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  • 18 year old becomes a son to the 51 year old
  • "How did this huge cock get into my ass?" the 18 year old George contemplated as the 51 year old Glen thrust himself repeatedly deep into his boy toys hole. Glens powerful left arm lurched over George and grasped the backrest of the couch for even more leverage while the right arm continued to hold George down against the couch. Immobile against Glens sculpted arms, George could only mown his pleasure as Glen began to pump him in faster and faster piston-like strokes. The force of the slams beat Georges face against the couch backrest, which meant that Glen was on the verge.

    Ever since the first time Glen bedded George, he had adamantly expected George to swallow every last bit of cum that came out of him. This time was no different. Glen began to organism, forcefully stretching his dick out inside George. Glen loved the way it hurt George. It was something George could never get used to even after a plethora of fucks on Glens red leather couch. The pain hit and George screamed as his insides expanded to compensate for the explosive girth of Glens hot wet cock.

    Suddenly Glen yanked his hips back and forcefully dislodged himself from George. A dull "pop" sound reverberated through the living room as Glens monster emerged from George. Glen wrapped his right hand around his cock and began to furiously beat himself off. "TURN AROUND!" Glen commanded in a tone that expected obedience.

    George knew from previous experience that if he wasnt fast enough Glen might hit him or slap him. However, George knew what Glen demanded from him and with a cheerful alacrity, rolled over, slipped off the couch and kneeled on two knees before him. George just opened his mouth and stared up at his man as Glen stared back down at him with possessed eyes.

    Glens furious jacking was making him climax. At first, a low mown seeped from his lips as precum leaked off his dick. Then he screamed his pleasure as he thrust his dick into Georges waiting mouth and roughly grabbed the top of Georges hair, forcing his boy toy to accept more than half of his 8-inch man tool into himself. Simultaneously he started to cum so hard that his entire body shook. Glen unloaded himself inside Georges mouth in eight powerful volleys that hit the back of his mouth.

    George greedily swallowed Glens cum even though he had trouble breathing through his nose. Glens cum always had a lactate like flavor to it, most likely because of all the milk he drank. After Glen fully emptied himself into George, George began to suck on Glens swollen cockhead. Glen loved the feeling of being blown right after he had cum. He claimed once that it was better than the feeling accompanying his initial climax. Glen continued to mown in his deep husky voice, verbally demonstrating how much he appreciated Georges efforts.

    After a minute or so, Glen commanded George in a marshal tone, "Okay, lick it clean". About midway through their relationship, Glen started to demand that George suck off his fat fuck stick even after he had cum and been blown a second time. George first let Glens rod leave his mouth and just stared at it.

    George loved looking at Glens sword of man flesh. All 8 inches of his girthy manhood loomed in front of him like some golem awaiting orders. George wrapped his right hand around the head of Glens cock and stroked it back and forth. Glens standards of genital cleanliness bordered on a vigorous blowjob. George rubbed his hand up and down Glens spittle lubricated shaft for a few seconds and then lowered his lips onto his cockhead again. Passionate licking of his organ followed in due course. Within a few minutes Glens cock was clean of all but Georges spittle. George never once thought that a chance glace at the wanted pages in a local paper would lead to this. On their first meeting, George the curious 18 year old was captivated by the rugged good looks and age of the 51 year old Glen. Powerfully built and hairy arms were the first things that George noticed about him. The tight jeans and the polo shirt both suggestively outlined his muscled body. His short clean-cut hair adorned his head. A capricious smile never left his lips.

    Glen was a construction site foreman. He and a business partner from college had started the business and it had bloomed into the profitable enterprise that it was now. Married 20 years but recently divorced, Glen began to search for ways to come into contact with himself. He was desperately afraid that he would never avail himself of the opportunities to explore his sexual fantasies until he met George. He later told George that when they first met, he was afraid that his age would be a turn off. However, the fact that he was even older than Georges own dad was only a turn on for him.

    Now four months after their first fuck session Glen asked George to move in with him at his suburban home far away from Georges downtown college. The lasting effects of a marriage became readily apparent to George. Glen was essentially incapable of living alone. Even though the distance of the drive to college everyday would be a drain on time that George had to deal with to attend classes, in the end, George compromised and into Glens house while telling his friends and family that he had found a new apartment near his college. George was so sexually pleasured by his relationship with Glen that he was willing to sacrifice part of his life for "his man".

    "His man"'the words sometimes lingered in his mind like some slow echo. Faint sexual curiosity had blossomed into a full-fledged sexual relationship. At first it seemed like it was all sex but soon Glen and George would spend weekends together instead of just nights. The first time Glen had actually expressed any affection for George was after a "nooner". While panting away the after affects of the act, Glen wrapped his large arms around George and pulled him towards his chest. In that position George and Glen slept.

    George never considered himself very attractive but his existence acted as an aphrodisiac for Glen. Glen would come hard again and again in nightly forays into Georges ass and mouth. George always had an anal fetish that Glen was constantly feeding his huge cock to. Although more than twice his age, Glen certainly had the libido of a younger man and vigorously fulfilled Georges anal fantasies.

    As days and nights passed by on Glens couch and bed, George slowly realized that Glen wanted George to "be his wife". George was expected to cook and clean as well as take care of Glens frequent hard-ons. At first George resisted playing that role but soon found it curiously satisfying. The gender roles simply became a turn on, albeit a somewhat prosaic one.

    However, there was a downside. Although Glen loved to fuck George, sometimes numerous times during the same day, he would never blow him off. Hand jobs were about all George could ever get from him. Glen would even lick Georges hole in preparation for the invasions of his ass but would never blow him off. Whenever pressed as to why, he would simply shrug and blandly state, "I never did that with my wife". Even though George thought that would be utterly obvious, he could never persuade Glen to do it for him.

    Their daily routine would begin in the early hours of the morning when George would make a lunch box for Glen who would then leave for the construction site. George would then drive down the highway for 4 hours to college and attend classes. Another 4-hour drive carried George back to Glens home where without fail Glen would expect some dinner. After a sometimes barely qualified dinner, Glen would stick a porno into his VCR. Some of the pornos were video taped sessions of him and his last boyfriends. Glen would grow aroused and then proceed to fuck the shit out of the willing George. Shower, bed, and repeat

    After George licked Glens rod clean, Glen walked off to the bathroom and got a towel. He proceeded to wipe off the sweat trickling down his muscled body and the spit on his cock. George stared at Glens massive fuck stick, still semi-erect even a few minutes after screwing him. Glen then passed the towel to George who also wiped off the sweaty glaze on himself.

    They walked upstairs naked, hand in hand. George noticed Glens still semi-erect hard-on flopping left and right as they strolled up the stairs to the bedroom. The colossus captivated him. Georges penis fetish reverie was interrupted by Glens hard slap on his ass.

    "Get ready for bed, George", Glen commanded.

    "Yes Sir", George whimsically retorted with a smile on his lips.

    It was late and both of them were a little tired. Midway up the stairs they stopped and faced each other. Both of their semi-erect dicks made contact. George held up his hand and lightly placed it on Glens chest. The light blonde hair covering his chest was still matted down from his sweat, despite his efforts to dry himself off.

    George looked up at Glen with a smile still plastered on his face as Glen leaned down to kiss him. Their tongues met and Glen wrapped his arms around George. Glen then slowly explored Georges mouth with his probing tongue.

    "This is the best feeling in the world", George thought to himself as a man much older and much stronger than himself enveloped him in his arms. It was great to feel powerless in the arms of a comforting lover. George could feel Glens cock revitalizing itself and growing larger with each passing second. Their French kiss ended with another of Glens hard slaps on Georges ass.

    Without needing to say anything to each other they both headed hand in hand through the doorway leading to the bedroom. Glen and George sat up and then lay out on the bed that was once where Glen fucked his former wife, Sheila.

    George had only seen one picture of her when Glen first started fucking George. She was a knockout. However, to a man with a boy fetish, it didnt matter. Glen told George that he started loving anal sex more than any other sex when he was with her. That tendency seemed to have been transferred to George.

    Glen sat in the middle of the bed and spread his legs in front of George. His now fully erect shaft stood ready like a soldier. Without anything being said, George leaned over and kissed Glen lightly on the lips. Glen lifted his head back and George worked his lips down his neck and chest. Georges hungry hands swiped over Glens muscled chest and made their way down to Glens hot cock.

    George kissed Glen greedily and forcefully as George wrapped one hand around Glens tool and massaged his uncut member back and forth. The pre-cum seeping from Glens cock spread onto Georges hand. The incessant piston like message oscillating up and down his shaft lubricated it up and down.

    Still kissing, Glen placed one strong hand on Georges head and lightly pushed Georges head downward. Unresisting, George lowered his face down to Glens crotch. The scent of his pre-cum filled his nostrils and further enticed him. George slipped his lips over Glens hot, slippery cockhead.

    Glen tightened with Georges dick kiss, his muscles tensing immediately. George enveloped Glens hog in his mouth as he tugged at the base of his shaft at the same time. Glen was gigantic. George hand a little trouble fitting the head of Glens cock into his mouth. But because George was so eager to take him in, he hardly noticed.

    George worked his mouth down the shaft a little more and slobbered all over his wonderful man toy. Glen moaned a little and George was innately pleased that he was happy with what he was doing. George slowly moved his mouth back down the shaft towards his head. Then George moved his mouth back down the shaft and tried to take even more of him in. An impossible task but George tried anyway. George oscillated his mouth up and down his shaft at a rhythmic pace that Glen vocally enjoyed immensely.

    Glen again moaned and put his hands in Georges hair. He lightly stroked Georges head with every pump he gave his dick. His dick became even bigger and harder in Georges mouth. Glen waited until George had the head of his dick near the back of his mouth and entering his throat before he forcefully enlarged his dick. George almost chocked. George grabbed his thighs in surprise but then quickly regained his composure. George then massaged Glens skin all the way back to his ass. He grabbed Glens ass with both hands as George went down his shaft again.

    Glen grabbed one of Georges hands and brought it to his thigh again. George felt the hand on his head lift away from his hair. George navigated the monster-sized dick into the warm depths of his wet mouth. He licked the head of his dick again. Glens fuck rod was drenched in precum and George slurped it all in.

    Glen moaned again. "Youre good as this now'" he manages to slip between two more moans. George took him in his mouth and massaged his sword of flesh with his tongue. George can feel that his cock is stiffening to its maximum. It swells in Georges mouth to gargantuan size.

    "Swallow it" Glen commands George in a quiet voice, smoothing him. His shaft swells even more in Georges mouth as George begins to piston his mouth up and down his entire cock.

    He begins a long low moan that bursts into screams of his pleasure as he begins to shoot his first load into Georges mouth. He tries to greedily swallow it but his second shot surprises him, hitting the back of his mouth with a force I didnt expect. It is hot, wet, and slippery and fills Georges mouth. And he came again. Wave after wave of hot cum fills Georges mouth. I swallow as much as I can but he fills me up again with the 4th and 5th spurts. Soon Glens cum is spilling from Georges full mouth and flowing down his shaft. He swallowed more as fast as he can but his dick wont stop cumming. George swallows a third batch of cum before Glens dick starts to calm down and George finally got to take a breath. Georges mouth is still filled with cum. A fourth batch of cum falls down his willing throat.

    Knowing that Glen always wants a clean cock after a blow, George knows to lick off the cum still dripping down his shaft and matted onto Glens pubic hair and balls. George lower his head onto his shaft again and licks off the cum there. Then he gradually licks off the cum on his cock as and works downward and clean him off. His titanic sized monster dick takes awhile to clean. Georges hands are on Glens chest again, playing capriciously with his light chest hair. George tenderly licks Glens balls and the cum that is matted onto his pubic hair. hey lay on the bed, hands on each others dicks as they lightly French kiss each other. The sweat between them formed a sticky liquid. George continued to massage Glens semi-hard member as Glen strongly tongued Georges mouth and jacked him off. Soon Glen grew tired and wrapped George into his arms and pulled him towards his chest. Enveloped in Glens muscled appendages, they both slept.

    George awoke to Glens soft caresses. Glen was slowly moving his hand up and down the side of Georges body, from his thin shoulders to his waist. George looked up at Glen who responded with his characteristic smile.

    "I want to fuck you" Glen flatly informed George.

    George nodded his assent and then kissed Glens chest once. Then George rolls over onto his front side as Glen positioned himself behind him. George followed through by crouching on all fours. Glen playfully slapped Georges ass a couple of times. George heard Glen spit into his palm a couple of times and smothered his cock in his own spit, greasing himself up to fuck George.

    Glen pushed the snout of his big monster against Georges hole and popped the head in. George gripped the bed backrest and his knuckles turned white as Glen slid himself in. George howled and Glen stopped for a few seconds before sliding the rest of his hose into Georges guts. George took deep breaths and tried to relax as Glen continued to wedge his hog into Georges hole.

    "Give me your left hand", Glen flatly requested.

    "What?" was all the response George could muster up as he continued to mentally struggle through the pain emanating from his ass in slow waves.

    "Dont 'what' me boy!" Glen yelled down at George as he yanked at Georges left arm. George was unbalanced without his left arm against the bed backrest but Glen didnt seem to care. Glen pulled Georges left arm under Georges stomach and held Georges left hand with his right hand. The unbalanced George fell forward, his face smashing down into the pillow as Glen jerked Georges left arm backward.

    "Now give me the other hand!" Glen continued to make demands in a voice that was sickly similar to a drill sergeant. George awkwardly extended his right hand below his stomach to Glens waiting left hand. George has in a noose made of his own arms. Glens powerful grip pulled Georges upper half off the bed and held him in the air even though George had no way to hold his upper half up anymore. Completely dependent on Glen for even stability now, George simply waited for Glens powerful thrusts to resume.

    "You want my dick?" Glen asked in a tone that conveyed that he didnt want me to reply.

    "You like older guys?" Glen slowly probed George with his cock and rhetorical questions.

    "You like it when I shove myself in you?" Glen continued to script his own porno scene as his pulled back hard on Georges arms and dragged George down onto his cock and simultaneously pushed his cock forward into George.

    George didnt know where Glen learned his new sexual judo hold/sex technique but it was forcing George to take more of Glen than he had ever taken before. Glen had screwed George dizzy already numerous times but this time Glen wasnt going to be satisfied with just ramming half of himself into George. The initial pain had already subsided but as Glen forced more of himself into George a flash of pain thundered in Georges brain. Tears begin to well up in Georges eyes.

    "Glen! Glen! Not'so much'it hurts'" George panted through irregular breaths and even tried to wiggle free of Glens titan-like hold and off his cock. It was all to no avail as Glen just smiled deeply, grunted a laugh and held George in place against the bed sheets. Glen seemed to like that George was trying to escape.

    "Glen! Really'it hurts now'dont'" George whimpered out his request but Glen predictably ignored him. Georges ass seemed like it was on fire now. The pain came out in throbs. Glen held Georges arms even tighter and yanked him down even further onto himself.

    By now that was something that drove Glen even further on, his dick expanding even further in Georges ass. George writhed in Glens iron grip but was immobile against the strength of the sex behemoth behind him.

    "You little brat! Stop moving! TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT BEACUASE IM GONNA FUCK YOU SEVEN DAYS TIL SUNDAY" Glen screamed at George in a pitiless voice. Glens sex catch phrase hardly registered in Georges mind.

    Suddenly Glen pulled himself halfway out of George. For a moment George thought that his pleas might have finally been answered. However, Glens heavy thrust back into Georges ass not only dispelled any hope of salvation from Glens ass rod, it also shattered any possibility that this sex session was going to end soon.

    Glen, firmly holding George down on the sheets with his grip, began to fuck him in long hard strokes. After a few minutes of back and forth spelunking, Glen was able to stuff his entire member into George, ignoring Georges protestations. Glen would slowly shove himself into George as George cried, only to stop when his balls and pubes were at the conquered hole. Glen would then slide himself out of George and then right back in. George whimpered as Glens slow piston like ass fucking sent shockwaves of pain through him. Glen however, was blissed out and thrust himself into Georges hold with wild abandon.

    "I love your ass! Im never going to get tired of fucking you!" Glen soliloquized to himself as he proceeded to hump George. Even though hardly an ass virgin by this point, Glens thinly lubricated cock was painful to take in. However, being held in a vise like grip that limited Georges mobility to only up and down Glens hungry fuck stick, there was nothing he could do. Glens thrusts into George quickly reached a crescendo, bringing Glen to climax again.

    Glen was exceedingly audibly appreciative as he moaned his pleasure and climaxed in Georges ass. All the while George screamed in pain as Glens man rod expanded to its maximum volume inside Georges ass. The pain was overwhelming and George closed his eyes and cried. Glen came hard and unloaded a massive number of volleys into George and then slowly extracted himself and released George from his hold.

    Both of them lay on the bed, exhausted and tired. They quickly fell asleep and dreamed the dreams of lovers. George awoke to Glen shaking his shoulder. George reflexively reached down to Glens dick and began to stroke it. Although Glen didnt try to stop George from giving him a hand job, Glen seemed to have something else on his mind.

    "George. I have something I want to tell you" Glen stated in a tired and slow voice.

    "Whats wrong?" George asked worryingly as he continued to stroke Glens huge swollen cock back and forth with his left hand. It flopped back and forth like a sea buoy.

    "My son died in a car crash 10 years ago. My wife was driving. It paralyzed her and she has been a vegetable in the hospital since." Glen said it so quickly that George hardly registered it. Soon the implication of his statement weighed down on George. Glen wasnt divorced because he wanted to leave Sheila. George wondered if he was divorced at all.

    George stared up at Glen and waited for him to speak again. Glen just rested his hands on Georges head and wistfully played with his hair as George continued to manhandle Glens member. Glens large rod was already wet and dripping precum again. After what seemed a few moments of pensive thought on Glens part, he slid his hands off Georges head and slipped them under his chin and forced George to look directly upward towards himself. Glen looked directly into Georges eyes, conveying that what he was saying was of utter importance.

    "From now on I want you to be my son. I want you to call me Dad. We arent lovers or boyfriends anymore. You are my son. Okay?"

    George was a little shocked by the request. For a long time George had felt like a wife but now he was Glens son? Nothing immediately came to mind as to why he should oppose the idea, so he just nodded his assent and then slipped his lips over his dads cockhead. Glens gargantuan quickly filled Georges mouth.

    Glen seemed to be happy with the way George agreed to his request with his boyish alacrity. After a few minutes of father-son oral sex, George slipped himself off Glens massive behemoth and whispered in a low tone, "I love you'Daddy'"

    His eyes brimming with tears, Glen just said, "Good son'Good son"

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