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  • My real dad
  • I was 21 and it was the second day in my new apartment. Things were going well, I had a steady job, a nice sex life. But nothing could have prepared me for what was going to happen that day. I had just gotten up, and I wasnt wearing anything when the doorbell rang, so I grabbed a washcloth and covered up the goods and answered the door.

    There in front of my eyes stood 511" of the hottest Mexican I have ever laid eyes on. Perfectly large pecs, washboard abs, and a hell of a nice bulge. He was only in shorts so I was wondering what was going on. He informed me that he was my father. This was a shocker because I had been wondering about my dad for my whole life. I invited him in we had a few beers and caught up on the last 21 years.

    I found out that he was only 34. I was a fling he had when he was 13! Then all of a sudden he informed me that since I was his son, he wanted to feel close to me. WE had to make up for all the years we spent apart. So I took off the washcloth I had been holding over my 7 incher this whole time and let my dad feast his eyes on my meat.

    Then I told him that it wasnt fair if I was the only one with my clothes off. So he took off his shorts to reveal a sexy uncut 7incher. Like father like son. He laid on top of me on the couch and we started to make out running our hands over each others bodies, exploring each and every part. I went to suck him off, but he wouldnt let me.

    He said that his ass wanted a good fucking and there was no time for a blowjob. So I spread open his ass cheeks, lubed up my cock with spit and shoved it in there. Dad let out a low grunt but quickly became adjusted to my cock. I started pounding him faster and faster we were both screaming in ecstasy for all the apartments to hear. I felt an orgasm coming so I went harder, and I released my gallons of cum into his hot steaming ass. My dad told me he was proud of me. I am everything he hoped for in a son.

    So he let me jack him off as my reward. It didnt take long for him to start shooting his cum all over my chest. I let him lick it off of me. We laid in each others arms for the rest of the day. And that night we decided that he would move in with me.

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