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  • The doctor hasnt lost the knack
  • Pushing open the heavy pinewood door, Roger Jackson was unable to prevent the chill March wind carrying a small heap of dead elm leaves into the reception area as he struggled with an armful of case notes and the two pints of semi-skimmed milk;. the latter having been jammed under the car park gate, as usual, by the milkman on his pre-five AM milk round. Using his right foot in a neat, rear-kicking movement, he managed to thrust the door back into its frame and nodded to himself as he heard the latch drop. Roger slid the pile of notes onto the receptionists desk and, safely landing the milk cartons beside them, checked the practice answer phone for any overnight messages - there were none. Turning, he gathered the milk up again and made off into the kitchen, put the milk into the fridge and set about filling and boiling a kettle for tea. This completed, he returned to the reception, picked up his precious paperwork and entered his surgery.

    Jackson had been the village general practitioner, in the sleepy little town of Throthorpe, for the past 27 years and was due to retire in six weeks time. He was a totally trustworthy and a loyal member of the parish community and a stalwart of the rural council. As treasurer, he was, in the mind of the village, a completely honest person. He read his work diary, dutifully completed by the receptionist on Friday night, and smiled as he saw his first patients name. Daniel Martens.

    Daniel Martens

    The receptionists voice was loud and clear. Daniel didnt need calling twice - he stood and glared at her.

    Doctor will see you now

    Daniel slowly walked towards the surgery door, knocked swiftly and turned the handle. He entered the room and gently closed the door behind him. He saw Dr. Jackson, his back to him, washing his hands in the surgery sink. Daniel walked over towards the doctors desk and stood awkwardly behind the leather-bound chair. Turning, with a fixed smile, Dr. Jackson bid Daniel a good morning and then walked over and checked the documents on his desk. He then turned to Daniel.

    Slip off your jacket and tie Daniel and unbutton your school shirt please - pull it out from your waistband as well

    Daniel proceeded to do as instructed, his blazer now across the back of the chair followed by his tie. He quickly finished unbuttoning as Dr. Jackson walked over to him, his stethoscope being readied for use. Daniel watched as the doctor breathed on to the metal sounding end and then sat on a stool, beside him.

    Place your hands, with fingers interlocked, on top of your head please

    In doing so, the doctor was able to watch Daniel stretch his smooth, well developed upper body muscles. Revealing as he did, the under pit areas, lined with soft, velvety hairs and he also noticed the neat fluff of a tummy trail just starting. Jackson raised and placed his left hand firmly on Daniels back, just above the waistband of his trousers - Daniel shuddered as he felt the coolness of the doctors palm. Jackson started a thorough oral examination of Daniels chest. He checked for a good strong heartbeat and clear, unobstructed airways. He found both, the former a little faster than usual - he smiled.

    Daniel stared at the tiled wall in front of him. His mind wandered and he started to remember a prior meeting he had promised with his best pal Simon. They were to meet at the cyber cafe on Duke Street. He sighed, he just knew he hadnt told Simon of the appointment with the doctor and, after such a delay, his pal would now assume he had been stood up. Jackson had now finished his initial examination and was folding away his stethoscope.

    Remain like that please

    The doctor now began to use both hands to check under Daniels chin, he was feeling for any unusual growths or areas of over-active muscle development. He found none there and began a new search under Daniels armpits. This new feeling tickled and, without actually laughing out loud, Daniel shuddered as the doctor continued the probing. The doctors hands dropped and began to check, in much the same way, across his chest. His fingers exploring carefully at each firm nipple, checking for any abnormalities.

    Okay fine. You can drop your arms and rest for a moment Daniel

    Is everything okay sir?

    Yes, So far that is. Now, any sporting injuries, sprains or breaks in either leg or foot?

    Er, no sir

    Excellent, and no foot problems like, athletes foot or verrucas?

    None sir

    Okay then, slip off your trousers and let me check out your legs

    Daniel unbuckled his grey flannels and eased them down and off, placing them over the back of the chair which already had the rest of his uniform on. He stood upright and let his arms hang beside him.

    Hands locked and up on your head again please

    Daniel heard the air piston, in the stool, wheeze as Jackson lowered himself. He tapped the inside of Daniels left knee, signaling him to open his stance. This he did. Jackson then proceeded to check from the right foot upwards. He was feeling for bone structure and muscle composure and eventually arrived at the bottom of Daniels pale blue boxer briefs. The doctor then stooped and repeated the leg exam on the left side. Daniel winced as Jackson pressed his finger and thumb into the platella.


    Sorry, I take it thats a little sore?

    Yes sir

    Jackson pressed again, softer this time, and felt a piece of floating ligament. He mentioned this to his patient.

    I can sort that for you another time. If it isnt affecting your sporting activities, for the moment, then we wont have to worry

    Daniel considered the information.

    Oh, okay sir

    Okay Daniel, arms down and relax again. Now we will sort out your vaccinations.

    Jackson pushed back on the stool and then stood up. He walked over to the side cabinet and lifted out a small metal tray. He pulled open a draw and lifted out several syringes and then an equal number of sealed needles. He placed these on the tray and then walked over to the small medical fridge and selected the appropriate serums. Daniel shuddered and tried not to watch but, a strange inquisitive force kept his eyes trained on the doctor. Jackson brought all the necessary supplies over and set them down on the small trolley. On this was a box of sealed injection swabs. The doctor referred to Daniels medical chart and checked off the three vaccinations he was to have.

    As Daniel continued to watch the doctor, he saw Jackson open a paper packet, remove the plastic syringe and throw away the wrapper. He repeated this with the other two syringes. Then, holding onto the last syringe, he checked the operation of the plunger and, once satisfied all was in working order, he picked up a needle tube, snapped open the seal with his thumb and pressed the collar onto the top of the syringe nipple. He pulled off the remainder of the needle sheath and picked up the phial of tetanus vaccine. He inserted the needle and inverted both the syringe and phial - he pulled back the plunger and the clear liquid was drawn into the cylinder. He disposed of the phial and then pressed the plunger, carefully expelling any unwanted air bubbles.

    Place you left hand on your hip please

    Daniel did so. Jackson opened a swab packet and slid out the antiseptic lint. This he then used to clean an area of smooth skin, high up, near to the top of Daniels left arm. He dropped the swab onto the tray and, using his left hand, he held the inner part of Daniels upper left arm. His fingers and thumb acted like a pair of large pliers and he expertly stretched the skin, where he had previously cleaned, taught.

    A little scratch now Daniel

    Jackson rested the tip of the needle on the stretched skin. He pressed firmly and the skin initially held back. Then, with continued pressure, the outer dermis ruptured and the first inch of the needle was quickly pushed into the arm muscle. Daniel felt a sore, aching feeling as the needle was pressed home - he winced.

    Hold nice and still please...

    Jackson started to push in the plunger. Daniel felt the aching pain increase as the serum began to flow in between the tightly stretch muscle tissue. He winced again and tried so hard not to moan. The cylinder was soon empty and the doctor withdrew the needle. He wiped the spot of entry with the swab and then discarded the spent needle into the appropriate disposal box - the syringe was placed into the clinical waste bin.

    Underwear off please and turn and face the table. Then lean forward and spread your feet please

    Daniels heart jumped. He bent forward and eased his CKs down and off. As he stood, Jackson was able to gain his first sight of the lads endowment. He estimated, 4", uncut and quite thick in its flaccid state. Daniel had a neat crowning of pubic hair, jet black and tightly curled - Jackson smiled to himself as Daniel turned and faced the table as instructed. Jackson eyed the smooth, firm buttocks as he opened the swab packet. He placed his left hand on the small of Daniels back as he wiped the skin on the upper right buttock quadrant.

    Another scratch Daniel

    This time it certainly wasnt just a scratch. The needle was thrust, dart-like, into the site. It penetrated deeply, up to the needle sheathing. Daniel let out a soft cry and his body bucked a little. Jackson knew this would happen and waited until the boy had calmed. Then, slowly, he injected the serum.

    Owwww. Sir, thats hurting me

    Dont be such a baby said Jackson as he continued to press home the plunger.

    Daniels eyes were filling with tears. He bit his lip in an attempt to quell the predicted outburst. As he was about to release a full-blown crying fit, Jackson pulled the needle from his buttock and disposed of the equipment. He rubbed the site with the swab - Daniel moaned.

    By now Daniel was aware of his penis thickening and, more worryingly, starting to grow in length. He tried to think of stupid, unrelated, things. It worked and the erection failed to grow more than it had reached. Jackson was well aware of the lads embarrassment and would try his best, with the last injection, to get Daniels cock fully erect. Okay Daniel, last one. Lie up on the table please, on your back

    Daniel slowly hoisted himself onto the cold plastic examination couch and relaxed, as best he could, ready for the final shot. He starred hard at the ceiling, trying not to think about what the doctor was doing. His curiosity overtook these thoughts and his eyes dropped down and right to see Jackson assembling the final syringe. The phial of serum was almost empty and the doctor was now expelling the last few air bubbles from the cylinder. Daniel watched as he opened a new swab and turned to face the table.

    Legs open please

    As Daniels legs began to widen, Jackson leant forward and his left hand rested gently on the flat abdominal area. The boys body stiffened a little as he felt the sudden coolness under his navel. Jacksons right hand dropped between his legs and Daniel suddenly felt the coolness of the swab on his groin, immediately below the scrotum. Tears were already welling up as the doctor now lowered the syringe and positioned the tip of the needle on the sensitive skin. Jackson used a single stabbing motion to press the needle into the most tender muscle area; the resultant cry was fully expected.

    Jackson, despite Daniels cries for him to stop, continued to administer the dose and, as the serum flowed in, it produced the desired effect for Jackson - Daniels cock was now fully erect. So hard was the lad that, as the needle was being withdrawn, his tight foreskin had almost fully retracted, exposing his meatus and glans. Jackson smiled with a feeling of satisfaction. He mused to himself - he hadnt lost the art of forcing a young teen erection, without even touching the shaft. Daniel didnt have any cause to be embarrassed, he was impressive enough - Jackson reckoned 7" and a good respectable girth. The doctor moved towards the sink and began to scrub up.

    Okay Daniel, you may get dressed now and send in the next boy

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