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  • An a for my former student
  • It had been seven years since Michael graduated from the school where I taught music. I had gotten a couple of cards from him in college, but my prized student disappeared after finding his way to New York and landing a gig singing in a touring show of "Chicago".

    He was brilliant. His voice had the timbre of a baritone and the range of an operatic tenor. He was a darling boy in school. He was a late bloomer, and didnt even seem to start puberty until his sophomore year. It was probably this that made him seem like such a little boy to me, even though as he progressed through school and shows he did, he had matured into an amazing actor/singer/dancer.

    The phone rang on a particular Saturday, and without looking at the caller ID, I picked up and said, "Hello."

    "Mr. C? Its me, Michael."

    "Michael?!?" I effused. "What a wonderful surprise to hear your voice!" I was elated. He had become one my own children as time passed. We spent so much time together for so many years, since he was in seventh grade.

    "Im in town for the week and I was wondering if I could take you out for a cup of coffee?"

    "Of course," I said.

    I met Michael at a local Java City in Midtown. We had a marvelous conversation. He caught me up on everything he had done professionally, which was actually a great deal. For being twenty-five years old, he had already accomplished so much. I couldnt have been prouder or happier for him.

    The odd part was, however, that sitting across from this young man, I realized just how beautiful he had grown to be. His eyes were the most startling shade of a woody green. Flecks of gold and brown created a depth in his eyes such as I had never seen before.

    His skin was a bronzed caramel, given his Latin and Italian background. His black hair shined as it moved with him as he recounted his adventures. He had his teeth fixed, braces I suspected, and his smile was picture perfect. I couldnt imagine what his 8x10 glossy looked like. He was matinee idol handsome. His musculature was that of a fully grown, well-toned, masculine man. His light shirt was an off-white and gauzy, showing his heavily pelted chest. His nipples looked like they were on alert all the time.

    I shook my head trying to regain my composure. This man, who was no longer a little boy, was exciting me beyond reason.

    "Whats the matter, Mr. C?"

    I certainly couldnt tell him what I was thinking, so I just said that the heat from the day was getting to me a bit and I was getting tired. I told him that I should probably go to the lavatory and put some cold water on my face. With that, I excused myself for a moment.

    I went in to the bathroom and splashed the cold water on my face and let the water from the faucet spray on my wrists to cool me down. It was a public restroom way of taking a cold shower. Before I could leave, Michael had followed me into the restroom to use the urinal. He surprised me and all I wanted to do was leave. It felt so awkward to have my student in the bathroom with me.

    As I was about to leave, Michael said, "Hang on, Mr. C., Ill be done in a minute." So, I stayed while he unzipped his pants and began to pee. As I heard his urine hit the tank, I simply wanted to bolt, but felt that this would tell more of my story than I wanted known in that moment.

    "So, Mr. C..."

    "We are in the bathroom together and you are no longer my student, Michael. Call me Stan."

    "Okay, Stan. So, Stan, what do you think of the way Ive grown up?"

    "Well, youve really grown up well, Michael. When you were a sophomore, I would have never guessed that this is how you would have turned out."

    We both laughed.

    "Ive grown a lot everywhere, Stan. See?" With that, Michael turned to reveal his raging hard-on. His cock was a thick seven and a half inches in length. His meaty shaft was surrounded by tufts of black hair and two plum sized balls.

    "I see, Michael."

    "Id really like it if you were to touch me. Id like it a lot."

    "I dont know, Michael."

    "Ive been dreaming of this since I was a kid. Id jack myself off every night imagining your strong body next to mine, with my cock in your mouth or yours in mine."

    "Were in a public restroom, and Im not a kid any more," I muttered.

    "I dont care. Please touch me, Stan."

    Without a word I looked around and slowly moved toward him. I put my hand out and grasped his turgid rod. He whispered a moan in response and I began to slowly and softly run my hand along his wood. Up and down the rhythm began, letting my fingers lightly graze his corona.

    With his eyes closed in what appeared to be a passionate reverie, he blindly reached his hand toward my trousers. His aim was perfect. His strong fingers landed perfectly on my granite schlong. He began stroking my cock in such a way that I was certain my pre-cum was going to stain my pants at any moment, so with one hand I began unbuckling my belt. Michael opened his eyes reached over and finished my project. After hearing my pants slide over my thick, hairy and muscled thighs, Michael returned his hands to my cock.

    This time with his eyes wide open, he walked toward me, leaned in and pressed his full, rosy lips to mine. His breath smelled like chamomile and dew, sweet as a spring morning. His musk was intoxicating in its blend of masculine wood and tender youth. His arms reached around me as he drew me into his being, kissing me so deeply I felt his breathing become mine. Our cocks were rubbing against one another, igniting the flint of passion even more heatedly.

    Michael released his grasp and began descending to his knees. He cupped my ample nuts in his hands and whispered how large they were. He also said how surprised he was to see how large my cock was. He had always dreamed I would be so well-endowed. With that he slipped my meat into his mouth and began laving it with his moist, tight mouth. His strokes were deep and long as he inhaled my manhood down his throat on each movement. His tongue flicked along the shaft on both the up- and down-strokes. His hand reached around the base of my cock to cover the space he could not reach with his mouth.

    I moaned with pleasure as he continued until there was a loud knock on the door.

    "Someones waiting to get in there, buddy!" The voice was gruff and focused on entry. Quickly, we pulled up our pants. I was mortified that I was in a public restroom having sex with my former student. Without looking around me at the people in the shop, I rushed out toward my car. Michael followed me.

    "I have to go home, Michael. I cant believe what we just did." I said.

    "I want to come over to your house, Stan. I want us to continue where we left off."

    Before I could say no, he rushed off to his car and started his engine. All the way home I kept thinking, "This cant be happening to me. Things like this just dont happen to me."

    When we arrived at my house, Michael immediately walked in the front door where he had been many times before for coaching and rehearsals.

    "Before you say anything, Stan, let me just say this: I have loved you since I realized I like men. I have wanted to be with you for nearly fifteen years. I know that you find me attractive and I am of legal age. I am no longer your student. I am simply a man who wants to fulfill a dream with a very special man. Its time, Stan. Its just time."

    I had no argument. I walked to him and kissed him. I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed as I began taking his shirt off him. I couldnt help smiling because of how much I loved him and how I remembered so many innocent and wonderful times we spent together as teacher and student. He knew why I was smiling and returned it sweetly and warmly.

    As we lay on the bed together, both nude and safe with one another, we simultaneously decided that there would be no boundaries to our lovemaking. We would simply let nature take its own course. And, it did.

    He rolled on top of me and began kissing me deeply once again. My legs spread to accommodate his hips and he lifted his hips so that his cock would slide under my balls. I lifted my knees so that the tip of his penis was nestled at the rosebud between my cheeks. I was completely ready to receive him inside me. He pressed his thick slab into me and with one smooth, slow movement; he was buried to the hilt in my canal. I moaned in a low growl as he began gyrating himself into me, like a piston on two axes, his in-and-out and side-to-side movements were overwhelming my senses. Every square inch of my rectum was being touched and massaged by his growing member. I almost wriggled away because the feelings became too intense, but I remembered that I was going to truly give myself to this Adonis.

    I felt like crying from the passion, and before too long, I actually was tearing up. My breath was salty from the tears. My head arched back and I pushed against this incredible man as his abdomen ground into my cock between us. It wasnt too long before I felt my impending orgasm blossoming inside me. My breathing became ragged and heated. He recognized these symptoms and decided to share our orgasms together. He began thrusting in earnest and his already enormous cock began to swell further, growing so thick I thought he would tear me apart.

    Soon, like two men singing a perfectly harmonious duet, we began calling each others names as we both spilled our seed, his inside me, mine between our torsos. With heaving grunts, we spasmed violently as the years between us passed and our history grew.

    On his last spasm, he laid across my chest, holding on tightly to me. My arms wrapped more firmly around him in comfort and joy. We kissed gingerly and elegantly, savoring the rhapsodic overture to our new time together.

    Yes, I was twenty-five years older than he, but we knew that our time together was just beginning.

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