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  • After a drunkenness night
  • Yesterday I drank too much and today I have a monumental surge and, as is usual in these situations I have a brutal desire of sex--to eat and to be eaten.

    I imagine myself adolescent, nude, in the arms of one attractive, strong and loving man. He caress me in a very sweet manner, he look into my eyes and smile. I blush and lower my eyes. He is clothed and I am entirely nude. I am seated on his legs; my face leaned upon his hairy and broad chest. His left hand wrapped me, his right hand caress me, my tender nipples, my legs, my testicles, as soon as he touch lightly my erect penis I began to shiver. He whisper in my ear words of love, my beautiful boy, my love. I feel the hardness of his penis through the trousers cloth. I insinuate my right hand under his shirt and caress the hair of his strong chest and his erect nipples.

    I am very excited and at the same time I feel myself, languid, smooth, sweet, open, surrounded, and vulnerable. My happiness is his happiness, my pleasure is his pleasure, my love is his love. Now his hand caress my cheek, my neck, my movements are looking for the caresses of his hands, strong and sweet, I close my eyes, the point of his fingers raise my chin , he compel me to look at his eyes and penetrate down to the bottom of my soul, I am afraid, but the brightness of his eyes overflow me, secure me, calm me, I approach my lips to his mouth, he return to caress my cheek and smile me, he love me, I close my eyes, his warm and humid lips touch lightly my cold and dry lips, the point of his tongue lubricate the entrance of my being, he kiss me softly and at the same time strongly. I feel spasms in my penis.

    He separate his face and look to me, again I blush and lower my eyes, his hands return to caress my nude body, my chest, my legs, my hard testicles, the erection of my penis is almost painful. Then, suddenly he rise me, he embrace me strongly, I feel his excitation, his warmness, his strong ness, his desire. He deposit me on the bed, he nude completely, his handsome masculine body, his beautiful erect penis.

    He now is on the bed on his back, the eyes closed as if he was dreaming, and the arms above his head, a leg bended and also lightly separated. What is he expecting for me?

    If anybody knows what I must do, please write to me.

    Now again the headache, I do not know how I have drunk so much last night, I go to bed very late and this morning I have to be early at work. Now I am in my office, and I can not sleep, and also I can not masturbate myself.

    Another scene comes to my mind. Again I go back to my adolescence, to the lost paradise. I am in a large and comfortable room; big carpets cover the wooden floor. The smell of the wood coming from the beautiful noble wood furniture, the fire on the chimney, the sound of a piano from a far room. I see the back of myself, looking trough the large window, out it is raining, from the trees fall the yellow leaves. I feel sad and melancholic, I do not know what is happening to me, perhaps I am in love, and the girl that I love does not reciprocate me.

    Perhaps I am not attractive for the girls. Perhaps she loves other kind of boys of her own social class. She lives in this house, and her parents are rich and cultivated. We study at the same school, but I do not get as good qualifications as she get. And my parents are not rich and cultivated, I have one scholarship. I like her house and everything that she had. Perhaps this is the reason for which I love her. I have come to her house to restitute she some class notes, but she is not at home.

    In the house is only her father, he opens the door, he spend a lot of time to do it, he opened it just when I am going to leave, he told me that he was under the shower. I am a bit uncomfortable, his presence intimidates me a lot and I do not know the reason. I do not dare to maintain his glance, he noted it, and that seemed to amuse him. He told me to wait, that he had some thing for me, and that he would be came back soon.

    Because he was in his bath wrapper, I thought he was going to dress himself. I was waiting a lot; I was thinking that under the wrapper he was nude, I saw part of his chest and legs, and he looked younger and stronger. I upset myself imagining the rest of his body. It was then that my penis began to erect. This was the moment at which I saw myself looking though the window, what a shame if he just came now, and saw my excitation. I introduced my hand under my trousers to arrange my penis, it was then when I felt this presence just in my back. I paralyzed myself, I wanted to disappear, I close my eyes.

    I felt that he wanted something from me that now he was going to give me that he had promised before. I feel his arms enveloping me, and I think that I am going to lose my senses. Why that? Perhaps he had noted my sadness, my need of love, the refusal of his daughter, and he wants to console me, to animate me. In a moment my penis lost his erection and my whole body tensed. He tightened me smoothly against his body but with steadiness, he told me to be calm and to relax.

    He took out my hand from my trousers and kissed my palm. Slowly I began to relax, I abandoned my body to his arms, the heat return to my body, I leaned my head upon his shoulder. I opened my eyes and I looked at how the wind moved the leaves of the trees. In a few minutes the light has gone, and the room was in penumbra, reflex of the light of the chimney flames and the heat of the body that enveloped me. I felt very nice, I wished that time would stop.

    I closed my eyes again and I wished that he would caress me, that he'd tell me tender words. He slowly began to unbutton my shirt and take out it from my trousers. And one of his hands caresses my chest, at the same time, he kisses my neck. I feel my penis beginning an erection. Now his two hands caress my whole body, the points of his fingers make hard my nipples. I feel myself engaged to know that he likes to touch me, that somebody wants me, specially if this one, was strong, clever, cultivated and sensible, with a beautiful wife.

    After that he takes off my shoes and I am now completely nude. I let him do that, I am ready to everything that he wants, I knew that he was not going to hurt me, and that those moments will change all my life. In those moments I never think that the things that he was doing to me had anything to with the homosexuality. Then he opened his wrapper and his nude body caressed the back of mine, his hard penis over my buttocks, and one of his hands now caressed the interior of my legs, and the other hand my cheeks, my lips.

    He began to whisper to my ear that I am a good boy, beautiful and clever. That I must not worry because I have had not yet a girl. That the girl like his daughter does not know which are the best boys. That he likes me very much, and that he think of me very often, and that he wants to be my friend, to talk with me, to play with me, to kiss me, to love me. That he loves my nice sad eyes, which always are asking for love. That I have a beautiful and masculine body and that in the future I will be one very good athlete. That though I were happy with the things that he does to me, that does not mean that I am queer. Rather, that this is natural in sensible and intelligent boys of my age. That almost the same had happened to him when he has my age, and that he remembers that as the happiest fact in his life.

    After that he turns me and envelopes with his wrapper our two nude bodies, our penises are touching. I embrace his waist and caress with my cheek the hair of his chest, it was silky and warm, he raises my chin, and obliges me to look straight at his eyes, he smiles at me. This time I was able to maintain his look, and I smile to him at the same time that brush and approach my lips to his, but without daring to touch it.

    He was the first person that kisses me and I believe that this was the happiest moment of my life. "Touch me if you like, do not be shy," he told me. His waist, his back, his neck, his legs, but I do not dare to touch his penis. He takes my hand and wrapped his sex. "You would like it," he told me, "you will be very good friends."

    His penis was like him, at the same time smooth and strong. My hand caresses it shyly, after that I take his testicles. Then with the help of my two hands I take together our two erect penises, his is grosser and large that mine. He then kisses me again, but now with more lust and passion that the first time and also he introduces his tongue in my mouth.

    In this moment I feel my imminent orgasm, he also is at the edge, I feel both in my hands, they are growing at the same time and intermittent eject the semen. Now I also fight with my tongue his. In this moment our mouths can not suppress one groan that like a large cry of hopeless agony, grow and grow from the deepest bottom of our souls, and fill the last coin of this beautiful house.

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