. Oh fuck me man. you?....oh fuck.."

    "That's right boy. We talked about you. We both wanted to give it to you. You would have liked that eh? Both of us doing you man. Too bad he's not here to see this. He would have loved it man. My fuckin' cock buried deep in you. Fucking you good."

    "Oh man ...oh Steve...oh it feels so fucking good. Don't stop man. Oh fuck..."

    "Don't worry baby. I'm not gonna stop. Not until I fill that hot ass of yours with my nut baby. That's when I'll stop. You want my cum up your ass son? That what you want?"

    "Oh fuck yeah Steve. Oh fuck, do it man. Get your nut so I can get mine. Please man. Cum up my ass. Do it. Do it."

    "Oh fuck Jimmy here it comes man. Here comes some uncle juice man. Fuck Fuck...ah ohhhh fuck!"

    As Steve exploded up my ass I was pressed into cumming myself. I shot up onto his chin and then onto my chest. We were a sweaty stinky sticky mess. I was fuckin' in heaven. Steve pulled out and fell down next to me.

    "Shit, I'm sorry Jimmy. I lost control. I shouldn't have let that happen. I'm sorry, it will never happen again. Please forgive me man."

    "Steve--that was fuckin' incredible. Don't tell me it's never gonna happen again. I fucking loved it. But you will have to fill me in on you and dad sometime. I didn't know any of it. But as far as you and me go please don't say no more."

    "Oh Jimmy I love you so much I would never do anything to hurt you. You are such a fucking young stud. Between the beer and you walking out naked and then the wrestling. I lost control. I would do nothing to hurt you bud. Nothing. I love you more than I love myself."

    "I love you too Steve. You're my daddy now. All the love I had for him I have for you. I will never forget him but you will never make me lonely. Can we keep doing this Steve? I don't want to ever stop."

    "If you're sure Jimmy. If you're sure. I don't want you to do it just for me. Do what you want."

    "I want it Steve. I wanted it from dad before but was always way too chicken. I thought he would have thrown me out on my ass if he knew I was into cock."

    "You mean you are into cock? This isn't an experiment or anything?"

    "Nah Steve. I dated a lot in high school but I just put on an act. I like cock. I like your cock."

    "You want to learn more boy?"

    "Fuck yeah...teach it all to me Steve. Teach it all to me."

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