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  • Three days in paris
  • After a busy weeklong conference I had arranged to take three days off for myself in Paris. I had arrived the night before and had checked into a 4 star hotel in the Montparnasse area. I picked this hotel specifically since it had been written up on some Internet site as a great 'cruising' location. Apparently the Lobby WC can be quite active with a younger crowd and even the cute bellhops will often join in for some great sucking sessions. Well, so far the only persons I noticed in the WC were elderly oriental gentlemen and fathers with their young sons; not very encouraging for someone as horny as I was. It had been weeks since I had had any sex. The months leading up to the conference had been crammed with my normally heavy work schedule as well as hours of preparatory work for my presentation at this European conference. The conference itself left little time for any relaxation and I found myself falling into bed nightly alone and to tired to even jack-off.

    After checking in - and checking out the WC - I rested for a couple of hours and then headed out to cruise a couple of gay 'clubs' on the Lest Bank. Despite how horny I was nothing interested me. I quickly got tired of being hit-on by middle-aged 'queens' trying to look 20 again. There seemed to be little action, just a lot of skittishly cruising back and forth. Or maybe I was just too tired to care. I returned to the hotel frustrated and tired, falling into bed and immediately dropping off to sleep.

    I woke late the next morning, more refreshed than I had felt in weeks and after showering and shaving I decided to head into the heart of Paris and grab a quick lunch. I had visited this city a number of times so I had no burning desire to see the tourist sites but I was now getting horny and bored. Even the guys in the club last night were starting to look ok. As I started to walk through the train station to get to the Metro I saw him.

    The first thing I noticed was the golden spiked hair, so highly jelled that the light bounced off it like a beacon. This golden crown topped one of the cutest most adorable faces I had ever seen; pale creamy white skin, pierced by ice blue eyes and highlighted with a pair of full, pink, heart shaped lips. This beautiful boy diverted my attention and I almost collided into the woman in front of me. He looked so young and innocent sitting on the floor with his backpack. And then he saw me staring at him and he looked up and smiled. Oh what a wicked sexy smile he had. White teeth flashing through those pink lips and his eyes seemed to penetrate me as I heard my breath catch. I turned my head and walked on as I felt his eyes follow me across the station. I had to look back. I stopped at a newsstand and pretended I look at newspapers. He was still watching me and smiling. I glanced away but could not walk away. Try as I might I could not ignore this 'golden boy god'.

    Fuck! What was a matter with me? Here I was at 26, successful climbing up the corporate ladder standing in the middle of a train station starting to sprout a 'woody' over a young boy who looked like he could be 16 - that is 'jail bait' in Canada. At 6'1" and 180lbs of trimmed muscle with good facial features, I have never had a problem attracting sex partners - male or female. I did not need to be chasing after young kids. My mind kept saying 'get out of here' but my cock was now in control.

    I finally glance back at him and he looked me up and down and then gave me the most beautiful smile. I could not help myself; I smiled back. He had me and he knew it. He reached down and adjusted his crotch without taking his eyes off me. His shorts were filled with a healthy-looking bulge. He leaned over said something to the two kids sitting near him; then picked up his bag and started to walk towards me. As he got close to me he gave me a nod to follow him and kept walking. I trailed and every few meters he would turn to ensure I was still with him and flash that smile at me. I kept following right to the public washrooms. I hesitated at the doorway for a few moments then said 'fuck it! I want this boy.' and entered. He was waiting at the last cubicles at the end of the room when he saw me he slowly entered keeping his eyes on me until he disappeared. I slowly followed noting that the cubicles were fully enclosed from ceiling to floor giving a fair degree of privacy. I entered and locked the door.

    He was sitting with his shorts down around his ankles, his boy cock already starting to swell lying across his upper thigh. His t-shirt was pulled up and tucked behind his head, revealing a beautiful smooth hairless chest already developing defined pecs and abs. I was about to take control when he looked up at me with that smile and I felt my knees go weak. He reached over and started to unbutton my fly working ever so slowly on each button never taking his eyes off mine. I didn't move - no, I couldn't move. The moment was so erotic. My swelling cock did not make his job easy but with great care he pulled my pants and underwear over my hard prick and putting his hands on my hips pulled me towards him.

    My cock bobbed forward and lightly caressing his smooth cheek. As I moved my cock slowly over that beautiful face I could feel electric waves pulsate down my spine and through my whole body. What a great sensation, as I rubbed my prick against those lush lips. His tongue darted out licking around my foreskin, teasing me, exploring the sensitive area between the foreskin and my ever-expanding cock-head. He kept using his tongue and was playing me like a beautiful instrument, wetting me, coaching my cock-head to come out and play. Finally he looked up at me smiling with both his mouth and eyes and then he opened his mouth and his lips formed the most sensuous O shape. Fuck! That mouth was made for sucking.

    He took me into his mouth and after using his tongue he continued to tease my cock-head out of it enclosure he slowly began to suck. His mouth smothered the head of my cock while the hands enveloped the shaft. They worked together so well I felt as if my cock was in his throat. I remember throwing my head back, feeling my breath catch in my throat and I letting out an involuntary moan, groaning loudly from some primal core deep inside me. My boy god immediately let me fall out of his mouth and said something as he put his finger up to his lips. I had completely forgotten where we were.

    Taking my cock in his hand he began to kiss and lick it all over, running his tongue over my piss-slit, painfully lingering before letting me back into his mouth and gently started to applied some suction. This kid may be young but he knew how to suck cock like a pro. He was in no hurry as he continued to suck me excruciatingly slowly, and I was savouring every moment. As one hand was around the base of my prick, his other has caressed my balls, tickling them, and then rubbing them gently.

    All I wanted to do was to bury my cock in that furnace of a 'love mouth'. I wanted him to take me all the way into his mouth, his throat, to bury his nose and face in my heat, my sex. I wanted to fuck his mouth. I stared to push and thrust against him putting my hands on the back of his head, feeling those stiff spikes of golden hair. I tried to fuck his mouth. I needed to come so badly. But every time I pushed forward, he pulled away; still sucking and tonguing my cock head but not letting me enter his throat.

    I kept trying again but this time he let my cock drop out of his mouth and reaching down to his shorts he started to stand up. Fuck! I had pushed him to hard and I was going to lose him. "It's ok, don't go. Please stay." I whispered.

    He stood up and looked up at me and then reached up and kissed my lips to quiet me. This took me totally by surprise and I didn't know if I was getting a good-bye kiss or not. He did not linger on my lips but taking my manhood, which had started to lose some of its firmness, back into his hand, looked down at it. I also glance down and saw that he had not pulled his shorts up but had simply taken something out of his pocket and was holding it in his other hand. It was a condom and he was preparing to cover my 'love tool' for action. I felt my tool stiffen again.

    Never taking his eyes off my cock he pumped it a few times and then carefully rolled the thin sheath down to my pubic hairs. Looking back up at me he gave me another one of those beautiful smiles, lightly kissing my lips again. Oh God I was in love - or at least in lust with this kid. He turned around and leaned over the toilet presenting his beautiful butt to me to admire.

    And did I ever admire it as I ran my hands over his ass cheeks. Smooth and totally hairless like the rest of his body. I kneaded his ass like bread dough feeling its softness in my hands. Now I felt in control as I wetted my index finger and probed his ass to find his 'boy pussy'. I pushed it into his warm hole to lube it up. It was tight and as I lifted my finger back to my mouth to get more spittle I was pleasantly surprised that it was not only clean but also had an intoxicating aroma - not something that happens all that often in my experience. I worked first one finger and then two, all the time kneading his butt cheeks with my other hand, spreading them to get a look at this little rose bud that I was fucking with my fingers. Once I had three fingers easily passing through his sphincter I knew he was ready as he pushed back and rotated his hips.

    But if I thought I was in control of the situation, my boy-god reminded me who was setting the agenda as he reaches behind and finding my cock glided it towards his hole. I did not fight him since I was more than ready as I got into position and slowly pushed my hard cock head into his hole. It literally popped inside him as he held his breath, grunted and let out the quietest moan of pleasure and pain, as more of my cock pierced his ass. It was an intrusion, one he wanted, but needed to relax into. I allowed him a few seconds to become accustomed to my dick and then he turned his head towards me and smiled giving me the sign that he was ok, that he wanted to go on. I pull my fully hard shaft out of his hole, only so far as to allow the head to remain inside and pushed back into his ass, with one long stroke. I grabbed his slim little hips and thrust deeply into him. He pushed back into me at the same time as I started to slowly piston my cock in and out of his hole. Fuck! His ass was sweet and tight.

    I slowly began to fuck him and each time I pushed forward he pushed back onto my cock. We kept this pace up for some minutes all the while we heard people coming and going all around us, which only added to the excitement. I was not going to last much longer and as I felt the telltale pressure build up I bent over this kid as he held onto to the toilet seat. I ran my hands over his smooth ads, tweaking his tiny nips. I reached down to grab the boys cock that I had not yet touched, and he began to massage my prick with his tight ass muscles. As I placed my hand on him he started to cum which pushed me over the edge. That did it! I exploded in his ass filling the condom with shot after shot. I tried to lift myself to stand up but my legs began to wobble as I bent over holding the boy, hanging onto his thrusting cock that did not seem to want to stop cumming.

    Finally we both calmed down and suddenly realized just how cramped this little cubical was. As I softened I was able to extract myself and we cleaned ourselves as best we could as we re-arranged our clothes. I whispered, "Let's get out of here." and we carefully slipped out of the toilet area and went to wash our hands.


    There we are standing side by side washing our hands trying to be cool after having just had great sex. We are looking at each other in the mirror and we both smile together.

    In my best French I introduce myself. "Bonjour my name is Michael; I'm on holiday from Canada for a few days. Where are you from?"

    In perfect English he responds; "Hi! I'm Johan or you can call me John, whatever you like. I'm also on vacation. From Denmark. Been camping with some friends from school in Normandy but the weather was awful. Cold and rainy so we came back to Paris to see what fun we can have."

    "I think you just had some. I know I did. That was fantastic."

    "Yea, I was really horny. My friends are only interested in girls so I have not had much action on this trip. You looked interested so I figured what the fuck."

    "I am glad you did - that was great. So where are you off to now. Heading home with your buddies?"

    "No. We will stay in Paris for a few days. They know some chick that will put us up in her apartment but she does not get home until later so we were just hanging around until she picks us up."

    "Oh!" I said, hearing my own disappointment in my response. "Do you have to stay with them? I'm staying in the big hotel across the street for the next few days. If you want you can join me."

    Was that pleading in my voice?

    "Man! That would be great. Better than sleeping on the floor while those two screw the bitch all night. It's not my scene you know. How I would fancy a hot shower and a real bed with sheets. I feel so grubby and tired. I would also love to do more of that," he said as he tossed his head in the direction of the cubical and gave me one of those sexy smiles. I felt excited. As we walked out of the washroom towards the station proper I hesitated and then asked, "By the way just how old are you?"

    Johan laughed and pulling out his wallet and showed me his Passport.

    "See, I'm more than legal age in both Denmark and France. Hey, you know that the legal age of consent here is 15. I'm a lot older than that but I know I look young. Many of the blond Danes do. No beard. And I'm short. No problems, ok? "

    I smiled back at him, glad that I got the right answer. What would I have done if he were younger? "Okay. As you say, no problems." I answered, "I just wanted to be sure. Don't want to get us in trouble, if you know what I mean. Although, after what just happened in there, I guess I would have already been in shit."

    He laughed and touched my ass in a sexy way. I felt both thrilled and uncomfortable with this public display of affection - but what the hell, I said, this was Paris, and I leaned back into his touch. I was suddenly light-headed and a little giggly as my manhood stirred. We headed back to his friends and Johan told them he was not going with them. They smiled at us and one of them said "Enjoy!" and gave me the thumbs up. All the time we were talking, Johan is playing with my ass. Is everyone in the station watching us; judging me? At this point I said screw it - this was my time and I will enjoy it in whatever way I want. "I think they where quite relieved. It is easier for all of us," he said as we walked towards the exit. "I would have probable wondered off in the night and got into trouble or something. This way I'm safe." he looked at me with a knowing smile, not cocky or sexy this time. No, more like a kid asking for a safe haven and comfort. I suddenly felt protective of my little Dane and we fell into silence crossing the street, heading towards the hotel. I was wondering what was I getting myself into? Would this kid walk off with my cash and watch in the night? Oh well if that was the worst that happen it will probable be worth it.

    Once into the room he tossed his bag onto the bed and looked around. And I mean looked around - he wondered around talking to me about nothing in particular - glancing in the closet, taking fleeting looks at what was on the dresser and desk, admiring my computer before moving on to the bathroom, checking out everything on the counter, including my overnight bag. He was acting like a kid. Not inhibited in any way. I watched him feeling very much like an adult keeping a eye on my charge, standing there with my hands on my hips and a smirk on my face wanting him to slow down so I could get my hands back on him.

    He finally stopped and looked at me with an embarrassed smile. "Sorry. I was being noisy. I do this a lot - but it is a quick way to get comfortable with new places and people. I can tell a lot about someone by what they read and wear."

    Then his smile changed and his white teeth flashed, melting me in its intensity. "It a fine room. Nice shower. Big enough for the both of us you think?"

    Without waiting for a reply he started flinging off his clothes throwing them everywhere. I gaze at his white little ass as it disappeared into the bathroom and heard first the toilet flush and then the shower start. I followed but with a little more decorum. It seemed to me that I was doing a lot of following this beauty. Did I mind? No. He could lead me to hell and back - and maybe he would.

    By the time I got into the bathroom Johan was already in the shower. I took my time joining him, frozen for a minute or two, spellbound by the beauty of his smooth body with water cascading over it. I drank in my first real view of my golden hair "boy god" naked. Although he was short - a good head shorter than myself, which would make him about 5'5" or 5'6" - his slender young body was perfectly proportioned with upper body muscles giving him some definition. I had a great view of his chest with tiny nipples coated in lather, his narrow waist and his shimmering flat belly leading to silky long hairless legs. Oh how I wanted to run my hands over every inch of his lithe young body.

    But most of all I desired to see the focal point of this beauty that lay between the belly and the legs. My first good view of that most delicious looking 'boy sausage' sent an immediate signal to my own cock. It was long and thick within its foreskin casing, big for a boy of his age and size. He was clean-shaven, except for a small puff of light flaxen pubic hair, well trimmed and shaped into an outline of a heart. Just above and to the side of this 'heart' was a small tattoo of a green salamander with a red tongue - cute. This all accented the focal point of his body and the source of my excitement. "This was no ordinary 'kid,'" I said to myself as I swallow hard at the sight of Johan's lithe young body and ripe boy-cock glistening with water and soap I glanced back to Johan's face as I started to remove my clothes. The water had washed out the stiff peaks and his bright golden hair hung down on his forehead. His eyes were closed as the water ran down his face but I notice his sand-coloured eyebrows and his extremely long eyelashes that added to the softness of his face. But it was his mouth and lips that highlighted his appearance and had first drove me crazy. His lips were pink and full with a delicate pout and a slight over-bite, which gave him that wild sexy smile. The wetness made them even more luscious and the envy of any woman. Suddenly he opened his eyes and saw me staring at him. His tongue pocked through those lips as he smiled and raised his eyebrows in an invitation. I snapped out of my trance and decided it was time to get a taste of that mouth.

    I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and eagerly entered the shower. Although the shower was big for a European hotel, there was really not much room for the two of us, and our bodies immediately started to make contact with each other. My cock, which by now was awaken and rigid, initially lost some of its stiffness when the hot spray hit it but as we started to wash each other, lathering our bodies until they were covered with soapsuds, my sexual arousal quicken and we then fell into each other arms slithering and gliding against each other while touching each other in spots and ways that only lovers would. I felt my prick swell and extend up Johan back as I stood behind him rubbing his chest and gently washing and pinching his nips. I raised his arms and began to wash his underarms, which were bare of hair - cleanly shaved!

    As the water slowly washed the soapsuds away I turned Johan around to face me and putting my right hand on his cheek I moved my head down to his and tenderly started to kiss and lick his mouth. I gently sucked first his upper lip, then his lower one. His lips were as soft and lush as they looked and he let me explore them gently for several minutes. As I broke the kiss, I ran my fingers over his eyebrows, over his cheeks, putting both hands on the sides of his face, angling him so that I could now kiss him with maximum lip and tongue contact. He raised his face toward mine, his eyes looking up into mine with complete trust. I leaned down to his face and literally melted into those hot lips. I ran my hand around to the back of his head, pulled his mouth harder into mine and he returned my kiss with a firmness that surprised and excited me. I felt my own lips moisten themselves on my tongue and arc themselves to mould themselves onto his mouth, as he kissed me, hard, flat-out. I felt his tongue slide up into my mouth through that wide-open kiss, my tongue brushing his, tasting it, playing with real energy and vitality; our eager tongues darting in and out of each other mouth, clashing and duelling with each other.

    I opened my eyes and found that Johan was looking intently at me, those bright blue eyes smiling at me as we continued to kiss. All the time the warm shower continued soaking us, highlighting the contrast between my darker, hairier body with his translucent silkiness.

    Our hands began to again explore each other. My hands roamed down his back to his perfectly round ass cupping his soft ass cheeks, while he began to explore my chest, working his away through a few scattered hairs to my nipple, teasing it, then downwards exploring my belly and my modest six-pac. His hand was only inches away from the tip of my cock that had worked its way up between our bodies, hard with excitement. I could now feel his cock uncoiling, beginning to poke at my ball sack. I open my legs and he slid his cock in between them, his warm wet manhood rubbing against my balls. He let out a soft sexy moan, which was the only sound except for the spatter of the water around us. I soon followed with a moan of my own as he took my dick in his hand and began caressing it.

    He began thrusting his cock between my thighs, fucking them as he stroked me. I held on to his ass pulling him towards me with each plunge of his cock. I could feel his cock head free itself from his foreskin and pierce through my legs. I broke the kiss as I sighed. "Oooooooooh fuck Johan, you have one long hot juicy cock." My own cock was now leaking like a sieve and my golden hair lover rubbed my pre-cum over my cock and around and around, then he then pulled his finger up and rubbed it across my lips, I took his finger into my mouth and began to suck it. Johan just looked at me giving me one of those wicked sexy smiles. He returned his hand to my cock jerking away at it. With one hand on my hip he continued to fuck my thighs but now with a new urgency as the pressure started to build. I felt my balls begin to tighten and knew it wouldn't be long

    "Do you like this?" he asked me tenderly as he jerk his cock back and fore between my legs still holding my dick in his hand. "Ye, ye, yes!" I whispered to him emphatically, "I'm afraid I'm going to cum."

    At that he reaches up and started licking my ear hole with his tongue as he caressed my dick with added enthusiasm. My body trembled with these new sensations and I felt Johan tense up.

    'Aah...aah...aah...aah...' he whimpered, his cock expanded and stopped thrusting as his cum began to spurt. At the same time I let loose my first salvo as I lifted Johan up by his butt, holding him against my body, and leaning back against the shower stall wall. We kissed again as our lips and tongues worked away through our common moans. Our faces fused as our tongues danced together, strong and moist.

    Slowly we came back to earth after a mind-blowing organism. Johan released my soft cock and stood up running his hot wet body over mine kissing me. Our soft cocks slowly massaged against one another. As our bodies parted we both grabbed some soap and again soaped each other's bodies, my hands running over his amazing body. I rubbed my soapy hands over his soft cock and balls. After they were nice and clean, I went between his legs and soaped his asshole. With that, he moaned softly as he did the same to me. We both rinsed off and headed out of the shower. We towelled off the dampness, but we weren't completely dry when I picked up my boi toy and carried him to the bed placing him there as I lay beside him. He looked at me and I saw a gentle smile at the corners of his soft succulent lips. Oh what a beautiful sight.

    He quickly curled up against me and in a few minutes he was breathing softly as he drifted off to sleep. I was content. This was turning out to be one great holiday.


    I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I remembered I was dreaming. No, not a dream. I opened my eyes and looked down and all I could see was a golden head buried in my crotch and all I could hear was the soft sounds of slurping as I realized that I was being ministered to by my guest.

    Johan's tongue was running around the head of my cock easing it out of its foreskin and then it ran down the underside before coming back up and again circling my cock head right at the ridge. My cock was glistening with his saliva. He went nice and slow taking my cock into that sexy mouth of his as he now began bobbing up and down. When he reached the top of his stroke he brushed his tongue around the top of my gland. As he went back down he again used his tongue, pressing the tube on the underside. This boy was a natural and this was a blowjob from heaven!

    I was now fully awake, and aroused, as I started matching his movements with very small thrusts of my own. I lightly clutched his head running my hands through the soft golden locks before resting them there while he set the pace. His hands slowly roamed up my body poking a finger into my belly button, feeling my abs, and teasing my hairs on my chest before finding my tight little nips. We stayed like this for several minutes. He was taking his time, and I was in no hurry. I had cum twice in the last couple of hours and felt I could last for hours.

    As I looked down, the sight of his lips on my cock and his head bobbing up and down and the feel of his hair in my hands was getting to me. Then as if Johan felt me looking at him, he stopped in the middle of a stroke and gazed into my eyes. Those eyes! Ice blue irises that sparkled, surrounded by lush lashes and toped with sand-coloured brows - they could pierce my soul.

    At that moment I knew I could not just lie there passively. I needed to return the pleasure he was giving me.

    "Johan, move your body around so I can taste you. Lets do it together." I said, as I reluctantly lifted his head away from my cock. He let it out of his mouth with a popping sound, flashed his teeth at me and with the movements of a wild cat sneaking up on its prey he repositioned himself above me in a perfect 69 pose.

    There it was, inches away from my face. That perfect boy cock, alabaster white with pink undertones and purple veins. And there looking down at me, appearing to be smiling at me, was the little green salamander. A hairless ball sack was swinging freely filled with walnut sized balls. I reached up and cradled them with my left hand, they were just right for a handful. They felt perfect in my hand as I gave them a small tug. I let my fingers wrap around his beautiful uncircumcised cock. His cock was broad with a perfect mushroom head still trying to pock out through the foreskin. It was hot and hard and ready for action. I slid my hand up and down a few times, just sliding the skin back and forth.

    My tongue came out and touched and tasted the tip of his cock. Then using my tongue I licked the head all around, bathing it in saliva. When it was all wet I formed my lips into an "O" and slid them over the head to where the ridge meets the shaft, holding the base with my hand. I began to swirl my tongue over the velvety surface and I could taste the faint salty flavour of precum on my tongue. I removed him from my mouth and stroked his cock holding his skin taut and squeezed just a bit to see his mushroom head flare out and turn a bright, shiny, purplish red. I used my tongue again all over his cock as I begin moving up and down his tool. I suck in my cheeks and feel a unique sensation as I feel his mushroom head rubbing along the walls of my cheeks.

    This brought a sigh from him and he started to hump into my mouth. I could feel his tool pulse between my lip and his body behind it pushing itself into my mouth. I waited for the first few pushes, letting him think that's all I could take it into my mouth, and then with a gentle sucking, I opened my throat and swallowed the whole thing. I had his entire cock inside my mouth and throat, my chin hitting the little green salamander, my nose rubbing the smooth little balls. Now Johan was really moaning and humping.

    "Oh fuck Mike, you can really suck cock. I fuck your mouth!" Johan was quite right. I am not just a good cocksucker; I am a great cocksucker. No matter the size, no matter the width I learned long ago how to suppress the gag reflex, and I enjoy surprising guys with my talent almost as much as I enjoy fucking another guys throat. Johan has a beautiful cock, not huge, and it fit very nicely with little effort into my mouth. I was enjoying it and delighted in the pleasure I was obviously giving him.

    I let my hands roamed his lower back down to his perfectly ass which I began to slowly caress. Johan had released my cock and was now moving down to get access to my nuts that he was licking and taking them into his mouth one at a time. He was pulling my knees up as he moved further down to the area between my nuts and my ass that is so sensitive. He was lightly licking this area that was driving me crazy. It was then when I felt his finger begin to worm its way up to my ass. With his tongue just centimetres from my little rose bud he worked his finger opening me up until he pushed in and it was my turn to let out a grunt. He almost immediately pulled out and replaced his finger with his lips and tongue. My grunt turned to moans and I was having difficulty keeping focused on my job at hand - or should I say at mouth.

    It has been awhile since I let anyone rim me. Don't get me wrong, I love ass play and am pretty good at it myself. But some guys get the wrong idea and think that rimming leads to fucking. That's fine as long as I do the fucking. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. I am a total top - period.

    The few times that I have been fucked have not been particularly pleasurable, at least for me. They have been rather painful, uncomfortable and usually rushed and impersonal. Not that these experiences have not been positive since they made me a better lover. I am now careful to ensure that I treat all my lovers with as much tenderness as they want, never hurrying until they are ready. I needed to take control of the situation soon. But oh this boy was good, really good, and I was whimpering with pleasure.

    Johan had lifted his body and his cock popped out of my sucking mouth. He swung his small body around until all I could see again with his golden head when felt like it was trying to be stuffed into my ass. After some good ass licking, Johan popped his head up and gave me one of those wicked smiles. He replaces his tongue with his little finger in my ass and took my raging hard-on back into his mouth. With every up stroke his eyes made contact with mine. My tight ass was opening up to his ministrations and I was having problems doing anything but whimpering and sighing. He pulled his pinkie out of my ass and immediately replaced it with his index that took me a little by surprise. It was not much bigger but it was a lot longer and reached some interesting places. After a few minutes I felt him trying to insert a second finger. That was far enough ---- but I could not tell him to stop. I did not want him to stop. He continues to suck and lick at my cock while finger fucking me. I was so hard.

    At times he just kissed my cock gently, and then nibbled slowly down my shaft. It was wonderful; just an amazing physical sensation. Then he moved down again to gently lick my balls, darting in and out and making my writhe with pleasure. Just when I least expected it he pulled up sharply and then dived down again, taking my cock into his warm, moist mouth and clamping hard onto me. He proceeded to suck me, not roughly but with a hunger and control I would not had expected from someone so young. I began to wonder how long this boy had been having sex.

    Before I realised it he had his two fingers deep in my ass and I had pulled my legs us giving him full access. And then they were gone and I felt so empty. Johan was moving up my body kissing my flesh until it tingled and finally reaching my lips, which he sucked and invaded. I could feel his hard cock on my abdomen, urgent, burning with passion.

    "I fuck you Mike." He said. It was not a request, just a statement of fact. And my only response was to raise my legs as he reaches for the lube and condoms. He returns his fingers to my ass, this time with enough lube to enter with ease. I helped him put on a rubber and he give his covered cock a generous coating. He is keeling between my outstretched legs looking at me, smiling. He slowly withdrew his three fingers from my inflamed and by now slightly sore anus. I actually moaned at the loss of the intense pleasure from my ass. I could see him stroking himself a few times until his cock disappeared from my sight and I felt his thick meaty boy cock positioned at the rose bud of my ass. As he began pushing against my anal pucker I gave an involuntary jerk backwards and Johan thrust forward pressing home. The plum size head of his cock was now behind my sphincter muscle. I let out a little yelp of pain and thankfully he did not hurry once it broke through. It was painful and I motioned to stop as I got use to him.

    He then slowly pushed his cock into my ass, pausing every few seconds. The pain was still there, but it was getting less intense. Then I could feel his balls pressed against my ass, his cock was buried all the way into my ass. He stopped long enough for me to get use to his cock inside of me and then proceed to fuck me. And to my surprise I truly loved every moment of it. As I looked up at Johan above me he continues to smile that sexy way of his and as our eyes met I knew this was going to be a special fuck.

    Putting my legs on his shoulders Johan pressed into me with slow long thrusts, which put intense pressure on my prostate. As I looked down my body I notices that my own cock, which had lost any firmness during the initial invasion was now beginning to swell again. This had never happened to me before and I was starting to feel a pleasure that I had only given but never experienced.

    As Johan's plunge deep into my ass I started to get vocal, something that I love to hear when I'm on top. "Ohhh, UHHH! YEAHHHHHH, YEAAHHH, UHHH!! FUCK! GOD, SOOO BIGGGGG!!! FILLING MY ASSSSS!!! FUCK ME! HARD!! HARDER!! HAAAARRRDDEEERRRRR!!!!"

    And he did fuck harder and faster and his eyes closed and his beautiful mouth opened. He was speaking to me now in words that were hard to understand, a mixture of French, English and Danish (I guessed), urging himself on to greater heights.

    My cock was now painfully hard as Johan continued to pound my ass with all his might, his balls slapping my ass with every thrust. Things were getting intense as Johan again picked up his pace in fucking my hole. Neither one of us were going to last much longer as solid waves of pleasure pulsated throughout my body. Johan was no longer able to formulate words with the intensity of bliss he seemed to be experiencing.

    I continued to urge him on as I cried out to him: "Oh, please baby, I want to feel you cum! PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK ME, CUM!! SHOOT YOUR HOT JISM, FUCKERRR!! UHH, UHHH, UHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

    I knew that it was only a matter of a very short period of time before I came even though my cock had not been touched. Just then Johan tensed up and pushed deep into me. I could feel his clock swell. "Ooh, oooh, Mike, oooh, no...oh.." he cried as he exploded. At the same time that I felt the spasms deep in my ass, my muscles began to contract gripping his cock and I went over the edge shooting one of the biggest load of my life all over myself.

    The sensations were so intense that I struggled to remain focused on the moment. Our bodies were now coated in a sheen of sweat as we pounded against each other and then Johan collapsed on top of me.

    "Oh, God," I groaned as we lay there unable or unwilling to move. I wrapped Johan in my arms; he still lodged inside of me.


    As we came back to earth I disentangled myself and headed back to the shower. Johan called out asking if I was hungry. I realized that I still had not had lunch and it was now after 3 in the afternoon.

    "Sure, phone down and order something light to tide us over and then we can go out and have something more substantial."

    I took my time in the shower letting the hot water run over my body and especially my ass as I wondered what was going on here. This stranger - this kid, almost a decade my junior, who I just met had done things to me that I had let few others do -- and I loved it wanted it craved it. My swollen asshole still seemed to twitch with excitement just recalling how his cock had invaded it.

    I cleaned myself up and was just coming out of the bathroom when there was a knock on the door. Johan called out to come in and a waiter entered with a tray of croissants and cheese, and what looked like a bottle of Champagne. I quickly jumped back to grab a towel to cover myself but I don't know why I bothered since Johan was still lying on the crumpled bed completely bare assed, a package of condoms and lube on the bed stand and a filled used condom on the floor by the bed.

    The surprised waiter looked at Johan then slowly turned and looked at me, back at Johan and again to me with a telling smile now on his face. In perfect English he asked where we wanted the tray. Johan with an impish smile told him to bring it over and put it on the bed. He took his time crossing the room giving me a chance to check him out. Mid twenties, tall especially for a Frenchman, powerfully built with good strong facial features, short dark hair. With his back now towards me I got a good view of his tight ass moulded into his black pants as he bent down to put the tray on the bed. He was very close to Johan who was giving him quite the show. They were exchanging words in French and the waiter was making a show of opening the Champagne and pouring two glasses. As he turned to offer me a glass, I reached out letting my towel drop to the floor. The waiter again gave me that knowing smile asking if everything was satisfactory. I raised both my glass and my eyebrows and replied that everything was just perfect. Johan had moved around and was now directly behind the waiter and was cupping his firm bubble ass. The waiter, showing no embarrassment at what Johan was doing, introduced himself as Michel and expressed the hope that he could be of some assistance to us. Johan again said something to him in French, which I did not understand, to which Michel replied that he was off duty at 9:00. I quickly jumped in and added that it would be wonderful if he could bring us more Champagne just before he went off duty and maybe stay for a drink. I then went to the tray and proceeded to sign the bill, giving Michel a sizable tip. While I did that Johan was standing rubbing his small body against Michel behind. As I handed the bill to Michel I could not help notice that the front of his pants were now pressed against an expanded bulge. Michel lingered a little longer exchanging pleasantries and insuring us that he would be pleased to be of service.

    "I'm sure you will be able to service us." I said as I cupped the front of his pants giving his cock a gentle squeeze, opened the door and let him out.

    We picked away at our snack and sipped our cold Champagne while we cleaned up and dressed and then off to downtown Paris. As we walked through the train station on the way to the Metro I looked over at the spot that just a few hours earlier I had first sighted Johan and we both smiled at each other as we passed the public washroom where it had all started. We made our way to the Champs-Elysees. It was a fine day and the sun felt good as we wandered up the avenue looking in the shop windows as well as people watch. What an elegant and chic city. There were a number of concords off the avenue containing a number of appealing shops. In one of them was a shop that obviously catered to the 'queens' of Paris. Johan almost dragged us inside and outrageous comes to mind in describing some of the clothing; I swear that Liberace got his costumes here. A clerk approached us looking us up and down giving me a knowing grin and after hearing my French addressed us in English. We tried on all sorts of clothes and bought a few items including some nice string briefs and a few t-shirts. We also stocked up on some supplies more condoms, including some large size ones if my estimate of Michel was anywhere correct, some lube and massage oils and some enemas (Johan's suggestion).

    Johan wore on of his new t-shirt that had 5 horizontal rips from side to side it gave him a rough, poor boy look. We again meandered the avenue finally stopping at a restaurant for a meal. We sat outdoors on the Avenue, people watching and occasionally getting a brief looks from passer-bys. The bill was shocking for the quality of the food but I realized we were renting space not buying food. The day was now beginning to stretch into evening but it was still warm. We made our way to the river and walked along the riverbank and intermingled with others young people. No one seemed to notice or care when we walked arm in arm and I felt overwhelmed to have this beautiful young boy as a companion. We stopped on occasion to exchange kisses and my hand went into one of the slits of his t-shirt and played with his chest, teasing his tight little nipples.

    We talked and joked about Michel, wondering if we would see him again. "I'm sure we will. He is obviously gay. I saw the way his eyes lusted over you. And you gave him every reason to return. You were being a little apparent in being available." I said "Are you jealous Mike?" Johan asked. "Not as long as we can share him." I answered. "Oh I don't think that will be a problem. He looks like he has enough for the both of us." "He has that, but just remember that I'm here to, and he is sharing you with me!" I said as I cupped his cute little butt. At that Johan turned to me, cupped the back of my neck and pulled me down to his luscious moist lips, a soft gentle kiss that went on and on. There was passion but no urgency. We walked on but now I felt like I was floating in a dream world.

    When we got back to the hotel it was dark and I for one was anxious to get to our room. I was having a problem keeping my hands off Johan and having little fantasies about Michel. When I asked for my key I was told to wait a moment. A dark young man, probable of Arab origin, in halting English approached and apologized saying that there had been a mistake in my original room assignment, that our things have been moved to our new suite and he was sure we would be very satisfied and comfortable. I was about to make a complaint when I looked at his man's eyes. They were dark as coal and I seemed lost in them for a moment. When I focused on the rest of his face, I saw a handsome man in his mid 20's with longish dark hair and a well-trimmed soft beard surrounding full lips and flashing pearly white teeth. My annoyance vanished; what was I to do anyways and why 'kill the messenger'. I took the key and his hand seemed to linger just a little longer then necessary. We exchanged greeting in French with me thanking him and he wishing me an enjoyable and 'pleasurable' evening, at least I think that was how I would have translated the phrase.

    As we walked to the elevator Johan asked me: "Did he say a suite?" "I think he got the English words mixed up, I'm sure he meant room. The rooms here are not cheap and there is no way I could afford a suite. I picked this place because of the promise of some 'action', not price or location." As the elevator door closed I took Johan in my arms and we stared to kiss but the door opened almost immediately and we realized we were still in the lobby. "What floor?" Johan asked as I checked the keypad and pressed the noted floor. We both started to laugh as we started to rise. Johan said: "Hey, we are going to the top floor." "Well this is one of the taller building in the area, so if nothing else we should get a good view." I answered. "So what did you think of the clerk." Johan asked. "Oh very cute in an exotic way. Quite striking. If you were not here I may have made a move on him." I joked. "Don't let me stop you. It wouldn't stop me" He quipped.

    As we open our door a double door- it became very clear that the clerk had not mistaken 'suite' for 'room'. Opulent would be the word I would have used. There was a hallway leading into a large drawing room with 2 sofas and a number of armchairs, lots of vases of fresh flowers, floor to ceiling windows, a large wet bar. French doors lead into the bedroom containing a four-posted king size bed, a mirrored wall and again a floor to ceiling window and finally a bathroom the size of my old room.

    Johan went wild. If I thought he acted like a kid in our other room, he was now a boy in a candy store. He kept moving around touching everything.

    "Wow, isn't this great." "Sure, but who is paying for it?" was my only reply, as I picked up one of the phones and dialed the front desk. I got the same clerk that sent us to this room and after identifying myself I said that there must be some mistake. He kept assuring me that there was no problem and guaranteed me that there would be no additional charges. Then he added: "Michel was sure you would all enjoy the extra room." And then the phone went dead.

    I stood there for some time taking this all in. Johan was looking at me and I could see that he half expected me to say we had to leave. When I repeated to him what I had just been told, he ran at me jumping into my arms. I swung him around the room and both of us ending up on one of the sofas.

    "I think this means that we can expect a visitor sometime soon." I said.

    "Lets get ready then." Johan replied, heading off towards the bathroom. We both cleaned up, first the insides, and then the outsides - showers (this one big enough for the whole hockey team, with three showerheads), shave (I needed out but why Johan needed to was beyond me), blow-dry hair (with Johan fashioning fresh spikes), clean the teeth and freshen the breath and finally we both got into our new silk briefs. I put on a clean pair of pants and shirt and Johan was content to remain in his briefs and his 'ripped' t-shirt. Oh well why not it was sexy and for what we were expecting it perfectly suitable.

    And now we waited sitting around in luxury with Johan having a beer and I a neat scotch, not talking much, thinking of what the rest of the day was to bring and me looking at Johan thinking what a luck day it has been so far. It was about 9:15 and the doorbell rang (a door bell in a hotel??) and Johan ran and opened both doors and ushered in Michel with a food wagon. "As you can see we were expecting you." Johan said as he ran his hand down Michel strong muscular back urging him forward into the room.

    The wagon contained Champagne and various appetizing looking finger foods. But the most appetizing thing to enter the room was Michel. He still had his uniform on white shirt highlighted by a black bowtie and a white waistcoat, which was pressed against his bulging chest, black trousers that looked like they had been painted on showing off one of the nicest bubble butt that I have ever seen. There is really something about a man in uniform that is very sexy. And Michel was very very sexy.

    As Michel again made a show of opening the Champagne and pouring three glasses this time, he ask if we were satisfied with our alternate accommodations. Johan was all over him rubbing his body against him making it clear that we was happy and I picked up some of the food and fed both of them. There is rather sexy about feeding finger food to your lovers and both of them made suitable noises and we then washed it down with a sip of Champagne. I watch Michel eat and drink and noticed his lips that were firm with a touch of twist or a slight sneer to them. It was quite attractive on him and I was taken in and strangely drawn to them. I was now directly in front of Michel and I reached out to his lips and tongued a drop of wine that cling there. Michel parted his lips and I press my tongue inside of him finding his own tongue waiting, quivering. Our faces fused as our tongues danced together, strong and moist.

    Johan was not to be left out as he moved in between the two of us and we soon found that we had three pairs of lips open wide and wet and vying for attention and three tongues battling each other. I ran the tip of my tongue over the outline of both pair of lips and ran my hands through there hair. Michel's was soft and short while Johan's was hard and stiff with his hair jell. I pulled all three of our heads as close together as possible, our lips becoming one with an ardour that sent signals down to my groin. I marvelled at how divergence my two companions were. Johan was soft, with supple, yielding lips and velvety smooth cheeks, while Michel's face was solid with firm lips and a cheek and jaw covered with rough stubble. I was totally consumed with the passion that was flowing between us.

    We continued to kiss passionately and began moving our hands up and down over each other back muscles and then to our asses; Johan's was petite, soft and pliable while Michel's was rock-hard and solid. After a few more minutes of this three way French kiss, Johan broke away from our lips and stared to snake downwards to his knees. We moved apart slightly to give Johan room to manoeuvre and as Michel and I continued to kiss, I could hear a zipper being undone, and it wasn't mine. It soon became clear the Johan was having difficulty getting Michel's prick out of the fly opening and he was soon opening the belt and easing his pants down. I was in a position to help push the tight material over that well shaped ass. Michel wore no underwear and when his cock was free I looked down on a wondrous sight. From my groping of Michel in the afternoon I knew he was well endowed, but now fully inflated it was a huge; lengthy with an outsized purple helmet, but it was the girth that made my knees weak.

    Johan seemed to waste little time examining this weapon of pleasure as he quickly tried to devour it, his mouth looking so small as he stretched it to engulf this monster. Michel let out a little groan, leaned his head back a little and parted his lips running the tip of his tongue over them. I immediately went back to replacing my tongue on his lips. Johan was making all sorts of guttural noises but I soon felt his hands on my cock as he opened my pants and started to pump my dick. When I felt his tongue on me I pulled away from Michel's lips and looked down. My above average size prick was touching Michel's oversized organ; and while he was not that much longer than me, he looked about twice as thick. I felt my prick twitch and was sure my ass was also twitching. A very interesting evening was ahead of us.

    As Johan unrelentingly continued to lick and suck both of us, I moved my tongue from Michel's mouth and followed his cheek with the tip of my tongue until it reached his ear. I nibbled at his right ear lobe for a while, and then licked down across his throat. My lips nibbled the soft flesh of his neck and ear lobes. He gasped, breathing in deep at the touch of my tongue entering his ear. I stared to take off his jacket and then remove his tie. I unbuttoned his shirt and as I stripped it off, my lips followed, playing with his chest hairs and roaming around his well-built pecs which were tops by large nipples which where hardening to my touch. I continued down his washboard abs and the trail of hair that led me to join Johan lips in encircling that beautiful piece of meat. We took turns sucking and nibbling until Michel pulled us up to him and with passionate enthusiasm began to kiss us again. But this kissing was not to last long as Michel soon broke away and picking Johan up carried to the nearest sofa.

    When Michel had Johan on the sofa he lifted Jonah's legs removed his g-string and kneeled down and started to suck Johan's already engrossed member this kid is always hard. After a few moments he lifted Johan's legs higher and dropping to his knees began to rim his tight little ass. The sight of Michel's broad shoulders strong flawless back tapering down to that bubble butt was quite a thrill.

    I quickly retrieved some condoms and the lube from the bedroom and joined Michel to worship at that altar of manhood as we took turns licking Johan's cock and rosebud. I let my hand roam up and down Michel's back and ass appreciating this manly figure. At some point Michel turn Johan's anus over to me, climbed up onto the sofa standing over Johan and stated to fuck his mouth. From the noises they both were making and the way Johan was pull Michel's ass towards him it was clear that things were moving along rather rapidly and I quietly volunteered to help out by lubing Johan's tight little hole. First one finger and then two as his boy cunt began to expand and literally twitch open before my eyes. The more lube in his asshole the more his muscles pushed it out and then suck it inside of him.

    Michel pulled out of Johan's mouth and looked down at his ready little ass. I handed him a condom I was right, it was a tight fit - and he moved into position. He didn't slip right in but took his time easing the sphincter open and I was in there so close I could smell their sex as I added more lub and to Johan stretched anus and Michel's prick, urging them both on. As soon as that massive mushroom cock head broke through, Johan replaced my hand on Michel's cock and guided the rest of that steel hard shaft inch by inch into his hole. Johan was breathing hard and it was clear he was in pain but when he seemed comfortable, Michel reached around Johan with his massive arms and picked him up and standing let him slide those last few millimetres down onto his cock. Oh God it looked so hot.

    They stood there for a few moments, Johan's arms wrapped around Michel's neck and his legs hocked around his waist, looking into each other eyes. It looked like they were in rapture as they hung onto each other not moving. It was clear that Johan's pain had been replace by some sort of bliss as his sexy smile replaced the grimes. Michel place one of his large hands on Johan's petite butt and began to move Johan who used his arms to pull himself up on that enormous protrusion in his ass. The movements were slight and on the upstroke their tongues darted and danced with each other.

    I may as well have been one of the potted plants in the room for all the attention that those two were giving me. And there I was standing with a woody in my hand just watching this passionate vision of this well muscled large hunk holding this slender boy man in the palm of his hand as he rode that thick piece of man meat. They continued on for some time in what looked like a awkward but sexy position until Johan asked to be let down. He then got on the floor on all four with his ass pointed up as Michel reinserted his substantial prick that entered effortlessly. Before Michel had a chance to start thrusting into to him, Johan began moving his hip and butt back and forth. Michel remained still as Johan ferociously fucked himself on Michel's cock. Michel face contorted with surprise and pleasure letting out little moaning sounds every time Johan's ass cheeks hit his pubic bone. But Michel could not play this game for long as he began to match Johan's thrust with his own. And match them he did as he commenced to plough into Johan's hole.

    Johan's moans joined Michel's with occasional grunts and even whimper as Michel big cock plunge hard and fast deeply into his butt. Johan suddenly turned and looked at me, smiling and with a jerk of his head motioned me to come over. It was the same movement that he made to me this morning in the station. In a second I was on my knees as he took me into his mouth. We looked into one another eyes and both smiled as I began to fuck his mouth with the same enthusiasm that Michel was showing at the other end. Michel now gazed at me and as I grinned back at him through half closed eyes he reached over and grabbed my head pulling it towards him, thrusting his tongue into my mouth with the same excitement that he using to fuck Johan. His tempo increased and then there was sudden pause as his whole body tensed and with a final thrust, climaxed. Johan arched up until he was kneeling in front of me, holding onto my shoulders.

    "Ohhhh. Oh yeahhh. Fuck me baby. Fill my ass!" he cried. I reached down taking his fully erect cock in my hand. It was well lubricated with precum as I jacked him off. The look of sheer bliss covered his face and was matched by Michel expression of rapture.

    And then it was all over for them as Johan exploded in my hand and Michel slipped out of his ass. Johan leaned back into Michel as they both fell together onto the floor into a mass of male flesh. And there I was high and dry thinking that with all this quality meat I was left to finish myself off.

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